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Live from NPR news I'm Nora Raum House Democrats are working on a resolution to hold secretary of State Mike pompeo in contempt. NPR's Michelle. Kellerman reports the accuse him of Obstructing House oversight and breaking his own rules by appearing at the Republican National Convention the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrat Eliot Engel has a growing list of complaints about Secretary Pompeo. It includes the secretary's refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry and his quote willingness to bolster as Senate Republican, led smear against president trump's political rivals. Angle also accuses pompeo of. State Department Guidance and possibly the law by delivering this speech to the Republican National. Convention while on an official government trip abroad, the State Department describes angles press release as quote, political theatrics and an unfortunate waste of taxpayer resources. Michele Kelemen NPR news Washington the Food and Drug Administration has altered its rules around experimental Cova nineteen drug called Rim Desa Vir. The drug can now be given to all hospitalized patients who? Test positive for the virus NPR's Sydney. Lumpkin reports from desktop. Here is the experimental covid nineteen drug made by Gilead Sciences. It's not yet fully approved by the FDA but in May, the agency authorized for emergency use in hospitalized patients with severe disease these are patients who need supplemental oxygen. Now, the agency says room de severe can be given to all hospitalized covid nineteen patients and it's formerly expanded its emergency use authorization. The FDA says it made this decision based on the totality of scientific evidence a study published earlier this week indeed showed that rim desa there did make a difference for patients with moderate covid nineteen after our five day course of the drug. But there's a catch the concluded that this difference was quote of uncertainty in clinical importance. Sydney Lufkin NPR news hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents are without power or water. After Hurricane Laura, the storm came ashore. Most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the US governor John Bel Edwards says that ten people in his state died. Paul, Bron of member station W. R. K. F. in Baton Rouge reports, Edwards warned that Hurricane Laura's aftermath could be just as deadly as the storm itself more than six hundred thousand people are without electricity and more than two, hundred, twenty, thousand have no running water. Half of the storm related deaths reported so far were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from people running generators inside of their homes, and the lack of water has shuttered several area hospitals and compromised first responders ability to fight any fires sparked by downed power lines. Paul Braun of member station. W. R. K. F. reporting. This is NPR news. Cooler humid weather is helping firefighters in California make progress against several major wildfires. Evacuation orders have been lifted for tens of thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay area. Actor Chad with men has died at the age of forty three a statement from his family said the Black Panthers Star has been battling colon cancer for four years. He died yesterday at his home in Los. Angeles NPR's Andrew Lumbang has this appreciation as a Black Panther Chadwick bozeman walked the fine line between quite in. Regal. Proud yet flawed I am king, of Wauconda. And it is my responsibility to make shot. Our people are safe Bozeman was also known for playing real life black icons to Jackie Robinson James Brown Thurgood Marshall Bozeman grew up in South Carolina with confederate flags flying behind him as you went to school and he told NPR and twenty seventeen that growing up there helped shape him for these roles I. Understand what it is to exist in that space and find your manhood according to the statement from his family much of Chadwick it's work was filmed inbetween countless surgeries and chemotherapy Angela among NPR news the NBA playoffs are set to resume today play stopped Wednesday Walkie Bucks wouldn't take the court against Orlando to protest the police shooting of Jacob. Blake. In Kenosha Wisconsin other teams than declined to play the League in the National Basketball Association said there setting up a coalition of players, coaches and owners to focus on criminal justice reform? I'm Nora Raum NPR news.

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