The One With All the Football and Anti-Semitism


It's funny to hear a female talk about Ralph's like started off off. Show me what you got. A something. Welcome to girl at the game the podcast by women for everyone in partnership with C L & S media where your host Gabrielle founder of girl at the game and a love Nelson and this episode is brought to you by Bette online app or online Sportsbook experts. How how you feeling? I think we both mentioned before we started recording. We're in a mood. It's way too hot in the city of Boston. I am without central air for the first time in my life. I know champagne problems, but this humidity is just so miserable and as a result everything bad that happens to me today is just it just feels worse right? Not much more pissed about it because it's just humid to my first apartment in L. I had no air conditioning at all and l i is like usually fine in terms of temperature. I mean, there's like it's chilly in the winter and I had heat so that was fine. And then in the summer, it's mostly like the same temperature. It's usually like mid-eighties and if I wasn't in, New Jersey, Was all day cuz I was at work it wasn't a big deal. But there was one week when I lived in an apartment in July. We're actually right around this time of the year two years ago. It was a hundred and five degrees or higher every all day for a full week. And there was one day that I worked from home and I literally sat in my bathing suit in the bathtub and I balanced my computer on the closed toilet seat and I sat and took water in the bathtub because it was the only way that I could be in my apartment without actually dying of heat stroke. Yeah. I'm sorry, but window units just doesn't cut it. I know I sound like such a snob but like wage now we had them when I was a little scared don't my God I can't live without it hoof. Anyway speaking of terrible terrible things while this isn't terrible, but it's just I just feel like I should mention it's the two-year anniversary of LeBron signing with the Lakers. So congratulations to him and basketball is on its way back kind of I don't know. I mean Florida's a disaster but the Celtic song So that's well, that's why well embiid rolled up in a hazmat suit. How funny was that? Not even put I'm also like everyone should wear one so they should just play in them know it'd be funny at least got to get that content. I mean NBA fashion is content in itself, but what if they start coming in with like Balenciaga and Versace need a hazmat suits and my God just like a Louis Vuitton hazmat suit, but like for your whole body love it. I love the Campbell's little green mask with his number eight on it. I want it. I want one of those went off the plane. Yeah. A lot of teams have come out with like the cutest Brandon felt excelled has to get they should if they're not already. I want one. I have to say though. So like all the players are dead posting stuff on social about getting down there and the hotel rooms and getting fed and all that kind of stuff and talk about champagne problems like A little tone-deaf of enes Kanter to be complaining about his hotel room right ring. There's like millions of people unemployed and dying of coronavirus and he's like this is it this is my rim. I'm like dude, it's wage free room and board for months and you still get to make millions of dollars. Like I get it. It's like it's not your luxurious home that you're used to living in but it's still a lot better than what most people have and crazy stuff like that that reinforces the trolls who think the athletes are privileged and spoiled. Oh, yeah, and like I think we've established and as Cantor is definitely a friend of the program not that we never had any more but like all the work he does for freedom and Liberation. He is just like one of the model Advocates I think in the NBA off. Yeah, so kind of I love how he backed it up today like talking about how good the food is still like to be complaining about your accommodations when like what Joe WNBA just a side note is dealing name is going to sound like they have worms in their accommodations mouse traps in the laundry room. And like I'm not going to judge where they're saying off of what life the laundry room looks like because it's a laundry room. Like what school has nice ones, you know what I mean? But like, oh my God, you could have at least gotten rid of the mouse traps and like all the up like the meal that they're posting those poor women. I'll be honest if I played for the WNBA I would be skipping list and I would just be training or doing my thing to stay in shape and not dealing with any of this especially the ones with families like this is for the birds just shows you how much of a divide there is between a man's sport and a woman sport. Like it's just kind of frustrating like let's not get it twisted like team owners are still the problem here because they're billionaires and they don't want to pay people like they're still the problem number one, but you can understand off. More where the Twitter trolls are coming from when they complain about millionaire athletes because the athletes aren't doing themselves a favor in this department at when they complain about their accommodations when they have Golf and not frantic curious new world, like I get that it's a long time to be there but like there's so much for you guys to do right now and I think Jayson Tatum said it best saying insensitive to not come back when there's millions of people out of work. So it's like really insensitive to be crapping on the accommodations when like we said millions of people in this country are out of work, but I do think the one real complaint they get to have it's a lot to ask to leave their families. I mean