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We made them drive all the way down to Santa Monica California from his house in Santa Monica California. He's one of my favorite people on planet. Earth his name's Kenny can flow Florian finding every goddamn weight division in the UFC. And I'm feeding him tied fusion on this week's food truck drivers carnivore died right now. Guys I can only sauces now that so we'll see how this goes okay you can have veggie trust dude. Hang gotTA keep the immune system strong. You'll cheese talked of odd better. Get a workout in later. I'd say right now. Let's go with the hundred billion brats. I'm asking what the Grill midstate over. Carrots would know. Fried dumplings has to you and then I wash it down with FRY. Watch it all right dude absolutely in the house. Can WE BE SHAKING HANDS RIGHT NOW? Is that safe? I'm not scared of Cronin. I'm I'M GONNA say did it last night at the store. Gums are all high five. And maybe if you kiss skew the fucking current around here do I trust you. Definitely the first guy to address me on the show. I feel I had you've Oregon. I had to bring it to you. Do this is sick by thank. You look so good. here's the thing about Kenny Kenny. And I used to do a show called. Ufc now together. And there's there'd be a third guest but even back then I really couldn't afford a lawyer close but you always fast and not just for you on this hype about Katie is we're doing. Ufc tonight together. We'RE BIG GUYS RIGHT. You the worst guy. No my brother's four sports guys ozzy madness walk. Oh He's not in the crew. Yes jets junior c tonight and the the target just came out. They just did it. And we're not ballet attention this show waiting and then this is brand new target pulls up. I go Shusa Jesus good rights. Can you imagine fuck? That's mine was. I thought he pulled up in his spaceship. Fuck venture called cool. I think I had the first one in La. I it was a beautiful car I was like. Yeah and then and then I ended up getting The GT three and then And then you up again got the. Gt Three R s right now. We're Porsche guys'll but now you you have a classic class. Yeah I have Air Cooled Abby One Thousand Nine hundred ninety nine eleven nine six four rear wheel and you love that. I love it. It's crazy because it's kind of like a little go cart that the connection of the road the sound of the engine Just the way that feels. It's it's amazing it's a manual care. I try but everything you do. Use It today disappoint. Yeah Yeah I get a free car take someone like I. We gotta we gotta go for a drive one of these days. What I WANNA do is go for a ride in the GT TO R S. That's that's what we'll do our things. I love people like Chris Relaxing. I know he's Good Academy. I dropped by academy all the time. Yeah the academy's going great right up the street from here yes. We see Cowan every once in a while. I mean this kid. He's he's doing great and Yeah thank thank the academy's doing great The one in L. A.'s. Doing GREAT WANT TO BOSTON. Doing great and Tip izzy training a lot learning a lot. Lot still just Jitsu. I do striking every once in a while I trained Ryan Hall every once in a while. We work on on strike. Yeah Dude. He's the man did so Yeah just Trying to try stay sharp man trying to learn as much as possible. Your training with the students that come in or students we have. We have You know some great instructors. Obviously I own the business with Jason Hunt. Who's a awesome black belt in judo and Shitsu and then We have Isaac Dolan. Who's probably GONNA win the World Championships in his weight? Class this year He's he's an instructor at our school. And then we'd put great black votes and Brown belts and colored belt from all over to come and train. So you're you're pretty balls deepen yes yes it is and I'm actually going to be doing an instructional later this year That just kind of helps people hopefully understand caught. What's going on what we're trying to do? We're trying to pass guard or defend guard and You know I I think. Hopefully that will be kind of a game changing thing for people and GonNa come out with that later this year. So it's been man it's been like obsessed with Jitsu. It's weird like I was obsessed with you too when I started. I can't get any worse than this and now I'm like even more. I think about it all the time I love it. I love that. Yeah and then you obviously still huge with you see. I'm here. I'm not doing as much. I do some stuff so I do. I do by Ufc podcast with antic Which I love Johnny. Thank you want him out any fuck who listen for anybody who lives in Florida. They don't they one guy who was like visit but to live and tattooed. You're so far from go. Go home even if it's Florida. He's doing all these shows. Do Go home I now. He he works a lot do travels a lot he's he's always like under