BK Goes Behind Enemy Lines with "Voice of The Saints" Zach Strief


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I'll give mike klis credit. He put it out there. And then i reached out to a source and was told that the other expenses feeling all right and don't have any money anymore. Beyond that is the experiencing symptoms or any of that. I don't know jeff. Driscoll tested positive yesterday because thanksgiving i was at broncos practice and we'd have zoom call with vic fangio. Jeff is a big part of what they do. But he isn't a quarterback room after contact tracing with both or for all the quarterbacks and the coaches and interviews and everything else. It was determined by doctor allen sills the medical director for the nfl. In greek who runs everything covid related medical related for the broncos that it was okay to have yesterday's practice. And then if you look the odds at jeff just gone diontae. Spencer interacted a lot. Seems pretty low. So they appear to have potentially contracted separately and and hopefully didn't spread it to any members of their team So we'll see what happens next. The broncos decided not to practice friday. Do everything virtually that means. Saturday onfield practice level probably last longer and maybe a little more tempo than the normal saturday walkthrough but all in all this continues to work at least as it relates to the broncos compared to say the ravens or it turns out it may have been a strength coach. The wasn't following protocols and likely on top of players yelling spitting and everything else strength coaches. Do i'm guessing. It was a strength and conditioning coach. That seems to be the super in this case for the ravens the broncos everything happens in a vacuum and in fact as vic fangio about that yesterday and you know keeping his fingers crossed but gave credit to everybody in their buildings specifically the folks on the on. The covid related taskforce if you will. I think it's called the task force but And that goes beyond greek. But it's a handful of other staffers. That are in charge of not only establishing the protocols maintaining them but then tracking everything as it happens and keeping track of everyone. Even people aren't testing positive. Just making sure that everyone is keeping a safe social distance. All right so going to hear from zacks street the same play by play guy. He's got a really interesting interesting story because most people don't go straight from playing offensive line in the nfl for over a decade like zacks drifted into the broadcast booth to be the play by play voice of a team. It's one thing to jump in and be the color analyst that goes without saying that happens all the time across all walks of life right s. jason witten tony. Romo people can get really high-profile jobs straight from the field but they normally are the ones calling the game. We know our own. Dave logan calls games but he spent seven years as the color analyst before becoming voice of the broncos and even still jimmy sappho who i think still calls dolphins games and there might have been one more guy seattle. I think At least the guy that used to call seattle games and it may still be the same. I believe played in the league. But it's not necessarily a household name so here from zacks street and also at a fun exchange with a couple. Exchanges with sean payton on a conference call and i told you the other day that i bring that to you. So why. don't we do that first then. We'll do dalton writers. I talked to dalton on tuesday. But you guys haven't heard here on the podcast so i'll let you hear from dalton and then if you wanna stick around extra evil us behind enemy lines but he will also tell us about his story going straight from the field into the broadcast booth. That was a conversation that we had on wednesday. When i filled in on big allen joe joe show up before you even sean payton known remind you about trump water chilly chilly dot com promo code chug water be k. To save twenty five percent off your next order chuck. Water chile is the spice of western. Live you can find a local grocers near you. But why wouldn't you just want to stay home and do all your shopping. There and save the twenty five percent chug water chilly dot com promo code chug. Water became so as i mentioned on the radio today full disclosure. I know sean payton a little bit. I'm not pretend like we're best friends. I certainly don't have the relationship with him. That i have with say adam gays or a couple of other coaches that. I've known longer and better. But i met sean payton through mutual friends at the final four years ago and always talk to him when i see him at league events. Combine it owners meetings or super bowl and and we just catch up. Maybe we're in the right situation. We might have a drink together. If if it's something that makes sense like last year jay glazer party at the super bowl had a drink with sean caught up with a little bit but i did texas tonight and said hey on your conference call tomorrow. I bet i can make you laugh on the one with denver media and sure enough is you'll hear right here. I did in fact make coach laugh coach. You don't play the broncos at often