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smartwater is proud to introduce new smart water alkaline with nine plus p. h. wired and you're listening to the gadget lab i'm here with my co hosts wired senior odds yay air pods on monday apple announced the new air pods pro there should be a hit because regardless of how you personally might feel about air pods the pods i managed to get a loaner pair of air pods yesterday as part of our i to answer them right now i will say that these are what the first airports should have been what your buds should be an how others have approached ear buds with soft clunky and feel like they have an awkwardly long stick relative to these the things so that it can lock you into its ecosystem so now when you go to the control center on your iphone connected air pods right from there and if you long press on that volume bar it you can't over bluetooth but then you're not using the super special custom chip called the h. one better with your apple stuff interesting oreo what are your thoughts on these new air pods pro oh dear listeners i will do my best to describe to you what these look like so it was killed on audio yeah time little silicone tips because comfy not so comfy to have hard plastic very comfy and then there's a little vent which is supposed to equalize the pressure sure but they do look different and they've also been packed despite being a little bit smaller there's a new chip inside they still like apple products like it's about four and a half hours so it's four and a half hours if you are planning on using the noise cancelling you're so if you don't use that you can expect to get about five hours per on this and said like you can find something totally wire free earbud right now that's gets you you are apple devotees they want the thing that looks like apple they want the thing that works with their apple devices how do they stack up compared to other other options on the market well oh are just a little bit beyond competitive with the other wire free headphones that are out there because these have as learn mentioned active noise annoys canceling to do its job and you mentioned lowering that you were pretty stick of the pod on the stem so what they're doing is they're blocking then that means that the noise cancelling adjusts incense more anti-noise interior yes i thought we'd pretty well so that's a mechanism it's usually called hybrid and see career noise cancelling headphones like bows or master and dynamic or something like that which will probably now that everybody loves is the sony w. f. hyphen one thousand x those are two hundred and thirty dollars the sony's that everybody loves those are twenty dollars cheaper than the apple airports so the air pods per we're kind of in the middle there bos has some new ones coming out then there's the big one though is the amazon echo buds noise cancelling on them those are one hundred thirty dollars okay but are they any good like when i the amazon did partner with bows these though yeah they said that it partnering with bose but in like the most hands off way possible rashly licensing they've been getting pretty good reviews are audio revere parker hall is going to be testing for a little bit extra on top of what you already get from the isolation of having things plugged machines the amazon echo buds alexa machines one thing that you do perhaps a little less harsh jarring than it has in the past which is kind eating but i don't think because i mean alexis not working over your cellular well i have a question for the room our air pods still the worst you know it's not the worst thing ever lots of people like them i think they're sort of a symbol of someone wearing air pods and wearing all birds and like maybe having a beanie and like a author great people love them do you agree lauren no i think you're totally right and that it is i mean it's a it's a very real aesthetic that is exists in the world that we cover presumably his mom driving the car and just was heads down in his phone with air pods car and then i realized i did the same thing when i was a teenager as like staying the car with representative of something greater but at the end of the day they're they're headphones headphones yeah wealth necessarily more so than just a smartphone any pair of wireless headphones signals wealth so what happens if you lose one oh you have to make a missed connection on wayne to start looking more at repairability in how they construct these air pods going daybreak or your battery dies as it will eventually because it's a lithium ion battery that runs charges dude you just can't get it fixed so that's bothersome when you consider well yeah well on that note let's take a quick break and when we come back we'll be talking support for this podcast comes from smartwater smart water is proud to share stories and plus ph from when you work up a sweat doing what you love and smart water antioxidant reducing a totally awesome podcast about personal technology your to do list is never software and handles your work for you so you can focus on the things that actually matter no more wasting your time your day to day and let zap your take it from there zap lets you instantly engage with leads send them so the possibilities are virtually endless best of all it's easy to build the exact solution you need in so you're free by going to our special link zappia dot com slash gadget that's z. a. the makers of all these major smart assistance have come under fire recently for violating their users into what it really means to have a smart speaker in your home and how to control your privacy and trigger warning so putting your airports pro for the rest of the show lauren all the amount of data that is being shared with these big tech companies if you have have of doing this but i think one of the problems with these the dashboards that using it and they're off to the races and lo and behold it turns out the behind the scenes there are very real human had the opportunity to throughout some of our other reporting to ask companies like microsoft and google and what we've heard so far is that most technologists say that it's going to comes to language language is a very complicated thing as these companies expand offering services engine speech recognition very complicated and so there isn't a robot out there yet we're a little ways from figuring out a real solution to this that doesn't involve other humans listening approving or rather your smart assistant improving people love to complain about how alexa related around companies the controversy seemed to center on the fact that in many of these since of privacy in july apple had a big scandal around the has recorded that day so sort of like an ongoing to be but we used because it doesn't understand what you're saying the whole thing right like these speakers and these voices

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