Cool FAB-Racing Round 6: Sunday Part 2


Say metro by t mobile get the best deal in wireless and it's all for you all for me. Just switch quickly 'cause metro has to lance but eighty and to samsung galaxy galaxy j sevenstock bones for free plus amazon prime included. That's the way wireless should be only at metro sales tax and activation fee fifty dollars plus replaying acquired not valid for numbers currently on t. mobile network on metro and past ninety days offer subject to change offer valid for new amazon prime members amazon prime has a twelve ninety nine per month restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions the tires when rains it just means that we're in the bay square their heads those tire marks on the ground and scibelli grading on soil fingers cost. He'll be back for the next june's but jimmy king clear enough entered distance. It was a great we battle for the motor team so the banks farther down pegues one fourteen and the mortar tim class simon enclosed dead regained. The championship jetted from well howarth well as here this weekend. The fractured has rest last year and so we back and recovering well for the next round and but sam close f- fifty six years old soy's done it. Didn't everyone produce the one one hundred bake on the motor team class. He was embroiled the next classic scrap where neil kim all the way through the race so the motor teams are definitely agree we space and beg one fourteen morton category and i think he's dynamic a two different races in warm which causes a bit more action problem but i'm hearing it. There's an assessment two a._p._m. So i'm going to have the producers have a quick word in my ear. Say i so just we're okay so so you fat for reference those eugene imagining friend and my handle jesus talking. It's way telling me what's going on so no. I'm not sure what the time is now but there's going to be an assessment of the course out two p._m. So in the next twenty minutes or so there's going to be an assessment at two pm and then it will be either the g._p. Fifties or limited g._p. Seventy s going out next so assessment at two a._p._m. Van is the latest news from race control so an assessment in the not to distant future. We'll give you more information as we can. Bring it to you so thank develop berry with us. What conditions prevailing here are wilton mill around six of the two thousand and nine thousand nine cool fab racing british many bike championships and as we continue any with the book has in daventry we mentioned the payback forty motor teams. Their second base was certainly an exciting one even more exciting genius elsie foresee elite and other cracking beverly absolute indeed. Maybe not for the win because joining exclude off into destin's ones again he he was picking up has fourteenth race of the season as the rest of the raiders are battling for the possession so mason four-star just holding off the number seventy two of samuel munson munson so the munson barna definitely have a fire underneath side foster their butts him yeah great battler for thirty second and of course we're joined by ron how does for most of the race on the number sixty six machine so those the governor's alot of battle just the jesse whether number two of josh bata outta star clinton unfortunate josh balanced or as in recent here this weekend he's looking at this guy and thinking please keep rating because has championship in the fifties is under the threat because he unfortunately broke his elbow last night in an accident. A half older racing was done but the great battle there from all the raiders and it was this past after repair so if you haven't seen it make sure you check out on over social media also watch your back again on motorsport. Tv is an ideal. You wanted to look for them. You can catch all again on motorsport. Radio websites has got playbacks of all of the coverage here as well and kill fabrice and website so there's a lot of reaction here kill fab racing. I just down the road and elsie when you've got a battle and try between joining submission foster so far this weekend nor compare a glove on air joining the moment absolutely absolutely he was just a constant field over the course of base and twenty two in the third encounter anytime we'll tell that will be mostly on this afternoon that was followed by listen you mean my toes and in itself that bernie hook and richard williams was another great challenge for the power that they so right until the very end for richard williams indeed the two battling yesterday and the continued that over to the racing action today so race number two this year. Many motors barely hit zito bake richard holmes uh-huh williams on a one to six contracting sales bernie hit his a normal. Hey twelve richard holmes williams just towers over the top of absolute everyone so the raiders on track had had different stations for example. He was very the tate and stuff royal restrooms williams was fairly quick am <hes> through this off faster and fluid and stuff and it just gave us a lot a lot of great action until a couple end when richard holmes williams was pushed hard by baron here. Can you slept off the baked ponente mccaren well. That was a great race for the sydney mini motos joining us if you've just joined us this live coverage around around six off the two thousand seventeen cool bracing presumably by championships. You haven't missed anything after lunch. We had a lunch break after like for the second eighteen forty rookies race over the weekend. It was very way go sprinkle of rain before the lunch break. We decided scary early in order to try and avoid the weather and instead we. We seem to have called the brunt of it to be honest. It is rather wet how there at the moment the teams in race control comedy signing. We're having an assessment of they. They say conditions at two pm. Due to the weather being so heavy there was standing water and a couple of the apex and stuff like that so so it was a bit tricky leading decided quite sensibly that it was too difficult to go racing so in the end we couldn't go racing so a red flag delay effectively at the moment not miss any action. If you cheering after lunch i've had a good time and we are live on the racing websites on motorsport radio and and on t._v. Thank you joining us. When the marlins i mean is liam hudgens well. We've been out and about the over the last few days getting some great interviews the mini tapie seventy s is going to be surely going into your james kirk. We're just getting word from west control. Let's go to a quick movement. Which james kirk has an interview with them so i'm here with james cook who is racing and manage ep seventies their season james. We're here at wilton mill salova today. How are you feeling so far this weekend. I'm feeling alright because last year i did wow on in the fifty glass the last round i did kind of bots on trying to like make a choice to win off during you know there's a chance of a possible conditions as we can you feel confident in both the dry weight feeling like sculpted in and the ways while al because i'm quite strong and the what as i am the one track conditions that we can't afford from the the raiders quite slept with a are you finding the same as it's very slippery. This kids believe like the worst one. I think because <hes> it's just because this is one of the oldest tracks it's just really slippery so your secondhand shop chef that she are thoughtful voice behind evan belford. Just how do you feel that. The season is going from a personal point of view thou from from the first four rounds this being doing all right but then when we then when we went to lead i racer crash and then in this second race crashed again and say i'm just trying to make up the points again you can get and bell for philly kelly can come back in the championship this weekend. Yeah i think i can get scott chapin up in the championship again so couple. Morons is left off the two thousand nine season while your plans for twenty twenty. I'm just on the early like i'm not like not too. I'm not too worried about the championship. Ignore me because it's like the six around and it's just it's not really the final on so i'm just like i'm just not really to reward about it. Really does all obey how how going there and have fun site the main reason and win in top three and maybe anyone your lights set back talk to any friends family sponsors think today moms come in and some of my family and you john johnny workers up male james very much on best of luck this weekend racing the official official policy on the road a motel six thousand nine hundred nine coup fab racing british many by i championships live from wilton mail and we are back a new wave with the track action vase to for the mini g. p. seventeenth as s. heading out its own sake it now so just be the administration to go three. They will be to citing laps. They are to sizing laps and eleven evan racing laps one one eleven racing laps to sourcing lots before we go but onscreen now if you are viewing the visual radio stream own might spool wpro radio on the cool vibe racing website and on most sport tv massive puddles all around the circuit it's very tricky conditions and decisions which have been brave you may find racing troll and a big thank you to all the race control out that in this extremely wet windy and cold conditions. We simply couldn't go racing without you. Guys go to a big thank you to the festival gone to an intervening red flag period as g._p. Seventeenth race to <hes> this second sighting lap before the race starts lame hodges has got the grade as a raiders make the way ran fuel the way rain wet wilton mel suck it is going to be the number two championship leader evan belford leading dome pull possessions ahead of local boy packing up as frustrates when yesterday the number one thousand nine alva campbell shahid moved up tech clear second championship yesterday ahead of james kick on the one one four green machine as going to be starting from start spot ahead of the forty three of ryan skulk joining garnish. The fifty seven will be in fifth on the grid ahead all the fortieth only walker car and sex possession games a couple of bake issues yesterday and king quite faint race setup. He's going off on the reds ahead of today's race number two campaign gene on twenty five. We'll be next up in ahead of the first of the mailers own mailer on one at three zero of the graduate and ninth sport. Thomas gomez rensselaer the top pain off starting the head of the number eight alfie davidson and eleven dylan mail on the second of the mailers thirty one. We'll be in twelve ahead of a returning offense smarts on number fourteen and thirteen spot how does in crosby and bakes being fourteenth and then seven off carter burn renting at the top fifteen next except was still fighting our own bake forty seven and sixty spot ahead of the one eighth of sappho wildly and seventy mccain eightieth rossi brennan on number eight a two thousand nine hundred and jimmy would call rain suits. The runners maters ahead of reasonable too many g._p. Seventy but evasive one yesterday ever belford are pole-sitter set a new track trek record of a fifty point three one four fifty seconds three one four. We said we're beginning tonight pace in this session due to the very wet conditions for base to for the mini g._p. Seventies are getting onto the grades ready to go racing now. It's extremely difficult as you may be able to see. There's a few puddles in the middle of the racing line which will make it more challenging for dividers when trying to overtake but we are getting ready for the race starts so it's been eleven vase about that too sizing laps so eleven prospect to heat up the action on track with turning heading off to the lunch break and after the weather the stony sausage we get drawing psychic. Come the end of the day busan wait for base here in the seventies. Take vitamins are getting ready to go to the vase starts redline salvo now to showing very parties. I look up the waves rise touchy which is our pricing points attention voices voice hoya the own now and he's on the way good start from the front radio. Shea makes a good start starters. Well bailey stuart campbell jumps into the lead. Is they tiptoe. They will ask for the first time james coast going down turn matere. He's upper okay frustrated. I think been smarter stole on as bikes. He's got to hold the bite so the stock just paper beija accountable made a great start start heading through turns one or two for the first time leading this race. It's a very very gentle starts here. This radio shea in second place third place is ryan hitchcock kevin belford. I'll post struggling massively through here six or seven place through the second happen for the first time i've eleven again overtaken again so known enjoying these conditions too much eighty stuart campbell seems to for now the measure of ideas and the rest of the field. I just want to draw your attention to fete small thirty seven of carter brian fifteenth and fed spa already wa brilliant star by the number thirty seven on the blue bake heading towards the third to last corner and and i looked like there was a concertina faked and turned it number two which led to a couple of raiders falling off doing the soccer hatred towards the final turn eighty you she's trying to get the major bill campbell completing lob number one shoe campbell hateful she only walk for the fourteen hats coke and fourth thomas gomez m._a.'s next up carter burn incense and bisect possession for carter brown from fifty on the grad hottest and cosby next up ahead of belfort your championship leader no pushing change relief aid who she up towards christmas corner the one four the maverick the top gun fired head of yesterday's one winner billy stewart campbell before the bag only walker's coming