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Friday, September 14th, 2018 with Daryn Carp


Good morning millennials, happy Friday. We made it here only in a strange twist of events. Thanks to hurricane Florence. We are now joined by Darren carp, sorry for the delay. But Darren is a busy woman. I am so sorry for the delay, politics is cloudy was texting me yesterday. It was like, I can't get out of this thing. I was actually doing Avihou record for my new auto trader commercial which is coming out. I think in the next two weeks, I don't think you understand how much I love your auditory, how much Zach loves your pets? That's second care about you ever came on the show when it was the old show. Then I told you were coming from the auto Twitter rehearsals. He was shook. He was like, you have to ask her about the commercial like he thinks it's so good. And so do I. That's amazing. And they're also good. Can you give us like a little story ward for this next one? This next one is definitely me teasing and the a lot more and I think it's the funnier I've been at this will be my third one, and I think it's the funniest of them. There's sculptures involve. I'll put it that way. It's very good. I'm so excited and for anyone who like first time watching the toast and doesn't know who you are not in tune with what's necessary, but is about to be please your bio. My name is Darren carp. You can follow me on social media at her. Darren, I host Martinez murder on oxygen. I do Bravo. TV dot com web series. But my most important main role is I'm Antiguans assistant at Bravo. So I, I have a little Bravo gossip and all the time has gone. You're so good at telling us a lot and feeling like we're in the no, but also like being professional, keeping your job. And that's the hardest part of jar, I'm sure. Yeah, I like can't get into trouble. So I told the light doesn't go on notice. I just want you to know because they don't keep it juic- and also like, you know, the the people upstairs are happy. I'm trying to give the people what they want to know Jackie. He lar- if anyone's going to get out of you, it's the morning toast. And then tha that always the morning toast. So we are so happy that you're here. We have a great show for you today. Anyone who was affected by hurricane Florence right now, we are thinking of you who, sorry, stay safe if you're traveling, stay safe. And I mean, Claudia is. She was rerouted. She had to move for whole trip because going to Puerto Rico right now, like doesn't make a lot of sense, correctness. You want to stay indoors and like hunker down. That doesn't seem like a Claudia thing to want to do it. No, it doesn't seem like vacation, like might as well stay here in hunker down by the way. Can I just say major foam about camp toast? It looked so fun. It was so let it would've loved it. Do you ever go to camp? Yeah, I went to camp when I was like, okay, like there was some people would like there's two people. There's two types of people in this world, right people who went to camp and just want more camp in their life to people who have never really experienced camp who like can't even wrap their heads around what it actually what it is and like that level of just like fun camaraderie that you don't have anywhere else in this world other than color war and not. I don't be in this way, but like color wars are so fun like red Rover and capture the flag like that's what camp is all about in major follow for Keller was like really intense. Like I like have PTSD. I'd like I look back on and I'm like, like hits Ville and like my team technically lost. But I think we had more. Fun. That's really what's really like when I'm in charge like I really try to like just keep everyone happy like no one has to play. They don't wanna play like I, it's very hard to toe the line of like you'd have to win, but I don't want people like to be comfortable. Were there any men there? Yes. There were three men. They added so much value. Of course, they did. They only God, they were amazing, and they were also so good at like, capture the flag and great quality had two of them on her team and like that was live on there, but it's fine is it seems like you're really athletic. I am. I played soccer English of my life. If you come to campus team, you're on mighty done. We don't even need Eddie met. I, I'm going to be like the resident man on your team, Jackie and not wait. Yes, strength of three men over here. We're actually in the process of planning camped host to now like it's in a while won't be till Morial day weekend. Okay. So we're just so excited that we just want to have everything in place, let everyone like no one it is planned to get their tickets and just like then have six months or can't count, but however long they look forward to it. Do we know where is next year? It's in the same place name? Exactly. Poconos. Which was perfect. Perfect. And like, oh my God, it was just so fun and you have to come out of it. Obviously. Anyways, without further ado, we are going to get into the best five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast. And then we're going to just do CUNY with Darrin talk about all things. Bravo. Everything that's airing right now. Everything that's happened since you were last here. Right? And we're just going to get like the total team Carol. Can't I can't I shed? It's just it's also we'll get to it. Okay. Our first story and also you know what? Not a lot of celebrity news happened yesterday and I'm grateful because now we can talk about some real stuff. Yeah. Let's Kinjo like the hard news, Jackie. We're getting into hard news. We're getting into whether we're getting into a little bit of politics today just because the Cynthia Nixon of it all we have some crossover fair. Okay. Okay. Like a popcorn actually getting into synthetic this news and some Legal News. Whoa. Okay. Okay. Guys, gird your loins, it's actually going to be really, really heavy for Friday. I up hurricane Florence makes landfall as torrential rains battered the coast hurricane floorings made landfall Friday morning, just east of Wilmington, North Carolina, where brought a life threatening storm surge that pushed water inland for miles pounding rains and powerful winds battered buildings in its path. The category one hurricane with a MAC with maximum winds of ninety miles per hour and dumping three inches of rain in our need landfall at seven, fifteen AM near rights still beach according to the National Hurricane Center more than sixty. People had to be pulled from collapsing motel at the height of the storm and many more who were who defied evacuation orders were hoping to be rescued. The powerful storm inundated coastal streets and left tens of thousands without power. Forecasters said, quote, catastrophic freshwater flooding was expected along waterways from far from the coast of the Carolinas. This is so so crazy and just hope everyone while the animals are. Okay. Well, that's always the hardest. I mean, grin. Granted, yes, people like I don't want anything to happen, but just there's something there was just as helpless. There's so innocent and watching them, you know, those commercials where it's like, if you give fifty cents a day or whatever, you can watch the animal cents a day to go to college. Right. Exactly. Like Doug can eat for week. I can't watch the the animal ones. I could watch the human ones, right? I'm like, that is sad, but actually know the animal ones. I feel like we're at a point now where they're just like they're so overdone where little dramatic when they show them like in the cages and being skin like that, I can. I can't. And the dog meat festival can do. But I thought they were gonna hit like thirty inches of rain, thirty two and a half feet of rain. As you say in the Carolinas, I don't think we're filming southern charm yet, so thank God so true. SO trip because I'm pretty sure that my, that the show runner who was like my very good friend had to evacuate. And I think she's in Georgia right now. I kind of waiting out the storm before we even start to film. So I, yeah, I guess we're like just they usually start filming in the fall. Everyone has their riding boots out in their their Patagonia best rate of everyone has to have a Patagonia. I almost went today out to be customer if you don't have any best a barber jacket, Louis, Vuitton, luggage, and writing moods. Oh, I was going to say in boat shoes. I feel like that's also for the men for the bathroom and Anna custom pillow by Craig that is now the criteria which Andy has his office and I love. It's like my favorite piece of pop culture art that Andy has like crabs on it. And that's your favorite thing like more than than bunny yet, even more, but now the bunny has a ball gag on it. So it really fits my. Yeah, I really like arc turn the last reunion, the ball, gag. I mean, watching a baby toy, have the most sexual visceral sexual toy that you can imagine on it in on my bosses said is great. Yeah, that's Bravo. Anyway. Ways. This hurricane, I hope a lot of people evacuated I saw last night that somewhat that people were encouraging other people to write their name and their phone number on the belly of their dogs so that if they do get loss, when I, I thought I was like, who's branding these dogs right? Then I was like, oh, that actually makes a lot of sense. Like if a dog is wandering total, I guess it could also just have the tag but or collar or looks. A lot of people do those GPS chips now which is actually very smart young for your animal, but like it's just what do you mean if you're told to evacuate, even if you're told to evacuate your apartment in Manhattan, what would you? What do you take? Would you take? What are the three things you grab? Let's say you five may have five minutes, you five minutes. What are you grabbing? I feel like in five minutes, I don't grab out at any. I wouldn't. I wouldn't grab anything. I would just run if it's really that dire. There's nothing like that import actually. Would you grab Zack if you sleeping? Okay. Yeah, come on anything of anything that I have. It's like really like sentimental that that cramping were placed, right. I mean, something of value, but that could just be inherent value or it could be like a childhood heirloom, right? Whatever you're think. Maybe I should like put on my Sunday Bess and just walk and would be like dressed to the nines. Nothing all my person. My shoes, I. Persons in person purses, but it's like, yeah, I would be closed though yet, let me close to well, I don't really have a photo album in my apartment. My house got end sack always makes me like I really don't have any pictures in the apartment yet, like I mean, move like six months ago, but he's such a photos person and I'm like, not not if I mean actually am photos person, but that's not not a photo framers. I don't know. It's just like I feel like you acquire this over time. You don't like set out. I'm going to do my picture frames because then it's all going to be from like one time period. I want to grow that collection everytime gifts a photo, a nice frames to a mere photo booth at a wedding and looking good -actly couple. Yeah. I'd probably take books like books that meant a lot to me that I've had since forever. I have like a couple of first additions on my favorite novels. I take that. Does that make me lay? No, that's actually a way better answer than most people would get like, because anything that's like materials material, what books are technically material items, but they have so much meaning bright, the much meeting. Yeah, not unlike an e book. I read actual books that that's actually a really good answer here. Good person. Thank you. I would also just bring something toiletries and essentials like, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothbrush, he key. Got your. I