Gab and Juls: Should UEFA wait on a UCL return?


It's the most wonderful Thursday in April because I do certain and you're laughing and we're as good you go welcome back. It's the golden jeweled show. First of all I know your time for this and we're waiting for this I do have visas memorabilia on to To introduce you to put this on my God Utah. What that is yes metrostars. Your favorite team ever is an original New York New Jersey Metrostars from the nineteen ninety. Six season I was there was a partial season ticket holder. I was there when I go mentions before I just mentioned again because it gets funny. The first goal in the history of the New York New Jersey Metrostars of course would later become New York something owned by some fizzy drinks brand and cherry was scored and it was an own-goal by Mykola Cutty Cola former. You've ain't and body defender so I was there that could be. I bet copies worth worth the law. I don't think there's many left surely forty five cents on Ebay. Come on now we should get Charlie Stillitano on and see. Certainly if he wants to buy back off me opens a museum. 'cause they will do that eventually. You should send. They would be looking for those. Let's talk about what's happening around Europe. Because UEFA are having their not meeting their video conferences. This week on Tuesday they went with a fifty five member associations on Wednesday. They met in your cynical. You might say will. This is what really matters with the Clubs Association and the League's little later today whereas we're keeping his Thursday morning there's the executive committee are GonNa meet our understanding. Is THAT EASIER LINES. GonNa be guys. It's too early to go and really decide anything. And there's not gonNA be any real update a salad. Some people think is a bit of a softening originally was reported that you know when I was around the time that Belgium stopped playing at the beginning of April Dan. We're pretty strong signal. No you're not you should finish the league and I was skeptical. If you'll recall and I said let you a fog saying you have to do it. Otherwise you'll be kicked out front get pressure from Leagues Leagues and clods want to. They really WANNA start buying. They WANNA be seen to make every effort to start planning again and so if on top of that you have you saying guys who better start playing. Otherwise we can't get into your squad the Jenkins Zig next year. Then that's in their interest but even today with the line. I think coming out some this statement. What is you know we would They were told they would like some to finish the league's softening up and we just saw Holland on bow out the government saying no Organiz football until September the gather the Dutch. Fa that can be during the respond to this on Friday. But it looks like they're done to interesting. I is now a forbidding decision making by football authorities but by the government who said. I don't care if your football hockey. And why would they? You know it's just there will be no SFOR not that kind of sport until a certain date so then you have to follow while your government is saying and I think people forget that is not whoever eventually will decide is neither you are the league's Gal The SERYAL Detained Federation of French. Finish on. It will be the government's and the Health Minister for example. GonNa say did not seem to be playing with complex until so and so I mean the world had forgotten. Ization fought for what it's worth said. Yesterday I was reading that you shouldn't play football until two thousand twenty one the end of twenty twenty one so he ended up twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one. So what what yeah. Maybe that's pushing your bed. I would also. Yeah but it just shows you. I think eventually the decision will be taken out by anyone in football but it was inevitable. I think that the desk would stop. It was make easy by the fight as well as they've got no crabs left in Europe which I think is an issue number Scotland. Isn't it with Rangers being in Europe? Elite Khan really finish the season front. Just have some games to play in Europe for example in in August. Yeah obviously Scotland. They're gonNA They were due to take a vote. And it's been held up in you know it's a bit of a massive skull also gets all Rather political as well Also because I correct me if I'm wrong. South to cabinet mathematically wanted to title Scotland Right. No yeah and I wonder what they're gonNA do as well in in Holland because those very very tight at the top level as the NYACK so yeah. I'm really give goal difference or can you like I don't know where they're gonNA decide. I think that would be stupid to give you feel about golden goal. Yes I ahead is demented. If teams finish level on points or something significant you should have a one eight playoff but hey. I've been arguing that for a long time People don't take no no difference or or they call them. Us goal differential of any just sounds completely stupid anyway Show about this planning in Inaugu. I think people are getting way ahead. Plenty Championship final. Him People are getting way way ahead of themselves here. They're like you know your wife decided. The Champions League final will be on the twenty seventh of August and start flying again on the third of August these are just areas jewels In fact my understanding is you look at it like we just WanNa get out of the way and let the league's finish if they WANNA finish if they can't finish and then we'll come in later because obviously you've got You have international travelers often. Uefa competition so the singlets. You know. We'll go to the back of the queue. Body Watt if if everybody could be as good as the Germans and come back and play and finish everything wrap everything up by June thirtieth. And there's a chancer you wait for the rest of the Champions League in July or even earlier if it were safe to do so concurrently with domestic competitions. I'm sure they would jump at the option. Nobody wants to pushes further down the route. Yes definitely. It's just. I think they have to put structure in place and realistically. If we're being honest Germany report be the only country right now the only league at least in the big leagues that we were able to finish on June. The furniture right everybody else if they can start that young if if if if you want to resume if you can resume nothing would be. What is very unlikely that any other league apart from Germany would be able to finish by during the search yet so you if I've been Kevin just said okay. Maybe they've got the best the best scenario possible and they also have the worst and the worst is probably finishing address paying jobs so it was Did you see the the document that the German Bundesliga circulated the extreme detail with lots of long German words said about two hundred forty players people per mount? Ask you look at this now. Looks like it's more than three hundred. There's examples about how far apart they all have to stand. I think logistically. This is really really really tough to get older as say yes lemon coming up and saying like. Oh you know we could have twenty million Serena instead of sixty five. Oh one of the six hundred twenties okay because they can sit three sits upon you know what you're talking about. Dr Lehman is one of mine. Him a list of a favorite Germans which isn't a very