but for years ago. Justin simmons blocked a kick and we'll returned it. And i know talking to you the combine your adamant that wilpon stepped out for years later. Has that opinion change coach or we still. You have a camera angle that we didn't see the the the role there is spat your shoes right about him white. It was a heck of a play by him You know his anticipation when they needed it You know here was an extra point and the next thing you know. You're on your sideline watching get returned. So yeah that was That was a tough loss and obviously a good win for denver. As you'd expect coach was asked about drew lock. Here's what he said about drew lock and you'll hear me. Ask him about the broncos rushing attack as well. Well he's he's got a big arm. He's he's getting more and more comfortable with their system You know he can move outside the pocket and beat you with throws down the field. That's the one thing His ability to stretch the field They receiver position is is i think outstanding and and young and guys that can get down the field so you know trying to stay on top and your coverage Trying to do those things. As you're trying to defend the run can can be challenging. Then looking at the broncos rushing attack with both phillip lindsay and melvin gordon last week kind of the first time it came together. What challenges do they pose. Yeah they're two different type bax and You know we haven't seen lindsay And i think we've saw melvin. Maybe a few years back in san diego at that time But yeah both of them. Their different style runners and yet both very effective for coach came at the very end and most people actually logged off and people even hurt it but i ended up asking him about about the match. Because i know he's friends with charles barkley in fact that's how he and i met and i know he's friends with peyton as well because of the new orleans stuff and no steph curry too. So here is that interaction with coach at the very end of his conference. Go how did that feel to put up. Nearly two hundred yards of rushing for a big guy upfront. Like you and doing all that pulling as well. Yeah first off. Great to hear from you brandon. God we could chat today man. What's up broncos country. Second off man. You know it felt so great. You know i feel like i get on here every week and i talk about exactly what we need to do to get a win. What the off until i need to do what. The offense needs to do what the team needs to do. How hard working. And i think we lived up to that this last weekend. And that's extremely great man so it's been a. It's been a great start to the week this week. Man i've been. I haven't been this excited to get back to work in a while. It's funny too because you know unitl text every now and then he talked to susie every week and you talk to the other shows year. But i talked to bradley every week for pre game. You do your pre game interview with. Suzy and i ask bradley this. I said how big will a win. Be just to kind of calm everything down and look on top of you. Playing for the broncos you grew up right up the road and wiggins in broncos country all of your family and friends or broncos fans. You're on social media. You know what's going on in the world. So how big was that win. Just for calming things down. It doesn't mean that you guys are about to go undefeated the rest of the way. We'd love to see it. But i thought that one was huge. I'm curious if you agree. How big do you think that win. Was you just nailed it on the head brandon. It doesn't. it's not something that we should be able to sit back and say man. We want a football game. We should be so excited. The world's perfect no because that should be the standard of broncos country. The standard should be that we win football games and we should enjoy them because it's hard to get winds in the nfl but at the same time. That's the standard. What we did is not line. That's the standard. And then what you just said was perfect. It calmed everyone down. I don't think anyone's back on the train of us winning out. I also don't think that the people are as low as they were before we played the dolphins saying we're gonna lose out and there's no hope for this team which i disagree with all that all i'm saying is it. Calmed everything down everyone. The nerves are chilled. Okay now let's see what the broncos against the state's let's see what they do against the chiefs in the raiders and chargers in game two so that was really really good. Man are focused as a team stayed the same. We still know exactly who we are. We beat that football team and we know we can win out if we do things the right way so we just take one game at a time. Got the dolphins out of the way. I talk to you about this. I think this was the question i asked you. Post game about drew. If i didn't ask it this maybe the last week and you just talked about picking him up he had a rough week as anybody especially going with the rehab to go with four interceptions. So that's why i asked you about you. Give them a big hug. After that first interception he starts. The game offers six. And there's plenty of people in broncos country now the nature of fans work. Oh no here we go again. You