mean, as we know your breath has to be fresh, right? As you know, it really does. The only thing I could really make it worth except my breath is like number fresh because I'm always on a diet, but is that true? Like if you're not eating like if you don't, if you're trying to diet, why do you have bad breakfast blows acidity in the stomach. There's two things one for people that go on like Kito going into Kito or Atkins, which is what I do. Most of the time going into Kito says like, gives you bad breath. It's like. Thing like just because of the city goals? Yeah, or the things that you're eating like, okay, they're not like you're eating tuna fish cheese. Well, right. Not a recipe for success. And then I think for people who are dieting, it's almost like if you go for like hours without eating, it's like your bread, your bread tastes stale. Almost like when you wake up in the morning and it's been twelve hours or ten hours since he lost thirteen. How neat figuring? Okay, fair. So gum gum helps to sh- listerine strips Atkins's new car echinacea carbs. Kito was like Atkins rebranded. I guess I Atkins has a bad rap. And now people just say Kito, but it's really the same thing. What does it mean when paleo. Oh, I don't. I mean, we're really going off on yet, but like I just figure like fruits, vegetables and like act. Maybe paleo has a lot of fruits, more fruits and vegetables with Atkins like technically fruits fruits. Have a lot of carbs, rain, bananas, a car, right? So you really don't eat fruit on Kito where Atkins any some vegetables, but like not a lot. They also have carbs in those are the car. The only cards you should be eating in the day like you got twenty carbs a day during when you start out when you're being like really good, and that's really for like lettuce and vegetables and things that you need to like e. Got it. Do you have a cheat day? I have like a cheat month week, like I'm always off and on. But now I've restarted since camp toast and I'm really trying to like do a hard month hardcore. Okay. Like before from Campos and Labor Day before it, I was like terrible. So I don't ever feel like deprived because when I'm not on it, I eat everything. What everything, tiny. Oh, my got. No, I literally have the biggest appetite and then it's like, because sometimes I'm so good in life. It's like, oh, well, if I don't eat this now I'm never going to have chance to. So I don't. I don't feel like a deprived person because I really indulge when I indulge right. You can't even have toast on Atkins now you cannot. Okay. So we're going to have to rebrand the entire show right this well, actually, or I could just have a drink, right. Okay. Yeah. The morning drink about key. Does that most alcohol has no carbs, like vodka to kill. You could literally drink as much as you want. Wine has like a carbon, super glass, but like that's not going to kill. Yeah, it's like the sugar. The alley gets it. It's not like game like you don't have to stop drinking. Yeah, that's. That's fair. That's why Cheech Cheech. Yeah. She's always like tequila soda tequila soda yen that one zero carbs like she could technically drink as much as you want. Yeah, she does my friend. She says, hi TI, hyg anyways. So this hurricane is blowing through. I just hope that it's like the. The best it could be given dire circumstances. You don't know totally how everything's going to land. I'm hopeful that they gave enough warning for people to evacuate because I feel like we've known about this at least for a week now. Yeah, but a lot of people don't evacuate and on one hand to kind of understand that because you're like, I'm going to hunker down in my house. This is where I'm comfortable. This is Ryan have the other part of me is like your life is more important than anything else, and you don't wanna be eft like at the end of the day when it hits and you can't board of your windows, what are you two wing like, get out now. Just say it's like whether in your house or not. Your house is still going to. You can't save your house. You can't. Mean down, like it's coming down whether you're in it, or you evacuated. Yeah, and it's also probably a good idea. Never to buy property on water. Like as a general rule, what that it's so beautiful. I agree rent property, never owned property on water. It's just not a financial Stonehaven insurance, which is astronomical. And even when you do like, yeah, of course it has to be. It has to be astronaut Michael, because when that happens like you have to pay all these high premiums because then everything is going to get completely wiped out. So and then you rebuild and it happens again. So it's it's just not a financially sound investment. If we're getting deep on Friday, sometimes insurance companies can fuck you like in now you see me and then you have to have a group of magicians to come and steal all your money back. A group of magicians do that. Yes, you see. Now you see me, especially everyone was Katrina insurance, and so they took all of his money, but it's like that that happens. That's a thing that occurred. Okay. But what about property on the water in not hurricane impacted areas as Kazan New York. We don't see a lot of hurricanes as aside from sandy right of it's a rarity. You would you recommend him missing in waterfront properties in New York? I mean, yeah, I would definitely like tins that's a good investment. It's agreed investment. But when something like during sandy, I don't know how those properties manage like I just I just I just find that it's probably better to rent. So that way you're not responsible for any of the heirlooms or damage that gets your main property should never be waterfront property. Okay. Just I know you're going to, you're going to buy me a waterfront property right? Getting about it. And now I have changed my hands just like, yeah, we could go inland a little. Get me something else. You know what I mean? Like think about something else. We had this conversation that would be to total ways it would really would be also is crazy. How last year southern terms of that was filming during the hurricane? Yes, and like seeing them all back, you wait. That was so crazy because very scary, Amir, not feeling right now, are they? It doesn't seem right. I don't just rink. So no, I don't think so. I don't think southern original Charleston has started yet. Thank God. I'm so ready for it though. Like there's been so much off season drama. There's a lot going on and like ashes, not good drama either, but ashey Jacobs has been China from this show, which I don't. You know, means we no longer speak about her because it's just too annoying. Yes, she's listed, right? That's what happened with China. Like we could no longer just talk about enter anymore is like during the Robin China when she showed us her vagina before noon, and we were just like we were talking about it every single day and we're like, it's just we reach peak China, right? So they'll more no more China so than anyone else after that who was getting like that we now they are China, so actually Jacobs has been shot. Okay. But I've been seeing like conflicting things from all these, like fake news sites. I don't know what to believe, but either Hearn Thomas have broken up for their engaged, what those are, the two options to options, but it kind of makes perfect right then. When watching the show this season, it's like, wow, they either need to break up or getting each right. It's an now. It's been like eight months since that. So I hope they either broke up and guarding me. What do you hope happens. Happens on for the sake of the show. Okay. Well, actually, no, it's I'm conflicted because we're via the show. I hope they got engaged for the sake of Catherine. I hope they broke up because she has to see that woman ever given everything that's going on like legally with Thomas. I think Katherine could get full custody in which case, Thomas dates who ever heat choose a honestly about the kids for me like I want Catherine to be a very good healthy position, but like and Thomas and Ashley aren't even going to be on the show anyway. No, so I don't give who what they do. No, I don't. I mean, I don't as long as there's no endangerment to the children then go be your rails, whatever you want to go do go by waterfront property for all. I care holy. No. So if they're going to gonna show, I don't give what they do. Hence the China of eighteen we're now we're officially trying. She's of China yet. Anyways, we're gonna get to all Bravo Steph. Once we get through the news of the day, the second story is really sort of wild. Julie Chen returns to big brother saying, quote, I'm Julie, Chen moon, which you don't think is a big deal. But Julie Chen host brother. Every night. She signs off from outside the big brother house. I'm Julie Chen and last night after everything that's happened with Leslie moon Bez. She said from outside the big brother house, I'm Julie, Chen, moon viz, good night. That's big. That's big. That is a statement that she is. She has drawn the line in the sand and she's known as Julie Chen, like no one ever has said, I've never even heard her referred to as MRs moon Bez or Julie Chen moon Moonves ever in my entire television career. So for her to kind of say that she's standing by her man. She is standing by her man, which is just like, this might not be the time like maybe Julie Chen moon vez when he's at the top of the world and like the head of CBS now. So she's sticking by him. I don't. I mean, I think that's what he's trying to get my attention in the comments she doing not hear Claudia. Okay. Kuadio. What do you want me to see like litter? I'm scrolling because she keep saying attention attention would it was better than good this better? Can you not hear me? Did I do something? No, we'll see. Okay. We'll see those now that I'm looking, but anyways and cloudy like Julie Chen Moonves like we, this is important stuff interrupting his call. You like you're not here like we don't. You know what I mean? Like I'm taking over today. Not totally come on. Nobody. Like I really hope whatever. I'm like, I've stalled the show now for is is good. I hope it's just really fun. Emoji pattern. There's a text, read comments, look at YouTube. I. Oh my God. This is so now she's no deliberately sabotaging, you know, but it's like I'm gonna make reading. And by the there is a sort delay. But like financial, she knows who she knows that we're looking at her, oh my God, I can't. Okay. I really can't like Julie. Julie Chen visit at all. Like we have things to get to. There's a lot of things to say though about this because it's like not to get a little deep, but like Hillary Clinton stuck by Bill Clinton when the whole Monica Lewinsky thing came out right, and now it's metoo to it's twenty thirty years later. So it feels like different when you stand by your man. You know what I mean? Like there's different stigmas buy it and listen. They've had a very long relationship. I'm sure that they're very happy together for her to stick by him. You know, says to me a lot about how she feels about the allegations, but I'm very hesitant to sort of judge her for sticking by him or saying no to him either way because there's so much details in a marriage that no one. Really not a marriage plus a business relationship. Like right also her boss and like she wrote, she rose the ranks. You guys like she's hosting big brother, which I don't watch, but millions of people on my mom's obsessed with it and really sit through it for an entire week. She was like, we're watching it tonight. You enjoy, will you know what I can kind of get into any TV show as long as I commit to it, I did enjoy it. I mean, I wash it when it first came out. I was young, so I don't even know how long ago that was fifteen years ago. I did enjoy. It's interesting to see the