slept tired but he's a hard worker. Which so you do the show with with with the UFC and we intact as much as you want. Yeah it wasn't like. Hey Kenny's doing this now. He's not going to be on the broadcast. I don't know exactly what happens. Peon yes so the transition from Fox over to ESPN I don't know I didn't get the call. It would be better for you and I guess I don't know if the viewers noticed you started. Espn ESPN lie. Erect show on there and he has the first show they may show on. Espn ESPN and you know. The the guy who makes makes a lot of the calls. Yeah like he's your guys board right exactly so I. I don't know exactly what happened. You know I- anytime asked the the guy's like Oh you know we're we're thinking a direct answer phase out like Milton. Yeah I think you said I was GonNa put you in the in the basement just to kind of hang out do man. I don't know man you know who knows You know I don't think you need it because I love this game. You are thank you I love it. I think you know I would like to do more I. I think it's part of my job. I feel like is kind of educating the fans on what's going on sometimes you know some of the commentators the analysts you know they get caught up in conscious. It's great to be and you WanNa you WanNa have kite man in like bring that hyperbole a little bit but also you know. I think there's more going on. It's like the artist Sonia and Romero fight for example right You know people didn't like the fight and I get it. Oh there wasn't a whole lot of action and that's totally but why did that happen because you had to connor counterstrike going at it? They're both kind of waiting for each other. You go I know you. Gophers you go percents and anytime the other person when I the other person was more vulnerable so every once in a while you're gonna get fights like that. I think it's important to explain those kind of things instead of just saying it's a crappy fight. They didn't WanNA fight when that's not really what's going what's going Yes and I I just. I summed up as bad dance partner. Yeah exactly both phenomenal fighters. Though Game Plan Romero had it just was in. That's it to be a counterstrike against style or if you know style better just not. It's not going to be a fun right. Anybody who's just decide to come forward and play the game with Stop Bennett. Get ate up but it makes for a fun. Five hundred percent one hundred percent. Why WOULD I go on? That's how he wins if we stop on the way mortar to take someone down when they're backing off to look that's why they have the real wrestling. You can't take any steps backwards. Otherwise no one would results no action seal in every once in a while you get that oil and water matchup and It just kind of didn't Mesh very well also set up for a little bit of failure because that co main event with Yana Wailers Sale. And you know how many punches thrown over three hundred like fucking around the second rate which is nuts Yes so many so many. So it's like you know that's like trying to follow. Joey deals with comedy store. It doesn't matter even if you're good at better be really really absolutely and shutouts alkyl Joe. Yes Yeah I love. You're set up unless I think the only way that works out unless it was like a first round knockout. I think no matter what people were GONNA LEAVE DISAPPOINTING. And then you have those two styles that they wanted to both be counter punches. Just a bad form definitely definitely but I am amazed so we're everybody it's what have you done for me lately. You will stop. Dinner's not that killing. You NELLA awesome. Remember that time when Anderson Silva was fighting and he had you know some really boring fights what he had to coattail when he fought Ladies I was late to exactly yes mainly Brazilians. Right right which is including supercautious. Was whatever but yeah when every Brazilians is just like. Let's not hurt each other right. He'll say hey he'll kill him right so it's true it's true. They just had too much respect for each other and because Andersen was mainly a counter fighter for the most part you know there are some stinkers out there every once in a while. I feel like there's a like you. Jail Sewn Dominick. Cruz and I'm thinking more like data kids but you know jail does like he really breaks down what's going on here. And he he like. It's right when the fights done or that week bill. I'd love that human. Yeah Okay Deal Citizen Youtube. I like to think it's a great idea. Deepen Shits loved dude. I feel like I would probably need permission from the UFC to show video. I feel like if you're going to do it. You need some children either but I hear I don't WanNa do it. Do shops gonNA produce you got so. I'll see next for style. Benders can be cost. Oh Yes for sure. Yes the fight and those are styles that Mesh and that's GonNa be a fight