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Find the Cheapest Flights with $Pro Scott Keyes #064


Killers. Don't make any effort to involve media or best Gators. They're very secretive. They don't want a tension. They almost want their crimes to go on notice. But the idea of committing a crime, and then calling the police and bragging about it. That's a whole 'nother level of terror. A man who wore a mediaeval style executioner's hood who has police and baffled the media. He seems to crave publicity. He's sent letters and Ramsden newspapers. And the beliefs subject stated, I want to report a murder. No, a double murder. I did it. Here. We are fifty years to the first sodium killing in today's world, forensics old cases are being solved who doesn't wanna know. How it turns out? From the creators of Atlanta monster come season two. This is monster the zodiac killer. Listen as scribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app. Welcome to how to money, I'm Joel and I met and today we're discussing how to find the cheapest flights with money pro Scott KYW's. Joel this is going to be an possum of soda turns out that folks are booking their airfare booking flights all wrong. Scott's here to drop some knowledge on us. You don't kind of hurt. Sometimes Matt to be told you're doing something wrong. But ultimately who's gonna save you lots of money? It's worth it. Right. I'll take take your medicine, Joel. But real quick before we get to that. I want to let you know, man. I install this new chrome extension called Facebook newsfeed. Radicati linked to in the show notes. Sound so hard core. It is news Radic. So I'm reading this book right now by Cal Newport. And we're hoping to have him on his money pro in a couple months, he just came out with a book called digital minimalism and really kicking me in the pants. We've talked before about how I grey scale my phone, we've talked about putting your phone on airplane mode to get more -ccomplish in this chrome extension that I just installed his been a big boom to my productivity because here's what it does. When I go to Facebook. Instead of seeing my news feed me like a quote from Buddha or something like that. So literally you have this. You have no feet, and basically the central tools Facebook that you can use our the nation's and your groups over on your on the left, and that's all that matters. Anyway dog right. The worst part about Facebook is the mindless feats girl, and I feel like that's what I got sucked into on occasion. And so now, even honestly find myself, I'm learning quickly how I would resort to the Facebook newsfeed in when I had a couple of minutes extra and my fingers just literally across the keyboard type in Facebook. And I go there and now I'm like, wait. There's nothing for me to do and I quickly out and I'm done. So if anyone's looking to be just like a little more productive and finds himself mindlessly scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed. It's a really worthwhile thing to consider installing this chrome extension of the Facebook newsfeed radical. We'll put the link in the show notes. What do you think that this is something you would do? Yeah. Love that. That's awesome. Although I don't find myself getting lost as much in just the Facebook newsfeed. I honestly if I'm going to actual news outlets and just obsessively sort of by default like you said. When there's an extra minute going off to that website. And just kind of seeing what's going on in the world. That's just how operate, but while we're talking about chrome extensions though, if you're looking to save some money have you ever heard of Honey, I have yet man, that's one that Kate night use a lot. And if you haven't heard of it, it applies coupons that already exist online to your shopping cart. When you're checking out. And specifically we use it a lot with Amazon, and they have an option where it shows the price of a product. So you can kind of see where it's been. So if it's currently at a good price point to buy sometimes it'll suggest buying from different sellers, as well if prime isn't that important to you, you can save a lot of money by ordering from the seller. Obviously, you don't have the prime shipping benefits. But sometimes that's not important, and you can also create a drop list, you get emails on items that you saved in. So then as the price goes down, you get an Email giving you the heads up. So you know to buy that's super cool. Yeah. Isn't also he's it seriously all the all the time I've been using one for a lot of years called invisible hand, and it kind of works in the background if I'm. On Amazon page. Let's say there's a little drop down that that occurs. And it says we found this item for five dollars cheaper at WalMart com. Whatever. And so those extensions. Yeah. It's great. But I'm at checkout, Honey, because honestly, I haven't used it. But I've heard good things. So the be that we're drinking on the show today man is penguin, which is a blonde stout aged in bourbon barrels, and this is my Ryan Geiss brewery, and Cincinnati get it turns out Matt a couple of people at Ryan Geist, our listeners and Natalie sweetly reached out sent an Email and said, please send you guy some beers. So thank you Natalie. And the folks that