characters. Well, there character traits, the people that are on the show because they're not playing their part. They're playing themselves anything at a certain point. You can like try and be good for TV. But when you're on the live feed twenty seven like you will actually interested yourself like or else you're going to call it the lie, you're just going to be like, oh yeah, I'm left handed. I'm right handed, right? I'm gonna. Keep this trend going. I don't understand how you win because they don't understand any play the game. Do you make everyone like you or do you make only certain people like you? I guess I just don't know how to win. Right, and none of them do. It's like just. Timing lock and right luck of the draw like what's going to happen this week, and that's it. Right? Yeah, there's a lot of there's a lot of nuances. I was just like, okay, let me just see all these people interact. Interesting audio. This is okay. So you don't use one that I have a sick show which I do because they're new and to she's doing the Lord's work. Okay. She caught you on that like Ramona too, but they are. I'm not pretending like they're not new, but I'm not China return them. So let's see both ever have. Ever have my shoes, you're old. Got him. Well, nice and too, she can't get less than both stuck out of her head. She said she was packing something for two to three hours and all she could think is less. And I have to be honest like the so did. I was like, laying in bed. It's a name just has like rhythm to it. Let's mood business move. Yeah, it's like a band. Yeah. Like Leslie, Moonves. But I, I mean, yes, you can't judge someone for sticking by their man, but we were talking about this before the show, and like I feel like most women in this situation, they initially distanced some distance themselves. And then when it dies down, they get. They turns out they never got divorced in there together for Gina chime in Harvey Weinstein. I don't know where they're at now, and I don't think things will ever die down with Harvey Weinstein, so I can't really over for them if she ever if she wants her career and like I was shopping for dresses and marquess was very much there and very much new. So she does want a career, right? So she'll she has to separate herself from from the big harby will. Yeah. And I guess Julie Chen Moonves is taking the opposite approach, and maybe it just makes sense to kind of in. In their marriage. Let's see how the, what see where the dominos fall here. And let's wait until everything happens in that we can kind of decide what to do with their marriage. We don't know what's happening behind closed doors and we don't know what she believes or what she heard or what's chew or what's not. So I'm just kinda like taking a step back and hoping Julie achieve seems like such a competent, smart, funny capable woman. I don't know her like truly every time I have ever seen or met her. She has been nothing but utterly professional and seems like honestly, like a lovely woman I have. I've never heard anything really met her. I've met her. She's been on the show. I've never had anything. I've never heard anything bad about her, but so I don't know what happens behind closed doors. I can only imagine she's smart enough to make the right decision for her. I understand very PC answer very PC Hanser and you know what? I don't really watch a lot of stuff on CBS. So yeah, me neither. I don't really know these people and it doesn't affect my life. But if exiting the top stories of the day. Effecting my phone notifications. All I got left invest less than less move as well. And like Jeff Fager from sixty minutes at CBS now is out to CBS itself as having a lot of issues right now. Yeah. Okay. Everyone I'm done. Looking at the comments off my show. Les Moonves as has been said. Now if you drank every time we said, let's move is like w great drinking go to the hospital. You already did you already died. Sorry, just like his career, but one more nice Jackie lesson invest. Yeah, you never know when that's gonna come up again. Right? Exactly. Anyways, our third story a little political news. Cynthia Nixon, it's political. It's it's sex in the city. It's pop culture. Local is Cynthia Nixon loses democratic primary for New York governor. The results of New York's democratic primary are in Cynthia. Nixon has lost to the sitting governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo around ten forty, five pm eastern time, two hours after the polls. Close Nixon emerged at a Mediterranean lounge in Brooklyn as Jay z song Empire State of mind played addressing her supporters, Nixon said. While the result tonight is was not what we hope for. I'm not discouraged. I'm inspired and I hope you are too. She ended her speech by saying by thinking voters for believing in fighting and leaving everything in the field. We started something in New York, and it doesn't end today. This is just the beginning, and I know that together we will win this fight. Well, you know what? Graceful her for running and like, yes, this was her first Time Inc. she's running for a big office, says her first betting city into the political arena. So like she's got, like I feel like there's always next year for her door next or next gubernatorial or she could spend the time between now and the next governor race. I really building up her her resume in the political sphere, and it's hard going again, someone who's already had the position and probably already has the funding already has a lot of Yang's like I think I was going to ask you if you thought that the cinnamon raisin bagel with locks really affected her with cheating that, yes, you should. She ordered like cinnamon raisin bagel, and she was like, I'll have locks onions, tomatoes, Capers, which to be fair. I like sweet salty combo. So I knew what she was kind of trying to do even though when you. Have locks on your vehicle. It really should be an everything bagel or sesame, or at least just poppy seed. But as a Jew, I have very strong opinions about this, but that was like the major story that came out three days ago. They were like a gas. I can't have Tara though. They people went out really outraged that's outrageous because like both things are so going j just like, shouldn't be eaten together late. Oh my God, chicken wings and ice cream. And and you know, what is someone who's trying to like be represent the the representation for New York, like you do not represent New York. If you're getting us in like New Yorkers are so bagel crazy and like bagels. Hello. Right. And it's like honestly, like she's like with that order, she said, like, I, I'm not a New Yorker. I'm not a Jew is what she said, which I was like, I'm not a New Yorker, and she's not a juice late. I don't expect her to be like a new, like even if she just got like a toasted everything bagel with like some CHAI cream cheese doubly that no one would judge. You just wonder. Like how many people were like? I can't vote for this woman's clearly unhinged. I can't vote for her now because she had a cinnamon raisin bagel with locks. That was the number one story I saw about her and it was like, oh, dear. God, one hundred win. It's hard. She's an actress. I feel like we all really got behind her. It was a very interesting race to watch simply because a she was in sex in the city which is literally arguably the most New York. You male Centric show. Right, right, right. But like so, she's definitely like rep like a New Yorker. She's a New Yorker. I think we, I saw her campaigning on the streets like three months ago all the time everywhere, but like that does not a governor make correct. I think you have to end funding need funding, right? Like you just have to have the money to do it. I need experience. So maybe this wasn't her year, but like if she's like passionate about this and she has good ideas and then you know what patience is a virtue is and stick with it. And a lotta times it takes a bunch of rejections before you get that one and then it'll be worth it. And you know more. No, how to campaign. So I mean, listen, she probably did really well for first time. Yeah, I it sound like she got three votes, right? I wanted to see, but the votes were, but I couldn't even see. But anyways, I'm here for it like a little celebrity in the New York the year and wants to run for mayor against Bill de Blasio. I think you're all for that. You have my vote. Okay. And he just which the thing is my vote. Yes. You're not a fan of two walls. You know, we were just talking about this like just the city is being like, you step outside your apartment, and it's just like the city is being run into the ground so many different levels. I don't even know where to start and like I always want to start with the traffic like I literally thought I was going to throw up when I got here this morning. I was so queasy and because a lot of stop start stop start. And it's just like these. These made up rules. Right? Can't turn here why I can turn here. Like I know that I can make a right here. Making me go to a different street. It's just adding congestion to that one St. and like, why do we have streets? If you're not allowed to turn, you know, you have to be like a complete square in order to make that left turn. I'm like, just let me turn left like I'm as long as running over pedestrian right, let me drive. No. And so that's just one element and the city. It's just it's not good. I was walking down the street and like a swinging neighborhood last night and it's meld so bad. Like foul, really, we'll cloud the garbage on the street, right? I smelled way more weed than I do garbage you. I feel like weed is everywhere now it's, it's the perfume of New York City. Oh, wow. That's so interesting. I feel like I just don't hang out in like as cool of places where like I hang out in like weenie area where it's just like a high swank and I'm with like an low like degenerates of New York. I know we were talking about the other day and you are the woman. Put in the recommendation that fascinating needs to run for mayor that would be a shoot, certainly would have the funding for that. Have the funding she would have. She has the the community management skills like because she has skills. She did Puerto Rico. I think that's like she has a humanitarian philanthropy aspect of route ninety. I just feel like running a city. It's like, yes, you need like political knowledge, but especially for New York City one, you need to be New Yorker and to you need to just know how to like run shit. Like I can't explain it like running a big company is similar. Like this city is a big business and she's a strong woman. The only thing I would think I would worry about that politics aside is Brig. She doesn't really come out a lot about Brennan and when you're in politics on like anything else. Yeah, one in they dive into every Siri things, so I worry about it. I mean, not if she's, I mean, I I wouldn't say never say never. Who knows? I've never heard her necessarily interested in politics who knows though, you know that like people want change, but I just worry about Brin being in the spotlight, especially she grows older, right? Nothing he's running for office of any sort like it's going to be bad. Yeah, and it would all be out there and all the chase and stuff and everything, and it would be messy and it should definitely be sacrificing herself on on the on the ark of New Yorkers. Yeah. What about care was you will running, would you have have? I wouldn't move you literally just gave me that same dirty look as unlike two times ago when I was on we really team Carolina. I think it was daggers right here to me Jackie. Like that's how it was. And I, you're the nicest person. I know. So now I feel like I hate me. Great. I love you, and I know your team Bethany now, and that's all that matters. Right? You