cost. You know he's going to be an artist on your face for better or worse he's GonNa Bring the fight to him and think that's a short night for Casa. I think so too. Because he's the way he throws punches a little more loopier it's like man eight. A. B. is always going to be aided. That's the way I see it. I agree with you. I think that As dangerous cost is because he's coming forward. Isn't this big powerful guy but he has tremendous timing and because he's a counter striker he's GonNa use that forward momentum against cost land. That shot hurt him. And then maybe take him out or punch on the outside so yeah. I think those guys are tailor. Made for each other costume could get on his end to agree with you. He hits so hard but because he comes forward so much so much pressure I think that's going to Kind of leading into a Nakas stylistically. It's like perfect. Stop and I think so yes. Fight in the. What do you do with Yana in Willett Dude? It's it's tough because I feel like you WanNa deserves a rematch. Then you have all these. I don't know I mean like I don't know it. Listen I thought It probably came down to the fifth round and I thought we lead probably one the fifth you know not probably she definitely wanted and that was that was the that was the clearest round out of all of them but was closed at probably three to you Three to four way. Lee this one where the judges couldn't have got it wrong. Whoever they give it to you I can see right. Winning I walked. I went to the bathroom. I walked away and it was like I think you WanNa probably one that it was. Close pressure that the problem with that but I should wages landed way harder. Shot harder shots riley the numbers. I got so close I know the fifth round. The hardest shots landed all right. All you have to Wayland I I think so it was. It was super close. I think You know the fact that you want is Damage was showing much more. Didn't help you know you look at her head. She was you know she was wearing it. Worse than way liaison was the judge. Yes and that's GonNa if you if you're looking flight and you're not sure who's winning and you see one person who's all swelled up on one who isn't that's going to sway you what do you what do you like it or not. So also do I would like to see a rematch with Tatiana. Suarez waiting in the wings. Who's an absolute beast you have? She beats both rose that I know she's she's by far the best. Maybe the only she's female. She's dot good because their mentality is insane. Insane exactly at the neck injury but I spoke to her the other day and it sounds like she's back on track. So I I think there may be given one warm up some more souls and get just annihilated and then I shall we have another like warm up fight than maybe that rematch make Santa Rosa draws fighting right with winter that close to. Yeah no I know so. Stop it stop. But that that means he'll veto business that means it's a healthy division. It's almost more stack than minute. That he five or seventy seventy. It's fifty five and eighty five staff for the boys right. Yeah that those are definitely the most stack divisions and I think it's a good sign for women's haven't made that. You have all that all that period you know like you don't have that one twenty five. Valentina Shevchenko essentially has no one in her division. She she needs to either. Go up or go down in order to. I'd like to interesting so I don't see it gets a man Nunez. I'd rather go down. Yeah I think it's tough for her to go up especially in someone like Nunez Fun. I Dunno she's amazing fire to and then Obviously you got to Tony Ferguson. I I've never been more cipher. Fight test user fight had like I love it. I watch every fight but I've never been like like I don't know man despite so I think it's to me it's the most technical is the most talented fighting UC history. It's rare that you have the opportunity to get two guys in their prime with all that momentum bit undefeated for a long time in that division And just their styles. The we talk about matchups. That is the dream match-up just the way that they both fight. They're both GONNA come forward and try to kill each other. Habib on the ground in Ferguson. On the feet and You know I think Tony. Ferguson is kind of under appreciated in some ways as good as he is as much respect as he. He's not as appreciated for what he does on the feet. He does some really tricky things. Everyone talks about his toughness. And that is one hundred percent verified cardio and cardio but you know the way that he switches stances and you know the the different weapons than he throws he confuses a lot of people out there too because he's moving forward he's always landing the hardest shots you know. You look at the the ceremony and Ferguson fight you know throwing some shot him as well. But because Ferguson is the going