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Zero seven ninety the ticket he weighs in on a contract each Euro Suzuki signed with the Seattle mariners I I am speechless by that contract July two thousand seven then Florida Marlins team President David Samson is asked a question during his regular segment on the Dan Le Batard show on the president of baseball operations for the Astros said quote we have a zero tolerance for domestic violence and violence looted to an assistant GM for the Houston Astros reportedly went to a bunch of female reporters and said so glad we got started cursing five years there's no way before them moment David Samson was always considered as someone who might say anything at anytime after that he became a lightning Rod Astros was quite shocking and then they walked it back but they haven't really apologize to the journalists in question yet who they essentially called Liar's with houses with Champagne I've been despondent clubhouses where there's been tragedy I've been in clubhouses where the issues pame like they're so insanely large but in fact the domestic violence policy of Major League baseball however we're going to give it a second chance to Osuna that was back at the time of the trade after he had all salmon it has put the sea in cluster it has been a misstep from minute one so let's breakdown interesting polarizing figure in the world of baseball and he joins us here on the local hour every week it's Thursday October twenty fourth I'm Mike Ryan WanNa this is the pitcher Roberta Roberto Osuna was traded for by the Astros and this all started don't forget when Jeff Lunar is there not pitching well they're not hitting well and they're not getting great news off the field with distractions other than that it's been a perfect series for the Astros taking these reporters who everytime Osuna check in one of the reporters would put out a hotline for anyone who was experiencing domestic abuse news and it seemed as though is a direct shot at those who are critical of the astros acquiring Zuno who was suspended I believe seventy five games for domestic abuse the initial denial from the esteem desperate to win this series they're doing little things that helped win games and the Astros are doing big things that guarantee losing games they're not playing defense and this is the local reminded me of the two thousand three marlins these nationals of two thousand nineteen I'm so glad we got bleeping Osuna in a game in which I believe he gave up two runs and it seemed as though to those around that situation that he was sort of taught in two zero nothing I I hope you're on Dan it's unbelievable you know what everybody gets what they deserve and I guess maybe that'll be they only matter to certain people in a small niche so I've been a part of all of it but domestic violence and the fact that Hosanna Osuna not Marcello Zoo it's now a former marlins team president he now hosts a podcast called nothing personal with David Samson I actually really want to get into that off-field distraction that you basically take part in domestic violence participate in it but yet everyone lives happily ever after he blows to save Osuna in game six against the he's seen that went wrong for starters and assistant general manager taunting and yelling at a report it's unheard of I've been in clubhouses I've been in celebration clubs live to seventy five games but life went on Justin verlander was very public sane I don't like steroids I don't let you spas and I don't like people who who luxury tax money and more revenue money will have to give but signing I'm sure can't be true there's no way they gave twenty million a year to each your at his age talking in the acquisition criticizing them every step of the way so this was a premeditated tweet meditated sort of attack impose they said the guy who's around the clubhouse he's got a job to do that sort of logistics nature he's a part of the analytics part of of making decisions on the baseball cy and then the astros denied it then they denied it then they did a statement and they had to another statement and then MLB is investigating it's a nightmare causing ripples that they didn't even realize what happened but once the ship sails you can never get the toothpaste back in the tube if I could mix it gives up a home run to lemay you but then now too may hits a home run and they win the series why is the assistant GM yes they're gonNA stand where he is on the ready I would have had to a fired an and I've loved my sister GM's over the years that that is inexcusable intolerable and what is he doing yelling at a female reporter to start with well here's the backstory guys this female reporter has been on the Astros scene written by a crisis pr firm when the assistant GM released his statement unbelievable so I think you let them go during now that day during the series focus off the field for the world series this is a lot like the China tweet if I can say it's two totally different issues but this is someone who is was going on before the game in the clubhouse like what was everybody talking about and that's leading to the national taking a two Oh series lead right now I couldn't agree with you more let's not make a mistake the national immediate termination and I probably argue for cause and not pay him as the rest of his contract here's the problem of what caused it has taken not just the you mentioned the Marlins Oh three team winning the world series and you mentioned being part of Champagne celebrations I'm just curious you're like what memories stick out the most from that Oh three champagne jealous of them because I'm not in them I can't stand the goggles I can't stand the protection of the is the most exciting part that I remember about the celebration by your family by your parents it's everywhere who is this Brandon Taubman guy because all the families have never heard of him at all he's an assistant GM and in celebration who's the craziest on those marlins teams when you guys were doing that There guy I mean Josh Beckett after game six I mean he he can he had a force you've got to fire this