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today's episode of area hawaii's MA show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised gentlemen welcome to your camp the people are interested in of course we have corey anderson and johnny walker on deck in november and we've got DC st bay hopefully finding at some point next year there's and now it seems like both their futures are somewhat in doubt rock hold seems a lot more i don't know a lot more closer to possible that he would never fight again widened gets knocked out in the first round and you can't help but wonder what happened to these two individuals and how different life was fighting again wiedeman certainly did not allude to that in the cage only spoken the cage but it seems like he may need to take a break and maybe you need to reassess his four years ago when they were fighting for the middleweight title four years ago december of two thousand fifteen they were the two best middleweights in the world and it seemed like they were going to be at MSG last year and that didn't come to fruition these two guys were the best and of course lew broccoli and wiedeman loss and that was kind of the beginning of move up to two oh five unfortunately for him did not go well and it's kind of crazy a day after i spoke to luke rocco than he told me that it was quote very back in your life on this monday october twenty first two thousand and nineteen logan everyone i'm mary honi welcome back to the program it's good to have you here on this lovely fall afternoon in bristol connecticut we got a lot to discuss a lot happening is always in the world of a lot of questions later in the program of course there was the greg hardy situation i'm still confused about this my early taken i'm going to talk about it in the fourth hour when we do a little news and notes a lot more sense an older pointed a show gun hooah a guy with the name maybe closer to his age and not a youngun who's just trying to knock them off in a francis and guy new out there so there's a lot of options for john jones put that one on the poll mr corporate jake over there if you're still with us put on the ball who should john jones fight next should it be ends that need to be answered coming off this weekend number one dominic grace chris wideman what a win for dominic rates he defeats chris wideman and the first route chris white men's there's john jones want that fight he seems to be talking a little bit on twitter about being interested in it but also heavyweight he's testing the waters so to speak as far as tailspin for him and rock hold loses to bist being and that was kind of the beginning of a tailspin for him and they both moved up this year to five they both got knocked out somewhat brutally on a collision course for a very long time like they weren't just going to fight once they were called the ended up getting booked to fight again at UFC ninety nine in that didn't come to fruition and then again did now there was a lot of fumbles of the ball leading up to that point but i actually think they jumped the gun by overturning it so soon somewhat unprecedented do that that quickly to overturn something literally route to john jones but that's the way you have see bookstore fights and that's the way they will continue to book their fight so now it seems like dominant graces in the driver's seat for john jones well spot as far as where he's fighting maybe one eighty five is better for him but you'll recall i said i did not like this batch of it i know that i'd say this each and every time i did not like this matchup 'cause i thought there was no need for chris whiteman a segment for all of you but my take right now on this monday afternoon i think massachusetts may have jumped the gun on this one nowhere in their rules does it state you can't do what greg hardy dominic reyes winners corey anderson versus johnny walker winner of DC steep add heavyweight or let's throw out the wildcard francis and gun and then we'll check back in to fight dominic reyes in his first fight to five especially coming off that lay off the next surgery and a recent knockout against shock ray soza to mean opponent over to share thank figure i know that i mean the baggage is just two tons in terms of weight but i really do think they jumped barbara with a phenomenal performance joel lows on with phenomenal performance charles rosa with a big win although i think that he may have grabbed onto the cage there but hey it's like the great eddie guerrero that's my assessment right now but way more on that later on it was it was entertaining card overall the year rodriguez jeremy stevens fight which was great finally we saw that come to fruition the pro and has looked very good in my opinion stoppage wins nine of them in the first round also joined by triple h and tyson a couple of hours after the fight it was weird i mean marc ratner is on TV saying it's illegal the broadcasters legal where does it say what he did was illegal and i know this guy is not as as well so we got a lot going on i'll share some some news of you talk about a big show we have planned for your next week there's a lot happening so stick with us here and we're going to have fun for the next sean brady brandon allen overall pretty good night for boston area fighters so that was friday with PF l. playoffs we've got a big weekend coming up with the u. of c. back in singapore velasco's talk as well so that should be fun stay tuned for that dylan danis made news last week helping out a youngster who was bullied in his school getting him some martial arts classes said if you're not cheating you're not trying not to suggest he did that on purpose but it did seem like he was using the cage it didn't see it so it's hard to overturn that molly mccann randy cost on saturday there four hundred and ninety ninth event headlined by damian my versus ben ash grand there's a lot going on as always i'll talk about conor mcgregor later in the program barbara join us in studio in about twenty minutes time talk about her rise to prominence but first let's say hello to our first guest of the day this man thirteen UFC finishes that's the most lightweight history fifteen wins is the fourth most in UFC lightweight history fifteen bonuses tied for second most bonuses in you three and a half or so hours let me tell you about today's lineup and then we'll get to our i guess of the day three forty pm will be joined by molly mccann meatball molly had a nice win on fridays has returned to the UFC as i fight in five hundred and fifty nine days was victorious on friday in his home state of massachusetts he's one of the legends of the sport sorry at the same time they're they are tessier making his pro wrestling debut on october thirty first crown jewel in saudi arabia will talk to them about how this deal got done a little cain she's on a bit of a streak these days three and one now and the UFC always fun to talk to her and i also have a bone to pick with her so we'll get to that when we speak at three forty dominic reyes will join us nick after his big win over james vick while i've read that wrong and he'll be joining us at two twenty so stay tuned for that coming off a big win in tampa macy barber the aforementioned macy okay so so obviously you like you need to make changes after losing three straight was there ever point where you thought you were done go three twenty we'll talk to him about the big win over wiedeman will he get john jones next what does he have to do is undefeated twelve in the UFC sixty no in the AFC tova nine history with nate diaz and it was the second one at the garden and there he is the one and only joe lausanne kind enough to join us joe how are you how's it going camp wasn't that long really how long was this cat it was close i don't know suspect was april last year i'd say like november we started like really picking it out in like going really well congratulations on the win what is it about you fighting TD like it seems like i'm reminded of like the super mario brothers video game now your gamer my my knowledge of video games doesn't extend much stat but it's like you got the mushroom and power up and you're just like in total beast mode what's going on like what are you feeling when you're fighting out there just enough the crowd and everything was moons as i know he's a polarizing figure but a good thing that dylan dana's did a mench like thing if you will we'll talk to him about that at two forty a lot of you gave me crap for not having nico price on the program last week since january i think we've been living here why were you out for so long for so long so it's an takes time to me the sense that they were trying to build jonathan pearce off of you i noticed you sit in the prefight like i'm not gonna let this guy get a w. off of me especially in my in my hometown essentially like did you changes like it's not as simple as i've done this three times so i can i can reprogram it pretty easily it takes a long time so we added a dish australian coach starting to a new strategy you feel like you've reached the point where maybe you're going to be used as a stepping stone and you're not really quite comfortable with that role just yet that's how every five is ever going to be old habits so i needed the time and to be clear this isn't platinum mike perry right they are different confusing furnaces coach chink program new skills strength with mike perry during a whole bunch of stuff there it just takes time it doesn't it doesn't happen fast you can't i've been doing it takes a long time to break so i just an additional was it wasn't like it was a replacement was part of the delay because this card was in boston in other words if this car would have been an august returned in august on november your wanted to fight i talked to dana in in shock shelby unlike any december december the people because you've you've been with those same figures for so long you feel like it's an awkward conversation when you're trying to introduce new characters to the team no because it was like kicking knees or elbows things like that so i still work with the amaze on the boxing handsome but we've got additional coachwork outsmart kick defense and an elbows had and we got after you're you're you're very loyal guy you strike me as a very loyal guy you have a lot of the same people that have been around you for a long time is it hard to bring in going into the last one that i lost you know we thought we'd done everything right we'd we'd made some good changes at that point and and i was so confident was going away we said over and over we need some more exaggerated changes so that's what we did we took time took time off game a good time to clear my head healed much of it you know stupid nagging annoying jews culver first time like they weren't expecting me to be vulgar but i beat him so i used him as a stepping stone on timing every single fight ever gonna see that's what this sport is you know yeah yeah nine years ago you've see one eighteen and the performance was like almost a mirror image you against gabe ruediger like the performance on friday it felt like revis like that so it was amazing to see you fight in boston again because you're the only one who was on that car that was also the first ever boston card which feels like a century ago in fact i and i told him i want to fight and they will couples kind of dragging their feet and then i was thinking like march or april and that did happen then maybe july you're getting the water was that something you specifically worked on for this fight to try to trap his arm like that it was very impressive to watch especially to see how long you're able to keep it for and the same thing where you were just like throwing him around and just super strength also were you getting flashbacks of that time nine years ago as well when you're in there a little different there so it was horns always stepping stone like everyone's always trying to build any ever see is someone else getting kicked in the face or submitted or dumped the head or something like that like it's that's just the sport we have is yeah i mean you've done this long enough but your first win in almost three years what does it feel like on the monday to get that feeling back after the losing streak like do you feel like you appreciate this it did happen in an eight ounce of boston card so that it was it made sense the week for october but a delayed a little bit but it was gonna happen regardless did on his part the fact that tap because i feel like i would have kept like two seconds into that i prioritize my shoulders are not flexible i probably just after i saw that like that was it were you feeling that he might just tap from that he could've tapped for that but that wasn't what i was looking for everyone in the AFC is tough like i didn't expect i pushed out just ask people for long time i had seen as my strength coach he's a he's a boxing coach he's a he's my boxing coach that's why you don't see much he's in all kinds of stuff that just an extra like seem as you can tell me so many everybody he can think of to keep my hands out but if i'm not getting my hands someone else to slap me around and give you the heads up really pick up on that but that's that's something we've been working on so that was your fifteen to win as a UFC lightweight and i know that it's kind of common for you to win a little more now i appreciate it a little bit more now i mean it's it's been saliva i was super motion lake so we had already been talking about it a lot but we had yeah i understand happens all times i don't know but maybe you understand you understand why yeah you noted in the post fight interview that you kind of like you rag on those guys who cry in the in the post fight interview and you'd want to be ones that what's wrong with crying i think it's great i felt like i was just saying composure the entire time like i just i felt really good i felt in control every second so that photo right over there like when you have his arm trap like it was it was just a really yeah i love that randy continues to hold up the photo of devon ways in and after the fact i think it's an amazing thing there was dominant both ways but with game it was like i was starting around on the ground and in all you know i felt like we started with stand up stuff i felt like my hands a lot better i let punches the biggest thing was we had a really long camp but everything was great it was awesome boston fight home when you say a really long camp like i mentioned the five hundred fifty nine days i'm assuming does it had been so long fight back in boston i'm thinking about devin is just like it was tough it was like and then win the fight is it goes the fight goes perfect and i'm like on the verge of crying the entire time have i really good friends with demi carrier die a couple of years ago and he was like one of our main channel partners like he was one of our guy he would guard with us if you still around like he's just like super opposition was not something where the dow dot like i love to clinch with people take down different trips throws so the the throw hit him with the i do i do i still think it's a bad look i'm mad at myself for crying a little bit but i can't i guess some regret was that the determine your entire career that you've ever cried after fight i think my wife see me cry like twice ever legal my dog died when my son was born i think that's about it that's really is this on camera anywhere we haven't somewhere did you ever share it i don't know if we shared it i don't think we shared it we have it though i haven't okay and you annoyed after that you know he he he i'm sure his shoulders really sore bruised more so about to control you know if he can't get his up without he can't get his easy can't tiny can't you can't get away he was i have to ask you about the the post fight stuff so dana white said that you guys had a deal that you would retire with a victory this accurate did you have the steel and did you break the deal ah we don't win this one and we'll probably done this is the end of the line and then the last one i'm like oh i don't i don't really think of that you know i think we need to you know be a little bit more unexpected like i wasn't like i don't get emotional things usually but then you know they're doing intros that constantly on the microphone like all my coaches they set it up we care about we don't want you to get hurt you as my coach does not want you to fight and which is true mazes don't want me to fight and i kept pushing pushing pushing i say look i'm going to do so when i texted dana i told dan look you know give me one more shot if the fight does not go well i promise you'll never hear from me again and that's what has he said deal we're very watching him a little bit but that was it wait a second burt watson keeps her wedding and that led you to cry because it was different things if i do these things are you kidding me fighting they came up with this big extensive list of things i wanted to do and i did every single bang so that like okay we'll let you fight he was coming they sent somebody sent you to the airport picked him up for the wedding no idea wow it was pretty cool it was something we worked on a lot a lot of people miss it too but i hit the body was confirmed he was going down i kind of jumped up and try to spite my shoulder in his face a little bit and closing the door is all i'm saying usually it's like when you have a fight it's like there's location opponent in date in generally has to get to get to them you're in good shape you take the fight aside is the end of the career that this end zone is the end where are you right now on that field i'm in the red zone okay i don't think that you know i don't it to me but i said hey if it doesn't go well i'm one hundred percent done and he said deal so that was that was it i understand you know he his mind all then expected heavy crowds we did he do that whole thing like it's time to roll and all that you didn't expect it is that what happened when you walked out yes the have six more fights but maybe one or two maybe not like i'm not you know my jiminez well my gym sinisa massachusetts link and all of the is around you england they all come to me like the guy driving from hours away two three hours away come and train with us every saturday morning rod flying cater dan powell people dragged from ever inaccurate okay man earned i don't change anything i so i dan dana said basically the gist is that i wanted to fight he said you know we kid so there was a lot of stuff going on and like just because it was like it was such it was in the forefront of everything we're doing very walkout like virgil tears like wait walkout boxing coach teammates doesn't want you to fight are there other members of your team who say the same and is it hard to get them on board when they're saying openly we don't want you to keep doing this if i'm gonna fight again it'll have to be perfect austin opponent like the date but we'll see maybe i'm okay i mean i i don't think i can add it better than we did so aw because i think too many guys like the way to translate understands and i think not not saying anything now i wanna talk about devon in the post fight interview i just did 'cause i would've been waterworks right away so we didn't get into it but you never make a decision when you're emotional not make any big decisions because it happened i really what i was going to do like i didn't know i was going to you know stoppage like you know i do that all the time and if i could guarantee now happen every time they'd be on board with me anytime i wanted but just more fr losy do one more boston like there's no better way to end this i understand like you know the deal i i definitely understand but i'm just not i'm not one hundred percent always he's gonna wanna do it again you know about day at either what does your wife say she is super supportive whatever wanna do she knows she knows she sees me training but i'm just not gonna i hate when people all retired and they you know they come back you know six months eight months a year later in so i'm just gonna i don't want to go on san retire but unlikely i've had some fights that were kind of wars but my coaches were they were all on the same page instead if i did you know certain things and then they're on board with refunding yet and i did fighting again but we'll see not ready to hard percent be retired just yet did you talk to dana after the fight did he say yeah what was my retirement announcement i texted shirt like he's gonna want it again you know he i think he wanted me to have like a a tougher fight in a win in the end but when i go out there and blows out than now if that's the end of the nets yeah that's cool that's great if you know i'm just not gonna commit to it just yet okay let's say your career was a football field and you're going from this side to this side are you know come up with the place NHL gems while gems doing very well so i don't i don't eat to fight it's not like it's a money thing i just i of super competitive i was super boil i'm sure we'll talk about it again i wanna fight again i'm sure off to deal with david with dana so we'll say yeah they might not they might not just ever offer you a fight again they're just gonna freeze you out now like that like you know i've had a whole bunch of fun tonight so i'm not looking for those fights i'm not trying to end up in the hospital i want every fight to be like friday was you don't go there don't take you down beat him up great from a game chemotherapy he's all the cancer's gone but it damages hearing a little bit so he has like some monitoring author just kind of a big deal but he submission as an expert you're the expert you have a problem with that like should that not counted him holding onto the cage with his toes like that heart she sees me doing everything i can to prepare she's on board you know she doesn't wanna see anymore you know and he fights like ago right things they'll be like that but south i hope at some point he realizes how good your performance was i just wanted to ask you about something because you're so smart when it comes to this stuff you know i mentioned the randy cost he does great he he's he's a trooper awesome does he go to your fights he wants to the democracy fights ago in brooklyn oka- he didn't really understand will who says you're doing great but he just wrote to us joe needs a new chair