long time speaking top yet. It's not they're not German. They're Australian sorry so Now Albert Einstein is he's he's a very good germs germs. We like to Christoph Metzelder one or two others is the opposite of that list. I really don't like to do. I really didn't like him as a player. It's nothing personal now that I'm starting to hear him speak. It became a little personal. After the Italy Germany semifinal not the goal goes into make it to nail and he goes in any just like you know you might do you just two goals in three minutes you loser. And then he goes and he kicks out at I think it was the you know. I also heard those stories. You might notice because this is arsenal lore about how. He was very mean to Manuel Muneer when he was there and he made me cry. Because looney is a sensitive challenges tough you know I. It's just tough. That's tough man through. If it's tough back it up dude you couldn't carry Oliver Kahn's jaw and you know that and you were terrible when you came to Italy. Back when Sadie? I was back when we were kings. You are you became a running joke okay. Now of what I joke. I nothing against was one of my favorite players but achieving medical advice. Let's have twenty thousand citizens. Do just just just shut up. I know we all over and I know we all go out in different directions and we got about. But you know your way out of your lanes. Oh you know. Take cuts are settle. A big issue got a report that Chelsea have have reached an agreement although no announcement yet to help me with this because they said that they're going to take a ten percent pay cut on their monthly wages for the next four months yet show. I did a little bit of math. And it's basically a three point three percent pay-cut on their annual salary. But this is an actual pay-cut it's not a deferment. Yes Yep thing was twelve and a half percent on their annual wage so the arsenal people were asked to get back four times as much money. Obviously with bonuses. There was a chance they could get some of that back if they qualify for the Champions League which the obviously weren't maybe the euro believe could possibly who knows right so huge disparity isn't that it is but I guess you negotiate our said our speed equates was the one negotiating on behalf of the Chelsea squad extra bellary was the one negotiating on on the on behalf of the Austin was quite every club. Have One representative negotiate with with the clubs. I guess you do you do as best as you can. For the interest of your players your squats yours wants to have the club. I really refused to believe that anyone who plays for Aston Chelsea Wofford. Whoever why the club doesn't want to have the crab in in this concentration even does it? I think he had his reasons for not agreeing that Baker. We'll talk about that in a bit but so I think you're base. Initially our still Jesse wanted thirty percent Baker for the players the negotiating down to ten. You could always said I could have done more. Some have done at all so it's a tricky one. I mean I think that thirty percent of course wasn't on the annual wages and I think it was a combination of of deferred of deferred wages up since then but what I find interesting in. Let's get. Let's get to Oslo here because Dude's not particularly popular to begin with right partly because he earns a phenomenal amount of money is one of the three highest paid players in the early he's performances haven't been terrible Been pretty consistent. Sibling hasn't lived up. He hasn't performed like one of the three best players You know even his friends and relatives would would agree with that yet. He obviously had that. Falling out with your buddy emory right. Ca He he has the big crime. You lose playing well. It's a crime in England of sometimes looking disinterested bank which people love making a huge deal out of it was obvious that when it turns out that he rejected this negotiated proposal. It was obvious he would be crucified. The Jews he's not the only one do three arsenal players who said no to this but funnily enough do you WanNa tell me who the other two were. So there's actually only two or three And I would have advised about this for the website later today with Solvency II story of the whole thing to three under the second one. I'm not going to tell you now. So does name kids dragged through the mud. Yeah yeah yeah so the other ones. Yeah the flag for for the for the other one as well. He listened they at the beginning of the negotiation. There was half of the squad who rejected the first proposal by the club so it was not just measure. It was a lot of other players who wanted to negotiate seeing. That wants to be more time to think about it. They want you to go so to see to know a bit more by the current financial situation of the crab which you can understand your money in the bank. While would you accept the fake For example if they've got enough money to survive crisis economic status but eventually Dan to score of twenty seven. Only to as you said it's rejected the offer. One B Moser. He has his reasons. He says I believe is that he gives a lot to charity. Even without when it's not the pandemic does a lot for people biking Turkey in Germany. Anyway headed off children. Who are needs? There's nothing so. He says he already does. Law Dot Means Rhinitis is different is charity in the pure sense of heads. Homeless trump is not running charity really. It's no no but in the business helping your club. The business been paying you for so many years now and you could see the argument of what people are. Cross with him for not helping out. You clearly didn't feel like he needed. He's taken here's a here's the thing right and I don't want to stress this very clearly. His agent on came and he spoke to a little buddy Colleague Raff hunting sign on podcast for the athletic on Monday and he came out and he's he. He stressed and I stress this again because the students a lawyer normal hanging. On what I think of lawyers and Houllier's he's not speaking specifically about the case. Who Speaking in general yet is the way the clubs are going about. This is is frankly wrong. These are individual contracts. There's no collective bargaining. They tried to collective league-wide bargaining. Obviously that didn't work and that you should go and negotiate. Individual pay cuts would each player Instead what they're doing is they're nominating. One Guy for Chelsea was that was accounted for Arsenal. I guess it's better rate. Forgive me I get so confused about who the Arsenal captain is. Because I thought there were five million. Always new negotiations because because battery knows how to use the WHATSAPP machine November. He hadn't presumptive. Oh Okay Yeah A player to go basically negotiate on behalf of the other players and in some cases he pointed out you also get manager which again reportedly I don't know how involved are tactile was but certainly from what writing i. I don't know if you can confirm this attempt also got involved in the players to take yet and we're giving them advice on the deal. I this kind of a gigantic icing conflict of interest. We have the situation that you've interests or it's Josiah Collini was out of contract. Who's negotiating on behalf of the players? I'm sorry if it's negotiation. It's negotiation heck. You're balancing is qualified to speak Hector Baylor as far as I know Hector Bellary canarian