Robin hayward's Instagram post yesterday. I broke my heart. I know it was so sad, especially when she said that Gordon Hayward puts the kids to bed every night and sits with them until they fall asleep. And then now these little girls are just without their dad. And they they got used to him being around. I mean that's the other thing is like they're these kids are used to their parents not being around all the time, but then their dads have now been home for months and they're just around all the time and now kids are used to that and I feel like that's a completely separate issue from you know, the accommodations complaints and everything because the legitimate thing here is that you have men who are leaving their families behind and you and I talked about hoping that families would be allowed to come to Disney World looking like they will a very select few maybe that it's not obviously a definite yet, but it's looking like they want to have families come back after the first round of the playoffs. Yeah still that's quite a substantial amount of time. We're looking at playoffs and September and October. So it's just rough. It's like you just feel for these kids. Do you see Brad Wanamaker bringing the pillow with his kids that was a game and posting the Instagram story off. And then kind of like I'm single and I don't go anywhere. So I'm cool. Right I know baseball is also coming back and fortunately for them. They've really lucked out. It looks like they're going to be able to say and their home ballparks when they're not on the road for away games throughout the whole season. So they really lucked out there that they'll be was not into the centralized location idea, especially because Arizona and Florida are now like the to Global hotspots of the pandemic. It's like, can you imagine putting fish in a barrel if they've been in Arizona? Did you see that chart that was like wage cities and countries that have the highest outbreak new case outbreak numbers per day and it's like sound terrible. It's Arizona and Florida and South Carolina. 3 before any other place not in the country in the whole world speaking of coronavirus. I have to rant for a second because I just wrote an article about this for girl at the I got a surprise song. Support for this article, but there's always like those 1 or 2 Twitter trolls. That just are up your butt about what you wrote. I wrote about Joe West the Aging umpire who never gets it right has been in fact, we all week making dumb comments about coronavirus and saying how he intends to umpire this season, even though he's sixty seven years old massively overweight and has high blood pressure and none of those things off like calling him overweight. It's not like a Pablo Sandoval insult situation. I'm stating for a fact that those three things make him high risk for Coronavirus and MLB was apparently shocked that he intended to push the season and he could have opted out and gotten full pay because he's high-risk instead. He's planning on working, but the problem is that he thinks coronavirus is like a hoax. Are you supposed to go down not surprised cuz there's like a bigger demand hard. Oh and also loves when he's the center of attention, you know what I mean? Like maybe he doesn't even feel that way but just wants to be like a GM have his sleep on him like that's song. Joe West one of the reasons I moved back in work is because he's only something like sixty five games away from having the most games ever called. He's sixty five games away from being billed clam to have like the number one spot. So he wants to work this season so that he's closer to that goal before he retires which like in normal circumstances. I would understand in a global sort of like I said, no reason when you're high risk and you think that the disease is at hoax, you might not reach that record if you could go bed. So yeah. No, but the fact is so annoying is because it would be one thing if he was like, I know I'm high risk, but I take it really seriously and I want to come to work but he's not saying that he's saying I know I'm high risk. I don't care because I don't think it's a hoax and I want to come to work because I want to set a personal record and like have that glory for myself. It's not about baseball for him. It's about himself. You can't trust somebody else. Got to be respectful and the only way that baseball is going to be successful this year is if there is mutual trust between everybody involved that everyone's going to abide by the rules and somebody who thinks that coronavirus is a hoax cleavage isn't going to take those rules seriously and especially with the delays and testing we've seen thus far as like that's a huge concern for like I saw like, it's a Collin McHugh had like dead. Yeah pretty good stuff to say about it, but I know that'll be came out and said it was a backup Fourth of July weekend this lab in Utah is supposedly running 7 days a week at MLB but still yes, but also like saying that July 4th is an unforeseen circumstance as if we haven't been celebrating July 4th for over two hundred years. It's kind of a bullshit cop-out don't you think like Iraq understand this country's birthday really you weren't prepared for that. You know why you're not prepared for that because you spend three months complaining about money instead of working on health and safety protocols, right? Yep. The tests are working for the Red Sox cuz erode has it has it and he's sick who are the other two players that you're at? Has it Darwin's and Hernandez has it in Miami? So he asked me that he has to test negative twice before he can even fly up to Boston and then I don't remember if it's Josh Smith or Josh Taylor because they look exactly the same Josh Taylor and I