Notre Dame Fire, Campaign Cash, and FUCT


It. It's Monday, April fifteenth walk into skim this. We're breaking down the most complex stories of the day and giving you the context on why they matter today blames engulf the fame Notre, Don cathedral in Paris. We'll give you the latest on what's happening at one of the world's most iconic buildings, then we'll go deep into campaign fundraising. We'll connect the dots on why the first quarter reports out today are important for the race to twenty twenty. And finally, we'll explain what the supreme court is taking on a case that was to Bulger to talk about you may want to prepare your ears. We're here to make your Monday smarter. Let's skim this. Today's episode is brought to you by Dunkin. They have a new line of signature Latsis blueberry, crisp, caramel craze and Kokomo sound too. Good to be true sipping is believing. And so is listening. Let's do this. Breaking news at a Paris cathedral of Notre Dom is on fire out of control fire Notre Dame cathedral is on fire. It's inflames as we speak that was this afternoon. When stories about Notre Dame burning started popping up in your alerts. French officials say the fire began sometime after six pm local time. After about an hour the fire spreads the famous fire at the top of the cathedral, and then part of the spire collapsed. It looked unreal. The French interior ministry said that four hundred firefighters were trying to put out the fire dousing the roof with water a spokesperson for Notre Dame said that everything was burning and quote, nothing will remain the cathedral's wooden frame, and that the volt could be threatened to the cathedral is home to celebrate it works of art and priceless Catholic relics right now, we don't know what caused the fire the cathedral has been undergoing renovations. Last week the statues on that spire were lifted and removed by crane the building was surrounded by scaffolding. The Notre Dame cathedral is almost a thousand years old. It was built in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries during the French revolution, people destroyed religious imagery inside, and it kind of fell into disrepair. It got a revival after eighteen thirty one with Victor Hugo's novel, The Hunchback of Notre Don and people were moved to fix up the cathedral. But in recent years, it's been falling apart again earlier this month, the BBC reported on how hard it is to repair. Notre dom. Maintaining the building is an ongoing challenge pollution and age by now not only its point details. But also this buildings actual structure that report was published just ten days ago. Notre Dame is not only a religious landmark, it's one of the most famous examples of French gothic architecture thirteen million visitors come to Notre Dom every year. So people around the world are watching this fire. This story is still developing. We'll have an update for you tomorrow morning in our newsletter the daily skin. So today was a major deadline for people in the US to file paperwork about their finances. Not just for you. But for these people to. Sisters. We have a lot of work in front of us. We are all in this together. So let's do this together. Now, I'm count on you if you can go to Pete for America dotcom. Join in donated for can't sign up if you want today's the deadline for everyone running for president in two thousand twenty to show us their receipts to tell the US government how much money they've raised for their campaigns in the first quarter of two thousand nineteen what they're paying for and who's on the payroll. So you've probably been seeing a lot of numbers out there all day for the Democrats and for President Trump. We're going to explain what's important about these numbers. And why okay. One of the big numbers. People are talking about is how much each of the candidates has raised so far and who gave them that money. Keep in mind money isn't everything in two thousand sixteen Republican candidate Jeb Bush came out of the gate with more money than all the Republican candidates combine, but those dollars didn't translate into likes during the primary. He one zero states that said showing how much money people wanna give you is still console. Richard an important indicator of how while you'll do in the race. We'll start with the Democrats verse at the end of the first quarter. The candidate who raised the most money was twenty sixteen. Presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, he raised eighteen point two million dollars. So far quite a bit behind him is Senator Kamala Harris, California, who's raked in twelve million dollars. And in third place is better award. The former congressman from Texas. He's pulled in nine point four million dollars, so far, but the other important number of these candidates are touting is where that money came from because the number of donors matters here to to get on stage in the first two democratic primary debates the party says you have to have at least sixty five thousand people donate to your campaign or be pulling at at least one percent in several public polls. Basically you have to be on a few people's radar. Those are important benchmarks for cannon. It's like entrepreneur, Andrew Yang. He's only raised one point seven million dollars so far. But he says he has at least eighty thousand people who donated that's enough to put him on the same debate. Stay. Age with front runners like Bernie Sanders. So money matters. But in terms of getting TV debate time in front of voters. It matters more that you have a lot of people backing you and sometimes when it comes to money less can mean more campaign fundraising, especially in a crowded primary is a marathon, not a sprint the Federal Election Commission set the legal limit of twenty eight hundred dollars for how much an individual person can donate to each phase of a presidential campaign. I the primary and then if they're lucky the runoff, and the general elections that's to keep things fair and square, the bad thing is if you give all your money to your favorite candidate up front. You can't help them down the line in that phase if they get into trouble because you've used up your limit. So it's better to get a bunch of smaller donations throughout the campaign. So they're war-chest keeps getting refilled. That's why you're seeing candidates today. Tout how much of their total amount. Raise came from small contributions anything under two hundred dollars. You probably remember. In two thousand sixteen when Bernie Sanders made a big deal out of saying that his