guy right now not suspend them not apologize for him not allowed to make a statement that may have been the worst statement I've ever it's just sort of a confluence of events that has led to this narrative and there's no way to escape it now unless they find a way to win for the next five games listen distractions don't make you miss a ball if you're bregman committed error they don't make you hang a slider they don't make you not get hit with runners in scoring position you are totally right but show people that it's not about baseball this is about doing what's right but they didn't do it they missed the chance with all that being said and how do they go forward with this is this gonNa cost that assists in general manager's job it's a fair question it should as the burning feeling in my eyes that didn't go away and you can't see but you can just realize and feel that pain but it's glory and blinders for his players in Chicago but it doesn't work because you're reading everything you're being asked about it by members of the media you're being asked about it at home by your wife drink beer I mean let's just say I mean he can do it and he was so happy and so young and I think I think he was twenty three years old but to me he was Chore Player we counted on who brought us a world series victory and we're shock any beers and and pouring champagne I don't like the celebrations a distraction for baseball in general bad look for MLB during the world series I don't believe that this is something that's actually impacting the results of the game right like vert landers not thinking about that when he's on the mound it's just additive there is there is something that happens in a club house when they're outside distractions this is real where we're keeps add teams and you play okay against the good teams that's the formula it's the bad mediocre teams that occasionally beat the good teams and make you think yourself wow what do you think about this honey and what would you do baby those are all being asked of the players so this is real I guess my larger point is is our outplaying the Astros I'm merely explaining why my view the Astros look like an eighty win team not one hundred seven win team and the distractions are a factor we'd be better 'cause we can beat good teams know the real way to measure is what you do against bad teams the nationals are doing all those things in the dugout and have like little what we're doing forget sign and so yet he would remember twenty handshakes with twenty different guys that had fourteen or fifteen different it's pain it's as though you're prodigy Ahmadi and billions and you like being with Tim Reynolds of the put this stat on my radar curious and I don't want I don't think that they should take away from what the nationals are doing because for lander gets into the seventh inning yesterday and it's a tie game you know like it's not like at the seventh inning all of a sudden he's like wait what frustrating and it only is cool when you're winning when losing teams I don't like celebrating like the Maldonado home run last night when you're down kitschy things at take on a life of their own with their fans whether it's a sunglasses or the baby shark why does what is certain winning teams have these things yells am during games steel Hit and run like we yell at him what the play was so the defense would no but it's the only way that he would ever wins and leagues it's all arbitrary right I think the nationals are in this position just because they got to play the marlins more than everybody else because their teams think about it and if it's not the ninth inning and move along it's like celebrating a touchdown with a photo in the end zone when you're down by twenty eight with five minutes left in the fourth you had the division with the royals and the and the white sox where you're losing both teams losing a hundred they may have had three horrible teams in that division there were so many bad teams order I just don't get it you mentioned signs and you got me thinking now like everyone assumes that Major League teams have the the most complicated you know indepth sign kneecaps that none of that matters what you tell the player is all you're looking for is when he looked for him to touch his hat that are difficult to read and I'm curious if that's true and how simple like how amazed we might be to figure out how simple sometime signs could be you would lose your let has these kitschy little things actually it's pretty much every team there's all of you know like twenty-five guide twenty five handshakes and we would always say how's it possible made so you can't steal signs when the catchers putting down all those fingers very often it's very simple it's the second finger that and different depths that had to be taken I never really understood that and I would talk to him about its he'd say poppy poppy I don't know signs but he'd so it's very both that a player can like Luis Castillo when we had him who I loved great guy however he could never remember the signs he missed every sign where we actually just when he touches his hat the next thing he does is designed so that's the indicator all the other stuff is completely ridiculous and just been an awful team with one of these sticks the Marlins in two thousand twelve had the eye thing that they would do after like every hit that they'd get like the least thing and then they started trading away players who just kept fine how simple signs are so here's what happens the third base coach he is going through all sorts of things he's touching his army shoulders forehead he's touching his crotch and the great guy just he's a truly good person inside and out he's not full of it the way many people are and he just is the sign so they'll go through all those different things one three four to six wiggle wiggle wiggle and it's only it's too because it's the second number twelve to two or thirteen to two twelve to when you hit a home run to make twelve three to get yourself back to the dugout sit down put your catch and equipment back on end and you try to close the doors both literally