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So j. r leprechaun's marvel standby or are they strictly an x. Book thing good question miles while leprechauns have made most of their appearance is an excellent Jason stories they actually predate mutants on the pages of marvel comics. Whoa so did the fantastic four fight them spiderman remarkably. They have been around for longer than either of those although they did debut in the same series. Aspire ed so amazing fantasy and know the title actually changed to mazing fantasy with number fifteen the issue where spider man debuted exactly and before that it was marvel comics presents. Amazing adult fantasy cool. What i'm jay edited milestone six and we are here to explain the x. men because it's about time someone did welcome to episode three hundred eighteen of j. and miles explain the x. Men were we. Walk you through the ins the outs and the right cons of comics greatest superhero soap-opera and to paraphrase the title of the old podcast of our first producer. Welcome to this whole thing. Yeah yeah. I am upset about leprechauns but not for the reasons you'd think right Okay i mean. I is going to be a mass. I already know it is and hopefully it will be an entertaining mess. But here's the deal. Listeners are wonderful lovely listeners. This is the generation x. Arc that involves cassidy keep you know like the castle the banshee is from The one with the leper one with a leprechaun's and this is an archaic features. A whole bunch of fantasy creatures. Some of whom may or may not be those leprechauns and it is ambiguous for the entire story and jay and i have been gradually losing our minds trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this arc. It's bad y'all it's real bad. I mean we are we are. We are slight this. This is our supervillain origin story. This is our slow slide into absolute disconnect from reality by which loosely next than continuity. Yeah there there's that i mean okay. We'll get to it and you know some of the stuff in here is good. The first issue will be covering. I think is a great issue. They're great things in the. Maybe leprechaun may be not leprechaun arc. But wow we are. We are challenged by the work. We have chosen this day. Jay could have ever would have thought it would have been the leprechauns that finally broke us. Like really figured it would be onslaught. I used to love leprechauns. Maybe i still do. I don't even know so. I feel like we should. Maybe maybe discussed the leprechaun's briefly before we talk about generation x because we have we have talked about the leprechauns cassidy keep before on the show in fact in an episode. Titled the leprechauns of cassidy keep. It was a fairly early episode. Because the leprechauns first made their appearance in uncanny x men number one hundred and three way way way back. Immediately after the phoenix like was phoenix. Saga leprechaun's there is a lot going on in bronze age. Men like a lot a lot mostly though leprechaun's there's not really much to say about the leprechauns like there are the families who hang out and cassidy keep and their leprechauns and they seem pretty cool and they get along really well with a mino- donal the senate of cassidy keep who's like a dude. I think we just summed up everything about the leprechauns. Well i guess there was that one time that they told the readers for the first time wolverines name was also the other x men. That's true. Yeah that's where we all found out that will ring was named logan thanks. Leprechaun's yeah they they were they were. They were there. It was it was pretty goofy story. Arc it was clean. You know they live in cassidy key. They have for centuries been the responsibility of the cassidy family. Cassie family protects them a handle a lot of the day to day running of things that the keep and weirdly in that capacity the leprechauns actually represent one of the more straightforward. Bits of weird action continuity. Is it weird. That i find so much comfort. In that fact well. I did did find comfort in that fact until we got to this arc of generation x. But now that we've established the leprechauns back story. Let's talk about the book that we're gonna be discussing today the team that's on it. Okay right so after. The original x men and the new mutants generation acts is the third set of mutant teenagers to be routinely put into danger while being theoretically educated the teams headmaster and headmistress our son kathy that's banshee formerly at the accident and interpol and emma frost. The white queen formerly of the villainous organization the hellfire club so aside from the headmaster and headmistress who's in the class slash on the team. Well quite a few people actually a couple of them we know from before the team was even formed right. The first among those is of course jubilation lead jubilee. Scott firework power. She talks a lot about. How did things back when she was on the x. Men and she. I hooked up with marvel's mary meetings back in their australia days. We also have cannonballs kid. Sister page guthrie. She is husk. She has the awesomely gross power of ripping her skin off to have different various kinds of other super powered skin underneath and she also takes her job very seriously. I think she's pretty sure she's the leader of this team. That definitely does not have a leader. Yup that that kind of some syrup well more of the team more members were found when the villainous outerspace teknor organic phalanx was making a habit of kidnapping young mutants. Who are these guys. Well we had angela spinoza skin. He's got prehensile extra skin and prehensile extra attitude can attitude to be prehensile. I'm going to go ahead and say can oh accepted. We've also got thomas sink. He can synchronize his aura with other stuff. And he's a nice kid and then there's monet's qua- 'em she's pretty much perfect including all of the superpowers. That i guess go along with perfection like telepathy and super strength and super intelligence in flight and stuff. Angie knows it. She also has a habit of occasionally doing childlike things and occasionally spacing out at this point in continuity. She's anywhere between one and three people. We'll get to that. It's very complicated. One could almost say it represents an entire family of cold opens. Oh i see what you did there. And and i'm glare natural real hard once. The school got started. A couple