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July fifth. Is Bikini Day in Japan. Most of these sort of. NON official celebratory events. Have a reason that is some sort of play on words. In this case July fifth. Doesn't seem to actually have one of those, so it actually has no reason to exist. I looked into it. A bit I mean Bhai bid I mean about ten minutes once. I didn't find anything in ten minutes I decided that this was not worth my time. The only thing I could come up with or the only thing the internet could come up with for me. Was that July fifth is sort of the beginning of the season in Japan? The beginning of when you can start wearing a bikini to the beach. The thing is these this year. That since July fifth basically rained every day we've hit rainy season so I would also need to check if rainy season and consistent I know what happens around, July. And it sucks if you live in Japan right now. It's hot and then it rains, and it's hot and humid. And sometimes it's hot and humid while it rains. And I being Canadian, who grew up with it's hot, and then it rains, and it immediately cools down. I still now after living in Japan for like twenty years can't get that out of my head that this is not natural that after it rains, it cools off, so I kind of look forward to that, and then it doesn't then I'm like God I live in Japan. anyways on the Internet if you search for Bikini Day, you'll find various websites. Posting lots of pictures usually from twitter. Of Japanese girls, wearing bikinis on Bikini Day on July fifth lot of models and things like that will post a bikini picture. This is a public service announcement. If that's what you're into. You have to wait till next year. Now I mean it's not like you couldn't find Bikini pictures on other days. It's just if you are. That Lazy. You could wait until next year until July fifth and then press a button on twitter search. Bikini Dan. You'll get lots of results. Like fresh ones I don't know I. Guess they probably don't take a picture for Bikini Day. They probably just grab an old bikini picture and post it a lot easier. That's what I would do. I would be. A Lazy. Model. So I would want all the adulation I would want all the people going who he's so beautiful in his bikini. I would want all that and I would want all the money associated with it like people sending me. I would make an only fans and I. Put my button the camera for money. then. But I'm also lazy. And Lazy can be efficient, but it also could be dishonest, so that's something you've got to be aware of. I think I wouldn't be a great bikini model. Not? It's not physical. Let's make that clear as I. Physically! If this was my job, I would put a little more effort into it and I would probably be able to pull it off all right. I mean I don't think I. Have Bikini Body Right now, but I wouldn't be ashamed to take off my shirt. So we have a Bevy of? Corona by stories. Because, it's not gone. Over the last week Japan hit, or Tokyo specifically hit two hundred cases a day for four days, and that's up from for a little while it was down into the double digits. Maybe even they got down to ten a day for a few days. It was really low, and it looked like it was just y'all a little bit more. It'll go away and then it started going up. And last week reported. that. Out of two hundred and some cases eighty three were young men who had all gone out. There's actually a theater. Put on a show in thirty cases came from that, so it's someone in the audience. Maybe had Co.. It was all traced back to this one show. There's actors and actresses have it audience members have it so I was actually think you like what was more likely someone in the audience like? An coughed into the audience and they got it. And then someone went backstage and spread it to the the actors or someone on stage had it. Maybe during or would just talking and shot into the audience. Not like one options better than the other. It just became an interesting thing of sort of physics in what would be more likely. But now we're getting lots of Kovic Stories again and. I was I got several messages that my tone changed near the sort of end of the peak. I DIDN'T WANNA. Talk about corona anymore. But we have a lot of random ones and that's. Okay I'm just sort of reality we have to deal with, and maybe I'm just gonNA. Get more comfortable with it over time. So it's two hundred cases a day for four days. It's down to one hundred nineteen, so it's actually started going down. The last report I read was probably a day or two old now, so maybe a yesterday or the day before they had one hundred nineteen cases in Tokyo, and they keep measuring Tokyo. It's not the whole country because Tokyo is of course going to be epicenter. They do on occasion. Put on the news like a full map of Japan. How many cases are in each prefecture and the one I live in in the one I work in both zero now I'm still taking all the precautions. Zero doesn't mean there are no cases are no reported cases or no cases they've actually found. So I still wear my mask I. IF I hold onto a bar on the train I wash my hands as soon as I get off and I use the hand sanitizer, because that's not you know that's not scarce anymore. An interesting thing that's happening Shinjuku. In Tokyo and Shinjuku. If you get corona virus. And you live in Shinjuku. The government local government will give you one hundred thousand yen, and they're calling it condolence money. The weird thing is in Shinjuku. They have more cases and less residence than elsewhere in Japan. So basically you have a smaller population that seems to have more cases of corona virus than anywhere else, and the government's like Oh that's so sad. Let's give them some money. The reason that this has become sort of the new epicenter. Is for exactly the same reason is those young men were getting. It is that this is where all the bars and hostess bars and nightlife is in Japan. So they're thinking anyone who lives in that area. Other people are coming there who have corona virus and bring it to this place and sort of leave behind his leave, and then it stays