talks the squad's right players in the squad soon. Listen I don't feel comfortable with these. We should do this and other ones said yeah thinks about we could do differently. This goes back to the club. It's not just him Messiah Mindsets Right. No I'm not saying it's the signing by himself but people I think who any Gauchan who know what the situation is who knows what the club situation is or qualified to go and make that decision and the point and this is why. I'm not fan of May Souso Not as a person who applies but his agent had a very good point. Never said I'm not going to take a pay cut. He always said I'm willing to defer my wages. Don't pay me now. Let's see what the figures are later when the figures come out and we actually consensus with economic hit. And I think that's a really really good point yet now. This guy is being crucified. Left right and center but you know why he has a point. He's being asked to take a permanent pay. Cut Our your were twelve months. Pay is overpaid or does that. That's not his fall without knowing what the actual damage to arsenal is arsenal. Don't because they don't know if they're gonNA start. The season haven't run the numbers they haven't had access to the numbers. I think I'm you know wearing my union hat. I think he's the same one here. All these other people who are just giving away money willy. Nilly it's one thing if you accept a deferment it's one thing if you accept three percent pay-cut whatever right Schlosser but to go and take such a big pay cut if your arsenal without knowing why you're taking this pay cut any evidence without any assessment of what it does for your club I think is firmly is is is frankly unfair and I think ozil stance and the one of the other mystery person. You may reveal. Labor is is the correct one but you need to need some visibility as clever as what else does for every club. Not just awesome Claire. You can't just say okay. Maybe you need to know where you stand in terms of how much money you've available. How much money you said. Yeah but if you if every lawyer says okay let's take a for now and then we will see later may be six weeks eight weeks. Twelve weeks in sixteen weeks said okay. Potentially we've saved this but we shall. We might have saved these or or maybe we've saved. Maybe this maybe we will have the money back in four months maybe to monitor. This is not clear enough. If you agree or something whether I defer a pay cut whatever at least you know the clubs and they can deal with it and they can plan for the next few weeks few Johnny nodules because if there's a girl the club know exactly what they're saving themselves now. Right clubs aren't going and spending as much in wages in the next three or four months in four months time when they add up all the numbers when we know exactly how much they've lost they can say. Okay guys you're going to get back this much money or you know what you're not going to get back any money because we've lost more than we anticipated clubs. Don. I don't see what the issue here is with Arsenal based but let's play all the players who are money back so you'll have to pay them wages for that month plus the last four months of wages deferred as well you you make you. You agree certain parameters right you say okay in four months time in six months time. We're GONNA GO BACK AND WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA be able to show you players. Look we lost twenty percent of revenue in this period because of this monster no gates here and whatever else and so we would like you to take a twenty percent. And then you'll be you agreed beforehand. You're GonNa take a twenty percent cotton wages or or whatever it is right you create a formula slush while other clouds of time and I think it's the most reasonable way of joining rather than just agreeing. I'm talking from the perspective. Yeah otherwise you give away your money. I mean look I mean you can make a case of those. Hey why don't you get money back since you play young play to your salary? That's fine. I feel a little sorry for the way he's been hung out to dry. He's been outed so to speak as the source of all evil and I just don't Jus I should have introduced him at the top of the show but What now God thing is. He's showing demand at the time. We weren't sure he was able to come on. But thankfully is the talk a little bit of Newcastle. Look it's a non cova nineteenth story how about that? He's like oxygen arguing guys so mark we're going to get into new council. There's a ton going on your writing about their prospects of doing a man city didn't seem a little fanciful but That there's issues oversee with Amnesty International. Would be in sport but before we get into that. I want to ask you about the other story you did. The one footballers and Michael House. Yeah the survey round on Saturday to all the members about plasma health had coping with the corona virus. Should that it's been five weeks now since the football was suspended in in England so The pay if I get a lot of criticism for obvious reasons because she has been in position for over thirty years both Takes a lot of money for doing so. The pay of members numbers name of Kobe. Nineteen Mile helpline that God. Twenty four seven hotline in some of the questions in the survey. Quite you know quite direct. Have you considered self harm? Abuse of the Depression. Given the lockdown defender likes lead awfully quiet Apparently voting out some coffee responses in between January first on March first this year they had to. The ninety nine members plays concerts in the headline so it shows the within the gadoe issues of mental health. Which you know technical overload because you know football is a sport played by young healthy athletes. Go people forget about the the mental emotional side as well. The two hundred nine hundred responded web before the corona virus is so genuine. I Mazda too much I I agree. I think time to clearly different now. People have multiple willing to talk about problems. Mohi multi pro football is spoken that was worn clog was one of the leading fixing the PF. So I think most accents releases more of the modern day way of thinking that they will talk about the problems with it. So you know to to nine hundred ninety three months law not using before the actual grown virus outbreak spike. So he's going to be more much during this period of his notes writing so I think the PF. I deserve credit for doing this. I mean I imagine clubs as well as keeping consultant every basis. That applies That the how this that applies to access is a good thing to have a party Over to professionals counselors and Cadillac is a The the network support and that is I think is a good thing in the sense that a lot of people striking this football is different than the similar thing and it was the results. Were quite worrying as where one player ten I think they did they ask. They decided sixteen hundred men and women and the resort was Squat. Frightening one off ten was anxious. Aw Aw film felt depressed anxious by the lack of football the lack of knowing when you would come back playing the money worries of course for for love. Demonstrating smaller clubs and things like that. And I think something drastic seriously and crabs hop psychologists for some of them. I can can actually call up a videophone code with two. Maybe tried to eat those executives