under pressure from hitchcock on gomez to the tracks it just don't want to slip off the slippery and wet conditions well known as slippery remelt their circuit. The wilsonville say could end the wet g._t. The amounts of other on the circuit it's great and fast when you're fighting wound in the joint when it gets to the way conditions like this is so difficult to go around the second left hand on the infield of the circuit basically after comes to stop at the apex search as the standing water on sack doc id is by no means having a great stars torres gomez getting past point hitchcock for full place heading into the final few corners and as they make their way to start another. This is the completion of race number of latin much. Hey overlay woman at thirteen point. Seven is the fastest lab. That's about twenty second slow going around yesterday. Eddie say though seven tenths of a second ahead of baillie stewart campbell is second only could thomas gomez is two fold all had joined hitchcock brown considering his great starts in sixth place with a couple of seconds behind right haze. Kalkin house calls me seventh finally get belfort belfort down tonight. Ten had brown owen matter in twelfth ahead of jamie willcox james cook vince martin in fifteenth. There is no in this race we we do not have johnny ghana's doco pain affidavits had no sophomore lee harrison mckee so suddenly no conditions at the moment they thought well what's better uh-huh joint foster later or going on trying to be a bit of a hair making a mistake and damaging the by james cook surf with south device device came off at turn number one but the vibe is out that just surveying what's happening every other competitive in this championship will be looking at the second think he wears a grip where where are the best survived to say around because many different is no big friends of <hes> the second in the wet shade say i'm asking to start not yet another lap second-place under attack jewett campbell and only walk out he worked with the fastest lap woman at twelve point six nine five rarely seems to have a side bye bye side measure up quite as sino babies shirt campbell and second blaze so he's feeling competently needs commission to babies campbell yesterday's yesterday's winner in the first mid ep seventy race so the number forty eight taking to the circuit pretty well conditions pretty well at the moment so ochej walker nice job campbell's utah three with goes hitchcock in the mix as well representation of how much are struggling in these conditions. The twenty two point seven seconds slower than yesterday's new lap record saw the fastest lap of the race. I wanted to appoint sex only walkers on the move. He's the one who set the fastest lap last. He's already won a race so far this year the number four to eight and he's going to be trying to close down the green bay the one one four of eighty eight yoshi picked torres when last-minute number three to hedge fourth win of the season is it comes to complete another lobby number four. We'll be covering the final corner crossed facing the goal here the wheel spin up ever so slightly. Is it going through the puddles wade's is one point one point nine one nine seconds of gap between fox's seconds to a._d._h._d. Fainting the grip. He's no one point nine seconds. Hey so is about one tenth of a second quicker than all walker las sex accident half lobster meaning thomas gomez bill campbell and to christmas corner neil doing just yet neil talking about all the raider just in front feeling the way round circuit tech off the raiders welfare the best grip and attract the best we take the coroner and they'll be pushing more and going to lubbock quicker but ryan and has coke closing up to the back of hodgson crosby hodson crosby greet start starting from fourteenth undergrads up to second possessions gained eight places from the star and thomas gomez ruined. The double left handled sizing up bill campbell. Yes it is risk. One winner the backstreet go north close enough yet but with the thomas homeless gomez on the ninety eight machine is fairly good on the brakes right behind the number ninety nine so it can be leaning up as a power rain the penalty corners power. I mean tiptoe through the puddles. Huddles independent recorder can't get cool enough. Just yet is the tiptoe rain crosby and hedgehog cubicles and during the battle for third and fourth massive puddles and spray being i over the curb by bailey campbell. Thomas gomez out the insight into tournament to kevin coyne steak. He's trying to find that crappy as quick. He's just is being held up a bit by baillie stewart campbell steaming up the families on the front they can hardly see where they going in front of them but bailey stuart campbell nor come from these conditions to find any slower than the last lap time only walker still not closing up to bailey eddy shaver three white heading into the second half eighteen hours in crosby makes one position into the second half in passing thomas gomez offhand enough of this. I'm not wasting any loan and then signs past the number ninety nine beatty sure campbell vice around the outside caused by the inside of the fest left-handed. Kona makes the position so now i was going to be goes from fifth place eighty two third-placed so got some real good pace appalled that machine and one twelve point four four six he was the fastest rider around the seculars timeout nanny gaelic lakes propeller easter campbell <hes> there's became such as the pace that failures thomas gomez attacking once again where they've got to be careful heading out to the final corner and onto the normally that right it quite heavily. I believe it's vice secretary with all the puddles and there's a big big big rooster tail coming off the back of the number ninety nine ryder here. He's now confirmed down to four pice. Finance ought to go sixers completed eddie shea leases race ahead of wocka harrison crosby person eleven point seven four six foster <unk> by nanosecond combines. Everyone else bay destroyed campbell full. Thomas gomez concert ahead of joy prime again with coq delvin miller dimly top ten man. I've been smoke jamie mukasey brown. Let's talk fifteen as stance company is shay running away with it only walker starting to be built in perhaps in crosby crosby. We've got to keep an eye out to honesty nain many fifty championship leader as hunting down first and second very quickly all walkers just in front of him so the number six the name pivoting towards the third to last coroner and only walk a kid becoming under a lot of pressure from thronged the sexy name a raider the chapter in many g._p._s. fifty close estimate fifties is only about a second front so we're gonna come across the line coming kostelanetz. We will see only walker see the gap between the two. Yes one minute eleven point two so close the gap dane by one point three seconds to ali walker's walker's going to be coming under attack eddie. She be comfortable territory at the moment even a second slower than the number six nine raider but with only three and a half lobster. Maybe lots of too little too late for hottest in crosby bill issue campbell's don't point seven seconds behind the crosby and thomas gomez extol setting behind the number one thousand nine hundred bucks tapping into hairpin. They go through the puddles over cares. Don't want to run the white lane just to mush. Gosh because it's babies slept through the left. Honda concede that gap is under three answer for sake and it's come through the double left hundred no all walk on number forty four can on crosby power out of that corner down towards the back. We've got someone is i eighty was up someone else down off the race. That's means all the walkers and lead of the race on crosby as in sacking is holding these helmet there so hopefully we'll be welby okay and back to the leaders crosby's of the race so that means a change possession or eddie. She went down traumatic stuff and the many g._p. Seventies crosby as originally ahead of ali walker bill campbell moves up to third possession done one point four seconds quick only walk on that last. Stop harassing crosby whitney the new fast. It's time three lobster are my goodness me how it all has changed. The arrests. Put a lot on james cook. It seems heading up to the second half and we didn't see i'm eddie. O'shea just happened to be on the ground the green pike in the green grass so wasn't quite sure shame here's answer this doing such a great job in the lease off off this race but they continue no crosby leases race on his pulling away with two and a half laps to go belly shirt tumbled promoted into third place and it's still fill a good one point six seconds ahead of thomas gomez in fourth thomas as going quick number ninety eight writer catching relatively significantly buffet does have the pace over time in order to close up in any real fashion giovanna. Can someone else is going down. He's yelling fly and it looks like confirms the most show which that's not as its thomas gomez the number ninety eight writer slid out onto the back straight mercilus the front going through. He's opened stunning running back over into the pike desperate to get back on. I'm gonna call anymore names. 'cause i'm seeing being determined. Skittles next faces another pipe on which is pulled off the on in this race as well so there's a not line is suffering some attrition ariston crosby leases race only walk at one point three seconds behind now with two laps ago bailey sherwin campbell to head between joy joy finally we up to fall and as you mentioned already is cancer brown will be up to fifth place well. It's a fantastic race carter. He started be fifteen plates. The only grain mason rail progress especially constantina on assaulted of ice smartly making moves carrying on his scoring some great points because they're up thirteen and fourteen circulating around there so even if you do trung the wound doing two-minute labs you still going to score points so it doesn't really matter by this point housing. I was in crosby's not worrying about that too much. He's got a lap and a quarter to go. Tips are once again through the whole shoe to one hundred has a quick look over his right right shoulder trying to see whether anyone is behind him only walker as behind him but he's not enough to worry about over the white lines to tally sees the last night book bulls bulls and probably think oh i can start to relax just a little of go one more toll of the my own circuit and all that to win this race only wokers starting to literally about half a hundreds of a second quick on that lost up known enough to coach him but bailey campbell women fifteen point zero the leaders data's doing one minute and levin's just so much faster eddie shape as i believe still circulating with half after go harrison crosby the number sixty nine mine is in the lead of this rights only half a lap remaining hottest and crosby from fourteen th on the grads leads rates but can't relax just yet because it was only walker has just nibbling away the leaves before the end of the race. Just gonna mention evan belford. This is important for has championship is one place ahead of james kick an eighty. She's either way so he will staining the championship lead over those two and race number two here for the mini g. p. seventies but two more corners tickle the numbers or a sexy name from fourteenth on the grid has dropped all he walker laker stone through the final turn splashing through puddles comes. How does it cosby takes the checkered flag rich number take many g._p. Seventies all walker and second possession bag number fourteen bail easter campbell is beyond chain seconds farther behind you could see the water for the visual viewers of spring off the visor as hot as in crosby flex advisor up so you can definitely tell him water was falling on the visor threat and tires wars wars respect between the two. They're better handshake from crosby and walker. Joining garnish was out of the race but bill campbell wars and third sports to fight back and forth fourth and carter brown an ethic for slop together to set should become the cost of lane and eighty second for a race leader hottest in enclosed picks up a fantastic one what a great wind powers and crosby full three this eleven lapresse aww attritional loss of responses type a woman at ten breath point five six one a big thumbs up for the cameras a handshake with holly walker in second place baillie stewart campbell was twenty one point nine five four seconds behind. That's how big they got the last night for bailey woman at nineteen point four zero not having guitar any condition until he was just three point three seconds ahead of a great fifth-place because brown ahead of evan belford dylan miller was in seventh place thomas thomas gomez one knockdown but is in eighth ahead of james coq au in meller finishes tenant jamie woodcock. We still get around the circuit. He's only completed eight months juice competing nine and just check down butts in eleventh place to place de dios shakes who was voted out of the race my way through after leading so well for solar roy hitchcock was set had offense and bossy pan and that she fifteen somebody's not raising leading those who didn't complete on elapsed had no tony gone kyle pain no after davidson nowy sophomore they have some mckee after that race vyas heading back to the product for a well-deserved sit down and cooled after that one mini g._p._o. Seventies has just finished adds wilson mail basi forty pros will be next so that should be raised three for the forty pros in just a few moments time. You're listening to live coverage of around six. Thanks to the two thousand and nine thousand nine cool fab raising british minibar championships we are the official partner savings to the british championship will