more teenager showed up if jonathan stars more chamber and chambers shoots psychic energy and unfortunately he blew off his upper chest in the lower half of his face. The first time his powers manifested. He's pretty gloomy in these days. Mostly communicate via telepathy by virtue of not having a mouth or vocal hordes lastly and not exactly a member of the class or the team. We have pennants. She's read and sharp and silent and mysterious and she just sort of showed up one day. She's she's in the class at this point to travels with them. So i'm gonna say that. She's she's officially part of generation x now left our heroes a drunken husk and try to kiss chamber. Who promptly got nervous. Sendak dental blew up the girls dormitory. So how do you kiss a guy with a continual. Sonic explosion where his lower jaw used to be like. I'm genuinely curious miles. You don't just have to kiss people on the mouth i mean. She was leaning in tortoise face. But maybe that was a fake out and then she was gonna go. And i don't know kiss him on the nipple or something i mean. I assume that she was just gonna kiss the area where his mouth would. Ordinarily have been which was covering the scarf. that's fair. i wonder what that feels like like. You see. He sort of has a chin shape underneath a scarf. But there's no chin under there isn't just sonically constructed. I mean the ninety s and sonic powers can basically do whatever so i guess it's like the platonic ideal of chin made manifest psychically under a scarf. Tinguely yeah anyway. That takes us to generation x number seven nights and bolts written by scott lob dole pencil by roger cruz eight by mark buckingham color by steve collado and lettered by richard stockings and craft. So how much covers have to do with the interior. Plot of comics varies wildly. And in this case the batali drawn cover which unfortunately is the only part of this you. The pathology refers to the best seen in the whole thing on the cover itself is such a good station of that scene. We see skin and sink holding up these power drills and they have these overfull tool belts on and ardian leader in the background pouring lemonade and hanging out with a random bunny because crisp shallow just loves drawing random little animals every freaking page or cover. The pa- cello does is just gold. And i just want to get lost in it. It's just inordinately charming. And i really wish he'd run this arc because i feel like he's the only artist who could have really pulled it off. Who was working in comics. This point scotty. Young could have. But i don't know if i mean he was yes. He's older than us so he was. He was definitely born by point. But i i don't know if he was. He was old enough to actually be drawing comic books yet or no life l. Started pretty young and other. Some other artists started pretty young too so hard to say. Anyway this issue starts by foreshadowing not this coming arc. But the next one which is about shaun cassidy's history with omega red and the result of that opening. Is the vague over. Lying implication. that omega red is somehow responsible for the shit that goes down in this arc which she is definitely not down just imagining. A bunch of stereotypical lucky charms leprechauns but with mutant death factors and big creepy tentacles. Coming out of their arms. I feel like a story involving. Both omega red and leprechauns would be very x. Men it really really would. But what i want to talk about. Here is that since d. Dream of the bench having that the issue opens with is a flashback. We can see ban. She's amazing ponytail that he apparently had back when he was in triple. And what. I can. Only assume was like the sixties. Do you think that he was hired to interpol for that ponytail. Maybe i mean. I think it's actually his ponytail. That has the badge and the license. He's just. There is a chauffeur for it makes sense to me. I do wish she kept his ponytail though. I mean he hung out with four july back in the day and they could have been ponytail buddies. Maybe that was why he didn't keep it. Maybe it was out of respect for new generation of leaders. Okay gotcha like he didn't wanna you know steal forest pony south under and he wanted to make space for new ponytail styles to come in for for people to really establish their own their own ponytailed signature. Looks but i feel like four already. Had so much signature. Look going on. Do you remember those tiny tiny shorts used to wear benching shorts tiny at least not outside of various extremely kinky scenes with myra trying to remember now whether we've ever seen banshee and tiny shorts i bet we have. I bet we're going to in this series. If we haven't that's that's very likely Anyway let's get most of that stuff for now. Although i do appreciate that. Emma frost who is staying in bantry placed in. She gave her place up. Two girls who lost their dormitory gets really annoyed. The banshee is dreaming so loudly and yells at him in his own dream. Yeah that's gotta be really frustrating for telepathic. Because no matter how good your control is i. Imagine there's there's a limit to how much you can prevent other people's dreams from seeping in. Is that something you have to train yourself to do. Or maybe i don't know we do know that games master who's an omni path. Essentially became super evil because he was so mad at hearing. Everyone's thoughts all the time. So maybe it's kinda like that in game masters defense. The majority of my thoughts suck lake. Most of what. I think is a name and terrible and wouldn't be interesting to an outsider. Because i mean most first of all most of it doesn't even conscious but most fitness is sort of the vagaries of moment to moment existence. There's that yeah and like other stuff. It's mostly suffer. Most people wouldn't care about like. I'm about evenly split between feeling really guilty over minor stuff. I did years ago and thinking a lot about how to use different sound formats to fix the audio dilan. My sound bar. Which i finally did but still see i'm thinking even more mundane terms like how much of your mind you can hear ev- everyone thoughts taken up with like constant litany of i think i kind of have to be but not really enough to justify getting up yet. This would explain why. Emma frost so salty to everybody right. I feel like we're getting a little bit off track. And the important part is that we're closer to leprechauns. Well