in this area. But. Other residents of Tokyo are complaining saying it's not fair, and it's weird that you're giving a place where they seem to be getting more coronavirus than anyone else one hundred thousand, and then not giving it to anyone else. As for. Suspicious spikes and weird things. Okinawa has some American military base and we all know America's still going crazy. They still have more cases than anyone else. It still basically peak pandemic and yet they seem to be acting like it's not. That's an interesting. Side Note. Because it's a military base full of American soldiers. The actual numbers are sort of classified, so they're not allowed to say like. The whole base has been decimated by corona virus. Because that would essentially say oh, you know potential terrorists or threats were not protected right now. Everyone's in bed with krona virus news articles have stated dozens of cases. A large number of cases, so they can't be specific, so that's the information they're getting. From people in the area, and like sorta leaks that have gone out there estimating up to sixty cases now this matches Tokyo for the same day that that newspaper article went out. So one military base. Matched the city of Tokyo for the number of cases. then. It was reported that they were thirty two cases up the next day, so I don't know why they gave you that one because they said we have an undetermined number, but plus thirty two the next day, and that puts them over ninety, which actually means this one base in Okinawa ended up having more cases than Tokyo in the same day. America. You know they're really killing it with Corona, and they've imbued that upon their soldiers, so whatever the soldiers are doing. They're not being safe about I bet. The soldiers aren't wearing masks. I bet they're not being forced to wash their hands and Hanson hand sanitizer all the time. And if you know the image holds. Like these are sort of more conservative people, there sort of trump followers, and they believe what trump says. They are less likely to protect themselves. And that would explain why. Corona virus is now decimating this Okinawan base. The weird side note is people in Okinawa. They hate these military bases. They don't want them there. They think it sort of makes them a target. I think it brings war to essentially trying to be a peaceful area. So I. Don't know if they're happy about it I. Think what they're worried about. IS PEOPLE COMING OFF BASE AND SPREADING CORONA VIRUS? Because if they have that many cases, it's obviously they're not taking care of themselves if they're not taking care of themselves, they're not going to be worried about other people. Further Corona Virus News. I can't get away from it. That's actually been all the news this week. So honestly it is odd facts about corona virus sort of things that are happening because of it. you will remember I. Think was last. I think it was two weeks ago. I talked about I installed. Coca, which is an APP contact tracing out for Japan and it had problems when it was first released because it wasn't doing his job. And the point is, people have downloaded and use it. and the majority of people's asked me like sixty percent seventy percent, maybe seventy five percent for it to be actually effective. Promise the APP doesn't work. So it's been. It's been suspended again. There was a bug with the input information. So. If I get corona buyers, I can track the disease. I'm given a number. I'm supposed to put that number into the APP and then. That number would then register with anyone who's had contact with me, but it's that number is separate from everything else, so it's the ideas that keep my personal information private, but then people who've been in contact with me. You can then take care of themselves and get themselves checked. It apparently does not recognize that number, so no alert ever went out so even if I got corona virus, and I followed all the steps, and I put in my number. no-one be alerted. Because didn't actually recognize the input so. This is garbage now. I downloaded it and I tried to get other people to download it because you know the whole point is a majority of people have to have it, but even if you downloaded apparently doesn't do anything so. At that point who cares? There were only six point eight million downloads, and again in the country, one hundred thirty two million people. That's not that many. There's a motorcycle going outside. The kid next door. All Right! He got a new motorcycle awhile ago. He's very excited about it. He will spend time just revving the engine. He just wants to hear that sweet noise of the motorcycle. Okay call me ninety nine. Comma cat is a big collection. I only ever looked at it on the Internet for pictures of girls and costly. Being very honest about that is the only bit that interest me, but what? It really is a selling comics, I would make comics at home and I would sell them. My original comics rip comics, and there was kind of like a. it's kind of like a blind eye. If you sell your rip-off comic, so let's say I'm the creative Nado toe and you create your. Ship, comic and you sell it at copycat. There is actually very good chance I won't say anything or I will come after you legally because it's kind of understood, that says what happens there in his for young artists, new artists to get their workout, and you know where you can buy really weird creepy stuff. It is also where you can buy really good stuff, and there's a lot of girls wearing not very much closed because their cost playing girls who don't wear a lot of close. Not that that's the part you should focus on. Comic Ninety nine has been of course canceled. And it will be. They're going to wait until golden week twenty twenty one. That's next May. And that's when they're going to have it. They're going to have a virtual version, but again the virtual version. No one really knows what that means, and you can't sell physical copies. The whole point is I could go there by physical copy of comic and take it home and actually read it. It's not going to be the same selling that