forward he has all the momentum on his shots way harder to land shots going backwards. But it is you know unless you're planning your feet And it is against a guy like Ferguson. Who's GonNa stop all the way until you just give up? So he's he's a savage. Yeah I how? How do you score it? How do you picture the fight going down? I think they fight multiple times. If could be up for it I I. I don't really see fish if there's a Finnish I think it's Tony via cuts you have coming. Because the elbows on the ground and a factor or Tony catch them in one of his infamous. Yep I think that's what he needs to do. He needs to really win. The transition attack with submissions. Nonstop against Habib Just make it a classic Tony Ferguson Brawl. Where amount which do kiss. If it's like this tidal I'd always like he really doesn't get cracked into third fourth fifth round better. She gets better with. I've ever trained with them. I haven't I haven't been I. That's what I hear is he's got legendary trading sessions. He does not get tired. He moves forties very unorthodox finding a training part that moves and fights like twenty-first almost impossible And I think it's going to be an absolute classic now Habib as far as his style. You know exactly what he's GonNa do but you can't stop it. You cannot stop and you know. He's going to try to take down but he gets a hold you Lake Anyway. He puts you on your back. Any beats you up And I think that's what makes them so great as well and his own interesting way I think he has the safer approach and the safer path to victory. Typically he'll be just because he's got that kind of it's like Gracie Jiu Jitsu he's going to get to. The clinch is gonNA take you down. Beat you up doesn't take a lot of damage of You know it's just because you're so scared of him getting out under Hook or getting into the cage tied. Connor forgot about striking. It's blasted the racist right. And I think he he he's been able to make a crapload of money and stay hungry at the same time which you know. I think is always really impressive. I think certain fighters once they make it big. They kinda take their foot off the peddle a little bit a beep. I still think is very hungry. Loves TO FIGHT LOVE TRAIN HARD So I I don't know if he's going to be sticking around much longer I don't either bought. I think you know he always. Dad said he wants to retire at thirty now and he's pretty close right now. Damn yes yeah and then What do you do a John Jones man? You haven't when the grace I did actually did have him when he's around depend scored the third exactly came down to I I thought John Jones Did a good job of kind of adapting after the the early rounds and kind of you know slowing Raise down a little bit and then he you know obviously fourth and fifth. I thought he won but You know I it was a it was a excellent fight and I think a rematch is definitely warranted. It was really really close. I wouldn't mind him seeing Seeing him fight Boho Vich Yawn Mehovic but not as interesting as the race. Joining the only thing would the raise rematch to and you know. He's older now John's getting older. And maybe he's I don't know maybe he's lost a step or maybe these guys just really good. Yeah it's hard for John. Doing it on what campaign on that but in history rematch. John Jones never goes ever coast girl. I used to strike. He's like Oh you got. That's what you do you prepare for it all right. I'M GONNA take a look at that. That fight itself he adapts. Oh well he's a computer here. Anderson Silva was a computer. He's analyzing what you're doing. He's you know looking at the data and then he's improving on what he's supposed to be doing. And you look at that fight. He started to pull away from raise as that fight. Went down. Yeah raise me was slowing down. You know conditioning wise. He started getting a little tired but it was also John Jones adapting and making much better decisions as the fight went on in a rematch. You look at his fight against Gusts Super Close. A lot of people us in one second second fight wasn't close at all. Dc Yeah he thinks DC so Fox rematches against guys like John Jones Usually don't go well But you know raise wants it and and I think that makes sense and treating fight people are still talking about whether you know jobs in fact one that fight or not but You know it's tough because he also doesn't have a whole lot of interesting matchups ahead of Tony Heavyweight John that that's yawn. I think puts excitement back in his career. I've you'll be motivated to fight a steep a right or Francis in Ghana or even DC. I like PC's chances better feeling that. I don't WANNA CDC JOHN. At light heavyweight again. You know how that goes. Go to heavyweight. I think it's way more interesting form. It's almost like he's so dominant like Valentina Shevchenko. Where it's like