so what's going on with this chair jim grab onto the cage so i think in that regard i think it's okay i also don't think charles is a hundred percent in control it's facing ring out wrestling if you know like even like despite we watch the next day and he was kind of paying attention what he's life doesn't he doesn't quite get it when he when he gets older i think you all he goes i would just you know i always text thank you see opportunity you know i was expecting our time we speech and i heard about comments yet okay so i i like a good crying session here and they're kinda i'm kinda hated for that these days but hey that's just me congrats enjoy it and if this is the end thank you for everything but is up there but it's yeah you should have went on the other side that's right yeah all right all right okay it adds character congratulations on that win man it was great to see aw no it's the big thing is if i'm not if i'm not going to be prepared to fight and they don't wanna see me get hurt which i understand that i don't want to new york hospital achieve so supportive she's so good i'll my second son was when she got pregnant my second son jake she didn't tell me till after the fight she like we can have before she didn't tell me because you don't want to distract me she just and by the way just one all you know i like seeing the emotion all right i think it's great to see a little motion so don't beat your beat yourself up too bad about that enjoy i'm just saying happens it doesn't it doesn't matter okay good insight there by the way i have a tweet here from callum earl you could bring the microphone right over there to you it's okay we have those things thanks for coming macy thank you that's my velazquez toy the happy things you always talk about early is good as your last fight like i was super happy with my last fight i'm very happy with my with my life right now so so maybe maybe we'll get with the done might might okay i'll ask them then i'll i'll start photoshop and stuff in post instagram and i'll just talk shit like oh it's okay all right the cable being careful down like aw yes well i appreciate you doing this and in fact i'm like i was nervous about you like i don't root for people to win inappropriate but your dad is a very small russell obviously randy costs charles rochon excuse me i think it's okay i think that the rule is that is not you can't put your fingers through or your toes you sit you cannot it's macy's barbara's here how great is this hello may see how are you we like to just have people walk in we don't take commercial breaks on the show you probably know that already it is i have a great share house but it looks comfortable but you were on ESPN here joe we expect a little he can't see that's all i have a great relationship with with everyone like again you know it's not going to be like an overnight decision was is it awkward like you mentioned your longtime all right thanks for doing this show all the best you congrats and you all right there is joe lows on big win for him and yet at the top i said randy cost i meant to say charles rosa with that submission like she's super wife she's awesome how's your older son doing your oldest you always yoga you'll be sick today he still get here here's but his hearing is doc i and i enjoy working with him and he helps me get in contact with you he reached out to me like a month and a half or two months ago once you're out and said hey we're going to be in the area there you have it from the expert himself and i'll take his word for it so that was a great performance or a ton of great performances let's say hello to another person who had a great it's great i mean it feels it feels great and i came out of that fight uninjured super happy nervous about that i was i think that was one of the biggest things i was i was we started like a three to five year old class that i teach for all of our kids we call tainting ju jitsu so he understands like a lot of the moves and things like that now so he was like nervous for but i felt relieved after the fight was just you know i didn't wanna come out and not be able to go back to the jim so that was one of the biggest things was the can macy come after the fight and i was like yeah for sure but don't we have to have the fight for what if you lose you know things can happen complete confidence like you guys book this i'm sitting there i don't have it all planned out but it's usually when i have house wrapping my hands i i start to think of some things or i just grab a sharpie from someone and i'm like i start writing on my hands and it does he requested i failed i i didn't do my job but he requested takedown tribal joke for jesus i have a feeling you're you're leaving the door open which by the way i respect as well a lot of fighters they retire and then they come back and it's all very confusing no one's forcing you to say i knew that i wanted to put in that i'm staying undefeated on one of my hands but other than that i actually broke i on losing shell when i plan on winning so and then we saw your gloves afterwards you wrote a no or someone wrote it who wrote that i did you wrote that and so they were all given it as never been so happy to be wrong you know they they showed a clip master the fight where like the rest stops it just puts his face down some kind of something that i started but i write on my hands and i read on my raps ing my gloves or just like whatever your whatever comes to my mind when i don't want to give them any advantage whatsoever so kind of ignoring it was the was the route i took and i had a lot of people always sending me stuff like oh did you see she sent you this she said in your career right like the next chapter you were fighting a different level of opponent and this was the kind of opponent who was going to give you the toughest of your career did you listen to any of the things that she said did of your career right like the first time you had surgery that was the first surgery at my career yes the fight before the i partially tore my knee so i came from one injuries and the next like the trash talk was intense but she was very confident as well and she was feeling yourself as she should have been choose coming off a nice win like it felt like this was this representative having me just it's great to have you here welcome to bristol connecticut ESPN first time this is my first time we actually drove here from boston what do you think it's beautiful i feel like i should i talk a lot of crap in and i do a lot of that i don't necessarily play into everyone else's you know i feel like it should be you know feel that from her and were you using that as motivation going into this fight i definitely was using ass motivation but i didn't really play into it because i don't want to give people the credit okay with that so good jillian was on a bit of a roll and i also feel like this was the first time and correct me if you feel otherwise where like okay they have like gonna wipe the wall you can't see what they've read on the walls destroy everything but i mean the chair is like really beat up i mean next morning i woke up and i'm like man i could go to the gym tomorrow this feels amazing like in the camp were you thinking about it a lot no i wasn't here i mean the trees and the leaves they're changing so i think it's a great time to come out it's like a sports wonderland you big this capital my ashes kind of leaned forward a little bit put it pushed through you know i don't think that rosa was trying to put his toast you to get leverage i think in the referee didn't see it so i don't think it matters regardless of what if something pop up in six months or a year and it has come out you know whatever so i'm just leave their open we'll see what happens if you don't have to be you know everything to light out for me to do it again but we'll see so you're you're in we talked about we were like well we're we're going to be like really close so might as well go out there and and i don't book a fight knowing planning on planning like put a cross on it and i was like all right i gotta put electra electra love into this hand because you want to come out of this by uninjured so it worked how was it now save after the vine did it with whatever i was kinda i kinda stayed the course hot not you know deciding either way but that was like you know nearly crime is out so oh ignore everything on social media so i go on do my business and then i get out okay unique comments and things like that no you don't check on her at all this she posted this and i was like i don't wanna talk about it you know i'm going to the gym going to train so on one hand i do go out i post a lot of stuff on social media but at the same time i also biggest cheerleader than than who is you know so yeah that's that's kind of where the confidence comes from as i used to be myself and your your biggest fan because some point in your life you're always gonna have you're always gonna have people who are trying to shoot you down and if you're not you're your biggest fan and and over and over in my head every single night all the way up until the fight so yeah if i lay in bed and i started to watch film then i'm going to really have a hard time falling asleep this defeat ever my mind if i know that i'm going into a fight like you have to be my first coach told me this ryan schultz he told me you have to be your your your cheerleader you're your own cheerleader due to fix every mistake that they made in her previous fight so if i go and watch the film myself i'm going to be looking for things that she's she's done in the past in that all play the fight in my head and actually have to work for the finisher i'll have to work through a scenario rather than just going out and just completely dominating so it's like i fight that fight over is over oliver fights and then come and present those to me and then we'll we'll pick up and train off for those but i don't want to obsess over something that could okay so i don't wanna be relying on something that she's not gonna show if if she's constantly improving so i kind of leave that up to my team and my coaches to find out the habits that she can continuously but a it's all work you know you just know you're ready i just know i'm ready yeah i came into that fight i wasn't even nervous into this last fight you know i had it if you times during the camp but i just came into this feeling really confident in where i was in i was ready you know so it's hard to let end i don't let doubt and assistance and they talk about how they're going to do XYZ like we saw it without a sonya recently he's talked about doing x y and z and he's done it all what does that come from is that just something that you were born with i've said this on multiple interviews before it comes from a lot of the hard work that we put in you know it's not just me that puts in the work it's my team my family my coaches in your mind is there a time there is not a single night that i laid in bed and my hand wasn't raised at the end of the night at the end of the fight i may have had to work a little bit harder in my head to to get that win but it was always i come out winning were you know like i wish your confidence is so oppressive club every once in a while and once he told me that i was like no never again you know 'cause i have to be on my side all the time so you heard duke rufus and the rest of the team different cannot be shown in the fight but like you're you're sitting you're in bed you're trying to you let me pull a youtube and i won't sleep really i wanna sleep if i knew that i'll start to think about it i picture the fight in my head and replay it and in my own head and i actually like play the fight out and i'm like all right this scenario this scenario and some nights like all land for sport in your corner is this the team now so i feel like you've you've you've been around i have been everybody's like you've been jumping from gym to gym and was this your first time with ed and the fight will be perfect and all like see it clearly of like how i would win or how i can win or or how each round would go and then other nights it's like a little thing with your dad booking you to come writing that i'm trying to say that you're the only coughed info UFC this is something we've seen from a lot of the greats right they almost like will these things into so the way i look at it is if i go on and i watched her film and i expect someone to kind of treat a treat it you know if i go out and i watched film i'm expecting them it has a seven year old is an eight year old or is this something that you worked on over your outspoken person but in terms of the confidence this is my first camp full campus bar and honestly i'm happy with where i'm at how did you end up there how did i we moved to wisconsin to to train ben aspirin i i moved we moved it last november wow and then right as soon as my last fight so against JJ which i jumped back because i wasn't had i didn't have my heart fully set in wisconsin yet so i got offered the fight i went right back to colorado jim i camp there and then i had the surgery and that was when i could sit down and i was like all right now i have time to think about it i should probably give another chance and you look at all the credentials they have at that team and it's like why would i not give this this camp a chance right so i did and i couldn't be happier duke rufus is is phenomenal ben aspirin i mean everybody at rufus sport it's just an amazing team in i came into this fight feeling one hundred percent ready and feeling like there was no question in my mind of anything like i wasn't concerned about any position wasn't thinking about like oh what if she does this does this i was ready so i can't wait to have another camp just like that and i'm happy with where i'm at afford you lou from milwaukee i'm kind of impact green i'm like fifteen minutes away i was gonna say i'm kinda in between here and there but i can't really explain it probably wouldn't know no your sibling watching him yeah okay i it's hard for me i can't even imagine what my family goes through but it's hard for me to watch people that i know care about an especially my brother i mean it's it's crazy you can't go in that you can't do anything for your very helpless and you can't you can't like throw a strike you can't change a position you can't you know move as well my whole family moved removed just for you my brothers well brother wyatt barber he's he had his first fight so he's actually going to fight against soon this right now we've talked about the psychology behind how to build your career call it the right people make some headlines do you speak to him about that stuff we have after the flight and i'm wondering if any of his fight promotions skills has rubbed off on you a little bit have you talked to you about the art of you know he's great yeah i got a first round finish he did he won i was in his corner and i cried it was very emotional for me probably more nervous for that than your own fight and i think november twenty second pro amateur i believe maybe pro well it was the first one go it would good you know he got that i buy out of the way he so i feel like pretty smart as but he's added a lot to that you know it's like we were texting back and forth all day yesterday all day today of like all right well you know art so you mentioned been aspirin it seems like perhaps he's taking you under his wing a little bit i was tired i didn't know that you guys were working together then i kind of went back and looked but i was talking leaving and i wouldn't wanna be hit by me any more than she did so personally i think it was a fine stop it who has that kind of mentality is like just listening to someone like that talk i pick up a lot so so this is your first time working with them yes this is my i did this camp with him fight any of these girls so that was kind of like the biggest thing but yeah in terms of promotion like he's he's taught me a lot and just being able to speak with someone that was not an early stoppage i mean you could say it's an early stoppage if if you wanna let her have some more brain damage but there was no getting out of that and it was only gonna get worse from there so why why let them take that much trauma you know she's twenty four years old she's got a she's got a whole career of her and if i was on the so what you're gonna say and here's this you're gonna call out and who's this and and you know i mean we talked about different people but at the same time we were also talking about how i'm not afraid whether i'm healthier not like that's just a phenomenal place to go in and get physical therapy nutrition that diagnostics like everything is countdown to january fifteen thousand and twenty two eight hundred seventeen days away to become the youngest champion UC history are we are we on track still is i mean if you look at the last three that i've had hannah ciphers that was not an early stoppage jay eldredge that was not an early stoppage and same thing with jillian i mean in in the talk of the fans and you're you're staying consistent you're keeping the winds i think you're fine but i mean right now i'm happy with twenty five all right but yeah i definitely should be up there now we have the clock how how far away is she from the milestone that she's trying to reach we have this corporate jake there right no way i could see in the next the next year so next year like this time next year you have fought for the belt i would like to yeah okay whereas he whereas the like i haven't seen him fight in in how long in i'm below him so i don't know i i thought i should have been up there share a couple months ago as you may know asked her about you wanna play the clip for those who may have missed it and then we'll get your reaction to it okay here's patriots and just a couple of months ago i feel like we we get off the train a little bit right i kind of actually only because i feel like as long as you're you're consistent fighter and you're you're still staying in i do think that there are certain disrespect in the UFC and MMA gets too much attention in it gets too much ah you know i didn't have the days you don't have it on your phone any deal but it's like years and months and eight seventeen away what did to be amazing if you get in three hundred days and we can revert back to this that you broke five hundred days i mean to crush better integrate what do you think what's your prediction now you're not going to go down to the wire and it's free i mean as a as an athlete why wouldn't you take advantage of that you know they're only trying to help you and they have an amazing team out there and yeah so validity disrespect being disrespectful ended this okay being disrespectful person should not be valued i definitely won't okay i won't achieved every week but we're should you have been going into that fight you think number one i mean actually believe i am number one i looked at those those numbers and i saw sean o'malley and i plan on finding the next one is twenty five we'll see about one fifteen you know that's all up to the performances too as well because they're the ones that have been helping me with this this whole journey of on any connected her line though she did i told them are the UFC brass into this what are the like completely inappropriate to slide into somebody's husband's DM's get a fight she did that yes so there's no story this program talking about macy by the way see barbara taking shots off always i don't know i think it's just part of the division right there and in terms of disrespect gosh if i didn't like someone and i thought they disrespected me i would really want of course everybody wants the money and there's just there's people in line so are you interested in that fight i think definitely isn't interesting fight eat them up and i've said this before and the fact that she can't beat me up as why she's trying to come up with an excuse that's my opinion in terms of the d. so many flights is that how many more fights and i think that's probably two or three okay i feel like we need to stick to one twenty five i heard you talking about one fifteen if you bounce up and down of going builder i've after every i'd go there for at least a week i usually book that trip out like right away survey okay so a lot there what do you think of all the first of all how many times did she stutter in that in that whole bit so twenty one now right you're twenty one we actually the thing last week top twenty five under twenty five fighters in DC this i don't remember where you up i think you ended up six salty we wrong about virtue goes to change it now that you've seen last by worse in his backyard like the whole thing set up wow it's it's amazing so obviously the headline after the by the way were you okay with the stoppage he thought it was you've see want this fight as well to the best of your knowledge is i know yeah we all want it everyone everyone wants except for page okay so which is understandable page was sitting in this i'd say so wouldn't you i kind of feel like it's going a little quicker than i thought yeah right i mean to be happier with that number knowing that that's how long i have in after every site and then usually all book a trip every like four or five weeks there and make like a couple of days so after the of course you talked about page let's go have you done the gulf in his house now i haven't but i've been to his house times he took me around show me the whole course i've actually never played this gulf so it's an actual which is fine i mean the other thing that was going to say is i lost what i was saying something about her being disrespectful or meeting she said you you've been disrespected created a story that a lotta people wanna see you know because it's like the battle between the two girls are having some beef so yeah where does this come from did you respond now okay and as i've stayed relatively quiet about this but it's like no i'm not going to reward disrespectful people it would be a reward for her to fight me oh who's who's beautiful and talented and she's well spoken and she has all these things and we think she can fight right so they built her up the social media and the fans that that a lot of people wanna see and then the way i look at it is and i've said this before she didn't hold up the deal you know she she came into the UFC suggest like hey can i get that radio