Ron Geist were excited to have this beer. So we'll tell you what we think about this blonde stout. Asian bourbon barrels, and we've never had a blonde stout on the show before I don't even know if I've ever had a blast out in my life. So we'll tell you what we think about this beer at the end of the show. And I didn't know what ton about Ryan guy. So I look them up this afternoon. Have you seen tasting room that they have in downtown Cincinnati seem pictures? It looks amazing. It is the space. I think I've ever seen. It's definitely cooler than any tasting room that Ivan too. So I kinda wanna go up there just to. Drink beer and their space road trip. Let's do it high five. Yeah. Matt speaking of cool stuff, Scott KYW's. He's a really cool, dude. And he's our money for today. And also he's one of the coolest jobs he has an Email newsletter service called scotch she flights. He sends out alerts to anybody who subscribe to the service about cheap flights. I've been a subscriber for years and helped me find some great deals, and you know, what even the by the deal, which usually don't like I just love dreaming and seeing how cheap things are kind of comparing prices. So it's a really cool service. Yeah. What's cool about Scott's cheap flights? This is something we've recommended before. We've talked about his website and previous episodes into now actually have them on as money. Pro is super cool. I think that's awesome in the way. It started a little bit of his back story is that in twenty thirteen Scott. He scored a round trip ticket to Milan Italy for one hundred and thirty bucks, which is an awesome deal. He wasn't even planning a trip to Italy. But he had to take advantage of such great deal. And then when he got back his friends were asking him say, hey, let us know. Next time you see. Awesome deal like that. And those emails that was the start of Scott's cheap flights birth of something. Great. It's awesome. But now he they've got over one point six million members subscribed some personal narrative travel stats on him. He's flown around the earth fifteen times since two thousand ten and has got over thirty eight different stamps, and his passport. That's like opposite of me because I travel travel very little skies, not a homebody. And I think the reason that most people don't travel Matt is because it's prohibitively expensive and travel can be expensive, especially if you don't know how to book it. Well, but for most people they do have a wanderlust they want to travel. They want to get out there and explore the world a little bit more. And it's out the traveling is cheaper than ever. But only for people who know how to book travel. Well, who know how to score the cheap flights? So everyone wants that deal. But often we suck at finding the deal. That's just because we haven't been trained to do it. But that changes to. Today. So just reminder that every money pro episode we bring on our money pro they get five minutes of time to give distilled wisdom on one topic. And today Scott's gonna tell us how to find the cheapest flights Sula to your Scots five minutes of money. Pro right now. Hey guys today. I'm super excited to talk to you about how to score cheap flights. This is what I've devoted my career to. And so I'm excited to dig right in with you all so the very first tip that I recommend to folks and their thinking about how to score cheap flights is to actually flip their flight search order, so let me give you an example the way that most people tend to search for flights is three step process. Step one, they pick where they want to go step two they pick. What dates do they want to go there and only on step three? Do they see what is the airfare for that particular route in date, and by setting price as the third order priorities? Not terribly surprised. Ising that. Yup. Getting some pretty expensive flights doing it with that approach. So what I recommend to folks actually flipping that order and going with the strategy like this. I see what she plays her out there. You know, there's dozens of tools Google flights. Amado kayak explored see where the cheap flights are various places around the world step to decide which of those cheap destinations appeal to you. Where do you wanna go among maybe there's four hundred dollar flights to Rome, Barcelona and Paris? Yeah, rome. I'd love to go there foreigner buck and then see, okay. Are there dates for that four hundred dollar fair to Rome that work with your schedule? Yeah. That like may fifteenth I could get off work. I could go and by setting price as the first order concern, the third order concern, you're much much more likely to get an actual really cheap flight. And especially if you're someone like myself, who frankly, there's nowhere in the world that I wouldn't like to go see you end up being able to see many more places. Because you're only spending four hundred dollars on a flight to Europe as opposed to eight or nine hundred bucks or even a thousand or more. So this kind of leads me into step to here, which is to try to cross the ocean as cheaply as possible. Let me give an example. Let's say you live in Atlanta. And you really wanna go the Greek islands you've had your heart set on Santa Riney. So you go to Google flights. And you see what is