believe he's in boss already. Yeah. He had waiting now in a hotel. Yeah. Apparently, he and Darwin's in our both asymptomatic, but they have it and then Bobby dalbec has it and he's a symptomatic and then they Devers was exposed to it off. So they were like, I'm a complete insurance with his return. He only came back yesterday, but he did say that he's ready to go season started today. Did you want him to work at the Red Sox home? I didn't watch any of the training. I just watched the zoom press conferences. So I watched it the intrasquad game. It was so weird for starters. And when we knew it was going to be we're dead. I have any fans in the stands and how to finally be quiet where you can hear every Echo like it's weird because usually you can't hear anything, you know, you'll hear the ball leaving the bat but you literally could hear the players swing his Bat and Miss. It's like it's like practice before the game. Like that's what it would be reminiscent of they're going to have to do a lot to make the actual games have life in them because what I took away from watching the game today was how much energy fans bring to the experience of a game because it was such a an obvious even more than I thought there would be there was an obvious difference playing without fans. And then of course, there's like the actual game itself, which was really confusing because you have no announcer. The only thing that they had on the screen for the Periscope was if a player came up that they would put the players name at the bottom of the screen or if a pitching change happens, but there was no score there was no growl a little graphic of like having Runners on the basis or the Alps or the balls or the Strikes Back. No, that didn't even know what inning it was. So at the end everyone who was watching the game me Jen McCaffrey Tom Caron, like everybody who was watching kind of tweeted the same thing they were like, so I guess the game is over. We didn't even realize we couldn't tell and also because both sides were wearing red uniforms so you couldn't tell who was playing on which side JD Martinez bat for each team Devers took three at-bats in 20 minutes cuz he bat for each side multiple times. It was so confusing at least give those guys some pennies so you can tell I know some like you can tell when they're all wearing bright red and you're not using a professional cameraman who are like zooming in on faces and stuff. I mean it was I was like I was like, I'm really happy back but it was whatever at least of all he was good. Yeah. I'm aside from the strangeness of playing baseball during covid-19 times. Like let's how they actually look like what's like, it's funny because like for so long we've gone we've been trying to write a, New Jersey About sports made the coronavirus and it's like it's like you almost forget that like, oh wait they practice today and there's actual athletic competition and injury updates to talk about wage. I could be back to normal using I've forgotten how to cover a baseball game. I was like, so like what type we should be paying attention to what kind of pitches he's throwing to other than the fact of all these same precautions you have it's hard to tell because first of all it was broadcast on Periscope, so it's not like high quality footage. There's no announcer telling you what's going on. I realize how much I rely on Okeechobee and a canned Remi to tell me how someone's doing because I mean you can eyeball it but never has had a hit for example in like his second of three at-bats during the game. They were all in a span of literally 15 minutes to the point where I was like wait, is he batting again? Didn't he just but he kept switching teams so he could bat again and again and it kind of felt like a middle school gym class, but birth So he Blue Point into left field and whoever was out in left field. I couldn't even tell who it was like it might have been Benny, but I don't think so because then he would have made that catch but it was so far away that I was like, well whoever missed that and let Devers get on base. Like I can't tell my eyesight's not good enough for this like it showed me how much I rely on like the actual baseball format. It was hard like hard to follow the game. Like when when the game score was announced. It was like the Red Sox beat the Red Sox 420. I was like, when did they score four runs was John Andrew like his jaw naturally hit a home run. He hit late. He wrapped a home run around the pesky pole. He hit a home run off Brandon Workman. I don't think anyone could tell if there were actually three players on base or if some of those players were the infielders it was hard because they were all wearing red jerseys gotta love it. How do we talk about do so speaking of how much Joe West is unnecessary for this game? Jason Varitek was a very passionate and phone number. Empire today and he was extra hard on Christian Vasquez, which was funny cuz like, you know catchers got a hold each other accountable I guess but he typed up that strike on when vaske was hitting which was really funny, but he seemed to really enjoy well if you think about it who better would you want in a catcher like exactly all training you need like definitely their ten thousand hours and squatting in front of an office. It was really funny. I also just felt for him though, cuz it must have been really hot in Boston today cuz he was wearing the blue Empire shirt the polo but by the end of the game, it was kind of like tie-dye blue cuz they were just massive sweat patches all over it. So it must have been really hot out there in the sun. I'm melting into a puddle just in my apartment. I feel for those guys today. I know I can't we had the fans going today. I think