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Leadership Mistake: Not Making Any Waves - Best of FB Live


The episode you are about to listen to was originally a facebook live. Consider this the best of Kevin's facebook lives. Welcome to the remarkable leadership podcast. We are here each week. To help you lead more confidently and make a bigger difference both professionally and personally. This episode is sponsored by Kevin's free weekly newsletter. Unleashing your remarkable potential which is full of articles and resources to help you become a more confident and successful leader sign up by going to remarkable podcast dot com forward slash newsletter. And now. Here's your host. Kevin Hey hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of remarkable leadership. podcast some of you might be confused because you're watching me on facebook live. That's what we do every every Friday on the remarkable leadership podcast you can learn more at remarkable podcast dot com. We always offer A. Oh Lick my latest episode there from a facebook live. That's where I met here. If you're here on the facebook live. Say Hello I. We're going to dive in just a second. We're going to talk about out. A says the second episode in a series of leadership. Mistakes especially mistakes. That new leaders may but I've certainly seen other leaders take it to in the first episode last week on the podcast in a little while before that on facebook live. We talked about the mistake of making too much change too fast today. The mistake we're talking about is not making any change or not wanting to make any waves or not wanting to do anything. So let's talk about number one. Why does this happen? Well new leaders come into a role and sometimes they don't don't WanNa make any ways they don't want to change anything they wanNA leave the status quo for a couple of reasons number one is they might WanNa be liked and people know that people don't like changing so they just leave things alone and let the alone and let the status quo go. They might be like they might be scared. Try something new. They might be afraid of how they can lead that change and they might be worried about how they'll be seen if that happens so there are a variety reasons why this mistake gets made in by the way. If you're here with me on facebook live you can put your questions in related to this or other leadership. Mistakes that you've seen we can talk about those as well. So so that's why it happens. So why is it a mistake. Is it all wrong to leave things alone. We don't need to change everything. You shouldn't change everything that's for sure. But here's the thing the world is changing your customer's needs are changing. And so chances are there's there's some need for change so it's a mistake if we just WanNa leave everything alone not make any waves and just let it go. That's probably a mistake. I'm not saying we should change. Change everything and certainly not change everything all at once but change probably needs to happen and so it's a mistake to try to not make any waves now and it's a mistake to because you're the leader and you need to lead your team needs you to lead and if we're going to lead we have to be comfortable enough with change to do it because fundamentally if we're good with the status quo if we don't need to change anything thing then guess what. We don't need a leader. The status quo requires no leadership. It's just the way it is so the reality is we've got to get comfortable enough with change that we can do that. We it's a mistake to try to leave things alone. All the time forever is not make any waves. It's a mistake. So what's the answer them. How do we get past this? Well the answer starts with balance already said that it's also mistake to change too much too fast fast. So part of the answer is find the right balance changing nothing mistake changing everything or changing a lot really fast mistake. The right answer is to find the balance but if we're really stuck in this place of I don't really want to change stuff. I have three pieces of advice for you advice number one. Just be open to the possibility that change needs to take place right. Just be open to it and to the degree when you're worried about how your team's going to respond or how your team can't we'll take take action on the change. The second piece of advice is to engage your team in see us leading. Change doesn't mean that we just need to go charging ahead moving forward telling people what's GonNa Change and just going for sort of like the all no-holds-barred forward that's not what we need to do especially if we're being a little timid were a little scared and we're new at this. Engage your team talk to your team about what needs to change. Perhaps they have ideas about what we need to change. Perhaps they'll have a better idea than you. Do you remember that our focus in the change should not be necessarily about the change itself. As much as we're we're trying to go which means that part of what we need to. We do have the right vision to help decide where we need to change so another piece of advice for us is to. We've gotTA make sure that we're looking at the bigger picture. Are you looking at the bigger picture as little. You must be doing that. You must be looking out and saying here's where we need to be going. See if I if I raise my sides if I look at things a little higher I can see the reasons why we need to make the change Wjr and if we really want to him change be successful. It has to start with the why why. What's the purpose for the change? What's the outcome that we will get as a result and so if we as a leader can focus on that see one of the reasons were timid about it or don't want to change his were scared of the conversations about the change is not about the change? It's about the vision is about the reason why it's about the purpose for the change so we can keep our heads in that space. Not only will we be less timid. We'll be more we're excited. We'll be less scared and we're much more likely to bring our team along with us. How about that so there are mistakes that we make as leaders why because because doing leadership is hard work? It's complex and there's seldom a single writings and so we're gonNA continue to talk about these mistakes right here on the mark of leadership podcast and right here on facebook live and I just wanted to tell you that if you're watching or listening to this and you're thinking about like some more resources as a new leader or where. I have new leaders on my team. 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