Ziet Coke 1/21: Diet Coke, Bernie Sanders, #BidenErasedWomen, InstaCart, Wardell


Good afternoon would you like to try free. Sample of our double fudge brownie. Oh sure ooh that's very good. I'll just take one more just to be sure. Yep still very good. Some things never change like never being able to take just one free sample and geico saving folks. Lots of money on their car. Insurance that macadamia nut i taste. We take one more sir. I thought so fifteen minutes could save you. Fifteen percent or more has the demand for telemedicine grows. So does the need for connectivity. Five g. meet that need. Qualcomm remains focused on giving doctors and patients superior security rich five g. Connectivity learn more at qualcomm dot com slash invention age. Toto the internet and welcome to this episode of zion. Coke diet coke which is trending subject right into it. i. I've had enough of youth. Jesting that i'm always talking about white folks. I'm jack that's miles This is what's trending diet. Coke is trending because Joe biden is trying to race diet coke. He's on a roll. Yeah man No he had to remove the diet coke button. I guess from the people were pointing out the big red button. That trump had on his desk literally literally to order a diet. Coke is gone also. that wasn't just. Oh what does it look like. Is it like a coke can smash. I'd always pictured it as a big red button like that Staples yeah yeah. That's what that's what i thought. But is there any chance that this is all a bit. And i am just like you on Fallen for writer no This is a hill article that says trump's diet coke button appears to have left the oval office when he did Yeah all right. It's not it's not quite as big. It doesn't seem like as the The staples button isn't that just a theme for his administration not quite as big There's also you know less important. Things like biden arrived to find that there was no vaccine. Roll out plan More on that later. Jack diet coke. He got rid of it. What is he saying what is he doing. It isn't i read was like that. He he vitals really secret. He didn't wanna share with the trump letter that was left on their resolute desk was and it was generous. And i'll i'll maybe say more after i speak with him and i wonder if he's like dude job. He's to sco for me with the marine. I don't know we'll see what happens. Let's have a man that did you see that one clip with a woman crying plea pleading with president president trump to help to save her. The woman who took a private jet to the no different one different crying approved student pregnant. True certainly for me please. For she's asking for a pardon or she is now it was like a general like a cry on the god basically. Yeah yeah. that won't answer. Should learn the lesson. That christmas when you can get an intended like i did on yourself and your cunning to get what you want this world picture miles as a stew we character just basically i mean only child like i read a lot of almanacs and shit like factbook awesome ideas Hashtag bernie sanders is trending. Why bernie sanders trending. His appearance will always be more intriguing than his policies for people on the internet. Fucking mean you know. I love this. He's wearing a winter coat. He's got mittens. Israel norm core is giving me life miles. But it's almost like it's weird because that's sort of like part of the appeal of him to right because like black twitter's like bernie memes and that's like there's a crossover there you know that i think speaks to his Broader appeal as a politician. We'll see what like what kind of gavel moves he Once he's on the budget committee but yeah just interesting to see like how immediately bernie sanders became one of the biggest talking points out of the inauguration and it was mostly just about like lick it. He's like he's like regular guy. Like people like yeah. Yeah yeah that's all we need. More regular guys are just regular people who like look like any person on the street and we don't have to be like. Isn't that weird. He's like a regular guy up there. We're just with regards to the me. My do feel like we are seeing One of the details get left out because it's the same Shot of him photoshop. Where he's got his legs crossing his arms crossed and when the novel ope we. Can you see the envelope in the picture. Oh maybe i think. Maybe i think for all of the envelope is the most key detail marked. Yeah for those of us that went frame by frame of desert. Pruder film of bernie entering the inauguration. We saw like oh my gaze running errands. Let's go just like didn't didn't even give a fuck enough to drop off foul-up his office before coming to the inauguration yeah but yeah. I mean the mittens. The mittens miles are giving me life. Is it clear that that's the only thing that i know how to say. Oh yeah like a life giving me life. I mean you're drag queens lying is next level but it's like three year old drag queens slang. So you've been you've been pretty hip you're like oh my god you're like mitch. Mcconnell just gave trump his whole life on the senate. Like what i was like. Oh shit okay doesn't really were. And then he started like popping your tongue and shit. I was like what are you watching. What's show you into right. Now you're laying rupaul's drag ways dragway enrolled. Yeah all alright. Hashtag biden erased. Women is trending because there are some turfs out there ratted again. Yup trans exclusionary radical feminists for the people who don't know which is you know. Jk rollings it's people who are anti trans but claim that they're still pro-women and they're claiming that biden's progressive policies around trans rights are erasing women. Ya it's It's just like so hard to wrap your head around. I mean the logic just being like if you're protecting trans women than that is a racing. The rights of sis gender women. The whole thing is like are you okay. you're feminists. Are you intersection right. Because if you are shut the fuck up. Yeah that's in that's do you couldn't be more intersectional than to include people like it's whatever so album loving it love when the turfs go off because yeah fucking hold that l like it's it's just it's ridiculous