coach p. A. new in live on the motorsport radio websites on the cool front bracing on on multiple tv. Thanks for joining us drains a have you how long hair for at this weekend including with a few days to running all that thanks to the great which is weather intervening pervades twos over for now the cookies. I'm sure we'll be coming out later on this afternoon but we had to the third and final set of aces for this weekend starting with the a._c. Forty pros which will be heading <music> out two seconds in just a few months time hair wilson milk and we'll get clarification is what will happen with the a._c._c. rookies race to we will try and and get some more information on that so we'll bring you not too soon as we can. Thank you for being with us and i keep saying it but it serves important to say a big thank you to order the marshalls automatics medics and all the race control hard efforts over the courses today especially with the vein on the delays and the puddles and everything going well head as we can with the weather's been great to see them efforts and they will join us to ensure the weekend. Go motoracing without them. We simply can go racing so a._c. Head out onto seconds they gonna get knowing racing apps and to sizing so to check out the condition and see how it fails get on understanding the action butlin this is it's gonna be a real tricky challenge for these small vouchers on these smaller bites in these big puddles and well indeed wheels begged puddles just mentioned there dan so you see z. May struggle to get through puddles. I can imagine trying to avoid percents. Governor to saving lives is a good idea to assess the conditions see where the puddles renault's aquatic puddle at exit one in the corner but thankfully is off the racing lane but mason four-star an earlier owns race fourteen point of the season these tricky conditions russians actually could give a chance of someone else that hasn't wanna raise so far this season the opportunity to build upon that and potential take a race when but then again we're just no good mason. Foster foster has an a._c. Class so he could be targeting affecting risks when all of the season and packing up another title on his way towards the twenty nineteen forty pru championship so we can see that the truck is still wet or they're put it looks like looking at the commentary box on for the visual is a screen that arena made have dissipated so fingers crossed. It'll stay away for the race off today and maybe we may get some dry track action towards the end of the date as well so the raiders make the reins to complete to the forest dissecting lab and starting their second one and this is going to be the greg may look for the start of the a._c. Forty cruel race number three so you're championship leader mason foster while believing him away from possession possession the number eighty eight ahead of the one of clinton edmonds who joins them on the front rule over the second position champ shop at third possession on the ground is ethan spoke awesome bake number sixty two ahead of some months in a mixed version weekend so far this weekend at wilton mellon davin trae so thirty-one henry mccartney is next confess ahead of the seventy six off charlie huntingford blake wilson is making his debut and that's up from forty ricky's <hes> up to the a._c. Forty one one eight. We'll be in seventh ahead of weighty. The number eleven has just ahead of the sixty four of which scofield on the grads gregg marshall renzo the top ten on the grad homebake fake number nineteen ahead of the fifteen paul will be starting from eleventh match. Take intense sports on twelfth boston the grad bake number ten head of the nineteen and ain't warwick brady and thirteen iranian the runners and writers for the start off the a._c. Forty pro risk number three here from abadie weights and tampa welton alton. Melton daventry is going to be jacob stevenson. Well apparently is not just done on track but thunder in the been reported are more vain according according to cameron they suspect moving on the way as well as quite humid in here in the bronx. I wouldn't be surprised if we would see more wet weather in the not-too-distant future because anyone who takes you'll get information as i am win anything affects us but dividers the moment as we have a quick view on control and some of the family and friends and funds out on the balcony enjoying the racing action to have everyone headquarters freeze spectators at any in kufa bracing weekend so if you haven't lived near the runway second income full the seventh round next round in a few weeks time incumbent piece that over to the company cossack to come and join us i one of the most picturesque and exciting circus on the calendar this season buzz and when i was getting ready to start stop this raise blooms of two stroke smoke and oil and everything mixing in nice smell a nice look but it's going to be a choking on that greatest we pass go acing the third and final time this weekend full the forty pros who pay off the star mason foster placing them in sashi front way mason fosters when several times already this weekend they look up to the start lights acres. I was good so from the player makes a very good start. Personas mason foster foster mason pfizer within x. heading up towards the first three corners of the first time was a bit tight in the first race alter the long wait mini-pee mini-pee seventeen and a few pool is nice astonished had everyone's managed iraqi through pain they on this. I live out of nine full. The foresee pros everyone making their way through mason foster well within the pack as they signed by way through up towards the second happened for the first time a big wiggle from the number ten wider heading into the second half and vice bouncing around and just slightly burghley noises. I slow down on the way to another corner. Put three the first two corners mason foster hasn't made it will human initial getaway team with the rest of the pike lamb sosa number sixty two of of eight spots hussein laid out in the moment second base clayton edmonds. Mason foster isn't even third or fourth symbol months ends up into third-place moment great run through the bike straights for vive what is into the chicane for the first time blake wilson raider down the number ten just trying to go radio sadove mason four hundred laptop. Yes he's absolutely region with. What's happened there so we've got the reiter tone and that might be the number one of henry mccartney henry mccartney's looking up this guy why it doesn't i don't deserve this to happen so henry mccartney the number two and shakes he's head but thankfully backup. He's okay and he's back and the race but as ethan spot has already won onto racist so far. This season for mason foster has one. It's been eaten sparked so he's leading the way ahead of the one four six clayton edmondson seconds samuel munson just behind mason four-star and fourth possession on the number eleven. There of one of the raiders have come from the weighty and sports and blake wilson also making his debut. That's retained an fourty pros assuring his class in the way charging through the field. Who's making a move on the raiders further back. He's slept toffees as a talk. Talk about them is unfortunately there for bleak wilson through the last time the slips off his backup. He's okay so the number one eight number eight on his aac to slept off through the the last time though that's been a problem corner and the weights conditions all of us we can done well has become and say well done <hes> leo joins her module have my morning this morning providers pulling awesome. I'll keep my mouth shut eaton's pause and i'm a sixty to lead this race woman that seventeen point five with the last time handing over the stall now fifteen eighteen point zero clayton edn second foster four for months with the faucets at one minute fourteen point four nine mckearney again which article problems with the bite there was some stuff into the bike when he got on the way the first time after the fall of the final two conus. He's standing up. He's he's just waiting for the moslems to healthy. We still oh. That boy cut the race leader's gonna make the best of it won't. They can christmas corner don. Go strike moss with number. Nineteen loses a front end heading into christmas corner backup is also by the game a small mistake but unfortunate for him who loses a few positions going into a good position so five five still trying to restore the pike does now get back on the way interest rates six months ago after two months of being completed so thank you shorten tonight race into into the first of two left hand is in the battle samuel munson doing pretty well white brady also aboard ninety-nine machine on his working well through the trumpet goats past heavy mccown thirty one putting a lot on henry unfortunately not having a great advice here this weekend sunday we come from returning to the product so the number thirty one of home. Police put the heat one in the car on the way by ethan spouse nine tenths of a second indication that means only two tons of had himself with samuel munson. He was absolutely flying mason forces behind that we've been wary. It's a fine fight fight for the race sparks edmonds munson foster. I'm wearing all making their way through christmas up and invites left right again line up towards the second half and it's a really good overtaking opportunity so millicent shown ican do funds how quickly late over taste causing right up to the biking clayton edmonds. He's desperate for a second place on the restroom. His the pace you get into the race lead so it was a second quicker than eastern small some that last thing we could start saying munson johnson a tricky start to race has might a famous feet and like i talked to water in a row on the wilton mill circe here and daventry kevin trade off clean edmonds josh nason steady for the last korean peninsula on the right hand just after supper. Let so bad. If you make a bit of of a movement there is a gap opened up between clinton edmondson. Ethan sparks wasn't a tenth of a second last lap. We'll see how it as as they come through the final corner and that's a lot sort of a second is come by six tenths over sanctions covering the talk to only one point one seconds covering until four and two seconds covering the talk five there so amazing four-star on the back off the top three three and a half lodge meaning as the answer christmas corner. Samuel munson is the one is more slid looking to make them if we on the brakes brushes himself up toward second switchback comes clinton edwards purring to the hairpin water to move thereby clinton edmunds and of course you months before the but that's battle the mice ecoles opt to the back of the number seventy two two one four sex highs to slow back behind cleaton cleaton edmonds at the moment misinformed himself. I'm gonna let you guys battle oh ever so slightly further moments and we'll go anywhere dropping off the bag before raiders cover them with a glove at the moment to bash eight here comes mason foster updated. Linden breaks just sizing up an opportunity or on the samuel munson samuel months ago radio save up up the n._c._a._a. Pedal to mc corner auckland's at edmonds so mason forces coming out and saying when i walk i think we'll just take seconds second. Place is a good place to be and he's got the pace. He's he's got the attacking knowledge over the line once again three lots to go lap fife as it is right now mason going through a move on clayton edmonds couldn't make you work on a new foster siobhaun by samuel munson women at thirteen point six resell. I've got some great out to turn up towards christmas corner ninety eight mountain. Biking edmonds is defending mason foster sixty to seventy two one four six and eight hundred eighty five. He's in fifth at charlie huntingford woah brady's. I had a maxwell lescoe field and blake wilson when marshall's teams makoni counting on the order they make they way up towards tren number three christmas cohen and max weber advice much as always gone pretty well in the west so lou scofield getting old as well luke leasing this weekend as won't say the water sunday adding an extra element of excitement to this weekend activities but sparks now with two and three quarter and of course a lot to go join slowly starting to emerge which may some fosters using too good effects moves into that place around the outside of placing edmonds through the chicane used survey savvy moment just an extra eleven to grip and catch a three way race lead over the line to go side by side for second ice maze and i now hi on says our news is this morning went up into second place so the eight absolutely flying that will going pretty quickly his into the slipstream region spots could make instrument three christmas corner last time. We don't quite close enough. I think eban's up the inside assignments mountains going down for the second two full place losing losing a little bit of confidence at that particular moment mason fosters concerning himself without though he's feisty could've as laid side by side but their place edmonds defense vigorously belly alley heading into the final few corners. They'll offer slots lap and a half guy mason foster the a._c._a. Machine roy insulted eastern spots at the second of the lifetime is on the infield goes to the race lead anita's he manages to make it through the economy if he he has a slingshot of event out of the final few conus and now with a lot to go mason foster the number eighty eight his own calls for a great five victory in the wet hair will to through mail round sakes at the championship will be surprised if mason foster decided is opportunity always good. Is someone dentist. One four seven the same eight of third possession he was looking so strong and