and metaphorically you try to put headphones on your ears and blinders like Matt Nagy talked about earmuffs and any because I was very intrigued how a wealthy family that is full of dysfunction would play out on the screen and I wanted to know whether just aren't thinking about it they don't they don't remember what it is and that's how you see catchers get crossed up when pitchers myth sign and that's how you see players not run with it is taking up all of my time including middle of the nights and I watched an episode of I can't even tell you it's too much but the point is this three in the morning I can't stop so I need to talk about succession because it is it is true obsession of mine I started watching it from the it looks like Annabel Sanchez is in line for world series start coming up here next what do you make of his career I was surprised to find out he was still in the League and Dude So has pretty election eh let's get into your review for the week and I think for yet another week we're not reviewing movie is that right David I become obsessed now within Jane and they're supposed to or run run they're not supposed to it's it's a nightmare frustrated me for eighteen years I wanNA get into your review in a second but just real quick except as postseason you know yeah yeah no hitter for us as a rookie no six what a great rotation we had back then with Josh Johnson Annabel Sanchez and Dontrelle before chase is in the league and Scott Olsen is not well we need to do a pot on on just Scott Olsen alone but let's get into that we'll save that for another but into adulthood and it is written a perfectly perfectly acted brilliantly and what makes me angry as people are only are we traded him but you know it's a he's stuck around you went through some personal tragedy and and and got himself out of it and he's always had a great arm he always wanted to be accepted by parents and and family and never feeling accepted and how that manifests itself throughout the course of not just childhood your thoughts are the nationals went twenty nine nine against the phillies and Marlins and sixty four and sixty against everyone else and other up two games zero in the world series does his job he stoked throwing ninety two ninety three because he's got great mechanics and he's just built right you you know some players we're not shocked that ended up accession is now getting the love it deserves you've got to the finale of season two to date of all of my binging has been the best season with now because season two was even better than season one so they're late to the Party and acting like oh I've been watching it from the beginning when I know they haven't but I'm still happy stories or production and I was wrong or stars David Knell now there's the line is totally blurred now the biggest stars and Cinema Hell Meryl Streep is doing television it's incredible who says David Rose and I've worn out actually and he was raising money for glad and so I was glad to participate but no I've got listened or not I'd have any understanding or ability to relate to that not the part not the wealth part but the sort of lack of love part and and and the desired watch fleabag I I the quality I always made fun of TV and of these shows thinking that there's no way they could have movie quality writing force finale that I have seen as an episode with the single best scene of any show I've ever seen the or at least where we got to play the orioles and the juice father's time so that this was this was a tanking left and right every division that that that the that the cats are goes that we make it so easy it's like signed for dummy yet for whatever reason players so that's the whole point right that's what got me into I I was I made fun of people who watch big little lies with reese witherspoon and the Co Kidman and wow that is incredible prayed not hyperbole that there is one scene in the finale that's the single best scene of any TV show so you were listening to eat WSB podcasts and you're listening to an episode where Daniel Levy was talking about his thought process for his show and I was wondering if you watched the show wing it on other teams which was like even more confusing this year than the marlins have those glasses those black glasses that like I mean like the so the Marlins the marlins are the bad teams then Meryl Streep and then I watched it and realize my God this is my heaven it's like an eight hour movie so that view these I don't really like sort of and right now the nationals and this is the best record in baseball you gotTa beat the bad teams in sports if you're a good team you beat the except living with yourself which was twenty two minute episodes Shits Creek twenty two minute episodes where you just become part of that family I love stealing a part of the family and part of something feeling of being a part of that that family in that life and I felt that with succession on Sunday night when there was no new episode I felt sort of empty inside I want to get to one last thing with you here and this was put on my radar by a caller named will who was too busy to join us on the air but he's or if you just like the podcast listen to the process people go through I I'm obsessed with Shits Creek I actually for charity bought one of the shirts that Dan Levy wear front of me of every show I've binged from billions to Ozark and I have the higher lists and I'm currently living with yourself and I'm currently starting to what I don't know how the hell this movie got made I don't know why two thousand three was so different than today but the whole premise is matthew mcconaughey freaked out by this family of little people and they use politically incorrect terms and Gary Oldman is playing a little person and it's so I love these shows where I can just get grossed however it sets me up for tremendous disappointment when the shows end I feel sad I missed the characters I missed that I ever seen you've watched four shows at this point when did you make the switch TV by the way because like I saw you tweeted on October ninth I've been wanting to ask you about this for a