should use your mind now. Right? If that, like Carol, I mean. She's reporter. She's smart. You know, she had her hand in political things. I'm just thinking out there as an idea. I never even heard her talk about it, but you are not for not here. Not here. I would rather have. Yeah, rotten for mayor she did to that town how she can do for the city. We can trying to starting a month thirty two k I love the politics that are happening and you're right. Yeah, I wanna see. Jackie O's political world like sim city, but your. It's only fun with New York for me because I feel like I really understand the city and like I'm definitely very green and like very. Young and I to learn, but like let's see where I'm at in twenty years running. Yeah, let's let's see the morning toasts in your twenty. Let's see. Well, right. I'm here for it. I go. I'm taking notes now. I feel like. I feel like I don't know. It's a lot on my plate and I get really stressed out, but we'll see. We'll see. Maybe the city will need you by then, but w I think Bethany would be great. I think Andy would be great. I mean, what he's done for the west village, my God trash street. I know he's always like, I'm basically the mayor and he's the mayor of Jane treat for short one hundred percent and he's made videos. And so many articles came out the next day, like Andy Cohen running for office, and it was like, if Andy runs for office, this will be the best thing ever did. Not that far fetched. Like really, it isn't it'd be to get in. I don't think he wants to be in the political world because it is so much dirty asset. It's so much nastier that anything that could ever happen on television. It is a nasty place, no matter what side you lie on. But I do like him kind of being this like street local authority on the trash and cleaning buildings. I always want him to be like, can you come to my area where I live? Because I've got some grievance grievances, like construction happening all the time he gets. He gets shit done. You can Jez honestly here for it really just here. For anything just to change. Gotta shake it up. Chicago starring Bella Thorne zendaya. Okay. This next story is like really crazy fitness bike maker peleton accuses rival flywheel of stealing. It's technology peleton interactive Inc. The maker of popular at home. Fitness bikes is suing flywheel sports for allegedly stealing the technology that pipe cycling classes intrigues home the latest sign in the intensifying competition for boutique, fitness systems peleton claims in the lawsuit filed Wednesday and US district court martial in Texas that flywheel known for its brick and mortar studio classes created a copycat of peleton's bike using the company's proprietary patents. The fly anywhere bike peleton claims uses the same technology to display live and archived cycling classes. Truck rider performance and compare at home writers performance to others. Like I know this is about flywheel in peleton reading this. I can't help, but think about instruments, not chat, like how can peleton Slough fly we own, but Snapchat can't sue Instagram for stealing their entire idea. Well, this is where it kind of becomes not to get shark tank, but this is where it becomes really difficult because in that article, you said that there's proprietary technology that they have a patent for she'll peleton and I don't know the answer to the peleton had patented a certain way to view classes and a certain way to view your instructor instructor like they can sue anybody. And that could just be like forward-facing screen. And right slide comes onto show you what? Jackie's biking at it. When I'm biking at then they can if there is a patent for that, it seems kind of weird to have. There's so many different patents. He lacked shark tank community for anything, and that's really just how you make your money. It's not even on your product is good. It's just totally, and they pay you in lawsuit, and now you're a company and that's and that's unfortunate, right? Because I also feel like it stifles innovation when you have so many patents. It's like, you can't like a certain high heel. You know what I mean? Like your cycling innovation. However, it's a good point of like why Instagram, like there's there's so many online classes, like if you look up YouTube, you could probably just type in like peleton class. Right, and get it. Right, right. So with technology like that internet classes, I don't really know like how original proprietary is yet. I just feel like the separation should be in the instructor. You know what I mean? Like if you love certain soul cycle struck instructor, you're going to go to her go into like a peleton class, and maybe the types of workouts that you do should vary it, but it's really hard to say like, you know how many out homework out things or they're like, I work out at home all the time. I've used like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. Right? I'm in TVD's. This goes back to the eighties. Aerobics is Kim Kardashian booty, Kenya Moore. Favor parks with Rilo donkey booty, right? Yeah, exactly. Like it's really hard to tell us all this time. It really is a tale is all this. It's very beating the beast. So I'm curious to see what they patented and how they could get away with it and what the ruling is because I feel like this will be like, this will set a precedent, you know, right? Because one way or the other, because what if it's like a boxing like peleton but in boxing. So if you have to buy like a bag and then there's like technology and that where you can look at the, you know, it says, like you're punching speed. What is the difference between peleton and that like is it just a different type of workout? I don't know. And also, technically flywheel was the one who started competitive cycling where. Yeah, that's the first thing I heard about. Right. So so peleton did this at home instructor cycling where you also are competitive or you get you feel like you're in a class, right? But flywheel started the competitive leaderboards class. Totally seems so fucking stressful. I've never been to also do that in Seoul cycle. So. The every man for himself. I don't know how I don't even know like what my resistance is against someone else's. Like I'm focused on myself and they don't have a leaderboard ranting. Okay. Okay. So yet that stresses me. So like it goes both ways that trust me, they seem. I mean, I'm curious to see what the ruling will be. Yeah, me too. I wonder how what they could have possibly patented is about. And like just the Shannon, mid door of it, all on her peleton bike that David got for her and then took back. Which is like you literally called her fat every single day, right? You know, you want her to work out and then you take it back, but also not everyone can afford a pedal bike, like a couple of thousands of dollars. So it's weird that they would be suing each like almost like they should go into a partnership like you want brick and mortar. You wanna go classes, go to flywheel, but if you want to work out at home and you want to do that, they should incorporate themselves right other right, less less Moonves to me. Yeah, there's less money there is much less move as drink or die. Yeah. Okay. Ready. I'm here for it. We'll keep you posted on the legal updates szrious. And this next story is exciting. Interesting. Just level it'll branding merger news. Okay. Hershey's vise, pirate's booty to double down on healthy snacks. Hershey's is increasing its bed on healthy food. The chocolate maker announced on Wednesday that has agreed to acquire pirate brands which makes pirate booty, smart puffs and original tings in order to expand its healthier snacks. Portfolio BMG foods will sell the speed of snacks for four hundred and twenty million dollars about good for them. I remember when I was eating hired foodie like out in the streets because he always had to eat healthy snacks growing up. And then I saw like instarem magazine like there was like a product placement, like, I don't know, Greenwich pouch, or one of those videos eating pirate's booty with their kids. And I was like, am I Couldn't Spell you really? I'm so Paltrow right now though, does it taste LT? That's why like it. I love pirates. It's show delicious. You're like, I don't. I'm glad that it's healthy because smart food popcorn, although is like so good. I probably know it's terrible for you. So I love pirate's booty and what it did. I could eat like five bags of those. In one sitting me to like even when I'm being healthy, that's like my my cheap snap with it. I don't even feel bad. Yeah, you know what? We've also been eating a lot of recently getting popcorn, very good like it. The portion size bags, the portions of the bags come in are very good. They're not like too small. They're not too big. Yup. And I feel like I had a normal serving of Cup. Have you ever had quest protein chips quest? Yeah, they make a lot of protein for like working out quest. I've seen the yes really make these protein chips. I don't even know where you can get on line. One of my friends gave him to me and they're like very light. They're not even made out of chips and the entire bag is like forty percent protein for your day. It's insane and it's not like you're eating like fried potatoes baked in the way that it pops up and it's delicious and light. And I think you'd probably like it. I don't know if there's like some anti Ines thing in there, but you should at least check it out. I love hanging out percent of your protein. That's interesting. I need more protein like I'm cramping up left and right, and I've bruise as so easily. Oh, I got crazy bruises from camp toast. They were so weird. We were like it porcelain skin. The most intense looking versus I've ever had, but they don't hurt to the touch. Isn't that weird? That is weird. It's just like, I don't. I need more iron toasters really like killed you. Yeah, it was technically Claudia. That almost killed. She gets competitive. Yeah, she gets Chuck competitive, golf cart drive on anyways. I think this is really exciting, good for pirates medium you they've been out here in the streets. I try to make people healthier for years now, and I'm glad that it is paying off for them and now they just got four hundred twenty million. Let's go out and celebrate. It looks do where we go specific. Yeah, it's going to be Donald and just like anti be healthy, right? That seems spot. But it also was like there's probably three companies that own every single snack, right? Hershey's Campbell's, right? And like I don't even know Reno or freedom. Yeah, I'm like, I don't even know who runs up, but it's nice if people are doing more of a healthy initiative at a good price because that's the problem. It's usually it's so expensive. Right? Yep. Arch videos could piracy these gonna pop shit, circuit baked Lay's are good. I forgot about tings. When you. Just set it. I was like, those are triangle. Although, no, I don't know. I don't eat those. They don't sell them at CVS. Yeah. Or on p.. Pod dot com. Waiting for migratory delivering your girl? Yes, it changed my life because mostly when I go grocery shopping, I want drinks. Yeah. Like I liked to have a fridge full of drinks. It helps me stay healthy, but I can't carry anything like from the grocery store even when I'm not buying carrying groceries, can't do it. So this is delivery and it's like really well price. It's owned by stop and shop. So you're getting good prices for your groceries. They delivered to your door, and it really has helped me. Or else I just wouldn't have groceries. And which your number one drink. Like when you open your fridge, what's like the thing that you're going to probably seltzer because they don't hydrate me and also be tasty. But then also, I'm I love a good class of cold ice tea. Diet ice died Zona here for four a little half-and-half. Little half lemonade, half iced tea. Arnold Palmer in for it. What is your favorite brand of seltzer? I'm very particular about myself drinking seltzer for like twenty five years right now I go like there's some that I like and also I never even finish a bottle of seltzer. They need to meet seltzer bottles that are smaller because once you like wants to token for an hour, it's like flat. I mean, the liter bottles or even just like water bottle like they just need to make miniature seltzer 'cause I never need that much seltzer. 