Coronavirus: Extreme caution urged by experts


Hello this is the global news podcast from the BBC World Service with reports and analysis from across the world the latest news seven days a week BBC World Service. Sava's podcasts are supported by advertising. This is the global news podcasts from the BBC World Service Hello. I'm Emilio Liane Pedro and in the early hours of Thursday the thirteenth of February. We're bringing you an insider's view of the corona virus we hear from a woman trapped on a quarantine cruise ship. The major shakeup in the Italian parliament is right wing politician Mattel. Savini faces a trial for illegally detaining migrants however Russian. Good man shot himself dead. In the middle of a packed courtroom and which household name brands have been declared to have an illegal hand in Israeli settlements. And also in this podcast the world does have a carbon budget it is finite and is running out fast another big business pledge to reduce carbon emissions. But this time from an unlikely sector the fossil fuel industry the enemy that does not respect borders words from the World Health Organization's Director General about cove in nineteen the latest strain of the corona virus. Speaking to a packed news conference in Geneva Ted rose at Hanham Gabriel. Who's had a warning? The number of newly confirmed cases. This report from China has stabilized over the past week but that has to be that much to be interpreted with extreme caution shit. This outbreak could go in any the highly contagious virus continues to disrupt lives and events worldwide. Let's go to the. Who Joe Headquarters in Geneva now. Where hundreds of top medical scientific and public health experts have just held a two day meeting our correspondent? There is imaging folks. Sure there are some glimmers of optimism. You heard Dr tendrils there. I mean he's cautioning is asking for extreme caution but there is space feeling that the cases in China when they talk about stabilization. What they mean is that the number of new cases each day that's announced is getting lower and that this is a sign? They hope that they're beginning. To contain it. In China the other bits of what sounds like possible. Good news is that outside China. They're still very few cases almost all of them can be tracked the WHO the U. H. O. knows where they came from most people who've been in China or associated with and in addition the virus outside China doesn't seem we heard to be as aggressive or to move as quickly so that sounds good but before we all relaxed what the WHO is saying is be cautious pushes. It could still could go anyway. People have got to prepare not panic but prepare. It's a delicate line. They have to take. Isn't it because on the one hand they want people to be ready and prepared but they don't want to cause panic either that's right. It's always the. WHO's always in this dilemma. When we get a disease outbreak particularly today with the kind of modern information technology that we have you are I can get the headline or access information? Some reliable much of it. Not at the click the button and it's very very hard sometimes for the. Who to counter to this. Interestingly with the scientists who today they set their priorities for this virus and obviously treatments diagnostics. agnostics looking at a vaccine in the long term are up there in the high priorities but so too is tackling what they call the Info Democ the flood of false information about this virus which is causing people to panic causing cruise ships to be turned away from ports. Even though there isn't a shred of evidence that any body the owner has the virus. Who is trying hard to counter that imaging folks now one of those cruise ships affected has been confirmed as the largest outbreak outside. I China it's in Japan or at least Japanese waters and called the diamond. Princess quarantined in the port of Yokohama. There are thirty nine new cases onboard bringing the a total number to one hundred and seventy five and is quite an operation dealing with the patient as well as those passengers not afflicted by the virus but who have to stay put route one passenger. Catherine Smith told us what it's like being stuck on board we literally. It can't leave our cabins so we go out on the balcony where we had a harbored. Today we're looking down at the dock is very creepy. I counted the ambulances that are sitting out there and there's at least a dozen ambulances ambulances that are just part and then closer to the ship there are two ambulances bitter idly and there's these long Covered tunnel I mike things and there's people in full have car. There's two people in full on military uniform in half mask and a gown over the hospital down when ready actually transport the people that have the virus ambulance all the sirens. Come with three or four emergency vehicles. They come in and they park by the canopy area and then an ambulance will back up. And then appoint a soon the opened the doors and they love the people in and then when the registered Li all emergency beautiful but their siren time again and they drive out and so that's been going on all day it's really disturbing because they know those people are only Dick need as they have the flu. I know this is walking dead and people. Aren't you know zombies. But it makes a real impression on you. All of a sudden. I