Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Season 40 Episode 7 with Peridiam & Once Upon an Island


Some game right through your offense law as the R H A day off. I can sell you the our ASE. Hi everybody welcome to the RHA. Bnb for episode seven of survivor winners at war as we are finishing off I would call a pre merge for the ages and to commemorate the occasion. We have some guests for the ages of worship as announced last week the autumn. Boris is not here. Don't worry she did not raise the mast or the flag. She has not gone forever. Just taking a temporary goddess. She'll be back next week but in her place. We have assembled a survivor. Youtubers special two of some of the best guys putting out constant survivor video content each and every week on the interwebs which in this day and age. I know that I need. I'm sure a lot of people need as well. It's an old guest in a new guest as I bring in the familiar welcoming back to the BNB per radium. Pretty how are you? Thank you Mike for Having me back. Third Time's The charm. Appreciate it and yeah it's been it's been crazy crazy times both on and off survivor and I'm just glad to be back in the BNB land some games. Like I think most people are these days indoors having a good time exactly and hopefully you know we're not playing this so there's no chance of like board game pieces going flying everywhere when people getting really get angry. It's virtually and you can sort of stealing your own home rather than have to take it out any personal property. Yeah Not. I don't think it's far geographically located. Maybe one day we'll get together and do some actual board gaming inside big little survivor pocket or something. Who knows? Yeah let's say the survivor official board game. I have blue then. We'll do that. Rpg Liana was talking to him again RPG. Last week we'll get together make an Oregon chiller. Pg and see how that pans a amazing. Well maybe we can invite this guy as well on new guest to the BNB. You might know him as once upon an island on Youtube doing basically I could explain it but I would call them. Video essays about some of the more old school castaways in a season that has sort of had the unintentional underline of old school versus New School. Very pertinent that. He's here once upon an Island Aka. Wesley how you doing welcome to the BNB doing well. And the more I think about the corona virus. I think it's also a story and I can expect twenty documentaries in two thousand twenty one about it. I mean I mean so many. It's GonNa be like the Fire Festival festival documentary where there's a. Hulu one one is going to be cross. Comparisons of which one should I watch? Yes yes there will be. There will be so many. I can only imagine how many stories told Colonel Virus when people are allowed to get the film. Well so Wesley speaking film I'm going to throw this to you because you're a new guest. I'M GONNA put your feet to the fire here. Give us your backstory to survivor. As well as for the uninitiated give us a little bit of a taste as to what once upon an island is as a channel. Sure sure so feet to the fire very funny because my first was Australian outback. Well actually okay so technically I. I WATCH ORNATE OFFERS BUT TO BE I. Don't remember born. Yeah when I first lost. I do remember showing outback was such A. It was a season with Colby and then on the fire with he who shall not be named. So I've been watching since then I then at one point joined the navy and uh shockingly in Cuba you just can't. There's no access to survivor. Which is the saddest thing in Cuba? So there's quite a few seasons where I didn't watch the show and then I picked it right. Back up millennials versus Jedinak. I'm sorry go wrong. And then after wrong happened. I'm like well. This is a great season. I gotTa Watch everything I missed and I did and I'm caught up and then I got obsessed on rob is off. Asinine on this podcast and that there's a question you asked I missed. Oh yes the channel. Yeah so actually some credit supreme because Caribbeam I think was a big part in y. My channel started Some huge I'M A. I went to college degree after the navy for filmmaking. It's like my my passion imprint out a video called. I think it was the call. Now don't here but I think it's called the story of Dr Will Kirby and at the end of it he's like Oh man you know what you guys think? What if I did stories about survivor? Amazing Grace and I'm like you should. And then he never did. I think he put on about Daniel Rams a year later and I was like I was hoping as me like a regular thing on the channel so I was like. Oh this is really good and so I was like. Oh what if I do a heated but on steroids with my take because as a filmmaker feel like? That's like how I think about. Almost everything like how. This is a film. Why is a nicer thing? Things like a survivor at it. Why is this person telling me this telling me this with the purpose because everything is survivor has a purpose? It not everything in life does but you so in the minds as earth thing like that I feel like answer the question so so basically yeah for those. That don't know that these are essentially sort of narrative videos that tell the stories whether they'd be players or events that happened. Yeah my bad yes okay. So the point of the once upon an island youtube channel where I'm going through every season of survivor chronologically starting with Borneo and eventually I think I'll get to a currencies and I don't know how many years down the line that will be the survivor stories. I can say that it's it's easier said than done when it comes to the modern seasons some of the seasons are hard to watch. I just finished Thailand. I'm actually finishing Brian. Hi Tech Story. Right now and it's the weirdest one by far like just he's just such as something but but Yeah I am going to Susan's chronologically. I'm telling the stories of what I consider major survivor actor. So for example a recent would be like edge of extinction like rick. Devon's was a major character like even though he didn't win he's he has a story about him because he's just such a major character in that season for people who may have only watch recent seasons to give you better context but with every season going to do the story of the winner whether they are from Samoa Natalie similar with almost no content or even if their boss Robin Redemption Island. It's like the whole season's just about them so I'm GonNa always going to serve the winner but L. at my Not like self not much but my my patients on Patriot. I'll let them pick the other stories. I'm GONNA do anything. That's not the winner. Let them so. Yeah and I walked through the story from beginning to end and I try to like every single thing. Survivor told you about this person. No matter how little or or big it is. I try to cover that art because there with the there's a purpose to everything they're telling you I would say ninety five time. Sometimes they throw things in their three off but not in early seasons. Just that's more recent. I think early every single thing has a purpose to what they're why they're showing it to you so I cover all that that's something that interests you. If you like obsessive that's this is this channel for you. Yeah and I know that I personally came into contact with the channel. Probably I'd say one of your biggest videos. You put out so far the point where the man himself who you covered. Ethan's on even made a mention of it. Was Your your story about him which I thought was very pertinent. Given that people might not have watched Africa since it aired in two thousand one hell. Some people might not have watched Africa in general so I thought it was a great summary of his game and who he was the player and I do think it actually did fundamentally fill in some blanks as to how he played for. How many episodes this season? So yeah we're interested in checking out especially on that more old school content. You should check out once upon an island pretty am I also know that further season you have sort of changed up your own weekly content battle maps and all. Yeah exactly I was. I've been so excited about winters at war. I you know I spent a lot of time. Obviously if you see my channel talking a lot about history but I was like I would love to find a way to integrate modern survivor. What's happening on the screen each week? A lot of times. I'll make a video based around the theme of the latest episode. But it won't necessarily talk too much so I was like you know. Obviously a huge part of making videos on Youtube is working with the copyright system and they will wash it will not be able not hesitate to down if they want. They don't like what you're saying or just. The Algorithm is not having a good day so I just worked on creating graphics and spent a while building an idea that I know. It's relevant to what I like to do every day. Play Games whether they're board games or video games or whatever so I created this concept having a big Oak table with a battle map out like you're in a war like it's winters at war and putting little pieces on the table of a map of an island and moving around trying to explain what was happening. And who's doing what? And what's the strategy and sort of laying it out for people and it was a very different idea that I found. I think actually like what a lot requires a little bit more time than the average video but I find it. Hollywood more rewarding. Yeah sort of doing this for about half the season I don't know how many more will put out one more for the merge we'll see really SORTA take it week by week. I have outlined for videos that I want to cover we. Can we got a lot of times? Things just change on a dime based on based on the second swap with Denise Doing Double Idol did not intend to make a battlement video for that tonight said screw it. I love the. I love the episode. The love the strategy. So I got I gotta you know. Lay this out talk about what was going on very very good to idols played in one episode. And there it was so yeah and I WANNA talk about. It's really cool by the way on Wesley here that you weren't in general. I I know I ju- recently joined your paycheck and you have like way more. You're crazy 'cause I have like. I make video the week of four videos on your Patriot and so not to like say golding but you really should if you like what he's doing because you've got so many other videos talking about like she and I was just looking at all the other ones you had on China right now and it's funny that you bring up. The doctor will one from big brother because that was the very first one I did. I love those and this coming big brother season assuming we get it. Hopefully Krona doesn't doesn't remove it from US too soon. You know based on my big brother candidate happen. I'm hoping that doesn't have a brother. Twenty two because I would love to get back into talking about big brother as well but I have a slew of the story videos coming out. I have one's for Allison for June for Drouin Diane for magazine Journal for Down Dick and Danielle and I got a ton of them in the works for big brother. I don't know why I focus on big brother for the story videos less about survivor. But the fact that you're covering that whole that don't really do on my channel which is survivor story. Videos is really cool and even better than that in the last thing I want to say is that the doctor will video. I made the video and then I received a doctor will right after wile E. chewed me out and it was amazing. I was on. The surface was obviously happy with everything you say. He was not video for some reason. I was really trying to make it about the strategic game that he brought the first season of the strategic version of Big Brother. He wanted me to talk more about the character moments. The things that he you know they were happening like last. There was the pig so it was just really funny that you mentioned that video. 'cause I'm just thinking yeah. That was the only one where he messaged me and we had a back and forth and he was. He gave me a lot of constructive criticism. Lana affiliate content on your channel. You wanted to be on the video you didn't feel it wasn't relevant to the strategy of the so I have. I have the opposite interaction because after I oppose the Ethan Video Eastern out to me and now we like talking to daily basis. I have a phone number. And we're like friends like I opposite. Yeah very opposites Dr. Honestly you know what I was looking at. You know. I've been watching so much big brother getting the chance to have an iconic moment from one of these shows that loves you now to me if all very much like I was dealing with Dr. Well if I was on a season of big brother he didn't break character for a moment. It was exactly what I was hoping for. So I'll take it with me for the rest of my life. Well we have to treat you better more Ethan and less doctor will over the course of this. Let's works. Let's get into this season gentlemen because I put this out on on my twitter a bit of a poll but I would love to sort of pull the room so we officially are done with the pre merge of survivor winners at war. I think some big you'll fans including present company would have wished that it came in episode earlier but here we are seven episodes in top ten pre merge bottom ten pre merge somewhere in the middle as compared to other seasons. What do you guys think so? Oh yeah okay. I'll jump on in this. I don't WanNA selling any broken record because I know a lot of people are like. Oh you know give us more content but same time I kind of understand like the scheduling for television or why they don't so anyways my point the one what I'm really saying is I feel like the content. We have is really good by really do. We're being shorted in a lot of ways in terms of there's especially the secret scenes like there's so much out there especially in. I love the edge. I really do I take on. I love the edge this season but I just feel like because of the ratings so much especially with three tribes much less concepts like I love it but same time like a love hate because I want more I want more and I still want them to retain the Eh just want more and I know it's like a broken record. Never asked for ninety nine episodes so I don't know top ten probably if I were to really break it down but I can't say the best pre merger because I feel like I'm getting shorter that a lot of ways. You had a lot of recently bias. Of course I think there's something to having twenty champions back that makes it difficult for. I try to view objectively as best I can but obviously it's impossible and sometimes I'm like you know what the viewing experience is a superfan survivor. Just sort of embrace it even. If I'm losing my favorites left and right which I am losing. I think a lot of us are still like objectively. I tried it. I think that there's a lot of stuff going on. Try not to be too biased. I think before I started my channel which was started during the middle of heroes healers and hustlers and that was acquitted quite a game changing season as far as the future of survivor wine. And I remember watching game changers before that as just like a non just as like a regular guy watching it without thinking about making videos and exploring writing two to three thousand word essays