there for a cost to get from Atlanta to send Tarini I just looked. It's twenty five hundred dollars. Yikes. That is a lot of money. But that's only if you're searching in one single tannery a couple of weeks ago, we've found out a deal from Atlanta Athens for five hundred forty three dollars round trip. And once you're an Athens. You can get a flight or a cruise boat over to Santa arena for like fifty bucks roundtrip. So by splitting it into two. Tanneries? You would only cost like five hundred ninety three dollars six hundred bucks give or take as opposed to the regional twenty five hundred save almost two thousand dollars in this case, you can split it both on the destination side, like they're, you know, flying to Athens and then going to renew, but you can also split it up on the origin side the. Deal that I've ever personally gotten in my life was nonstop from New York City to Milan for one hundred thirty dollars round trip. I could not believe when I saw that fair my heart still racist talking about it. But at the time, I didn't actually live in in New York. I was living down in DC. And if I tried to get a flight from DC to Milan, it would have been like eight hundred and fifty dollars. But I knew you know, look, I can take bus up to New York. Hang out with some friends for a couple of days and then fly over to Milan pair, the twenty dollar bus fare with one hundred thirty dollars flight hundred fifty dollars total versus eight hundred fifty you know, it's a no brainer. So really kind of being flexible and trying to cross the ocean as cheaply as possible and then getting onto your ultimate destination is a really smart strategy for getting cheap flights. So we've got about a minute left. Let's lightning around a couple of these cheapest times to fly chiefs days of the week going to be Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday cheapest times of the year going to general. Be January through may and September through November. When should you book your flights? I recommend for domestic flights booking at least a month ahead of time and for international flights at least two months ahead of time. If you're looking at travel kind of peak summer Christmas new years, maybe try to add a couple of months to those recommendations do not wait for last minute flights. I cannot stress that enough thirty years ago. It was the case that the airlines would cut the fair right before they close the door for that flight because they wanted to fill all the seats nowadays. They actually Jack up the price in the last week or two because they know it's business travelers who will pay any price in order to get that seat business travelers booking. Those last minute flights to other things one. Should you clear cookies? Here's the truth. It doesn't matter. Do it. If it'll make you happy, but it really doesn't make any difference. The best search engine my personal favorite is Google flights. But another kind of Kim secret here is that it actually really doesn't matter. They'll basically all draw on the same distribution system. And so. You'll get basically the same results anywhere. One small exception. Search southwest dot com. Separately, Southwest Airlines does not show up on any of the flight. Search engines, thanks, y'all. Dang man, Scott, brought the knowledge he brought the heat that was some amazing stuff from our money pro and he mentioned south west, which is one of our favorites. Yes. Out west has no check bag fees and no ticket change fees. Man. That's a rarity now. So we're gonna go ahead and take a quick break. But right after that, we're going to unpack all that's how to say. This is Ron burgundy telling you to listen to my podcast. Here's a little something to wet your appetite right now, I'm a little terrified because I don't know what a podcast Eve's. Let's take some calls. Caller, number one. You're on with Ron burgundy what's on your mind? Caller, snow callers. No because people aren't listening in real tasha. Check got it. If you are listening to this have downloaded by mistake. Please turn it off. Now, turn it off. We have the crews here. Okay. All right. Okay. If you're Taurus horoscope is come on pull you together. I saw you defecate. It was reduced to my basic. Rumba? Vailable? Whatever putt guests found. Quite a while. Back in episode. Number four, we've talked about traveling with purpose on the cheap. And one thing that we did talk about was saving money off. We mentioned Scott's website scotch cheap flights, but we didn't get a chance to delve into all the ways that you can save money by booking a flight. And the first thing that's got mentioned, which is by far the most important thing, you need to think about when you're looking to score achieved flight is to flip your search order and making price as Scott said the first order of concern is the most important thing you can do to save money. Most people do the exact opposite. They're like got these dates, and I want to go to this nation. And can I find a good fare? Well, no, no. Usually you can't because you're doing it in the wrong order, but if you are looking to travel cheaply, you'll flip the script and you'll look for a cheap destination and trying to find something that fits those dates, and that's the main way that you're gonna