gave a big. What does that mean to you. He talked about what it meant to him. You said it might have annoyed amount of you. Heard what he said. Because i asked him to and he said no. You know don's my guy. We were tight from the get-go and so just that moment when that means a lot man actually didn't hear it he said i never really get a chance to listen to other interviews but man. Here's the deal. I feel kind of pressure. Often sublime and brandon were expected to do a lot of things underneath a big march scope and played a high level rightfully. So we're in the nfl. That's a job that that we signed up for and that's something that we need to do. But when i know that. I feel the pressure as an offensive lineman and a colorado kid. I can only imagine the pressure that drew lock feels that man. Every little mistake is going to be under a ten times larger microscope than mine. Yes he's gonna get ten times more praise when he does well of course but that also comes with being quarterback so i think i just had that in the back of my head and i always remember you know if i'm feeling something i wanted to. How drew's feeling. He's the leader of the offense. He's the one that has to get things going. He's the one that everyone looks to crunch time. Hey drew make a play. They don't look adult reisner and say hey. Don't raise your score touchdown go run around. Go run the ball really hard. Yeah i'm a goal blocked my my my butt off. I'll say i'm gonna go block my butt off. That's for sure breath the same time. I can't make that touchdown happen. I can go block my guy. Maybe get two or three guys. But someone's gonna have to make a play. So i kind of think about that manning. Exactly what drew said. He's my boy thick and thin. You know. I know that drew is going to be on top. I know drizzle. Bright future ahead of them. I'll be darned if i don't stick with him through the hard times because i've seen too many players start out and have a little bit of trouble here and there like everyone does not going to get on top. Not everyone does. But i know drew will. So i'm just gonna keep sticking with him through the hard times like i know he'll stick with me the hard times and we'll come in on top man. We'll come out on top and then you guys get a tough saints team. I don't know if you even gotten into them just yet eight sacks last week so no rest for the weary. The dolphins came in their good defense. They get after it and you guys obviously were able to take it to them pretty good but have you started looking at what cam jordan and the saints offer of course. They're defensive front is extremely good. I was actually talking to mike munch today. They have very very good edge. Rusher there the new orleans and what they do is they. Bring those guys in. They have three or pass rushers. That are very good. Not necessarily the big guys up front. Those guys are great. Run stuffers i think they have the number one run defense in the nfl right now and then their past defense i think is extremely good as well but their pass rushes really good when it comes to run the big guys inside that can stuff it so we have a huge challenge but before we played the dolphins people might underestimated now now that we beat them but they were crushing teams. They were getting two or three turnovers a game they were you know upfront on third down bringing the house zero pressure they were getting so many sax man they were really good defense feeding off with their offense did as well and and we went in there and did any give any given sunday man. Any team has the opportunity. So we gotta go in there and like you guys saw this last weekend. We need to impose our will and the run game. Keep working at it and things will happen. We have really good running backs and that gives drew the confidence. When the running game was going that he can make passes happen especially play action which you guys saw a lot of sunday and the dolphins couldn't keep up they didn't know if it was monitor passed so we do the same thing on sunday. Don reisner with us he stops by. Koa every single guy at two more for you. This one came. Tim and colorado springs called up the brakes off her and wanted to know. And i'm guessing he knows for a fact but maybe you can straighten out. He says at his size why didn't reisner or is your head coach causing risen. Why didn't rise to wrestle in high school. Did you wrestler up in wiggins is probably wrassling. Did you wrestled. And if not why not. Why rasa it. A lot of farm out up brother. But whenever i got to You know pee wee's and stuff. I did wrestling my whole life until i got to high school. I love wrestling. I had at your headlock. A cow catchers what they call it love to do those moves. I just used all my strength. Not the most technique. But i i had a love for basketball brandon. I i'm not gonna brag too much brought broke a couple records and so if anyone wants to call and ask about those records i'll be glad to let them know so i had the i had the swift feet. Man i love. I love the game of basketball. If i if i had the opportunity to place de one basketball man probably would have been a toss up so i just fell in love with basketball more than