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which get it. Scowl. You're listening. Still DDR on DVD radios dot net. Five veterans four veterans. Skin made for you. What Steve You radio TV radio is for you the Veterans Active Duty Service member caregiver and civilian supporter of the military DB radio dot net the Oman, veteran network may four, and by veterans from original shows syndication. You can find it here on DV. Radio Dot net in an effort to continue our mission and make better quality shoes, or each and everyone of you visit. visit our patriotic at Patriotair. Dot Com Slash de the radio whether you can only pledge one dollars per month or that entire million dollar inheritance. Your uncle left. There's a tear with rewards waiting for you, so why not keep TV radio running and get rewarded at the same time? Patriot dot com forward slash Devi radio now. That's patriotic dot com ford slash DB radio. Radio please remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show Devi radio, and it's strictly those of set and vigils do not reflect those dvd of staff, nor the Steph dysfunctional veterans. On want. Pause I know. No issue star. Soldier Via. Gambler! As me. Up Jazz team down. been through. You. Talk. Welcome back to the war dog trail. Episode Fourteen. I ride from here forward. We are now going to be transitioning all of our content. Over to the patriarchal system. So that as A. Content Creator I. Am able to generate. No sustainable income to keep the show's going. To keep the web series podcasts. And all on their aspects. Of Sergeant Wardag TV gone. Keep everything role in hair intact I right currently. We are on the weekend of Memorial Day. The year twenty twenty. Today is Sunday may twenty four. I was lucky enough to spend. Friday? May Twenty six again as well as Saturday may twenty third. And the morning of Sunday may twenty four all off grid with my buddy mark. With the members of the Sarin Wardag TV team. We were out in full effect and suburban States on Hala Paul Florida again Jorissen. Enjoyed a lot of great moderate modern. Lot Of Grey Rod and His, Tom declared take a break from the corona virus in the madness, surrounding this pandemic and really got to have some heart to heart. Tom With My. Memorial for my fellow. My lost my fallen. Marines I did have my memorial pitcher out memorial photo I'd take to. The gun ranges with each year or Take even a camping with each year this year I. Did have him as well. I will provide. Those pictures online. And if I haven't mentioned also we are, and they've processed of revamp in the website. So stay tune for. Improvements, there we do now have an APP. Sorry War Dog TV does have an APP that is live on the Google. Play store right now, and within the next I'd say two to three weeks it will be. Appearing on the apple store on the apple APP stores will. So Sergeant Ward Oh TV as finally garnered some professionalism. We have been able to. Convert everything that was in just the website to. Include now the Serge's playlist as well as even a map tour camp, so don't you? Get the opportunity to download Sergeant Wardag TV APP, no matter where you are in the world, you can now find where we are are off greed. UNDISCLOSED location. Of Camp Doghouse once you use the APP simple turn GPS, use the map feature. Press the grid coordinates. You'll see the option to get directionals and from there. Google maps guide win just as way Excuse me just. The same way would for any thing else or for any other directions that you have. Our cases slightly different here since there is a front gate Front gate and a gated entrance. To our operation area, but That! We are still hearing very great shape. In terms of. Progress of sergeant were dog. TV I'm really liking Where we're at right now in terms of fourteen episodes of the podcast. What ought as I did mention. Everything from this episode Ford? Will now be converted over to the Patriarchal System? So these fourteen episodes here on spreaker are free. They have been free. They will remain or continued Excuse me to be free. Moving forward. The Patriot system will allow us to. I guess catered more to our of. Our viewers, our listeners and to are specific content. For those that are into the outdoors because you noticed is. One and only place where. Sergeant Wore Dog TV brings outdoors. TV was swag baby all day every day. I saw we do it. That's where we are the APP the website. My health is getting better. My I. Post war, injuries. Situations are all. Somewhat better right now. Or not somewhat after this weekend. They're all. They're all along and very decent shape. Before we continue on break you into our first track from Serge's playlist. This is cirque nation with his song. Good Vibes. Hey. Good. But the table abundance paper goodbye with the. Abundance the payback. The able, To! The good. Spanish to? Date. Bath Babe abundant the paper. Would have fun. Abundant, the bebopper, the good help the able. To? Good Goodbyes when? I? Noted accusing. Nkhoma? Crossing, the TS. I think God I'm