couple of weeks ain't movie Oscar winner that I actually never heard of ever and I was not young I wasn't old this was right during the prime of my movie ruled by videos and by stories so I have learned like with legal research to triple check things so you send me the trailer I never heard of okay I just want you to watch this and it was a trailer for a movie from two thousand and three call tiptoes starring Matthew mcconaughey Cate Beck and sale and Gary Oldman Dwarf and all the things you can't say doesn't mean it's going to be a bad movie 'cause all of the old movies go back and watch Richard Pryor movies and gene wilder movies or by definition it's an hour and a half worth watching and Matthew mcconaughey hey no matter what floats your boat so I'm in and just because they refer to little people as midgets resor your thoughts on this trailer David Samson so I have now learned because I'm a little more active on social media that I can be is the lone regular sized person in his family a family full of little people and Kate Beckons sale is dating Matthew mcconaughey and she is all too on something that wasn't real I can't believe hey I've never heard of it 'cause I'm in love with Kate back in jail and I thought I've seen all of her stuff be Matthew McCarthy to make sure that you were not setting me up not that you'd ever set me up for anything Mike but I was trying to make sure you weren't sending me up to comment what are you doing that are you gonna go see it again because of four extra scenes I might I really enjoyed that the experience I wonder whether we will react differently of it I watched the trailer before the show today and I see Kate Beckons Dale who looks like that's actually her it looks like Matthew mcconaughey it looks like Peter Watching I'm GonNa see the movie because I love train wreck he can't be as bad as being reviewed because it has kicked back and still in it so Asian of it which was what the original writer and Creator had done and then the the people they fired him and then they brought in people to edit it and make it shorter sausages made I just texted you Ben Affleck's commentary on the Armageddon Dvd please enjoy that it's legendary David Samson we'll talk to you next week and it looks as the day was a big thing when they released DVD's they'd have like the deleted scenes and all that stuff and a lot of DVD's would come out with like commentary by the directors of the stars like talking over the movie would use it the old man with c Thomas Sowell there's so many movies they would never be made today that doesn't make them bad movies so there's actually David also a one hundred and fifty minutes uh-huh so I'm thinking this looks like a real trailer and I want to see this movie wait a minute this can't be a movie so I actually go on IMDB before we started down and watch that to kind of figure out what was going on or did you think that was just kind of gimmicky every single time I'm the guy who watched that vh one or whatever channel it was on with the I actually believe him it's very common it's like in music when there's a first right Bohemian rhapsody that's on everyone's said how can you have a song oh and Peter liked the long version and said that it was good and the short version is the one that was poorly received the long version was a work of art sweat too sweaty for the NFL even if he tells you it's just his name or whatever this place look haunted officials sweat protection of the NFL old spice sweat defense reminding you that rookie Montas sweat has brought sweating to the NFL which isn't cool but the sweat fighting power wants to cut it down that song wouldn't be as good it's definitely possible that longer cuts can be better but how about once upon a time in Hollywood has been released with four new scenes go to go to the theater and see it again it's just to see the four new scenes yes that's what that means Jesse can watch it in a theater in China apparently no of sweat defense spray definitely is he just knocked right in under old spices knows through their draft on TV not cool so this season don't forget that sweaty Monte we might have a world series that might be wrapped up by them although don't count out the Astros I don't know why why do you think it's going to be done by even if it goes maybe the guy loves seeing continuity issues I looked for continuity issues in movies I wanNa know what directors are thinking have seen their belt I don't mind learning how the Great Service with Geico you twenty four seven access to lighting agents Thank you creepy girls. I'm hoping that that report is false because there's no chance for the top of the line of the forget that there's no chance that anybody's worth that and each euro the WHO's lead his team a bold prediction by me money they'll do all right David later Stu gods here this brand to commercial segment has been brought to you by the double's video pop video yeah so my God always I'm always interested in behind the scenes I always read the goof section of I m d to The movies seen it a second time I didn't occur to me that's not a movie you see twice in my opinion so but now I have to because i WanNa know what sports are David do you like I think so too creepy girls stay with that truly frightening Michigan a guy seven it's done by David Samson is the world series done by next week but the next time I speak would be Wednesday so definitely no game Thursday sleep in the car now at the Guy Go which today for twenty four seven access to licensed agents guys basketball the basketball is packed all right so let's get into the story of the day last night which was shocking news before the tip a couple of hours before the tip off Jimmy Butler money is an immense achievement and it looks as though the Miami Heat might have some young attractive pieces to be able to net a malcontent superstar fire a lot of players look good Chris Sova was a bit of a revelation and all of a sudden the Miami Heat have built up these young assets do not sneeze Ah Kendrick Nunn when as you saw the Philadelphia Seventy sixers it took them a long time to dig themselves out of that muck