like i didn't even think anything of it because along with us i couldn't even tell you honestly i know okay wow so you when you posted that did that did they respond to you at all does this not true to the matter if they ignored you since page now they've ignored me austin said was it was for work i remember sitting with coach we were looking at like different workout videos and it just so happened to be his instagram i didn't even pay attention i spend i want to know a workout routine did you work out that you're doing it doesn't even weird anyways was this in the midst of her calling you out really the only reason why i wouldn't get this fight if she decided to retire from finding okay and then i feel like right there is where her social media and her ability so many other girls out there like me who work our butts off day in and day out i would tell her so i wanna take that from her you know i want i want to go uh-huh i was just like a that was like her only grab an excuse to not vote really happen did i really saw yeah and it was exactly what to continue to grow on instagram make more money kind of stops it kind of plateaus because the reason why she's that high of a profile person is because of what she's done is being disrespectful and yes she didn't want to take the bait how did she not take the bait she took the bait did she not take the bait well i will admit i feel like most people why her at first it was really just a fight that i really wanted viewed her as another big followings he's got a you know she has all of the let's see the fight because of the disdain that she has she spoke my name and she talked about our our little controversy here so i feel like she gave me the time of day and she kind of took the bait and thank you very craft you did this all on your own yes take me like two minutes and laugh to my butt off about it now what is that someone is sending you hear someone that i know of but i even went back and tried to find that because i was on a screen shot and send it to you they deleted it so there's when you absolutely nothing to do with you yes absolutely she has not wanna fight has one fight left on our deal yeah right she said on the show that she makes more money furred you to her yeah i mean we've talked about it several times we tried to get her to fight me i offered to her when rachel couldn't fight i view it as someone like that girl that girl so beautiful she doesn't even belong in in the position in the AFC that she's in because posting on instagram from sponsors ads than fighting in the US's so do you feel like she just may never come like you won't get this fight because of that i mean i think that can't get page is there anyone else that you're calling people out in knowing what you want there's a few names we've looked at the rankings and colder under the deal she didn't continue to evolve as a fighter in instead she fell into the fame and scrape for her that's the past she wants to take but i've been non stop talking to them about getting and what did he say they're working on it i think they're working on it pretty hard we'll see now let's just say worst case scenario she was there and now she's gone so she and held up into the deal and i think that's kind of kind of where ends have you ever met her i have i met her one time when ah look contender series and on the same card as austin which again is another reason why i thought sliding into DM's it'd be okay because they sent me through instagram they actually a complete joke i was just mocking her because i thought it was hilarious some some guy yup some someone sent me a screen shot and i switched it and i put his instagram handle at the top all quite i feel like the gap between valentina and the rest of the class is the biggest as far as anyway class in the AFC you know what i mean like she's just that much and the UFC b-actor and they gave her all of these the support and built her as an athlete and were they viewed her as okay here's a here's a girl and with the UFC so without that without fighting and doing what she was originally doing i mean i think that people are going eventually kind of be like all right well at the time taken the bait now i'm going to take the bait and that's why i've seen stayed relatively slightly entitled entire time i actually was going to say yes to the fi and me a message i they sent me a picture because page took a picture of my team so it was like all right we're fine like yeah i wanna fight you i know that we want to go back and forth but i thought we were all right so like there's no one out there even if three or four times that can give her a tough fight i think so you know you wanna be the one to beat her she thinks you're like creeping on her on her husband she doesn't like you i think i think that was her only excuse she knows i'm not creeping on her husband i don't want her husband she can have him so has the UFC wins that me a just saying i mean they sent their dog and then hey come on yeah i thought it was pretty clever i thought it was hilarious try to try to fight the other person they're supposed to bring the fight to you and they're supposed to try to take the belt from you right so i thought that she fought was very smart in the sense of there's several girls but honestly anyone in the rankings i'm not afraid to fight any of them so bring it on like the rest of the class right now is you feel like the fans get uncomfortable when a woman talks trash like you do like that they feel like oh that's a man thing to do and the female fighters shouldn't act like that they shouldn't talk page and i was like yeah let's do it and then he was injured last time that she was still injured had to have surgery so we kind of talked to them on friday about about this i completely agree i completely agree that is a valid statement she is a dominant champion and no way to prove that unless they have it she could totally go and post it like go for i don't care post that you posted on i think we have it that was a joke where you posted yeah why not i mean she's getting older and i'm continuously getting better and yeah i mean as far as other other women coming up i haven't seen any really rachel was able to fight so obvious that it was like okay let's fight she's good but we've tried several times when i went in the back and i talked with dana he was like well how about that as much as people may like it also find the you get a lot of hate for it as well i think the more the higher up you become on social media or the the female fighters feel like i like for example jillian she was like her mouth gets her a lot of places i think the reason why a lot of women say that is because they can't do it payment for me you know like i do have a a genuine like enjoyment for for the banner back and forth and for the the making people so i don't i think it's a little bit of i don't know if it's jealousy or or what but but i think it's it comes from an uncomfortable position from the so you just you just met messaging my husband on instinct i don't know trying to beat me try to you i'm sure like just talking smack in the DM's now and then the rest of the divisions pretty wide open yeah so do you feel like by the time you make it to this date whenever you're going to break this record that john jones said that she'll still be the you know just just keeping herself composed and not putting yourself in a bad position but liz never really tried to go after her and take that fight from her the people you admire bits and pieces there's like bits and pieces from conor mcgregor from ben from like a lot of different athletes you know there's just some some clever make money and build this is because i can and intern that's gonna help UFC that's going to help me so it's kind of a win win for everybody you feel like you're getting a lot of aren't by your side throughout the career i'm sure get stressful as at times sometimes you know the parents are sitting in the stands not in the locker room or helping to manage the careers what does their own personality and i think it's something that the one all the women's divisions need actually they need kind of like that bad guy so i saw some people say i've see you're you're happy with it but what did you think you know i've heard a lot of people saying that it was stopped too soon and then i've heard a lot of people saying oh let me see barbara always gets these early stoppages the bad girl so i think i kind of filled that role and i liked doing it because it's something i enjoy causing a little bit of drama and and it's more mm-hmm but everyone's different you know like some people can do it some people can't and and it's just what it's it's what they are you know it's it's like for you it's a lot i actually had my entire family out with me so for this fight even i even my sister fly out but my family over from the hotel de la venue and he put a post up on instagram and it was it was saying how for the first time ever he was not nervous and he's like the biggest one that gets the most all right they're not afraid to say what they want in the weight of you is i shouldn't be either because at the end of the day all i really want to build a successful career and feel uncomfortable so yeah they're people you watched or still watch like as inspiration league are there are people that you like that guy that knows how to do right like the trash-talk building trash do you think they like that or dislike that you get the sense you get because i noticed when i say that you're on the show people like she's big mouth and all this stuff she thinks that she's so great do get a lot of hate view i thought that that was a smart fight for her to fight because you know she's as a champion you're not supposed to go out there and just like nervous out of everybody in my family and he put this post up and he was like all the nights that you would be in the head and all the days that we went and had pokey together and i want to necessarily feel like some of the pressure even though they're like there's no pressure you know it's it's you and and we support you one hundred percent but at the same time i'm like you always want to make your parents proud now what is it like you're closer dad your dad non your corner though right he's not he was in the back with me though so i mean this is an interesting thing having i don't know if there's any in any other promotions that could potentially be signed but i haven't done too much extra research would you think for against me it's not mind because interesting we're just so close and i i really want them there and and that's something that i hope is is there forever and and i can't see them ever leaving my corner either sometimes but i wouldn't want any other way you know i mean i have my brother he was a he was the biggest trading partner i had for this entire camp and we were actually writing it it's kind of like a it's an un unsaid desire yeah unspoken desire for both of us to just continued you always wanna make your family proud so i know the sacrifices that they put in to me and i know the effort that they put in and that's that's always kind of on the back of my head so that's why it gets the things they say but it's kinda hard to like repeat them because you don't want to necessarily repeat them but you're like okay i could take that put in my back pocket and save river for another very close you know and so some days i feel i feel good and i can talk to them and then other days i'm like man i just i just need a little bit of breathing space just because i don't want to relationship forever it's like clockwork every time you fight i'll get like three or four messages for managers who manages macy is a silhouette everyone and i'm wondering if you feel like this do you want to at some point you think it won't be the case you feel like this is good for now because you're so young early in your career or do you feel like a from a perspective i think they could have been like that was a boring fight that was bad you know but for me i'm like wow that was that was a smart move on her team in her play right the sharks they know everybody's like all men her dazzling manager and i mean honestly that's a good team because if i didn't have in this on his his his his boxing son not as much information 'cause like that yeah there's there's been tons garcia but there's not gnaws much in no more space like i moved out of an apartment and i have my own space in terms of that but if ever comes the day where my family's not in my corner it'll be by the bigger person or bigger name that you become more hate you're going to have that follows that from other fighters some of them are going to like it some of them are going to hate it in terms of women i think a lot of the this could be the way we'll go for the rest of your career because towards the end you don't see it as much i know a lot of fighters who started off with the the dad in their corner but then for some reason it's a family thing and i'm not looking for a manager okay there you have it so that was i aldea managers out there trying no doubt about they're kind of separate i'm not trying to to will that upon but you feel like this is good now because you're so young and just figuring things out but at some point it will be better for you speak getting more i feel like you know honestly i feel like i could take a little more but it helps it helps talk to go off on your own no i don't think i think i think as time goes on we'll get a little bit not farther away but like kind of to know and be smart about it and i surround myself with a lot of good people and obviously my dad's a part of that and so i think that him and i make a great team together and and it's not just him it's me too but he's he's the big part in it you know and i know that if my dad wasn't like management like had that title from sponsors and stuff now do you are you getting a lot of attention or people on the bandwagon i am but i could always use more you know i'm working on deals but but i'm definitely open to getting some more in writing washer film for this fight really is that a common thing the reason why i do because i obsess over people in i obsess over the fight probably not something a log managers want to hear but if i didn't have my dad as a manager i don't know if i'd have a manager because i feel like my parents have raised me well enough it's honestly something that i will try to forever it's a very common thing in boxing you often see father coaching or cornering his he like made this a long post and i'm sitting in the in the buzz on the way to the venue bawling my eyes up like it's just we it's a very big in close family thing for me and it's oh as manager i could always go back to me like dad i need your help and even even without my dad like my moms are two you know and and she's she's there as well eh inspiration more confidence right that's okay and also when you listen to a lot of these guys so that was your third fight in the u. of caesar one more on the fight contract usually four fights to start off or i signed from the contenders two fights in the renegotiated one back that was my first fight back on my new contract oh look at you so i have another one and then we'll probably associate you like the the current deal i do yeah i'm getting a discount her training and nutrition and all of that that's really what all my my my show my win everything goes towards his i'm just investing back in myself trainings it would help with training honestly i feel like i'm underpaid in the sense of i would like to be able to afford to pay for for better coaching and better truly want to be the best in the world and if and i need that takes money you know that takes sponsors that takes money that takes effort and that's why i feel like getting paid title game with you i feel mine actually stole this from our NBA team as well where this this summer they spoke to a lot of the rookies who are born around the same time as you and they showed them iconic things from the nineties boy they wanted to know if they knew what these things were okay so like i said i was in tenth grade in one thousand nine hundred what i was sixteen years old when you were saying things in the nineties late nineties yeah i know but still you're right it's still counts corporate rate we're going to have to make a decision together and i don't really have any like fears of fighting any of them so but yeah deserves a chance and i feel like i deserve a chance i deserve a i deserve a lot of credit for the fights that i've had in the i also feel like i'll fight any of them i'm not i don't need necessarily pick out just one final picking up multiple people because i know at the end of the day like we're going to all have fun there's something about it it's like the person is just so beat up that they can't even fall to the ground so kudos thank you anyway i'm i wanna i wanna play a wow okay well done you know a lot of the rookies didn't know this do you know what the thing that the tape is going into is called UCR wow preview people get very upset when when the younger fighters talk about valentino molly mccann got all kinds of hate for this saying that she could she take that fight against like how dare you talk about it and more would just truly helped me out more by the way if the patriot doesn't materialize for whatever reason what do you think of you versus antonina shevchenko kind of like i haven't seen anyone kind of target fighting her like a kind of a hey this is coming and this is yeah i would like that do you know terms of in tunisia and took antonina sem tanko yes there's a lot of people are like oh well you don't get smashed or you get you know like union belong in the cage with her and i disagree i feel like everybody i see do you know do you know the company that you're you're with your three fight you have seen knockout streak is tied with amanda nunez and chris cyborg for the longest by female fighter and i believe is not a thing anymore no i think i think you could cut up a tape measure and get one that's true when i was in elementary they told me that if you in one thousand nine hundred ninth grade i was like i was a man by that point you were getting born and now here you are knocking people standing the standing TKO that's always have this okay so they're going to show you photos from the nineties these are the photos right here do you know what that is they're not let's break the record let's be all by ourselves now birthday year is one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which is just absurd to me nine thousand nine hundred i was in the one and then if you get this one and you could be like all right this is your preview and that's that's very smart and i agree with you well because the sister to get to the other sister you know what i mean what do you think of that idea that was a conversation between ben and i and he was actually the kind of like okay i'll admit i stole that from ben he told me later i had it in my head oh i actually met him before i met him no nope SD cards would be a very thousand nineteen oh yeah sure i really said this exact same thing to me if we can't get paid she should go after the sister yeah that's what he's told me he's like she go after one of the hey that's still house wow how'd you so you can you name all the people jesse chat show family matters classic yes actually four hundred older than than steve urkel i think you would like almost there was like a little egg and then you would feed it and then it would become a thing kids used to play with this yeah breath no doesn't ring a bell now edmonton oilers LA kings saint louis blues rangers wayne gretzky on though i know her real name is lisa and becky becky that's right there it is uncle jesse john stamos in the middle now do you know what that is the idea what is it it's a floppy disk i've heard of that good used to put things on at least got the thing about the computer the computer reboot that is no the greatest new NHL the great one i did it too hard you can cut your veins on your wrist in that you shouldn't do because i think it and yes if i'm being honest but anyway do you know who that man is iconic nineties at the projector man this we totally screwed up on this one i used to the users melamed yeah yeah i'm smart about hey honey was about this video game no i don't know what that is i believe this is the tom gottschee i've heard that name too but i've never had one you are smart much smarter than the NBA rookies that's for sure what that will mean a walkman a corporate jake it says walkman on it as little later and a game cube okay i mean it's right there sega genesis good job who's to blame for this eh i'm impressed okay do you know what that is aren't they yeah wristbands snap on risk of those okay are those in trouble with the law i saw that actually cadidates yeah crazy not what happened but getting kids in school i don't remember her name had one of those that is that is no i i recognize him from some somewhere okay remember him why is there a pack of cigarettes next to it you asking me go i'm asking the guys if you have any idea what's going on i have no idea what incredible wings okay so we're for or what else do we got the media day and they didn't know what any of these things were and there are your age oh i guess you're an old soul i've been told that before you have turning on the for that but i think you crushed it i wanted to ask about the layoff in how soon you want to come back so since you had a layoff how soon do you want to come back leave no one i think those two were the first to to start also there you'll see careers with three finishes in this great stuff that you're doing here let's keep it going yes it's me i mean we're doing a guess what and you're putting the thing we go back to the walkman for a second is a possible to go back to that photo yes we can either january or february but i would be less than two months you're okay with that possibly yes it just it just depends on who and the this year right that would mean we may be talking about december actually really yeah that's who'd wow potentially and if not december you're not gonna take an extended period you don't wanna take i'm only planning on going back to the jim hopefully tomorrow so i'd like to i went and worked out yesterday so that was nice ochre because you know that forced me to work on mattel metabolism and really helped me mentally a lot so what do you mean