also issues as well as which would raise the question about plays. The Australian said get out of bed. You're in a lot down and you don't really work and you can have a lion. Bamboo being able with the bag is a sign of you know possible depression if if if people losing their the daily routine instruction that not getting by But nine says he said so quite detailed survey with questions in it just just Look after the well being football you know that people say that football is a sixteen years old David retire. The five dollars have to grow open. Mail is the real world full so much unfolding behalf meal's cooked falls Plan that they get opening training grinded told what to do. So whether it home left devices in half the money themselves lies on quits to do that because they've never had to do it so you know. A lot of people have little sympathy. Football's because the well paid to look after they have the best of everything built. You know different so many other people in the street. There's a parallel I think sometimes with people in in military As well who also have that same level of structure then sometimes struggle when they transition out of it I wish it stress it. This isn't just vollers Employers people all walks of life for the situation now whether their home or their third loader. They can't work not people start with with this. A lot of companies provide the support network for their for their employees. I I went to Newcastle. There's two strands of this. There's a whole political dimension involving Saudi Arabia But before we get to that I wanNA address what you're writing about in the column which is basically doesn't really matter. As Saudi Arabia's Sovereign Wealth Fund is richer than Abu Dhabi's. It's not pissing contest. The reality is should be very difficult for Newcastle to replicate Man City. Right up separately. I mean basically. The drawbridge has been pulled up on on wealthy illness coming in and just spending freely to to get the best players in the world you know. We sold at Chelsea outside with approximate. An months came along. Did it different level? A deaf. Roy is still owners doing the same thing now. Obviously one of the reasons was just being runnings about Musi dot net if you will a Saudi prince and shake then you can afford to spend alive but it's if new customers either the next season I wasn't going to be the best place in the world then it's not GonNa Happen to have to balance the books clearly. They're going to be a moment of them to Mike. Actually generate more commercial incompatibility global. Hopefully if people think that they're going to go shopping list of the best five players the Wildenstein X. Y. Zadie. It's not GonNa Happen Mark before you said if people think that Newcastle saying fans thinks that. That's that's what you shouldn't. Yeah there's one thing I've learned on social media and to prepare for the backlash Newcastle fans. Like most hate to be patronized I I was when I'm always shocked in this country. How every time the National News Media Bring News Newcastle Fans? So it's like. Wow the passion of the fans of George Georgie. Army of Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. And make it seem like there are a bunch of deluded idiots. That was under Ashley and that is now with this money. Do you really think you really get a sense. That fans haven't looked at the local paper Newcastle because he was called the chronicle. If I'm not mistaken here are haven't hung out on Newcastle Fan Forms that I'm sure you have in nutrition story Are there people saying that? Like oh look now all of a sudden this guy's richer than has meant sore so we're GonNa go and do this and that I mean are they deluded or are they just saying. Hey look. We're glad that Mike Ashley has gone anybody's better than Ashley. And this guy's got a few. So we're not going to be insolvent. Well I wouldn't say that the Ludi but I think that almost fifteen years have been owned by my cash Funds so desperate full. That will spend money every football funds once known as spend money. But it's not as simple as spending money to have to get to balance the boats in a not spend more than then Newcastle right now. The most that the commercial rone's tiny compared to most privilege those Israeli growing into my coffee so it can be developed that and then he can stand on the. Yeah I do think there's a sense of maybe it's missing. Suppose you believe the the days come weather can compete like they did in the nineteen nineties when he saw Sprayer not going to happen and that is what they have to overcome. Which is the second issue which allow people overlooking the Stick from new. Customers is the players tend not to want to go to Newcastle. If they do. They want to leave fairly quickly. Now Kevin Keegan even in his days when he was signing He found it difficult to place Newcastle because the woes great. It's but so far from London in terms of you know. She should three hour training for the very few DARA FLASH OF NEWCASTLE TO TWO POINT Zero to Madrid where it all the big players who wants to fly by ACE Gatien isolate instead. Sian Robert when Kingston Robot League from Nineteen hundred to tell Robert. Ley Don't worry. Don't Middlesex New Catholics closer London when clearly is about fifty miles from the north so Newcastle Geographical Issue which the fund difficult again so patronizing ideas football. Louise Flooding Milan from Paris is either what was going to do. The from the from the are they find that if they goes along the list rather can do all sorts of can shut can sightsee can begin living quite possible in new castle the limited what they can do on a Japan genus said when he left new custody goldfish. Bali very suffocating. Pleasure play select because there's one club sits on the funds are the passionate funds in custody they care about Newcastle Moaning new night and it can be difficult for football to live in that environment. The good thing I think would be very clever and tried to players out of contract because that will be easy financial fair. Play if you even if you give a big signing on fee and be wages the seizure to to put that in your book and just going spent hundred twenty million on on someone on top of the wages and the the agencies and etcetera etcetera but the issue state the same. I don't I don't I don't know if merchants or some Kevin you would want to go to Newcastle east of the career. When he can have won the contract somewhere near the thing is. You're the funny thing is that they literally have every agent from everywhere in the world according to try to sell the place because right now the only club with money while we've potentially can spend money and the love money in this concentration is then well at least. That's what agent believe so you've got from our stolen for. You've got a pretty much people with big players and thus far enough making contact and this and placing themselves in the players but also agents are you and me who have rubbish second lower tier players. Who still trying to say. Hey what about my boy you know? He could do a good job for. You is a must being credible being oppressive BINDER CLIP. Not An also trying to think about why you you could go next in terms of recruiting. This happened a month under shame on so they. They use an agent today domestic big mistakes in the first two or three years w ownership because they