about the latest episode ever. This is just me watching it as a fan. I remember being highly disappointed. And I also didn't really enjoy a lot of game changers because a lot of my favorites were going and I was like okay so I'm seeing that now online. A lot of people are sort of bringing up. Is this like another game. Changers pre merge? All Lot of the big best players are going back to back to back. And I'm like you know what I don't I don't actually turned around later on every watched game changers and I really loved the pre merge actually said it was one of the best pre merges of evolve survivor even if the post March leaves lots desired. I'm hoping we don't get that here because I really do like the winters at war pre merge. I'm not a huge fan. Either spoiler not each fan of Edge of extinction. I get more than I think than what we got with. Two seasons ago I would love to have long episodes. I think that this season could absolutely work with. I think he's see the secret scenes on. Cbs All access. And I've watched all of them. I loved all of them. Even the little ones where. There's continuously read the the trail over and over again. I'm like you know what I love it. I get to see like there's Ben reading drill. They're sophie reading on line classes ever. Yeah honestly like the pretty much I think maybe top ten. Maybe maybe up there. Yeah I could see it being top ten for sure it. Let me take that point about the comparisons to game change because I understand specifically this has been an old school wipeout where for one reason or another essentially anyone who played free heroes vs villains and like maybe a smidge afterwards promptly were voted out and I think to that extent people are saying. Wow all these big names finally went. Who are we left with? But I feel like the fundamental difference between this and as he's unlike game changers is who were left with. I really feel like this has to be this. Heroes vs villains has to be the strongest cast of all time in survivor. Because I do feel sincerely that each and every person has brought it in some capacity whether it's from entertainment perspective or a strategy perspective or an emotional perspective like I felt the presence of each one of those twenty people there and so even though yes we've lost all these big people. We still have left. You know. I would not have believed you if you told me. Preseason that are big two characters pre merge would have been Adam Klein and Michelle Fitzgerald. They have huge rolls on this season. Yet people like Jeremiah and denise you have Kim you have Tony like there is so much going on that I feel like it's not like you know the post merge of game changers where it's Okay it's Sarah Don Thomas and angry Debbie and choice. An that definitely felt more like the initial Oji all-stars of okay. Yeah we're thinking of the big names and then to the to the rest. The victory goes here. It feels like a universal even equality of them all being winners. It does feel like it's more even-handed in the way we're approaching this merch. I also think the presentation I don't know I don't know I can't really talk too much about this but I just feel like at least from an editing perspective. I've really enjoyed the editing. That's been going on in the war. I think he's been quite even even killed. I mean I would say I was somewhat even his game changers in the pre merger at the very least. I'm holding my breath. We'll see what happens with the post merge knows. I'm hoping it stays more of the same. I felt it's. It's really giving everyone a fair shake. You know. Maybe the earlier foods don't have as much air time media like Danny or amber but otherwise. I think it's been doing a great job. We've got some compelling storylines I think everyone has been given time to shine our moment to shine. Some people really funny giving giving us new angles of their character and these are all winners proven that they know how to give us a show. They can win the game. They can play the game obviously very well they can all do it enough to succeed at least one so. I think agree with that sentiment. I think this is probably the strongest gas. They've had in history which is crazy to say it's like how would they ever match? Here's versus volunteers. Villains have a lot like the reputation guilt building on like having the big rupert or Jerry or whoever especially going deep colby this is more like we just have people that are proven tried and true game players and I think as far as like you talking about the evolution of the show having that season forty as opposed to. Here's versace's villa andrus thematic season. Here it's now more based on. Gameplay you have these players who are and we all the thirties winners are still in at this point. Which is impressive and different. And they're the latest and they're all heavily involved in the game play much more than the old the old school days which were a little bit more thematic and slower pace. Look at Ethan and whatnot so I I think that this season as so far hopefully continues. But it's been firing on all cylinders. Well let's get into the boot from this most recent episode and right down to the challenge this really did feel like a bit of like Jeb. Any situation from survivor. David versus Goliath of like. Here's this four. That feels pretty tight with each other and then they have to go to tribal council and vote somebody off now. Maybe Nick hopes he can move forward with this group in the final three can be him nick and Michelle and he can repeat history but we lose. You'll hear who I do feel like it was probably one of the bigger question marks going into this season. I know that I was on a panel before the season on our HP with Robin Liana and terrain where we talked about this that you'll have been doing so much stuff. In the interim between survivor seasons but playing survivor was not one of them. And so you always wonder someone who has analytical as you'll how's he going to adjust to the pace of the monitoring game but also these random new advantages that are thrown his way? We'll get into what Leon and I thought beforehand but Wesley. What did you think about a? You'll coming back and be how he would do. Preseason did it match up to how we ended up seeing. You'll on season forty I. Yeah no I really liked. You'll the season one of the people. I wish we had wished we had heard more from it was funny. My Dad text me last week after last week's saying oh I wouldn't put money down that you'll is GonNa win season which fairy. He's still cut but I was like I don't see it. Of course my dad doesn't watch for the edit and that's all I can focus on but no. I really liked dual. I thought he was awesome. And he's is very analytical and I feel like if if there was just two tribes tribes he would have been able to blend in more. But when you're in these small tribes it's like well. There's a smart guy in the room. Let's get them. It's a lot harder to hide. I'm glad he came back. I rarely am. It's unfortunate. We didn't have. We don't we don't have like a season between I feel like us on our season Maybe HE I don't know I just listen to the recap of the last night where. Chrissy talkback Why she thought why you'll went in a completely threw off everything thought before I can't get out of my head I don't WanNA ask. Your old crissy was like well. I'm pretty sure you'll sorted out because all the old school is on edge of extinction. And he's an old schooler. So they're all gonNa vote for him if he makes it to the end and I'm like crap she's probably right which negates everything I was thinking. So just I know it's it's a good point and I wonder if another contributed to it is monique and Michelle. Sort of talking through their options as kingmakers in this episode. They said that I think Nick said in particular that like you'll they'd have to sort of fall under his command and they wouldn't feel as flexible so I wonder though. Wendell is drawing a lot of fire from both on and off screen for the way he's been behaving. I do wonder if they want to serve as more of a fulcrum. Swing vote between all of these coalitions at the merge and having someone like Ghoul keep them in line prevents them from doing the game. Play that they want I remember. Yeah sorry I was just thinking about at about whether this was this old school slaughter and if that lends itself to like. I've seen people speculate on whether whether we actually have a rivalry going between Michelle and Wendell or is this just played up for the cameras for the story line because I think Nick Marrano and in general I kind of agreed where she was wrong and she probably was the most compelling winter ever hear. She's back and she's giving us I would say some of the best content of the season. I look forward to every time. She's on the screen and so I'm wondering now like if you will was just sort of the old school and also maybe the reason they were brought up in the episode where he is too much of a threat land. But it's like you know. He's a huge shield and if. Wendell is kind of being this guy who's like I would say way Wendell versus you'll I'd probably take your the marriage. I don't think there's anything to differentiating between the you'll has a huge reputation. Big Target. I would think you would want them in front of you. You such diplomatic like well-reasoned understanding individual. I don't know missed it by by. I would probably put him over. Wendell who I just feel like. It's way more shifty I. I'm just trying to process you'll disappearing before our very eyes. He didn't even he didn't even get a moment to tell us anything about his thoughts. After the swap between the swap and this episode was completely off the screen. Like where's you'll why isn't he will work? And why didn't we? I would love to have harvey you'll connection. We didn't see any of that. I saw was the dairy briefly. Apparently his wife loved poverty. And that's that's out but his wife was also named Sophie. Maybe he was trying to do a bit of a usual suspects. Kaiser says they looking around the room to make themselves. You know what though when I see things like that like you. Only hear like one thing about them as a person and we've gone seven episodes in all here is all I see is like mom. They're not winning so unfortunate too. Because it's like you know everyone on right. It's almost like everyone's GonNa you disappointed eventually. I don't know when but eventually I mentioned this. On a on a tweet that Victoria from thirty eight extinction where she was adamantly against the edge of extinction go figure thinking about this and I still like one of the bigger. Tragedies of this season is Nice Day. Tragedy is a joke way usually tongue in cheek. But I'm like is that with so many of our favorite players especially with this pre merge all going to the edge of extinction I think just instinctively people are just going to start falling in love with the edge of extinction by default because all of the best players that we want to see are all there and it's going to slowly become bigger more accompanying assuming not everyone pulls a Sandra. It's going to become. Its own season of everyone that everyone wants to watch. And then all of a sudden people are going to be clamoring. We want edge of extinction we. I know that that's been a resounding sentiment with more casual watchers people. That aren't as hard core or studying the game as much like I would say I am. I so I'm like I don't love the distinction from a gameplay perspective so I'm wondering now seeing someone like y'all go there if it's going to increase in popularity and it's GonNa keep going as more of our favorites. Keep going on there so yeah well speaking of that not necessarily edge of extinction like this idea of twist. Did you guys notice when you'll was talking about? The Fire Tokens the glue on Jeff. Probst face there were. There was one point. I think when when you're talking about like incentivizing people with Fire Tokens and I think Jeff Outright says this this game sounds fantastic like Euler this so much that they took his quotes and they put it in the promos. Yeah literally AT LAYER DUPLICITY TO THE GAME. And put it in the teaser. I can't believe they actually took. It's like when you take a particular line from the movie and make title of the film you know like I am so surprised they did that. But you could understand Jeff PROBST K. Finally someone said something. Good of Hellfire Tokens picture. Air That in like underlined it three times because that thing is going away you'll you'll probst and giving you my all here. Please save me. Man Helps out on. Its it reminds me of on the edge of extinction season when dog was like the themes on trial. You're on trial and then just like yes. Life Anneli throwing your trial. Jeff's like you know where he went to bed and the Mir and you can just really talented chefs like. Yeah this is what I was saying in the production meetings before the season. Well let's get into some of our preseason thoughts on you'll start with Leon. Who sent me her her predictions in Abstentia God? I was going to say. I'm looking at the fire token math and I don't even know what it is right now. But you'll you'll she thought that you was going to form the new coconut bandits with Tyson. She said that actually out of Australian survivor. She would get voted would get voted out at a fake tribal council and sent to the other tribe and is given thirty fire. Tokens Essay Constellation tries to create an entire economic system. Based on a fire tokens parentheses. Check out the seven point. Six percent return on those fire token index funds. Okay here we go. Fire Tokens seven hundred ninety. Two invested in high interest savings hundred ninety invested in mutual funds and five hundred eighty three to buy an investment property and Fiji twenty-three Festivals. Closest allies are denise and. Tony Enemy is Sandra. I'm not gonNA do the math. But it seems like. It's probably close to two thousand. And Fire Tokens for you`ll. That's what. Lee is predicting in many different investments. Honestly I could see that. I realize happening if he didn't give out here so it was a good idea. And like you get swap screwed. But we're gonNA give you like these tokens as constellation for putting you in a bad situation. I mean what's the exchange rate for them at the airport? Like you're back in American like I got two thousand fire token and you're in the duty free shop. What are you getting all flights in this day and age? So I don't know decided hush money of listen. Don't decry twists many five or tokens as you need so much butter so much peanut butter. I wonder what they're gonNa do with your going back now. He's on there but he just missed like they started giving them alligators Halloween. Less less episode with Rob's driving around like. Oh there's a there's a fired I'm like you know like so much for getting swap screwed or whatever he's Guy. No Fire Tokens and he just missed the big all so maybe maybe next episode when one person comes back from the edge jeff will be like here guys to make you feel better like cures. Firefighter Tokens each or something. Because agree like we had the log task. We had this task which was not. Everyone gets a fire token but like the opportunity to find up to four now. It's going to be more like wholesale fire token findings because since there's probably more people on the island that's I don't know I don't know if it's GONNA increase or decrease the amount of just finding something in the sand and gifting power to somebody in the game. I was just trying to give out stimulus. Fire Tokens of this boy was going to happen. And they're like here's some stimulus. Fire Tokens let's GonNa be gone. Yeah I think it's also because of the upcoming challenge. They probably wouldn't mind if a few people who like works extra hard in the episode like Astana. Better chance to give back or maybe just pointed Basarab in the direction of the Near Swan said Borrow Robin wants you back in the game. But either way I don't know we'll see what actions so I thought that you'll be going to be the most loyal member of his alliance. I said he would find it advantage but surprisingly missed play it. I guess that was sort of like Sandra Style and this season I said he. Easy consensus vote. Okay that happened. It didn't think it would be a four percent drive. I said he'd be the most conservative with his fire. Token slash advantages closest. Ally is nick. Worst enemy. Is Jeremy twenty-five confessionals and six fire tokens. I could see you'll sort of being like a fire. Token hoarder eventually finds it feeling like he's going to get a better return on investment. If you know the the second challenge comes around at the final six by a super idol like he didn't Cook Islands heating by there. But you know he's got that becomes an item anything in the post merge token spry. Okay what else can we throw in there to really just fultz with the idea of an idol? Let's put a super idol in their beyond them before we move onto more funding games. We're GONNA take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors. Hey it's Ben Henry and Marcus host of the last podcast on the left are shows dedicated to uncovering hilariously horrifying stuff. 