by mentally i was fighting in LFA and yeah well it was nice ethics the garden his hand that is a man's man right there you did i had the death toll yes cd cd this man still walkman i wanna give you like a half point you've probably never use one of those before like dad i'm sure i mean this we'll see i've talked to everybody i haven't even gotten home to sit down on the couch for like five minutes to break maybe like a day that's it just mentally in terms of like having to be forced into not training with surgery and it kinda gives you the perspective of is there a part of you that wants to make time because you only got i don't feel like i lost time necessarily just because like if i look at other fighters or like they okay i think i've seen a show or two but i don't remember the microphone movie with what about fuller house you ever watch that i think i've seen one or two episodes but it's not the same is are you implying that we need to smoke do you would you have known that a pack of cigarettes kim cigarettes maybe i just came together as a package because when you went out to walk the dog with the pacman eight all i was doing was getting ready to go in for an x ray and i felt nothing like wanting to go into the gym so to be able to wake up and feel like i could go and gave me a lot of credit in about the fighting or the trash talking because you know i think a little bit of both i mean he gave me a lot of things that i watched it twice good tale actually did a bad guy breakdown yeah or whatever he calls it but on your fight he did yeah such good things about me and about my fighting style is like it's an honor and chills the teammate of pages so that must have i'm like that not that kind i i had one of the CD just to see the set man i got to say i don't know if we were counting where we counting back there danny danny tanner okay and then she was actually just in the news i think she might be honor to have you talk about me he just gave me a lot of good compliments you know he was saying something about my striking being able to not just a one punch harder or this i feel like you've got pretty much every single one except for a frie- yeah did you ever see this clip of the rookies then be rookies they asked NBA rookies recognizes that name is what about corporate jacobs says it on the thing what's wrong dies nintendo sixty four okay a little later cow is is great and yet it is it really is a gift and it's something that i think a lot of us fighters we go through when we fight and then we're like man i just can't wait it is a prediction december fourteen page is predicting in las vegas that'd be my goal my prediction but let's dream break and i can't wait to just not do anything but then you also think about what about all the people that don't get to do something you know so i kind of feel like we get a little selfish time so was there hard it was like you know my my striking my knees kicks my elbows and it all played together so to hear him talk about that was really neat and to hear him give me that kind of credit that's not a good fight for her but the same time a piece of teammate of hers he should support her you know i wouldn't want to give false hope well done let's leave it at that okay congratulations thank you very much well done you're killing it really are in it's it's amazing to see what you're doing it breath the UFC of page ran i knew arm yeah i'm just helping out here with the line i mean with wasserman you kind of had to get your i hope you don't do that i don't you know i don't smoke myself but have you ever used the water look up to a lot of like the higher the higher level fighters from from jail and DC and just two and ben like all of these guys to hear them say such i'd like to see her go you know not necessarily career end but she said stuff about wanting to go to bella tour and i'll be good party and gift for her no when people fight everyone goes online talks macy look so good this guy looks good was there one person that wrote about you or maybe even reach out to you're like wow this person gimmie props that felt really good and there she is on our screen thank you so much for coming in i appreciate it and as you can see right over there she is called the future aveeno as a pro three and owned the chris kelly take that much time often man i've kind of forced to take that much time off and i was i was regarding the whole time but i feel like it all worked out for the good well according to our notes chase hooper is currently the youngest but he hasn't fought is okay so we're going to go with i'm still the youngest s. so that should count account for something or fair enough thank you so much for doing this i really appreciate it thank you very much your father as well hope you guys enjoyed being at ESPN did you did you get any shots didn't i should've i should've said it when i when i talked to him but i think he knows what that and he knows that twenty one years old you're the second youngest on the roster did you know that there's they told me what i went there in boston and they were like you're back to being the youngest and then i heard that i was the second youngest i see it says second youngest in the in the AFC but i'm gonna go with her i say youngest until chase hooper actually fights and that's you have i was you know where i was i had said what i said about the the youngest champion golden so i called him up and i'm like that was the only thing you got wrong aside from that i'm like ah i see people say oh you can't be the now the president araya favors the california kid and the guys forty years old he's like just stick with looking getting i'm just kidding kidding just stick with take training for granted like the next morning after this last fight i woke up and i was like all i want to go to the gym because this time last correct number six i right now i'm gonna put number one on the under twenty five why not don't tell AJ mckee that i said that i will but i think that you should at least move up out i apologize walk and it says walkman i apologize again yes all right otherwise it was fun would be otherwise you can get a little more time to prepare give her like january february needs that much time but gosh you boogie woman coming up you want to read although i think that she did a lot better than most of us thought we tallied she answered six correctly six out of six of the eleven it had been told that thing that you can make it a little tighter see that right over there well well done we've got nothing for you know prizes or party at some of the notables from friday night in boston by the way i love i love the friday card i'd like to see more of these cards in the future especially during football season really i thought she did better that's little over fifty percent maybe i'll take back what i just said all right i won't but well done well done who a number five was but it's a good point about trauma he has been inactive and so you've been doing your thing and it's been really impressive in stained cleaning out of being failed forty-five on december fourteenth of card by the way that she may compete on that's the las vegas car with the three title shots thank you very much father as well great guy bucky barbara who helped set the i see that a lot of you like the fact that there was no competition with the saturday night college football game you've got your friday you come home from work you watch the fights why not why don't we get a few we actually asked you for number because i wanted to call him up because he was like you got one thing wrong because he did that video and he was like i think it was by accident that up it was a lot of fun having them in studio and no thanks to corporate jake and jordan for i mean say genesis and it says sega i mean we have a lease blurred change your nickname well all right barbara thank you very much you could just walk no one's going to actually we're very no frills here so no one's actually just like that slide away there she goes and keep doing your thing this isn't credible facility thank you thank you i built it actually just bought the bill there appreciate it app via the vivid seats rewards loyalty program vivid seats helps fans find their seats to any of their favorite live events including for any event ticket vivid seats is an online event ticket marketplace dedicated to providing fans of live entertainment with experiences that last it would new music and our back i mean really anyway these guys are great i loved these guys over at vivid seats they helped us out with the hawaii roadshow back in in car on friday okay so that's the lineup let me tell you right now but our good friends over at vivid seats you know i love these guys our back to the old music we had one week with the a lifetime with vivid seats listeners can watch their favorite teams and 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huge fan of hers she just launched this ron wynn has some decisions to make he missed weight i know that's a tough one when you're protege daniel cormier you gotta make weight so we'll see what happens with him but all in all a friday night for a pay per view but for a fight switch it up a little bit right i think so anyway there you see some of the results those on macy darren stewart beat the ron wind snide and jerry jones and all that stuff it's great listen subscribe now to ESPN daily wherever you get your podcast all right support them because they support us now seats would love to have you on board if you're down if you want to be on board love to have you there great a lot of good things going on in the world of sports these thank you very much to barbara and her father for coming in studio last week when we throughout the lineup for the show i had all the names it was a nice little lineup channels are astros if you want to go to NFL NHL has begun NBA starting this week there's a lot of good things going on and vivid seats is your place to go if you were very mad about the fact that i didn't have niko price on how could you not have niko price on pulled off one of the best knockouts of the year he knocked out james what a win what a performance once again for you your your your ability to pull things out of very maybe unorthodox positions the feedback i understood that i had deprived the people of this man to hybrid and so i reached out to him and i apologize and said we must have you on the program and so there he is as you've got the MLB playoffs i'm not going to watch the world series of course because the nationals are involved in refused to support anything that they're involved in but if you wanna go and support either then credit on all of their purchases through their app go to the app store or google play right now and download the vivid seats app fans are automatically enrolled in ooh and there are talks by the way of doing another one i know i sit 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talk about the dallas cowboys and they're winless nowhere i mean it's just amazing how you're able to fly by the seat of your pants and be so be so creative with your attack this particular one is this morning it comes out monday through friday AM and she takes a look at all the most interesting stories at ESPN just twenty minutes it's sort of like the new york times as mr nico nico how're you well it's good to have you on the show and i just want to say i apologize for leaving you out of last week's lineup you deserve to be it was a mistake on my part so i'm sorry it doesn't bother me at all all right well better late than never it's great to have you on the show actually i get yelled at by coaches and training for doing that because it's such a low percentage moves and but i got i got a good finish out i actually saw perry at the hotel and i walked up to i was trying to be genuine but i guess the lay it came off it was not genuine and apathy program and it's called vivid seats rewards with rewards status ranging from MVP to hall of famer customers can earn from ten percent up to sixteen percent towards him at all because i don't think he he processes stuff nicely he's on defense all the time but i was i'd said i time guess her okay so you guys have been circling each other i guess it's a bit of a florida thing right you live in florida he lives in florida but there's no actual oh but i was just saying that to come back you know i have no hard feelings for him i mean me and fight that's all i want one he was like oh yeah i didn't get down my last fight house i is i mean either i said you're gonna get knocked down your next one five for ten percent off your next order that's ESPN twenty-five for ten percent off your next order i wonder why it's twenty five also by the way i want to give let's check so my kids can go to a good school and i give them a great home but after your win on on last saturday you saw him flicking you off space wide open and no way and i brought it back and i just dropped my heel right on is that something you worked on doc give my paycheck to you know like 'cause i wanted to fight the best and he was the best at the time so i was trying to get a fight with them everybody you know i want to fight him you know it would be a great fight whenever they want i'm ready so they wanted to make him places so i looked at him and said you said he could he be did it did it is that what you were saying right after i saw you shouting one right after the fight is that who you were talking to which part like right when i got up yeah i put my hands like this and the coach is like we did it we did it i told you it could be done i did it we did it but after percentage though it works for me what did you say to them afterwards since they're the ones telling you not to do it or that it's low percentage and you just one of the best knockouts ever via that move tweeted this a couple of days ago he tweeted robbie don't wanna fight me they don't wanna give me nico because they think the money is too easy for me as much as they're going to pay me the todd is inflict me off inside just signed contract okay so let me ask you about that how did you even know that he was there great fights under my belt i don't watch fights i want people everyone thinks great so i can show you how great was that the first time that you've ever met my perry they wanted to make him versus robbie lawler in december but robbie can't fight and a not because he doesn't wanna play he just he has an issue that he has to deal with but perry we can all go have a beer after so then the until after the fight i'm gonna try to knock you out in which which built was this was this have you actually watched this of watch a lot as it is replayed in my head like that you know i had a lot of drop them three times i think you know drop me twice but when i physically yes what do you mean visit we've seen it like we actually touched fans that want them shut his hand whatever it happens it'll be a great day feel great dane someone's coming off the candice yes i can't imagine why they wouldn't let's let's see if it actually happens but i didn't care about anyone else i want myself on the best you know to prove to myself i am the best you know so it's no hard feelings anybody in your career but in that particular case it didn't go your way what went wrong in that fight why didn't go your way in your opinion i have changed i looked over at him we thought is i saw like the double figures wall then then i so if you invest in me you're investing back into the athlete you're not investing into fancy cars and diamond rings and all these these crazy things i ah they want the competition to match up what do you make of that is that true the UFC does want to make this fight i do okay but you talked before oh yeah we've almost thought before the UFC i challenged him for my belt you must tell him don't mean i walked in i think it was last year the beginning of the year the orlando fight thank heaven how you doing it and i was like are you gonna be able to get in a fight in before the end of the year like your nose is good and he replied some smart little comment i'm in this to make money to support my family man praise god of mike i just want to yell his name is i can just break home you're back on track here the jeff neal fight again it's like one of those fights where it's almost like you're styles killer be killed it's always very fun you've only gone the distance wants got it nothing to be said you know dad thought i went to sleep but i didn't go to sleep awake i was moving those punches they're barely hitting me in the hotel in iran there and i said hey man right and fight off by anybody perria anybody want you know he's always been on to fight you want my belt you know he was telling me that the promoter wasn't paying enough money he didn't wanna take the fight and i would over there how's that he it's go time let's go i said just signed a contract i'm talking about him in him i said when i need to say ophthalmologist was like i was stabbed behind my normal self i can't make miss excuses at all he brought it that night i brought it that night and he if there between you two you just feel like this is a good fight now i don't get i don't have anybody you know that's all it is i'm just initially the last three of them but like what dan stopped it i was like no dad you stopped it don't do this is right get on and i came to orlando ransall sean shoghi in the big hallway i i i f- in hate you but i meant like plenty of and i was like a great battle you went out i was like no i didn't go out down get out jumped up and i looked at and he's never left since then it's been my life ever since you were trying to become a cop you're on your path to becoming a cop then is that why they call you the hybrid it started out because like when i first started within the i did be my favorite one what's what's your favorite right now at this point in your career can't even tell you are blessed orthodox getting finished his out of nowhere looking for things in unexpectedly like was that always your style or something developed over time because without him i would be do stuff i wouldn't have these opportunities and i don't have a favorite i love them all at all you know because that's it's it's my style you know hammerfest people from the bottom all the time trading up to people how many of like you said i got ten you know that's a lot in my look atoms as thank god for me you're not safe i'm gonna get you you know i have really long arms really long legs and just awkward feel really you play football in rodman usually it's one or the other i started football for twelve years after high school we found a rugby club i became an allstate guy in that and then after that found okay last breath ron biting you doesn't matter how did you first get introduced anime on top okay it'd be surprised if i finish more people throughout my career like this i'm just gonna honestly i'm going to be like a nate diaz about it it's not surprise lebron like i've always attacked in positions that people think are neutral or you're safe thin man if i could reach you did you drop that quickly when you saw people doing him a may not boxing right they were doing MMA yeah okay we had the rows loves on wow i know i'm unorthodox but the more learning throughout fighting i'm seeing so many more opportunities to hit people so like i would right wow wow so you know martial arts background no fighting background now i can't right off the football rugby i don't object i attempted to put it out there and i won't actually hit my training partners whether that's messed up the randy brown one also i started straightly ground stand up everything and i was good at all of it so they're like oh you're like a hybrid oh that's her boom boom and you had no idea about what MA was never saw it on tv right that yeah and i went in there approached face and he didn't get up and also i this is awesome and i stopped one of the top instantly so i learned self defense in the elena jim i saw some dudes in the boxing ring beat each other up and i asked the guy was like can i do that i would never do that dan why are you showing me this and then like that night i found the martial arts dude we got a house got everything situated to where i was making good money doing landscaping of i'd make extra money fighting all like that you know the hybrid wolf you came right the symbol dollar you know you have to kill me until my last so what did you do now now this became your job what did you do to support yourself landscaping okay for eight years the first eight years needs in wichita okay the ref said yes yeah wow that's us this body you know that right allegheny i'm here yeah what is your dad thing about your cur now is he is he supportive of it hundred percent they each is don't be game plans and stuff yeah so when you first were introduced to it how long before you actually had your first fight three months three months wow showed me the old pride fight and he was like look these dudes they're beating the crap out of each other it was they and you said you were going to work in jail as a corrections officer yeah that was what i was gonna do oh my no bring you into martial arts learn how to fight because you're working the jails night won't be like a you know get beat up in there career i did a landscape in everyday full times it's all my life once we got married she didn't have to work anymore so we got settled so much that's why i'm about to iffy about are a little iffy about fighting in december because baby i'm not missing my baby's birth a big surprise five so like just like this wait now it's back again so we'll play i don't think a here niko but i hear this weird banjo music in my ear nico do you hear that and she just took care of the kids you know we started having a bunch of kids started allies how many kids do you know i lost him i don't know what just happened but now the banjo music is back not that i know i'm trying to find a way to do it around the new rules because if you hold their feet up and it's only they're standing right there on the his hands so i asked the kick them in the face if i had little wheelbarrow position and i got yes i'll be working on ah so do i i thought it was someone in the back being very festive because you're about to have your child i mean it's a miracle right so i went into the martial arts than jay hit that athena might try to do that stuff and it this will be your fifth or six this is going to be over five wow seven six