wrestling there during the same during the same time. Maybe go straight from the playing field to the broadcast booth and start calling broncos games. I wouldn't expect it. i wouldn't predict. odds are retires. Dave logan this'll be calling the games so it may not happen. But that's exactly what happened for. Zach streep twelve years in the. Nfl won a super bowl with them. Spent his entire career with the saints. Also a down there but it was really really enjoyable conversation. He has a good breakdown on the saints. You will hear his phone kind of cut out a little bit. That lasts maybe twenty thirty seconds. You can skip ahead or just endure it. And then he had to really good inside answers on the saint so again. I really enjoyed this conversation. And he's a guy that every time. The broncos played the saints irrelevant. I'm certainly going to shop not move people. Make our on dave logan. Who's as good as it gets. Dave logan spent i think seven years as the analyst here before he became the voice of the of the broncos at the point when they thought it was time to to put him in the lead chair. And so it's just something that doesn't happen very often so if you want to know what an offensive lineman like calling a game here you hit will be under center here. Three receivers spread to the left now. Trae kwan smith motions fakes the hand off looking to throw out to his left looking down. He's gonna talk it in run. At the ten the five touchdown tight. Maybe sounds a little biased. But i guess when you went to ring with the team. I'm just kidding. That's dave sounds. When he calls the denver touchdown or mitchell when he calls the chiefs. So let's bring in zacks reveres. He joins us on big alan. Jj show zach Brandon krisztal the. It's a pleasure to talk to you. And i'll be honest as someone who went to broadcasting school studied journalism at the university of kansas. Didn't necessarily ever want to be the voice of anything. I like talk radio. I like reporting it. Pisses people like me off when you can step right off the football field and if you'd have gotten to analysts said yeah he played in the league forever. That makes sense when you're taking away play by play jobs from five eight hundred and seventy pound dudes like me. That had no shot at playing in the nfl. I thought to have a bone to pick with you but it it hurts our feelings a little bit. It's like when john elway became gm after never working in personnel. Well thank you for having me guys. I appreciate it and i'll tell you be completely honest with you. I one hundred percent understand I don't even disagree. I think Getting the opportunity was probably something that i didn't deserve. It is something that i asked for and attempted and It's just the coolest job ever so you know when when when i got that job. You're you would not have been alone and you're thinking And it wasn't even something that a lot of people held secretive. It was something that people shared with me directly and You know that was kind of an interesting moment and yet i totally understand it. Once you've done it for a little bit understand. Just how special of a gig. It is and how cool it is. And and how few of them there are right. I mean it to be the voice of a professional sports team a very rare opportunity and and something that again. I probably didn't deserve But i i'm very appreciative. That i got the opportunity and now If if you want it you're going to have to come and pry it out of my bed claiming fingers and that's interesting too. So i use joe buck as a good example. He's a friend of the station. His wife's best friend is on. Actually dave logan voice of the broncos joe buck on probably once a month joe always talks about. He may have had some help getting in the door certainly calling cardinals games. His dad never worked a day at fox. But you may have had some help getting in the door then giving you a little more leeway than someone else who's never called an nfl game becoming the voice of a team but you're in year three now they don't let you keep your job if you're not any good there's not a media company in the world that's gonna let let that go on for too long if you were a disaster. So it's a credit to you. You're in year three. And and hopefully. Like dave logan will be talking to you in three decades. And you're still doing it. I mean i think that's that's a true statement right. I mean it. I got the opportunity You know it was a combination of Of i think relationships. I had within the organization relationships that i had built with the media. The course of twelve years Something that i i worked hard at. I knew that you know there would be opportunities that came out of keeping as many people in the city that you're going to live in on your side and you know enough good relationships. I think gave the opportunity and then it was kind of like all right. We're going to give this to embarrass yourself and all of us and so listen. It's a lot of work. You know i i do. I work really hard at it. It's a i think people don't realize That the amount of time and effort that it that takes and that really took to learn it on the fly And i will tell you this The first drive that. I