no one even cares. Everyone already knows what the mighty mouse. Yeah you'RE GONNA win. You're absolutely heavyweight. You look you you go through the list. There's not in the top ten. There's not one guy you don't want John Face Yup no steep a D. C. I don't know if he's going to be sticking around for much longer tweet tweets thank you. Would you know I should talk to you? But I would assume that. That means that he's GONNA fight Steve. That's teepees granting Marie marriage. Yeah because I I think I think probably wait and see what John was going to do right these I. That's how you know John's fight your point so steep. It ain't happening. You GotTa do something dude or anymore. Fuck all right. Let's that's right that makes sense. I like that fight. I thought. Dc fight for whatever reason for time? Scourge is kind of fun stupid and he's you know I mean you got you him dominic. You got some of the smartest people I know I sold. He's doing like fuck no I. I don't know what he's down. Roll deep. That's not his family and every time he wrestled and he engineer mixing things up into fighting. Mma as opposed to just boxing see bay was doing great but anytime he decided to stand in brawl and and just mixed up with steep it. It was not even if your landing shots. But you're taking shot at heavy just throwing the kids do you can't do it. Never done that before. He's always being calculating like Suba. Respect heavy. Yes there's just born to Strike Rice. You go when he first got the AFC. You know. Roy Nelson Frank Mir realism. Fucking around after. He knew he knew that there is that risk but then absolutely do I mean you do heavyweights with four ounce. Gloves is never a good thing. Getting those guys like man. This is it this frigging. I'm small small but maybe let's eat man when we got. Thank you very much. Omar broken the Big Leagues Man. Again right here how. I get with Iran. Dig On endogamous. Do this Looks Pretty Good? Actually I was full of fusion's they definitely heard me. She's I can't enjoy I would check. Which is this is to your tie. Tie Ice tea coffee. Oh sorry I don't know my my coffee That looks good. Yes not bad at all steak Days Straight this is nice and spicy spicy. I went for a lot of people kind of. Don't get all balls even the food. Yeah that's nice just to Johnny's GonNa Heavyweight Yup. Here's another one for you. What do you do with Connor? Because he's not gonna fly them Here's the way more to lose right. If Habib fights them But a rematch could be essentially even more money than they made in the first one for both of you could argue that solid sickly. It's an easy match for him. He always got taken down but I don't know to that point. I think it depends what connor wants to do as far as just kind of as individual. What do you want to do man because confused by far your worst matchup We're on the street and you know talking to close friends. The trainers of his go train for that. I could be kind of half assing it heart into it you saw the result wasn't great. Was it terrible for not really training if you go out and I believe him about the foot thing because he was throwing those guys down the middle at all hidden accuses kicking game. I agree so it's like okay. Didn't have his best outing and really didn't train. So you know that fights damn there. That's an impossible match up for him. So Tony Tony Versions opened for me man though both those mantra purvey tougher so if you're in Congress campus. Do we calculate about this? I think it just engaging makes more sense a dozen employees fight maybe in between how how many more times you WanNa fight and then how how much longer how many places can be GONNA Take Kabaeva. Only in fight what he said two or three more times. Let's get that in there and then there's GonNa be a different champion when we inbuilt back up. I think this makes sense fight. Gauging I think he matches up really well against gates. You've got to come forward very good counter striker If he comes out of that looking you know anywhere closes as good as he did against cowboy. You can set up a rematch. Now you can build up the hype around the corner. Yeah he looked amazing And Connor certainly has that potential when he's in the gym and he has that martial artists mentality He's unbelievable you know. I think he's always outshined by his attitude and what he says but he was very respectful enough to cowboy. Went out there. I got the job done like a lot of people thought he should even did it. Quicker than a lot of people thought he could've been If he goes out there beats gauging knocks him out. Whatever I think he should fight the winner at Tony and Hubby one. He'll be said he goes. There's no magic after beating tabby fight each day and then and then I'll do it to the thing about Habib is all about respect and order and he's just not