'cause I just need that initial quench. Yeah. But right now I really enjoy Poland spring lemon. But then I also like like clear splash the flavors. Okay. All right. I look girl not a look, not LA, whatever, like Pellegrino. I like Perrier. Those are the same in their fancy. I was vintage girl. I was about to say vintage. Those keep them most phase. I think they're so fuck and Lear show. Oh, is like five milligrams of sodium. You have to like check even though with zero percent and you always have the check, but they are the cans of digital. Never get a better thirst quenchers. Then a can't event to seltzer. I totally agree young more than I don't know if they sell them on that off to anyways. Now it is time to pick your brain. Okay, let's do it. It gets real scoop and the t. on what is going on in the Bravo community in the NBC community. I feel like we related almost every single of your stories to backdrop. Right? And so now I'm done holding myself back from. Yes, right. Exactly. Like China yourself and just let it rip every first up New York reunion, the oath recent we haven't. You haven't been on since the reunion taped us. It was going to be explosive. You do not lie, and I just want to say, I want to thank you and the whole Bravo team for putting a lot of the meat in the first reunion. Yeah, because I know some, you drag it out to the third because you want people to watch, but it's like I'll be watching the third reunion even if they're just talking about, like, even if there's just sitting around reading there, I would never not watch a part of a rewrite provide show that I've literally invested six months of my life. And it's like, yes, the big conversations are important, but some interesting nuggets, like facial expression when she's watching the package of Tinsley, Scott, I thought was so cute and sweet, and there's no beef between them and like that was important for it was genuine. It was genuine. She's so happy for her and wants the best for her. I feel like my favorite moment. I think this was in part three. You might know more when when Bethany and Jerusalem apologized to each other after are you drunk or a drunk? You know, when there was that whole gang, her one regretted the one we're gonna the season, and derail you could tell was just like so touched by her apology, and that's all it takes is less moon is she was. She was very less boo. Carol, though, what that's into that friendship. What was Anne's reaction is really action to Carol telling him he's full of shit and that he's scared of happening. I don't. I did talk to him after because I like to not Dr bombard him too much, but listen, I don't think Andy has a really good head about his shoulders. He takes everything in stride, but I don't think anyone wants to be said that they're full of shit, especially when he's not full of shit. Right? He's just trying to explain. You know, he's always, I think, tried to tow the line and be devil's advocate and be like, okay, well, but this timeline on Bethany phone says, it's like, I'm not trying to say that you're wrong. I'm just being like, says, eleven. You're bringing in screen shots from someone else's phone. Like I want this is from the horse's mouth, right? Exactly. So when he got called primary source, yours are secondary source. And for journalist writer girl, you should know the difference how you should have been at that through my history major. You don't fuck with my sources. You're all about the receipts. Jackie your about their seats all about primary sources. Of course you have to have. I mean, this is why journalism is like the way that it is today because people be like, oh, yeah, I read this on like done dot com. Like, yeah, that's look like three bullet points. I need the rest. I need all of the bullet points b. It's called context, sweetie. You need look it up and I love how heated you are even like weeks later, anything with Andy, like, yeah, he's a journalist in that way. You know what I mean? I mean, he's certainly knows how to report on a story. He worked in news forever, so he gets the idea of history and context. But I don't think anyone likes to be told they're full of shit. What's funny is that I feel like the audience and the Twitter verse and the fans were more pissed off than him. They were like, you don't see that to Andy. He is in the mafia would Salt Lake. All he did, and she is paying the price for sure. And it's like, Andy, I'm sure it's just coming collected and it's just like fired. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But like she could be if if that's what he wanted, he has. Like he's her boss, like if my interest niche, right, homey out his full of shit snitch is getting yourself in different think from her duties murder, right. If she said that if she said it was bullshit, I'd be like snitch like, that's not nice because you're my sister, but then I would also be like, watched what you're saying like, this could be your last day. And I think for any was just like, hey, even if you think that I am don't use that. You know, it's never. It's never a good look for anybody to say that even if he was right, it just doesn't make her look like an adult or presentable, you know? And I think that was really his point. Yeah, I totally agree, but the Ronin was worth it for you. The rim was definitely worth for me. A lot of loose ends tied up. It was just unfortunate that the news came out about Dennis is passing like the week before part one of the reunion. So so much has changed since the reunion even though that had that happened three weeks after even some filming. Right? Yeah. It wasn't even like that much time has passed because I really felt like we were up to speed is just like I mean, bad timing obviously, and just a horrible thing to have happened. Bethany, look bad. For Bethany on the reunion. 'cause like she was ready going through so much and it's like just knowing where she would be at now. It just like I felt for her, oh my God, and I, I haven't seen anything over come out about anything. I haven't been keeping as much in touch with it as I have because they feel like the dentist thing kind of fell by the wayside because there was just so much that was happening unfortunately, but that's devastating. That's horrible. No one wants that to happen. Hopefully I'm also kind of like cloud that all of this has kind of made the dentist thing like less of a topic of discussion because I really was a private person, and his family seems to be very private and so and that's what he was private about him. Right. Exactly. Know that it's like we're just also like, tell hungry for it. Of course. Yeah. But so it's almost like everything happens way that it's shutting time everything and but the reunion happening at like, then it's just like fresh news to talk about, oh yes, Lou and stuff luanne I'm watch what happens. Live? Yes, I have to be honest. So I watched part three, and then I immediately watch watch what happens live and like I just thought it was. I just felt like she wasn't taking it seriously. I can't explain it like I didn't feel like we got. A reunion version of her. I feel like we got like a Giovanni beret like she never went to rehab the second time version of her and it's like trista. I needed a little bit more seriousness about what happened. Unlike you needed like a heartfelt moment of her to being like, yes, yes, cabaret show was amazing, but this is also what I'm going through and it's very serious at like the way that she was after she went to have the first time, like I would have appreciated that after the second time and also more of a reunion tone to it because it was very like watching live like fund funny. Yeah, but I was like, I wanted, I just, I don't know. I can't explain it. You wanna less Giovanni and I also thought it was going to be a one on one which is always more serious in nature. Oh my God. I remember when we like I remember the Theresa, Joe, like one on one with Andy, like they're always so tense there like that. Realistic roaming, everything better. I love how Andy does those. Right? I love it. I. So I thought that that was the vibes I was just like, oh, Jerry O'Connell Giovanni choices. This is fun, but I didn't get what I felt like I needed, you know. And I felt like when like when she was responding to step, she would like just have like a one liner. Yup. Instead of being like, well, like she'll be. I wasn't at the Beekman this summer, but it's like maybe it happened on June. Twentieth and technically it wasn't the summer. Yeah, exactly. Right. So I just I didn't like. I didn't feel like other women weren't there to be like, yes, we were. She was like office getting the details. It seemed like to you or the other women weren't there to call around. She can kind of just get away with what she was saying. Right? Yeah. It's also God on the flip side of that. It has to be really hard. I mean, granted, yes, it's what you sign up for, but having your whole life and going to this really, really traumatic thing with eight other ladies just kind of coming at you for it and you have to talk to Andy about, and it's a live show. It's probably a lot of pressure for her. So she might not have known what to say right when she didn't want anything taken out of context because she's really in the limelight, has children yet could see it being very, very difficult. I could see that you and I also overall, I'm loving her this season, the friendship that she has with Bethany and Sony as well is just everything. I didn't know that I needed totally, and there was a video that one of the morning Twitter's posted in the group, the other day of Bethany Ramona. And now the new house. Why out? Sorry, luanne Ramona and the new housewife, Barbara all at Macy's supporting Bethany, skinny jeans line. Right? And I just fun to see so fun. To see you and I love luanne and Bethany, just like supporting each other. And the wind saying that Dennis like helped her with a lot of her legal issues in Palm Beach. Just I'm here for it before to their sisterhood in the other women. Like they came into the reunion thinking that like they were the shit. The dream team has Carol said we only you'll onto foster can say, and they lost. Yeah, they won the battle, but they lost the war. They were basically you in the color wars, and then everyone else was Claudia because you guys team, right? If we're bringing it back to camp to us, but I'm no, I'm no carano. Carol nowhere. Sonya. I say, I'm the Sonia released to identify raw. I'm the plastic straw that stirs the drink. Yes, you, of course you are. I think I heard look on the reunion. Who did you think was best dress? Why God that's really the watch voters, said Bethany, but he's telling him was number two. He Bethany that like ponytail thing, which was a little interesting. I mean, I thought Sonya looked really pretty, and she was also wearing her own dress, which I really liked, and I liked to rent his hair. I actually thought Ramona looked pretty classy though. Just is like in terms of just look, I liked it wasn't agree GIS. It wasn't sometimes with tansy like you never know what you're going to get, which is always really fun. Can my problem with Cindy. I love her style sometimes, but she also despise everything off the rack that self mouth