be able to save money when booking flights. That's right. You'll have to make money the priority. If you're looking to save money. Then make that sort of like your very first filter when you are searching for flights. And honestly, this is not a pitch for Scott's cheap flights. We brought him on for reason. Exactly does we like what he's got to say like his emails are the perfect way to help you decide where to go because you are only going to be looking at the cheap fares the cheap flights that are out there. And so you wanna book based on finding a deal not just with a sort of preconceived idea of where you wanna go. Yeah. So let's say, for instance, you're looking to book a honeymoon. Right. Say I want to go to Hawaii. Well, you know, what you might find a good deal the Hawaii. But if you're less Pacific on your destination, you say, I just want to find some sort of tropical destination great beach somewhere, warm, right? Yeah. Go on my honeymoon. Well, if you're looking at it through that lens, and you're less specific with your destination. There's a good chance. You're opening yourself up to a lot more potential deals. You might find a great deal to Thailand, let's say or Costa Rica who knows but being open and making price the first order of concern as opposed to the destination. That's what. Going to save you money. Honestly, this just gets me pumped to try to do this more often. And honestly, it's a more adventurous way to find the deal then to figure out what you want to do their that fits with my sort of personal mission statement, we talked about this recently like adventure. I'm trying to find ways to incorporate that more in my life. I tend to be a rigid type a everything has to be lined up perfect and organized. But man, what a way to interject some adventure in some sort of unpredictability while also saving a ton of money is that why you joined that fight club looking for a little venture. You're not supposed to talk about that. That's right broke the first rule doing it. This way, kind of expand your horizons about where you'd like to travel of opens up the whole world to you as opposed to having this one pigeonhole destination that you really want to go to the world is your alster booking travel. Where prices the first order concern and my favorite part about booking travel. Like, this is that ultimately, you're gonna go see a whole lot more of the world. Because if every trip that you book is less than half, the price of what it would have cost you. Had you pick your destination. I that sounds like twice as many flights. Joel twice as much travel. Right. So I love that. I think that's a great way to not only see more of the world because you're paying less. But also get you out there to go see more places that you wouldn't have even considered. And I love it. Yeah. Exactly. Like, you said that's an adventurous way to travel at the end of the day. It's about seeing more places because if you love to travel, and you wanna go more places, it probably doesn't quite matter as much the order to which visit these cities like Paris quintessential sort of city that ever wants to they wanna make it a Paris chances. There's remain tick, it is romantic, but you know, what there's going to be a deal to Paris, very soon. And just don't feel like you have to go write this one time. If you're more flexible, you're going to be able to travel much more personal example of for Emily. And I so we ended up going to Norway my family's from Norway. My grandpa came over to the United States when he was five from Norway. I've always wanted to go. But for the longest time flying to Norway was prohibitively expensive. It was usually around thousand. Eleven hundred bucks a ticket. I thought about at different times just kind of forcing it and making the happen and paying the bounty and just going to Norway when it was really expensive. But I'm glad I held off because of injury a couple of discount airlines launched service from the United States, and they were flying Scandinavia as well as other parts of Europe. But Scandinavian flights just went on sale big time. So Emily night were able to go to Norway. I want to say we paid literally five hundred and five dollars a piece something like that. Yeah. Round trip to Oslo. And I'm just so glad that we waited because Norway is kind of an expensive country already food prices lodging, all the kind of stuff it all adds up. And so it would have just been prohibitively expensive trip. If we had paid full price for airfare, but following Scott's method, we were able to get really inexpensive tickets and just really enjoy our trip and kind of spend a little more on some of the travel throughout the country to make Archer really special. And so, yeah, it's not like you're not gonna go to that destination. Adeel pop up at some point. But just wait just make sure. Your pouncing win. It's cheap be patient. Joel I gotta learn that sometimes it's next key point that he mentioned was to try and cross the ocean as cheaply as possible liferaft, right? Battle boat. And honestly that could and most likely will mean flying into a different destination. Luckily, though getting around Europe is really cheap and pretty easy as well. You know, you can fly into answered and if you're trying