lead themselves. They had sued the code Iraq salary acquisition strategy. Why they had to sign a lot of place Race to different level despite a lot of money wasted thought rookie sunset cruise paid way over the OT barely play on such a nice guy of exotic mistakes made a new customer. Who's never mistake Alexi? Somebody else mentioned somebody else talk undergrowth. Rubio thank you. They go unless Newcastle of of the Small People. In place that no straightaway. What mistakes can imagine if they're GONNA if they're gonNA bring you? People aren't familiar with football. They risk being exploited for two years before the mistakes in public mistakes. So for now Charnley there. I'm assuming he's GonNa go when When when the noise gesture yesterday on the United States I short nose a lot of people at Football. She broker this deal and she broker the city deal. I'm assuming in intervening ten eleven years especially since she's going to have a financial stake in the club. She obviously intelligent person. You would have to put some faith that she could bring the right people in running and it becomes a question about but I mean in terms of the appeal of Newcastle or not. I think money helps a lot in settling anywhere. If you're a superstar built one thing I found is I think a lot of it is the profile of the player show if you bring in a young footballer with a young wife or girlfriend or whatever Who who likes big city life? Then that's one thing in my experience. A lot of the people have gone to the northeast whether to to Newcastle Middlesbrough. Sunderland people who maybe you know are in your late twenties and this might not be who you WANNA track. But who has who have young Young families who got wives you give them a big house in the countryside was an indoor swimming pool. The order up the storm. You get him a satellite. They should watch TV from home. They're happy as a pig. Honestly like okay. So you're the sporting director you're trying to sign okay. Got Labor warranty right. I'm not saying that for sporting reasons. That's not what we WANNA sign. But what I'm saying is a lot depends on. The that will be mild. Then up I'm saying is not everybody's unhappy in the northeast not every foreign player or even English player. It depends on the profile of what they want if they want to go and play golf and if they want the big house in the countryside to ride horses or whatever the hell then then they're fine. I mean I go back even jug archer. Yeah let's let's as an example. Wgn Let you know he was a great player at Newcastle. He and he's from after two years they they wanted out can loan because Mondays. Attractive place to live of course but not everybody's in a lot of players to live in Manchester right back but I hate. I hate talking to customers. 'cause I love. I think customer great city but I. I'm from the north place the I like and book I've not Original formula and if you if you and your family living Newcastle and yes it's a great of rural the world if your wife wants to shock into the Metro. Censorship kick bold and it's not like going region straight it is possible you have to invest in the place. Nobody Salon de ten twelve years invested in the place a lot of places. Don't they find it even even British Down South they find it. Difficult the northeast because it said different different live living in you have to be invested in on. I don't think many of them off the top of the Because I want to move on a little bit to the ownership issue. Obviously Amnesty International wrote to the primarily They voiced a lot of concerns over over the Saudi government. I WanNa get into political discussion. But obviously there's been all sorts of human rights allegations. There's a lot of questions. There is a lot of concerns. I don't WanNa go down the vicious cycle of boundary because then people will bring it up about Bobby Qatar whenever personally? I think it is slightly different kettle of fish when it comes to Saudi but I was struck by Richard Masters. Who's the head of the primarily now? His response wear to Amnesty International. She made public or the public where was making public which is basically like to paragraph response and he came out and he said but we have a very stringent fit and proper persons test. We can't talk about it now. Go Away essentially. I'm paraphrasing. Would he be better off not responding at all? Because he's opened. The IT makes people you know investigating more than the scrutinise even greater now on people will say well they person says. Will you allow toxin offer to take over Not many as when you know his regime. Tyler was on the brink of collapse for a variety of reasons. They allowed in bank is the Blackburn owner. Shoe you WANNA football club. So the FIT and proposes. Tested doesn't seem to apply but it well in terms of business logic all CHARISSA. So let's see what happens to the Saudis but you're right I mean people will talk about because there are regimes with similar political record. So it's difficult to know. Some football is run by money at the end of the day that using years. Now we're talking about essentially government buying into the personally not ever prompt anti-government buying into football because it happened at Account ECON change the bills off with if you can grandfather's amendment you can say this is really bad. This isn't good and let's go forward and maybe we encourage you know even man city if you wanted you shook. Mansour has it's not all money belongs to Abu Dhabi United Group. He is a personal fortune. You could if you want it to go to them and say listen find other investors overrated finding on investors who got the Chinese got silverlake in maybe menstrual investing it. Personally maybe it's others Welsey mates. It just wanted to natural government. It's the sovereign wealth fund. That is the money of the people of that country as well. This situ stressed the fact they told me in the is owned by What would you call it? A personal equity play so he's been shaped muscles. Postal thinks that was stressing not owned by the epidemic is owned by Abu Dhabi United Group. It is does shake months. Oy Is w netted group belong to shake mentor? I was told many years ago. By W that's IT WAS SHAKES. Personal equity play on your. I wish these people you know I honestly this is my problem with calms. People either. Saved straight or shut the hell up. Sorry they have to reflect that position though in the balance and fairness but okay fine but their positions where they told you twelve years ago. Why can't you tell me? How much is it mentors? Who Does belong to Abu Dhabi group? Who who does it belong to? What is it a state secret? Wbz that was the transaction at the time and Abu Dhabi United Group does not belong to Mansour. Sounds like this. Sounds like inside ever missile? Look all right last question for you log for me anyway. If I'm Steve Bruce Looking at real estate listings elsewhere or time would it looked at a place in Riyadh. I think wise. Not so yeah. It's all those years he is. You know the guy that is in the position right now but he knows that. If you've got wealthy wants to make a statement Steve. Bruce great players wasn't Monday night in the early nineties. Tax is not a sexy nine so Saudi owners they will want as Jones wrote Pacino. Allegra-d these top quality products that are available state Graphic Jumping ship and keep them in