ever call your in jacksonville. A preseason football game Blake bortles drove the jags down. Leonard fournette scored a touchdown on On the on the opening drive and was about ten plays and we went to break. And i took my headset off and i put it on. The desk and deuce. Mcallister does the caller with me. He was a teammate of mine. He he he looks at me he goes. Are you okay. And i looked at my spent twelve years trying to build a good reputation in new orleans and it took me ten snaps to destroy it know harsh critic. He probably didn't notice it over if he saw. You may have been able to see. Look in his face. Like what the hell's this guy do it. I'd like to believe. I haven't had a drive that that sense. But there's no question the guys who are great at it right. I mean it's an art form and it takes time to you. Know to get your own voice and to To learn your own style and But certainly you know. The the the expectation was hi. Jim henderson who have their job for new orleans for thirty one years is an icon and the gulf south and everybody loves gym. I love jim I always said i felt like jim. Henderson narrated my football career. And so i knew i knew the gravity of the position and i think you know i just didn't wanna let everybody down. They had given me a shot so it's probably a little bit hard on myself. I don't feel that way after every drive now but Certainly i did in that first one. And so we're gonna get to the saints and and how good this team is. But it really is fascinating. This career arc that you have to go from offensive line in the nfl into the booth. By the way you wanna brewery which. I may ask you about because we have so many great microbreweries and big here in colorado. But i saw because i remember when you got the job done one hundred practice games is that number right and and how do you do it. And then who else have you beyond jim henderson. Did you go grab tapes of anyone. Radio announcers tv announcers to see their styles and see what you could pick it. Pick and choose and steal from them so the number is probably correct. Wouldn't say was one hundred fold games but it was at least it was probably about sixty full games and then another forty had. And how are you calling com on screen that you work on the madden game. You calling it. Play on a game and go. Yeah i would. I was i was i had gotten some tape and you know i would run through plays on the computer record it and then i would go back and and kinda watch the tape with my own commentary over it and i'd make notes. I'd recall that game. I kinda understand what was come. You know the hard part. That i learned now. Is that one when you call from tv. Copy it's impossible right right feasible and and to you know you you don't have the spot or you don't have a statistician. You haven't you know. I didn't know how to prepare. I didn't know how to make a call feet. I didn't you know all of those things. Were you know kind of foreign to me. And so you know. I did it with a lot of repetition and you start saying hey that doesn't sound so bad and and you use certain words and you describe things certain ways and you know it still goes on. Today i listen. We listen every game two or three times and make notes and recall. Plays that i don't like and you know you just kind of try to accelerate the process a little bit. You know. I think a lot of people get to learn. And maybe a less Stressful or less prominent position. And you know you do the exact same thing. Maybe just over a longer period of time so That's kind of how i did that. And in terms of people who. I listened to listen to a lot of people. I mean i listened to a lot of radio at that point and tried to pick up. You know different people. Certainly jim henderson. There's several parts of our broadcast. I i've kind of kept in tact because of My respect for jim. In the way that he put on the saints broadcast and they're trying to give some familiarity to people who have been listening to him for so long And and You know the guy for me. Who when i listened to him and i just want to be like you kevin. Harlan chair It just blows my mind and you know it's been really great. I've gotten to meet kevin a bunch of times because the monday night games On westwood one. And so i run into him a lot. He's been tremendous Actually we saw him a couple of weeks ago and We're halfway through the game. You can't talk to anybody now. Right right like d. someone in the hallway and so i'm kinda standing there and and it was during a commercial break and i kind of get that like. Hey someone's moving out of the corner mine. And i look over and kevin's to boost over and he's waving his arms like an idiot he he basically sign languages. Been listening to you. You're doing great keep about right. I mean it's basically so it's like very cool very cool moment for me but You know it's i love his style. I love it's like you talk about painting a picture. It's just wallace right. And so there's guys that you listen to and you take things from and then jerry sandusky. The voice of the ravens here has really become by mentor. work together on on built coffee. We both kind of do a pretty unique way. We're completely digital call sheets