going into the final. Turn is optimize the check in area if he's okay and of course the bakes okay. It looks like he wants to get back into the race basket to see the one percents of clinton edmonds a backup on back into the race. Permission foster stole leading the way pulled a a second in front of sparks samuel munson potentially going to take second possession. Don't towards the hairpin turn hell ray honda's beatty trekkie okay onto breaking but not doing it yet. Iranian say those he's done switchback. He has done reading it but the secretary of sparks nor letting impossible just at the moment and to the aa no ballistic mason foster stole leading the way on the rain starts to fall the rain is coming down installed drizzling at the moment of hopefully it doesn't get any heavier we we can see the darker professional fears you may notice that as well a tumor corners to go for you're looking to pick up race number number fifty and all of the season on samuel munson is sacred ahead off sparks can hear the credit clopping across dot com mesa false starts to take raise number number three of the a._c. Forty pros samuel munson pecks up second possession on the last lap sparks rains possessions and fannin where two great right there calmed calmed number eleven coming from farther down the grades and eat up to fourth possession on charlie hunting looking hold on well. What a great effect on. He does the poster amongst embracing each other on nathan sparks. I will make sense waving each other to light with another fantastic race after eight very the flat mason foster took the win after bustling odd time you'll months in the late stages this someone's and data to get the first time all night long shot woman at ten point nine point five so was catching up and give it another latin so he could have been white on the back but you have to mention the rain's coming down even heavy now lamb added an extra element of difficulty internet last i puts mason was joel vase winner ahead of samuel montenegro sponsorship podium spending and charlie hunts grounding out this hope brady and blake wilson was six seven ahead of luke scofield. Mike's not on admiralty foul on the pedal to go by countries like and did continue gregg marshall did finish in eleventh place on jacobs teams just about to come over the line to complete his final a lot with family mccartney thirteenth on impulsivity. It wasn't looking thirteen for him. Cowan premiums retirement up to two tumbles to lots of big shame number thirty thirty cm all of them all the virus in cumbria in a few weeks seven of two thousand nineteen cool embracing a british championships. Thank you for joining us. <hes> wilton male sick round all the series on is the official partner savings through ooh the benefits british championship on the vote to moto g pay on the a._c._t. Pose a great hotbed of talents to come in the learning some real race draft including racing in every typical job today and as we get all excited and wilson milk the pip one four remoter team writers they will be heading out kids in just a few moments. I will smell too sick thailand the championship. Thank you for joining us. Whether you're tuned in on radio back on the multiple tv on the cool vibe bracing websites visual radio and four radio coverage online head fully some trains flowing by in the background while there won't be any trains m._s. pit by one team failed pot fair racing all the way through this race so fourteen months ago. I believe they will be given to lapse quite shorts with the note too that with us. We're not sure at present jamie king seventy six eager to leave the assembly area had all this next race race over the weekend for these policies cast greece two chips in one very highly contested race aced they make their way onto the second now a name hudson's has the grave championship leader jamie king he'll be leading them away from what was second possession in qualifying but bought from a lonely second sport should be pulled possession on the grid after yesterday's risk one winner and pull center brad ray has some tasting gypsies for has vanished british superbike team at mallory park today some leaves jimmy king on for new by himself just ahead of the one hundred join petite very hick will the and a four spot third on the grid on zero head of rope petites next up greg will be callum why bro baking sixty seven hate all the number seven in jackson mix up for behavior images on baker five five and then it'll be kevin greta on big number eleven and eight spots jack andrews will be on one one four and head all of their first off the mole teams championship leader simon close on the one three threes of keep an eye out for 'em daniel gilbert next up on the greg number nine ahead ahead off alison kinnaird the other team leader the christian championship leader very hard and race number two earlier on today he'll canoe and his next up on big number eight hundred eighty and invents spiel on by the sex quite free and fourteen ahead of keith and sean go next up sixty then keep and seventeenth twenty campana on bake number <hes> eight greg penn next up in ninety all fraser kinnear debate number three hundred position partly bake nato five will be next up and then renting your runners and writers eaters so she between to tune the grids will be gaddi o'keefe. The bank number sexy feet is the big one for the immortal teams. Make the we rain to the starting grid all after the second setting yup yup just confirmation. We've been given to starting ops jail conditions coming down at the turn them a five coming through the sexual of circuit christmas cohen that went on shohei. Today's could well a one of the petit's they were fighting over the course of off the last two races short divided up and trying to east out of the bike no injury dr. is just trying to <hes> restore on that bike and made of dried which has been by the herds but i house they pay for a vase start getting underway now a little bit more debts on that box and shook their within a few moments which is always a trick the pushing too hard on any green flag lap coming back into the number eight which would make them the number eight overseas starting coming in fifth place voicing for that second in the last few races this weekend race three is about skin in the white house mentioned. We should have twenty sauces. They did have a few not starting second base including broadway which is one of three or four. He didn't start today and i think it will be a china. See who is now that somebody's probably think we'll but that code and then some people video funds to his on screen now if you count chinese visual radio screen police talks were speaking so long lines of okay. How did he fall off. Put you in short london laughingstock themselves to be honest but as everyone assembles aren't getting ready for the grit some great shots jamie king once again looking thinking off ago the space around me. I know quake scrape. He's very surprised maybe to have about two or three different rows committing a tire second. The second was completely gone. Yeah the second move just doesn't exist anymore. License man so all of that and more in the next fourteen eighteen. Let's start marshalls sewing. Everyone who is that is meant to be to be not when not meant to be green flag on the back dan the happy to get this race on the way fourteen in prospect within a final of the weekend for the paper forty multi teams as the number five right up pulling off to the side multi-state aww pulling off to the side robots get on the way we go racing now goodstuff jamie king everyone else making their way through tournament one and two last night nights for the first time out of fourteen really tiptoe splashing their way through the puddles veins ease off against the circuit should continue to be joining confirmation than a firefighter of honest connect didn't get underway in stop pulled off the grid. Probably jesus stowed engine and everyone else making way through jamie king as leading race second-place. He's one of the potato anything on its trump t- here at the moment on the exit eternal 'cause nobody comforts aspiring starts off of isis when he full of on the second green green flag live but he is chasing down on the vice leader the number seventy six ready with debate between his teeth to show everyone else who's boss. He's got the confidence in the a wet. Try and make the moves. Maybe pushing on the satan was has we're finding the limit knows where to as can just reading it back to bed and jamie king made no push this heart it doesn't quite know where the limit as rents down and wait whelton ridge track and senior lula ropati was afraid to lose again on andrews enter the final turn because facial completes lab number one is jaime king the seventy six ahead of the eight rolpa petite henry mateus number fifty five tattoo start there by henry as defensible as the firstborn orangeburg five five year jackson fake number seven and fourth head of calloway on bait number sixty seventy two teams simon clothes and set position ahead of shown. What's daniel anew gilbert next up on the last one forty six out of the moment neil konare front events billy for ninth and tenth to complain next up or another motiva- greg payments. I'd only thirteen raiders so far house built off the star is looking to try and get back into the race to reason number five big twelve running at the moment raw raw petite sizing up jamie king towards the end of the slop during the boxer towards the last the last quarter ton jamie ken cooled off raw potato with rope petites being very quick opening up the feel of each race salmon close the one the-they multiple team raider leading rates leading the we can use some scrape because jay mackenzie coroner while bag news here from this race and championship leader is by copies can hear the screaming and my headphones so thankfully really is back into the space dropped onto the back of the field well. He's dropped by two separate place. I think it stunned. No for the mike gonna fail but lost ten seconds if anything that'll leave more to try and make some progress in this race of big moment shaking rarely makes mistakes in these kind of conditions anyone fair game immediately immediately making the position on shown whisker in sixth place backup in place a good choice goalposts. He likes to post the is is bracing on social media so sonny have a highlight savannah coming to t- to go with that google petite three and a half seconds ahead of haleema jews nor being challenged fund in jackson jackson and third-place how to count whybrow simon clowns leading teams. You mentioned aim fifth place overall a good. This open is now coming under attack phone number seventy six <hes> jamie kane bo bo potato entered the final corner wedge amy case it off just wrap ago doesn't make such a mistake liquid all the red. The whites on the yellow lines is slim. Not you don't want to be putting your wheels too much more than he can. Butts gap remains stomachs second-string and cheese in jackson. You know on the pace saint pacing vibe our own jamie kane jamie king house. Go pass army class say jamie kane woman at six point seven not quite the same time as i when confronted him but he's still pushing extremely hard as callum y brown sixty seven counts under attack from his post of jimmy can take actually makes one short. We're not sure he will keep until a number two. There's someone off. I turned to may but the point must stay on the front the bike the span of a bit of a mistake. That's the number nine so that's daniel gilbert whose bike as off. He's trying to restart something. Lifted is lit up a little just to see if you're getting missed a yellow flag to turn to just take out pointed good overtaking opportunity but few in this race to make a few extra position propped up ready to go and he's leading three eight point nine seconds. I was watching on friday and noise at the pet. One forty seem to strongly in the way conditions not sure if the tires aren't quite up to scratch around the slept pretty pretty walton mel suck. I was afraid to see the poster for maybe canceling a c. Knows where the limits of the circuits just lake raw potato today on the green flag laps so we can see at jamie king and make some moves up the order as a couple of seconds slower than rob petite at the moment which is completely understandable looking for the bugassault and pulled off the sucast another pet bike one forty bake north carolina's ian jackson in setting second possession these crushed addition keen up at christmas corner top end of the second volume trying to get started once again pumping the starter motor and he's gonna start to back into the risk a olov grass meals slipping off in the grass once again but it makes me back on track no farther than than what he would have hoped but farther than agree scrap going on between the number the eighty fifth wheel vets billy greg pam on the fifty six off pelican hairpin fairly close for comfort between those two there twenty compound on the number eight just behind that that's group here so five battling four multi bakes one pet bank one fourteen so the sean baking backup and there is i'd. He's the number. Seven of jackson is back into the race i well the puzzle for the lead in military team is known as good timing. Screens is assuming klaus. He's a position in about thirty seconds. I had an okinawan his second vinci paintings about second behind them and then you mentioned pantani on bullfighting place final few places his own and the bostrom five us completed one seven six in a moment as a slippery flagged down simply safe's down at ten morrison. I might maybe a little bit of oil or something down. There just makes him a little walter and everything which makes it even more difficult as the race continues proceeds north of things running for