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Trello sinks across all of them so you can stay up to date on all the things your team cares about. Keep your workflow going from wherever you are with Trello try Trello for free and learn more at trello dot com that's T. E. L. L. O. DOT COM TRELLO DOT COM. And we are back. Let's keep on keeping on. Well let's get into some games here because I'm so delighted to say that we each have a game and I love my guests even more bringing in homework unprompted especially so Wesley is the new guy. I'm going to start with you. What what have you sort of brought in for us to indulge in this week for sure for sure so as I may have mentioned a few times. Now it's so hard to watch survivor now doing the show without thinking about the at and why are we being shown everything and the more? I work through the season's going from the beginning and then watching currencies. Same time I always. I no matter what season if it feels like most of the season. There's always like okay. This person's going to win. And if you pay attention you'll notice that are as some people the winners at us. I went back and rewatch the premier this week and a half three quotes from the premier and these are what I would consider not necessarily like straight up like okay. This burdens winning these are the three quotes that stood out is like I think this person is a really good chance of going to the end and possibly winning but none of them are like straight up. This is the winner quote. This is the winner. I think at this point. We're probably be savvy if we heard it. We would know it so I just want. I don't I don't I don't know if it matters who answers what she has to take a. Guess I'll I'll give you all. Twenty players are eligible but surprisingly it doesn't matter even if I said that because all these quotes come from people who are still in the game and on edge narrowed our free like that anyone who's still in the game not on edge said these quotes So the first quarter I have is I think. The winner of the season will be the person who's able to use the currency correctly. I am from the newer seasons where we're where we are used to twist winners standard there are unpredictable facets of the game so. I think my chances to win this game got much higher. Anyone have guessed. Believe that was nick. Yes it was. It was Nick Wilson and I know it seems like he has been completely buried this season. But Nick has ten confessionals won the last seven. Which tells you say like I guess. Better be silent than in some case being portrayed like Adam Rental. This season debut praying for purple editor at this point. We'll take take the atom and Wendell at it every day that we get much other somebody bring a villain at it than an invisible. Purple added. Nothing against Kelly. Well if if I look at the numbers real quick nick like while he was onto call was buried and I think for good reason. There's a lot of big characters there. But ever. Since he got the Soleil he is is confessionals have doubled tripled perhaps owed he was getting like one perhaps and now he's getting two or three so he very interesting in the merge that picks up he's been he's in reading the fence he's been right in the middle comfortably episode so. I think with all these targets that kind of ask you so that really stood out to me I think it's probably the most clear-cut consider a winner quote. It doesn't mean that he's GonNa win though because he does say that you know I think someone from a recent seasons GONNA win the game. Which does tie into my next two quotes the second quote and I think both the unnoticed wants most famous. I want everyone get nice and comfortable with me because the guards are here right now and they're slowly coming down as they see me around the camp all day all night when it gets down to hear Bang. That's where the sucker punch comes in Who might have said that? I was Danny who might have mind themselves putting their fists up as they were talking about this analogy. That was one of my favorite confessionals. Probably ever seen in all of survivor. Just going to say I immediately used that and like the first video I loved it obviously. Was Tony Lakos and the premier. Yeah yeah that was so good to me. That reads Tony. It's they're telling US attorney's GonNa Blind set everyone because everyone talks in the premier but not everyone talks about what they're GONNA do. This people talk about what they've been doing or howsoever change them but not everyone if you go back and watch talks about what they're gonNa do this season how this season's GonNa play out which I thought was really interesting. Especially now knowing how half the BOOT orders go and. I'm not spoiled. I'm just this is literally going based off the premier You know things. Stand out to me with Tony like this episode. How can we see Tony Running? And everyone thinking that's funny. We don't get the secret scene. Were Tyson's like braiding. The girls hair right. And it's like even though we're in season forty editor. Still know what they're doing and there's reasons that they're showing us these things. Why why. Why in two days time are we being shown on a beach when that seems so unimportant in comparison to so many things that could be showing just got to see old man that Tony? I love that scene so much not even Tony. I think my favorite was Kim because Kim was trying to be like the really placating mom and be like no it was. You're so good we could barely see you. You were the flash asked. Tony happy with Kim is found yourself in this. In this season. You know playing from the bottom for the first half guy. She has options finally her favorite accessed every time. She says a bigger smile on my face. I'm happy with her she's I was listening. Wnba last week and you guys are just like she's like the straight woman in the room just sort of sitting there like Oh my God who did I find myself in bed with right now. This is ridiculous. I'm Tony and Sandra and Jeremy is just I'm loving it I love. I love her reaction and she's just like sitting there looking like I thought I was. This was survivor. I don't know what I got myself into. Exactly how the Mike? One out take winners over one world everyday of the week. So Oh yeah yeah every day and then my last last have in this one I may. Mike may not talks about this every week. But it's the quotas. The number one thing I have in my mind is not who I wanNA work with two. I want out of that. I know all right go ahead. Pretty Sophie Yeah. It was Sophie That reads to me that she's GonNa be she's going to be really cutthroat and I think so far I mean looking at her voting history. Everything it's so far and I mean Sophie's like taking center stage where I feel like in. Her season coach was center stage and so for us. It's kind of on the sidelines. Which I know is not what people want to hear but coach was he was. He was the STAR THAT SEASON. Sophia's on the sidelines. To the point. Where you're like. Oh Chassis win this. I mean I know. He's like coach but like come on. They its annual like Sophie. Wins like just for the casualty? Personally what I feel like this season Sophie Kinda summer to Michelle's out there like I'm GonNa cut throats. I'm more confident. Now that I'm Gonna I'M GONNA win this game and nobody's GonNa suspect me because my first season which so far have been really working over. There was a really interesting secrets seen this week. Where I off Ben finds a snake at the water well and named weirdest just reaction. I wish I could play the sound but I like singing this song to himself about let go into the water will do. And these sees the snake and then he picks up the snake grouper style and he's like aw neat and you sometimes I forget. Just how big of a Dork bench? Bergen is years. And that's what I've really appreciated about this season. I think between like Rob Missing Him and you know the dad gummed atom of it all or even like him singing the peanut butter Jelly Song. Like he is this goofy data figure but not seeing you know he goes back to Cami. You Tell Sophie now. I'm about the snake. And they go to find this confessional where she says you know. I played last game out of fear and I felt to a certain extent. That cer- islet survivor. Pass me by this time. I make sure to break out of my comfort zone and make bigger plays and to that point. You know it sucks at. The scene wasn't shown on the on screen for various reasons. But I do think that's a great microcosm to your point as to what we're going to be seeing from Sophie especially if she's missing that Nerd Shield in. You'll wants the merchants. I think she's going to be looking for another partner very very soon. Yeah that's the number one thing. I think I'm looking out for for her. At least is. How is she going to react? Now that you'll see on that was such a pivotal moment. I think for games the very beginning. She's Yul Kwon and she's got this nerd. She'll which is a very interesting term that I have not heard before usually here meet shields specially Jeremy but she's got this nerd. Schiller Brain Shield. There's something he's not just physically strong but he's mentally. He's a threat and okay. Let's see now. Now he's gone. She had nothing to do with it. I wonder where Sophie goes. Or how does she navigate? I'm not greasy. Notre reaction is going to be. I don't know we didn't see the reactor to poverty and Sandra's who knows maybe we won't see the reaction to so weird. I think what the survivor Nancy drew on. The Internet have decoded is if you look at the press photos. There was a reward challenge. That wasn't Sean. Yeah the whole thing. Where you you bought the sandbags out of the net overhead using sticks than you use them to launch a target. So I can imagine that they found out out that reward and it's just too much of like a misplaced location to seamlessly edited into the immunity challenge off due to the cut challenge. We did not see them. React to such a good. I was GONNA say it's such a wild Lucien that just you know ten years ago. We're sitting here debating Sandra versus Harvey. And now here. We are ten years later and it's like we can't get include a scene with them getting out after what a what a crazy world. The APP that makes sense UNAIRED REWARD. Challenge the reaction a totally different location. And there's just no way of hiding that. Yeah I guess I'm surprised. They had a reward challenge. I talked about this in the first couple of episodes. I thought because you're offering rewards on the fire token menu than and like you just do away with reward challenges but apparently they. They had one in episode seven. For whatever reason I feel like I'm GonNa say you know? Yeah I mean they have to look into potentially if it's worthwhile I don't know maybe they wanted to go ahead Wesley. I didn't know what I was going to say that I was GonNa say I also watching the premiere? I didn't realize I remember seeing the of course. I think we're all very familiar now. With after Tyson the menu for the edge of extinction one token get you a pizza. Massive are peanut butter but the people in the actual non education don't have those options. There's not one token for a pizza. It's like the minimum like the least amount took like three which really limits your options. And I don't remember much food being on there. If any David David there was a bag of rice and I think there might have been a small bag of beans or something but it was more so this idea at least what I think. What they were trying to imply was like. Hey Pool your fire tokens to get things for the tribe. And it's an another reason why I'm unhappy that we weren't able to do exit. Press the season directly with the contestants is because I would just love to know from them like did they give any thought ever to possibly saying like. Kayla's put our tokens together and get a tarp or was it more so hey let's wait for a challenge where they'll give away a tarp for winning in the second episode. I Remember Rob Joke in poverty like. Yeah maybe I'll give my tokens the by Tarquini. Laugh like it's big job so at least for rob. It wasn't even considered one of those things. Didn't they have like a few seasons ago? Like a board with like you could delineate like tasks around camp. Remember this Oh go style and or something like a big like laundry list board where you could have like a checklist of like tasks to do around camp. And he could like put people's names by for some reason I was like what is going on. Forgot About The survivor Chore Wheel Last. Because I think that makes it was go sailing right. Because they've for some reason they use that opportunity to focus a lot more on the providers that was when they gave them less food because they thought okay really going to make people depend on the fishermen look at winners of war like they haven't scaled back the rations and you have everyone catching breadfruit and sea creatures. Every other week was there could catch them all the fish and win the game. I don't know ripper skin like a run for his money. Now you know. Between a heist being able to catch sea creatures Benz making friends with snakes like all of Rupert's greatest features are being filled out. People just eat the steel shoes and that's like and he's officially outdone. Do you see all the comments on twitter instagram facebook. Like where's Rupert Nausea and these were