in Libya, whether it's good or bad, and and this is now we're over to. I'm really interested think that trust. No. Was like Xiamen bucks with it was glue self portrait toddlers and TI. Yes, yes, it was very, it was very Prissy. It was very Queen and Royal Royal royalty. That's nice of you to say. It was a lot of you look at my style like I should not be talking. I would. We're suit because I would just wanna get it over. Honestly, you would look that. I would love that just like black Corey me Kardashian at the great Gatsby themed, Kris, Jenner birthday party done. That's me. That's what I would go up on. How does Andy feel about Carol selling her used underwear on posh Mark. Did you see this. I did not see Hosh. Mark is like a resale. I use for me too, and a cows actually been on it for a while and she sells a lot of close. I'd like when I do you have a lot more than I do. It's just a lot of work, and I would always see yourself and like she obviously has Greek fashion. That's all she cares about if you Bethany. Yes. So she selling some of her clothes, but now rushing by it and then just burn it just for spite Jackie meeting her underwear, Burbano close. Those are precious. There's what you're saving from the fire. Right? What if your apartment? No, actually none of my closer thing, but my handbags and shoes, and they're all like like one would be like a birthday present just all emblematic or like a time in my life. Totally. But anyways now she's selling her lingerie on Tosh Mark, and I'm glad this hasn't reached handy. I don't know if I would buy lingerie on posh Mark. I would definitely not laundry is one of those things where it's like you want it just to me like I just like I wanted fresh. I wonder if easier of you never wore it, it was sitting in the draw with your other lingerie. That was hopefully warned. Yeah, there's, there's. Ramone's that could have passed through. I just there's too. I'm just too OCD too by anybody. Let alone carols, but anybody's underwear right? Other retail site, like do I want the tag fresh package, Victoria's Secret, like they do a really nice job. It's not so expensive. Like I like five for twenty. I'd rather has a new Victoria secret then used the Perla. Well, words to live by words to live by. We spoke a little bit yesterday with cloudy about the new housewife yet Barbara cloudy has met her. She went to the Countess and friends with her and really likes her really good. So we are excited about it. I personally didn't feel like we needed a new housewife. Okay. But I, I'm here for it and I hope she has a lot. Some really big shoes to fill in a lot to live up to. It's hard to get into that group as we're now seeing on c. which we'll get to in a second. New York is tough New Yorkers anyway, it's just a tough city like the, oh, see. I mean, we'll get to it, but like those, they always say that like Shannon hates a new girl. There was a up schenn's always gonna hit the new girl. It doesn't matter who it is like Shannon's gonna hate her. That's hilarious. Because like Shannon was the new girl, not very long, right? Which is funny like a wacky woman. I love her, but like should not like their Simos affable all the time. So like she should be giving other people a chance she is doing to them what Heather Dubrow did her. Yeah. I think it's a little bit of like this. I don't want to say hazing because it's obviously not violent or anything like that. Doing anything illegal, but it is a little bit of like this initiation process being like, you have to come to us, right? We are not going to you also understand because like a lot of some of these women have been there from the beginning, but a lot of them have spent years like really making the show what it is like giving their whole lives for the show. And it's like you get to come in at our peak right now. Right? Good for you, but you gotta earn your stripes. Amen. And I get that. So that's why I'm I look forward to seeing how Barbara how she does and how she's able to integrate in the group. And I hope she really is friends with some of the people going into it. I always helps as opposed to bringing in like a robe woman, you need to have 'em being like our kids go to piano class together, right? It has the has to be some natural integration. You have to have friends before or childhood friends or friends of friends or has to be something natural. You can't just drop anybody yet. Right. And that actually huge for us a close knit group who've been through so much together. Yes. Like on a newer, show Dallas, I or even Potomac, it's easier to do. But yeah, we're in like season nine, ten, eleven. Ven- there's history. There's so much history to go in and that is why I'm here for the bringing back of a bolt housewives, but not Lydia McLaughlin you, you really, you really don't like I really didn't like her the season and it's like I should because she's so cute. Unlike peppy and spunky and her mom. But like I just saw like, yes, she thinks he's, she's the friendship whisper, but she was like, really? Excluding Shannon? Yup. And I didn't think that was cool, especially that last year was the hardest year of Chattan. Five. Have you? It's horrible. I'm actually so proud of Shannon to see how she is now, especially with her new Food Lion total. And I was just literally before I came in here, I was scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram, and it's all these like sponsored posts by her for talking about this really sensitive issue. She was forty pounds overweight or however much it was and she really fought to get it back. It's truly inspiring and she is so down to earth. I love the girls. I just love them. I love the little. I like some of them, but like this, like I'm not caught up on the season. And next week's episode is really good. Because someone Kelly starts shit with which I've been waiting for. Do you like Gina the with the accent? Okay. Well, first of all, Emily looks like a Gina and Jean looks like an animal. Yes, I use them. I know. And also Emily looks like chessy, so it's just there's so many names floating around like Jesse it is, but gene doesn't look like a Gena. She looks like Emily looks like it's really confusing. I looked up for husband the other day, or I think maybe they're getting a divorce I looked. He's super cute, really, super cute. She's really cute. She has some really, really. She has some weird looks like in her testimonials, but I appreciate the taking a chance and I will never shut it anyone for like going hard on a in, like sticking to a look totally on. I liked her attitude. I like her attitude too, but it's just part and when she had that conversation with Vicky and they realized that like she's the same age as Mickey's daughter. I was just like. Like this is a different generation? Yeah. Why they just the different night, but I like Tina and Thomas friendship. And I I, yeah, I like her. I think it's just really hard to go. That's the that is the oldest show. I think it's really hard to be a new person on that show and you. So you have to be bold and make a statement, but then also it's like, but you have to do it in a way where it's like, you don't ruffle too many feathers, it's hard. It's a delicate. It's a, it's a fine line. It is a fine line and it's really cool to see like this New Yorker broad come in with these, you know classy. Like, you know, California ladies. I like it's like a fish out of water. I like seeing that. That's one of the reasons I really, really like Gina, because you do have to be strong and she's got that link to Hof vibe about her, you know, and where's hats and smoke cigars. I'm really looking forward to the season. However, yes, hundred point counterpoint. I like a New Yorker. She is just like, she seems like SNL version of an housewife like a caricature. Right. And if the people who are from New York. I imagined if I ever left New York, the I would be like the New Yorker, but it wouldn't be like so stereotypical outward. Like just the way I react to things is very New York, like moving on. You like your attitude is New York, not like your physical. You're like crack for sure right yet, but she's always just talking about being a New Yorker and it's like it's also like how Cameron's always talking about being blonde breath mart right way, right? Although we're waiting to see, I do get the sense and I don't know this for sure, but I'm sure it's really hard. Gina had to move across country. She thought she was going to be with her husband. She never sees her husband like she probably really misses New York. No. And she puts up with like she deals with a lot. Those kids. Oh my gosh. She's three of them on cheese alone. And now they're getting divorce, which is like sad. But I'm, I'm glad she has a show like to. Yes, she has a good support system. Emily has three kids as well. Yeah, and then least they're not. She's not the only new person, right? No, not to girl sink like three kids. She's a New Yorker she's completed wanted like you needed to have someone there to also be in her corner and their. It's kind of nice to see two together. There's a new United. Front there. And I also think that the way Gina reacted to the husband Emily's husband thing, she was like, I thought she played it so cool because she was like, I was trying to minimize it because that's a good look for you. Right? But and then like so Emily's coming out her being like at least my husband's there and she's like, this don't start with me like that. Like I literally was not gonna make a big deal about it. You were the one who went to every go, right? I like when Emily told everyone she thought everyone think was funny because she was like my husband kicked now. 'cause ROY being annoying out, I relate. I relate. And there's kids in the house like I actually do relate some. No, you don't understand how loud you're being. And also when she said that when I when she said that, like my husband gene out, I didn't think anything was like weird at all until all of the women were like, when Jim you, your husband talked to her that way. And I was like, I'm sure he because he's not on camera that much. Yeah. If you have young kids in the house, I've never had a child, but it can only imagine that when they're actually sleeping and they've quieted down, that's all you want. Right. You don't want anyone disturbing this piece of fifteen minutes you can have as a parent. Sure. That's what happened. And I'm sure that's what he. Was trying to get across the party was over. He wasn't like no parties, but it was like it was like, hey. Around being loud, go home, right? Drinking smoking cigars. Like it's just not a good parental situation. Understandable. But I also am not caught up. So like maybe we've seen more of Shane, which is Emily's has been neom, but I don't know. I didn't like feel one particular way or the other about guys, if felt like just like the fuck. She was me so annoying even while all the women were there, right? Yeah. Women wearing away by her. They left her at the table. So it's like, oh, no, you're allowed to be annoyed and likely profit chain can't tell her to get out. Yeah, I think it was just like a man and a husband who's not part of the core group telling this woman, you know it was very happy to take out of context. I think it was very much like a gender thing. Yes, yes, not being kicked out. Right. Got it. Next up, I want to talk about Dallas all caught up and I, I love this franchise and and how sweet is brandy? Oh my God. I just like I love shoes. She is so nice. They're all really nice, but brandy is just a little little ginger. He's so cute. Their family is so cute and like what she like. I'm. So happy for her. She didn't week like, could you imagine your by your whole life and then boom, you have a baby just in your and who's a Douro adorable. And it's just like so meant