the motor team any bustle absolutely fantastic three white heading into christmas corner. Turn them a three a few artists. Go deep just extra grip vince bailey working. Its is way through really having to push lena bike to get. I don't walter. I'm as a bit annoyed by a few people saving on almost going into the side of each other as the number three six nine and fifty six pam vince bailey dow fighting extremely hard having fantastic racing in the with break. Manila kennedy was well jaime king new forces up woman at three point six zero five nine two four place only nine seconds behind the race lead is two point three three seconds behind but the number zero eight the number eighty four petite as your race later about halfway through this place and it's a come in lab these mitra team minors at the halfway stage agent raise godly cone. Jamie king las lob tune seconds quicker than your. There's only five locker meaning. I've thought his continuously may be able to catch raw potatoes not at the very end of this race so that could be coming up for dramatic finish and the final couple of labs but tolkien drama further back day to fear of nuclear <music> holding off a gaggle of hungry raiders just greg neil kinnaird info and folded not vince billy twenty campana making a debut me and the motor teams rate on the bugs or returning twenty campana on number eight late on the brakes and to the hairpin as i mentioned last night we can hear cheating for the script. That's because i section of the sunken that's where all the mall team raiders all based so the defense family and of course some fans there cheering them on but ron petite teeth stole leading the way for the moment sex point six seconds covers the toll for ropati. Don't jamie jamie king stella lopping nearly three seconds a lot live quicker than your race leader hate me mature seconds by two seconds for the behind the property halloway bro on the sector seven begs becoming under pressure from the number seventy six championship leader and a pet bank one forty and the class raw petite trying to take off the lives of hopefully not gonna come under pressure from jamie king evolves but convincing according wanted to come coming up towards the back markers of the faith between konare the pem billing campana. He may get stuck them for a bit longer than what he was hope. It's not just i just thought that constantina affects you mentioned because of the place deficit petite and king was a woman at one the false on a woman at three point a woman when it three minutes three point nine closing pace king up to third place making its way through the other fighters in sprays well petite getting big chair fraum home the pit bull and one of them might say team on his essay tweaking on offense bailey some events bailey slides down onto the full. He picks the bike hub dividers okay. He's just trying to east on the machine so he's gonna lose out on a fantastic four replacing class go petite also <hes> getting out by fewer the fighters in this race jamie king dilemma looking at my an absolutely chairman because he's got the pace. He's closing up. Fronts is typically just a very quick confirmation the a._c._t. Rookie second vice will be held after the senior mini-motu soya office any maintenance monitoring straight which is the junior else to talk to me often lines so you will be going to be we'll still be as planned not too long later so great news that we managed to fit in all three racist support bookies on second in a short period of time seat is looking to go home in a short period of time because he's only three hours away from foam. The checkered flag five point is lost lap woman at three point full restraint. He can still catching up on the federal circuit storms choice slightly my point now whether toy amongst on the surface on video drawing it leaving wet passionate shoveling out the way ever so slightly i just enough in order to get pays back is delayed. Get quicker capable petite has got to push now because jamie king like the shock is there's payback. Sonic has got to lapse in order to make the race way. No matter the race move haleema choose as much quicker but jamie kings catching catching a second off a lot of he was only one point six behind on that last night babies come on the line now as still second jamie king third only eight times behind that lhasa woman the three point seven four point six for henry and second in the number of women at four point three. It's still leading so they are catching but it's as wael chestnuts as they go to position themselves playing with you. Gotta make sure all your talion today. Everyone is in the right place. I devices aren't for lack crucial. May then i have to go and it's becoming crunch time you're going to have to die says as petite is coming through the first on the second lifetime they corners as an awful long time in this race have to go and it must be thinking. Have i done enough to win. This race. Track is getting ever greasier. This year is at the puddles dispersed. An attract dry tries to dry as a lot of course. It's not number eight of robert petites through the finals corner. He comes he will be pouring across the start finish to take the last lap flag on further back. Jamie king has written a wall pressure <music> overhead head member. Just it looks over his shoulder. The number fifty five looking to see where the championship leader has gone looks over his shoulder sees. The jamie kennedy just said the newfound blob off the race. I one minute two point eight to nine but i think it's all about two leads for kingdom in a challenge on your bike installed. Grab second check in chicanery comes polling don't hell for both of them had images looks over his shoulder sees. Jamie kings a little bit further back than it was a couple of corners goal. Maybe jimmy kings. You're settling toiling for that start. Possession valley's efforts after crushing on number two but raw potato four more coroners to goal for your racially that the number eight taken it nice and easy don't want to hearts hurting industry and towards the third to last through the left flick it over and to the rates looking over shoulder once again everyone else says because someone was i hadn't even just arab seconds corner looked like but across insist on finishing comes raw petite number eight jaime king finished second at was henry medusa cross at the penalty mcchord trying valiantly to hold off your tom should elite and he didn't unfortunately funders henri matisse could get back coming in at least cross facing he does he comes across lane and third possession talent library and shown what to go next. Stop bought the number fifty six over greg pam trying to his aac together. I must have had an off on the final lab such an unfortunate shame there for the motor team raid eight new care near comes across like finishing eighth possession calloway frozen fourth and shown. What's gonna be looking to petkovic. That's five possession well. What if i said by petit the on the last lap he was one point three seconds slower. I won't proceed whenever this race but another line we always say that but if it was another allow timmy king could have i would have enclosed bobo petits as your final race winner in the paper on him military team race on the weekend so from tom from zero to hey falling on the sizing up to winning the and raised three well jaime king a second after fantastic raise the pricing to a making a mistake. They're carrying on from last second none of that from him. Hey mimi jews enter despite full on the final lap taken underway finish pain read the place power full headed so whisker sean jackson on in jackson v and sakes assignment clouds a triple <hes> in motor team this week i kneel kanye's untidy campana eight thousand second and third respectively in motor team greg pam on vince in spain he then killed which tied up to a few months after a full turn take it is still raining vein starting to be leaked down. Wait is to connect starting this race due to coming off the circuit. The baby starts the race from tom. Petty won fourteen thirteen competitors. They will be back out. I rather incumbent one of their favourite circuits in the calendar in a few weeks time we move on. Oh now see the junior. Lt protea leads but what you're joining us. This is live coverage of around six of the two thousand and nineteen cool vibe racing british minibar championship championship lame hodgson's. Aren't i'm bringing you all the action over the course of the weekend on multiple radio tv and own the copa facing west are thank you very much for joining us great to have you with us so junior secrecy lights. Our interests are female time just an update pull. Those who weren't <hes> didn't hair during their loss. We have confirmation the sydney millionaires harry race and so it will be the a._c._c. bookies. They'd you will be out after seeing any tax rates three so they will get all three races in this weekend great to see that they are guilty sinner. The great job performance control you. He says is going to be getting off erases looking at the window which you see the rain is falling ever heavier so fingers crossed. It won't be any more delays but we've got the sea will go. Eh the risk heading ruined at the moment. It's going to be the elsie forty elite saw we'd probably welcome to sating labs is the rain continues to fall. What's what's the order is going to look like bessant. Your championship leader will be in for his fiftieth win. Over the season. Joining arnez baked number fifty seven will lead off all pull possession on degrades samuel munson wellbeing second session once again for the third time second in championship and of course the a._c. Forty cruise bruce thompson leader mason foster will be in possession of an absent josh sponsor joe sponsorship be on the grid and forth unfortunately broke his elbow yesterday so he won't be participating in any of his races this weekend. Rudy hottest will be on big number sixty six infest ahead of clinton edmonds one four sex communist olympic one hundred the head of sparks number sexy to henry mccartney on thirty one for fourteen elite class will be starting to the head of charlie hunting. Varda on bake is seventy the sex ruining it the top ten and eleventh. We'll be there loving offending weighty. Holy hottest is next up and festive gregg marshall and thirty possession on the ground on big number nineteen nineteen ninety and running the runners raiders for the starts off the elsie fourteen elite recent number three and these horrible way conditions at the time to talk at wilton mill racing british mini-breaks championship. We'll be jacob stevenson's so the raiders are making a run sake in sating lob before the start all over this race. If you're just joining us thank you and welcome to the two thousand eighteen. Racing british many bakes championship. We had one race yesterday. One set of rage and if i had the second surveys already today were entered the third name and if you've just joined us a lot but dry earlier on the rain is now. We've had slave delays here so if you're just joining us you may be wondering why we're not on schedule but that's the reason we had to be delayed through the weight conditions conditions and elsie forty fourth risks are fourth thirteen of these are on the way to the grad so we can hear them leaning up undergrads is the raiders becoming an to possession everyone's waiting undergrad <unk> make sure they're on the right possessions on the the grade and for our viewers you can see this action shot from say don off the front row of the grid johnny garner san samuele months into its tunnel chat each other mason forced take eighty eight just hang on a second row of the grads agrees raiders and this class some stars of the future so far. Let's we've had a fantastic classic bunch of battles. Between the number fifty seven join gone s and the eighty eight of mason foster so my soul we have enjoyed so much that we just can't keep can't stop talking about it but johnny garner going for his fifteenth race when all of the season bought these confessions no owners who will be waiting for the raiders at the back of the grads to get into their possessions. The rain is falling to a heavier horizontally early on track as the marshals will be taking a step off to the state of the art kits and waiting for the red laced to appear so arabes welby rising the smoke the red list ron reds rupp and away they go on a great star from samuel months to seventy two off the front of the grad but noise good is joining only gonna ask from pool possession samuel munson greet start and to say joining us trying to get to it but the sexy sex of groaning already up to say i say what the mission foster as the power the way up to christmas corner at the far end of the circuit. Some raiders win some ring coats. They're gonna suck assists to stop the the water getting into the seems leather so if you're wondering why some greatest of course something flopping dies exactly what has warning brady his show and has credentials already in the wake industrial so far. It's already passed the one four sex all the clinton edmund so fantastic star there from the young raider the number of nineteen the name of brady already dropping that gaggle of raiders or sex possession and the early stages of this race but at the top of the field as joining garnered still leading the way at the the end of love one samuel monsters don't second mason foster has just pulled ahead of ronnie hottest for thirds well putting away. They are going to have to get him with the weather or just the outside for just a moment. They didn't pay. It looks heavy than me as quite going rain since tricky stuff. That seems getting visor so when you're trying to look what were you going. You're getting into years or difficulty way going but it is slowly