let's talk about some of the other stuff in vis non leprechaun related issue. I all right We are going to skip the rest of the omega red stuff. Moma gerrad foreshadowing. We're going to talk about that some day in the ambiguous future now. This issue is a pretty quiet issue. It's basically a status quo. Return round robin check-in as the kids catch their breath after all of the gene nation stuff. That went down famous for his quite as she. He does a lot of them and he certainly some of my favorites and yeah. I think honestly that's probably where most excels rather than you know leprechaun stories his plots kind of suck. He's much much better. At at at moments i agree. Yeah and speaking of those moments. We get page and jonathan discussing the explosive results of that. All kiss it's awkward arguably even more awkward than the almost kiss itself especially because the conversation ends with jonathan storming off the suming. That page is ashamed of having tried to kiss him instead of just being ashamed at having leaked to him. Yeah i gotta say. I'm really here for all this teen drama. Yes it's based on misunderstandings and immaturity and that stuff is fine. That's part of why i liked new mutants. That's part why later on lake new x men academy acts like you have to have teen drama in a team superhero book. Otherwise what's the point. Yes this is i mean. It's a character driven title or run. It's it's weird because it's a title that feels character. Character centered but the events in it are very much events that they just kind of get dragged through this one. For instance now. Meanwhile before that event Jubilee tries to take away monet's book and discovers that it's a coloring book at which point moment monet. Storms off to hang out with gateway we're getting more and more clues that something is up with 'em that she's not just the perfect composed teenage girl that she portrays herself as and essentially because she is composed of two little girls merged together pretending to be one teenage girl. That's what keeps leaking out hence all the childish stuff that we keep seeing. It's actually kind of sweet and kind of sad how she feels like she has to play off the fact that she has a coloring book as it being a memento from her past instead of the fact that she likes coloring. She doesn't play it that way. That is what other characters assume of it. A true true. She just doesn't contradict them. Finally we have the scene. That's referenced on the cover and that is sink and skin building. Ardian leech treehouse. in the danger grotto. Ardian leach are now with generation x. They are questionably members of generation x. Because they're still mop at age although they're drawn like tina dots here. Which little weird. Maybe it's like those old paintings of baby. Jesus where he just looks like a tiny middle aged man or ninety percent of the time baby cable was drawn. An x factor. Hayek point anyway. They are at least living with the team now. The team picked them up during the gene nation stuff. They were being held hostage by gene nations. They could use litas power cancelling abilities. And i guess they live here now they do. And it's kind of weird that our favorite pink and green mop. It's just randomly show up in this book. But i'm fine with it in part because that means that crisp shallow when he comes back we'll get to draw them some. Yeah but this is the scene from the cover. This is sink and skin building a treehouse for these adorable children in generation. X's equivalent of the danger room. They're not supposed to put come on. How can you say no to those little pink and green faces. Let's talk a little about synch and skin because you mentioned that these books were they really excel his character. And i find that the friendship between those two characters is a really fun one i. It's hurt a little bit by the fact that sink doesn't have a ton of personality at this point that sort of thing with ever it is his powers that he synchronizes with increasingly vague concepts. His powers go off the rails almost immediately when he shows up but that doesn't mean that he's kind of a social chameleon he gets along with everybody and the main thing we know about him is that he's positive and confident and so i agree. That's a character weakness in some senses but it seems to be a deliberate one and i of lake what that pure positively brings out in a cynical world weary character like skin'll i think here we see skin at his best. He's complaining about having to hang out with children and to work a bunch but it's clear he's having a really good time and finds a really rewarding but he's also clearly one of those characters who enjoys complaining. That's a very fair thing actually. It's it's it's like. He obviously has complaint when he's actually upset about things but he like friendly. Grumbling is clearly one of one of his ways of interacting with the world ida co worker like that. Every time i just wanted to hear someone very entertainingly complained for like ten minutes straight about whatever was happening. I was just go visit her. You know saying needed to upgrade something on her computer. Yes so this is. This is lovely. Now you asked who could say no to the adorable faces of ardian leach and the answer to that would seem to be emma frost to notably kicked one of those faces when we when she last saw them Although in her defense it was because leach leach being conscious was knocking out. Everyone's powers and basically making generation x. Useless against you nation. Who were about to kill them. But she feels bad enough about it to confess to banshee. I'm not sure how i feel about this. Like i don't know that ammo would really feel all that guilty about kicking a child in the face if it was necessary for survival but i do know that one of the things the book is doing is sort of working on softening her as character and redeeming her after. All the horrible shit's she didn't the past. I think this is a version of emma justified. Left by previous versions of 'em then by subsequent versions of emma. This is an ama- consistent with the versions of her and with with the arcs that we've seen written by morrison written by weeden britain further and further on where she is actively trying to do better and it's consistent with what we've seen of her here so far in that. She is really self aware. That said i think even if emma would not