to get to Paris or even vice versa. You just want to make sure that you are considering those nearby destinations because that will likely save you tons of money. Yeah. Unlike our country, which is enormous, right? So it's a little bit harder to train travel. You know, maybe you can in the northeast particularly. But but really across most of America can't really take a train. We gotta hop in a car, right or airplane. You can't take Marta to see. They most Marta is. That's our local rapid transit and rapid somewhere. Avid trains aren't necessarily the way to go in the US not here. But in Europe trains, actually are efficient. They work really. Well, at least when the workers are on strike, which has happened a few times while I've been in Europe. But travel is an easy and cheap way to get from. Let's say Amsterdam to fairus. Matt. Like, you mentioned, which means that if an airfare into Paris is thousand dollars and airfare into Amsterdam is four twenty-five. Well, guess what? Flying name surname, take the hour and a half train ride to Paris for thirty bucks that long it's only hour and a half. I think it's about an hour and a half nice you'd see a little countryside, those train rides are actually I love him. I think they're really fun. So there's so much of Europe that you do get to enjoy and see by train that it's just part of the trip as well. Right. And I think that's one of the advantages is just instead of high tailing it to sort of like, your real destination city considered like the scenic route Kate night, we love going on road trips. And so to go somewhere than to have. Or get to rent a car or take a train and see so much of the countryside and making stops along the way stopping at farms like this is stuff that we've done before. And we have found so much enjoyment out of doing that even sometimes on the train rides. You can take a quick pitstop in a town along the way check it out. Like, I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly Bruges is in between Amsterdam and Paris, and I think don't quote me on this. I'm pretty sure, but I think you could actually hop off. Hang on Bruce for a couple of hours hop back on the train, not paying the extra. And then go the rest of way into Paris. Why not a free stopover bruised check out some cool stuff and then keep going. So maybe Google maps, check out and see what cities are nearby the city that you're looking to go to an do airfare searches to those cities as well. And then make sure that there's a fishing train travel from one city to another. That's just an awesome way to save money under trip. You know, the only reason people go to Bruges because of in Bruges the movie, right? Have you seen the movie underrated movie? Yeah. It is really good mood. Great movie. But I think half the Americans that actually do visit Bruges it's because of inrush that's probably half the reason I went, but it was well worth it. So Joel I didn't go to Bruges, but in college Princeton, I did something very similar where we had an alternate destination. We knew very little when it came to actually traveling for cheap. But we did know that we wanted to go to a bunch of cities and Italy, and we had less interest in going to Milan. It's funny. That's got mentioned Milan. Because it must be a hub. Well, it turns out that the best plane ticket prices words Milan's? So that's where we ended up flying into. And we did take the train from there and all the destinations that we truly did want to go. Visit and we got to see some cool stuff in Milan as well. But the real reason we flew into Milan was because that's where the deal was me. Yeah. So at this point, we've talked about flying into a different destination. That's nearby the destination that you actually want to go to maybe two for the price of one or at least just wait to skedaddle out of that place that you fly into into go. Visit another town or city, but. Another thing you can consider is departing from a different city on the front end of your trip. So Scott mentioned that's what he did to that. Sweet Milan deal. He took a bus from up to New York and stay with friends and then flew out of New York City because oftentimes a lot of the best international flight deals originate from Boston New York, Chicago near Milwaukee and driving to Chicago might score you a much better deal on an international plane ticket or if you're in DC taking that bus up to Boston just searching from other departure cities where you can stay with the friend or easily drive your car or there's public transportation to get you to that airport. That's something you strongly want to consider because it could be another factor in saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your overall trip cost do keep in mind. You wanna make sure you're doing it cheaply though? Right. So otherwise, it's not worth the additional hassle. You're not saving money. If you're driving to a different city and paying for parking at the airport for seven days, the examples you gave like taking the bus or train. I know you've taken mega bus. Which that even still around anymore? Mega mega buses. Totally still is it. Yeah. Okay. So quickly do good buses. Mega bus is a super cheap bus service. And that's honestly, one of the best ways probably consider getting