breathing. Three time zones on us to have me Geek in. Full of Skoll them the. Probably May Make with undefeated by. King. Frequent every Monday almost weekly at what it called for band on. PBS thing got phone. Kid couldn't play no by. Net mirrow all I, see the site. He agent mill certain. They Harvest Paine field, they depend on the of the that senior Spirit Loretta the demand by altering. Might be your. Energy. Control, how you perceive it better believe it's not whatever you want to. But in. Favor abundant the. Good with abundance favor abundance of Bay by frequent. Good last. You're able. Brand goodbye. Babe. Goodbye. Abundance. The payment the perfect goodbye with. Abundance. The able. With the Bulletin Babe. Date you. Good. Date? That was the one only j F. Wheeler also known on Instagram as Cirque nation, bringing us his newest. Hit. Good Vibes. All Right? This episode is meant to be long at all. Not Drawn out. In any, way shape. Form or fashion. As already mentioned, it's been a very long Memorial Day weekend. I did want to thank all of our fans supporters. war veterans across the World A. tap-in mine elevate. Remember. We all wore dogs. We roll to a different VIBE. We march to beat over different drome. 'cause we live a different lifestyle. We've been through different things. A dog's up. Slow is the next one from largest playlist. Issue boy militant me. With his song. Sure. Zach. Sand. uh-huh! Sad. Allies. Dropping Nets five man. That was Milton me with his song glass. You can find me on Instagram at militant me. Continuing the rest of the show. We have mentioned are. This will be our last free podcast episode. From this point forward. Season Two of the web. Series Sergeant Wardag TV. Season two of the PODCASTS, the war dog trail. From this point forward, where now both be available. Via? Patriarch on. which will allow us to? Provide even more and better content for each of our users, listeners, fans, and especially the war veterans baby specially. that. Hope, you're enjoying your Memorial Day weekend I. Hope You're paying respects. So those that have gone give the most. Those of shed, the blood also shed tears. Those who've made some of the? Most important and ultimate sacrifices. And we as war veterans will ever know. With all of us make multiple deployments. To Iraq or to Afghanstan bus. During the world through the prism. Of War in the middle, East. Versus the rest of our lives. And with the whole that every day we can win the battle against. I'd Prevention Against Veteran, homelessness. Veterans Drug Dacian, and actually against. First Responder. Suicide. And the effects that. They have. From PTSD. Possibly depression or any of the number of things that they experience in their daily lives as a result of the service that they to provide to other people to other individuals. Benon selfishness especially now. We'd like to really. Give them major salute. As. We all experienced. The frontlines in the hard times of the corona virus, the covid nineteen pandemic. Will like to thank all of our doctors nurses. First responders police, firemen, ambulance personnel those that are dull, delivering for stores for restaurants. We salute each never worn to you because you make all of this. Chaotic time dealing with the coronavirus spread. You make them much more bearable. Easier to live survive. We thank all of you on the front lines. Of the covert of Nineteen pandemic. Thank all of you for your unselfishness during the time of this pandemic. All right moving on now drop one last hit for SARS playlist. This, is my board Tae Marianne. R. And B. Singer out of North Carolina. What his jam. Mary Jane. Only. CARE, about People! That I didn't care. As I soon faded. Browns take this crowd. I can. I'm confused by other. Because when I go out, nobody can be now. and. Call you. Have A. This. Just get. Paid. Every meets. Brand helping plus started never. You. That's the beauty of just. And if I the whole that. that. Crash! Could never fit. The. They make! This. Again that was. TAME MARY-ANNE! They can be found on instagram. At official Tame Marianne. Also on. Twitter. At I am taste strong. That was his song Mary Jane. This been episode fourteen of the war dog trail podcast I'm your host Sergeant War Doll. Thank you for tuning in stay. Safe War veterans. Your moods in mind checks bees. Salute. No issue. But I got some. Dogs Tells what happened through? I'm Dogu. Awfully you. Repeat Radio. Are you looking for veteran resources and peer support. Objectives zero has an APP for that. Download the objective zero APP for free from the APP store overplay play access homeless resources like Yoga and a free year subscription to head space, the world's most popular meditation at Checkout veteran's resources and access on nationwide network support speak to fellow women, veterans, or someone in your field and branch of service. You get to choose who you want to chat. It learn more at www dot objectives zero dot org. That's www dot objectives zero dot org.

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