the primarily. Both adults will want they will want an electoral politics. They know all the whoever else is the Big Star Style rise in Europe so. Yeah if I was Stephen Recess. Start looking around at the next Come after puts chain on her leg. Read your column today. I'm sure they probably won't want to take my jogging or jewels after chat with Augie. How `bout we lighten the mood with a bit of alphabet alive you by the letter J. Yes thank you again for all your teams all your messages. We've picked a few some impressive ones. Some like come on so Vinnie. Junior is now. J. is a surname is not genius. He's this is just not okay. Junior is if you want but not ajay. Okay from the young is not a j either okay signal clear crystal. I mean junior fearful is the same you know. He's a he's a junior doesn't way so sorry for all the people who who and there was a few venise use in their team. Sorry even the Oh sorry about that Mounier had a three four three with Yakubovitch. This muneer the The former Barcelona striker noticed another one. I've been maybe him. He's Got Jones which is viable Zia think. Christopher Julia no relation like he's in debt a mixture of Hamas Jorgihno during Jordan from severe and Daniel. James your favorite player ever and then from three of Iota Gabrielle. Jesus and Road Humanities. Which is a pretty strong front three reenergize. We call him but a rea- can has a four hour. Jardim as a manager. Sam Johnston in Gold Young Matt Jijel Car Jones and Johnny in the back full sole Jesus fans goods imagine just imagine field gigantic joins who might have been together for you right now. Judge Aloe and your news. I to compete that. Me For four and then diverges. Luca Yovich of Franz. Seth has Brought Jones in goal one front Phil Jones. Jesus and Reese James Curtains Jones Don James whose I m s Jesus in your veg. We also High Zika with Rutigliano Stan betting head Abedin good keeper one front Julianne Jemison at the bike. Reese Gyms Yunosova George in your mid Fredin Jesus of Franz We have a Blair House. Ron Jockey midfield which was a really good shot. Five Johnson Anthony Yonker at the back as well with few joins. Sandwich James Who has been normal human? Is Jesus in your talk a fraud Joe Type Phone with Joaquin? Daniel Gem Joe Gino John Bikes by cash emit faith as where Doug sure. That's a good one. Yeah that's a good one. That's the only one we've had mentioned. We have an all England eleven sobbed. Johnston gems join gigantic Jenkinson gem justice. Wj Bradley Johnson. Church in Joe's my james and you and Cameroon Jinro with can jacket dementia welcome Commun- drove yet and finally Thomson with a three five to ya standing gold Johnson your consent and join said the bag Johnnie. You knows of each judge Elihu Joe Tyne regimes and your Johnson and Yovich Upfront. Which Stiffens Joba digital manager doesn't manage a Web gun quotas pretty. I know you want to hear my jt on the first show do some women's of course because Shafi Lawson ever big thanks to Sophie. Hit me up Some of these ladies are Korean. So obviously I'm going to go with their last name. That are going to be the first. But she's got June boerum and goal John Sal g Johnson Lan and Celia humanities at the back revealing Jane Jason Sophie Young and Janet Jaffe in Midfield and up Front Ellen Metro Youngson and a Sufia. Jakobsen does interesting so mcgann got on. Who'S ARE FIT for? Listen always sends his women's team as well as a slightly different Four three three formation you. Ns the German got keep in Gold Jonsdottir. James Johnson and juicy rather Brazilian defender. Back four in midfields Sofiane. Gay said Yeah Human is from Spain and Juice on you like Sophie Hannah in the front. Three of Jacobsen Jens and renaissance in as well from from Holland so again to very impressive women's eleven. What about yours got? I think it would probably lose to team but in goal I was I was very tempted by your son. But then I said not can't have too many German pleasing so instead I went with former whole city. Legend Alvin Yakubovitch Lesser Right. Now I write back the phenol my country. When people didn't put him there will change football as we know it resumes its Senator About Jefferson and John Jesus from Roma just Jefferson. From what I go. Yes he's not player anymore. The guy is like he was that good and is in here. Because it's hard to look good if you're gonNA play alongside Camel Glick licking your family. I Love Monaco. Teams down the left back Johnny from wall. So I think should have been should have been mentioned Three Nine Midfield Curtis Jones. Georgina L. and of course Jon Jordan from severe by the way joining we should we mentioned ESPN films. Michael Jordan's I'm not a Jordan Fan But I'm enjoying every minute. I WanNa say something Jules. You've watched it on Netflix. Around the world yet. Jordan's is present day Jordan. Try Right. That's the only thing I could crying for. Ten episodes Dow really read read. Read your yellow there. And he's got no whites. It says creepy man I look I got three plays in. There also have jumped up. I have not manage. How could you not have all? He managed the team and of course former Manchester United Star on Yom. Is You have hawking in your team what on your nerves before good nine nine up but we don't have you on his. I just to please the United States Malcolm John. Can Go away and we're GONNA have a fucking menace and Adnan Janas on sorry throws your okay. Okay now that's impressive. This is mine. Louis Jordan the reserve like second goalkeeper who we become first-choice wants Mike Manual going by four regions like you. Christopher Julia my brother from another mother one JEEZ competitive launches make your team and then he didn't make my team. I told you James Justin bag double Jay. Double Josh should count double points. Whinge is double j James Justin. Wc True Joe Jordan. Double Jay Phillips Got Hamas you need to have Hamas in your team on one side you know Hamas isn't really his name but I I was on all right. Why can't on the other one and then front three or four of Jimenez? Luca Yovich the the Yovich from from Frankfurt Right. Now do not this. This presently version can apparent Serrano. Jose Jose in your team in mighty Mo anybody else's Tino certified an affront to to Stoke improbably Germain. Come on your to answer the question Yes us by. Mark. Ogden says to easy was far too. Easy uncommon argued. I was I was I was four and we are the love Ryan says as you guessed. Kartik Habib Simon Yell 'em Piacentini as well. We obviously find Alexey Sanchez. The only to have played under massive yet Nelson Venga onto near Kante. Bhagwat Angela Marino. Who you think he likes most out of all those guys so good question. Obviously Simona was very early on are river early on in his career. Had studied world didn't end up world. I guess the beginning his career. Maybe a lame to wherever you want. I Guess Seltzer magazine. So now everybody's favourite part of the show. Some quick hits jaws To Rafael the former Manchester United version. I need some rather unpleasant words to say about your boy. Neeman was he willfully misquoted. By needle media wasn't because when he was in English to us Videoed so we we've seen it. I've seen it and your rights wasn't his evil twin brother. Fabio who smoked it wasn't it wasn't until A name are GONNA handle. The pressure is now a leader. Don't take doesn't take