The Great Gildersleeve 50-10-25 (379) The Sons of Summerfield


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Parque margarine made by kraft pick up a pound tomorrow. Well there's a lot of interest in the newspaper at the Great. Gildersleeve House this morning. The front page is pretty well taken up with the coming elections, but that isn't. What interests are water commission. Roger is either society page. Junkie, you. Can't miss assigning. Mr Sleep. Wouldn't you rather have this page? There's an editorial about Mr Bullard for mayor. Bronco this society. With US deciding page Urumqi. Thank you my day. What is it? What is? Leroy. Bernie. PANCAKES! Leave, are you already had two big that they know now, Leroy, breakfast is over Gosh I still hungry I'm can I have a society? Leroy. What do you want this diety kissing? He. Look. He's an eye looking. Judge Hooking. There is some syrupy right on his goatee. He'll go to bit. Picture Hunky I'll see that to. What's the judge doing on the society page Mr Gildersleeve? The summerfield had their annual membership meeting last night. The judge is one of the founding fathers on judges, the pilgrims. I PRETTY OLD NO! Booker is one of the club's found. Really find that CAP. There's nothing funny about that. All is under Somerville where coons gangs. WHAT'S HANGING DOWN OVER MR, sleep? Rick Tail. Wonderful just like Daniel. Boone tail flying. It looks more like a hot Rod. Now. I know why you wanted the Society Pay Jonky are the sons of Summerfield taking you in this year? I haven't read the article yet, but I'm positive. Last me and this year we only taken the most important men in town Bronco. Certainly should include Mr Gildersleeve. Yeah, well, you more important this year, the New Orleans year. You will! I! Back Ball. Doesn't Ed. Willard's running for mayor and he's after votes. Let's see. My name isn't here. You don't need both that bad. On any names, it says the chosen few will be notified Randy. Last night poor Auntie. He always wanted to be a son of Summerfield too bad Mr Gildersleeve yeah. coon skin cap black and use it to cover my pet turtle at night. Roy. KIDD MR gildersleeve about those caps course kidding, Leroy, it just happens to be the greatest honor. A man can have in summer field. Be asked to wear one of those raccoons caps. I don't know it's such an honor all important men on members. Because my best friend belong PV. Hooker. No gold. I'm like you shouldn't find out about the judge room and take Rumson Bullard. What's he but stuffed shirt? They don't be it I. don't care. Wouldn't join. Those must bags if they asked me on me. I can be hard to get to. School. Off Kenan. Well, Good Morning Day Leroy. Hello John. Judge? Oh they use the morning paper. We saw. My picture appeared. There's been a phenomenal rise in circulation. Circulation judge papers are yours that papers go. There pretty extra cop is for you who wants I do. I ordered three dozen extra copies of sound. You can have my paper to I. Don't want. You should keep as a memento guilty. Now that you're going to be a son of summer. Last night, Rumson, Bullard and I pushed your name through. Poses what A. Bunch of Pelham. Oh brother! It was too late to notify you last night that now by virtue of the Authority vested in me I come in you throckmorton P Gildersleeve to up here at our meeting for new members tonight. The accent do are. You. Wouldn't join. Back. Time for school? You made. Tonight EUBOEA son of Summerfield. Exclusive Organization. In Georgia is getting more exclusive all the time. I think I'll drop in the drugstore. Let pge congratulate. You? Do for US mining. You can congratulate. At long last I'm joining the sons of Summerbee not gigantea. He came to see me and I can't wait for that meeting tonight. I always enjoy the horse grey before those initiation. veggie! Use The poorest play fun. Man Against Remembers. The judge didn't say anything about horseplay and he wouldn't make Europe Pretty Husky. Fellow loud, padded sound of wind and limb. Is! phoebe, what do they do? Not that I'm concerned about whether that y'all secrets Shenanigan Guy. I don't know what Mr Bullard has planned Bullard. Got To do it. He doesn't like me I. Know Him Very anxious to have you John You. Then he asked to be put in charge of initiation bloom. Menemen! Bandages. Darrow gauzes started blend greedy. What are you doing getting emergency? Get ready for the meeting tonight. Bandages. I. Use those things the initiations? We use them after the. rejoined the size of summer few. Don't need I ate. That bad. Why did you joy? Just came and got me. They wanted a pharmacist on team. Row Nafta the initiation. I wanted one to. Rule my goodness. Levy I don't believe. MRS PD. I didn't get home for today. He really initiation lasted two. Counting message, peavy, mine lasted leak. What am I laughing? I don't know why I've been able to get that initiation off my mind though. You'll be over in an hour to. Your Day or two? PB was just trying to get me worth that. Nothing to initiate. geller slave. Hello, BRONCO! You're home early. There wasn't much to do with the what Mr. Gillers leads to excited about joining. The sons summerfield tonight. Bronco. When you were in college, you join a lot of secret organizations. You had a lot of fun when you're initiated the horse play. Gene who have to go through that stuff before you get in, you listen that something plan she. I Elise Bragg's probably blindfold me and heavy eat cold spaghetti. I don't mind. They put