our house here has air conditioning. I'm pretty sure but we never use it the cape doesn't usually get that hot but today it was really hot. So I had all the ceiling fans and like the we have like an oscillating fan. Early nineteen seventy that sounds like an airplane propeller and I had that going until we started recording and I was like, there's no way we can record with this thing. Right? Exactly. I know I had to show yeah, it's just too I would just like to preface this by saying though that it's very funny that I was the one that was like Al we should have a football heavy episode this week because I have a lot of football to talk about did you ever think that was going to happen I didn't but I love to see it. So yeah a lot of football stuff to talk about with you guys, but first we are going to hear from our friends at Bed Bath online. There is no shortage of action going on at our exclusive partner. BetOnline sports are slowly making their way back with the UFC NASCAR and soccer leading the way and by online has all the best choice words and lines for the upcoming matches. This weekend need more about online has simulated NFL NBA and UFC happening every day live for you to check out looking for something else other than sports but on Thursday, Hundreds of Live casino games poker tournaments and all the best props in the business visit or use your mobile device and join now to receive your new welcome bonus and start playing today them online your online Sportsbook experts the perfect Advertiser for the return of sports. I'm ready for our Football. Let's talk football. All right. So tons of jobs fell news this week Pat Mahomes got paid and Cam Newton did not but Cam Newton is officially a patriot. It's not about the money. It's about the respect. What you know what I respect that and it's funny because we literally originally our intro was going to be the Cam Newton sound bite off of him saying I think it's funny to hear a woman talk about routes and tell you if I'm ever allowed back at Gillette this season, I dare you you better believe I'm going to ask about some rods isn't off first thing. I tweeted to you when we heard the news I was like about Cam Newton still has a little bit of growing to do as a person. I still welcome page him to New England with open arms. Oh my God, it's going to be covering Tom Brady compared to covering Cam Newton is going to be night and day so much more fun even wage, even though I have to transcribe his Instagram captions into English, but did you see when the Patriots like shout out to pass social personally High figure was dead. I know a few of those girls. So like there is a little bit of a bias, but they do a damn good job and between the hype video they release and also announcing the official signing in Cam Newton signature font. Hieroglyphics was just it was perfect. So clearly not my area of expertise. What's the deal with him? And the font thing I know that was like very Jerry Seinfeld for me to be like, what's the deal? But why does he do that? I have no idea but it was like that came out. I was dialing this thing and when he's home, he's like this is how I type. You don't like it too fucking bad like respects County. Okay. Well, he's definitely going to be more interesting than Tom. All I eat is avocado Brady and not to mention on the field to we finally have a quarterback. That doesn't look like a baby gazelle when they run I cannot wait if Cam Newton is healthy. We formerly wage. MVP Cam Newton what Bill Belichick is going to do with this offense with camps just the options that are going to run and his size and speed if he's healthy like oh, it's awful. I wasn't excited for much this NFL season and this just like electrocuted like new life into me. It's going to be a very different kind of relationship with Belichick and Newton them and you would think about the Brady Belichick cuz I feel like from what I've always seen Brady and Belichick always had like kind of a not like a father-son relationship but like off at least for a time before kind of the tb12 drama started with Brady start Boardman T relationship for sure. Maybe at least like a uncle like a like Mister Turner and Shawn from Boy Meets World kind of yeah, I believe they have a good relationship to this day. I think it was just time. I think it was time on Thursday. Yeah, and I think they both want to prove that they can win without the other person because you know, they've been playing together this entire time and so it's kind of like well, they each want to prove that they can do it like Tom Brady wants to prove that. He's the best quarterback of all time and it's not just because of Belichick's coaching and Belichick wants to prove that he can coach any quarterback to a Superbowl and that's why I'm so excited about this Cam Newton New Era of the Patriots because bill is going to have a chip on his shoulder and you know Cam Newton has one because this man is dead. So predictably signing with the Patriots for the vet minimum because no other team had the balls to take a chance on him and I mean like yeah, the injuries are a huge Factor but oh my God, how did no one pick this man up before the Patriots. There are so many teams out there with just trash quarterbacks and they didn't even bite at The Forum. MVP, I don't know I think Richard Sherman said it best like I don't know if he said it particularly, but he was very vocal about this man having to sign for the league minimum and like it's true some respect on his name. Yeah, it'll definitely be interesting definitely kind of live in the Patriots up. I mean they kind of have been I want to say like a very Bland organization, but they kind of remind me of the Yankees of football in that they are, you know, very