criticism. Well issued behave of the field because of the failed. He's basically doing whatever he wants. And that's no good. That's not why that's why he's not better on the big. I mean I was. I was was upside gobsmacked by roughly how to sail name isn't no by the way I guess. Rafael has a couple of Brazil. Cats maybe but yet to be play twice name out and I said the other time they played was against him. And I'm like wow okay so if you ever dreamed again offering for Brazil that you can forget about it. That's fiery says your man Orson forgive. I think he could buy a ticket to get into the park. The prompts the staff and to okay. Maybe you could comment on Namuz pro life and what he does off the field and the partying and stuff like maybe and his sister's birthday yet but nothing says that he would play. It will be a better player if less parting example. I Dunno maybe. Rafael will be a better play. Area will be too hot if he was spotting and be based on on the name is leader. Elite doesn't have to be someone who shouts a lot and talks in the dressy elite. There can be someone who's the best team? Technically Brazilian sedan was Francis Leader for eleven years and it was not saying anything in the dressing room. You could not hear his voice so it's not because Neymar is not the loudest in the dressing room days now. A leader so I think that's complete. Bs and under criticism if his criticism matic name I would probably take it and use it. If he's coming from someone like I don't think he will care. It'll god Rafael. If you're listening you've upset jewels yeah. I just didn't think it was needed. Well talking about criticism Rome Lukac who has been entertaining us to law with his frequent instagram alive during the confinement begun God. He's in a bit of trouble with inside isn't it remains an intelligent guy. He's fixed freely and sometimes moving talk a lot and I certainly know this. You end up saying things that you wish you had inside He was talking about you. Know the impact of Corona virus. Everybody else said. Oh you know at one point. I think you said like more than twenty in our team had the flu. And maybe they had the corona virus we did. Noves are protesting. It's a bit upset here because I think rightly wait. We monitor all our players are athletes. We had four players who had selection. Tim's modern had corona virus and. I think they built this. I think everything resolve now. He's not going to be punished by the club as some people wrote. They absolutely laws Lukaku. He's not going on the naughty step but it is a did pricers reminder that we can talk about health matters. Maybe let's kind of watch what we say whether he's half joking or not you know. Words weigh heavily especially at this time. Especially when you're talking about going back to playing football a lot of concerns about whether you can do so safely to us today so today right Two more stars breaking lockdown jewels. Please tell me what these people have in common churchyard and Soco Alexander Granite Shocker Nicholas pipping Godfrey Louise. All of these people have been busted. The last four were doing kickabout together. The first two screwing around oriented by the way out the first time he's done. Can you tell me what the pattern here or do I need to spell it out for? You know leaving in north London now. They're all either French or they speak French. Reiver's one of them. These are underscored how they picked up. Louise Learn to do this when he was in Paris. August let's not follow them credit. Chuck out there's this big French. You know that the Swiss. I'm sure he speaks French. I know you really think Jacques Speak French. Listen they they brought the lockdown. It's not something you want them to do. They be reminded by club to follow the rules and Etcetera. They were different. The context you to be different for for each of them she still couldn't all year went to the possibly some some Some running the suicides runs. Maybe the Isn't I don't want to find any excuse for them? They've gotten no excuses should not have done it neither of them and let's hope that until is confinement is is lifted on east that they won't they won't be doing again. It's not a good image. Doesn't reflect good on them. Special has been working hard on his middle distance running. And I think he's safe to say that you could have had another Korea. This is true. I was on the numbers. I if true true they'll think he goes on a bicycle and then you know okay. So He's been doing five K. Runs okay now. Scott Mattamy is. He's a big lab long blades. Powerful guys not like someone who goes really tight. Tv and yeah he does. He's been doing these five case by the way granite and surge and divy in Alexandria. Days is how you're supposed to screen in public. He goes and he runs around whatever sad. Northern village lives in and he comes back he does really really fast recorded a time of fifteen minutes and fifty five seconds in the five K. Now if you compare it to mow Fara who is was a gold medalist in twenty two thousand. Who is you know one ten Desai's Sixteen to Twenty sixteen whatever. There's other questions about that Guy Anyway. he got thirteen point four one. It's not super fast. However I was running on a track in spikes yes. Yes got mattamy. Presumably is running in running shoes. He's running outdoors so it's completely different. It's still apparently. According to the daily feature this was twenty. Th Fastest time recorded by a brick. He's fifteen point five five in the five K. So I think it myself. Scott accommodate wanted to be middle distance runner. He probably could have been a really really good. What trained for that. And if he ran on the track in track shoes I really really impressive I would like to see go to content running a five Ken and see it then with Tommy. Wipe the floor reside. I would like to see this X. Don't don't get me started. I don't I listen to his. Tell us who would win. Nick Thoman Air CANTATE. Yeah T- Mattamy saw right Jewels our new teammate. Here we walk. We walk over last week locomotive again with sloppy kisses James Ali. He's reporting that could you could be Chelsea's main target if as expected lose out on Jaden Sancho. Are you buying this? So I'm buying the idea that the needs a creative player especially when they against teams is different especially for bridge with a very low blog with their space. And they need something to unlock. Those kind of defense is showing up if they would go for for that. I'm not convinced after say I just as good opportunities and I'm really not continue as a player. I don't think that's the kind of profile and it kind of Playa. Franklin part and people are just you would go for your mind no better than me and you might disagree with me all agree with me but I like the idea of yes trying to find a plan that could unlock its own spaces. Defense is really low. I shouldn't say the answer so first of all. I don't think they lost out on Jane Sancho just yet At all second of all is absurd wages and we're cost immense so unless they get like some tremendous loan deal from Barcelona were alone. You know they pay all his wages than Cochran abetted night. I don't think I don't see how Chelsea will do that. Thirdly have mason now and they're coming in who you can say well they got us to genius but this is part of why they're brought in certainly. We're going to see a lot more four three