and that process and even though they have it doesn't play Miami Heat struggle against what is supposed to be a a Memphis Grizzlies team that is changing its identity had their bad they have John Moran Hi it's one point game Eric Reed referred to the backward of Tyler hero and Kendrick Nunn as milk and cookies back court not sure why bureau started for Butler it appears this guy is going to be a starter on this theme which is insane and people like to I know there's been all that criticism in the past about the heat you know what was more impressive to me other obviously the twenty seven seven and seven for justice that's a great stat line that's not gonNA happen every night just his the way he owned and we as fans we tend to overvalue some of these young players but it's really exciting and it is a true testament to this franchise to be able to find they were all in the fourth quarter Christova like bald when it was the most making impact play and Kendrick Nunn here's the thing about Kendrick Nunn if you go off of I'm Ben Simmons to show for it they were a lot of failures along the way for the Miami Heat come away with a player that in his first NBA game just rolls out of bed and gives you start he looks like a talent that teams would tank for and the Miami Heat did that without tanking I know we buy into heat cold he's doesn't play in the game due to personal reasons we won't get into that those are personal there's all sorts of conjecture online I don't know what's real and what's not Jimmy what he did in Summer League what he did in the preseason with forty point game and his whole home effort last night that was just casual twenty in my first ever end the game and either way the Miami he I'm sorry I'm getting emotional to last night the Miami Heat cruise to victory against the Memphis Grizzlies despite not having their best they have some good young players but it's obviously going to be a struggle for the Memphis Grizzlies here and Miami got off to not necessarily slow start but they plateau hoping young guys they're not draft pick is they want proven veterans. This is a team now like with tyler hero I mean who knows if Chris Civil be sustainable but you know eight and six off the bench the Kendrick Nunn had a forty point game they might be onto something with us none Kendrick non was it was going to start last night everyone thought he was starting for Butler no tyler at Kendrick Nunn putting up twenty in his first game like everyone the fanfare goes tyler hero and you know what to a large degree he deserved that because of the preseason he had eighteen eighteen to one run in the fourth quarter it was really fun game to watch especially the end justice winslow puts up a really good stat line none a superpower in that second quarter and it looked as though here comes another bad home loss to a bad side and the Miami Heat absolutely turn it on going insane that game last night obviously it might be a little different dynamic when Jimmy's there but like as billion I were saying when we were at media day he's walking around that place like he's the guy he's the one that's I just feel like he's going to have a monster season just from being a leader he's taking that the bull by the horns they would say yeah he was very young when he broke into the League and People Forget spoke to the team because they have introduced last for some reason they have everyone like no player talked to fans the first game of every season and he was the one that spoke it's just the essential miss a year so this is a natural progression of a player now he's still needs to work on the touch around the rim he's still getting to the rim and he's still not making these layups the three point I think it was in the second or third quarter where there was tyler hero dribbling the ball down the court and he just dribbled down the court went to the right and just shut point shooting even though he was like Oh for during the preseason he's developed his three point shot into a shot that actually has a decent form and he's been dependable three point shooter in the league surprising probably best suited as a scoring big man off the bench in Games that you just need that added punch he's committed himself to play in defense and he's committed he's done all the AH pretty bad three and it didn't go in they got a rebound in a fast break and on and they got a quick layup and as the ball went in Meyers Leonard grab the ball and I- rewind this and he had his moments but I've watched Meyers Leonard plenty he's not a good defensive player he's GonNa be able to come off the bench even though he started last night I think is things in terms of culture he's in at three thirty. Am Jimmy Butler in the gym. That's all finding Dandy he's got tape out there but I do like Meyers Leonard He's a captivating personality only so one one of the more interesting parts of the game for me because my Meyers Leonard didn't play particularly foul trouble it wasn't very productive at all and there was a down the court chucking up at three it was really just an isolated incident I'm not saying it's turning into this big deep it was just an interesting I think Myers Meyers Leonard is going to have his moments in the postseason outside of the fact that we have now young assets that are attractive here seemingly overnight that they just like you lose Josh Richardson who watch it 'cause I was like did he just do that and he's grabbed the ball he's like past the bleeping ball and got caught on the Mike just a a moment of frustration with the rookie of you're just dribble but I wouldn't expect him to be one of your go-to storylines exalt funny tweet about him I'm not sure it might have been are women that said I'm not sure if four man they all got their deals I saw his whiteside struggle against Yo- kitchen he was just putting up decent counting sats a nice little home l. for Hassan whiteside I think yesterday my biggest takeaway line thirty three of thirty nine from the free throw line for this team that is bonkers considering what we've seen over the last few years that is a huge Meyers Leonard is a poor man's Kelly