gonNA fight the guy who's going to sell the most tickets right he's just really not Which is rare absolutely because he can. That's the biggest money fight he can do but I would beat him. And it's about legacy for guys like that and he's worked his ass off to get to that point. And you know. Keep this undefeated record and beat the champ for this long represent you know Douglaston and all those those things mean more to him than anything else. I think You know I think it makes sense. And I think that that's definitely feasible and possible Habib fights what was two times a year anyway. Yeah Ramadan stuff like yeah. Yeah the weight cut. When 'cause you you watch all the Guy Do? Did you miss it? You Watch visit Mrs like the competition because I was just going over to fight for the weekend below the belt the podcast and Mitchell who's a calf made on season ten with me friend of mine and I just saw an Indie last year when I was doing shows out loud that when my favorite people but then when I'm going through the car and I'm Beltran and we Matt Mitcham versatile. I can't believe he's still fighting. The I'm I'll be thirty seven next week house man. That's holding me down me so I think that's damn near forty or before at least I just you know maybe because I've found in different passion. I'm in love with what I do. Stand up in podcasting and you know this job the best job in the world but I just. I can't picture myself doing that these days when I when I watch old tape of I'll see like highlights stuff for my son asked. I'll show him how it center. I don't recognize that person. It's wild like I I look at your tapes and you've always been you know we always say if you walked in a bar and you saw Kenny Florian. It'd be intimidated shit. Nobody style but you're not sink class right different division competitive. You know Title contender all. You wouldn't hall of fame. You went and go through all this stuff. You'd like to get the fuck Outta the way. Give me my beer. You're the guy always reference you get. If you walk around the go-to on that. Do you miss it too? Because there's guys you compete against Josie L. is still too low. Prices still fighting. You know it's I think I missed the training but I'm still training now. You know I honestly even see myself being professional fighter what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a professional martial artists. Whatever that meant it led me into fighting like chuck missile stretch jeans throwing cycads and black. That's it that's what I would tell. People like cool. So how do you make money? Exactly what do you get a House magazine you know? I always thought it would be as a teacher and so I missed the competition. That like it helped me get better. As a march there was like a learning process was amazing as hard as it was. You know Especially what you did your heart. I know I remember I. I remember when you were fighting in Toronto was at Toronto Canada. Where was it hoover? Cutting the fight and Josiah album. I was there for the appeared. My leg was like I saw you right before weigh ins and you were with your teeth for us eating and I was like. Oh is he. Okay so terrible bones I was. I looked like Christian. Bale in the machinist middleweight. You just went through all the it's insane. Yeah I got the Casino Browse days. I was on a beach in Mexico and I just want my first one hundred and forty five pound fight so I was like food L. Went now is hanging hanging over there my buddy and you know you have see calls me and says hey you got the although fight was like sleep and my buddy was like awesome like You might want to get on the scale man. I get on a scale and I was one hundred eighty seven pounds so I had to go from one. Eighty seven down to championship. Wait for this one hundred forty five pounds to go from one. Eighty seven to forty five and like maybe two and a half months or something. Two months huts and I was eating fifteen hundred calories a day training three times a day and I just had nothing like my last session. After a month was just like useless I was just doing basically just like Bernie some more calories hitting like paddling got to hang up and left. Yeah so it was brutal metal. Don't miss that I miss the chase. Miss like a little bit man I. I like the focus. I like the focus that it gave me. I had every single day. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I didn't know what day it was. I just knew that was striking day. That was Jujitsu. Day Rose Wrestling Day the regiment was was cool but a different part of my life. Now I'm Kinda like you were. I'm lucky I feel blessed that I can do other things. I could still watch the sport enjoy. The Sport Nice could still train. You know that was the thing. I miss the most honest. Who was the training when I hurt my back? That's what made me the most upset. If I'm not training and doing martial arts I feel like I'm not the happiest person he missed almost like. You missed the hang. Yeah a little bit is in if someone you know especially the guys you came up with and the guys I came up with. It'd be cool. 