over the Internet. So that's going to be hard for people who actually do make some money off, comment. Scary result of Corona virus and the whole lockdown and people being scared and quite reasonably I'm not actually saying this is a wrong idea. It's just a scary consequence. People have been not vaccinating their kids because the coronavirus. It's not because of coronavirus because they're like. I don't WanNa. Take my kid to a clinic or other sick people who might have corona virus, and then we all get corona virus. This the last couple of months. Since. Vaccination is mandatory in Japan. You actually have to legally. You have to vaccinate your kids. You can't not vaccinate your kids. Because their fear of infection, thirty three percent of the people didn't vaccinate now. That's not to say. They're opposed to vaccination facts, most Japanese people because it's a legal requirement because it's a sort of a normal thing, they don't even think about it. You just vaccinate your kids. This is an interesting case for anti vaccines because they say it causes autism. Causes all these kinds of problems. If that were true, you would have a significant spike of autism and things like that in Japan compared to America, which is not the case. they do have more cases of autism compared to previous sort of generations, but that's because of diagnosis so now dislike corona virus. If you test for it, and you know what to test for, you get more results. So. That's why the number of autism cases has been going up in years. Because now they can recognize autism better so if you ever meet an anti vaccine taxis. Japan is a case study. Ninety, nine, maybe even one hundred percent of the people here, certainly anyone born here has been vaccinated and check the cases of autism. Seventeen percent of the thirty three percent have already rebooked, so it's not that there were refusing to vaccinate. They're just like I'm going to wait. Until everything calms down and sixteen percent are still waiting until basically coronavirus goes away. The scary bit is those diseases that you vaccinate four. The come back because I know. An anti vaccines took hold in America. You saw a resurgence of diseases that were essentially gone like measles and stuff They came back. So that's terrifying. The total side issue in Mongolia there was a couple that eight deliver of some author or something that they caught, and they got the black plague, so that could come back, and that was last year, but it's actually happened more than once in Mongolia since then so. Some most look forward to I, guess. I don't know. The Olympics also heavily affected by Corona virus have started issuing refunds over the delay, so if you bought tickets to the Olympics you can get your money back now. Those. Tickets will still be good if you hold onto them. You can still go to the Olympics when they happen. Should, they happen. That's actually the thing. But if you hold on your ticket, it's still good. It's not going to get canceled or change. You have to buy it again. Just have to keep your ticket and you'll be able to go to the event. The schedule is staying. Basically, the same is because it's x amount of months later. That's GONNA. Make it very difficult for people who were traveling to Japan. To actually travel so if that's the situation, you can get your money back so at least no one's getting ripped off. Actually kind of was happy about that. What? I was actually kind of happy about that. Four point four eight million tickets were sold for the Olympics. And Eighty percents of the venues they were going to use. Have Been Re secured so. One of the stories did a couple weeks ago. Maybe even a month ago was how all the venues and stuff with the Olympics like those are all contracts, and all those contracts expires. If they wanted to Redo the Olympics, they had to renegotiate all those contracts pretty much. All of it has already been secured again. I think those venues want the Olympics as much as the Olympics WanNa. Go there so I don't. For I don't think it would be that big a deal, but still there's twenty percent, and maybe the problem is. They already had other stuff booked that they're still going to go through with. And the government in Japan, he's making an interesting decision by promoting travel. We missed cherry blossom season. And we missed golden week because of Krona virus so golden week is a week long holiday. It's a bunch of national holidays, but people get the whole week off in general, and it is one of the prime time travel I usually don't travel them because the roads are congested, it's so busy. It's just not fun and every tourist places full. This is led to a promotional campaign. Let me saying. Let's travel in Japan. Let's revisit Japan. Let's get to know Japan because one of the things they're saying is that domestic travel is going to reinvigorate the economy? But the people who live in these areas don't want people traveling there, so there are a couple of places, is co people have been interviewed line? And what they said was look my prefecture. My town had zero corona virus cases. We don't want people from Tokyo bringing it here now. So it's a nice idea to travel and stuff, but at the end of the day. Krona virus is still a thing, and if people start traveling so I, get on the on the train. I have grown virus is spread it to everyone in the car of the train, and then we all get off into this town. We all spread out. Yeah, you're looking at like a new of corona virus. Is One of the arguments again. America's opening up states and stuff not having quarantine. There's also a campaign for fifty percents off Shinkansen Tickets Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. I mean that would be nice again if you want to travel, but. You honestly probably should not travel. Until the coronavirus is a thing of the past. But there may be a solution. So I mentioned a supercomputer. Japan now has the fastest supercomputer in the world. And they said this is the computer to solve this problem, so it said. How do we stop the corona virus spreading and they were talking about