on ironic comments and I'm like. Do you understand the premise of the season right. Yeah yeah but I like Ozzy and I'm like okay. Yes survivor. I liked ozzy is going to be coming. Seasonally forty five. They can just hold out for a little rye longer. Survivor survivor. Redemption Island two point. Oh then I see. Yeah exactly Well Pretty I know that you have a quote game as well. So let's keep on keeping on with the sound bites. What have you got prepared? Okay so I went ahead and put together this little quote game how much we love quotes. I'll have quotes and it's called Hashtag. Adjust Day thirty nine things and this is a game that is going to. Of course. We're we're watching it all winter season and I thought you know with old school slaughter. It'd be nice to incorporate older school winners and I decided at some point this evolution of a game here I decided to I I was just going to do. The cast of winters at work quotes. But then I thought you know. Let's let's include all winters so I took one quote from every single winner. All thirty eight over thirty nine seasons and this is a quote that they gave on Day thirty nine. And I'm going to try a I'm gonNA give you guys the quotes and we're GONNA go back and forth trying to figure out who said the quote and we're not going to do all thirty nine of them and take forever. Honestly I don't I don't expect you guys get a lot of them because some of them are pretty difficult but to make it more of a game to game by it. Idea here is. Y- appoints forgetting the quote correctly being able to tell which winner on their winning season of this quote and categorize all thirty nine quotes into groups of three so there's thirteen thirteen and thirteen easy quotes medium quotes and hard quotes. On your turn you can decide if you WANNA go for an easy quote for one point a medium cool for two points for three points. You get a right. Of course you get the points. If you get it wrong your opponent will get the chance to steal and they get the points and said. I don't really know win will end the game. I was trying to figure out how to balance this because it could take forever and honestly I was like do the time. Is it like by certain amount? Maybe after twenty points but I thought well she's caught are so hard that you don't get any and we sit here going all thirty nine of them just like when you're sitting here eating clubs from thirty nine seats in the survivor so I don't know maybe we'll go from I fifteen. I don't know we'll see the edge of extinction nestle have like an undetermined ending point now. Sort of keep his entire. Maybe maybe we'll do like mercy. Whatever you want to start falling way behind. We'll just sort of cut it short. Let's let's make this like a little league game please okay. So I've got thirteen easy. Thirteen medium thirteen hard from all. This is one quote from each winner on their winning season. So you're not going to have poverty talking on here versus villains this Micronesia. Also in the event that the quote has any proper nouns like if they bring their own name into it or a winner a player on their own season or they mention their name or something that would just make an absolute dead giveaway. I was just GonNa say Blink of some of these are going to have a lot of the word blanks in it but nonetheless. We'll just we'll go through it so whenever you do Brian Headaches. Can you can flip off through sky. I thought about that you are. You're covering a lot of the older citizens so I'm like I need to make sure that. Not all of the hard goods worth. The most points are all home schoolers. We'll see how that goes. I winners memorized. That's true right down thirty four to go wrong. No okay so yeah. I don't know who wants to go first. You can. I'll give it to the guest here. I pick your easy medium hard on point to point to three point. Let's build up my competency crush it later. And let's start with an easy one and easy quote. Okay so I'll give you one of the easy quotes. Let's start with this quote blank and blank. They're trying out last night. They don't really know. What outlast really means if took will and grit and reflection and when. I got back in the game in three days. My game was better than two other players who had thirty nine days to do the same thing. Chris underwood ago I said. Now's like Mike Holloway. No no no the three. He's right that three days just gives it away. Yeah Yeah exactly. I wanted to know you know. That's part of the part of the difficulty. Curve of the game is of course some of these are going to give context that makes the debt obvious but there you go that was Chris Underwood from season. Thirty eight edge of extinction. All right all right. Mike I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA try a barometer for these medium questions to see exactly how medium they are okay to pointer okay. Here we go for two points the way the day is ending with this rain and being miserable is of course bringing on the miserable feelings of going to travel council. I think the vibe of the jury tonight is going to be pretty cold. You know they came out here with their second chance and the fact that they didn't get to finish it and we did. I don't think they're going to make this easy for us at all. I think the jury would love to see blanket ice squirm. Ooh Okay. I am going to say I think between the miserable rain second chance and the fact that only two names were mentioned. I'M GONNA go with amber. That is correct. Yeah there you go. That was amber on season. Eight all-stars talking about her and rob about to face the firing squad of the jury I mean she was correct and the weather was also pretty crummy as well. That was definitely one of the seasons. That was like the weather is perfectly attuned to the mood of the people around them and that was the true. I second chance season. Now what did he say? Second chance in there to like throw me off and I guess an embarrassment and she says second chance. I'm like this. This could possibly mislead you pay attention. There was only two names so I was really. I was looking at the desk. And I'm like this should be level two difficulty for these reasons and arguably outlined what I was thinking so man I guess you signed me up. I have to ask what a hard question okay I am going to go with. The man is okay later on. Is it here. We go as a superfan. This has been a dream of mine for a decade pretty much. I was kind of like a silent assassin quietly controlling this game. I found ways to connect with all these people all the while they were sent to the jury based on my decisions and I made it to the end. I can win this game if I bring my game. Who said I want to say John Cochran simply because you said Superfan but it's a hard question but I'm not going to second guess myself I'm GonNa say Cochran probably wrong. Kill me. Wish I could have like the quote play it with audience. I gross like. How do I do that but whatever tentacle it was not? It was not John Conway have a chance to steal. Now you do a chance or is it really is it. Tommy was not tom either. Nobody gets the points and the questions. According to the game it was if any guesses about other super fans have played because he says he or she said they're superfan literally guy. It was a guy and was from a season in the thirty S. it was Adam Klein. Nope it was Wendell how I didn't know it either. I was like. Oh Wow that is still okay. Well I feel like we have a proper barometer for easy medium and hard. This makes sense. This is why I was like. Oh what do I in this game? I think that's I think that's a good I think you've nailed it. What's easy Menard hardest completely? Sure as to what it is and it turns out not to be it. Let's let's let's go with another medium here another medium okay so this is a quote for a long time in this game. I felt completely alone with only myself. The trust I feel like I dug down into parts of me that I didn't know where there and now I know that there's no wall that I can come up against that. I can't either dig under it. Climb over it or heck I gotTA burst through it. There's a lot of people out there that don't like me because I have one so much so I better be ready for battle because I want the title a sole survivor and a million dollars. Don't like me because I have one so much. I mean that has so many different meanings. I guess my my knee jerk reaction is going to be Mike Holloway. Yeah that's my final answer. Mike is Correct. I'll admit that the first part did not sound like Mike Holloway. Until you got into the I one so much because I don't know I feel like Mike Hallway because he was edited in such a Hero Lake capacity that. I can't imagine thank you like. I know people don't like me because you know of the journey that I had exactly easy easy all right Wesley. Turn all right Mike is up four to one game media track. That's up here okay. Medium quotes medium code. Time what it boils down to is. Did I come here for forty two days to starve to live in the type of environment that I've lived in to make those types of sacrifices to give somebody like blank a million dollars or did I come here to play. This game. Deserves a million dollars. Can you repeat the first six words that what boils down to is? Did I come here for forty two days to start out Tina Wesson? Your I heard that right. That was Tina Western survivor. Australia outback again. Of course the major key indicator being the fact that she was the only one to play for forty two days and she. She has a funny way. She ends the quote. This is the last thing. She says birth before she goes to final tribal like. Did I come here to play this game and media and I thought that was funny. She says instead of like I don't know if you score matair it's not Monica culpepper going to third person but it's still like a weird version of first person and the funny thing is she says to give somebody like blank blank was Elizabeth Hasselbeck. There's Elizabeth thought it wasn't cold. I was like yeah I thought it would have been colby but it was nine. He Says Yeah. I know so I was like was this like harshly quote from like previously. I don't know but either way that's what she says. So no he's because I think hasselback goes out thirty nine. And then you have keith fame. He goes out of forty forty one or the other right. That's this is a quote from day thirty nine but in this case the day thirty nine was not the end of the season. No all right. Mike. You're you gotTA risk it to get the biscuit. Let's let's let's try another hard one and let's see if we can pair better this time. That would wendell okay. Oh all right. Here's a quote no matter what situation in life you're in may be down but you're not out. That's a huge lesson. I've learned here for the jury tonight. I plan on just being myself trying to be a nice person all American girl next door so it just kinda depends on the questions they ask and then how I need to react to it the all American. Yeah girl next door ooh okay so I mean I have an initial thought. I'm just scanning through people in my mind. I mean female winter yet. Can you read the quote one more time no matter what situation life you're in you may be down but you're not out? That's a huge lesson. I've learned here Jerry tonight. I plan on just being myself trying to be a nice person the all American girl next door so it just kind of depends on the questions they ask and then how I need to react to it. I mean I I'm GonNa go with Natalie white just as a knee jerk. Reaction has not carax's my matteoli whites. Can I steal you can steal? So I'm a maybe it's because I haven't watched two seasons aired. I'm GonNa Guess Danny Bow Right from Guatemala. That is correct thinking. She's so she's a huge fan of Kansas City. On what other woman would refer to themselves as all American girl that was my. That was my only guess Not Because I've seen any time yup I wouldn't be able to probably pin that he that it'd be honest down but yeah that was Danny Boat. Right on season eleven. Guatemala Nice unique taken the lead in one round. I know I know all right now. The crush. My confidence Let's throw another medium one in their idiom quote. All right here it is. I don't think it's about the money tonight. I think it's about the title of sole survivor. That's all blink wants and if that's what blink wants that's what I gotTa make sure blank does not get. There's not a day that didn't go by that. I was trying to focus on. What's the best way for me to get rid of blank? I didn't hide behind immunity necklace. I never read safety. I had to take care of myself. Somebody who speaks up. Soften the third person Reread it if you like. No I'm just trying to think of who talk about himself in the third person besides Russell Hands obviously did not win and it should not be eligible for this no matter how many times he says he should I'm GONNA take a shot and I really don't know the Gorn time. I don't think it's about the money tonight. I think it's about the title of sole survivor. That's all blank wants. And if that's what blink wants that's what I gotTa make sure blank does not get. There's not a day that didn't go by that. I was trying to focus on. What's the best way for me to get rid of blank? I didn't hide behind no meeting necklace. I never had safety. I did take care of myself. I have no idea I know at least has to be season. Twelve onward Town I drink you on. We have third person. This could have been hard question unless Mike comes in with an easy answer. I'm just gonNA throw name Thanh hers og probably not todd hers by any idea for this might be so Wesley you were closed by talking about Russell hands because I believe that Sandra is talking about Russell hands in this quote. Yes it is. It was fine. It was survivor. Heroes vs Villanova. Whenever the final thing she said before she went to travel council in the lead now six points that was her. She's saying all Russell Wants Russell wants that's why I gotTa make sure Russell does not get. That's the one quote that really stuck out in my head and it's all the other Russell stuff she was doing day. Thirty nine I haven't watched China's scenario. I was kind of like okay. This species haven't seen recently but now that's not the case. I should have known. Well let me let me stick with a happy medium here. This seems to be a pretty good place right now. Very comfortable in the middle of the two okay. So you'RE GONNA go from medium quote all right quote is being here and knowing that I'm final three. I'm like okay. There is a frequent shot. I made little adjustments here and there and I fought my way to my spot here and what. I needed to win challenges. That's exactly what I did. I hope that people can see that. I not some timid girl who's glided along but rather somebody who is strategically made moves this whole game. I believe that is the one and only meech fits Michelle Fitzgerald at. His Michelle Fitzgerald is asking same thing. And it's like well he's perfectly until like every confessional from her this season which is like. I don't WanNA prove someone needs to prove that I'm here to play. I know sort of. It's sort of a great way to end her winning game than leads right into winters. I war so Michelle is not in the finale. I'd be shocked honestly. I'd I'd be here for. I think she's getting a lot of content right now and I think