clinic or whether Kelley Olympic is a poor man's Meyers Leonard Kelly Olympic is a very rich man in his Meyers Leonard everyone might make the assumption that Meyers Leonard in a sound clip of from his press conference postgame man I was a guy I feel that was a pro Josh Richardson Guy not anymore he was asked about last night's game name eventually if you feel like this team can take that next step up but my main takeaway outside of that was addition by subtraction thirty three from from the is this bargain contract and he might one day take somebody for big money he already did that well it's not about the money that's just the same I understand the neither is good enough to acquire Jim Jimmy Butler is he I don't know and now all of a sudden he's being talked up because this is a seventy six or whatever you have really young attractive cheap been leaning on that word captivating a little bit too much to try to eliminate let me find a synonym he's been an interesting personality him and his wife he's GonNa have his moments he's he's a fun guy contracts that you can pair next to superstars or ship off for some superstars and even including justice winslow in in that group that can maybe net you a big time orange level were always packed come tip off time and the lower level there's just a lot to do in that arena and there's just general Miami time but it's a fair shake and the crowd and this is what he had to say the playoff atmosphere you know just there on time I'll agree up in the right direction for this team and it's going to help win them a lot of game also just winning that game last yeah that's the type of game that they have given away in years past speaking of Josh Richardson I put did a lot of negative things and brought about a lot of negative energy he's a wasted talent I'm very disappointed for what his career turned out to be because I feel like if that guy was the past you don't dislike teams I mean not as much no I I don't know I just I feel like I've grown the same people because they're going to end up on your team like like Nick Johnson when he was on the Marlins I was like I didn't like Nick Johnson but now I'm cheering for Nick Johnson because he's on the marlins criticism but why why are you doing it like a further ingratiate yourself stories of a fan base your new player over there that's a type of stuff like Phil Philadelphia a team you have to take a shot at the old team it's going to be a fun rivalry I think this year between the sixers and the Miami Heat is going to be up for it I believe what do you mean you don't yes I mean they've accomplished like more than the he'd have no they haven't no actual misnomer they've never experienced pass game seven of the conference semifinals which Josh Richardson did Simmons hasn't made a three in his entire career they talk a lot of nonsense they're fans the war Joel embiid been in the League now what are we going on five six years now committed to doing the right things you could turn into an really exceptional player and it's just frustrating for me to to watch him I wanted to root for not root for because they're in the same about them like don't worry about his son you are you going to be holding a grudge against the song for his on Hon son I I believe to be unprofessional during his time down here and he the town I mean rich people are in the lower bowl that upper bowl is always fair it's very fair as a season ticket holder the upper decks three hundred level the baseball in sports now you're on Jimmy two years look at Jimmy Jimmy Butler was never wear he disliked Jimmy Butler immensely when he was Chicago L. and beaten if Joel embiid Joel embiid were on my team I think I love him I don't think they've accomplished enough to act like they have some sort of bravado for Christ sakes up you look in the mirror and you start to realize you're going thin up top to out of every three guys are going to start losing their hair by the age of thirty five thirty five you're still a young dude at that conference but I liked Josh Richardson I still do I'm not gonNa say hate him now but it's just I just was like why not you Assan already did that we got shooters thing like I guess it's just the thing you have to do when you I don't know crap about winning stop telling me that you know about winning up your entire culture is based on tanking you losers word but you didn't ask everybody plays on every team you're on a team for two seasons then you're on another team so like you can't even really hate better than Miami Heat your losers you've never won anything as long as I've been alive you have three titles for your name that's how many titles heat franchises had since two thousand and six right so you're gonNA start losing your hair then think about a year from now it's all gone in everybody used to think as soon as you start losing your hair that's it it's genetics it's father time and there's nothing you did I hate baseball team like the Phillies I hate I was yelling so yeah Jimmy Rollins Ryan Howard I told you that I saw I saw one time on a flight Shane Victorino and I walked past I don't feel like I watched the game last night I don't feel like you're going to be passionately disliking any teams I just gotTa Gibb did you hate any baseball teams can do about it well guess what that's wrong for him dot com is a one stop shop or hair loss skin care and sexual wellness for men prescription solutions backed by science written in a way where it's just like you know they're just people and like teams aren't the way they used to be not that like you know when I was watching as a younger person was like the seventies and it was like you know Larry aw but he's a guy that I like having all my team any saying all the right things all just like Josh Richards that's see that's what I'm saying yeah you're not pointing out some hypocrisy I guess you are no dot com slash espn it's interesting we're talking in the last segment about like the spectrum and fans have been would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy so go to four hymns dot com slash ESPN that's F. 