felt really lonely. Standing out there knows my mask ongoing like this is my world for another week. Since eighty m last Wednesday we were ordered into our cabins. And that's where you stay and you cannot read unless you're under that superbikes group that's allowed out onto certain objects for an hour at a time and there will watch Japanese health officials to make sure everybody's arena rule Catherine Smith. The Italian Senate has stripped the former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the standard parliamentary immunity. In a move that means he'll now stand trial for his decision whilst in office to ban rescued migrants from landing at an Italian port during the debate. Mr Salvini leader of the populist anti-migrant League evoked nationalist sentiments say defame defending Italy. It's owner dignity and security is the duty of a politician Titian or a crime that deserves up to fifteen years in prison. That's what I want a final decision to be taken on in this Surreal Debate Matteo Salvini. Our correspondent in Rome Mark Lowen looks at the future facing Italy's firebrand populist sleater. Matteo Salvini is fifteen. Months as Italy's interior minister were defined by his flagship policy to close ports to rescue votes. Prosecutors argued his order last. I July to stop a boat from docking leaving one Hundred Sixteen migrants on board dia conditions amounted to illegal detention. Italy Senate has now stripped the far-right leader of his immunity paving the way for trial for a man who has built his political rise on the idea of protecting Italy from illegal migration a populace to presents himself as targeted by the establishment. This is played into his hands. If convicted Matteo Salvini could face a sentence of up to fifteen years but justice here moves slowly and he might just take comfort from his predecessor. As Italy's populist chief Silvio belus Cooney who had his sentence for a fraud commuted and then made a very Italian comeback becoming a member of the European Parliament Mark Lowen the young generation in India still see the UK as a desirable place to study and it may be that brexit could open the door to more student places as it is. The latest data shows a sixty three percent. Rise is an Indian student visas. Granted by the United Kingdom but with costs running into many thousands of dollars can expect to see a return on their investment from by the BBC's Monica Miller reports for many families sending one child to college requires there's major sacrifices but the Beman as are sending two children to UK. Universities Bava is heading. Coventry University for Architecture fans are there. My brother was also planning for the same. I have my aunt who is an architect there so she wanted to commended me. You gave back this far good actors very good. If you get that exposure. She has a good reason to to be optimistic in the wake of Brexit. EU students will no longer be given preferential treatment when they apply to colleges. In Britain leading international students compete heat on the level playing field. The British High Commission says more than thirty thousand Indian students received higher education visas for the year ending. September twenty nineteen nineteen that's compared to almost nineteen thousand the previous year. Her brother Vall is getting a master's degree in supply chain management at Sheffield Hallam University. He says the British university take all the boxes for him. I recall loses Muslim. I probably is because of the city. It may be the modules Polish if you will the divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union put a kink in their long term plans right now. My focus is more about my education of two years. But there's no point in getting please maintain my 'cause if I don't have a job I'm concerned about it but let's hope for the best. I Within Two hundred applicants step by this suburban Mumbai Office to meet with recruiters from universities all over the UK and they decorated it with flags from the United Kingdom. A Big Ben Life size version which people are taking selfies with to take some of the pressure off this important moment for these potential students. Now it's not just the students that are looking to go to the UK it's also the recruiters from these universities. That really need Indian students to apply. So it's not just about the student. It is also about the faculty and staff members. Those kinds of challenges would be dead in the coming year. It can have an impact on research recruiter body cautiously from the university. Steve Harper tour says his college is preparing for a potential lawson enrollment. Getting new talent refreshed island from around the world can can make up but then you can take some time. Diplomacy diplomacy experts like ambassador. Raji Bhatia from the think tank Gateway House says that the legal framework outlining the future of UK immigration is unclear but India has had a special relationship with the UK for generations in the likelihood of British leaving the EU. There would be a kind of a gap in the skilled labor skilled personnel in the UK. And in that kind of situation India would be very good Lucien. Consultancy services focused on preparation for international colleges have also been impacted by the rush of students. Wanting to head to Britain past year talked to war. Krishnan is the founder of