I would not be surprised if like this is the story of Michelle whether she wins or loses as Ossetia's to search for someone who a lot of people were like she shouldn't have won in the first place. I think that it's just such a big story. And it's been mentioned so much that I can. I can see that you know thing happening. Especially if the finale as a six seven people at the end she has a larger chance of that. At this point the modern day I would say almost narrative Simona poverty except one maybe Cook Islands to sort of A. She's maybe or maybe not poverty but she's not as she's definitely grieving that she's quite threatening when given the chance and I don't know I'm looking forward to it. I think she's definitely going to go far. I've said she was kind of the dark horse winter. Pick of the season. She's sort of proven that to be the case. Watcher out Wendell. That's what's next. Oh one hundred percent happening that has to be next. I don't know if that's an extra but she is definitely in the best will come down and sits common yeah. You don't get Wendell's edit without him getting like love that I love the classic classic villain at it you kind of love to hate it or love to love to love it. I like it. I'm looking forward to it. I personally join Wendell more than I think the average person so even if he gets taken down which definitely is going to happen. I'm here for his Sake airport. Yeah all right is it. Yes easy quote all right. Let's get some points in guessing. Fire Tokens in the bank. Yeah this quote is I am proud to be the last blink in the game always been. Blink was probably one of the only kids that law school that grew up at a trailer. But you know it made me who I am made me learn how to go. Make MYSELF BE SOMEBODY. And that's the same out here and survivor. I mean I've had to do everything but a back live out here to make it to the final three. You know what? It's one of the three people I think has the best shot wings. Game minutes nick. Wilson that is correct. Wilson. You know what that was such A. I love that season. I cannot say how much I love. Diverse Goliath top. Top to up to. Yeah I would definitely say it's up there. I don't know if I'd say top two for me but it's all up ten. It's it's tough to for me. I think it helps that I discovered are half the season at the same time. Like an association with yeah it was and then Christian. Becky speaks my love language. So ones and zeroes that love language. He's like let's let's make another hard one. Let's see what out. Okay here's the quote and I apologize. Finding finding a really good friend is worth more than a million dollars. Friendships like the one I have with blank. I think that rare I tried to play the game with as much integrity as I could. I know I failed in a lot of respects but hopefully people won't hold it against me that I beat them interesting. Okay so this is someone who has a really like most friendship with somebody at the end and the more time finding a really good friend is more than a million dollars. Friendships like the one. I HAVE WITH LINK. I think are that rare. I tried to play the game with as much integrity as I could. I know I failed in a lot of respects but hopefully people won't hold it against me that I beat them is it. Jt Jt nope now through the list of people at the end besides the amber. Yeah this is a tricky on. Actually it's like oh listen to be like wait. Were they really think they were friends? Eh I really feel like this can be from a middle season the seasons. I don't worry Austin a while. Oh now we already said you'll say yours. Eight final answer is already said you'll before. Is that already been an answer? I don't believe who said you'll you'll because I think he's talking about Ozzy. Okay that was that was. You'll you'll quantity. That was not about Ozzy that was actually about becky. Oh really it's the I this is. My weakness is the middle seasons. Even though I've gotten these answers assay weakness. No NO NO I. I'm just guessing based on like basic knowledge. I haven't watched since I haven't got some on the channel so now now that my makes sense that last part with the integrity given what he said this episode of you know. I've lied more in these however many days than I did in the entirety of Cook Islands. I do remember that you'll was someone who despite being liberal does. The Godfather did really try to play like a very straightforward game. He actually had a lot of difficulty lying. You know it's funny. He was saying I lied way. More than the last seven episodes have in all of Cook Islands and he ends Cook Islands season. This was the very last thing he said. It wasn't really that that you know in some ways. It's sort of isn't wasn't very it wasn't that person was a bit generic. I thought so I was like I. It is hard on but he talks about playing with a lot of integrity and he even gets very humble which is very you'll thing failed and a lot of respects. And it's like you'll come on like frigging you're the God. Yes you failed in a lot of respects your yoke want so anyway. Yes Wesley you are now. In the lead to store it is nine two eight. Oh let's do. Let's do an easy question. I just want to build that lead on their on. Okay Question Time Lincoln. I pretty much own this game. She made it all the way to the end and Blenkiron made it almost all the way to the end and blank to be in the final two of this season. It's a serious accomplishment. I feel like I can stand up tall and be like I am a survivor. Warmer time run through that one more time Lincoln. I pretty much own this game. She made it all the way to the end and blank. I made it almost all the way all the way to the end in blank to be in the final two of this season. It's a serious accomplishment. I feel like I can stand up tall and be like I am a survivor. So has to have a female lose. The game has to be not season. Twenty Aches Not Tony Seasons to ask me like a season before twenty out on interests I interest file. Three Cook Islands of Twos her the end her at the end driving people want against females and final twos without looking up a list cheating but I have the list of the winners. Have anything else female? I don't do. I'm GONNA take a shot in the dark here and say RS. Beating Double D Danny Effort. That is incorrect. Now for Mike. Tie The game for one point. Do you have any idea who might have said that quote so I believe it. Harvey refers to Amanda Going to the end of China. So I'm going to say that's her talking about infants versus favorites on the in Micronesia fans. There was talking about on Manda Camel. Yeah Yeah Yeah. She didn't actually see a man to go to the end of China. But I guess she just heard asa just heard the great. Brian Amanda Pretty. Well time winner all right so I learned my lesson. I'm going back to the medium questions. I've touched that hot stove giving rookie given points. Yeah I'm loaded all right. So the next question medium quote all down and hurting myself today reminded me just how human I am reminded me. Just how much of a game? This is what that is is saying. All right look like it. Don't have to be Superman. You don't have to be a superhero and you'll be okay. That's our friend there you go. Yeah you're your served it up to me and then you probably slipped on the glass. That was Irish. Briscoe ceus falling down on day. Thirty nine he gets stitched up which is quite a unique date thirty nine. I'd say all of all those assets. There's there's a there's definitely like conspiracy theory that because that happened. That's why they instituted the final three. I don't believe it but some people are necessarily. I'd say it was more like if anything. That's really terry lack getting to the final two. Yeah exactly all right now. It's eleven to nine. You're down two points You know we haven't touched upon any of the I four winners. I feel like you're doing that purpose. Maybe not even hiding. We haven't done the first five winners. I'm sorry the team I'm a himmy of the medium question question okay. You didn't question. Is this game and I are a lot like two peas in a pod. You know being in the blank I've been through a lot of battles in life and tonight is going to be battle because blankets a good talker and blink. One four immunity challenges. I Games about providing for my family more than anything else. At the end of the day I need to bring a paycheck home to my wife and my kids my two kids get aw- can phone affront friend. Now I'm GonNa say I'm trying to remember how many they won? I WANNA see Bend Oregon. Guessing. Chrissy one four. Yeah I'M GONNA go back and I'm just guessing on how many Chris Wanna though. Yeah that was. Benji began. Talks Ryan's good talker and Chrissy did win for me in any challenges and he said being in the mail being in the Marines. Well sorry I got caught in the fourth meeting each by my mind. Go on in four tied up right now. Yes alert on all the lead. Come on media. We'RE GONNA run out and go new new medium quote. This year has been kind of a tough year free. I just recently got divorced and you know coming out of a really tough marriage after almost four years you look back and you're like man. I got married to this person. Wow It really doesn't work so coming out here and having to make decisions quickly day in and day out and have them work. Get to sit here at the end of the day and say wow. These decisions worked out really well. I have definitely gained some of my confidence back. I believe I remember this because I believe it's the only personal contact. We got from Kim Spradlin throughout all of survivor one world. That is correct. Yeah you may be right there. It's the only been gone only members you said her finding out like oh she was divorced. That's interesting I had no idea. She was like a wedding shop bridal on her. Yeah Yeah that's the last quote that she has or one world before she goes off and wins. It's probably the most personal thing she gets. It obviously ties into a profession. And now they go. It's not. It's not too gamy which is surprising. Given how gaming and how many options she had been the one who when the pig got loose in the camp she's like this could be really good for my strategy. Yeah I love the duality of Kim here in one world compared. I mentioned this earlier. And now she's like on the bottom flustered and it's like totally lacking control and she's sort of getting her voting now as we go into the merge which. I'd love to see it's really cool to see like arguably one of the best players ever who played probably the strongest games driver in history just from a sheer dominant in control perspective. To come back have no control. He totally flustered. And and yeah. It's frigging Kim Spradlin. Absolutely all right. Wesley go eleven so getting close down to the wire here. Which category has the on a business trip line? Which one has the million dollar written for me? Yeah Bonus tied up here now Let's go with them once again. You have eleven and Mike S. Thirteen crack. Thanks Mike Foley to get my own questions that I would be winning. Odds go with how many meetings have left doing don through a lot of the medians at saying we have one two three or five. GimMe a hard one. Okay to take the lead. I thought today more and more about my emotional breakdown at tribal. I WANNA keep my composure tonight. The last thing I wanNA do seem like this complete nutjob crazy emotional crying. Because I think that somebody who doesn't deserve to get to the end so I'm going to try to go in perhaps a bit more logically than emotionally. I cried at the final. Oh my Gosh I'll tell you it's not Richard Ethan. Happier Brian They said I thought today more and more about my emotional breakdown at tribal. Yeah I know really o exposing the fraud I am when it comes seasons. I haven't really watched I really. There's not like like half points and perhaps I didn't. I didn't balance the game around half are all man. I really so everyone listening. I don't remember who cried at the trial for the finals. And they'll kill me. I'm trying to think somebody possibly would cry. Which is hard to say. Still GonNa say Denise Okay that is not correct as nothing stately. I was thinking Malcolm going home. She cried now at Lisa's rather STOIC. Nfl Games actually the my dear. I am sorry Wesley this. This is Sophie. Clarke is Clark that was Clark talking about when Oswaldo spoiled little girl at the final. It was yeah he was pretty bad. Also probably one of the more emotional moments Sophie's time on South Pacific other than her. Maybe yelling at Albert every other episode Jeff. That like nothing changed after after the talk at tribal council. Yes they can't help you SOFI so my initial was to reduce it to fifteen. If we want we can try and go to twenty eight sixteen to eleven. That would mean that might did win here. I don't know why keep going. I mean I'm good to move on if you are Wesley. Yeah let's let's move on though. I am curious where does where does Brian Woods which category to Brian? I did avoid saying Brians all INCA I know gimmie three points and hard it was. He was in the hard actually. Ethan and Brian. We're all in the hard category brassieres quote what I was GonNa say. Brian's quote was this is strictly game to me. It was about building relationships and cutting their losses to move onto the level but the relationships that you build were necessarily real test of the last couple of days things have gotten pretty touch and go and there might have been some opinions for him and how cutthroat I am a little scary to be sitting up there in the spotlight while you're interrogated to me. It's hilarious because right after that quote. Klay then says. Oh everyone here on the island. Just love Brian. He's a real class act and I'm like unless you know any read on the sky. Pretty what do you think is like the what? What end quote surprise you the most from your hand these people? Well I'd say Tyson's was with different only because it was easily the most vague that I literally workshop from his day. Thirty eight quote. I didn't even use his his was so generic that didn't even have any personal tone to it at all from versus water. I love Tony's I didn't use Tony's it was. He was an easy category. You guys definitely a dodged a Lotta easy questions. Tony's was great he does. He's like this game. Tony it so many names Tony in trouble. Tony in charge Tony in the driver's seat Tony and control but today I feel like I'm Tony Million Dollars. And then he talks about needing he wants to get pink chandelier for his daughter back home which I liked him yeah. I think it's really interesting I can. I can send them over if you ever want to have. Its Award Duck. I have evolved thirty nine but it's interesting. Most of them is less than they say and they really do. Talk a lot about all different kinds of aspects of the survivor. You know whether it's their journey to get there the friendships. They made the strategical games. They played just like the experience of being on survivor. In the first place I like Sanders is very much a sandra quote. Where she's like I don't want I'm GONNA do my best to make sure Brussels away and then right after that. She Burns his hat in the episode Pearl Islands. Oh it's a little bit more generic quote was like to this day. No one has ever put my name on a piece of parchment. It writes