four and a half of it's my gosh total chaos there he is he's back nico did you hear that that was that's never happened before i don't know what just happened that was awesome i want that song your house right yeah that's why my fights house chaos i respect it does the seven year old understand what you do all and i did bring him to this point because my wife was like yeah you got your hands full well it's great to have you on the show my man the end someone else mega granted they go boom and i was like oh woo woo it up so just because we knew we had two girls we had a boy and they were like whatever's coming next here and then com okay someone's playing a prank on us because i don't hear him anymore but i hear the music it's happening there areas nico the hybrid price what a great character what a great win last saturday in tampa over one james vick all right now on the upcoming delivery thank you so much for having me on their god bless everyone praised god in be good yes sir ever try it okay to tough judges laid sent class like not going to be nine video surfaced last week online of baltimore boy getting bullied in the school bathroom dennis was one of the many who were disgusted by that video reached out on social media to offer the kid free oh yeah yeah i wanted him in the ribs with from the overall somebody for sure now now what's the breakdown in terms of sex how many boys how many girls to and to to to came what's the new one do you know musil areas so if you ever see me a foot stop anybody that's goes to my dad right there okay just no soccer kicks in the US no we're doing a surprise oil like it is the first time you're doing surprise you you've done surprise every single time no surprise just the last one okay why art style where's that music from do you hear that out three rounds what is this okay i don't know what that was i mean this is a great fighter why not read twenty fifteen sixty wow okay all right well then boy came and this will just shavei nowhere wow this was a bit of a surprise if you will yeah shitsu lessons which i think is amazing even range for an uber to pick them up and take him to the gym all very cool yesterday dana's posted this picture of the young man before his first marshall arts lesson and road we're all in this together let's go champ good on both guys i hate bullies picked on i feel like you know that needs to change so stoic different than what i do and micro so tell me how this happened you saw this video online and then how did you get sportscenter late last week here's what they had to say about our fighter dylan danas has a reputation for trouble outside of the cage but earlier this week he did something everyone can support areas dylan dana's i thought he was going to be there dylan well done my man aren't there is serious i thought i have five kids five hundred or one of the i i saw i was going to ask if you have your first because i saw photo of your wife she you did all on his own wow that is amazing and and so you obviously weren't there 'cause you don't live in baltimore but what is your what is your friends say about him understand what i do okay are they fans they are trained to really oh yeah they beat the daily do do you bring them to your fight let's move on to our next guest looking forward to talking to this man he's a hard guy to to get in contact with these days he's very busy doing a lot of great things he's a mench in fact he was featured on he was like that'd be so awesome and then offered him over to the gym and back home and he said okay was do it so irate essentially with one of my friends that has jim in baltimore fourteen did you talk to their parents his parents only use went straight to the kid and he did it on his own attack the kid is so i got the video and send it to me but then i posted it and then a lot of people were attacking the kid in my video over and over again so i wanna make sure it was really this is i mean you probably have since you've been involved in this where people are posting these videos of kids getting beaten up at school it's a disgusting thing have you seen like i feel like this i know that guy i thought you were supposed to be an evil person so bad guy but when a kid is getting bullied or someone that can't defend themselves is getting part of martial arts so i feel like he had a lot of good about people around him and stuff like that so i'm really hoping he goes back and sticks with it i feel like there's a trend lately i don't know if you've and you're you're doing great things a lot of fun to watch you compete and i personally would love to see that fight against my parents i think perry wanted as well i don't know what the problem is let's make an that was ugly the i will burrow head jake who said yes though if i take this budget fight fair enough sometimes it's all about that just that and only that nico all the best to you and good luck to you and your wife been right twenty twenty baby i'm ready there's a there's a backstory as you said a backstory dating back to the the regional days so and you for that but i feel like there's also something to be said for trying to inspire people to do good as well so donations and things like that i think yes i mean i understood the criticism about putting it out there but i feel like me putting it out there's gonna be a lot better in the long run than knocking out there yeah i saw people criticize times more often than not should be anonymous but we also like if it's becoming a thing where it's becoming cool to post these videos we need to make it a thing to be cooled let me more mature for my age at the time and you know like the guys at the gym always you know helped me motivate me and i'll tell stories and and yeah i was like there's just me and my my own rpt in our back well that's amazing five children wow i can't even imagine what's what's the age range like a thing lately where people are doing this kids ganging up on one kid this was just one but it's like they're i've seen this at least five times over the past month and i don't understand why it's a thing i feel like it's been around for a for probably since you know beginning of time in schools nowadays on social media good worried for awhile for awhile so they i said i have nothing against you stuff for good is where it needs to be you know i got a lot of criticism for posting and doing this in in our good gestures to behind closed doors and you know i believe in that meantime so been in contact with but trying to get him to go back and stay steady with martial arts but yeah basically just happened like that how old is he fourteen through stuffing yeah now how does it work when you see all these other videos right like right now you wanna come out now and you know i think he's again the right people feel like a lot of people promoted to promote themselves and then moat other things you know i think using like are behind him and if you do all these gestures behind closed doors their ideas behind closed doors all victims from bullying and all the people that are all the good people in the gym that help you and motivate you and you know it's actually i don't know when i was younger i felt like older people was actually better for me than the kids in my school you just don't know that who's lying who's not lying so it's very hard i'm not gonna lie so i don't know i think i'm trying to figure out because i never dealt with this before right and you're getting all kinds of help people out as well and so i give a lot of credit for that do you know why he was getting bullied you know why he was getting beat up like that he's a little bit one the one word answers no i did not not yet i want to bring them to loyd it's just saw airplane tickets and stuff two but this kid got got humiliated online in front of millions of people so why not have his back in front of millions of people and make them feel like you know we ever because nowadays everybody's just kinda like you don't know who to trust and then what's what so the kid it ended up being him meet him for talking he was a little bit hesitant attention for i've heard that people like stage these things to get notoriety so but i've seen you post them and i think it's great henry gracie i saw posting about it you're and i got him over there you end up training you know i don't know i think he really wanted to do boxing mary did you might have been different for him but apparently he really liked the class gone through something income from different kind of life than i come from you know so he just a little bit hesitant with you know reaching out in talking too much i understand that you know i don't i don't hold on incontinent messages videos of god i mean you imagine and things to you don't know who's who's being honest who wants to get famous who wants to do this it scared in the beginning which i understand obviously nice play going through so much now i'm like it's going viral and stuff like that and i reached out to him and say hey man to go to the gym oy in i thought someone like him would understand that it was actually pretty embarrassing to see him talk of a martial arts like that and he's criticizing you for this selena and stuff like that so i don't know i rubbed me the wrong way especially coming from someone like him hoops martial-arts meteoroid champion and done so much great in his life it was bullying and gain trump by six seven guys you know in the bathroom but you know i was definitely bullied as a kid i feel like sometimes mentally on isaiah sometimes mental as well i think it's great that the jujitsu guys are doing this in particular because wanting to is like i don't know if you listen to michael business podcast but he kept like making fun of said he was a little shy going to the gym i mean just anybody go into a new martial arts my i was shy going into my my first job when i was fifteen fourteen so you know against them you know so i feel like you know the more it helping the more i taught him you know i've been talking on a daily basis reaching out to him and just trying to talk more and breaking him out of his shell the martial arts isn't all about defending yourself about building confidence discipline you know it has it has so much more than just using it industry or in bullied as a kid is that is that why you feel like at this stage in your life you need to get back why does this mean so much to you definitely does but i wouldn't say i was bullied tone of people that have started nonprofit for i never started well before i didn't know how much goes into it so been working with some people and seeing how it goes like her and the numbers and learning all this stuff good on you my man it's great to see you doing this now also wanna ask you about some of the things going on your your actual career first off how's the knee a couple of days ago the ultimate aim of martial arts not having to use them i thought that that was a very good one your party also tweeted that you were thinking of starting nonprofit organizations for kids who are bullied to help them learn martial arts for free is this is a serious thing that you're thinking of doing i've been i've been talking to him ling is worse than physical bully so yeah i definitely would i definitely gone through some stuff you know i think we all have i'm not special in any sense if everybody's gone through people martial-arts confidence that when you see them like okay that carries himself differently and no one will mess with you after that so yeah definitely been through a lot of stuff i have to send myself so i didn't have the feel scared anymore i'd have to feel like i didn't want to school so once i learned how to defend myself that confidence that that grew in me and and people that tree reveal a bullying are not going to see that there's not going to see that martial arts can change your life or not know that there is someone to reach out to or there's ways of getting out of it so would but every sells more comfortable with so yeah i don't know i mean i feel like allow people just give up on people say he doesn't deserve this or he's great for he doesn't care you know but i kind of try to find the good in people in and i'll work it out with him in a certain sense i just i know how it is to be that agent and take your exchange all one word answers i know some people are like oh he's not grateful tonight he doesn't wanna be held but you know i see someone that you know is people will see you know there's there's nothing that i haven't i haven't said that has came true so i'm gonna come back ADC combat the grappling and prove we've now as far as the makers concern will you fight this year or do you think you're done for this year i definitely want to fight this year i was trying to get onto japan yeah i knew he was gonna be a little bit shy but i was very surprised if the mcgeoch jumped right into the class in the one thing about march lawrence that i really liked this as a kid in the things eat healthy physical therapy and stuff so i think i'm starting to get into that point my career working on my body and and my longevity in card i want to do the rise in japan i thought that'd be cool i'm so we're still working on the fight with j. paul the boxing so i want that to happen really bad and damage maybe we'll do that before them there okay so those a lot there where do things stand with the japan fight coker told me that he sent the name paul thing you're you're very into this jake paul idea fighting finding this guy this youtube a like a youtube influencers something like that why do you want to fight him so badly no it's funny in the beginning he called me everything's i called him outlet i wanna call it youtube beginning he called me out like he wanted to fight me this and that and then i kind of just like whatever are you saying that the kidney ju jitsu view to help them and a fight in three fight and all this stuff and michael business world champion a martial artist his whole life and you know he should understand unborn end up falling to the ground and my backlog locked up it was really bad for a walk in stuck in bed and it was it was terrible wow and how does it feel now marci's in just about findings about this plan confidence spags NFL didn't you build you into someone that nothing else can you tweeted for like what goes into it and so i i might have thought it was a little bit easier than what it would it comes out to be what we're working on it now and is this like a personal thing field i don't know how to explain that was something that you wanted to do ADC how tough was it to pull out on top of things my whole life man oh you know making fun of them and stuff like that or bullying them and they did have it may not be the reason i started training was because budget older kids picking on me and i wonder wars and i call them out on everything i've been saying everything about him so either as a happy in the in the ring or is going to happen industry at his house so okay i mean i would imagine that's more than what you make in baltimore that's close but it's fun competitions plenty guys are martial arts yeah he was on he was like oh boy she's gonna do like a guy jumping break his arm in arm bars and get knocked out like saying stupid stuff this kid need couldn't doesn't need march especially when you get to watch people that wanted that shouldn't have one in if i was there so that's one of the toughest sanctions especially after you guys know who i mean so their whole lives and not finding some no pushy youtuber that thinks he can fight but what did they make more sense to have a grappling match doesn't have a history in in wrestling or is when they made eight million so they split four between each other and he was like no obviously like this fight will be a lot bigger i was doing i'm wow it's a fill up there now i was doing the right things go into a physical therapist stretching and trying to work on just on i think it's just like some long training that my body just like you could do it wait so who's offering you four to five million the dr morrow talking oh i don't honestly i don't like to give people that don't deserve credit but in i'm i still feel like i'm the best graph in the world MMA and as you get to so due to some my body's just trying to learn how to be a professional athlete instead just training and training and training and not taking care of your body you know professional athletes do all the my show he actually seemed quite quite interested in like the first time us actually warming up to the idea of of competing against you do you think this could happen something didn't you wrestle as a kid i mean that would be a match it would just be me for again abusing him but the boxing match he thinks i don't have the sundance site it up and i said okay i don't care i'm down so they were working on a press conferences and and building up a big event around it and i think that'd be awesome forget about your whatever issue may have with with with aspirin just to amazing grapplers ground fighters a lot of fun you think my actually some he's never been tell me on the phone person should at the gym they said that ben aspirin called flow grappling like personally on the phone and said i wanna grappled leeann i'm down to do it and now they're offering me four or five million for boxing fight against simplicity that can't even defend himself so i'm down to do i mean if you talk a big game and say you can fight me and you you know you'll beat me the sport so is that why you pulled out of the ADC yeah it was it was bad man i come and stand up i have explained what happened there was just like fighting wise so have you comes out basement he's nice about it i'll probably do sure sure and what about kevin lee is dead i was kind of into that one are you you know so i if damian submits them on saturday does that take the appeal away from you like do you want to be the first guy to submit them so you know i mean innings wife involved east already that with me i usually don't go for wise but he came in my girlfriend so you come to my girlfriend i'm going right for your wife who he can bill so even before he came on your show they slow grappling came to my gym texts me we talk in person housing talking personally stocking stuff you know i mean i posted out there you sure sure sure but this this event is happening next it was just started talking head you so so fun have you always been this kind of fighter like just very on so or in a couple of weeks right it's not going to happen for transfer i just throw me in there be half drunk and snow fight him or not i don't need to be trained for that but if he doesn't like i'm gonna fight youtube or and then another the money came into our in the naza maybe i'll just shut this motherfucker up so yeah i'm thinking about you put it on my on my twitter he said like the only way he'll do it if it's like a combat jitsu and he knows that you'll see when let him do that is technically MMA so before you think he subs them oh i am a betting man but i had output i would put i say damian tops for sure that's getting better it's they're trying to allow for ABC i hurt my back really bad i couldn't walk and you know i think it's just been training retraining for so long i was almost eleven years tape was happy him over and over again him marcello like he's he's very overrated so damian way better competition as a way better black belt over there talking about they have somebody to match me to fight me and stuff like that so i guess it's you know it's not just belco you know rising has to go with it and they have in some okay now this g we'll see i definitely want to fight for the year's over i might get that so mean benizri grappling match after he said after he fights steaming maya so i'm not sure it was he doesn't take any but the only thing that kinda sucks is that he's gonna get a he's gonna get submitted by damian maya but we'll see what happens i was just going to ask you is fighting this saturday against my insurance if you're interested in tuck he's not going to beat them on the who's going to take him down hold him he's not gonna hold david david is going to happen there's a video back in the day of jason and and the national training i mean everybody thinks i don't how striking and this and that so i guess let's see i mean i think it'd be fun i mean me and him have it comes out on lake begs me and stuff like that but i don't know i like nowadays is so hard to find someone that's like on the level of the in popularity wise in he said he hoped the packages allow you not us just saying stuff like that i mean i have pictures with his wife and stuff like that so you know meaner had a good night out searching people legally but i was always down for it and then he was like man you know like it'd be real pipe lock me or something like that and so i need to be able to hit him so he does like went back on what he was saying but then we can do we can start to have a big enough name where we could just make our own main event boxing thing we don't need anybody else on him so the last time ben astros damion taps and what do you think he gets earlier takes a little time i say second round submission wow that's pretty earlier about do damage waiver shirking him so he's he's now what's this picture that you posted you nicky as what's that all about someone tabula and they were saying like nick bell towers that other you know that'd be awesome alga down to do everything i've ever said any everybody's ever turned down or our ran away from it so i'm down to care you can show but my gym we'll do it tomorrow doesn't matter on twitter as well one of the legends of the game losing streak so sorry about that when i urged them in that grappling match offer me i was supposed to fight single time where you're supposed to be on a couple of weeks and then he goes to me and i wasn't happy about that you know this right ed i mean i'm the one that at middleweight and lightweight was funding absolutes every single year so i go against everybody i go against everybody yogi in all these guys either one forget you barely okay let me get your take on this before i let you go i asked joe lows on about it charles rosa when he got the sub did you see he has i mean these these tweets that you put you enjoy doing this right riley and they take the bait every time the comments are just people eight on the cage i'm trying to seize this should have been illegal in your opinion that that help him or do you think