so yeah it's a big big trend big old trend today. The is this. Because i see us at least as much Of people being critical of the sentiment or if not more of people being critical the sentiment On on twitter is this partially being sort of amplified by people who just want there to be messiness within the by administration and with like the left the left is eating itself dens in disarray. It's such a weird like this is such specific take this transphobic should and especially when you're couching it in this language of it's it's it's going to hurt sis gender women there. I mean i don't know maybe there are people just trying to make a mess but like this is this constantly comes up like ever anything happening. These are the same people would like to have some emoji these red xs or something on their twitter like when. Jk rowling goes off and they're like oh we love it we love so it's The it seems like they're the men's rights activists of feminism like they have a very Narrow and stretch all very like it just old school a lot of them just come out of fucking like negative. First-wave with feminism. Like so far back. But yeah it's it's has attent- of misogyny to it wouldn't you instacart is trending because they are firing every employee who voted to unionize. So i'm going to be deleting instacart from from my phone and fucked up there. Yeah firing every my god late again no type of vote. I mean what are you know. It's totally up to you. And then it's a trap. Yeah exactly they set me up And we're we're talking about how the Nlrb the labor relations board You know biden had to switch stuff up because the guy who running that for trump was basically instacart. The person who would you say. Oh no no no free speech. You have no ability to focus for that. I'm firing you or whatever else is going to happen so I mean cheese. Like their business has been booming because of the pandemic yen entity. Then say like. Oh let's eat into our already. Uncharacteristically high profits by giving these people more protections is just another sign again. The argument is always. It's not that it's gonna fuck their business up the assholes in the c. suite. Don't want to make less money right. And also if they're publicly traded then they have to. They value their goddamn shareholder shareholder. Value is too important to them. Then just do right by the humans that make the whole thing possible so e to a big of shit instacart right. Deliver that to give me that. I'll pull up with it. I'll shit on your miami's naked actually cut. Because i don't wasn't enough. Shit my sneaking side make sense it. Will it will tomorrow too tomorrow. Gang took up a lot oxygen on the show Wardell is trending Which is steph. Curry's real first name and Is trending because i mean he just gifted the internet with a prepackaged reaction me is basically a reporter asked him a question. That was one of the worst questions i've ever heard in sports journalism which is bad because sports journalism as you like worse than him. Gray would ask. Yeah it was well. Jim gray's just suck a bad person. Yeah he sees. He's like have halfway to having his soul sucked out of his body like by dementia yoga. One of the first times he went left. I remember trying to figure out if his family owned mine. I'm not joking. I was like fuck like i. Just can't it can't be this. That was that was two thousand two. There were many resources. There are many resources now for people to try and figure that stuff out but yeah interesting anyway The the guys question was why is one of the players on his team. So good at put bank put back dunks. Which is the question That i would have asked when i was seven years old to somebody. Like Hey john paxson was michael jordan. Good at dunks like basically that level of a question kid. He opens it by addressing steph. Curry is wardell like very floor slab. Yeah and steph curry's eyebrows just shoot up like m- what the fuck are you trying to. How how is this. What and then to follow up with the worst question ever It was clear that he put all his energy into having the gumption to call him wardell and hadn't even thought beyond that word. But it's it's mainly trending because what steph curry didn't response will be a reaction me for The rest of our lives. Yeah and the shoutout to marcus thompson. Who asked that question. I'm sure that helped his Follows because they're already me minimum. Yeah yeah that's actually a funny like y'all this is how i'm gonna get my up as a journalist he might be. I'll call him by his real name. Which isn't controversial. Braille will raise his eyebrows. Get a conversation going. And i was like damn smart. All right marcus. I see you did you have. Did you have anything that your parents called you. And you're in trouble because somebody was pointing at like the reason. He responded that way. 'cause usually didn't hear that unless he was about to catch an ass whooping i'm thinking now i mean my mom now i have a real name. That is not my name's john. Christopher o'brien that's when i was in some shit yeah. That was funny. 'cause i only heard that at the white kids houses fuck your name's dj his call you like. What was that. And they're like what is this. 'cause my i think my dad it'd be like hey or my mom would say something in japanese she. My mom had more of a prelude to the head ripping off and then she would say in japanese that i knew that the tide was going to take me away. Yeah which was email to stick to which means like. I'm getting irritated while and if measured if i continued down the path i knew it would. I would then begin the sequence of combat. I could not reverse. So was i say and then like i was saying to like you. Act up in front of your friends and your friends will speak. Japanese like wish you say nothing foolish. Fuck jokes about it. All right that those are Five of the things that are trending. Right now We are back tomorrow with a whole last episode of the show Until then be kind to each other. Be kind yourselves. Wear a mask. Wash your hands stay inside. Don't do nothing about white supremacy and we'll talk to y'all then by by.

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