from one town to another. And I've taken it to go to Memphis from Atlanta. I've taken it to New Orleans from Atlanta and tickets start at a dollar if you book really far advanced you can score those dollar seats those first few seats, right? Yes. So I would especially for domestic travel consider taking mega bus there've been some horror stories written up mega bus tires busting that come on fire the one that exactly some bad customer service terrible, publicity, unfortunately. But I would say for the majority of the bus rides all the ones I've been on my mother-in-law takes it to come. Sometimes like it's been completely worth the price evenings, and so come from to get from one place to another mega bus check it out. So if you're gonna change your origin city or the city that you're departing from just keep that in mind, again example sky gave amazing was perfect going to visit friends. You know, I personally haven't. On that before going to visit friends and kicking around for an extra day. But what a fun way to kind of spend some more time in a city that you're less familiar with or to revisit friends, and then you get to hang out maybe have some beers. And then the next morning. You know, you hop on your flight and your off to vacation for a week or ten days. I love that. I've actually done that for domestic trip. I ended up driving to Birmingham from Atlanta for flight to the west coast found just a sweet deal at a Birmingham stayed with the buddy I left my car at his house. He drove into the airport that morning and saved a couple of hundred bucks on my west coast plane fare that was years and years ago, but it's just another way for you to consider. It's a little bit of outside of the box thinking in order to find like a super cheap fare. So you can take an awesome trip. That's just not prohibitively expensive. That makes me think of the Atlanta airport. So, you know, we both live maybe about fifteen minutes, a fifteen minute drive to get to the airport, and how many times do you think he's taken folks or picked up from the airport a bunch. Taking you and Emily, I've taken other friends, I have friends that live in the northern suburbs. And they will drive down park their car at my house. AM just to catch their flight. And I'll drive him down problem with exactly I guess that's just one of the perks. You have and you've got a friend that only lives about fifteen minutes from the airport. All right, Matt there's so much more to cover when it comes to finding the cheapest possible flights, and we'll get to that. Right after the break. Hey, Mario Lopez here. And I really hope you can check out my new podcast, listen to Mario LT. Am going to be having some really cool casual depth conversations with a lot of amazing and fascinating people some of your favorite celebrities, everyday heroes. Newsmakers even some of my friends and a few of my family members definitely side of me that you've never seen before. So please, listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. All right, Joel. And now, let's go ahead and get to what Scott called the lightning round. Which is true. He can burn through those last few points. Pretty quick thinking is like a game show host. But when he talked about though was win and how to book, and he specifically said how you want to travel like your travel dates to be typically on Tuesday Wednesday a Saturday. Those are going to give you the best deals, and that's mostly because that's the way in business travelers aren't traveling. That's when normal everyday Joe schmos like you and me and our listeners. That's when we're gonna get the best deals. That's right, man. And as far as the months, go he mentioned how January through may are going to be your best bets and September through November or the cheapest month as well. And there's obvious reasons for that as well. Right. Everyone's traveling during the summer in the summer months in June, July and August December as well. Those are kind of like the crazy, and you might think to to yourself. Okay. Those are still a lot of dates that I can't fly right? Because I think a lot of the tips that he mentioned here at the end anybody can pretty much do like it doesn't take a ton of flexibility. And that's true. Even for this section as well. Even though there are certain days that it's more forcible to fly. That's still three out of seven days that he mentioned that's almost half of the week. And then the months he mentioned eight out of twelve months that's not too difficult to try to do like, those are the months that, you know, you'll be able to deal I still think pretty doable for a lot of people aren't and so how far in advance you book. Well, if you're looking for a domestic airfare, Scott said roughly one month ahead, which I found to be true in search results for flights for me. Although I'll give this one caveat. It doesn't hurt to look even further in advance. When you get to be less than a month away from your travel date prices are going to start to escalate pretty quickly. So you don't want to wait longer and longer hoping that prices are going to go down as you get closer to your travel date. If you're in a compressed less than a month timeframe, it doesn't hurt to start looking for five six months in advance often