some cheese in it. Long, I don't know Mr Gildersleeve I have an idea they'll put you through the paces. You think so. They won't do anything to you Auntie with Judge Hooker there. The judges in charge of initiation. Who is Mr Gildersleeve? rumson bully. Mr? Why do I feel sorry for you? Feel. Sorry, stop laughing. He has. Board might do something I wouldn't put it past him much we there's nothing to be concerned about their laws to protect citizen Oh. I, don't know Mr Lead hold. Those fellows can go pretty far. A senior in college had it in for me when he caught me at the initiation. Do you know what he did to me? Know that big eight wait until he got his chance, and then he go, don't tell uncle about. Why, not you don't want to frighten them. No, you worry about riding the go ahead. What are the big Abdu no helmets together? Slave? I think Marge's right. I don't want to frighten you over. Ready? Initiation tonight my news, yes, and a fancy white shirt. If you won't be a copy, you got to shine. Don't you think you should wear something? Something older. Mo.. To give leave. It ain't going to be that kind of nation is like nobody. Everybody round here's time scamming. They take you into that nightclub angle sport around with you guilty, of course that some appeal is a gentleman's club when they take in a new member day around. All your as meticulously certainly. When he gets you in then playtex on you, Josh. What y'all know and as the baby he wouldn't. Would it burly? They're my friends. Well. It gives me. All second thoughts. You'd better wear you'll. Rule. Getting dark. That initiation and a couple of hours. Nothing to be concerned about. Muehler doesn't daily hand on me. He needs my vote. Still. They blindfolded you at these secret initiations. Tell. WHO's getting it to you? I saw bullard put some stuff in his car looked like rural chains. Say. I think I'll. Go taken his Cadillac. Just. Across the street? That MR, Bullard? I didn't see you on my porch. I was about during your Bell I just wanted to be sure we'll see you this evening Oh yeah! Of you that takes us an interest in getting in the club Mr, bullard been looking forward to this five years. Healed is leave I've been looking forward to this to. You have you tonight. What duty let? He's laying. But I'll him. Not going to be an sun at some appeal. About tonight. I'm not being initiated, explained some you, but I can't make. I have a previous engaging very important. CANARIAN We were. I found out I mean. I'm sorry, judge. Open you say such thing. That, we ever let them get away. Goodbye judge. Not that I'm afraid of it. Writing me like. Regular slave returns in just a moment. It's fresh, Brown, rarely fresh, always fresh. That's why it tastes so good. It's parque margarine made by kraft fresh is a word of many meanings schoolboy. It's high spirits in schoolgirls complexion its beauty in a margarine. It's taste and that's why so many women insist on parque margarine as the margarine they serve on their tables and using their cooking for park as the margarine. That always tastes so good because it's always fresh. Fresh? Yes, fresh, really fresh, always fresh parque is made fresh from selected products of American farms. It's rushed fresh in refrigerated trucks to your store. It sold fresh by grocer. Each pound of park is Labor dated, and stocks are regularly inspected by craftsmen. That's why craft can positively guaranteed you that no matter where or when you buy park margarine, it will be fresh, really fresh. Always fresh for freshness for flavor yet A. R. K. A. Y.. Parque margarine made by kraft at your grocers. Now, the Great Gildersleeve was looking forward to joining the sons of summer field until he learned that his longtime enemy Rumson Bullard was in charge of the initiation. Those under some of you won't get their hands on me. I told him I had a previous engagement by Georgetown. Get One. I hope she's home. Martin Bellow Catherine. Surprise to see you. Again we have a date tonight. We do to go dancing. Talk. Martin asked me to go dancing tonight relented. Show we don't have a day. Of course I'm sure silly beside. This is the evening you're supposed to be initiated into the sons of Summerfield. Upper. Break a date with a girl like you. Saw Us. We still don't have day. I have to work the hospital. This evening I'm do there now. I, don't I go down there, William. Martin here so impetuous, you bet. That's probably the hospital. Calling I'll have to run. Sorry Throckmorton. I have my patients. He doesn't know how close I am to being a patient. Leroy. Isn't it even united? We're going to lay. The tracks view model railroad. Picking. On Kathy Oh. We may have had a previous engagement. That previous engagement with your little nurse. I don't blame you. Mr Gildersleeve I'm sure you'd rather have a date with her. Then take Mr Bullard initiation say. A lot less painful. Check man. Cheating mortar by the initiation. He's frightened enough as it is, wait a minute. I WANNA. Make something clearly monitoring Bronco Leroy. All of you I'm not afraid of this. I'd be down there right now. I hadn't thought I had a brief engagement. And I thought I had one. Right. Show, all the still initiation means nothing to me. where's my all soup? I'm going to you your fight. Mr Gildersleeve boy. was that for. Out Get it Brady. Need Dan. Judge Hooker. They'll vote I'm on my way. They know go didn't hear little boat. Low! Catherine worth. Got We had a view. Now. Here would. Do you think by. Using children