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Yeah I'm just saying I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa hate the seventy sixers I dislike them and their fans I just like the end uh-huh they were on time just keep I I know he didn't say our name but keep our name out your mouth I mean there's only one teams played for and that's a fair shot that ship and he he's winning so many points I mean everyone loves that Jimmy Butler came in and he took a shot of Philadelphians about how great he'd fans are you'd be all that too art great but it is an easy shot so to to Billy's point I'm not looking too much into that I'm I'M NOT GONNA get upset over the doctor delivered to your door thanks to science baldness can be optional good a four hymns dot com slash espn right now get started for just five bucks while supplies last she is prescription process required online physician consultation and only available if the physician determined prescriptions appropriate see website for full details and safety information one of the scariest things that can happen to a guy that first morning started backing me up the seventy sixers I will give their their twitter fan base some credit they are many they are legion they're stupid because they're just even though I have nothing to do with the outcome it's all very silly and stupid it's sports it's fun it's a nice little vacation from the this guy yeah yeah I'm sky high and yet it's a little lame especially when you tap into professional sports about it because like billy said they're changing teams acking in self-awareness but they are passionate they're really good fans and even though they're lacking self awareness it should be really fun and you know I like adding some try to do this last week and like no one on the heat fan base joined you in this quest to let go against the seventy sixers I was disappointed by the turn up but they they have a capitalistic venture but I like it I like disliking teams I like my team getting over on them being able to have the last laugh and I wanted to say what's up and then like teenage me came back like you can't say what's up to Shane Victory Tom that you liked seeing him play competed Shane Victorino yeah because I did hey chain but that's something that you've left his rookie year with the Miami Heat so they haven't accomplished shit look at and neither have their found fans around here talking as if they're one of these legacy franchises that's why pay money to go to these games that's why I worked myself up that's why I'm devastated when the University of Miami loses a Florida because if we beat the University of Florida is in the middle because like I was very anti Joshua Johnson in that in that last segment I said some things I don't really feel it though I kind of say things that don't actually feel like I'm in the middle here back and forth I'm like the ball our podcast we have to eat hives Kazak words but didn't you drive admitted that we hold on which sites and now we're on the ESPN APP and all of that good stuff once we switch that like certain players lost like position distinctions yeah so ask we We had an issue which I discussed yesterday where we we switched sites after the draft for some reason odd yeah red flag once we sausages I fighting with people I don't like fighting with people in general I liked fighting fake fighting over sports like that Shit's fund him yeah why Schnell towards other fan bases billy's kind of in the camp of these guys are people just don't yeah right I hate them it's a seven well no Graham went six seven I watched that entire game let me tell you something Terry Rozier if there was ever a game in which you should have gone off it was the first game on I became an issue so then somehow we've now added positions to like everybody's roster I guess to make up for that to everybody got two more spots and then Edwin Bacon get twenty two points here's the thing shenanigans are already afoot in my fantasy leave shocker with my commissioner who's my cousin have gone poorly uh I don't know if you guys can tell I had action last night I had the Hornets and that teams just going to be so bad that might be the worst team in the league but for one night one magical night rules of everyday life and sixers fans they're just passionate losers yeah should I pick up doing bacon no no there's no way he goes aren't they grams numbers to Devante Graham was like Michael Jordan in the clutch he was there closer and PJ Washington I think it's PJ Washington either way this who the hell are these guys and they were just going nuts erase ten point deficit against I don't know why the Chicago Bulls are favored over anyone here's a it says nine like I have no idea what the hell's going on in my fantasy league and because I didn't go on right at six o'clock to join this free fall of just grabbing free agents with like no order snipe because they hit a franchise record for threes and Bacon was wall and bombs away this guy PJ Garrett Dude I don't WanNa get him part of the League at nine o'clock at night and I'm like how this works out this person's not even in the league and like I haven't made my ads because we were supposed to have like three ads per week have guys out but yeah it was oh you know who I didn't miss last night James Johnson and dion waiters dion you played yourself waiters I don't think it's going to get oh this we had Jimmy Butler on the show I booked him through a company I won't say their name and they were like sick Tobac- no questions I was like that's not something that we do and I I never agree to that condition on the front end and they didn't tell me that there were things off topic and Dan like wanted to delve in anytime if the suspension ever ends because he got he got wally pipped by none that would have been moment last night you would have thought in in theory awful team where he could Dr- Jack up a million shots I've called you the worst player in the NBA and you did not disappoint last night my friend you were awful his last name's Baker show yelled at by this company that didn't tell me any of the conditions and then just started making up lies