clean cut and they win a lot of championships and a lot of people don't like them and Cam Newton definitely shake things up hot tears. Will Cam Newton even though he's unlike a lot of them likable stuff in the past like between the it's funny to hear women talk about talk about anything like we took the way there been there. I think we should use that one this week. Just just in honor of Cam Newton will bring it back from the trailer. That's the intro for sure but between the it's funny game. Hear women talk about routes and like his Antics after the Superbowl storming off the field whatever like he's gotten some he's got some hate in the past, but I think cam might just F around and make the Patriots kind of likable. He'll have to get me to like him first but I'm at least my my curiosity is at least I'm intrigued it's hard when you have when within the AFC you have Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs which brings us to Pat Mahomes got paid up to $503 million dollar contract ten years on this extension the first time an NFL player had the most lucrative contract in all of sports smoked Mike Trout steel and I mean Smite ranked. The other guy is going every other up-and-coming quarterback from here on out is going to have a contract like this song. The NFL's up. First of new TV deals. It'll be interesting to see what the salary cap does but still I don't know if we'll see Team lock a guy up like this for ten years for half a billion dollars. That is banana. Like my conspiracy theory is that the NFL thinks that the world is going to end before the next ten years. So they're offering this so that cuz they know that the world won't be around by the time they have to pay up but that's just my that's just my like catastrophic. It's really it's really almost unfathomable to think about the year twenty-thirty one between I was like twenty Thirty one year. I'm a real thing under the Miami 20/20 didn't even so there's no way that Society is smart enough to stop destroying itself in the next ten years. Like we're just not we are not trending towards being better. We are trending towards being worse. I mean America specific Link there might not be an America in ten years the way we're going so, you know, hey Santa to the homes get that money while you can I hope a lot of it was up front. Who knows where we'll be ten years from now that's applicable to think about but okay being go off this trajectory of the world being a terrible place in society not making it that far. We have much more NFL news, but not going to tone it down a little make some more serious stuff to talk about with DeSean Jackson's comments. I'm sure that probably affected you personally Gap so long Gap go off. So DeSean Jackson posted in his Instagram story a picture of a page of a book and it was Hitler talking about black people and Jewish people and DeSean Jackson was like in support of like he was posting it in support of like what it was. I mean first of all any normal human being but here the name Hitler and they're like dead. Evil man right included in a lot of those inspirational calendars with quotes or fortune cookie papers. So yeah, so like that's the first thing there are so many other quotable people that you could quote to get your point across just don't quote Hitler for starters being a Jewish person for starters you like live with the shadow of the Holocaust in your life just like your entire existence because you grow up hearing about it from your parents and your grandparents friends of mine had grandparents who were Holocaust Survivors a ton of my family was wiped out in the Holocaust. The only reason I'm alive is because my great-grandmother who I'm named after promised her mother that she would come to America and so they came to America before all of this started but otherwise like I wouldn't be here today because most of my family is gone because of Hitler so when you're a Jewish person and you see somebody else Invoking Hitler's words. It is traumatic. It is upsetting the same way. Like, I don't know if you saw this today, but there was a fashion brand that was selling swastika necklaces, like one of those fast fashion websites GN was selling a swastika necklace for $2.50 and all of these people were like, well, it's the Buddhist form of the swastika. Cuz what Hitler did was he took the swastika and he inverted off and turned it a little bit. So it's a swastika but it's like it's kind of like that Meme of can I copy your homework? Yeah, but just don't let it be too similar to mine people in western civilization are not going to see that right and so like people were like, well, it's a Buddhist symbol and I'm sorry that Hitler stole the symbol from you, but he turned that symbol into something that represents evil and that's never going to go away from British people. So that's the whole thing. Like we've talked about cancel culture before and how the problem with cancel culture is that there's no levels to cancel culture you decide someone's canceled and they're canceled canceled. Prohibits people from learning from their mistakes. Some people are past the point of return a young teenager who makes a dumb comment is not the same as like a grown person who has repeatedly done that said hateful things for their entire life. So when you cancel someone you don't afford them the opportunity to grow and change and become better. You're just shutting them down instead of offering them the chance to grow and so what I appreciated about the DeSean Jackson situation was a DeSean Jackson issued an apology spoke with Jewish leaders and committed to going to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC to learn about it off what Stephen Jackson did was support DeSean Jackson