I did have a previous engagement. You Bet. Leroy his your geography book. I'm studying medicine, tonight. Hospitals quiet. Spells again. Music tonight. Lose leave your pretty clever. You avoided those ends of the. Off Martin. Cats. Did Russia over. It every green light. By the way. You're standing under one. Green light over the door. That it means go ahead. In the hospital. Get step out under a traffic like. I'll be off in. Our rate would do in the meantime well. How'd you like to look around? See what goes on behind the scenes. I. If you think nobody would object. It'll be alright there. Just a few nurses around. Why don't you just slip into this quite jack? Car should anybody questions. You just say your doctor. Dr Gildersleeve. Oh, say your your doctor Hubble from town here. Let me Button Jacket Finan-. You Watch Kevin. You're tickling. And you put on this white capital. Make you look professional. Cavern. Hubble! It. Let's see high looking this on. is a mirror misleading class. Say! I look pretty good. It should have been evacuated commission. Back is more than jealously. Jagged little type. At those brawny arm hanging down. Looked very capable. Should it turned off a lot of water in their day? Is. Excuse me. Are you a doctor? And Zach Morton. I mean. Well. I I'm an intern. I hadn't seen you around. Not around very often. Doctor for a moment. I thought you might be impersonating a doctor. ME. How can you think of thing like that? Well, I was reading. Some imposture got caught doing it last week. What happened well I think he got off too easy, five thousand dollar fine and ten years you. Well the around Doctor I have to go take some blood counts. Job counting blood. You you. You look like a doctor you that intern. Stroll down the hall. There's a patient with the open. Can't be very sick. Below. House the Bandage Split. L. Its ahead. Around. You smiled at me. I guess I have a good bedside manner. But I do it. I should have been doctor. I'm enjoying this doctor. Dr, Hubble is going back to help. ME. Get this happened jacket doctor. Don't take off his jacket. We need to in surgery because. Don't me all. Yes, we do. It's an emergency appendectomy. Young Man. Why can't do it? I don't have my license yet. They'd put me under the prison. GonNa Right in here. The patients under anaesthetic nurses and other interns already but but. Look at all the people with masks. There's the patient under the sheet. Big. Have you scrubbed up? Doctor took a bath before I left home. SCALPELS, no wait a minute. I have a confession to make I'm not a doctor. You're not a doctor Dr, Oh you. Right. Imposter I'm black more than big leave, I only did it waiting for a nurse Snifter Gildersleeve this is a very serious offense I know by thousand. Ten years at least that well let the patient decide. The patient nurse pulled back the sheet. I don't WanNa. See you at gala. Impersonating a doctor where you guild. That you behind that mask. And Catherine. On this to. Cook and ask me I couldn't resist helping them. You can't escape the son of view through A. You've got. I. Guess You WanNa. Take me to. The initiation is at Gal. It's over. There's all welcome to the sons of Somerville Gildersleeve. You. Say This white guy and other. Fine, but develop I ask. Great Gildersleeve we'll be right back. Remember the margarine that tastes so good because it's fresh, really fresh always rash is parque margarine made by kraft in states where the law permits the sale of colored margarine. You can now buy yellow parque already colored and ready to serve in its new aluminum foil flavor saver rap elsewhere. Get Park in the handy color, quick bag or regular package in any state in any package. It tastes so good because it's always fresh. That's P.. A. R. K.. A. Y. Parque margarine made by Kraft get some tomorrow. George this operating room I was really clever, great initiation. Was My block. Because I guess what you're going to do I was way ahead of you Gildersleeve. Didn't you think we were going to paddle you a little panel? I knew you wouldn't do that. Friends of mine I la you are now son of Summerfield and here a year coon skin. DYSLEXIC crown. On You, it's too big a judge you pulling down over my eyes. I can't see you sure. You can see Gildas leading thing. Would US Niki. RAKERS Goes written by all less John Eliot and live with music by Robert Armbruster in Makassar water. Lea Mary Lee Robb Lillian Randolph Cathy Lewis Dick Gale Gordon. He'll strapping earl roth, originally the ground. This is John Huston night for the kraft foods. Makers of the famous line of craft quality crowder. The shortlist next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. There's magic in mustard gas. When you WANNA put new paste excitement in almost anything. Just add a little mustard, and you had a lot of pain. Hidden flavors pop right out. Every bite tastes better particularly of the mustard. You use his craft prepared mustard. There are two kinds of craft must be you know kraft salad mustard delicately spies for those who prefer mustard, mild and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added. Both kinds when you add a little mustard, you add a lot of. Craft repaired mustard. or a half hour of spine, tingling excitement listen next Sunday afternoon to the Falcon this station. Check Your newspaper wartime of broadcast, and here the Falcons solve the case of the double exposure This is Great Gildersleeve on your. Show on NBC.

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