normally bulk kicking children in the face. We're not just talking about any children. We are talking about the signature mop. It's of the x. Line off a really good point. Yeah like as far as it being easy to kick a child in the face for zipping hard dick a child in the face like if that's a spectrum right there already leader on the hardest hardest side of that spectrum. Oh and especially if they're drawn by crisp tele which i believe was at that point. Oh yeah good point. Yeah this nice conversation. Though is shattered by an urgent call from across the pond because according to some random old lady in ireland cassidy keep has just sort of vanished jubilee chimes in. Can you say road trip. And that in fact will be our next two issues so when i was in third grade i had this classmate who whose family was was really wealthy and they were going to go on a bike biking trip in france and this was dead convinced that they were gonna be riding bikes to france and nothing any of the rest of us could say or show her could convince her otherwise okay because jubilee talking about taking a road trip to ireland and thus guest though. Iran appears anthony. Book called mercer That was about this. Long distance underwater scienc- bike trip But now that i think about it it was actually mostly about sex with mermaids so i guess what i'm saying is that it was a pierce anthony book sounds about right. Takes us to a book. That pierce anthony didn't write generation x. Number eight what happens to cassidy. Keep written by scott la dole pencil once again by roger cruz by mark buckingham and al milgram colored by steve book lotto and lettered by common craft. So here's a question that i'm now mulling over. Do you think piers. Anthony would have handled this better or worse. Oh that's a good question. While i'll give pierce anthony one thing. His books were coherent like they made sense the continuity even though it started to loosen after a book about seventy two of his aunt was generally pretty decent. So i'm gonna go ahead and say better but there would have been a number of squeaky sexual situations that a thirteen year. Old reader wouldn't have been freaked out by but adults would yeah fair enough but i mean that's also something i kind of associate with labelle not not quite as pervasively as anthony. Yeah that's that's a fair point as well and speaking of in the last issue man. There is so much cheesecake going on like when emma shows up and banshee dream. She is posing like a pinup model wearing extremely skimpy underwear and all the teenage female students are wearing giant shirts with tiny tiny tiny shorts underneath. I think it's probably okay like there's always been a playful sexuality to this book that has been on the acceptable side of things. But it's definitely noticeable. Okay i will defend the latter group of outfits you described because that was like default sleep wear lounge wear for girls in the very early nineties. I guess that's a good point. Yeah I was still pretty young in the early ninety so i didn't really hang out with a lot of girls and lounger situations. I mean i was. I was still generally kind of presenting as a girl in the early nineties so this occasionally came up. In my life like the you are underestimating. First of oversized the default oversized t shirts of the early ninety s. Were that's true. Yeah definitely still have some t shirts that i wore in the early nineties. That are still intact. And they're big on me now right what you're describing so what you're describing basically loose shortish dresses over tiny shorts. Okay okay well case. Chirp that totally works but emma frost totally cheesecake. Yeah yeah absolutely anyway generation x. number eight the team has indeed made it to county mayo in ireland and they're hanging out on the edge of this giant misty crater where cassidy keep used to be and they're all in these sort of winter. Cold weather east civilian outfits. I do appreciate that. Jubilee is still wearing her yellow coat and santa hat from the christmas issue. A couple of years ago. I like the idea that that's just her winter hat. I mean this legit and honestly she looks pretty good in it. So that's fine. Yes she pulls it off excellently. Black hair is also there. You remember black air from caliber there. The new version of the weird happenings organisation. But they're much less whimsical and militaristic and much more spy agency and stabbed you in the back in the dark. We even see agents kicked luna. Who's one of. Pete wisdom's nemeses. While i much less whimsical and militaristic is quite a phrased to hear all in one mouthful happening organization. They're totally both of those things yet. Their presence here is kind of gratuitous. They're not going to tie to the story at all and they're really only gonna appear in one sort of brief and kind of confusing cameo. If you've been reading excalibur you'll have a rough idea of who these guys are kinda but otherwise they're just sort of randomly thrown in. Although that does bring me to a question. I never thought it would ask which is is mid-nineties generation x. The new old caliber because excalibur got really dark and serious under warren ellis and generation. X is sort of silly and character focused in a lot of ways. What i think. And i'm saying this entirely on speculation. Is that ninety s generation x. Is what became the dumping ground for. Scotland unused excalibur. Backup plots. you know given it. A lot of this feels like one of those mediocre scott lobbed. Lx caliber fill in issues. That kind of sense yeah. That's that's the thing that that this really feels like that. Well as they stand at the edge of the crater sink start seeing visions of the nights and stuff in the midst because his mind has sinked up with another world. I appreciate that this character has been around for seven issues plus a couple of pages and his powers are already getting the kind of confusing power creep that it takes decades for most characters to get no he can sync up with anything. Anyone a man. He's he's a useful tool for getting getting stories started. I guess he very much is. I mean honestly ever since night. Crawler teleported into the astral plane in the age of apocalypse x caliber story. Like fuck it. Let's just go with it. That was an alternate universe. Still still wincing touches the missed he disappears as chamber who jumps after him but not skin who jumps