and then even after Deshawn apologized Steven Jackson doubled down on his comment and it was so disappointing to see because one of the reasons that Jewish people are so adamantly anti racist or I don't want to speak for all of them. But the majority of Jewish people are passionately anti-racist because Jewish Home Know what it's like to be targeted and murdered and tortured and exiled because Jewish people have been there throughout history to Jews are subject to anti-Semitism. And obviously the color of my skin is a privilege and I know that Jews aren't trying to say that they're not trying to make it like a measuring contest or not. Trying to keep score Jews are just saying to an extent we feel your pain we empathize because Jewish people have been hated for thousands of years as well. And so Ford even Jackson to be such a proud member of the black lives matter movement, but then to turn around and make these statements about Jewish people is really disappointing because you can't just be against one kind of hate and not the others like you can't be Against Racism against black people and then not be against anti-Semitism towards Jewish people. That's not how it works. You have to be against all kinds of hatred. Otherwise, you don't stamp it out if you don't you nightclub. Eradicate these things then they continue to fester and either way it's society. And so it's sucked because this whole time I've been like Steven Jackson's amazing. He's taking care of Gianna Floyd & T is so inspiring and then he comes out and says this and I'm like, so I care that you get to live a safe life, but you don't care that I get to live a safe life. I care that black people should be allowed to live without fear, but you don't afford me the same consideration. That's not how it needs to work. It needs to be all forms of hate and bigotry and racism are wrong and bad news lately. And I think that's why Julian edelman's response was just he clearly took his time with it and it was perfect, cord to make a statement for God's sake of making a statement but very classy one coming from a place of forgiveness and encouraging further growth and talking about how much he respected dog. On as like a football player too because a lot of people would have lost their cool about that. I think yeah problem is that if he lost his cool it would have reflected badly on Jewish people. It wouldn't have been productive as as frustrating as it is because I've spent the last like three days on Twitter having to tell people it's not okay to put swastikas on stuff and I can't believe I'm saying that twenty-twenty I learned about the Holocaust in school as a thing of the past and here I am in twenty-twenty having people try to defend the use of swastika goes to me a Jewish girl and a rabbi's daughter and it's like are you fucking serious? Like do you not understand how insensitive it is to tell a Jewish person that I should be? Okay when your freedom of speech is telling someone I hope you die in a gas chamber, which is something someone has said to me on Twitter before I don't deserve your freedom of speed. Yeah, there's just so much civil unrest right now and so much of it is racially charged. It's so weird that they would like want to just add more birth. That's that like also really I want to be really careful with my words here and I don't want to say like it discredits the work that they're doing on the black lives matter Forefront. But when you make comments like that, it takes all the black lives matter haters and gives them a reason to discredit the movement as a whole. You know what I mean? Yeah. I mean, that's what's so many people in my men should have been saying they're saying clearly if you're Pro blacklivesmatter, you're anti Jewish people or your anti-israel or your anti-business like wall. It's not it's not supposed to be a political issue. It's just supposed to be like being a freaking good human being people think that having a Twitter account means that everyone wants their opinion at all times Mitchell Schwartz who plays for the Chiefs. He had a nice statement yesterday saying as a jewish-american in NFL I stand with my brother's of all Races increasing as any form of discrimination and hate and he went on to say that one of the things that he loves about play a game. Football is that the locker room has always been a diverse place and he said that all of his teammates have always been supportive and interested in his Judaism. But at the same time, he's watched anti-Semitism a rise in America and he wants the Jewish community and black lives matter movement to work together and denounce racism and bias in all forms. And that's exactly what it is turning into a fight between black lives matter and Jewish people is exactly what racist people want because they want us to destroy each other instead of destroying them. That was like really powerful and I don't think you have me at like kind of a loss but I mean, I feel free because I can only imagine like how all this made you feel it's just really scary in 2022. Like I realized that the world isn't safe for me things just need to be safe enough so that we can return back to normal because at this point people just have nothing to do but be divisive dead. But at the same time anti-Semitism was Rising before this, I don't want us to go back to that normal. I want us to go into a new normal wear like being a Nazi is unacceptable supporting Hillary is unacceptable having a swastika tattoo should be illegal. It's not freedom of expression. It's hate speech. That's one of the reasons. I've always really liked Julian Edelman, even though I'm not big football fan because seeing a young person who was so proudly Jewish and also like he didn't grow up