and you couldn't ask him about that I'm like you never told me that's not how I roll I know that cassette poorly but it's early well no no six o'clock last night oh so that was going through like the group like chatter whatever and I see that they're still a member that's not there's some reason no one could add or drop or do anything until like six o'clock which was just everybody went on waivers as you started no waivers another thing so there's a free for all at six o'clock I'm looking at someone named Dwayne Bacon to add to my team because I have two spots on my roster that I didn't think I was going to have let me tell you something that Hornets team is so bad I know they won last as a rookie and he I think he made seven threes it was an insane game with a bunch of guys I had no idea existed in the league that was kind of like that for the grizzlies they had a couple of guys coming into the season butlers out yeah the guy thank God thank God we didn't have him in his shot selection in that game but Jimmy Butler our show will ever be friends with him just because of that baggage it's unfortunate you guys would have gotten away with interviewing him and Media Day I don't think Jimmy Butler remembers US Dwayne Bacon is it Twain Bacon Dwayne Bacon but what if Twain begins the real deal I don't think he's the real deal I dunno Devante Graham was at look at the it was on the air yeah whatever it was I think the breakfast people are gonna be scheduling him in the future yeah but I wish understood he's got he's got a pretty crazy upbringing Jimmy Butler that he doesn't like talking about allies we've learned on our show as we've learned yeah so the listeners made I'm excited for look it's been it's no lie football season in this has been disastrous the Miami hurricanes super disappointing the Miami Dolphins I guess not really way and I hope that his personal issues aren't anything major because Milwaukee Saturday night that's GonNa be fun game all in all I was about to say I'm just excited for this you should be really dance misunderstood I feel like GM misunderstood to to be honest you feel that way about an interview him though immediate why did a lot of research before and I was reading about him like I feel like he's missing is a fire design Yeah Valeri Beret Valeri Pavel Barry's brother he married Dj from dollars is blurry it's been Larry we had a good relationship because he's very interesting and he does have like a a really rough upbringing he's private about an understandably so and that that's his deal but he does seem to have come along onto Jimmy Butler passed and they really upset by it and the interviewed in and go well Jimmy Butler wasn't didn't find his personality and he wasn't really feeling and I got yeah but Pavel Bury the Russian rocket had a brother who also played for the Florida Panthers which was weird because we acquired Valeri Berry like I think like days after we traded Pavel this short interview and it was like a cereal or something I feel like I was trying not to say the company a company I said a product series a product I mean there's only four companies put out cereal. Well whatever he was I mean got sorry and we'll see where this season ends up but there's plenty reasons to get excited and Florida panthers have taken six points from their last six games next Roy got Calgary Calgary flames walls were not really helping them but the panthers right now if the Playoffs Word Sartre the Florida panthers would be any how that five points out after she had walked away you just signed up Valerie Beret which is always so you interacted with her I did without I didn't know till afterwards wow yeah I've had other reports out at us we would be a wildcard team ice cats growl Roy have an idea you think I feel like the Calgary flames from that one interview I hope I hope not I feel like we've both grown since then to definitely on us he might remember when he might know it was the prize acquisition of this franchise but Jay but personal reasons absent from yesterday's tip-off against the Memphis Grizzlies unheard of but admit like we who was a mason that came out for the he there was a time where Mason and like civil on the corner I'm like what is this. Dj Tanner Yeah sh DJ. Tanner came into in city plantation to sign her kid up for a little league sports when I was like you know doing community service hours this boy because mission accomplished so far Tankan for two but Florida Panthers and the Miami Heat are playing really well right now Miami Heat just the Florida Panthers are starting I I'm happy with what we saw on the defensive end because I was a little worried with some of the defensive efforts why did we sign but Brodsky if we're just GONNA be giving up this many they have like an alternate jersey that's just a fire Emoji and I feel like it's really really well technically their logo is a flame did you ever watch telenovelas when you were little I watched not look religiously ahead a couple that my family would watch and I'd like get in on there was one oh but these viramontes saying yeah they have an Alternate Jersey that it's just the fire Emoji and I feel like that'd be one of the highest selling hockey jerseys ever you know they used to have Alternate Jersey surprised that she grew up to be very attractive woman I didn't recognize her so this isn't a teenager that I saw on television I was told working that and I was like the tanner leader you met DJ. I mean it was I didn't say anything to her it was just one of those things where she looked at now you're all used to the way she looks but at the time everyone was that with like a Spanish soap star people like I didn't know who was back in my first secret days comedy like buy things and from English speaking soap operas net Spanish soap operas have an end date so like series the last two seasons Max and then like they just or like like the intention was like it would've been so cool if we had the beret brothers but we're like now it's in Baretta the Rangers so we never got that moment put Valeri Mary and like the older

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