after him because the missed only was teleport he briefly and there's this great splash panel as the rest of generation accident dives into the crater wearing their totally normal winter civilian clothes. I gotta ask though so you just saw that the missed stopped working and your solution is just to randomly into a giant hole. Because you don't have a better plan like who are these people. James sunderland from silent hill to the leprechauns of silent hill. My restless dreams. I see town cassidy. Keep to promised to take me there again someday but he never did well. I'm with the leprechauns there now in our special place waiting for you waiting for you to come and see me but you never do so. I wait wrapped in my cocoon of leprechauns. Okay i thought it was going to be called the broke me on this one. But no it was huge. It was you. You are my red devil. You are my pyramid. had you are my persecutor. I thought this whole island was our special place anyway. Very much nodded silent hill our heroes reappear on the other side in cloaks and gowns and tunics and medieval shit because apparently there is still enough. Teleport missed to take them to definitely not silent hill so i assume that this stuff is this clothing is illusory and i assume that for one specific reason and that is that penance can wear it. That's a good point because penance. Cut the crap out of everything. She touches like her. Skin is composed largely of sharp angles. So maybe it's that or maybe it's just that it's magic and therefore whatever. This is new territory for generation x. Despite their other adventures as banshee chides jubilee. Who's going on about. You know the stuff she's done with the x men for most of your fellow students. This is the first time they've been to another dimension but not the last skin replies considering how in our first semester. We've already been attacked by plate nearly pureed by penance toe-to-toe with orphan maker and mix it up with kim nation. Like to think we're handling things quite well. Mateus grasses skin works really well audience surrogate. I mean okay. Maybe not in this generation x. Movie but he totally doesn't the comic he really does. Yeah however there's not enough oxygen here which will kind of be explained and so everybody falls unconscious. It's time for a scene transition while unconscious. The party is divided and banshee and emma wake-up chained up in a dungeon as one does in other dimensions or sewers or whatever also chained up is amen owed donal maybe right because eight donal was essential of cassidy. Keep back in the seventies leprechaun story. He was the hung out at the keep. And talk to the leprechauns a bunch in major. The place was locked up at night or whatever he was. Just a dude. Yeah notably donal. The one we've seen in comics. The one who exists kinetically was like normal sized human slightly short. I think he's drawn a lot shorter in uncanny number one three than he was a number one. Oh one it's a little ambiguous more than i thought it was. What he definitely was not was a two foot tall strangely proportioned leprechaun dude wearing rags like later on. He talks about how humans are ridiculous. This alemanno donal is clearly not supposed to be human. This doesn't make sense plenty of humans. Also talk about how humans are ridiculous. I mean i talk about how humans ridiculous. I suppose that's true but that's clearly not the intention so okay here's the thing. I remember this art. Which i read like a million years ago. As being about the leprechauns of cassidy keep. But i don't think it is or or maybe it is. Maybe there are elves that are the same as the leprechauns. Or maybe they're separate and now imminent donal is here. And he's maybe a leprechaun and his family's here but they're pink and he's just like a caucasian looking dude. What the fuck is going on. So i wonder if this was supposed to be related to her a spin off from that one siren backup story. Would the one where she was in that ghost castle that used to be cassidy keep. That was the only connection i can think of. I don't know. I mean that story didn't make any sense. Nobody's really referenced but there was actually a different backup story in marvel comics presents number forty three because i went down a deep research whole as i gradually lost my mind about whether alemanno donald is actually leprechaun in marvel comics presents number forty three which was also written by scott. Bob dole actually siren answers the door. This irish super team called the kinsmen shows up looking for banshee. And there's this big fight. And here's the thing about the kinsman. They're all ridiculous. Stereotypes like they make alpha flight. Look respectful they are led by a character named we one who is a leprechaun but not like a leprechaun's from cassidy cheap. No like fucking lucky from lucky charms. These little dude in a green bowl or with a clover and a green suit and he punches people. He's got pixie dust and there's also this guy in boulder on the team who just some random dude that we won gave a magical boulder to after the dude saved we one from something and during the fight like the voter rolls over a we wanted so so i guess he's dead so i guess siren gets his pot of gold and there was also this water nymph and her name was dyke and. I don't think that's necessarily a great name to give a woman in a nineteen ninety comic. And oh god but the point is is aiming o'donnell a leprechaun. I don't know what was intended. I don't know if this is scott. Labelle having been completely confused by continuity the way that was by sidewalks backstory or if he just didn't care or if there was a disconnect between the writing and the art or if everyone involved in this comic just specifically laid a trap for me to completely go off my gourd in twenty twenty and already terrible year. Because i don't know if ayman o donnell is a leprechaun. See my theory about this. Comic is first of all the the recycled excalibur backup story plot but also look everything we know about lobbed approach to comics writing was that he just kinda did stuff remember this is the architect of onslaught at least onslaught made more sense. I know for a fact that onslaught not a leprechaun oh shit onslaught of leprechaun. Honestly i don't know who who who is. There is a leprechaun anymore. Like that's that's the point that i have come to with this art like i have been left in the