which blows a lot of these guys minds. Everyone freaks out when i tell them. I call games off of an ipad. Dave david would not like that. Dave logan would not. There's an everybody. But then i also tell them that. My call sheets are now automated so All the stats all the names. The rosters and everything. We run a program. It's done in six minutes and all the study tape and and and then they're like we're what do you mean. Or what are you pay for that. We don't pay anymore. Which did a computer programming. So you like. Hey that's that's a pretty cool you know all of a sudden they're interested in it. You probably makes money could probably make some money selling that down the road it. It's been discussed it. Certainly it's been but again it's it's been a lot of fun and jerry's been fantastic was a mentor. From the beginning. He cold called me. I mean i gotta an email from a guy who didn't knows a matter of fact i've told jerry before it kinda freaking out sheriff jerry jerry. Yeah you know what i mean. And it's different guy and it's a horrible situation for him because he could not be a better human being just a phenomenal person. Ironically daughter now does all my pr for me. Liz in new orleans. So i've gotten very close to the family. He's been fantastic. We still talk Every every week maybe every every other week and kind kinda go over notes and things that are happening so I've had some some people that have been really great to me And i think over time you know the guys who were really genuinely upset that i got the opportunity in the first place which you can. I understood have kind of eased up a little bit and i've talked to many of them since then. Everybody's been pretty cool. So exact is the voice of the new orleans saints walk. Straight straight of football field starts calling games. And what a fun team to be calling games for because your teammates. Your teammate drew brees. And you're coach sean. Payton just continue to have it roland. So why is this team so good. Even when drew brees is out hurt but one thing we talked about her over get very training him just how deep they were They've been just such a tremendous job of of green and veteran guys that that really take roles and We've seen that over and over again. I mean this discussion last week about tasting hill and the quarterback position. And who's going to get that start the things we're also without marshon lattimore top cover corner and patrick robinson filled in for and played phenomenal. It was outstanding the entire game. You had to fill in for marchand earlier. you know. You're seeing steph roles much. I think it's the team has done from a depth perspective data game early in the season. We're at mike connors. Who missed the game. Dangerous year then. Emmanuel sanders is on the covid list for two weeks. And you know you're going to a football and by the way. I can drag free tennessee. Actually start i You know in places so that you know it's the next man up mentality which is an easy thing to preach and a difficult thing to execute and you know. It's been the same as the quarterback position you know it's pretty amazing to think that You would lose drew brees and you could replace him with a quarterback and the guy who still behind the guy that you replace them with fifty one hundred dollars a year before so. It's pretty impressive. What they've done from the depth perspective. And i think there's just a great continuity in the football team that's led to a lot of wins voice of the saints with us and had vanja on this morning and my normal shift sports anchor and asked him early morning about tastes hill. And can you prepare for him the way you would maybe another rookie. Qb but he's thirty. He's not a rookie. Football player and coach said it was less about that. And more about the fact that the saints offense is so balance and they're still doing what shawn wants to do. Even without drew brees tastings performance. Surprise a lot of people one. I think there's people who genuinely just saw him as a gadget right. You're just gonna come in and try to trick people you know. Run a single wing offense. Because you're a running guy you're not grower. Semillas eighteen to twenty three two drops on consecutive plays on on balls that were on target. any was ten of eleven for one hundred and seventy five yards against against pressure against the bliss. You know those are not stats that you see out of rookie quarterback's right. That's not the type of of steady performance that you see out of a young guy then like you said tasting not a young guy. He's been in the system for years. He's an incredibly hard worker. That's what they loved about him to begin with you. Know he loves football. You can tell. I mean there's a picture of him running in for scoreless for he's got the biggest smile states you'd never seen You know he. He really loves the game. So all those attributes have i think contributed to him really learning behind drew. And and i think there's a ton of value to being in that role for a long time and getting to sit down and watch film. Drew brees every day to be on that same schedule. And you know to prepare your body and to work on your throwing