'cause we got a big fight. Yeah you'd have a big fight. Then you're all like pursuing a similar goals definitely definitely so you know which means I I get that now and comedy like the comedy store like. Yes if we're we're hanging out like last sites callen rogin delete. It's the same hang right so I checked the bro Balked. That's my crew definitely. And especially if you know anytime. You're doing something that you want to be good at and you you're trying to be good at it or whatever the heck it is is having those those people around you and I think that's so cool about the martial-arts comedy whatever. It is having those highlevel people around all moving towards the same goal. I think you all feed off each other but I think it's similar with dice. Who have retired where we're in this fraternity. Now everyone's like everyone's still attached league seek is because we made our name on that but all the guys who are retired and move onto entertainment opening gyms and you guys are parents were still. We have all this all these similarities. Yes definitely we're still going through those phases. I would I would say yes. If we're doing it right you know some guys. Unfortunately that's all they have and I think that's why they're sticking around the sport so long where listen in some cases? They think that they could still compete. And that's awesome good for them. But in some cases you know you see certain fighters you like. You shouldn't still be fighting. You're taking a tremendous amount of damage. You're getting hurt you know. Go and do something else. In some cases they can some. Can't that's where it's a bummer. When the gray it's like in the NFL you know the guys whatever forty years old Kendra football. Well he's making seven figures and he has benefit and right. He's he's he's not playing a tiny prioriti- tired but yeah get tell. Stay there till they turn to get the fuck out the door fighting. It doesn't work that way when you shouldn't be in there as you're getting hurt be you're not making much money and there's no benefit so it's like did you got to move on you just delaying. Whatever you're GONNA do next. It's a delay. I agree I agree a lot of times. You know what we do becomes our identity and saying goodbye to that is harder than anything else for a lot of people. It was hard for me in a Lotta ways right. It's the saying goodbye to that. Regimen and saying goodbye to competing and beating around the guys and all that stuff is Can Be tough you just you know you gotta go and find something else to supplement that or be replacement for that because we all need something to wake up for man we all need. We all need that. That's more important than anything else. Everyone is like You know I want to be happy in my life like that comes and goes you need something to work towards. Yeah you need purpose. We'll see here's the other thing you and I are both dads now. I'm now how how old's your daughter she's too she's too so you're going to think of it. Yeah four-year-old Alba three month old two boys and that. Can you imagine going through training camp with your daughter right guys do it? And God bless them. I can't I though about the Obama. Come by God I would get home sometimes at eleven at night in the day. I'd be an Orange County at rain with mark. Union not drive down to Santa Monica and do box Tony Jeffries than At eight o'clock tonight Dr Torn to Digest Two hundred Gracie Bryner Teigen. And it's just like I it's Cowan's being a parent is hard as hell. You know if you want to be present for if you want to be there. Take care of it all later. Check in on weekends. You know that's different but If you WANNA be a part of the process it is so hard man. I don't know how people do it. it's it's extremely difficult Because it definitely takes time you know for anything. My wife needs it. You know she needs to go out of the house or need needs to do this or work. Whatever it is you know and I'm with the baby you realize how hard it is and you know they need help and you know. It's it's a tough fight Kim with kids. Yeah I do it in the monsters. They figured out what the family. But we're lucky that we waited. Yeah do you guys want more? Yes yes I like to do more. It's a lot of work. It's a lot of work to the one I think. Yeah I think in a lot of ways they can kinda entertain each other after a certain point you know so. We don't WANNA wait too long. So now's the time to start looking for another one doing the show for a while with my favorite city flowing.

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