that did help also like the after ABC couple places reach out like what do you want to i want to go against chechen i want to go against them all so i mean i'm the one that at any weight i appreciate that but it was it was it gordon ryan that you're preferring to before referring to everybody okay i i wanna personal other they do this and that rule sets i'm the one that my whole career never complain about rule sets never complained about g and now finding i'm a man so we'll be combing event doesn't always mean greg hardy he's been combing event to and he does have a lot of fight so from the last night you guys looking at hayler it's like right now you guys talking about win the brings excitement 'em age jitsu i mean come on beyond what other on it's just stupid outta mini there's only one me are you still the highest paid for and built or is that changed since the last time we talked about that no i might pick up knowing that's coming close to me okay i was actually surprised when they said that chris i was the highest paid woman fighter that was pretty cool i'm happy for her that's cool she's part of paradigm to and stuff like that so i was very happy about that but anymore because it's just stupid everybody knows who's the man who brings all the is in all of that so you plan all all you want and i'm on your show but i'm the highest one that's get washed every single if we help us you can't you're not gonna build probably the legs office is easy if he's has his tone in the cage but yeah i probably should have been disqualified for that but i guess stuff happens is a fight so what are you celebrating i see a balloon over there behind you what he's celebrating birthday go all out you know yeah confusing that'd be cool i'm going to build our final okay wow you're i mean just like some of your i mean you do like detroit people right you you will admit that what would be semantic i saw yeah you had all kinds of gifts for her balloons your real soft yeah you're in love i see it in your eyes yeah no one comes close to make them on mike applied ever on the code event massacre guard right nuts the whole place diamant make annoys until i came up pro wrestling debut on october thirty first october thirty first saudi arabia the gypsy king the lineal boxing in fourteen maybe between joe i want i just put on my twitter as i look back then back then in two thousand fourteen do things about you good job helping out that kid and trying to be a positive influence and everything that you're you're you're writing about as far as martial arts and the potential charter opportunity to sit down with triple h and tyson fury yes hunter hearst helmsley aka paul eveque WWE executive tyson fury the guy be like flights on the premiums he's a purple and it's funny how things come around now wow and what year was this this was too the referee n call it so i guess it's legal or yep yep he didn't see it goes on to win he did amazing so you give him props on go top rank ESPN getting together i was at the lohman chango fight it was right around the same time that he signed with top rank and it sort of put the still the one and only doing some great things for the youngsters one of my honorable mention by the way you can check that out each and every week on the that's right and then the comments you're you're all you put me on the show everybody oh my god i'm the highest watch one on the deal with cain velasquez first time ever met triple h i'll give you some thoughts on that on the back end of this interview but first here's my conversation with triple h and tyson fury about tyson fury for doing this guys i really appreciate it if you haven't i'll start with you how did this all come about how did you guys reach out to him and get this deal done i'm a big boxing fan start with a few months ferguson and then they came with joe louis on back then really have a name and i was like i'll go joe trillo sounds like a legend back house they got that house they tony try mantra well well done you're making your mom very proud dylan than you and i don't believe everyone who says all these mean and nasty facebook dot com slash ESPN page where we highlight the good people doing great things in the world of all right i'm excited about this last thursday i had and getting him down to the performance orlando where we train it's easy to see how this athletically for him is just such an easy fit we'll see i've been thinking about it for a little while and then this opportunity came up we reached out he said this actually works out perfect for me the timing is great and here we are you know did you have any reservations in my head back again i've been a fan of his longtime and seen him and thought incredible entertainer he's custom made for what we do in some way when this opportunity came up in the opportunities there and he wants to be part of it we love to have hired of this happening have you ever trained in pro wrestling before never pro wrestling training before ever put a three as you may know going to make his way over to pro wrestling later this month along with cain velasquez velazquez competing against brock lessner rematch of their fight do you have c. one twenty-one tyson fury is going up against braun strowman so i had the opportunity or in new york had the opportunity to sit down and talk them about how this deal with tyson came about heavyweight champion of the world will be making his debut going up against braun strowman how cool is this we're talking to the gypsy kings tyson fury himself and triple h WBZ executive thank you very much how's the calling the shots theorizing me who i wanna fight and i said tony ferguson he's as guys on the premiums i'm finding out so it's funny like many years that align i'm still making all the calls we were just sort of actually reaching out to see if they'd be interested in the future and what that opportunity might be the woman janko fi like i said is we're kind of popped into my head just the one match deal or is there a longer deal at play here well i think when you're the type of entertainer he is like i said you know it's easy to see how he fits in what we do coming up a fight the big wilder fight coming up in february maybe this isn't the best time no this is perfect timing for me this is still a wanted to do for a long time so in her when she did this there's only certain of very ultra elite that that happens to and he's one of them this is going to be correct now like you said it's one fight at a time so i think you do this braun strowman and saudi i look forward to support them down the road in in february hopefully with with a wildfire i and we'll see where it goes from there like you said when you have this level of personality this level athleticism he can do anything he wants so already begun training you're at the performance center up in wet can out down it's a surreal experience like coleman into this avignon i didn't know what to expect and all that stuff well done my man thank you for doing this i appreciate it and hopefully the back and knee feel good soon and we'll see you back in there soon enough as for how mirror cruciate all right there is october thirtieth it's going to be something special just match with braun strowman i think people are going to be shocked at what he does because he's not just taking this in going in there i'm going to do one or two things floor or any place else i i trained floyd mayweather a few years ago when he wrestled being showed wrestlemainia opportunity to see elite level athletes and there's a difference lifelong WWE brother route sixty six and weighs about four hundred pounds and we wrestle like all the time from being ten years old the opportunity arise and being in a position where after sort of big caught on i'm not boxing training at the moment this is perfect time infamy everyone's like counter that you've got something can blow up over here and there's just nothing happening there's just this focus in this dr i watched him walk in the performance end of that first day in five minutes after he was in the ring he was brock and the timing is right with that too as well cain somebody that looked into this awhile ago he came to the performance center tried out with us but he still ever growing up i had a goal he was one of my favorites say that anyway i've favorites so in orlando oren the trainings absolutely fantastic we've all new relationships i'm thriving it's like when you go out and not state with this new commit worked out perfect for him and we were like well let's just go with it we can make this happen now we can make it happen quickly and we can move and make this epic blockbuster event like you said with me just get out of there and try not to get hurt and get a pay whatever this is the he's going to try to make something special edits in it shows and it's it's going to be awesome so this event is a big deal for pro wrestling fans big deal for boxing well months why is it happening in two weeks i think the timing of it is is right like a said when we reached out to him this was the timing for him okay i think we were reaching out his own and i thought wow this this is going to be something special because he's he is that next level he is that floyd mayweather he is the rhonda i saw that between somebody that's kind of at the top of them like the very elite level there's a different spark in their eye when you put them in the ring and everything else goes away wrestlemainia kind of fight kane wrestlemainia why is it happening so soon why is it happening in two weeks it seems like it's happening sooner than maybe the in the old days you would build to something this uh hey what if he was like the timing is now and we had an event now and i don't know that we would have done the exact same time but it worked you know things happen for reasons so had the fight game in his head and either i feel you either do this or you don't do this and he was looking to do this long term but he hadn't put that away yet now he every hour my god this is how is it's a new thing for me so i'm really really enjoying the experience so the other giving you opportunity so it's a different conversation now he stepped away from MA and he's fully dedicated to to what we do so that's a different conversation because he was looking to fully make the trend vision this was the opportunity right place right time right right athlete all of the you know what i mean just just fell in our last few true or false questions is it true franken born didn't know that this was happening until you saw on television is that true true you didn't give them a heads up i didn't surprise was he mad he was he's kind of got to the point where he did a few matches he trained a little bit in a few matches and he got the bug for and now i can see in canes isaac he really wants this being thirty like we would offer time limit there's no no hold bod with each of light for an hour stop wrestling who is offense also big deal for anime fans 'cause cain velasquez is making us w debut and i i heard that you guys were all talking i was like okay this sounds like wrestlemainia tyson fury is berlioz everybody was like concentrate on your job you are not to show when you're not a movie star like try telling me i would never do anything other lives the you've got to take the bull by the homes and get them with and enjoy it because like i say this once in a lifetime opportunities i'm hey one of my childhood heroes like thrill for me to be to go backstage meet hulk hogan and all the rest of the guys rock and everybody it's been now i really know it's one of the hardest things i've ever had to do people say to me oh it's all fake i said well you hear you train for a couple of days and he's how fake is this is an opportunity for us to go there like we've been doing for years and years and years and go there and entertain our fan base and i think that are information's come from but i'm not going to confirm or deny i don't wanna preach my contract it is amazing how much people and other people's money stage in korea i think what's cool for me is to see somebody i've been around athlete to enough my entire career now my job WWE recruiting athletes from around the world whether that's NFL if i'm tough stick thing for me and it was an opportunity that i did not want to slip poke franck along with my management team trainer father yes i'm getting thrown around about ring the ropes ally bob wire i'm caught me boxing bits i feel saw in places that they think could helen especially have seen that when they go there what they do is they go there and they see an event just like the other events they do they see tens of thousands of fans in the stadium politics everything else aside what we have millions of fans in the middle east that love what we do they love the product they love to be entertained by it what happens if you get injured shoulders legs whatever this is the risk what if i go out the front door and got run over by a boston morning if we live their lives on f housing topic this time are you getting any pushback from any of your guys about going back there no i think as as time has gone on the truth is one entertainment company and this is a moment in time and his point i'm not going to confirm or deny but the positioning of what we are different than ah you could make an argument that right now if you said one of the big four sports in america you could make an argument with that we're right there taylor but i think if i had to pick one i would pick floyd floyd i e yeah i just it was a whole 'nother level of wants to fight come around the corner like what will be will be and i'm going to take one time and for now i'm concentrating on berlin stroman nothing else is laser focus on it and wanting to be something special i think he really did go into wrestlemainia and it's arguable in that show that like that basing there's millions of our fans do you have any reservations i'm a price want to entertain a lot like trump lake just said i just you're a historian i've been in this business for a long time could i ask you off top your i know i'm putting you on the spot the greatest sort of athlete cameo lawrence taylor ah i think it's to be challenged here very shortly is february twenty-second a done deal with as far as we know both the certainty we're boxing occasion to it in a short period of time and he just wanted it to be epic like he does the it's funny in my mind the comparison of the two just in their dedication to it in there it kind of stole the thunder in that event like this this spectacle was on them so you could make that argument that greatest performance from a crossover i'm crazy for what they do that's what we do we entertain and that's a we're not we're not in it for politics anything else about going entertaining are it is it true you're making fifteen million for this talk about in in read so i read this swirl that's all over the news that he's not as it seems like in the past the athletes who came over the celebrities didn't make that much look a WWE any other sport we're not the size of the NFL or anything like that but what we do is up there and also i was gonna say one thing that's why you save none of the other books came in heison floyd who did it best in your opinion what what's the level that he's to reach to sort of surpass in your mind putting you on the spot where you who came over and really wowed you more so than the rest he's called all tees and we'll see what the future holds have you erected a statue of that cut man who saved your your fight i mean that was incredible stuff that he it's been a tough time in the sport of boxing on wednesday we found out about patrick day unfortunately passing away the fourth boxer in a little over two months as one of the faces of boxing and you're in that fight against ottawa lean it was amazing to watch him work in between the rounds that was as riveting for me than the action itself at pick your whole hey cup teller very good point i know this is your forte jing you gotta pay for the absolutely absolutely it sounds like a confirmation right here on this your fourth event in saudi arabia correct i know it's been somewhat of a his can't see can't all of that but yet stay dominant the whole fight because at any minute if you're not dominant they might stop this but if you're in a dominant position they're not going to stop it there's quite pissed really he said to me i think this is a really bad idea you could get injured bob stroman massive guy what happens if the court reopens so you know what if it was me terrible terrible times for the for the families prizefighter himself how do you react when you hear news like this first of all condolences to the families who lost ones multiple brains gallons per year to be passed medically fit to to do bottle it's one of these unfortunate circumstances feel okay bob never took any countries to it but i think in another feeble so i'm going to be fine again taking volunteers this is her business this is the fight game on the people around you know boxing has been regulated time and time again we take medicals all the time every single flight we have brains guns i go where i'll have to go like i say going over that to put on a show for the for the funds around the world boxing and wrestling like i never even a contact sport freefall times in the last few months around the world the balkan community has really got together to show support to the families into the friends who've lost their fighters you never say never and WWE so clearly yeah they sincere and came to alaska sorry about to compete and to actually cool thank you so much guys i really appreciate this talk to triple h i really enjoyed that afterwards he actually invited me to the performance sennar said he'd give me a little behind the scenes tour of what they do over there said rematch of a fight that happened almost ten years ago at UFC one twenty-one all right so there you have it those a lot of fun first time i ever had the opportunity champion this time next year and WB on the big stage on the big roster not tried to that's hard to say true or false okay a lot of a lot of variables the cut if you if you aren't so he's got to stay dominant every step of the rest of that flight is a different a different game in a different level of athlete that can pull that out and do that i always say you can't go swimming and not what everyone says all the best thing about not having occultist don't get one in the beginning vote been a professional for eleven years i've only two the and one of my big rivals deontay wilder arguably one of the biggest punches in heavyweight history so i've got to go i go to roka this seriously his deep tastes gonna be louis all tees okay all tees has a tough customer nothing's given in life so one-step-at-a-time one fighter time i've got a problem stroman and he feels like once he gets out of his system much like cain recently got it out of his system some way somehow then they can have some we're made up of multiple boxes you came into it with the lineal heavyweight current world champion i'm also that not right that's right into play too compa is a top guy and he saved my career without without monica forty seven pitches well and it seems to be okay it's only been a month healing oh i don't know two thousand nine i think it was i interviewed him at a yankee stadium prior to many patio verses miguel koto and someone who goes in there and risk your life every time you go in what kind of feelings do you get when you say what kind of reservations had it how do you react it's one thing for the media to react pundits but as an actual doesn't whoever they were related to he's kind of scary you know i go in there and i'm in the heavyweight division with the biggest the biggest scholars the trauma stay i will end on this just a couple of true or false all i need is true or false true or false ronda rousey will compete again matt riddle will be past few months slash year and feels like unlike cain right now d. c. still has fight left in them MMA fighting left in them for them to do this and i asked him about the rise of anime in that you have seen particular and he had a lot of disparaging things to say about the sport one of the first interviews that got me some attention and life so it's not about bumped ballistic he talk about that cut though and as much as it was to fix it thinking about the performance to walk past that oh yeah forty seven that could be you know we're we're vigil say it all the time we're open for business pass his past today's today was actually my first time seeing him since and so i just said hello and wondered if you remember me but he's getting a little up there in age and i don't know if he actually did but he said he did so it was nice to see singh also for you long time fans i ran into bob arum in the back i didn't even know he was going to be there and i haven't seen he was coming out of the the restroom they had to get to but i actually asked him about daniel cormie because you were called a couple of weeks ago i said hey if this whole cave alaska's WW thing doesn't result in and asked him if you remember me and i'm not sure if you really did remember me but i certainly remember him if you if you don't know the story back in it come check out annex t all those places more perhaps most interesting afterwards we spoke a little longer were a little bit stressed for time there was another taping for me coming over and tag teaming with kane this will all be for non asked him about DC and he actually told me that he has talked to dc over the at that time you'll see was coming up and they were actually going head to head with a mayweather fight UFC one of three was going head to head with their fight on pay per view and it was somewhat uncommon all right three and a half hour show relax anyway if you're one of those people you'll like our next guest because he wanted the main event this past for i'm giving you everything everything what's happened in recent times and hopefully we don't see any more of it in in in any more reason times well this happens now and again on it's an obsolete talks but they've definitely tested the waters and brought up the subject but they still feel like DC wants to find and we know DC once if i decided on this show so i thought that that was do you ever wanted and more i'm giving you okay so chill out he won the main event on friday against chris wideman in boston he is in my opinion the number one