foreign exam heavier and heavier once again join us so leading for months and as you mentioned in tacoma to maitree making some great pace away from the rest of volunteers harris brady price your way and when seven hundred eleven hundred john say phone is getting a bit more tricky brady pricing away with charlie hunting but they both had two grey battles this weekend they just continue that will go hunting fits boy seemed to have fun failing on it so even have fallen off hold. I've done that for some kind of cooling in this kind of weather. Maybe they have based on. Maybe it's just the weight loss as well on the bake and these tough conditions butts is of course charles on the seventy six moving up to fetch possession ahead hey off the nineteen award brady goes through the double edged china flick it rates down the back streets for the second team communist baked one hundred has stopped trying to wipe his visor the very cool looking kim cameron sill so yellow flag on suck it for cameron. Sill schiff is crashed off. There's been an all nearly throttling still watch the <unk> away away from both of them but fingers crossed that interests not doing so just yes dome pink with rage not happy. There's cameron cillizza well. I think that's because he looks over to our cameras. How minoza cameras pointed filming him and then ope although it seems we filming me and my antics has so <hes> polio embarrassment more than anything now leeann so never go a yellow flags is mentioned going to section that restricts them from overtaking tonight particularly kona john s._p._s.'s months and the rain is getting heavier. Whatever try lines where the payment quickly disappearing on garner's his bike. He looks like he's one of those really big overcoats. You die gives you about six years still too big for you but but he suddenly having it to good effect is a little bit more drinking months and jesus to his advantage and the state female modest after inside months and goes inside line into the chicane makes the mousse samuel months in the lumber seventy two on the inside line at the left hand. She makes louis leads so he's a very good position. Now he can saw attacking hiking poles as he wants to his join us behind joining. Give him the space to not making this up. As significantly side woman eight eight point four zero one two and a half ten quick samuel munson second greg johnny gone s so continuing up for the bathroom for the race league honest honest thinking about about the inside at turn three christmas corner count quite make it work certain another lap in the bike three competed will not full so the hard way listen to this race and so far the passover talk free as the closest this panel we can again going back cuts left coast right nearly goes out the back of samuel munson the race late into the first of two last time they called us right in the cut just slightly just enough to rotate by not enough to make the overtake think i want to draw your attention to the raider. Search mason foster usually necessity forty elite class. He's got a slightly dick. Definitely can bake as orange and black for right. Now is yellow bakes. I'm gonna shift run in the air kilt. Maybe he's very nice alaba easier to run and the way she could feel the love and more also because his actual raced on a earlier on in the day so he may be more comfortable to stop instead of the liquid kill bikes. They should be running unless class but munson stolen. The way is the rain spoiling alessio behavior on the puddles are starting to form mancini splashing on up towards christmas corner lee on the brakes county a push past months in just yet bathing same through this chicane sanction baiting st louis but to look reindeer state of went through the left hand but nothing just yet mason as enforcers brady quick and twenty section of track and start possession there so maybe it does have air kill bacon is very quick and twenty section but lucy's outs and the and the court and stuff so fast corners mason four-star closing dan johnny garnish the number fifty seven seventy two all of samuel montilla onto a few laps go and joining garner's with the overcoat on it looks like one of those weight causes should have like a point to it just looks like a normal ring court they go on at the moment so making the way through the above steak just before we looked at number sixty six there have only hottest for the visual viewers. The court will have to keep an eye face sam. You must always away so it wasn't a big enough mistake for tony garnett said to take advantage off for samuel munson. Stop brilliant live risk chris what it wasn't necessarily big mistake but it was one that are now gone us to have a snip of the league once gaining. He's got a great slipstream. As the winds picking up the rain's getting heavier abia jonas takes the lead again into christmas corner turn number three he goes cutback from left to right side by side with months and less side by side again the fifty-seven the morning deepen the seventy two months in backup inside the second happened few glorious corners was where we johnny ghana's again as he goes gray <music> out to turn them into roy to advise whereas divided down at the final sex sixty seventy moments a few chona's guy and had another full continues in this race. It seems it seems to be okay so munson gaps gone s again though he's made a better through the left and the right the infield section of the corner to corner so munson gone as the two bosnian conveys lead mason forces in doesn't seem to have the straight line inability of these two which act who wouldn't be surprised really just don't have that straight line pace gone as the woman at eight point five five women eight point three three five four months and say to the guy once again took me to the sixteen. Johnny gone s fifty seven with the pace with the appalachian mania. We'll take doesn't go of course he will makes losers. The front end is he joins the point a little too much of the the inside at turn to mclean mason foster as i mean we often say just as close enough to try and go to the move has given some yeoman's and a bit more breathing space through the infield for the pronouncement time looking at shoulder about opposition but coming into the final lap win the few times munson gonesse and foster talk three hunting hunting putting forth brady marshall and that means. I had to take teams in the morning. Harris cameron soul only complacent this race only nine minutes out there for the time being months and snow white amount. He won three the final for the consummate time he sees all he's got a few ride is in front of and he's going to after negotiates on the final lap so johnny ghana's with the foster stop. He's only seven tenths behind. Munson versus gone as the winter all of this final lenovo genius on the weekend the fifty seven garner's as a lotta open too far back on the mobile salmon is doing everything in kind the res th-they theather from led to last teammate as commanding possession so far and this last half a lab at bam there from johnny garnished last lap has allowed mason forced austar to close up a nearly talking pack of the one for sex in front of a sort of a coordinator and to the double left honda county new can trying to get themselves rent clinton edmonds opportunistic from johnny gomez. Is you saw them months in ghosted up by the bag marker of clear today means three more corners to go for the elsie. Fortunately he's not close enough but joining garnished. You knew he will try. He always tries at on the last couple of lives to corners remaining penelope corner. There's another backmarker car and new we can mason foster parents are both of them can get run out of the car new economy. Samuel comes across the lane. The number seventy two packs up your sacraments miss went and two weeks ahead of tony garnier's mason foster house the center for the final port in possession on bake number eighty eight grant law slob there from those very intense stuff is the rain began to fall agra heavier as we came to oppose the puddle star to form on the squashed it what my steel and which avenue the balance of the head from both rates respect their on close encounters law slop and that was a real challenge especially halfway through you mentioned fantastic moment women like gone ice went to the vice was also months and on the left hand songwriter money outside of each side of the race place in edmonds edmund bugs. That was the result then supplements in final winner of the weekend. In june lt forty elites he gone by just half a second of law a slap off h mason foster and they're taking the final spot on the podium among believe he's using his normal a false he pro by bonus liquid. They cold l._l._c. foresee elite four placements johnny huntingford any award brady gregg marshall comes in sick with some good another good hold appoints regret. It'll be better to be pleased without sequester. Bernie harris are increasing edmonds whereas seventy eight or key tunnels running harris bass and also plays an admiral jacob kazeem incoming a console facing wall now but that was it for the junior elsie forty elites they are heading back to the product with a pitifully on the heads after a great many of their compatriots going to them and change them as well surpassed all the field so as the end of the aegina elsie fourteen elites they always get around in a few weeks time and thank you for joining us on the mike school radio websites on the mice more t._v. Animal crab bracing this is live coverage around six of the two thousand nineteen cool vibe racing british championships line from wilson industry so as we take a quick breath as we move on to the third race of the weekend full the senior many motorways. I haven't yet headed our own circuit but just reminded the second a._c. Forty look he's race at the weekend. That will take place after this race. This is the third ed singing nearby surveys all the weekend as indeed bracing british many banks championship live foam daventry the wilson mel carting suck at playing host to rent at number. Six of this fantastic racing cds the route to motor g._p. And we are of course official partner cds to the british partition superbike championship some great battles so far that we can film the senior. Many moons does rhetoric williams taking the fate until you're championship leader speroni on days. You'll bake but this looks like the pleated filled is amazing the way onto sucker for the green flag. Maybe some of them have packed up and going home early early to stay in this a lot but trickier but it's more puddles forming on the circuit of turn tip a thankless on state of the circuit but with these many motors and i'd semaine away the they won't care one little bet they'll just go about fun and trash whether as wet or dry or even an snl and some cases. They may just reason that anyway we have had that before. I've we actually being a lot of fun if that was the case so green flag lap the foster sating lab for the senior many anymore just feeling the way rain the socket feeling the where the group as unworthy grab as in but does it do that. We'll just run down through the great lakes and be your championship doc. This leedle alternate hit leading him away foam pool possession on the grads. Hey all the number five. I'll park in second possession symmetrical blinded prostate over race at number two but meister remainder face sake and a lot of earlier today restarting a third ahead of the number four of george park adam ambrose awesome by twenty one. We'll discuss undergrads. All seven of weeden usually runs at what the car will cut that office number by waking sessions today. Signing hunting will be next up on bake forty seven and a half of the eighty-one creek officials and aides recession rescue woman's number eighty five will be ov rookie q._c. Who's running at top ten for the stock six. Neil skinner talk to you should be next and the lemon juice look on one three six. We'll be next up in twelve possession session on on the back room autographs possession of grad once the machine will be austin dealer so the rain falls ever heavier and done on more with two guests at your own just a lot of entertainment from the senior many mobutu's race number three today well able to get in the way in a few moments. No indication of i stopped at the moment. The wet conditions always provide fantastic racing from the senior. Many military cost one has to think back to g. y. G. law season dan without photo finishing third place involving the bikes being thrown over the line so many vacancies in the coup fabrizi paddock's. Maybe cool that made national news and the daily mail amongst other things so quite is heading out on to the second now just getting ready onto the grid full the final simon. Hey of the senate race all weekend. Thanks for joining us. It is live coverage around six of the twenty nineteen cool fat bracing british me many bike championship so vain is getting heavier and we are live on beta sports t._v. on the metro of any websites and owned the kufa bracing sir. Thank you for liking liking. He showing let the whole world know. You'll love fool racing here at cool up and as always a big thank you not the muscles in the metrics here so we stood waiting anxiously ahead of the starts all of this race. Many riders are looking very anxiously towards starts on the grid. Leeann mentioned a few moments. Go greatest fairly depleted does seem to be a lot fewer people on the grid than we had entered initially birds these conditions where we difficult setup for so especially if you've got to pack up in the wet and curve acing after you've been soaking down for bed challenge butts the maybe wanna see once you've always we're gonna dump penalty yasim hair then all we can for the mini motos is about to get in the way the veterans will come on in just