train specifically. In, the supercomputer said you have to open. The windows have less people on the train. And this will increase. Ventilation. So you can't have too many people on the train because that actually blocks the air moving around, but without ventilation it means you actually have less problems. If you, open the windows and have fifty percent people in the car on the train. That will be two to three times more ventilation. And that will help stop transmission. Duh. I. Mean honestly if you said Hey Peter. We're going to give you the same amount of money. We paid for the electricity for this stupid machine. How would you stop the virus on a train? I would say put less people on the train and opened the windows. Yeah. We know that the problem is in the rain. You can't open the windows because we actually just had a couple of really heavy rain days. If you open the windows, you wouldn't be able to stand anywhere close to the windows, or you could just get wet. That is an option. and the idea of packing people in the train is great, except that's the problem is the whole point of the trains and Japan is. They're packed full of people. It's one of these efficient systems. It's no one likes it. I hate being packed on trade just like anyone else, but that's just the reality so way to go supercomputer. You came up with an answer. That's not gonNA work. Let's get into some not corona virus news I did try to find as much non corona virus stuff. Is I could? There was a girl standing on the street. She's sixteen years old I'm GonNa assume she's cute. Man Walks up and grabs, but and she was waiting for a mom or mom comes up, and the girl says that do gramma, but the mom. Grabs, the Guy Ts twenty five year old office worker. and. She holds him there until the police arrive. So I don't know of this. Mom was particularly hard core and strong, or this guy was particularly weak, but either way this did not work out for that guy, and it's weirdly satisfying to have a mom. Just take down at twenty five year old, Dude. A former host decided that since his day job or his night job had been devastated by coronavirus. No one was coming to the club anymore that he he's GonNa Start Committing fraud. So he went to an Old Lady's House and he pretended to be a member of a guarantor association, and there's one is in her eighties. and. He got her Bancard, and then he went to the bank and withdrew. Two million. The woman immediately after he left called the police, so she actually let the fraud happen so that he could actually be arrested for a crime. Because you're saying this guy's impersonating a Garin tour and might be a lesser crime. The best part of the story that was reasoning was. She called the police and said he has strange hair for such an association. So he still had his host club hair which again if you don't come from Japan live Japan have never been in Japan and it's a hard thing to imagine you just have to imagine large. Forward facing spiky hair with tons of product in it. which does give off a very very specific image? Which? Someone from a guarantors association probably would not have so the woman was was dead on. She's eighty years old and she's like that guy with that hair does not work for a guarantors association. I'M GONNA. Let them rip me off and call the cops and get this taken care of, and she did so that satisfying. Survey since got to have a little survey and every now and then. Twenty to thirty year, old Japanese people sleep eight hours a day, which is forty five fifty minutes longer than ten years. They're saying that men from twenty to thirty four sleeping seven hours and fifty five minutes a night, which is up from two thousand five, which was seven hours and eleven minutes women. Are Sleeping seven hours and fifty nine minutes a night, which is up from seven hours and nineteen minutes, so women on average sleeping four to five minutes longer than men in Japan if they're in their twenties thirties. They're saying that this is because people are more likely to stay home. They're enjoying activities at home. And the saying a lot of people fall asleep while playing with their smartphone so either on their phone, and then they fall asleep because they're already in bed. I don't know if that's good or bad like I've heard all this stuff about you know smartphones before bed or bad, and you don't sleep as well, but if people are getting like an hour, more sleep. That can't be too bad, right? But talking about sleep. S Morris. Something that I do not understand. But there are four videos online. I will post the links. People are really desperate for them. And it's sort of a drama of girls going to bed with you and you can listen to this as you fall. Off To sleep so the one you're gonNA listen to. This is part of a clip. Thirty minutes long. and. This would not help me sleep the. anime voice to me is not conducive to sleep. It's I know it's supposed to sickly sweet, and it's high pitch for me. It's grading is too much if I was not fully awake, and you know one hundred percent capable in my willpower. I would not be able to handle this, so if I was going to sleep, I would lose my mind so I'm just GONNA. Play a couple clips for you of that. Income? KUNA. June be take you must. Be No. He's Optimal mud must. Dokan, who the? Go, online, this. Being done Mondays. Oakland all. Know who? This data. Chemo deal now goes on. Kinshasa NI-. Got All. Night dip us. I. Know if you found that relaxing if you found that something that would help you sleep at night. I for a very small fee. We'll do my own version of that. Because I assumed my voice can't be any worse. Lever text to a voice, question or comment at Voice Link Dot FM Slash Veloce podcast. Click the link in the show description. You can tweet questions or comments. Edna News Japan or join the facebook group. On facebook such an engineer's Japan sexy out Hamas. Think it was. Six my chair. I think it was. It's legally you cannot vaccinate your kids. Legal you cannot. Okay, so you're? You're creepy on I'll save that one for last.

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