tonight and give it to give me the money. A little is a good person so I don't know why she doesn't deserve it more than I do or why she does deserve more than I do. I think that's what this will come down to is a three to four vote. It's going to be something real close. Tom Westman was very much like eighty and Tom doesn't actually have like a great read. Surprisingly one of the last things he says is Katya so likable. She Sasha character you know each people just say you know what? I've had enough of Tom and his immunity necklace. I'M GONNA give it to the one who was able to make it there by writing Tomsk sales. It's interesting if he's like providing you know. There's some doubt whether Tom's going to win. And I actually think one of my favorites was probably Natalie White simply just saying I think there may be a little bit of strategy involved with Russell making us feel like we're not gonNA win or that. We don't have a chance but I have news for him. I'm not going to give up. I'm just going to explain to the jury. I don't work the same way Russell. That would clearly not a work for me. The girls that were aggressive. They got eliminated early. My strategy was to be myself and at the end of the day. I wasn out to get anybody or make anybody look bad. Russell made it clear that he was okay with making people look bad. I like that quote. I thought it was perfectly describes the season and that's a perfect set of two opposite while it was a surprise at the time to see Natalie's Wayne and while the edit itself in the narrative did not necessarily speak to that this at least as a moment that is going to foreshadow what happens at that final tribal council. Natalie is at least able to verbalize the strategy. She had in working with Russell which is more than Mecca. Do you know if you treat Natalie's game and this is I mean it's half joke with like how serious retreating alleys game almost like you're watching edge of extinction season hurting. Chris are very similar finale. Where it's like. Who is this person? And how come it seems like they're GonNa win all of a sudden because Russell really like blows up his game last couple episodes. But really the finales where you're like. Why feel like you should win based on the past like thirteen episodes this one? He's in India like more so than normal And but now over here like who who is she. And why does he much? He's GonNa win same thing of the edge of extinction. Who is Chris? And why do I feel like no one else has a chance separate data? Also Chris Somehow even had more screen time Inc. professionals in La. Why did in all seasons episodes actually speaking of Russell? I wanted before we move onto our next game. I want to take a second to talk about. I think the other big news item of this episode. Which is Sandra deciding to leave the edging extinction? It has lit the survivor Internet on fire. I think The the larger fan base has really dug into her including some alumni players. That have just been mentioned. Some have really trying to boil it down to like well. She didn't quit. She just left the edge of extinction. Some been applauding. Her have been decrying her for it. Wesley where do you stand on your feelings as to what Sandra did this past episode? So so it's hard because Sandra has won twice and I'm very mixed on it so like one hand. She's won twice. Like what does she have to prove She knows she's not GonNa win the challenge so I know that's one side of the argument there side is like you know like those. Tina Wesson was out there. Was she ever left? Edgy extinction. Now she would have stayed out until the end and then and then some so I totally get both sides. The argument I think I think writing is probably somewhere in the middle. I wish Sandra if you look at the edge of extinction season I don't know how familiar I know she watches the show but I don't know she like knows all his numbers. Dad's extinction challenge in thirty eight was on day seventeen. I think she voted out a sixteen seventeen around so like tradit- traditionally based on that other season the challenge next day in two days. I I was FRY. She didn't just try the first challenge and then raised the Flag Allah Keith. Or Wendy for Magic's things like after that. I challenge okay. Well this isn't for me. I tried it once. You know. Fair enough I was really surprised by that but on the other hand I think I don't know I'm very mixed on it but I wish he'd given one challenge shot because maybe they did something different. This is I mean. We don't know Right Pretty. And what do you think about it? All what did you. What do you think over here? I mean I'm also very weird category in that I just generally as a reality. Tv Fan. I really don't begrudge quitters that much because I do feel like there is so much that happens. Offscreen especially in a show like survivor. That we really don't know about like new has come out about you. Know Austin. The first official person to quit survivor like his body was shutting down due to the fact that he sold is closed the first day. There's the if the story about Purple Kelly. Being put it by wardrobe in just a bikini in cold rainy. Nicaragua which caused her body to shut down. So like I feel like it's it's always tough to just have the blanket rule of like. Yes let's decry people who quit the game 'cause like then are you going to say that about Jazz Maresca? Are you going to say that about like it's it's it's put an echelons but so in the first place even if she did quit? I'm not someone that's going to be like. Quitting is bad and you should never quit the game. I really do feel like I'm going to go off a point that you made Wesley. I feel like Sandra was fundamentally different from every person who walked into this season by saying I have nothing to prove like you have people like Michelle Denise I WanNa prove my style of Gameplay can work I WANNA prove that my win was deserve the first time you have people like Natalie and Tyson on the edge of extinction to win the challenge. You have someone like Ethan on their almost like prove something to himself of more than anything and I think Sandra just none of the above like she had a little statue she just spent thirty nine days in Fiji. She knows how respected she is in the community and she knows that essentially all she would do is sit out there for twenty three days and you know have the experience. I suppose and beyond the jury but it might not be worth it to her at that point so like. I'm totally fine with what she did. I I'd rather have this than you know. Really just dour depressed. Sandra for the rest of the season for what it's worth I feel like I don't know if the show necessarily approved of her choice but I feel like they gave her so much respect for you know between Jeff's talk with dull Ross and the way the scene was shown I feel like maybe someone left in a different way. It could have been shown in a much more like disgusted tone of like. Oh look at this person like with Austin. All this person has the audacity to go home so at the end of the day. Production is sort of fine with the decision that I sort of them in line with them there. I was going to say I talked about this briefly. Video made title the long history of Quitters I actually had to amend their video because whatever reason CBS gave me a copyright took it down. And then I put it back in like a year later and I was able to talk more about the edge of extinction it though so it's like it's kind of kind of a nice thing to do because quitting has become a very heavy theme of the last few seasons with edge of extinction now winners at war because the theme of what of the extinction is like. What are you GonNa quit or are you going to tough it out and it asks you that like when I get to the island the the mass the white mass has little plaque there. And it says you know when fear or loneliness sets in. You must find the resolved overcome and then it says if at any point you wish to end your journey you can raise the sail on a boat. Pick you up and for me. I'm like okay. I play so many games in the in this case we're talking board games more there you so technical and finicky with wording you gotta be like. Okay. What exactly. What's the literal definition of that word? And how does that apply to the game at hand? Was the mechanic here so on some level my video. I said that I don't really consider people who quit Stephen quitters. Because like Stigma Ron. Quitting is like they purposely chose to remove themselves from the game regardless of whether production let them or wanted them to and so. I would say that on the literal definition of the word. Quitting senator quit. She did quit the game. She walked out. She laughed but I think that. I think that it's okay. I don't think that it has the same stigma around with the edge of extinction because one the producers are allowing you to do it. It's a built a mechanic from the producers created the game. It's cool if you do. It wasn't they didn't really want Corporal Kelly. It's an option you can do. You can quit at any point. Why they're not giving you the chance and they will obviously look down upon. If you do edge of extinction illegal. It gets cool if you do it. We understand that. That's sort of part of the theme and the elements. I also don't really like her in the same category as the rest of them walked away without giving the option and honestly like from realistic. Practical standpoint like yes. Andrew obviously is like she's not zero percent chance that she doesn't come back into the game but there's a pretty good chance she doesn't come back and best she just going to sit on the edge of extinction for the next few days The next few weeks I don't know if they make more money or being on the edge than they do if they were to walk away. Sandra's pretty much I like that. It's very much in line with sanders character and it's sort of a funny. There's some poetic nece to it with herb. She's very much there just to get to get the money and get out and she didn't get the money so she's out and that's very much in line. She's not playing with the cameras. She is very true to yourself. She got there she didn't win. She's like you know what I don't stand a chance I don't care I'm done and also some level. It's kind of Nice that the two only two time winner is now gone. So we're I sure you'RE GONNA get another time winner. I think that's a cool element. That's now Andre percent added to the season. Were definitely getting another two time winner like even if it was unlikely that Sandra was going to get beyond the first few votes anyway which she surprisingly did. It's just cool to like. We're going to have another time winner in the history of survivor. Even though it's Kinda going to happen recalling the odds of it happening where ninety five percents anyway This is something that one hundred percent that's been spent ten years in the making and this is going to be really really awesome especially considering who's left so yeah. I totally agree that as well that I think with the extinction mechanic built in. It doesn't necessarily incentivize you to quit but it's almost like putting you in a different game and in that game. It's a article. Hold it out like the main game happened. They got voted out. They kind of lost. I don't think education is necessary for the game part of it like I get for TV. Episode part of it can make the production better and some level. Obviously not from an editing. Sometimes but I do understand why they might want included particularly with forty twenty returning winners people love to see over the span of twenty years. It's nice to have Ethan on the screen and even for a little bit. I get what people like that? Why they made that call. I want to know is I'm curious. Knows like and this is kind of Randall. Feel but I never I never did. They let people quit when they went to redemption island on those that had happened because they do on edge of extinction he's restriction is basically like a cousin of redemption island or. Nobody ever quit from it. What did you? What did have the same stigma? Quitting Redemption Island is image of extinction. People both got voted out. They went there. They're pretty much like the lobby waiting around waiting to get back. They don't have a great chance of getting back in and honestly it's probably tougher on some level to get back. Shallan because you have to go on a winning streak. So I don't know I was like I wonder there's questions that I have people throwing at me when I made that video months ago And I was like yeah. This really makes me sit back and question like all right. What does it mean to be a quitter and like how big of a deal is that? Are there differences between quitting on certain parts of the game under certain circumstances? Do I think less of somebody if their of their legacy in this case one of the biggest legacies in the history of the show for quitting the game do I think less of Sandra and I'm like I don't know I haven't really fully formed an opinion as a now? It's only been a few days but I mean honestly probably don't I don't really I don't think it's up to compare redemption and extinction. Sandra would have probably stayed on redemption because again if you look at the challenges there you have on paper a fifty percent chance of winning that immediate challenge and yes. That's another point. The next day might be a different shots but also those were more equalizing challenges. You know that was like shuffleboard. Throw the ball kyle. This one is what it would be one in nine and looks and it looks like it. Looks like it's going to be very similar to the first edge of EXTINCTION CHALLENGE FROM SEASON. Thirty eight which was like do an obstacle course than do the snake maze at the Arizona. You have much better. Chances of surviving on Redemption Island on one on one than you would amongst this big gaggle of people even if you do stay in the game after you lose an edge of extinction author. I re watched both edgy. Extinction challenges recently and I feel like the one that Chris one was very favored. It's on for someone who is more Billy Crystal Joe but I feel like the first one. The Devon's one. It really seemed almost anybody could have won. That challenge seem very fair and balanced. Aubrey blew everyone out of the water till she got the snake. Wendy Wendy almost came back a wendy almost one. I mean I think for except for Chris and Rim even though the snake at the snake maze. Everyone won that challenge. I felt like it was very fair. Which is why. I wish Sandra had tried. At least the first one is if it's similar to that one like Sandra King got to be the fastest US snake maze and just be patient. Because if you're a patient that snake maze which is hard to do you're like oh I want you back in the game This is so exciting crazy. But since I'm you know I feel like everyone had a good shy but the second one would Chris want. It was definitely a favorite toward people who rebel like Chris. And Nacho especially that first leg right with the rail yourself through the rest round the post like I know that that help like half the people immediately I mean. She wouldn't obviously what John just coming. Very defeated I get it sometimes. Eludes especially with the stakes. This high and you know you you just you make quick quick snap