contender i was i was in my zone early early in the day in a my zone ethica touch me now what what right now at five he could very well be next for johnny bones jones he's dominic reyes kind enough to join us dominic congratulations my man how are you but definitely has the potential to beating a true or false also true being w w again at some time off that interview you probably gonna tell your friends about i don't care i don't care if you don't like it i like it a lot of other people like it and guess what it's interesting stuff all right so get over yourself like why do you think that was were you just like overly prepared did you feel like this was a really great matchup for you sometimes when the stakes get raised you get a little more nervous the crown jewel october thirty first on w network debut of tyson fury going up against braun strowman and also debut of cain velasquez going up against brock less AM it was fun and i appreciate both tyson and triple h four give me the time of day i still think it's weird that it's happening in saudi arabia it's happening so soon but hey it's happening tober thirty first if game on us we know what we're gain info salt of we know the risk element but it's not reality until something like this happens it's happened and like twenty minutes is going to be a little bit off the beaten path but still in the combat sport i'm not talking about like NHL here chill out all right enough i i just i let it all go you know i said whatever god has in clan for me as can be the clan so is go out there and buy like i know i can it could end that quickly but i i wasn't expecting it to end quickly the step back left like you're going backwards and you hit them with like you're very happy go lucky guy you're always smiling were you little more nervous for this one actually i was the most common ever felt ever refined yeah you can't please everyone can't please everyone would you think i main event big time stuff against the former champion what was it like going into the file a you you seem very common left that ended up dropping him and then the hammerfest that's something that you work on very impressive the parry the left everything was just so impressive that led to the dropping of but like i said i'm done with this show i'm not watching ever again could don't watch ever again i don't care and by the way i don't believe you i don't believe you you're still going to watch and you probably gray area how you doing man i'm doing really well so what are you what are you laughing about what's so funny over there my little rant i get so noisy with these people so if you're into that sort of thing enjoy by all these people complaining too much progressing talk well we'll we'll give you a three and a half hour show every week and that's just on mondays of christian and hammerfest but is that something in particular that you worked on a particular thing of organon for chris i mean left still a lot of time a lot of work to be done you've only been in the AFC for a little over two years when when you debuted in june of two thousand seventeen if i would've told you are i two years later that he's more susceptible to getting dropped you feel like this now problem that that he should you know talk afterwards he should get a little more serious about retiring yeah i was i was very prepared i do have an anti everything he was trying to do and had my family met my close friends there to invade or fade to and you thought right into it and i don't money baby do you subscribe to the theory that like his chin has gone away i don't know i wanna say khudai fine how how to win the fight i think what it comes down to of done talks to john you're you're in that orbit your undefeated sound like would you have believed me or is this happening sooner than you expected vite performance put on and all my dreams will come true did you think it would end up quickly i guess you could say i knew it was gonna happen because he lunges in we're looking at film and he learned his in pretty often with that too and at a really good i'm always working on my boxing i knew if i had my hand for sharper than his own finish them and i knew i know they already are naturally but around thirty five thirty six years old i feel when your body starts to like betray you and you're not as athletic as used to be you know you can still see things the way you saw him once but you can't move the same way and i just think it's a matter of age at this point for him so you got like six seven years are you on the button so i mean it's hard to say whether or not but personally i i plan on retiring always very well dominic creates just one of the main event you're on the show what more do you want who else do you want you driving me nuts anyway great forums key by the how'd you feel about this talk i don't know if it's going to not hit him with with a laser shot man i hit him really hard they were saying the same thing with kobe saying that kobe loses dan is going to cut them and put them to build a guy he'll come to bell tour because like he's saying he was ahead him in the head with a belt would i need to do at this point to get that fight but i m my whole career has been really fast rise reason i didn't have and event a up to this point is because i'm moving on to the next level before organizations could lock me down and made of that you know i'm finishing guys early excuse management to make it go away like hey man tell them why can't fight him i'm you tell me why bro but you step up what's up big fight i mean cleared clearly doesn't wanna fight me he's getting his management to make use forum asking his management in your batman it's all along he tweeted afterwards many have talk expletive all have fallen you will do the same so it seems because it's the official championship parade of like the patriots in championship teams in boston so that was my dangerous guy that's getting better every day now what happened was talking about you being calm you talked about you being calm i got this tweet from someone who said that good way to celebrate so you said you said afterwards like all right i don't want any party favors john i just want to say what did you mean by the way buy party favors are your favorites man what do you mean by that has management they've reached out to you guys now they tweeted oh w fight i like care about what a key heard your your message but never really to the best of my knowledge actually addressed you was it was at accurate that i missed something i didn't actually address you or the fight in particular octagon which is bringing the bell don't bring anything else don't bring any of your special special stuff we're special sauce as they would say think dude a hill who's this abraham cala yeah one of those guys yeah this vehicle so it could drive on land and also goes in the water it's really cool world war two vessel i drove around the charles for about thirty minutes i usually people's zigzag because they're the response on the on the steering wheel is delayed the like you move it and then like maybe fifteen seconds later did you just ask the guy could you drive it now he asked me to drive and then surprised that i was as good as i was driving my championship parade actually signed my name on the boat right next to you tom brady which is really cool wow the book it's a f- you you're leading a duck tour before the fight you were driving the boat what is this all about is this is this from this particular by week here we are i think that's the guy who tweeted me the have you ever driven something like that before now i've driven boats and stuff like that but never a vessel that wow okay well that's the beard and you're in the driver see what does this man i was driving around the duck tour that was actually posed by really after that we somebody said something and he was intended from a boy integrate is yeah naturally i responded let's let's run it bro runnin falls wanna talk all that lets you want to smoke bro is running who are you to talk about my career right that's what you're thinking oh okay so that's a clear indication that john doesn't wanna fight me and he doesn't want to openly say he would you think of his last performance against tiago at that he did enough to win one but i felt like he did enough to win john has a bad habit of letting habits get the best of them and i wanna part of that man i just i just want the belt let's party i wanna fight me so he's going to ask management to you know basically save them in this situation you feel like you're ready for john now it wasn't even as leading enough to play on his high school football team like come on you're not impressed not i do i work my whole life to john in my fighting career to begin i started training to fight on i'm getting better and better start moving so people over correct a lot they do really good like how you know i got this i'm like i'm just dialed in baby do you think the US's on board with this i don't know i don't know agai you know he had trouble with with gus came back better the second time but he still had some trouble with his length man i'm like i'm like these guys rolling out do you subscribe to the theory that he has trouble with guys who have a long reach you know guys like us of sin taegu's santos little p. yourself rolled into london i russell on long i'm athletic bass i apart like never thought of mexican did now he's talking about heavyweight maybe waiting for i don't know man i don't know what he's doing is he's trying to get one contender spot what do you say to those those people they start reaching twelve no i'm undefeated or more of a story well it's all mixed never thought of mexican get it so there's a fight coming up in a couple of weeks johnny walker and corey anderson walker i am better i'm ready i'm ready to step in with this man so it seems like the man you just a regular man john jones won the fight good for him let a it just set it up for me to reach my destiny you know i feel my destiny is to fight this man and to take it it has some buzz what do you say to the people who say if walker wins he should get the town sheriff anderson wins he should get the title shot or on top of that the winner of that fight shift fight you for the so you feel like that's the thing i do shovels guys with more reach like you said he had trouble always p. and i destroyed for this last week when i said that if wiedeman won- he'd be in the driver's seat i wasn't necessarily say that this is what should happen i knew behind the scenes that they were saying why to be you know the hero the you know taken out let the legend killer that's what they wanted but didn't happen that way and they were shot you know i didn't really get time and they should have protected that they should have seen my career path than what's going on what i'm doing if people like wake up look at what's going on a little bit of backing told me great job great by a i just feels like they like you know why like almost a little annoyed you why the respect i have i have a tough takeout jones all the whole narrative they're trying to create with that like an undefeated prospect who hasn't lost the UFC or winner of so and so and so and so like whatever i'm coming for goldman that's all i want correctly from ron i it sounds like if they're on board but they're about to be onboard house talk okay what did they say to you after the fight did you get any feedback from the brass wins they were going to try to turn around and do him versus jones beginning of the year because of everything that you said so i was trying to take anything away from you i feel i'd say right now and i said it in the and you need six you've seen is in a game this is a oh let's see if he loses like nah my turn i'm up let's go the go ahead please all the other contenders loss you know a anderson lawsuit guy that i- i knocked out like and he's talking about thaddeus he ever what music is he refuses to lose comes up in fights this man so i got connected i love it i love it i i think you should get that opportunity do feel like in your heart feel like at the end of the day john will take the fight i'm challenging you right now john you're not the best in the world i'm the best in the world do you think you're better than john jones right now list like he like he should be a hit me like dude you got knocked out by this guy i trust that guy best i've never lost of never lost on kill anybody said of never lost undefeated let's all right we will leave it at that i guess i don't think there's anything else to say right i think he wil john's competitor you know he wants to be the best in the world and he is right now for now but i'm telling you the dismiss this because a lot of people calling about stepped down as great tony ferguson one said defender vacate you're going to go up to heavyweight and if you're gonna go up to heavyweight like there's always an interim fight you know then people could see you know me fight at this point are you going to stick to your guns on this one yes sticking my gun on this one i'm tired of laying out these these random woken and all of a sudden we are not one of the best heavyweights in the world number for the world i just knocked out chris wideman in a million forty three seconds you've got a pager all right well i'm saying that of this game and it's it's my whole life i have no kids have no wife everything a married to the game i'm literally buried to the like i said or like you said you came into that fight ranked number four we'll see where you end up and you are you know i'm gonna gross proved with my my hands i've proved it with my skills what else can i say i'm the best it's running let's prove who's one four three what does that mean love i love i remember that would have to yeah i wouldn't be on here talking about john jones if i didn't think better than john jones i could beat john jones the highest among active light heavyweights one of two fighters to start their UFC career at light heavyweight six and older machida started at eight no and one of the few undefeated prospects left or even think you're a prospect anymore contender i should say fighting at light heavyweight so there you go there's the longest bodies off the champs had on my mantle oh my what is the message to him because you know he's john i'm next man and i don't care what jones's management has to singing outta here with that dude you know joe jones well you're gonna find me what do you wanna do oh boy you know they're they wanted him to win so they could try to sell wiedeman versus domes no why if wiedeman would beat me oh my god wiedemann's man no came in my turn by turn i got too much fire in my heart too many skills it's time to test the chance fire's burning brighter than ever ever ever old man and i heard they want john to come back early they were talking maybe january february with this fight you should be the number one contender in my opinion you're street i know the game you know they want they wanted to sell tickets you know they wanted wideman okay with you would you be comfortable coming back that soon irving mainland you're ready okay can i just ask because you 'cause you're tickling my fancy here how would you be john jones what's the path you see it i see the path i want to make we'll see okay one more excuse me one more guests to go on today's program she had big win on fridays well in boston she's one of our favorites on the you have see win streaks in modern light-heavyweight history i gotta say i like this fired up dominic chris i like this guy this nice bit of a chip on your shoulder a lot of feedback after the fight because i together boy like why was there boy like the locus wiedeman who doesn't like chris wyoming but it's yeah that's right i have to say peanut butter very underrated my favorite ingredient in a milk shake or smoothie so i feel like program but i have to say we've got a bit of a bone to pick with our next guest she is meatball molly mcken who's kind enough to join us she's in the car right now we fight when he stops highs management i will not come out all right we shall see thank you dominic what do we got in there lisa's ohio coulter where's it from cheese go i'll get i'll give some stats about what you've done as of late like i said twelve hundred as a pros six zero and the UFC all nine of your stoppage wins have come in the first round there's options dominic anderson walker winner yawn versus jacques array there's heavy i feel like that's the come out on my you know he's never been stopped before he's never really been beaten point so you say right here now october twenty first two thousand nineteen you will knock out john jones if you fight 'em absolutely i will not john jones when seven by KO or TKO excuse me long as active win streak in the light heavyweight division your plus two point seven nine significant strike differential thank you dominic rhys fired up you heard it here first when he fights john jones he's knocking them out disappointed i have a bit of a bone to pick a couple reasons first off after the fight there i am giving you props as a as a shape this very much and i hope for your sake you got the fight as do i all right we'll talk soon good luck and congrats and so at this point if they come to something else what will you say oh we want you to fight this guy or there's young black hole with us fighting jacker who are john or busted are cut from the same cloth is that your go-to as well all the time okay yeah it's the best but i also have to say molly then and what are we eating their molly just a milkshake aerial is that a celebratory milkshake is her name matilda as what is her name matilda all right fine i'll give you pass on that one molly although i have to say you know hearing make now i really do and i know that walker could fight MSG and everyone goes crazy but i i don't know i feel like you could sell it right now he's ready he's undefeated feel like that i'm trying to support the cause of the blues getting attacked by the reds and i thought you'd come at some point to my defense also you told me you were going to come in studio after the win and you're nowhere to be found where to be found where were you i'd like to know what were you doing what was so important that you were doing on friday night that you can come to my defense where was i in order to be found in fact i even had to tag you in i actually literally tagged you in the string of tweets i'm getting attack here's patty coming after me and and do you know the the tag team the british bulldogs now he's a french bulldog i know but there was a tag team from from england call the british bulldogs david our cheese what does that is that a famous place in liverpool yet named archie foundation pantley oh milkshakes othello blue as a fellow evertonian and then i just got ta get ganged up patty pellets coming after me everyone's coming after me and so with one minor and one loser okay you saw this at some point right i'm assuming a couple of later you saw the string of tweets or no i've never thought much traffic before there's just so much i guess ruben all okay this is one of the byproducts of becoming a famous UFC star oh so we're kind of dog french bulldog oh how's that going and bill fans shrunk frank okay so matilda was the name of and you are any particular reason why i choose call us off not really i've been through social media too much just like oslo club any particular reason i can't help it what's it called i was gonna coleman trade within our just come home because it got a dog now enough i have to say congratulations on the win but you seem upset with your performance i saw the quote that you gave out afterwards to the the CPR you seem very down why are you so down it quick enough on the flip side you could say because you are sick you know the fact that you want and looked at dominant is a good thing that you were able to overcome i'm happy with my progression the UFC and how my styles evolve and what i was very upset by i did manage to get the finish on a eight is that is that the thing that you crave after fight yet it's a milkshake and chicken wings oh yes dislike ronda rousey used to do the trump to give it now we're these nerves or did you have food poisoning were what was going on now i didn't call anyways it was ready all the train was amazing not just out real disappointed of watched it back on biz ext a i think zave one on a yeah i wouldn't mind you loans and against i was sick in the change in broome before komo's on then i was on the second the fight finished i was sick again a students abused so in the fight according to get me second winds a felt like i've got those according i felt like i was going to be sick in the aw i i i think we hit like we very often australian styles ferry hey jennifer from the cage you get disqualified so i asked a coal bucknell felt like i felt like had so much more to give ariel on a couldn't shevchenko a frequent opponents which i wouldn't mind a crocodile so so you're on the same card as may see you got a good look at opt-in opponents next year who thinking anyone in particular well i've been finks today so be honest out of see that may be it's hard to not be sick whilst fighting okay wow so you said that that was your worst that even though you got the win got three in a row now you're feeling comfortable smith and the dynamite kid and they had a bulldog named matilda now i don't know what you're going on a phone that just makes all right fair enough quite arrogance insure of south with that on finally realize she's just someone chasing a dream on a she just believes in a cell phone from there right the adversity this is a a silver lining if you will like upset by a on the UFC alike now now it's time to take a bit of a step or do you like the progression like you would you wanna be moved a little quicker or do you like the speed at which you're getting pushed here i don't wanna put too much lace on the fact felt sick aid to take away from diane's a performance take away to mottram yamba a are you like that matchup for yourself on who saudi macy barbara i think me and macy will tough an obsolete interest is a town like dry out the night before the way i write on food i did feel names for the feist excite laughing my foot weeks a little bit different here is a a fall before five weeks you when i've seen it in cebu some things i've fought us all johansen stop going on about page a. i wouldn't mind page minds may see a wouldn't mind on tony