to be feels like hers and Justice taking the role, and it's so sweet to see. It's so nice and I love that Stephanie was the one who brought Bruin into her life because they'll ever like even no matter what happens with the show like they will forever be connected by that. Yeah, and I think that they do have a really, really strong bond anyway, like there have always been, you know, it's a little bit of a Romania Sonia where you're just kind of like, yeah, no matter what you go through. We love each other end of the day. That feels it's Mick sense it. Stephanie is one who did that. Yeah, I'm really happy. I think that just as good for their, what do you think about leeann lock transformation and trying to get more meditative and a little bit calmer, angry. I love Lianne lock it and she came on the show once to meet just fell in love, which was a great name. She's coming on next week. I love knowing cited. I, I'm here for her like calming transformation, but like I feel she's either. Right to extremes like she's either being loud drinking up all night Nori with a knife or she's going to bed early with her bowl and not really being herself and then took. She feels like, oh, I was really good. I can now go back to this right there needs to be this where she's like still having fun drinking, like being out with everyone, but just doesn't get to that level, you know. So I don't think she needs to change who she is entirely because I think she's like a great girl. Like I think she's so fun, and I think she is funny and a good friend and like has a lot to offer a fully. So I feel like she thinks she needs to take all of like she needs to shrink amid Deloitte to this, but she needs to just make it like, I don't like this. I love that we're talking about, you know what Carol was like, I have a really large someone's like, I don't think anyone really knows what that me currently like. She said it wrong anyway. Yeah, call that. I mean, yes, there's all different mean. I'm sure she probably does have a very large campus. I don't really know what that was neuro science major. I don't really know what were you? Yeah, it was. Oh my goodness that actually like must come in hand. With the shows because like all the sociological, like I just love psychology of human relationships in general, which is why I work. Honestly, it's probably why I work at Bravo through a different lens. I've look at from like a scientific lens that is so interesting. That's why Trump name take a step back and have this intellectual like argument about the house. It was like, oh, she's just a bitchy therm, Lincoln. And until I was like, let's take a look at the context of history of everything and maybe know what she's going through in her life. I just love the psychology of that stuff. I read about it all the time. Like hobby fact about you. Where'd you go to college? I went to Lafayette. It's in eastern Pennsylvania, not far from the Poconos snap far at all. Not Fargo. Also. I feel like it's like Zimmer vibes to collate. It's in the exact same family were in the same patriot league. So Lafayette Colgate Bucknell. They're all the same thing on the turf. Yes. You actually collated really nice. I read the flags team like they gave up all of their hotel, the hotel. I don't know if their hotel rooms or their budget for food and travel for the football team, and they're giving it to like all of the people who need to evacuate from hurricane rains, which is like there's such a small school like the football team. I don't even know that they have that big of a budget, but it's just like a nice thing to do. It's super sweet thing. Yeah, it was specially from like a small liberal arts college right now. No one knows about right. That's tiny. Like Lafayette had twenty three hundred students, right? Like, no, my high school was bigger right twenty seven hundred students and it's like, you know, they're just doing it from the goodness of their heart because they're not a school that gets a lot of press. And I think they're probably just like, oh, and we got press. Yeah, totally. It's really nice. Janice shadow to Colgate. I'm visiting Novem. And my Siberian man is in, I went to mine. I went to, it's very weird because you're you're out where you have your own career and people know what you do, but you're also like that's also kind of a middle stage where like not everyone is like well established yet. Yes, everyone's still on equal playing field still like I still starting out in your career. It's not like and Michelle where it's like, you have to make up a career right? And like everyone's married with children like everyone's and I like. Monkey right. Everyone's still pretty young and not that many people are married or have children yet, right hand years is really worry. That's what I've heard. Like I feel like five year is gonna be really fun. And then like literally I cannot it was fun. I have two years until my ten and it's it's going to be interesting. That's excited. I'm excited to hear how it goes. Yeah. Let me know your five year goes on. Okay, Dallas, you like we've covered a lot of ground. Yes, and it's just it's a great show. I love relationships are great because at one point it's like everyone's getting along. Whereas the drama and don't worry, the drama always comes. They fell their stride. Yeah, the Dallas girls know what's up. They found their stride. Is there a new housewife because season I thought I met a new housewife or maybe she's a friend of the women when we were at the OK magazine summer kickoff party that I don't know. I don't think so. They don't need it right now. I feel like we're good morning really gets file. Question. Yes, answer because Andy about the toast. I'm sure Andy knows about that. Andy with. Sorry, that was. That was he knows about it. He knows about the toast to what degree does Andy know about the toast? I don't think Andy knows every time I go on the toke, but I think he knows what who you guys are. Yes, it was funny actually, because I always joke. I'm like, Andy never knows what I'm doing. Like we were written up in the New York Times and Anderson Cooper told him that because I, I just don't want to you so busy or whatever. Not that he, he always wants to know what I'm doing, but I just feel a little like, hey, by the way, and Eli Lagos written up in the New York Times. So he's like, you gotta tell me when these things are happening. Like this is great, and he told me the other day I listened to you and I was like, oh, no, what did you listen to? Because I always just assume he's too busy news and listen to you on the comments by celebs podcast. So he pays attention like, yeah, he knows what's up. He's very, very knowledgeable. Okay. And on the grind. He knows who you are. Here's a Jackie O tattoo as backed at to tramp stamp. It's on your face and then you're and then you're handle. And that's how you get followers every right, like wondering why I'm getting so many fall. Yeah, it's because of the anti-gun trip step right -cations. So he's been like showing it off. Oh, oh, told everyone in they in Capri has seen, oh, everyone was like, yeah, baby like Jackie ho. All right. Question for you. And he was like, darn, I want you to be a housewife like when whenever that time, like say data alone is hilarious, right? Yeah. Would you? Would you be a housewife and which franchise would you want to be on? I would probably want to be. I would hope I'd be wealthy enough to be on Beverly Hills. Yeah, like that's a that's like my goals. Right. But I do feel like I'd be New York. Yeah. I mean, I'm a jersey girl, but I'm way more of a New Yorker than anything else born in New Jersey. So probably New Jersey, probably New York. I would it be a housewife only because I don't think of myself like that's not where I would shine. I'm way better sort of observing things like that as opposed to being in the mix and it would take a lot. Me to be so vulnerable to give everything on camera. I would be a lot. Yeah. Yeah. And my girlfriend would not. She wouldn't be. She probably wouldn't want to be on camera and they'd have to give up that part of your life and a lower to happen anymore. So exactly and I, it doesn't work that it doesn't work that way. You need to really open up every aspect of your life between children and parents and significant others. And I think my girlfriend would want that, so I would be hesitant. Well, that's actually a great segue to our next Bravo development, which is Lila can't getting engage. Yes, I'm happy. I'm happy for she is someone who came on and she was not understanding that she needed to total open. And now her whole life is so open like her and her man are so fucking cute. And it's like you people can say what they want, but they, I don't like her. Instagram is goals. I mean, granted, everyone's Instagram has God like when she got engaged and it was just them at this table with fireworks over them. I was like, I'm not even Inderal Vance, and I was just like, I love you so much. Amazing. I love her so much and you so sweet. She's so nice. She's so nice. I want them and she's so cool and funny. She's all bellied. Women empowerment, like supporting other women. I love it totally, and she got, I just love her so much panic. She's been through so much this year, and I feel like I mean, I don't know her well enough, but we have lots of parents like I just feel like and knowing that Randall asked her dad for her hand before he passed away. Like I'm just so here for them. And I feel like they really truly are in love to. It doesn't seem like one of those social media relationships in the whole cast was there to support her. I so so many instruments would like so happy so happy so happy, and it's nice to see him like out in public. Now I had to like an underground Google search. He was he's like, hell he extremely legit. Are you going to go see her movie, the row of court? Generally, just I was looking at a picture of her for two and a half, unless you're kidding, she's everything. Do you think about the Brown hair? I am into brunettes more than anything else. Outing present company. Excluded. I love genders. But yeah, I like dark. Okay. I'm excited to see how it looks on the show because she always looks like someone like I feel she's not gonna look that. She's one of these people who actually looks better on TV than she does on social media. Is that weird in? Have you ever seen her in person though? Yes, because she once she radiates and I'm like, what are you like you were even without any makeup? She's already ten, and then the makeup just makes her like a twelve and you're just like. I'm speechless looking at Hewlett literally, I've said to her before. Can you just hug me in swat me because this'll be the best thing that's ever happened to me. She's like sure. She's she's beyond q.. She is hot, has entered Trump rolls, wrapped filming for this season. I think we did wrapped filming and usually around the summer. Yeah. And when I'm sure tom-tom opening was like. Yeah, is Randall on the season that I don't know. I haven't seen any cuts of anything, so I don't know. I'm sure I don't. Has he ever been on camera without? I don't think so. I'm sure we'll talk about the maybe this was his coming his story. Yes, he till next season to really meet him. Yeah, maybe but I'll wait. I'm I'm never gonna watch Vander pump rules. And once they get married odds of her becoming a housewife, Beverly Hills, really good question. No idea. Never say never because that would be the ultimate crossover. I mean wooded that just like you go from like the the kid show like the Americans. It's American Bravo dream nearly eight athlete, right? It's the American dream. That would be insane. Crossover. I'm would be here for it. I would watch it. I mean same. Yeah. Obviously I'm already like sweating over Lola. Speaking of