decisions. Maybe I don't think shortbread said from what I've seen. I never now by doing the same challenge that they did for edge of extinction be wrong but I was in the Promo for that except for same challenge that they did for the halfway point. So yeah I mean it's like she could. She could have probably stood a better chance than ever in any challenge. GonNa do on the bright side. She gets a hold. Pre jury tripped herself. Which I'm assuming randy on twitter is like she's now the mayor of Ponderosa. I mean she might be president ponderous of the one person city. I mean considering that she just went from thirty six days in Fiji on an island to two weeks out of the game and now playing again for sixteen days like I think she needs a vacation so we can take some Orono right now. It is too bad. We'll never see here. We will never see her on the jury. She either one or she just missed. The jury a always will always remain to be seen. Because I'm assuming that she really is going to retire. After this what Sandra on a jury would be like maybe from Iowa when we saw her reacting in the booth with rob. Maybe that's like the closest approximation will get in terms of her color commentary. Which if that's the case that I'm happy. We got at least that sneak peek into it. Oh Yeah Yeah. It was silly but I loved it the Robin Sandra reacting. Well let's get into our final game here so we're going through survivor history. Let's keep on keeping on here unfortunately with the pre merge ending. We're going to have to say goodbye to be very noticeable. Stolen crossbones tribal immunity idol. That you know Wendell tried to throw to Jeff that Sophie May Jeff come get. It's been very very prominent since the very beginning we have had forty tribal immunity idols through the years. So I thought we'd review a few of them in this game called idle chatter. Basically if you all want to follow along I have created a gallery too to bring up some images that will discuss two bit dot l. y. Slash idle chatter Ideo L. Chatter basically. I've handpicked a select number of idols from over the years in survivor. And we'll go around the horn. I want each of us to write this idol on a scale from one to five you can read it in terms of artistic ability you can read it in terms of beauty. You can rate in terms of creativity. World is your oyster. The brushes in your hands but won't will sort of review the more notable idols through the years. And see how old skull and crossbones compares to it let's start with the skull and crossbones because again super notable to fire tokens for is they tried to poke it out and they weren't able to grab them so unfortunately that did not become a mechanic but still of one to five. How are you rating the season? Forty tribal idol. Okay so I can say. I can't personally say investigated tribal idols too heavily. I'm looking at what we have here for this length that you provided. I don't actually I actually. Kinda like the winters Rydell. I liked the art department. They've done they had the powder keg with voting earn and they got a war hammer. Torch snuffed all right. The idol tribal is started on crossbones and the skull with what looks to be to superglued. Buyer Tokens Alley. Can't take them out. I think nick confirmed that on twitter. He tried to and couldn't do it. I love the fact that they've added these little dangling chains. I wonder if they're actually made viren. Rusted arm while not just art department but I kinda like it. I think that it speaks to the theme of winters at war a little. It's a little bit common like skull and those are so in survivor you know. It's like a very typical motif. You see all over just exile Enda Ghost Island you see these skull and crossbones but I think it's fitting back that we have forty season so I kind of like it probably give it a gosh. So we're GONNA break them in Pascagoula four and a half out of five all right. We can do that. Allow that sort of star. Remain calm being too generous air. But I'm curious to see what you have to say. Personally you know. What would the theme the only down the only thing I agree pretty biomedical waste? Said only thing I think is sox is that they couldn't take heart tokens out of the is. I. I think it should have been most to ever won. And they fought with a fire tokens but otherwise no I would actually say this is probably top level for me. I like it if it's the theme. It's all exploding barrels. We've seen just I dunno it just fits in. I'd give it a five out of five. I can't think of much else I would. I would expect out of this idol for the season. Definitely quite seriously looking at the next one. I want to like I don't know if I want to judge it based on that it's also interesting because this is not the first skull themed Travel Attlee Pat Right Pearl Islands. Had the school on the act's I think it was like a similar skull on a sphere. But I don't know just really liked this idea of like the skull and crossbones on. Its on its. I'm going to give it five at simply. Because when they split into three tribes and they had to give away to idols. One per one tribe got the skull and the other one just got two bones and I just that really pickles me. That tickles my funny bone. I'M GONNA give it says. Having the fire tokens the is as if like whoever the skull was they died. Because the fire tokens somebody somebody somebody. GonNa lose. Just because a fire tokens. That's kind of what they tried selling with. You all like I mean in that case. Is that sort of like a Jacob Marley thing from a Christmas Carol of like. Don't be like be. Don't spit fire tokens. Spend at once. Exactly all right. Let's move on here. Now let's go from the most recent season all the way back to the beginning. We are looking at the survivor. Borneo trial idle in all of its glory Wesley. Give me your thoughts here. You know what it's completely terrible. I mean like if I've you okay in my thinking about this oh I mean I'm living near two thousand. I'm looking at it or am I thinking about it from twenty twenty. It's very important. I mean look at it from a twenty twenty perspective. Okay twenty this guy I mean. It's so goofy if anyone has not seen this image. Y'All look at this idol. I you know I I just re watch this obviously regard season wrestling. I don't remember this very much. Being shown maybe it may take like standard definitions harder to see. But it's just it's just so good thing like supersedes definition. Yeah it's just like what? What is this like a little person act on is it? Like Ria. Sets is hard for me talents image. Yeah I feel like them medically with Borneo. This thing does not work at all but oh I don't know I don't know what they're going for here. Maybe there's some sort of culturally relevant in any way with the colors and the faces. Mike go ahead and Mike. The colors are really what sticks out to me. I wonder if it was honestly a thing of like okay. Paint this as brightly as possible so that we can catch it on camera though I feel like to a certain extent like it's very representative of just like the gung-ho ad-hoc style of survivor Borneo like this feels like pinnacle survivor Borneo along with the Gong and the chest of money and him talk in the island. It's allowed you to do. After he always by tree mail being tribes will receive mail every time for their immunity challenge. It's a nice little so the from that perspective I'm GonNa give it. I'm GONNA give it like one and a half is it is fun. Gli But it has value you know. We'll doesn't all tribal have value. Mike I suppose so I suppose equal away but do you guys think are you. What are you reading it? I want to say a one out of five. We're considering what's the bottom of the bottom and turns idols. I can't I don't know of any I'll it's worse than this though. Some may argue. I'M GONNA say this one of five. Yeah I don't I I. I know perspective. It's pretty Dang goofy. I'M GONNA WANNA to hire into too hard on earlier seasons. We're updraft I'M GONNA give it like maybe two right all right. Well let's move on here. Ruben a bit further in survivor history. I'm going to season twelve exile island. Not a Lotta people might remember this exile island sort of had like a Zombie theme to it before we actually had people coming back into the game. They had this idea of like UN dead people so this idol is like a pike with three Zombie. Head sticking onto it and heads. Yeah so it's really interesting. I mean I think the shrunken heads themselves are like Garish. And I do like them. Appropriating the culture from this perspective. But it's gotta be weird to keep around your camp having three little heads. Caesarian NIGHTMARE FUEL. Is You have you know? Only having a bad day holy crap. Yeah imagining scary. Imagine Shane powers going slowly crazy because nicotine withdrawal and then having to stare at those three faces looking back at it so I don't know this one this one. I'm going to give this one a two. I like it a little more than obviously the Borneo idle. But it's freaky and I guess that's the point but I don't know how much I want to be. Freaky might be freaky. I want them to be sought out. We don't want to be like Joanna from the Amazon and wants to deliberately push away the idle May. I might have to go with my take away. I don't know I'm thinking I have to go lower than the two I gave for ex for. Borneo might give it like at least a one. Maybe I'm not a huge fan of it. I think it looks crazy. Maybe too crazy and not in like a goofy way. I'd just be right and I don't that I just intentional Matt saying I just give up immunity every time you know. She handed this on on your way to exile island. Yes know I I wouldn't give it. I wouldn't go as low as premium here but I would probably say to stick with the two two half an hour. I'd say to all right. Let's move on Moon. A COUPLE OF SEASONS BACK. We're going to survivor Palau. Now the actual idle sort of like you know nothing to write home about but I think obviously the big memorable piece of this idol is the fact that it really did resemble contestant Willard who happens to be part of a tribe that one this idol every single time in the pre merge so. I guess I'm taking all of that into perspective. Where does this idol rate for you though Willard idle? Oh this is great. You should check out the funny one. Fifteen number eighty six injuries. Atlanta TALKS ABOUT. If you Google that you'll get a whole read an entry on this idol and you'll get a much better appreciation for what brings to the season into survivor history You gotta give props to Willard. Being the guy that he is they'd like into whole idle game was revolving around him until he was woefully cut short in the pre merge. I'm GONNA give it. You know things middle of the road sale. Give it three to five and I was pretty basic. It's a nice little wouldn't think you'd hang on your mantlepiece somewhere in the living room and the foyer you walk in and I hopefully hopefully. Willard has one of these. I would love to know these guys. He doesn't have pictures of himself. He just used to hang this thing not to be his own self portrait. I mean you say we'll probably one of those nondescript players driver that's probably most forgotten except for the fact that the pre merger idol looks exactly like. That's pretty cool so I like that. I like the little history. Yeah I'M GONNA give it I'm gonNA give it like a three point five. Can I think the the the idol itself is not much to write home about? There's actually a lot of these idols that are like pretty generic teas but just the fact that it resembles a contested surely serendipitous -ly unless they really didn't mean for it to happen. After they saw this time casting. I really hope that's the case But just the the resemblance. Maybe the fact that after Willard left his soul was like trapped in this idol afterwards. That's my own personal head candidate. So do that. It's getting a three point five for me. I'm not dog. I can't agree with you. I can't I can't even that reference someone say two and a half honestly put the mantle then told me from survivor. Yeah are you sure? It just looks so basic but then again. I haven't read that funny one. Fifteen article apparently in a while. I read all the one one. Funny One fifteen but I'll maybe maybe it is. Maybe it's better than Pun I glance like this is super basic. But it's very average middle of the road very like either gets better or worse five to two and a half out of five. I expect whether it be chewing. You're out sweating minute. Doctor Willard is going to slip into you. Know it has to be better than we'll Kirby right or now will kirby too much much much worse cover. You will achieve out on behalf of Willard together. Let's let's move on here. I WanNa talk about maybe one. That's been forgotten a long run. The game changers tribal idol which is a diverse helmet. Which you know some people might have forgotten the general aesthetic of game. Changers was a shipwreck makes sense given the way the season went. But I I love this. And we've seen some bus before I think they have like a keystone or one in Nicaragua. There's like terra cotta warrior in China. But I don't know something about like the the limestone rust on this the fact that when they did three tribes at one tribe got the helmet the other tribe got the perch is just so funny to so this. This has to get like a four four and a half from my perspective. What do you think Leslie My i? You know I'm right there with you. The only thing I don't remember anyone trying and maybe it's just not big enough if it didn't somebody's head. I would give it a five out of five. I don't think it's I think it's probably a bit too small. Maybe for a child I'd agree four and a half. Yeah for sure. I think this is top notch hitting survivor. This point definitely figured out what the media idle with the. I'm sorry the tribal immunity should look like. I'm just imagining them. Putting IT ONTO JEFF. Varner said as he walks out at the end of this advance. The shame walk. It's the last one of the pre merge with you and with your pizza box. Yeah I think it's a pretty unique looking. I mean it's definitely unique working on. I like it a part of me wonders like is it too much but you know. I think it's definitely it stands out. It's it's I don't know I don't even know what to make of it. I'd say I guess I'll give it a four to five. I just think they've done a lot of work and I think I don't really wrecking understand. Why against the Game Changers Theme and I guess they kind of make sense. Like you have a diver with a helmet on Amana. It's okay it looks cool. I'll never forget John Cochran on the ship as a reward. It'll be burned in my brain forever. Only addle now. It's been great. We all right. Let's move on to the next one. This is from survivor Philippines. The famous brewster so it is a Saruman. Knock which I believe is like a legendary bird in the Philippines. But it's a rooster. This is so much fun. I I know that Marlon speaking of the funding of team. This is the first entry on the newest version of the funding one. Fifteen healthily referring to this as big black cock make of that what. What do you think about the rooster? Here I love the rooster. I think it is absolutely insane. The fact that they made a rooster out of Into an idol fashioned. And it's not all the fact that you can split it up