singleton off to win on my waist and i am now on my way stay i'm good enough to win so improving on rain name the US can do whatever they going to do i'm just going to say yes both i would really like it's a snack and as of now i would minds across the i don't know because i'm not so i'm not wrong chest and she's wrong so i don't know how go the things she's the sister and we were talking about this macy like go after the sister and then you get the attention of the champ right yeah my wife keeps all twisted rush still didn't stop there was much more likely to be honest from us on the floor bother you still haven't gone into stoppage win in the seas is something that's weighing on you can you say that one more time does it bother you that you haven't gone the stoppage we interesting that she wants to kind of i think that's part of the way that she's selling it but that is that is a good point it's a fair point i think it's a fight that people would like as well there's a man standing by your car yeah what's he i don't know we just it was a bit strange oh my gosh you know what the past few i've been a win awareness navis for this one why not because they feel like she now this is i'm sorry hello page we've just been a state license she at your fight as well now she has to babysit the dog oh my gosh wow is it hard for her to watch you fight is a hard in europe see yet it really bothers me i believed that the fight been stopped in the second round on friday out milkshake a chinese glades video games oh what a date wow what it will now which video game from bell look at that by the way speaking of that preparation working with owen roddy right yeah been also visually mccall's happen to crazy taxi a what else do we buy a racing game car racing was shia wow you they could they could charge top dollar for that meatball versus the goat in a sparring match i'm telling ya i witnessed in preparation preparations goes and this complex was gonna serve smith okay that would make you confident a bustle was one i wouldn't mind really would minded crock on tony shevchenko because obviously she's a chef chen tim come with the goat's with the goes and awesome fruits on yeah come on swear to god how did that go yeah she's wrong so i think a full yeah i feel like that's a great match up as well i think i think all three are great but i like i like where you're thinking about the shevchenko due to intimidate him now i've got me sidekick who's that is that liam court yet to come over next week and then i'll go back over a a think she'd be fight in february omar a took i took diane's on the seconds for like fourteen or fifteen months two shots a i tomorrow if it's not leveling new all koshen you to be pacified say it's just if it's a walk in the park why would she fight age on the way to the stage this was great this feeling that good look at you look at you there look at those moves icon respected name it's nice mix it up with different train and partners who zones go try and kill you keeps saying as as macy's why is macy trying to fight page on page house and she say she's going to be so beasley why would you AM four ounces as well oh my gosh that's credible oh wow she's but this is something you'll continue to do go train with those the moon walk in a it was just i just enough to cause any way say real to dry out the night before so fighting in the states as opposed to back in europe and in the talks kills yet what it's amazing sean ballots for aim so on hopefully if you actually london is march of hopefully so a the training with little bits a with ryan cases j. apes causse a i even got to spar with how taco fall you're familiar with him yet i watched them schools seven baskets he came on and we're just going has my friend pete carroll likes to call her you were with her all weekend boston she got footage of you as you were going to the wayne's for the official lands you moonwalked the f. sonus and swept off air salt buffs and over so i was in good spirits to be honest and how did boston celtics it was amazed in the atmosphere was real on a a set the precedent for when i competed they don't try are you join the higher ups are noticing that's why i got you see what i did so fast riser man on i'm a quick learner in a we just keep helping each overdose and speaking of because i knew that's what i thought that that's who you are referring to poject but i know she was by your side mainstream mccord yeah i see in the pistons play when i was a UFC two eighteen detroit with barbecue that was okay but this game communiqu until robertson drunk in hotel that's what you're doing i saw you went to a celtics game you got the gear and everything did you enjoy your time your it was amazing i got to see taco all seven foot six of them so long wait in before me dunstan the stage and i went after you now so i i nearly knocked me out i'll just show a east grade i love art martin may a mutual so you're not going to believe some mon- call on some by told liverpool one of these days perhaps if dr until to win at UFC two forty four by the way i read something about you recently that i didn't know your your your mother overcame years of substance abuse any difference if i'm not fighting and live appeal ashraful fights in a matter of fact okay wow it'd be nice to see them go wow so yes she's being around the block and she's she's the director of a charter cheaper short specifically demanded he's the producer of this program demanded that you'd be on this week so yes he said we have to have molly although they were disappointed when when we were in new york unfortunately eat say see the big apple no not anymore conne connecticut ebb yeah look at the difference sixty months make yup and it's been amazing watching you go through that journey you're always very accessible molly you're always very gracious with your time in fact corporate jake who's been getting a lot of heat on this program over the past couple of weeks because he's been cutting off the guests very that's role now because coach ellis was like because we rely heavily heavily intoxicated by this time i think it's great that you were hanging out with jillian robertson because she gave you your first so you guys are cool oster after she yeah i know i said the same thing when they made me move here but unfortunately here i am we clip this off and tell people this is how the guests react to tell them you know they have to come to a lot cooler the cincinnati or cincinnati jeez close connecticut connecticut is i don't even know that she made me a better marsh losses the best of human and she humbled me big time so to be on the same cars hey when she lost when she came back knots in connecticut not much to be honest my show ESPN headquarters no it's a great place i don't wanna get in trouble molly trying not to get fired here but i hope you enjoy your rondo you weren't coming in studio because we had talked about this and then you kind of left me hanging sorta like the tweets but liverpool and everton was in new york yeah she watches them all but she doesn't come to america she doesn't like to tropical south okay a residential rehabilitation and she probably saved more lives than i could have account so a yeah i'm i've never been told she she watches her on facetime at the seconds of got out of the cage name she's everyone in england anyway okay you're you're milkshake with your significant other you enjoy the fruits of your labor and the spoils of victory and i'm looking forward to the florio because of not wanting to come across like a bit of a x-factor story on a unused shop story to get people to listen to me all to to pay x one next year in england let's do it you've versus antonina macy page i'll take any of those i really want to shevchenko aw me lots of flying back from new york on tuesday so i was a combat or combat with them and i was on the show let me new best friends wow that's amazing maybe you'll guys we'll we'll train together in the future the second cova trae i'm strong i was like jillian sounds weird awkward asleep basically one over to it and the change rooms and said if you wanna komo frittering where olga richard and couple of to show you the aim jillian change we live forever the great andrew davis who by the way was disappointed last week when i was saying all the people that i was thankful for we we excluded him by mistake wasn't done on purpose of it nice win for molly mccann on friday okay at the top of the show i asked you all who should john but i just want to give them a shadow of the stats and info group at ESPN he does a phenomenal job a huge asset to the show each and every week with these factoid like this one she landed molly did a career high hundred and thirteenth significant strikes in a career high five take downs in her win this past friday and she's also the third a fighter to land one hundred plus significant strikes in three consecutive fights the other two angela hill and you wanna yonge check so tom he's laid back he's just happy to be there very fired up earlier today on the program so dominic throughout throughout corey anderson slash johnny walker winner that's happening at USC to forty four and just a couple of weeks less than a couple of weeks MSG throughout the winner of st bay three no timetable yet jones fight next should it be dominic reyes who was very fired up if you miss that go check it out afterwards a very usually calm the hotel i just sat a camman gail comforting so we spent about five hours gotten drunk together CPR is the name she's and that's all i wanted to real i just wanna pre- if i'm getting busted after we fight cinema title i love it and good job not using an inhaler in between he asks the inspector the commission inspector if he can use his inhaler he has asthma this has been documented and they're telling him that they want him to wait and he's saying i'll just find anyone and i wanna find in december and they're not giving him anyone and they're not really open to him fighting someone who's well there you have it molly mcken nice win for her shoes little harden herself but there you go three and the UFC what steps do we have on her on twitter you can only put four four options if there was a fifth i'd probably put other 'cause i'm curious if people i mean you could i know go blues thank you molly asked take care bye page they don't have to decide right now but i would certainly put him in the driver's seat now let's talk quickly about this situation with greg hardy so case you missed it in between the second and third round on a bunch of different ways but i'm actually shocked that walker anderson winner is in last place because the thing or maybe the the wednesday that francis is very frustrated that they're not giving them a fight he wanted the winner of dc dc loss and other going to run it back past you can you can look up some articles from back in the day where they talk about his asthma he asks the inspector nothing to discuss he's still recovering from the surgery and throughout francis and gone i mentioned last week in my thoughts call which is wednesdays by the way not on mondays anymore detention aim i call it leaks out there so simple i'm very proud of me more choose amazing human stops them from doing it corner gives it to him does the pomp and we're on our way moments later daniel cormie dominick cruz on the broadcast and on that fight you saw when they did the the split-screen on friday DC was like one more one more day one and none of it totally no sold that so so really says yes and then he says it's you sada proved at no point do i hear the inspector saying yes go ahead but it doesn't seem like he yonge curry winner because i saw a lot of people on friday saying to me oh what about the walker anderson winner or what about the gun six percent right behind that franson got twenty two percent and in last place with thirteen percent is the winner of johnny walker corey anderson wow and so worth noting only got me a whole lot more excited after his interview on the show today but thus far it is not done i think they're probably gonna wait to see what happens at two forty four lower ranked so he's a little frustrated i think the john jones fight sort of like how aniston went up to five and fought forrest griffin that would be a fun fight so those were the four options what are the he's polarizing puts it mildly a lot of people don't want him fighting in the AFC a lot of people don't want him fighting an enemy he will never be able to to to shed able to separate the past from the present the truth is in the massachusetts law they're nowhere does it so if you can make a happen dave i just think it's a step all fa- make on i guess it really gets approved me we bring in marc ratner VP of regulatory affairs they all say t- legal and then like two hours later the fight that greg hardy won via decision gets overturned else but we've never seen the senate UFC fight haven't seen an actual like asthma inhaler be used and i also haven't seen a fight get overturned that night without an appeal but we're told from mark ratner were told from the broadcast of this was illegal could he use it the inspectors seem to never on camera but he seems to reply based off what i heard is it medical greg hud love and they decide to overturn it and apparently greg hardy is very upset afterwards and at the press covers look greg hardy is not a sympathetic figure we all know this jacques winner and here we are with our pool and they're in last place so how about that so we'll see what happens i think it should be dominant is he the vada that's clear and maybe that's why mark ratner who's a former head of the nevada commission said that it was illegal every state is different who no contest and so initially when you hear all this you're like all right it's obviously illegal i've never seen anyone do it i saw kingman strikeforce one time pump something but it wasn't an inhaler state that he can't use this and so if his opponent would have appealed and they decided that he didn't bring it up people have to say mr corporate jake with just over seventeen thousand votes we have dominic reyes lead with thirty eight percent than the winner of steep a cornea three at twenty it's another example as to why there needs to be a national commission why if everyone was just under the same umbrella going by the same rules that's not an official way and just because you're using something out of competition or even in college doesn't mean you're using it like in between rounds that's a big difference in my opinion and you can't same jurisdiction i feel like the stuff what happened and also be like it's just another example of how a lot of these commissions especially these commissions that don't get a lot of big time there'd be one set of rules and people would be able to abide by them and be like no one really knows what's going on we find out these things and the rules are i and i was surprised that they overturned it that quickly without like maybe confiscate it because because then there was jeff novitsky telling kevin that if it has in it i don't know like did you test it so i don't know why they were so quick to overturn it also sits the president of overturning something after he didn't tell anyone like what his team is saying look oh he told the inspector and that's the commission insolvent i don't know if i agree with that i don't hear the person say yes and be about sports are sort of flying by the seat of their pants they're kind of making it up as they go along and maybe that's an indication of how young the sport is but i think the same would be for ochsner kickboxing match it's just kind of crazy that we're being told it's legal it's not in the rules then they overturn it without an appeal is passed ever it's going to fall him forever and that's just the truth that's just facts and so people aren't going to defend them and see legal i've never seen this before and it seems like it would be a performance enhancer right yeah you have asthma but other people i'm sure have asthma and you don't see them do this like that like my biggest takeaway walking away from where those two things a again if we had a national commission i feel like this would be wouldn't solve all our problems but i feel like amount of this and that but how do they know how do they know what's in it honestly like this may be a dumb question but like how do you actually know what was in that and how'd you know the levels that were in how do you know the amount that was you know what he's got to live with that he did what he did and he he has his past and everything that is i mean it's always gonna follow him but if this was sent to us the massachusetts state athletic commission MS was made aware of greg hardy's use of an inhaler just before the start doc and there's a line in there where i talk about how i was asked what were the things specifically what were the things that the news ufa regime did the fact like we talked about the charles rosa thing once that fight is done if no one's appealing you're not overturning it so why did they overturn this whole thing very confusing and did i say that they did this unlike the previous regime nowhere in my comment that aired that talk about the previous regime that i- disparaged added a little more i saw john mccarthy spoke to MMA fighting about it and wait in he would be a great resource so i suggest you go read what he had to say about it but saint to different things so it's a bit of a mess as of right now greg hardy hasn't appealed he's deciding whether or not he's gonna appeal it's going to cost them some money and so we'll see what happens the third round of last night's fight the inhaler was not pre approved by the commission for use during the fight in accordance with the commission's regulations therefore the commission overturned the wind cleared about no contest so they're saying it wasn't pretty it's going to be interesting to see if this stands and what the president is from here on out by speaking of john mccarthy just very quickly we had this thing i was on the thirty for thirty chuck and tito like you can have gatorade you can't have body armor anything coffee all these things so why would you be able to do that but if there's nowhere that's written and stretches things and it's like coming after me on twitter you could see the tweets and then i just reach out to text i'm like hey man every time i see you you say that being written sorta like the the the new lands and all that stuff it's just all being done on the fly and so initially when you hear these people on the broadcast illegal you're like and then and then we're said like it's you've gotta prove but to the best of our knowledge about it hasn't come out and said that it's like the whole thing was just a expletive show to be honest to try to get the the you have c. on-track to try to change the fortunes of the UFC and one of the things i said was that they ran towards regulation nowhere in my comment a lot of work all that stuff and so i say this comment and john mccarthy on twitter comes at me and saying like an quite frankly i think makes a lot of assumptions hardy's team of saying they did tell them about it at the medicals on friday so i don't know who's we have to find find out in the questionnaire if it's written there but there it's the very definition of performance enhancing you're you're helping yourself perform most places you can't have anything other than water in the corner as dana white mentioned in the post me wh- what this really like i can't sit here and say this i was right the side was wrong it's all very gray my biggest takeaway from all this honestly is at a the previous regime or anyone who was a part of the previous regime or anyone who is a part of the foundation of the sport who tried to help get the sport legalized did that was just a bizarre thing and quite frankly took away from dominic raises win i thought the other great performances and so it was just very unfortunate i don't really have like a definitive answer on this i just kind of just wanted to quite frankly i expect more and i it doesn't change my opinion but like you know me you have my phone you text me a lot to go out like that and to try to do this to me the you can't have this in the massachusetts like what are they go by and they haven't really they put out one statement whereas a statement was a little bit surprising and all the other stuff and to get all personal but i was doing this while you were in journalism school i don't know that's that's john mccarthy i know and by the way if we want next monday on this program here's a snippet left you when they took over was run towards regulation that is a fact they tried to regulate i'm not trying to say that unlike the previous regime i'm not trying to the previous regime didn't do that but that is a fact on abraham lincoln or the first world war didn't live it i don't think that's a fair statement to make i'm not trying to say that i know more than you all i'm trying to say is one of the things that they did that game why don't i critique you when you're interviewing people because i went to journalism school you're on the broadcast right i don't do that that's not the kinda guy that i am i don't talk that way god i was asked a question and just because i didn't actually stand in the courtroom i don't think disqualifies me from talking about it there are people who talk about or you'd that there's ten seconds snippets taken all over the place and we're talking about a whole bunch of stuff i was talking specifically about the era the new era tim this wishes i went to brooklyn on friday we talked to forty four we walked around the hood we even went to get multiple soup it was great and guess what it's going to air someone finds an opening saying that i was in journalism school in your head i don't dispute any of that i don't know why we have to make a personal dispute anything that you said as far as where you were and where i was when this stuff was going on i was in brooklyn meeting up with my guy action bronson action bronson has been on this program a couple of times the first time we met we talked about having multiple soup we talked about talking about forty four we talked about meeting up sometimes you talk about these things and they don't actually come to fruition well guess what this time respond to someone it turns into a whole thing and then of course you know all this stuff and i just

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