Beverly hill. So last time you were here UT's that Denise Richards could possibly be a full time cast member, and now she is. I'm curious. Yes, like, did did Bravo seek her out? Did she seek this opportunity out that? I don't know, but I just know that it was like stars, aligning, type thing. I mean, certainly of bra I can. I can't really speak for what happened because I'm not involved in that process, but certainly Bravo's going after someone, you kind of know if you don't want to do it or you when she's ready friends with some of them. So I'm sure she got like the inside scoop so we can only imagine that it was like a meeting of the minds and everyone was on board for it. I don't. I doubt there was much convincing either way. Okay. She's already famous. You wouldn't need to convince me and like the well known in her life is public. Yeah. So I would imagine you'd only want to do it right at your own story out there as opposed to just being Charlie Sheen. Crazy. Man's ex wife, correct? Correct. Well, the women's just went to the Bahamas. Yes, it looked amazing. I'm so excited for the season in Beverly Hills. I can't explain and Beverly beach by was just like thriving. Oh, my, I love. I love. Good name and like, hey, what guy is genius h? Right? Like that. She's using her Beverly Hills, right arse analogy persona. And reminds me like camp, Beverly Hills, like those old shirts that we used to wear only put. It's like made up fantasy who wouldn't want to go to Beverly beach. Now that doesn't sound bad at all. No, not at all. And this win suits are really, really cute. Yes. And I'm really, I just started falling to read on Instagram and like I I'm teamed written out for her, which is so crazy. It's crazy what the show can do. Because after the first season I was you hate it. I could not stand her right now. You sometimes give it time. You never know. Some was a statement that could change people's opinions or one action or one this, like give it time, let it flour and then once the season is done, you can really assess how you felt. I go through a mixture of emotions. I go through Ramona coaster all the time, so and I'm in it over. I mean, life is Ramona coaster cloudy is watching she. She just wants to note that sheen and brandy brought us from your house is Beverly Hills to enter from parole. They did so Lalanne Rando will bring us then it would come. Full circle full circle that right. Actually. Imagine if anti-trump roses then segue to rehouse as Beverly Hills, and then they go on a yacht than their on below deck and like we really hit every single franchise. Right. And then like this service from From Compass are serving on the. Yeah, there should be like a the chef is like Tom Cliquot right now. It's like, oh my God. This is just Bravo's dream of just everything going on. It's a problem. We're judged by Padma Padma judge me all day. I am. I am here for that as well. We, I was just going to ask you with their ever talk of doing a real housewives, all star sho. Yeah, I think you know battle of the network reality stores was something actually Andy had his handed back when that was in that in people are always talking about, like if you were stuck in an island, you had five, housewives, right. And would you take? So that's always kind of been in the ether. I don't really know what that would look like, right, because they look the represent their cities in their own way, and I don't really know, but it would be like a game show like putting them on a house together, that feels a little weird and uncomfortable a jersey in Beverly Hills, or Beverly Hills and Potomac. It just doesn't. I agree. On vacation together? Yes. But separate. But equal? Yes. Separate people. Speaking of house is doing other shows. I actually just caught Kim Richards on marriage boot camp. Oh, I didn't see them. Yeah, I can like just from your, I don't know. I was watching something in a went like right into it. I couldn't even stop. It rubs everywhere. Bravo is everywhere. And you can't believe him Richards is back on TV. I know. I know. Well, good for that. She's healthy and happy and doing her thing. Agreed. One more thing I wanted to ask you about, we were talking about play by play. The new Bravo show. We have Jerry O'Connell coming on next week, so we're going to ask him. He's the nicest. So I'm really excited to see the format of this show because it's like four real men that watched Bravo, but apparently you can't say that anymore, but I will continue to untie. Okay until I get an earful that I, that resonate, that changes my mind, of course because her now it's just like much a real women might travel fake women. Trevor people watch Bravo, especially human beings. What brought us. So what's the? Is it going to be like a sports version like the breakdown like we need like instant replays. Like Telestrator technology like, whoa, Shannon comes out of left field and does this less, you know, it's definitely a wink to sports, and it's definitely it's definitely a nod to like an ESPN type vibe and certainly going like what they think it's very opinion based. It's guys talking about Bravo. We're gonna have a couple of correspondence. It's super funny. Commentary is great. It's just fun to see guys comment on Bravo because you don't really realize how many men real match it. So my whole family watches it. Like every time we get together, we got together for Russia Sean and they were like, so tell me about like blow deck med. And I was like, you, you're fifty. You're like my fifth year old uncle. Like, what are you doing? He's like, I know, but I really need to know it's it's a phenomenon. It's going to be a great job, and Jerry is he's great. He's leading it and he's great. And I love that. He really is like light cloudy and I just like a wealth of Bravo knowledge. Yes, it's not enough to just watch shows like you have to get all of the references like you need to be able to drop legal jargon at the drop of a hat like hopefully. So these men are very well versed in all things Bravo like they would. They would combat you and Claudia for. Sure. J. would be amazing. I love to see a point counterpoint between the two. I mean, if anyone can set it up to you, what happened to the summer by Volvo commercials, those ended a few years ago they were there when we when I first started and we all love them. I think there's really hard. It's really hard to schedule a lot of Bravo liberties together. We have a lot of people that we have to do in the huge budgets, and we stopped those campaigns, but we all like there are favorite of everyone around us them. Yeah, and I feel like it starts a lot of drama like within the city's because it's like if you got, it's like who got invited to sit in with Andy at the new friends. Exactly. Exactly. Like who's sitting next Andy who make, who's I during housewife who gets to play with him at at camp. That's what it is. Whose team is he on at camp? Does he's? He's the, he's the grand marshal. He is the guy Marsh, like worth flying in his name and his, he's ringleader, right? He's at the circus and his ring that a right also Lalanne Randall just getting maximum to ask you. They're going to be onto the thing out right on a home decor show. I heard. Yes, I think so. I don't know. I don't know if that's true, but I'm gonna have to check with my sources and I'll obviously get back well, that would be just an exciting way to see them together. And like I understand him not wanting to benefit roles, like case a legit syrup. But like being on a show about renovating your home, it's like everyone's, that doesn't make sense. Yeah. They probably have a gorgeous home and yeah, it's mazing. So. Oh, I'm happy. I'm jealous. Yeah, both the like she's just like a being of a woman. She is well call me. She's probably watching. She probably or like her friend is watching. It's gonna tell her to call you. That's how it works with the host. Like everyone is a friend, six degrees of separation over here. Like a friend of a friend always has something, of course, of course. Well, thank you so much for joining us. I'm sorry, show went so long. You kidding being here with you. This was so fun. Thank you for dropping. I will add make a degenerate so I could because I know she's watching cloudy or degenerate coming here so I could take over the hell, right? And as much as hurricane Florence is really destroying a lot. Yeah, it brought us together today did bring us together today is all around. Yes, thanks for having me anyways. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Where can everyone follow you at Korpi. Darren, see AARP d. a. r. Wyan follow me on Instagram. Also show listened to my podcast martinis and we're growing oxygen. Sounds good. Also people want me to ask about Jeff drama. Yes, Jeff, Jenny drama with. Tipping out. And that's still kind of unfolding right now because I guess they had a huge falling out and Jeff was talking about it in his radio show. It's still kind of in the work. So I'm hopefully we'll have more information than next time I come on the desk. We'll have settled. Yes, whether there's too many things going on right now that I haven't decided what is happening. That's fair. Yeah. And it's no need. Yeah, it's but there is there is there was a falling out. It was falling. I'm not. I'm not up on it, but now I'll have to be no pay attention. Pay attention, leave, pay attention. Hey, can so many references on stage show? I'm like someone really hitting everything today. Totally getting everything. Anyways, everyone have a fantastic weekend. We will be back on Monday. Co-host. TVD might be smidge might be someone else, and we will see you. Then you can always follow me at track your problems. And now I have to go home in for my table to be delivered. I'm so excited groceries, it's a big day for me. This is a huge day for you big day when we got any also, I told you the story before it. Now I have to tell and talking about house is the whole time. I went to a restaurant last night and the waiter comes to our table and he's like, hi, Giovanni, I'll be your server tonight. I was like. What did you say like I have to drink. He said, Giovanni anyways, then he comes to order. I'm like, boy, like to name was Giovanni and like, yeah, he's like it's a collie and I was like, I'm aware you watch real housewives of New York. I haven't been. I I used to watch clearly anymore. I'm like, has no one told you Giovanni has no one screamed Giovanni you in the streets. He like, no, I don't know what you're talking about. I was like, oh my God, like Instagram him. And then that way, what are the streets would have been like? Giovanni, I really wanted to, but like my phone was like dying. I just looked like a beast I wasn't going to even. But anyways, it was just so crazy. There is a server in fought iron at Bose, kitchen and bar named Giovanni, go there and yell screaming. Giovanni, yeah, he's Bonnie. By the way, I think he's the best thing to well, it's definitely the best thing to of this season like inside jokes, why? Totally. And I'm just like it's like clue as much as Arinda was definitely heckling and being a bad friend like she was being a good cast me. Oh, my good-. Co worker. I can't say Giovanni outside of just yell league, like even if I saw him, I'd like Giovanni, I couldn't ever not say it that way. So good. I was at a dinner and a show thing, and they were wearing all these blitz each houses. And it's just like Giovanni chose found. He's so good. Most bring people together. Always thank you for tuning in. Thank you for being here extravagant. Thank you for being a toaster. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube podcast. We are now on Spotify, so hopefully wearing your release radar today, and we will see you here on Monday good day today.

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