state of absolute existential uncertainty about leprechauns chair. We leprechaun's i don't know i don't know how to tell. God i mean. I can only hope that someday some writer follows this up with some kind of explanation. So anyone if you're a marvel writer listening to this podcast rights. A resolution to the leprechaun are tell us whether alemanno donald is a leprechaun. I feel if we can figure everything else out from there. This is really upsetting like we have been texting escalating league horrified and swear text messages as we dive deeper and deeper into the continuity for like the last three days this has consumed every waking. Ought god okay. Well there are some other magical creatures going on here. And while they do make the plot more confusing at least they. Don't make this part. Dig it's daggers. Deeper into our hearts. So we do meet a fairy woman named grande dame. Are we supposed to say grants dot dom okay. That sounds way cooler grunge dom apparently she used to run this place and she teleport's in the rest of generation acts aside from emma. And sean wait. So she used to run cassidy. Keep no she used to run this other dimension. There end cassidy. Keep has been teleported into for reasons. I still don't understand what's confusing here. I think is a writing are disconnect so grandmom. Has this bright pink skin the elves that were later gonna run into also have bright pink skin but fairies and elves are very different things. That's clear whether or not elves are also leprechauns don't know i think maybe they're supposed to be will get to that anyway. Generation now wearing breathing masks lake. Same kinds that some of the alien characters war in mass effect two in three just a little clear ones. I guess that's part of ground spell to make it so they don't continue falling unconscious from the lack of oxygen in this dimension. It's very unclear hopeful. At least it is helpful so grandes explains to them this dimension that they're now in used to be beautiful and magical nature but has gotten all messed up since the glamour machine broke j. What is the glamour machine. All building sized machine. That's where the sparkley magic comes from. I guess it is kind of a fun concept. The idea that this magical fairy dimension would be run by like a big ugly steam punk looking monstrosity but yes. Apparently it broke a few hundred years ago. That's part of why there's not much oxygen okay. And also all magical creatures are having a hard time so grondahl tells them kids. It is your destiny to fix this. Look at this magical. Ancient scroll that has pictures of you clearly fixing it. We're gonna learn later that the lack of oxygen isn't a direct result of the glamour machine breaking. It's a result of the fact. The dragons have gained power because the glare machine broke and their combustion eats up the oxygen in the air. All can understand that part before. Thank you this story now makes one percent more sense yet still nonsense. I do appreciate though that skin quickly realizes that the scroll showing gen-x fixing the machine off is still covering wet paint because dime clearly painted it right before. They showed up to try to convince them. I appreciate that. She's bright. pink magical con artist. Yeah yeah i mean. She's not the first one of those. We've seen i mean i guess gossamer wasn't bright pink. True true she was just pink tinted off white. haven't thought about gossamer longtime sorry. I dunno gossamer was kind of fun. i mean. she was horrible but also kind of fun here enough. I guess it's just my rose colored glasses though looking back at the past. Can that was a bad joke. Even for me. I'm sorry listeners. Despite realizing they're being conned m suddenly goes mostly catatonic and wanders up to the machine and starts messing with. This is very much like when she went unresponsive in new york city gen-x number five. So we've mentioned before that the embassy here is not monet. It's in fact her. Two younger twin sisters doing the equivalent of kids standing another another kid's shoulder wearing a adult adult-sized trenchcoat one of the twins is autistic. And when that twin sort of takes over that's when m goes unresponsive that also corresponds with when she starts doing very intellectually impressive thing so basically from what i can tell with that one of the twins were seeing the the rainman stereotype. The autistic savant tropes going on. I don't know how it seems to you. I think there are. There are aspects of at least in this context what she does the the ring reasonably valid. But i just. I really have problems with the the whole concept and situation. That's fair if nothing else. It's very confusing anyways. All this is going on suddenly a cigar chomping dragon bangs on the gate and is pretty pissed at someone's been messing with the glamour machine because like you said jay. The dragons have been able to take over over the last few centuries because the glamour machine is messed up. Some and this was definitely originally next caliber story. It really really seems like one elsewhere. In the same dimension since shaeber remember got their first are wearing kilts and using medieval weapons to protect the aforementioned pink elves and to clarify. These are more like keebler than riverdell style elves from dark nights. I really like that distinction. That's that's a really good way to delineate thank you. But they're they're murdering so many dudes like i assume these nights if not human or at least like living sentient beings there's no mention of them being robots or whatever and there's blood flying everywhere and i think we at least see some severed limbs or heads at some point skin definitely cuts off. Someone's head in there is definitely blood. Yeah like the dialogue tries to sort of fix it at one point chamber says they should attack the nights breath tubes since the oxygen. This dimension is low but a skin and sink aren't wearing masks themselves resorting themselves. So apparently it's not that low and be even in the panel that mentions breath tubes blood flying out of a dude's face who's getting smacked with one of their morningstar's i mean it's a tricky as technically a breath tube. I i suppose that's true. It's just kinda weird. I don't know it's like in the Third arkham video game where batman who we assure you doesn't kill anybody just runs everyone the fuck over in the bat mobile and we are told