average donations were twenty seven dollars and dissed Hillary Clinton's big money fundraisers. These small amounts are away for candidates to show donors that they could have more staying power and that they have average Americans behind them. Not just wealthy donors who can drop the whole twenty eight hundred dollars at once. So that's what's going on on the DEM side. Then there's President Trump he had to hand over his receipts to and he blew everyone else out of the water. Trump raised over thirty million dollars in the first quarter more than Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris combined he's also talking up his small donations. Trump says nearly ninety nine percent of his contributions or two hundred dollars or less. The average was around thirty four dollars and in total. He has over forty million dollars. That's an unprecedented number for an incumbent president at this stage of the game. But he's technically been running for reelection since the night of his inauguration in January twenty seventeen less than a month after he became president. He held his first twenty twenty rally in Melbourne, Florida. So what's the skin you'll be hearing about fundraising totals throughout the year, at least three more times? That's because candidates have to release their numbers every quarter. But today's reports are the first big ones. A Pew Research Center poll from last year shows that seventy seven. Percent of Americans support limits on campaign spending to make sure larger political donors don't have greater influence on election outcomes. With even though there's that twenty eight hundred dollar limit for donations to individual campaigns. It's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of political donations. There are other limits for annual donations to things like political action committees and state and national party committees. If donor gave the MAC to all of those they would have contributed one hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars a year, and that's not counting contributions to super PACS. Those can't legally be tied to a candidate, but can backup what a candidate is calling for and those donations are unlimited. As a twenty twenty presidential campaigns deal with limits on cash donations. The supreme court is exploring its own limits on free speech that story is next. There's nothing worse than the afternoon slump except an afternoon slump without the pick-me-up insert Dunkin's new handcrafted signature lot as they come in flavors like blueberry, crisp, caramel craze, and coca Moga warning. They make you take more coffee breaks than your calendar. With like sipping is believing with Dunkin's new handcrafted signature Latin America runs on Dunkin. Price and participation may vary. Limited time offer. It sounded a bit like Harry Potter in the supreme court today. The justices heard a case about a brand that must not be named the word at issue as Justice briar called. It was the acronym for a brand called friends. You can't trust better known as f you see T the brands been around since nineteen ninety g Q called it an OG street wear brand. And yeah, it's pronounced fucked. Or as chief Justice John Roberts described it the vulgar word at the heart of the case that marketing trick has been a big headache for the brand's, founder, Erik Brunetti. Back in twenty eleven the patent and trademark office rejected the brands application for a trademark they say it's against the Lanham act of nineteen Forty-six, which forbids immoral or scandalous trademarks Brunetti says that act is unconstitutional. He says it goes against the first amendment's freedom of speech guarantee. So the supreme court has been called in to settle the debate. And this is actually the. Second time in just a few years that the justices have heard case on trademark restrictions back in two thousand seventeen they ruled unanimously that an Asian American band, the slants should get first amendment protection for their trademark even though the name was kind of derogatory Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the expression of ideas can't be prohibited. Just because some people find it offensive that ruling also protected the Washington Redskins the football team got back its trademark which had been cancelled after the government got complaints from the native American community soon after the slants ruling, the US court of appeals ruled in favor of Brunetti. But the pattern intrigue Mark office said Efat. And now the case is with the supreme court the patent and trade office says the fucked case is different because it's not about being disparaging. They say it's because Brunetti used the name alongside strong and explicit sexual imagery just to be clear fucked has been around for almost thirty years and nobody's telling Brunetti he had to stop putting that label on stuff just whether the brand can trademark so Brunetti can protect it against counterfeiters. But even though none of the justices wanted to say the name, they did have a lot of questions especially about what they called the arbitrary use of what registers as scandalous, and what doesn't just as Neil Gorsuch said. It was like they decided by a flip of the coin wanna make sure you don't get aft. Don't forget that today is tax dick. That's next. Before we go today. We've got a fun fact coming to you from the IRS today marks the end of the first season since President Trump signed a major tax reform Bill into law at the end of two thousand seventeen the goal of the reform was to cut taxes for the middle class. And though the richest ended up benefiting the most from the cuts last year a lot of taxpayers are benefiting to the tax policy center says that about sixty five percent of people pay less than last year. But here's the funny thing. Most tax payers don't think they got a tax cut at all. A New York Times survey showed that only forty percent of people believe they got in a tax cut. So why the discrepancy it's actually because the government told companies to withhold less money from employee paychecks taxpayers got to keep a bit more of their paychecks every pay period, but that meant they're refund wasn't as big at the end of the year. And that revelation may still be coming for a lot of taxpayers. The IRS reported on Friday that about fifty. A million people still needed to file their returns. And that's all for skim this. Thanks again for listening to us today and be sure to hit subscribe and share the show with your friends. 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