into two. I have included this in a thumbnail that put together and made the hole thumbnail just about this one little. I think it was talking about the the worst. Middle East accessible tribes in as far as challenges go and I had to include. This of course is a reference to Matt. Sing and yeah no I love this one. I think it's hilarious. It's so unique I go crazy. I'M GONNA give it a five out of five. Wow Wow I love it. I love this season. I think that the pre merges fantastic and the fact that they have a chicken idol is just insane. I love it the correct me. If this is me Miss Remembering didn't so maybe this was a wardag interview or maybe it was during the show didn't work dog reference a premium video about the rats. He told me that he he did. He did actually bring it up. He said he brought it up to a Kelly. End to Lauren on the beaches and the pre marriage because they were losing. So he's like maybe we keep losing until it's just us and then we'll have like no threat will get rid of David and Rick and whoever and Wendy and then we'll just go into the merge with such a small level of threat he's like eating reference he's like this guy made talked about the strategy. I was like yeah actually. It wasn't me I didn't think strategy this came from. I think Robin Steven. Yeah it was cool. He brought that up. That's cool. I forgot whether that was cannon on the show that I think it wasn't it must have been a previous player. It's very very unlike or directly related to them they would. It would not be mentioned on the show. Yeah there's no way I'm getting you know. I think it's a fun idle and honestly survivor goofy fear yet. The better just avoid Borneo goofy. I feel like there's a line and that crossed it. This rides align perfectly. I'M NOT GONNA say five out of five. I would go with Moore to five. I do really like it I I'm I'm just a big fan of just the weirder. The better makes me remember the season. More honestly yeah. Except for Borneo's reporting I remember now I've seen. I'll never forget this and I'm GonNa go back and Rewatch. I think this is also like compounded by the by the weirdness of Borneo in general so this is just like a drop in a bucket. Where something like this survivor had been so sort of work through at this point that when you see or rooster okay. That's interesting and I I feel good. It's very indicative of as pretty. I'm like survivor Philippines. In itself that like it had been in a bit of a Rut. This is a bit of a renaissance and to commemorate that. It's like here's this wacky new bird appearing. Never going to Matt saying so I'M GONNA give it a four and a half. I also liked the effect of the fish hanging out of its mouth that I did not realize that I like you said the tail feathers are detachable. I believe to create a certainly consider it because they had three tribes on survivor season. Since I think all stars though the fact that this is one of the first idols that can actually break apart. You know. That's pretty cool. I think they could points in. My Book didn't have four C. Four Seasons wasn't then Cook Right. I know it's not in this list announced super curious with idle at seizing because they had to break it up cooking inlands was a Tiki and I believe it was the head the body and the legs was in Panama. I believe before they put all design beheads together. I think each tribe got Zombie head. That won the challenge Okay Yeah what was four tribes for only a couple of episodes in those seasons or at least enough at least from I remember The final one. W WANNA talk out. We gotta go two worlds apart here the F. Ing stick as coupled live. He has a hat and a shield and like armor and he's standing on a pedestal and this is incredible. In so many ways they actually made a living. Totem out of a stick. This is just everything I want about an idol and more. This gets five out of five from me. I I wish I could give it a six. This is ridiculous bonkers and I love every ounce of it. Yeah he just said what I was thinking I was going to give it a six out of five so I think I might just to go echo your sentiment and then give you what you didn't want to do. This is incredible. I didn't even think about the fact that it looked like the F. Ing Stick which I couldn't even tell you what I what season this was like. What is this is clearly an HD photos? It's kind of recent memorials apart. What ELISA WOULD BE PROUD PROUD? She I mean maybe she already knows but then I mean this. Yeah I stay within the numbers and very analytical missing five out of five but if I was just given emotional response. Is this the best one here? Yeah this is. You're talking about like what the Willard idle want that display like. I want this displayed in every room in my house please lease yes. I wanted for the historical like it's just this is one of the Wacky as probably the Steidl they've ever made has little shield right. It's looks it looks like a little key enemy character. Killed Video Games. Yeah I don't know what it is. It's got the skulls of course a classic for Survivor. Scott wearing armor and clothing. And it's got a skirt and it's got legs was little via the bottom staff. Is she'll like this dude is he is level ten and he's running around and he's questing he's. I don't know what he's doing but Graham. Yeah I think if they keep making survivor video games just make like an open world. Rpg with this guy is the main character absolutely. These guys see shells for is. Yeah make it like a little big planet type of thing but now you're like battling crossing him on like this looks like something out of the little big planet this could affect right in all right so that is just a smattering of idols. You've seen through the years but man they run the gamut and the best way. Let's finish things off here as we do every week on the BNB. The question of the week lax vs question of the week. What is the theme of the season because as Jeff drope says every season has a theme? I'll have a few responses that you listeners game before we start wrapping things up. K Breezy says an alternate theme for Season Forty of survivor and then now linked to a tweet which was a game of chutes and ladders called breadfruit and ladders. Which is again that. I personally would like to play. That's another survivor board. Game that you can adapt one day radium for one of Your Board Game Nights and I would look forward to it absolutely John. John SAYS THEME OF SEASON. One thousand nine hundred survivor Viagra. Since Rob mentions that he got back into survivor due to the actions of Russell hats that I don't know what the opposite like forbade seasons there like an opposite of Viagra That would that would make things significantly whimper. Any pharmaceutical people are out there in the audience. Cancer Pirker Schindler says the theme of millennials versus Gen X. Was Future our guests and not mad at that. You could also knows that for like many season in the thirties. Basically a little bit. Maybe made that goes in the forties solution of our HAP Day. Go I'll man. That's going to be like a snake eating. Its Own Tail. Just so finally. Let's here's some from Muhammad survivor. Forty old school versus new school Survivor thirty nine island of stay away from the idols survivor. Worlds apart high school high school a stick survivor. Tony's adventures survivors on. They'll sore kill bill and finally survivor Micronesia. Who RUN THE WORLD GIRLS? Gherman WHO EARNS GAP? It reminds me of like there's been like survivor. Sucks Post and some post about like season summed. Up as LIKE SPONGEBOB. Quotes or the office quotes. This was sort of like a version of that. And I love those exercises to like some a season in a few words or like a three second clip so for next week as we approach the merge here what you all out there. Wendell in my pun. Loving heart had a delightful sendoff to you'll in this episode as he voted for you'll held up vote and said you'll be on the edge of extinction tonight. Second only his drop the mic Bro. Put down the pen Bro. Pickup the eraser. So I want you all to do your best Wendell create your own voting confessional where you create upon using the name of a person who's still in the game like I hope you're inclined not to play your idle tonight Adam you're going to the extinction something like that. You have a bunch of ways you can reach out to us with that answer can always email it to us rha. Bnb DOT com the letter the letter the letter B. at treated to using Hashtag Rha. Bnb posted on facebook. Reddit Youtube under one of these guys videos. I don't know we'll cover it all next week as we finally get to the merge of what is it war will be joined by the. Great Kirsten McGinnis to break it all down shirt and extremely fun time so be sure to check that out. Liana. We'll be back as well for now. Gentlemen the pleasure was all mine to get to nerd out about survivor. With two of the best survivor contact creators. I know really putting out so much. Fantastic content each and every week. You know someone who absolutely loves YouTube. I never thought that my opinions would align with survivor. Eleven Youtube love outside of like little compilation videos. But you've been able to really make make make this into a different style and I know I speak on behalf of the community when I thank you both for the work that you have done in that you're going to be able to do moving forward so if you guys want to plug your channels your social media and if you want to plug again what might be coming up down the line in the immediate future for your videos. Let's start with him. Yeah Okay you can find me on Youtube Paladium. It's P. R. I The I am. That is a combination of the word paradox and diamond which is my birth birth thrones. Kinda RANDOM YOU'RE GONNA find me on twitter at my name Billy Geiss and on Instagram I put up videos every week every Wednesday right before the latest episode of survivor and in the case of big brother. If we have at this season I like to put them out every Thursday before the live addiction. So if you're not a fan of survivor and you WanNa wait for your brother. I do talk about big brother and vice versa. Yeah I've got a new video coming out this Wednesday. Going talking about talking about the most heartbreaking votes in survivor industry personally personal video. Obviously it's very relevant to the pre merger winters at war and we may be seeing a winner to on that list so there you go right sorry I just got it right. You go ahead man was going to say thank you for having me on. Man. I'm like super humbled. I really enjoy the. Bnb really enjoy our. I speak for myself and probably pretty might say if you WANNA have us on every season. I'm on more to talk for five hours. I don't care he'll try to break Vicki's record now. Now I I think Christian Kubicki I can listen to just talk about anything anything. He's he's fascinating. Love the guy but coming up so once upon an island is my channel of course. Youtube facebook instagram twitter. You call me and all those places coming up. I'm finishing the marquesses videos. I go season my season. So reviewing season marquesses this Monday and then were all. I'm looking at the calendar. Oh quick all of April and a half of May will get us through Thailand. I for Thailand. And then if I was GONNA ask pretty much earlier in the podcast. Kinda put them on spot so pretty talk about Dr. Well how he feels like oh now. Currently I'm working on doctor will store video. That's like your video but like on steroids. Like I'm sure like hour and a half long cove on that mentioned the Pentagon because I am going through every single detail. I liked your video because it's like you're a real story like twenty minutes perfect. I'm going through trying to survive now winter so many things for twelve and my own out anyways. Yeah I'm going to take a break Berry Brioni. No I lied. Sorry Amazon. I'll have that may June. The Rochester Nina story June. I guarantee a great one. Yeah but yeah. Rafter obscene briefly. Talk about Dr Wilkes. I expect the brother the summer bowl. See All right then you can always follow me at a Mike. Bloom type doing lots of stuff. Out there in the podcast. Fear Star Trek Card. Just finished had a beautiful finale and just myself just covered that. Of course I am a writing about survivor for parade dot com. This week I am talking to the Great Jonathan Penner who actually was featured within s wife. Stacey with their battle with a couple of episodes ago with you'll also get plenty of thoughts as to US performance on the season as well as his reaction to the overwhelmingly positive response to that story and support. For Johnson's. He'll be sure to check that out. Ray Dot com slash tag slash survivor. Also doing some coverage of top chef here on reality. Tv UPS OVER ON PO. Show recaps in addition to star Trek with card. Down the hatch with Josh Wake Ler every doing our loss rewatch podcast and this week. I've got a couple of other podcasts. I'm doing I'm going to be joining. The Great Shannon Gust to wrap up this season of Australian survivor all stars. It has been an interesting season to say the least so we're going to have plenty of thoughts about a winner. How the season was overall give out some rewards etcetera and as mentioned before fortunately Big Brother Canada. A Tattoo closed stores. Due to the corona virus pandemic. We decided to warm up the old brand steel machine and on Tuesday night. I'm going to be joining the AFC to do a simulation of the rest of the season to give lone canonical response as to what happened on a big brother Canada eight. It's not something. We haven't really done before in our simulation podcasts. But I'm excited to break new ground here so be sure to check that out. That's going to be a live video on Tuesday night at nine pm eastern with the so lots of check out there make sure you follow me at Mike Bloom Tie Follow Liana as well at Liana Rha. She's messing are going on. She's dot Ru Paul's drag race going on and of course she'll be back next week. If you have a game that you want to suggest to us right it in all right. J. P. B. and B. G MAIL DOT COM. We do not have discriminating taste are here for any and all games you can send our way especially as we turn to the Post Merge here gentlemen thank you so so much for coming on for bringing her games for entertaining these wacky conversations for rating sticks and divers helmets and skulls and crossbones. It's been an extremely fun. Time for an extremely fun season special. Thanks to saint-pierre for ending this behind the scenes are head writer. Paulsen and wolf from America for our fantastic theme song the auto and I will be back next week with Kirsten McGinnis to break down the merge episode of survivor winners at war. But for now we'll check you out your next play some game right. Y'All down a value. The nays are h Yana. Day right so you answered all a the ace free. This is rob sister. No thanking you for listening to this episode of our reality. Tv shows like this made possible because of you the listener and the support of our RHA Patriot community connecting reality TV fans around the globe to start getting access to all the perks of becoming a patron visit. Us AT ROBA's website dot com slash patron. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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