inspiring education. She says she has seen a shift in interest from the United States birth so us unfortunately it does the perceived thing that you won't get a work visa there's a lot of perception and a lot of fear among students a lot of noise in that space thinking you won't get There's a lot of uncertainty. Let's put it that way whereas UK is definitely giving keeping you that work permit brexit of fog of uncertainty hanging over the United Kingdom for weeks. If not years to come in the meantime students hope Britain will look to a young driven talent from abroad to lead them to a brighter future. Monica Miller reporting still to come in this podcast. Would you meet a deceased loved one if you could using virtual reality how one company is using the technology to try and revolutionize the grieving across international businesses including AIRBNB and Expedia have been included on the UN list of companies without in Israeli settlements in the West Bank which are deemed illegal under international law the UN Human Rights Council report was requested in twenty sixteen and so long delayed. So how important is it now are Arab affairs editor Sebastian. Usher told me more. This is being announced just a week or two after The trump Middle East peace plan was finally unveiled an in that plan. Essentially it gave the green-light Israel to annex for settlements. Now this has been a long long standing international element of of the status quo. Vote whatever anyone says about. Israel settlements are internationally regarded as illegal. It hasn't been challenged but now that has essentially been through this peace plan so from a Palestinian perspective. This is welcome. Welcome that this has appeared now because sense it gives them a feeling that international unity ms issue still exists but the UN is still holding voting by it for Israel as they've said throughout the process goes back almost four years now. The this is essentially a blacklist that. It's unfair that it's Devoid of the reality situation. As far as the companies are involved AIRBNB. You mentioned now. They did actually withdraw from the Israeli Israeli areas in the occupied West Bank where settlers had been advertising their rooms on being B but under pressure they went back doc in so in the immediate terms nothing much is going to happen about those businesses but the boycott movement will obviously sleet continued to try to target them and that could have some effect on their international reputation which you know is a concern for them. Sebastian assure the new boss of oil giant. BP has set an ambitious target for the multinational to become a net zero emitter of greenhouse gases by twenty fifty Bernard Looney also called for the sector to be reimagined the big challenge for BP is the one that the world faces and that is climate change. But the reality -ality is we are seen by many as a source of the problem and we're still an obstacle to solving it and that's an uncomfortable place to be and and let me be very clear today that I get it. The world does have carbon budget. It is finite and it is running out fast. So who is Bernard Looney. And what's he trying to achieve our business editor. Simon Jack told my colleague. Nigel Cassidy about about him. He is a forty nine year old Irishman he spent most of his career in. BP's oil and gas exploration division which used the heads. And that's the bit that's most controversial controversial if you like trying to find new stuff to burn. And he's setting out what they've described as a landmark speech saying that BP will become a net zero emissions company by twenty-fifty off sooner and say that over time they'll put more into low-carbon and less into oil and gas production for as long as most of us can remember. Oil companies have been the mainstay of people's investments. And yet we keep hearing that The ethical thing is not to invest in these kinds of companies company so BP has to do something doesn't it otherwise it's going to just see us sort of slow decline. Yes there's definitely. A movement among investors is to try and apply pressure on companies to do something about climate change pension. Funds ought demanding that their portfolios are a bit more. climate-friendly Larry Fink. I'm from Black Rock. The boss of the world's biggest fund manager they've run seven trillion dollars in money. They've been writing to these companies saying you've got to do something otherwise you'll financial performance will decline wind. We simply willing to invest in u unless U shape up having said that Shell and BP pace and very very hefty dividends which pension funds. Very much. Like so this guy comes from the inside. Do you think that's an advantage or might be. That sleeping needs an entirely New Vision. That's a good question on. You can apply that to almost any company. The old argument here is that the insides know whether their bodies are and what needs to be changed and clearly. He's got vast experience in the gas exploration field. which is the bit they they need to reduce? So is he going to turn on his old division and start stripping it back. You could argue where his loyalties lie. But I think this is a pretty fundamental reboot. The idea of oil and gas companies saying it's going to be net zero carbon by twenty fifty. I think it's going to be very very difficult. For example they say we're