religious. He's talked about a lot of time embrace it until way later in life and to be from a place where your football team is owned by a Jewish man, and then to have a Jewish football player playing for Jewish football team owner seeing yourself represented make such a huge difference like seeing somebody out there who's repping your people. It's such a sense of Pride it always has been it was the same way when Kevin Youkilis and Gabe kapler played for the Red Sox and then Craig Breslow the same way like Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax were always talked about in my family home. Have Ryan Lavarnway who we had on a couple of weeks ago, like seeing those people represent. Your people is such a huge sense of Pride, especially from like a small religion like Judaism and a people that is so hated around the world. It makes you feel safe to see yourself represented by these people and especially with Julian Edelman because he has spoken out so many times about being pro-israel and being proudly Jewish and like wearing clothes in honor of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in 2018. I covered the Patriots right after that happened and Julian War the World Baseball Classic hat from the Israeli National Team he and I asked him about it and he just gave me in my crease of pretty brief answer but just to see him making those gestures even post game in the room when he knows he's going to be on T. And yeah, there's very high everywhere wearing that hat. So in 2018, he honored the Pittsburgh shooting and then in 2019, his cleats were for team Israel baseball cuz he's dead. The Olympic run and I mean that stuff just like it's stuff that I will always remember because it matters like seeing yourself represented by somebody of your own faith it matters and I will always be a Julian Edelman fan because of that. He puts a positive face to the Jewish people and we don't have a lot of those like, I know I told you about that funny like jokes scene from airplane with the tiny Leaf Life famous Jewish athletes a lot of famous Jewish people are famous for bad reasons like Bernie Madoff. So having someone like Julian Edelman like a Super Bowl champion amazing football player having people like him. It's important because it puts a good face to our name like to have him make that offer to DeSean Jackson to be like, I'll take you to the Holocaust Museum in D C and then you'll take me to the Museum of African American history in DC that was so powerful to me because he could have been so mad online like he could have gotten so pissed off there have been days this week that I've gotten so pissed off about this stuff off. But what Julian Edelman did was so much more productive with his large platform taking the time to sit down and think about what he wanted to say and extend such a generous offer in the face of a really upsetting situation. He took the time to say that instead and I think it was perfect and and so important and I really hope that they take the opportunity to Embark our experience together and maybe DeSean Jackson even reaches out to Steven Jackson and says, dude, you know what I was wrong. You shouldn't be supporting me. Yeah stuff like that. I'm reaching out to each other trying to see other people's experiences and their perspective. That's what's going to make the difference. Ultimately we've been talking about this since this issue of racial inequality really became the headline Topic in America and we've been talking about this forever with the girl the game podcast, you know, it's what we're trying to do in, Georgia. At those diverse voices Amplified so that we can all understand each other a little better, right? Yeah before we end I just want to give a shout out to one of our former guests come out often because his boss photos of Jaylen Brown were featured in the special slam issue that Carmelo Anthony guest edited last week not a big deal. So proud and honored that is our gas and if you missed that episode, it'll be my one of my favorite episodes we did forever because come out was such a joy to talk to and now he's in Slam with his photos and the issue Faith Bill Russell Oscar Robertson Spencer Haywood, Steven Jackson interestingly enough Kareem, obviously just so many amazing faces and now come at 2. So that's amazing. But yeah, I think that's a good place for us to end this week because honestly, like I am drained like talking about this stuff and thinking about this stuff like I wasn't alive when all of this stuff was happening wage. See Germany, but it has been a part of my existence my entire life like we learn about it in school. We have Holocaust Remembrance Day every spring. I've been to the Holocaust museums in D C. And is that all at least 5 times and it's a trauma that is part of being a Jewish person and it's exhausting and like to deal with it in this context to see it in like a current context. She said of in a historical context is honestly traumatizing this world just needs to figure itself out because this stuff is unacceptable and we will all end up destroying each other if we go down this page. That's awesome. I got nothing left in the tank. So that's our show that was definitely a lot to sift through. So we appreciate you guys sticking around to Dish it all out with life as always. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram at girl at the game. So you don't miss our next episode. Be sure to subscribe and download our podcast on libsyn wage. To fi and apple and with that I'm going to go eat some ice cream and we will send you into this weekend with one of my all-time favorite songs Let Me Love You by Mario. Have a great weekend guys by everyone. Thursday

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