three I think or or or some version of that without the guy the whole from land fiber we ever come back and who Chino doesn't necessarily fit into that system should we didn't So so no I. I'm not I I would find this very very surprising if it came to pass. Mark Martin eighth raids has made just three appearances for us. She's joining in February to our squad. Surprise move to be fair. They leading striker and some say we'll make anymore. Bhagat he feels differently writes Yes he certainly does and good for him he came out and he says you know what? I have a sweet deal here and I plan to stay here for four years or more and I find to be back and look vibe. Raceway is mind bracelet. He was brought there because the transfer window is closed and because of the screwy registration rules added in Spain. You can go and pay. Somebody's bio clause in bringing me should not be allowed. I think no travesty. But putting this guy down when he's played three games you know he's not. He's not the Gary Lineker nor Luis Suarez in terms of great Barcelona centre-forwards of yesteryear. He's got even really a centre forward. Might but you know what I'm quarter good for you good for you Mar. And he's really good guy and by the way if he's listening him and his wife just had a baby. So congratulations to the The Braithwaite Family Mazal Tov. On what is this? Can I say something What is the French relate to the game? No no no. I was just gonNA praise Scandinavian players with non-scandinavian sounding names like Martin break or the legendary Alvin ax. Aw because these people are intelligent and pleasant and they're fully funded Navien. His name's who are clever. I'm sure there are but I thought that. He and standing navy nontraditional Scandinavian Angel. Entertains US anyway? On some people get very excited by folkets. I do not jewel suspect. You do an even. I got a little bit excited by Scott. You did. Could you not exactly. They will wear Next Bill I believe next season especial should. They opened a competition for their fans to draw what they would like how they would like to see the next shirt new shots and six year old boy. Senate Greg Brewing of a blue shot blue being the past our scholars. Sarabi we be we the rainbow at Dolphin so headed the ball with his nosing devote in and a wonderful drawing the first place and they made a wonderful shirt with so I think Gudang Davies is the kind of content. I'm here for this. It looks it looks really cool. I know I'm going to buy one as soon as you want us to. Exactly in fact my by by another one and And we we can have as a prize in a competition because this is really going by the way for those who don't know the reason there's dolphin is not as the symbol of Wisconsin. The Bay at became the latest in a list of high profile football figures making major nation to health services. He gave a million euros in total to hope. It's hospitals in ways and Spain after Gwadar Ronaldo Mason and others. It's a big amount Gab. Username big now and then you take it. As a percentage of is annual earnings and not quite as big You know the equivalent of somebody making fifty thousand a year donating grant to just put it within some cameras did I. Don't I think the gesture is important? I I don't I don't like it when there's a number to it. I don't like these pissing context. This one donated moisten donated last people have to do with comfortable doing. It's great that he's done this. It's just as important. I think than the amount of money he gives is the fact that you know. I think he made a public any talked about it. He doesn't talk very often. But he when he publicized any underscored. The idea that these people are fighting on the front lines and our health systems aren't alone. They have a lot of support encouraging others to give so too. Well done well done. Gareth Cam yet. Alfonzo duty says a new dealer buying US quite the turn around just over a year. You're right got a year ago. He could not even get into the team remember he was. It was a left winger. The time there was a lot of competition there and now he just Unin. You didn't see twenty. Twenty five is bike. One of the best in Europe in the last three or four months and taking advantage of all the injuries that by the by the repositioning of Alba from left by left-center back. And then he going to push not and took it and I think a lot of crazy as as as a nineteen year olds to be able to adopt so quickly to a new position and improve so drastically to to play that kind of level we saw him against Gypsy for example. But like I've said on the show many times and like I keep saying used to be too early to say. Oh you know he's going to be. A great bike is going to be going to be that you need to be more time and he needs to keep working hard but certainly in terms of potential. He's got everything to to get. I'm not ready to put him in my top. Ten of Canadian footballers ever The list they've got nine better than him while doing Derosario and Owen Hargreaves and hung a cheaper Hutchinson and Gu's Lynn and the Steve Nash. I'm sure there's other unforgivingly breads key seven. Yeah I'm Wayne Gretzky. Even now if he decided to play football you would probably be better than Davis because he is not look is our kids but I have to say you know when I. I don't think I ever saw him play well in that first season when he came. And you could. Argue is adopting whatever but to go and reinvent yourself in a new position and to do so well and still do it so young. It's a credit to this guy's professionalism. It's a credit to buying for spotting his air. You know. The athletic quality was the technical quality. I think on the wing. It didn't work for him. I tried to. It doesn't mean he's gotTa play left back by the way the rest of Blair either. He's still very very young so well done. Afonso gave and he's also very good on talk as we all know why finally got Osama Jupiter. He's writing by the coronavirus effects on the transfer market for the website. That love speculation there. What you think. I haven't read it yet. Jewels but know Simon Somebody. Who's the rights for the Financial Times while he straddles the two words the the two worlds of of business and in football and politics? And of course you wait. He wrote a tremendous one of the greatest football books. Ever forget the enemy But I'm really looking forward to this. I think there's going to be a lot of implications you know it's not just There's so many things went out. At the same time. Casuarina she would transfer windows is going to be issuing registration windows There's there's been suggestions. That some tugs possibly majesty united or just going to go down low ball everybody in hoover up all the best players on the cheap around the world lot of regulation not of unknowns When the does with Israel but it is going to be obsolete fascinating so please check out shoutout ulcers. Were Buddy Tom Hamilton. Who wrote a piece about out of work managers and what they're doing in their free time definitely worth a read on the website tools were at the end of the show. This is guy. He goes so quickly every time. I can't believe in time flies when you're having a good time doesn't exactly but we'll be back on Monday Monday with a K. Team don't forget. We have another quiz question as well. And in the meantime everyone's they say.

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