a moment and everyone as waiting impatiently <hes> landlords so now it goes out good starts from the front moment. He makes another another decent starts into second place. Being contested second-place bernie hook made a pretty good start as well which williams i'm not sure where he is as a few others including everything jones goes back in slow coming to turn the ball must have had an incident falling off item on all that ain't no bernie well for the next eight lonzo site just perking running in second position everyone else continuing around including the moisture when we say that there's a wider serving on the access of christmas as he's benny hook at least bunny hug daily. He's making his way into the full kuna. The wet is suddenly a tricky thing for all of these motorized in staying on the island and it's gonna be the tricky thing today but with eight laps to complete today as indeed on the rain's falling have our heavier renders. Welcome mel recourse. We've got gosh all making some so the former british many big championship from ciampi from elegant those i was just as really coming to enron and his wet conditions and it looks like he's maybe degree up at the second mark barkan leaving the moments principal. Williams got russia the back with us austin dean on bake. One three seven opening love thereby backup is packing or after crushing ponente corner but mom the bucket is leading the way ahead of simon to start ahead of item ambrosio spoken announcing on aberdeen advises saints be extremely missed it on the radio stream joining if you on that but it was extremely cloud in the mystery seems he can hardly see where he was going so no great surprise he made that mistake with bernie unhooked again ahead of simon hunting hunting also got limit twenty one of anim- grows in the makes the fight all that four place and third place at the moment my pecking often his own. He's got a bit of time to reflect on what's going on at the moment of the inside goes that i'm gonna touch about. Ambrose drew on simon huntingford. John burke is getting all right so on the outside on the second part of the two left-handers onto the state looks oversold destroyed this time on the show. They always always say come on mike denardo way. I'm fastening. It's a bit of an staying across the great fans friendship and the senior mini multi causal by point talknet racist so they don't mind until i don't and diva las togetherness classes well. I was gonna say josh barking. Death-knell someone i went to look keep an eye out on even though he's seven seconds behind my market and the way conditions are reasonable one and he was fade evaded questions is making a move on the twenty one a bamboo pirating pasta turn a number two all the way on to reshma coroner there so he's up to third spot just behind your timeshare leader baron nick but josh perkins niece laid on the left is it looks like he's just hanging on by a thread in the moment so that gets annoying for joe sparking if tides on one of the cavs may or may pull him off the bake closys own your trump shuttle usually runs a redback is running back out of the moment the rain's coming down ever more and you can see forever years. Thank you very much if you are watching the rain is really soaking the racetrack but george parkin putting patchy leeann the briggs rigs wa wa moved there from george parkin. Then looked like he brings the toll is now up to second behind bob barr. King soares come cost are facially and the next few moments. We'll see the teams always fatal corner pushing too hard. Day's backed up his okay. You must've couple seconds enough. That is crazy stuff there fromm the senior. Many motorists thanked the leader that was the leader but does it because he's carrying on. Nothing's happening for bernie hurt starting to close up along with the animals in the number twenty turns you on the birkin's down to learn you know out in this race site. It is still all to play for craig asshole well in the makes for bernie hooking guinand both pricing price final stats on the podium as they make their way through the first two worn off too long lifetime. There's the rain is getting more and more unpredictable unpredictable by the lab the blue on owning leathers automatic pricey with joel speaking say the bergen family together once small and they said he was hoping speed got on track a fight joe wants to get paused mask thing they might want to go home after that thing about another vases embarrassing but joking aside is slipping my way through the point of going and we'll take you to gov version applies barry joyce unattended out of their sight corner. Wipe goodness may make the jets toys this very often. They're both paying it up to the crowd absolutely but my talk perking john at the final corner said a synchronized fooling goodness may well that trying to make this. I'll tell you this is overpay for g. Y. t. last year after moments a week or publishing putting any mail yesterday a lost yeah. The joint swimming come on is has come on s._a._t. No potent inviting anymore. They're just trying to play it up. The crowd must today's going to go to the comedy club next. I wanna see what happens to them. All burning hooking say you think this guy motoracing currently linked to this race but my goodness me. Josh are going to be absolutely stay in sich is offerings to range heavier full go. I think this might be getting to the head. We cut away from them in a way for them to someone else before they get in more trouble bits second team. Maybe saline wasn't a ton of a._c. Benny hook hook is going down. This is absolute madness. Wow well they see we w chains the chains come off the fight so he's going to have to do that. In the polling is on the side of the circuit so not me ottoman buzz is gonna be promoted to lead in the time like sean hunting but so ninety leading on our time grains crank out shows up in the mix as well bernie hook losing possessions and josh a map birkin seconds from talk radio race. I put on my buddy. Josh man promoted back to the podium wore a stage race. This is absolutely fantastic. Simon huntingford stayed on and he's found himself in the lead offices to see what many two and a half lobster meaning anything can happen so far but the visual viewers you could see how much rain is falling if you know here at the circuit and you're listening i am the rain is coming down. Massively here this puddles forming the kind of see what's going on both the buckets across about hundred feet under both and second and third so my parking chasing dan josh barking to orange joyce and matt and the blue. They're gonna come towards a corner any moment. We'll the crochet or will they still fingers crossed nunez. No feeling confident at topa. George parkin makes us. We thank god yes. He has mouth parking will be next up. Oh he's the on yes he does still. Both of them stayed on lobster meeting thirty seconds of the race for there's come off his way. Come up wi think happened. They went positing going into the final clooney. He waits. Turn your unless you go and do your thing just going to say hey. I'll august george the number paul just working as leading the number four vitamin josh beckett heading into the second half and leads ma perkin just two point with three seconds behind the race leader on the screen. Now they like leathers now. There's another fight pulled off at the top of christmas corner missile multiple days the heading to the infield they all say they sell just technical query the rank getting heavier track getting soaked the racing lines becoming more blood ed in difficult and with a lot half go joesbury cain pass to stay on the island now because he's going dangerous losing the win if he he doesn't he's two point three second banking aboard the number five machine was white soda lentil based it inside the helmet probably giggling to owns. The rights of the bank is he hadn't over the line lit up time he starts to finalize the counc- marshall during an holding the the giggling he tries to swim aced tide is still trying to get through. I think i'm not sure who that is but joe backing leases raise the number four leading this race with two-thirds together. I don't know what's going to happen also known as the not can doc to water. Everyone's come off in a senior. Many motorists but george parking looks like he's taking it very easy now. Maybe his after all those crashes. He's he's telling my book into higher up a catch up. Will they have to finish come across elaine or well. It'd be secret is swimming. I said they come across their face. The raiders walking away with these bakes mailing. He's off often so far here today but the tires are spitting up so much water from the senior mini motos the rain as lashing down there on the welter no of course here and daventry. It should be sunny. It's no three mokoena's legal can george st onto take frustrated when of the season or weli crush. Oh shit once again. He's looking over shoulders looking towards a fatal corner they come. Who will it be. Well it be the number four all josh barking he stay. They don't thankfully a cost starfighter. Joe's fucking princess fiona bake the fourth avenue for their well done watch stain on the joe sparking takes its first race when over the season throw him my barking after both crash date. Both swimming is look towards the camera. I choice barking park in secret swimmers secret ice crushing his well. Well synchronized everything they wanted to in this race. What a fantastic performance from josh berkane slamming down though off to have a real great cameraderie is that talking one of the josh on the vita matt's own left second and first respectively but they make their way back to the product pretty pleased with each other after that particular so it's not something we have that often whenever we have. It seems to be the senior <unk>. Give it that gentleman josh. I'm my bur. I can tell you is and turn comedians. It seems but they went through everything was he's the big way kambas well. I think thing you were saying he's i in that particular. Incense butts just back in the women's rights. Ahead of perkins bernie hurts. The numbers abe third place in the end of things. Probably feels does have been glinted dane in full ahead of adam anglos play some retirement from this race and fortunately but i can certainly think can have the daily mail firms ringing roy now after another dramatic moments in the rain. Hey cool five racing. I'm i'm pretty sure keep an eye on the social media because i will be played over and over again. I think maybe the ground pine cobble have a thing to say about that but it's <hes> as i continue my came democracy happy with each other marshals invites getting involved with us as well. Let's just wanna get into hobby. I say but whilst we news about that amusement is important. Not rain is getting much heavier and it's about the heaviest since the foresee rookies race was postponed earlier on long now a._c. Forty rookies raised to g go out now but set depending on conditions. I'm not sure whether they will be the next one's out so look out the window but known columbia thus far so it may be what's happening but matt burke in talking with friends and family in the product demonstrating seeing how difficult does particularly well great action. We've had ahead round sakes all of the two thousand and nineteen cool bracing british mini by championship tape. We're live on motorsport radio on the corporate racy websites and tv will to millseconds and demetrius betrays limousines and <hes> commentary side of the work he's doing nasc- forty rookies raised to now serve in the rain is pelting down getting extremely heavy delays. You tuned in official video. Stream will see the water on the circuit standing water in puddles which is very difficult to navigate through z. Somebody bike timeouts have gone through that over the last few days such slip recycling they call it slippery mohair uh-huh head wilton mail when the sets in due to the j two rubber sets own the racing line drawing heaviness when it's wet but the a._c. Forty looking vice to jute scouts in just a few moments time to remind you for the rest of the order safe hot database to and it will be the many g._p. V vase three of the exchange hundreds the minneapolis sidecars will follow them then it'll be a._c. Forty rookies three senegal got pretty close set of racist but i'm sure they'll enjoy that johnny followed by eighty percents to round out the way you can hear wilton mill butts. Yes you foresee rookies looking for the second time of the weekend slim chance with the grid is going to be your championship leader who will lead them. All pool possession afford starts off as i suspect the welby to green flag laps potentially three for these young writers these are the youngest raiders and ed killed five racing paddock to just themselves to as well to mellow risk. A lot of rain is falling at the moment has been postponed to later on entity after running slick tires crossed over to second lob from alabama raider pushing a bake off christmas cornerstone. Don't sure has that could be the waving in the marshalls to give them a hand with the star of the bake them and come to their stops. Thankfully as one of the wave of fingers costs they can get themselves back back to the rich paul london the rest all the grade so it's archie get leading off cases because someone else stopped at the bottom here trying to start the bank with a starter move yongqing at power back up and running once again so maybe some walter is getting into the electrics and of course engineer on the a._c. Forty rookie aches and the raider at the policeman as stole setting. They're looking dejected just for someone to come over so come on get me hans. I wanted to start. That's race. Someone's run over in the neck of team so that's the three feet three