you're going to get a good deal VIN. But typically, the best prices on domestic airfare are going to be roughly in that month to a month and a half ahead of your departure date and for international flights. He mentioned go ahead and double that. So you're looking at at least two months in advance. But like you said, especially for international you can find some really great deals if you're looking pretty far in advance. I know that with you and your work travelling and whatnot y'all trips really far in advance like almost a year. Right. How far in advance? Do you remember booking a trip where you still got an amazing deal? Yeah. I feel like honestly, eight nine months ahead of time. We've gotten amazing deals like four hundred dollars to Ireland or or six hundred dollars Thailand four hundred dollars Ireland there for that one. Yeah. We did that too and I'm going to April so humble brag. So yeah, two months ahead of time is a great time to book, your international travel. But honestly, the more flexible, you can be and the further ahead that you can look in that six seven eight month timeframe, if prices your number one order of concern, you're probably gonna find some really good deals looking far in advance to Jill you just touched on this briefly, but sort of those last minute flights, and how those are specifically reserved for business travelers, and how the prices just skyrocket because like Scott said they don't have a choice to not travel for work and the business Ford or Coca Cola, whoever they're going to pay it, and it doesn't really matter. And so if you book last minute like that, yeah, you're gonna end up paying out the nose. But that's just what businesses are typically willing to spend one thing. I wanted to bring up that Scott didn't mention is it booking as a group can actually often hurt you if you are contacting airline or a travel agent to book a group booking of like a bunch of people. Let's say you're booking ten people. Well, you're gonna pay more booking as a group than you are booking individually. Through website like Google flights. And we'll talk about that more at a second. So when you're booking a large group maybe to computers out or three computers out, depending on how many people your booking book as individuals through Google flights or Mondo, or whatever it is airlines just love to Jack up fares, if you are a quote unquote group, so totally see that. Yes. Just make sense to book separately. Don't tell them that. You're a special group. Right. And you're going to qualify for those cheapest individual fairs that are out there. All right. But when it comes to the actual search engine that you use in order to book flights. I like what he said man, they're all pretty much equal his preference is Google flights. And from all the different ones. I've used. That's my preference to I'd like using Google flights. It just feels like it's the easiest one to us. And it's just easier to kind of look on the map, and then plus or minus certain days to to hone in on that cheapest fare, so I like using Google flights. But there are other types as well. So if you've got one that you currently use that you like to search for flights kayak or Mondo, whatever it is don't hesitate to use that site either. Oh, yeah. Specifically men on the huge fan of frontier because they've got that special deals page, and I was looking on there today. And I know that right now you can get from Atlanta to Austin, Texas for forty four bucks with every go. That's a heck of a deal. Just know if you book on a cheaper airline like frontier spirit, one of those guys you're gonna pay for everything else on top of that ticket. Yeah. Just make sure that you're not bringing any bags in your comfortable wearing those clothes all weekend. We're like three layer close on the flight. And then you can peel them off as you go. But that's one thing you're gonna pay for coca you're gonna make for a water you're gonna pay for check bag you're gonna pay for a bag that you bring on the airplane to. But you can't beat a deal from Austin Tampa for twenty bucks that was also on their twenty dollars. That's insane. Tampa, isn't it nuts? Yeah. That's great. But I do also Google flights man like that map is so key like you can enter your your city that you're flying out of. And then you got the Matthew zoom out click around and it shows all the different airfares. It's just a fun way to explore not only your country, but even the world like you can kind of. Scroll over and look at Europe, we're gonna fly to like, oh Madrid four hundred bucks. That's pretty good. Why not all Saint Petersburg, four seventy five. Interesting. Like, it's so much more adventurous that way, it's turned the way we typically plan for vacation on its head. Like it really is. What's got said? Which is it just flips it instead of looking at where you wanna go when you want to go look at when you're gonna get the best price in base your travel on that. But the one big elephant in the room the one big airline that doesn't put their fares on Google flights or any other search engines is southwest. And so if southwest does fly out of your market, you're gonna wanna make sure you go directly to their website southwest dot com. And since southwest is one of the discount airlines, they often have some of the best prices. Not to mention the fact that they have some really good customer service. And they're also one of the only airlines not to charge baggage fees or change fees. And so there are a lot of perks about flying south west south west definitely lends itself to checking a bag for free and the load in that bag up with local beer, bringing back home. And sharing with your best, bud. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So I used to never check a bag into I got super craft beer, and then I would carry on my bag to a destination, and then I would go to local breweries by some bottles, pack them up. Check my bag and come home. And that's why I typically try to fly southwest domestically. If the airfare is one of the best prices because I get free check bag, man. And I get to bring beer back from wherever I go can't beat that. All right, Joe. Let's let's take it back to the beer game. Your thoughts. We're drinking Ryan Geist. Barely penguin. It's a blonde stout aged in bourbon barrels never had a blow out before the only blonston ever had was maybe ten years ago, and it was a Guinness blonde. And it did not say this. This is amazing no comment on Guinness or one. But this beer was fantastic, man. Like, the first thing I notice about it was that had coffee notes which is odds because it's a blonde. So a pours like an IP. It looks like a sour or an in color pretty lie. Right. Yeah. You're definitely not expecting coffee right now. Yeah. But more than anything. That's what I noticed on. It was you taste the would you taste the barrel. But then I was picking up on coffee notes, which you just don't expect from a beer. That's that looks this light and color. Yeah. It's honestly, it's a fascinating style. It tastes completely different than normal stout. It's kinda lighter in your mouth. I dig it. And it has some really great oak presence at the same time almost like a little bit zip a little bit of tartness to it that like you said lightness just drinking really well. I love this beer. Yes. So thanks again to Natalie from Ryan Geist for sending this to us. Yeah. Thanks guys are Joel let's kick it off with some final thoughts are first thing. That's got mentioned most important thing you need to consider forget everything you learned about booking travel quit looking at destinations. I look at the price. I if you make price the first order concern of travel. That's how you're going to find the cheapest deals that's how you're going to get to visit more destinations. Ultimately, you're just going to be more well traveled if price. Is your first order concern? That's right, man. Not only you to not look at your destination. I, but he wants to not look at your calendar. I as well because you want to have flexibility when it comes to dates, and so obviously flexibility is key. But what if flexibility, isn't key, right? I've got an example here Kate, and I had a fly into France for a wedding that we were shooting and guess what with weddings? There's any flexibility when it comes to when the wedding is going to go down. And we or our client could have gotten stuck with some pretty significant airfare, but we have the flexibility to fly over a couple of weeks early when the airfare was cheaper. Plus we got to travel in France for a couple of weeks. But I guess I wanted to acknowledge the fact that not everyone has that kind of flexibility. A lot of trips are limited within a certain window of specific dates, or there is the destination that isn't negotiable like specifically for a wedding or if you're going to go visit some family, and so if you're locked into some of those constraints, make sure that you follow Scott's other tips when it comes to booking your airfare. Yeah. Tuesday, Wednesday Saturday travel and booking at least a month in advance for domestic travel. Or two months ahead for international travel. That's how you're going to find the cheapest possible deals, especially you're gonna wanna pay more careful attention to those tips. If you're locked into a specific departure and destination and specific dates are Joel I think that's going to be it for this episode. We wanna think everyone for listening and especial thanks to Scott Kayce for coming on our show. We'll have a link to his website Scott's cheap flights up on our show notes on our website at how money dot com. All right. If you'd like this podcast to be found this episode helpful. We would love your thoughts in review form at apple podcasts. And don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and you know, what if you think there are ways that we can improve this podcast. We love to hear from you as well. Go to money dot com slash do better. And send us your constructive criticism. We'd really appreciate it. All right, Joel until next time best friends out friends out. View moments in early American history are as well known and yet equally misunderstood as the Salem witch trials more than three hundred years after they ended the tragic events of sixteen ninety two still feel fresh and relevant. And rightly so because the story of Salem is about much more than just a community caught up in the grip of mass hysteria. It's a story about us. 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