motion all these things that have made drew such a fantastic pro quarterback I think a lot of those traits have kind of Been passed know onto tatum. And listen. i don't think it's time to crown him. He's not the quote unquote next drew. Brees which is what everybody kind of wants to make that declaration quickly But he played fantastic. He there's no doubt about it. I think he's surprised a lot of people the other thing. That's interesting is i. I wouldn't be surprised to watch the saints start. Jameis winston until at some point this season even if tastes healthy. If it's a game you know provide itself that they say we think james gives us a better chance to win. I think they'll literally take it one game at a while drew's out and i think that possibility still exists and so again it goes back to that depth and the ability to even have that decision made it every week is pretty unusual. Yeah there's a chance to dirt gutter being those atlanta having obviously pretty significant institutional knowledge of everything jameis. Winston might've been part of the reason that tastes started finding final football question. I got for years. Act the defense is as good as any of the events football there. Ball the eight sacks against the falcons. I'm sure you and cam jordan had your battles a bunch of years in training camp in practice. wise's defenseman so good. There's a lot of reasons that defense has been good You look over the last three games. Two hundred sixty three yards a game giving up their and under nine point. Total giving up only one touchdown in the last three games And a lot of it's come from a combination of things you look last week. Eight sacks against matt ryan cam like you mentioned had three of them to other players had two of them so it's coming from all over the place they're getting good pressure. We saw that against the buccaneers as well. It really got after. Tom brady and it really affected them. Same thing you saw him against the rams. I think if you get pressure on. Tom brady right. Now you're going to be successful against austin's and the saints did that against them as well but the back end. I think is really what has really turned around for this team. We're in camp the unquestionable the position group of training camp was that was the secondary raved about the secondary looks so good all training camp. They deep physical there. Were there ball. Hawks i mean every single day we saw make place and we get into the first month of the season like. Where did they go. You know do scenario sitting there looking at each other week. Horrible evaluators right. I've never been in evaluator before. I was a player. Maybe maybe we just got this completely wrong As soon as we saw them start getting away from the penalties and and and we saw a lot of mental errors. A lot of big plays given up on kind of blown coverages as soon as those went away. This defense turned around so we've watched them. You know really over the last four weeks in chicago just be dominant. I mean they've been outstanding and and quite honestly. It doesn't matter who. We put a quarterback through defense giving up nine points. A game with sean. Payton engineering designing place for your offense. You're probably gonna win that football. Well happy football friday. Thanks for listening. Hope you had a great thanksgiving holiday. I know i did except for the cowboys lost. I thought after beating minnesota we would see them especially with the loss of their strength coach. Play inspired game. They play the opposite of that. And maybe some of that has to do with strength passing away or maybe they aren't very good or maybe it's both but other than that was a good thanksgiving hope. You didn't go crazy with some black friday shopping. Lot of good college football some college hoops and of course the match. I bet it on draftking sportsbooks. I'm gonna take the pro golfer like your read. Valor talk me into the other day pro golfer and charles barkley over to not pro golfers. Even though they're both to really good golfers i'll also. I'm not ready to take the broncos. I don't know if i can get there won't blow me away. But i guess i'll take the saints twenty to twenty is my score and i love to be wrong for randwick manage to get good field goal and it's twenty three twenty two but i think the saints come in. I think they're really good. Football team. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. On monday we will. Recap what is hopefully a broncos win. I appreciate listening. Enjoy your football friday. This is broncos daily podcast. Why millions of americans choose to sleep on boll and branch sheets. Is it the one hundred percent. Organic cotton is it that they get softer and softer over time. Customers can't stop raving about these sheets and there's no better time to try them for yourself or give them to someone you love right now. Boll and branch is offering their best deals of the year and you can get their incredibly soft sheets at incredibly low prices. Just go to bollandbranch dot com to shop. Their best deals today. that's b. o. L. l. andbranch dot com today see site for details.

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