potentially all bronze in teams so that might be the king to the gut for the start of the forty ricky's. We'll be leading casey speedy on big number. Twenty look fetch on ninety three. We'll be in third ahead. All sems joshua williams with a fractured stumble almost believing from the on the greg's number three michael holt is next up and festive eight and six sports william hottest on number ten it will be an seventh ahead ahead of the three three three or brand keen archie o'brien number ninety one. I hate off heidi paint on bake number eleven thoroughly trevor on number four to be next up and eliminate that just missing a top ten starting possession wilson belts bacon about eighty-five and twelfth army car eighty three. We'll be starting max wilson karrubi testing a new way conditions for the second time after has transitioned a former go kart racing over too many banks enjoyed it so much thought come back for some more here here at welton molecule enforcing spot had byron johnson baked two seven three an and sexy toby bailey lords felix dorling big number eighty seven being seventeen sports ahead of many rosie all pink bake bake number forty six as he carta will be an eighteenth austin johnson three to seven your next up in one thousand head of kalamata on on baker triple one substitutes three this trying to start all their close open twenty four hours and bethany abby on baked number eight will ruin that runs arranged to start off the a._c. Forty rookie reese number to hear a walton melt so it's three thirty seven one of the austin johnson cy by vion johnson on having a good time out that at the moment the rain getting very very tricky conditions on that as you mentioned in and for these young runners the youngest is in the field. It's a great learning experience is a challenge nonetheless eight labs in prospects remain passing down. I'm on the grid umbrellas out making sure everyone stays nice enjoy and just have a big. Thank you to all of marshall's medics analyst in trope. It's been a tricky day weather wise. We simply couldn't go without you guys and goes out that passive airing street veins hope big thank you to all of the econ- reiterate just how much we mean not because it is a real great thing that you guys do voluntary efforts for many of you out there so vain gets heavier and the race is about it's going the way everyone's is making sure. They're ready to go. These cool pints is pretty cold outlined temperature-wise. It's tricky to get them in the voice operating windmakers. We'll still running. A few months was an assistant out on the grid. Just make sure that they are indeed. I think they're just making sure that a low of the patients are there. Just make sure that there are ready to go on. They'll be nice and safe on suck it but there's a lot of rain on the circuit the read every time we look at the window on for years every time you look at it. It seems to become even hazier so lashing down by lewis. We're going to get underway nonetheless done very startling full they say of the bookies they look towards the red lights they pick out they look up. You look but don't take too long standing around. I saw this out pretty. He quickly as well good stuff on the front while he seems on luke pitcher making a pretty startling had a good one in yesterday i race but as they make their way through turns one and for the first time it's going to be tricky to make sure absolutely everyone felt history but were they seem to get through cleanly. The rain's pouring you can hardly see levite isn't a course in front of you. The route details pretty big times. We got one minute down immediately down tournament three christmas corner of the travel. You are traveling. Thanks that has just got underway. Bond is up and mike in today's so i've just been all the failed seven obsta go s._a._t. Seven nothing counter is not too long of which you gotta push gather time between the times but also make some positions top three including art. He gives making the best donovan leading this. I land casey. Spady had a great run at lead and wet conditions. Last time i reached number one. He's taking the lead of the race and so powered past your time. She'll archie gaps. It looked like a moment coming out of the corner and the only semi just moved up to second so the number twenty of casey speedy is he must be fabio quoted tata for the number twenty on his aac powders down to the final corner on the circus very leads them across failing to start lap number. Two spady fatally sems gibbs who was leaving the races now back to third possession. There's a gap over three seconds back to fourth possession as williams on the number ten ahead of branding keen markowitz also making a great start and to say how repainting seven archie o'brien and eighth wilson dealt and looked better the number ninety six is starting to championship. I had that awful. I is job dente tenth possession as the raiders tab the way round the track here looking like they're going to mel's an hour you're but only summonses lane and upper case beta the bulls arch against our together just trying to protect championship leads. The circuit resembles a swimming pill. There's like a sheet sheet of weight acer there. You can see reflections. We don't need to be a hair conditioning. Just bring back some points. Come the end of the you're going to regret ray. She it didn't finish finishing a few points but <hes> rain continues. Come down the edge husband taken off the vein. The edge has been taken off. Casey sperry's run on as well through has gone seventy-three into the race lead but casey sperry has had a great one late emulating fantastic phone in the wet once again through the puddles through everything else but as we continue through this race once again casey's berry and only since you're to base leaders his dad is winning at the moment but <hes> as we continue william has set the fastest lap woman eighteen point five one seven so ask the flying out circuit a matter of three or four seconds in front of him so let him attend might even full place closing using up slowly to seventy seven thousands of the second between sperry and same's gates in the run. Kane is fifth pain brian. Ryan market hopes and wilson is in north at elite fitch fisher. You mentioned a pool opening up travel but lemon sonar pace east. I was a forty two wider by johnson. Everything started this race. No feeling stolen known johnson and go much further than the first anyway close ambani ashby also so not by this race so only seventeen out there so there's every mary's insane. If you just turn around now you are more likely to score points obsolete indeed the is tricky. You've just got to beijing team. Don't push too hard a welby a race of attrition and some of the raiders are further down the field the main of tatum any points suffices and can feigned an opportunity and these way conditions so splashing through puddles they will go on stole. All essential leads leads the way a tenth of a second ahead of casey speedy casey spady still holding onto the back of a number twenty william. How does as up to third archie archie gibbs is dropping dead in order to archie gives budget gaps who wasn't third possession as dropping like a stone to the order william house up to ten brandon. Keen is up to fourth archie o'brien sex and definitely something has happened to argue over there on the plumbing donor order. Well not just promising limousine down the order but critical shopping a stop raining. The rain is lightning up the skies is starting lineup as well so the level and intensity off the conditions are that maybe the edge really has come off. It and it's going to start to be on our side wants to gain only seems with the fastest lap eighteen point zero zero nine point one six zero ahead of everyone else fighting around the circuit those of five point five william harry's place brennan canes and further the three and a half seconds behind them and the cops get along and so you get to seventh place league pitchers enjoying a better one now. The conditions are starting to be more favorable. He was fine thyroid's of a second ahead of mark holtz. I made a move coming out the final kona god position over the line which is great for them to mark down to eighth maxwell cincinati only car. We'll say pretty close for that. I knew that it was between russia. William slowly traveler trevor intent eleventh and twelfth where the payday loans also so you're getting within the mix so nice continues cinema seventy-three vita of continues to lead this race but only just by casey spare spare. He's come alive live once again and there's only three and a half seconds behind now for william habits with the fastest lap two seconds quicker than the front vernice with one seventeen point five eight eight. Yes is it not just cases based. Come alive like a fire from the ashes has become william hottest. There's no sports and his closing the gap down to the race leaders neil militaristic two seconds a lot faster than your risk leaders last team range becoming towards the end of the lab any moment neighbor making the way through the infield section of track casey spady looking vaguely comfortable for the moment just bathing his team behind the number seventy three of all these william hottest. We'll have to look over their shoulder. Ever more. There's archie gibbs so arctic after the moving had earlier on as a backup into the race championship leader number three pulling off towards agenda circuit letting your through so casey spady still talk attended behind the number seventy of all his polling dentistry. The goal can case is making me radio the osage yes he can and to possession enter water move there by the number twenty casey speedy overtaking all sems and two seconds book. William hot is something's. It's happened to william hottest. The number ten is dropping the taming orders brandon. Keen is now up two thirds so william. How do some big numbers say has a moment there on the circuit unfortunate having such good right so ashamed there for a win ten that well. It's a real shrank. As you had. The pace closing up to the leaders exponentially spam you had the same they are now eight eight point nine seconds ahead of funding canaan places a great gap between the pay them on the number twenty just so much better wide of the final few coney just had the pace over all these sims and well. He's he's running now out of the points to play side by side for the race leader gain no seventy three on twenty seven second place. This is just biding his time wasting. It doesn't have the ultimate pace say casey sperry pick his moments go for the most part to anime sleep but we now go three until the final lap of this race so if it's now or never rarely is going to have to work this because cases babies got a couple of machine things through the final corner for the ponente time they see the final ball out over the line. The peg casey's berry with the foster woman sixteen point three two seven six tenths of a second ahead. I've only teams they are the two for the race lead all he's hasn't given up industrious when john's yet is trying to close the gap then to casey easy speedy as the enter the pain of the circuit christmas corner on casey spady and commanding possession at the moment but taking through the left-hander and this is where all is definitely closest backup on the number twenty rate on the black bake further pain brandon king stole holding thought thought possession. I had four seconds ahead of eleven off hoti pain but female corsican four cases speedy can he hold on to take his first race when off season or can only sems close the gap back down to arctic has no matter what if he stays on we'll get back to jacobs and the championship remaining second won't be such a bad result for the seventeen rada her poetry during the bag street and towards the third to last corner four cases speedy through the left hand end to the hand of the number twenty why we through the puddles is a heads towards the final speedy hold on yes. You can't always comes out of the race broadcast. Lakensha splashes through the puddles corner cases beta takes the race when all these all he had to do was hold onto finished second is trying to restart the bake fingers crossed also get back on to take possession but is the rest of the raiders. Come across lame positive. It looks like he will hold on a second so all these sems lucky. There was such a pat gap between himself on brian. Brian king actually came across the lane three seconds in front of us. We managed to hold on for possession howdy paint and eleven and will waiting for look fetch whose how to greet rate and lots of half of this race to coupla tense up too fast but that was a real pressure moment. Four only cindy nearly lost completely. He was only a second and a half ahead of how we painted the very end of that race pace sperry. An absolute textbook by fast is not on that last lap woman is sixteen point one seven five to set the fastest lap seven ops competed in this race race to for the say metro by t mobile walk the best deal in wireless and it's all for you all for me just switch quickly 'cause metro hasn't to lance but eighty and to samsung galaxy j seven star phones elsa free plus amazon prime included. That's the way wireless should be only at metro. Plus sales tax evasion fee fifty dollars plus rate plan required not valid for numbers currently gently on t. mobile network on metro and past ninety days offer subject to change offer valid for new amazon prime members amazon prime as a twelve ninety nine per month restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions hi. It's jamie progressive's. That's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry it's pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law.

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