Talking about the pretty and pricey new iPad Pro (The 3:59, Ep. 484)


Today's three fifty nine is sponsored by player. Unknowns. Battleground mobile of g mobile is an on the go battle royale at its greatest with eyepopping graphics, super smooth gameplay variety of exciting play modes. Download the official mobile version of pub G four free go to your Android or app store and type g mobile and collect a special reward using the promo code H O ell's EPZ x nine C code also listed in the episode description play now. Welcome to the three fifty nine. I'm Ben FOX ribbon. I'm Alfred and I'm Scott Stein. Scott just published his review of the new ipad. Pro it's got a new pencil a new design a new face ide-. But it's also got a new price tag. Yes. Does sting is expensive? It goes up to eighteen ninety nine that's for all the specs and all the trimmings starts at seven ninety nine for the eleven inch. I looked at the twelve point nine inch version and have been living with for a little less than a week. Do you like it is it a so I think what I'm especially interested in is. Is it a computer replacement is it gonna replace affairs here? Yeah. What is it? What is it? Up replace. No, I don't think it's a very good laptop replacement because if you're looking for track pad support or mouse support it doesn't have that still, and it doesn't have the sort of web experience at the browser experience that you might expect that's on a Chromebook even that that allows for deeper web tools, but if you don't care about that if you have already been using an ipad or no tonight that pros bring to the table last year similar idea in the software hardware super blazing fast. And I think the design of it is really nicely refined. But that's kind of an apple trend of this year. Larger screens more refined higher price. Yeah. Good grief. The other thing. That's like the most aptly thing about this is that they came out with a new pencil that doesn't work with the old ipad. Yeah. Only works with this one. Yeah. So you have to buy new pencil, and it's one hundred thirty dollars hundred thirty dollars, which is ally. Now, the thing is if you've never gotten one of these before, and you get this now, the pencil charges and works, much, more seamlessly. It's great to have that. It's kind of like air pods. Nice instant available for you. Much better than that stabbing out the back, but to have to buy a whole new end, and I'd have any adapter for the old one is crazy. Okay. But okay, we're kind of focusing on some of the less, enjoyable parts of this. Did you like using it was it funded, you know, kind of draw with with the pencil where there are a lot of nice improvements. When when you're using it for what an ipad is for like all those are graphics everyday like a web razzing even writing I really like it. And I've traveled with an ipad a lot too is. I think to take notes with or just us on the train and for the amount of apps it has and for all that stuff. But what I don't like is when you have to start editing rave to start doing anything that gets more mission critical, which is the idea of pro that part. You can't take it with you. I don't think and file an entire story without a lot of headaches. So that part I don't like, but I did like the speed of it. I like the design refinement, there's more screen and less is. I wish you didn't cost more. Yeah. Yeah. No kidding. So we've also got. Even more election scams. We've got Alfred here to talk about them this one targeting vote for one one dot org. Tells you vote for one dot org is a voter information website, you can find out where to register to vote. What candidates you in your district stand for and what's on the ballot? Generally, John Oliver had promoted on a show last week tonight on October twenty eighth and I got a two thousand percent spike in traffic after that little promo and it two days after he promoted scammers set up a website called vote for one one dot com. Which is a common mistake that people would make most people are going dot com websites and this website, basically ran a online technical support scam. Which is if you ever go on a website. And it tells you like, hey, you've been infected with a virus? Please call this number to get it removed. And then you know, they essentially put a virus on your computer. If you do call that number, and then you acid you. They ask you to pay them to get rid of it was very common scheme. But now, they're using you know, curiosity around the mid term. Elections to basically use it as a watering hole type of attack where they know a lot of people are going to be looking for these election updates and things like that. And they're using that to their advantage. With a fake website. Do do we know if there are now more or less midterm related hacks or scams going on nowadays than maybe four years ago? I mean, it's unclear because anytime somebody gets hacked, it's not like there's somebody going out there say, hey, we did this or anything like that. But we do know that there have been. They're more vigilant about it. And there are a lot of examples about this so Microsoft in August talked about how they had gone rid of these websites that were basically doing the same thing. But it might have been for a lot more malicious purposes because so while the fake vote for on dot com website was more for financial gains the Russian websites that Microsoft had taken out more specifically like politically motivated. Great. If you want to read more about these stories, check us out on seen it. I'm Ben FOX urban. I'm offering I'm Scott Stein. Thanks for listening.

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