going to cut the carbon intensity if the product's BP cells. Now I didn't quite know what that means but the thing is there's been some real progress made in things like electricity generation that is now thirty percent sent in the UK generated by renewables cold but disappeared. The big problem is gas gas heats. Twenty six million homes in Britain. If you're going to replace all of those that'll cost five hundred billion in pounds by the government saying estimates and that is the biggest challenge out there. So he's GonNa make a defensive gas saying that if you get this thing called Carbon Capture Gotcha and storage which means you capture the carbon at the point. It's burns you can then put into solid and put it in the depleted oilfields in the North Sea. Which by happy coincidence we've got lots solve a near the UK if we can get that right bring hydrogen in because we burn hydrogen? You just get water that could be exported to the rest of the world. Our Business Editor Simon Simon Jack Commentators also making quite a thing of the fact that unusually for global business chief. Mr Looney has started posting on instagram. He's clearly ready to face. As a high level of engagement from industry friends and foes alike next a story that's been dominating Russian media that of a former prison service official official who killed himself in the middle of a courtroom vitale Shevchenko from BBC monitoring the part of the BBC that analyzes other countries media told my colleague League new La- McGovern. WHO This man was? He used to had the road transport department at Russia's prison. Service of this cold seen so shortly after one o'clock Moscow time he wasn't corn true courtroom he was defended and and as the judge was delivering the sentence. This man called Victories video though he pulled out a gun and shot himself right in the courtroom room. Okay lots of questions there. How could he had a gun in the courtroom? Well that perspective. That's a question that's being asked in the Russian needs this. This really heavy strict strict security. You can't just pick up the phone and take pictures of what's going on those metal detectors security guards everywhere on this man. He managed to smuggle a gun into the courtroom room so well. Perhaps there's a way if you are a former official with the prison service also another questioned that there are more questions than is currently another question that's being asked is okay. We know that there's lots of corruption in in Russian prisons. There's lots of torture. Sure what this man have been convicted and he got three years in jail bettas cap. Would this man had have been convicted if he had tried to extort money from an ordinary citizen not a fellow official the prison service again. This is a question into which there's no answer and the details of what happened are quite grim reports that he had advanced onced cancer. Even supporters of the Kremlin of just read a tweet from the head of Russia. Today the new service she she said if you have cancer death is better than serving time in jail. Batali Shevchenko of BBC monitoring virtual reality is already already being used within the medical industry to help. Patients manage physical pain. But could it do the same for emotional pain. One mother in South Korea has used the technology to help for deal with the death of her seven year old daughter by bringing an Avatar version of her back. The newsroom's Richard Hamilton reports. Jiang Jason's daughter Autre Na Yang died four years ago from a rare blood disorder. A production team spent eight months recreating a three dimensional image of now yawn. The documentary called meeting. You has been watched by millions of South Koreans. This is the emotional moment. When they reunited these dating the scene was filmed while the rest of the family watched? And they're visibly upset but John G sunset. It helped her in ahead dream. She said Nah young looked sat but then this virtual reunion she's smiling. The documentary has prompted a debate about the moral and psychological implications of being able to meet dead loved ones while some feel it provides catharsis others think could prevent people moving on with their lives. Elaine Casket Casket is a grief counselor and the author of all the ghosts in the machine the digital off the life of your personal data. This video really needs to be viewed in its Korean context and Korea when someone dies away from home or before their time they can be come a wandering ghost. Ghost is away from home. And the duty of the family is to usher them into the spirit world with the appropriate rituals. It's part of Korean shamanism and this video feels to me like a bang up to date virtual sure reality version of Korean shamanism where this rituals being enacted towards the end of the film. Now young gives her mother a flower and then she lies down saying she's he's tired the to say their farewells. Now Yon Slowly Falls Asleep. She's then transformed into a white butterfly and gently. Floats Away Richard Hamilton. And that's all from us for now to being updated version of the Global News. podcast later and if you want to comment on this podcast cast or the topics covered in it. You can send us an email addresses global podcast. BBC DOT CO DOT UK. I'm Emilio some better the next time goodbye.

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