by some of the documentation that it's merely gently electrocuting them out of the way that's questionable. Also how does he know that none of the people he hits his car. Have pacemakers He's batman he's the best at knowing whether people have pacemakers. I assume if he that's actually one of the things i really like about the playstation four spiderman game which i really like an most but not all because of treatment of police ways They take pains to show. That spider man does not in fact ever kill anyone little punch somebody a hundred feet off a building and if you go to the other side of the building they're just webs to it about a story down Good work spiderman. That's why we like you vista light full anyway after sink and Chamber murderer like basically one hundred people The little pink elves and they're happy medieval font offer to take them home and that brings us to generation x number nine someplace other than here sure is written by scott love. Del penciled by tom grandma inked by mark buckingham and al-mil colored by steve buca lotto and lettered by richard stockings and comma craft. I kinda like tom. Graham villain art here is still no crisp. Shallow were but it's got a nice soft liquid ish slightly exaggerated field. And i think it's the book you also draws a really great skin. I love the skin is always frowning. And has a very point. He knows engine. Yeah he's he's got that patillo s cartoonist. And i think buckingham zinc's help a lot with that as well totally. I have a question though that that goes back to cover. 'cause i can clearly identify chamber. On the cover i see johnno. But is the person with him supposed to be penance. A leper kahn or penance. As a leprechaun. I don't know. But i will say that if penance was a leper common. Her cereal would not be lucky charms. It'd be happening crimes because that stuff will totally cut the shit out of the river mouth. Okay anyway what happens in this issue. Well we get one of the genuinely good bits of this arc. And that consists of skin fucking with the dragon and basically annoying it into a eventual defeat. Giving tenants an opening to defeat it. Because he so persistently thwarts it just by being there and being kind of i really appreciate how blase. He's about the whole thing. Like at one point he realizes that his bl strategy of bluster is not gonna work such much the macho tomato. Riff go get a sword or something. Skin is really fun. I don't remember liking him as much back. In the day. As i as i do on this read through of genetics. Oh yeah he is the delight. I also really like the panel at the end of the scene as penance looks mischievous and just pokes a single claw into the dragons. But that's the only part of their conflict. We see which is probably for the best. Because i'm sure she turns him into dragon us a shimi yes. She is pretty much a humanity. Oh man i. I know a lot of people you included who have done some damage to themselves with those things. But it's potato so nicely but also slices thumbs. I mean parts of them sometimes girl back anyway so this issue kind of explains what's going on like the elves who are maybe leprechauns colored light fairies take shaeber and sink back to their village but lake ayman refers to the elves clan o'donnell and there never was a clan o'donnell because o'donnell was just ayman's last name and the leprechauns were just the families and the leprechauns were definitely not related to aim. And as far as i know these guys look totally different. And they're all pink anyway. What with what the hell this is where you just stop. Stop trying and lean into it. And just kind of like shared their leprechaun's their elves their donald one of. Them's probably chris. O'donnell he gets to drive the batmobile. And you just you just kind of dive headfirst. But i can't stop thinking about all the things that don't make sense. Why did cassidy keep get teleported into this dimension. In the first place. I mean i guess grandmom could have brought it here because she needed help fixing the glamour machine or she just needed slave labor from the leprechauns of cassidy. Keep to run the glamour machine. But if that's the case why did she wait. Three hundred years after the glamour machine broke. Why didn't she do this way before. Miles nothing in this arcus ever adequately explained ever stuff just happened speaking of which apparently leprechauns or elves or whatever the fuck they are are also being oppressed by the fairies. Trolls and or dragon They are expected to function slave labor and run the glamour machine. So i think i think your take on. It is is plausible. Maybe maybe the other dimension doesn't really lineup spatially and she was just sort of wandering around for a couple of hundred years trying to find a source of cheap tiny labor. I mean we know. She wasn't expecting generation x. To show up because she painted the tapestry of them helping her the morning before they showed up. So maybe that part was accidental. But her stealing cassidy keep was was deliberate. Yeah maybe it is a grand conjunction kind of thing except instead of the sketch season the mystics turning into a unified glowing species. It's that a castle. Teleport's into a weird dimension. I give up. This is this is where i just kind of give up but i feel like a if we give up now. Scott labelle has won so be it. Look there are battles. That are worth fighting our battles. You want to engage in and then there are battles where you look around and you realized that what you're fighting over the hill you're about to die on is is just solid shit and pixies. That's it just just lairs. Oh man like the ruins of a long dead civilization that anthropologists will later discover an ask the question that will play them for centuries was ayman o'donnell of mother fucking leprechaun. This is so upsetting anyway. They fix it up and chamber uses his powers to repower the glamour machine. And everything's fine and everybody goes home. I guess they don't actually go home in the issue and it does not address the question of how fixing the glamour machine will get home or weathergirl even get them home so i was sort of expecting them to still be there when the next issue started but they weren't so i guess they got home as with so many other aspects of this arc will probably never know god damnit so leprechaun's come back in in mainstream marvel in some other worlds stuff but the best use of the leprechauns. Cassie keep an. As far as i know the only time that they've appeared in comic sense. This arc is in uncanny x men first class number eight which is delightful. It is an old school murder mystery. But among the leprechauns of cassidy keep with with With banshee as detective. I love everything about what you just said. That sounds like the best way to wash the taste of this baffling out of our mouths. Oh it is. It is utterly delightful. That's a good series in general really. Both of the first class series are But that issue is is charming as hell. Highly highly recommended also on marvel unlimited. If you look it up. I want to do that. After we record anyway. We clearly have had a lot of questions about a lot of things during this arc. Let's look at some questions that we can actually answer earl of flakes asks on. Tumbler have cable. Or rachel summers slash grey ever had on page conversations with their uncle havoc. They both have at least in passing but for rachel. At least what you're going to want to dig up is x men unlimited volume two number eleven. Which has a whole story about richland. Alex going out for pizza and discussing family stuff and is also the source of panel that i regularly use on social media in which tavak is sort of awkwardly. Saying that's what alternate timeline. Uncles are for right nice yet. It's a really lovely quiet issue and it's it's it's it's a great snapshot piece for both characters as far as havoc in cable. I mean there was that one time and executioners song where were they really only two people who could get through strifes big genetic barrier on the moon. But there wasn't a lotta time for conversation there. And i was thinking okay. They were both in the uncanny adventures book but have quit before cable joined. I'm sure missing something. I'm sure there have been at least one or su great conversations between have cable over the years. I can't really think of any right now. via email. Back in task is kid apocalypse and external hajjis. That's a really good question because that apocalypse is one of the journals. So i guess he'd have to be right. I guess i mean okay. Let's let's break this down. Kit apocalypse evans saban a character. We both love a great deal. He's a clone of the child apocalypse. That phantom x killed at the beginning of uncanny x force. We know that that child apocalypse was just apocalypse. Resurrected a straight up resurrection of the original. So we can obviously agree that when apocalypse resurrected he stays external because he's been resurrected a bunch of times but would that carry over to a clone one of the questions that would raise his weather being a and external is is genetic whether it's it's a genetic status or it's something else and i mean i think what we've seen implies the ladder just because sam guthrie is or at least was supposed to have been an external right like it's not passed down the same way the mutant gene is is. He was more of a destiny. Mystical kind of dealey. Yeah exactly so. In that case you could have one person be an external on their clo. Not be i guess so. I mean we know the externals are really obsessed with finding their next member and if they could just make next member that seems way more straightforward but this we also know that the externals power is finite. It's kinda like the phoenix five. When one of the externals dies the external who killed that person gains their power or possibly the power flows into all the other externals equally. I don't really remember. So they're just highlanders kind of. But does that mean that. When evan was cloned he joined away a fraction of each other externals power. Like wouldn't they be pissed about that. And furthermore wouldn't that have been the best way for sinister to defeat his old boss apocalypse he could have just cloned apocalypse like a hundred times and thus divided all the external power among a whole bunch of clones apocalypse would suck and sinister could. Just push them over. I mean it's way easier year than the whole rigmarole of engineering tables birth and it would have had the further benefit of achieving one of ministers other tangential goals. Which is just fucking nonstop with gannett. That's a good point. Yeah what with the whole external thing. I guess when it comes down to though is that there's the external portion of apocalypse continuity and there's the everything else portion of apocalypse as continuity and neri the two shall meet. Yeah what it means to be. An external and how that status is achieved. Is vague enough. That we can't answer this one conclusively. We're fully listener supported podcasts and certain levels of support. Come with on. Eric from various fictional characters and concepts alternative over to the angry clementine narrator. Who may or may not be a leprechaun. Remember when things seemed simple. Steve surena cau- when continuity meant something when crossovers were big deal. That happened only once in a very long while. Not the engines propelling any grinding gradual movement of the multi-diverse. Remember when you learn about new characters from trading cards. And sometimes joe roberts kind of showed up and made everything worse. What would you give to go back to those days hot out. That's actually a trick question. It doesn't really matter how much you trade because there is no going back. Only forward attorney into convoy soon an intricate of based marketing the lingering suspicion that it's all your fault and with that jay and miles explain the x. Men is recorded in new fairfield connecticut and exile from forest hills new york and in portland oregon and produced by matt hunter who also arranged our theme music. You can find more of matt's work at moon. Hyphen talk dot band camp dot com. We don't think that's a leprechaun but it's hard to say you episodes. Come on most sundays on. Itunes stitcher. Google podcasts spotify and unexplained the x men dot com. Check out explain the x. Men dot com for leprechaun companions to every episode. Our show is one hundred percent possible leprechaun supported if you lays elvis. Stay on the air and add free. Check out the patriot link at the top of explain the x. Men dot com next week. It's hawk talk followed by our giant size holiday special assuming of course that we survive the holidays. And the leprechauns fucking leprechauns.

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