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At the nineteen fifty-five rose bowl goodyear began providing stunning aerial coverage of college football forever changing the way the game is experienced in recognition it's significant contribution the goodyear blimp is being inducted into the College Football Hall of fame as an honorary member it's the first non player or coach to ever be inducted els is David Pollack no one can touch the man who thinks sugar is Satan David Pollick is the best college football but college football podcast with Herbie and pollick now aims so many backstories I know you're going to have a blast for the next twenty four hours in that entire environment but you know one that you guys are GonNa talk about while you're there's also some of the says Palmer and Galloway can't forget about Acho and Mora but let me tell you my favorite analyst who lives next to a farm and talks right by the bears doing what they did on the road boise state crushed us both and so did Missouri we talked about them twice the podcast so far and those weeks Friday's podcasts go to be fed tastic was they play football and and I was laying the points eight and a half points you had Michigan and you're taking the points and here's the thing that first half way yeah then let's just just answer the question and guys also you know when you're talking to your girlfriend sometimes it's okay to just say whatever you want and it may not be what you feel but you just say week we split you SMU Iot temple we are not going to talk about that game you had Oklahoma state I had Baylor and how that that was fantastic games and let's get to our games here and let's start with Wisconsin at Ohio state a game that should have been I if they played a week earlier it would have been like okay who you got this whatever you want we're at that stage right now in our relationship so here we go okay herbstreet great you know so is Dez and Velma Sanchez the other way out of all your breakdowns of all the Games that's the best I've ever heard I mean that's the best yeah I got to the heart of the whole story right to run the big ten bragging rights but the way things have shaped out obviously with this coming off that lost the Illinois are we both lockstep here that it's going to be Ohio state's offense are who you are as a man and I'm ready realize and then just go ahead America's listening by wayside bed here because I had Penn state it is when you when you have your girls out there you gotTa make sure you let them know you're partners out there on the road with this show twice a week how do you feel about me as an too much for this entire Wisconsin team yeah and and you know we were talking about Wisconsin's defense a week ago and before the Illinois game and talking about how dominant I think Chris or Anzac Bond I think those are guys that can make it harder still from what we've seen from anybody who's played Ohio state and Reggie list I know if I had the button if I was the producer that'd be pushing the standing ovation but you just nailed it I mean that was that was perfect setting the world on fire Sean Clifford Toe to toe with Justin field than those guys that were talking about one of those is not there yet one of those make it more of a game that initially but the problem is man speed and Dobbins in fields playmaking ability that I just don't think they can contain what forth here before we get to pick I I want to know how do you view Penn state I mean undefeated here is there gap after what you watch too who obviously they got trevor and when you're talking about the dynamic teams like Jalen hurts in Oklahoma like those are the teams that Lsu has Joe Burrows go listen game days in South Dakota for that FCS battle number one North Dakota state at number three South Dakota state really great rivalry game when you go on the other side Wisconsin doesn't have Jack cones look good and his running ability by the way we'll be key in this game but can the offensive line protect was and then it wasn't so just some of the elements that they did it is going to carry over really well some of the elements of success for Illinois is going to carry out but I tell you what they've got a playmaker but Ohio State has three or four you know and that just this offense we we talked about it going in and I told you Clifford has a little bit of he's things you said all the build up and giving Wisconsin a little bit of love in their offense I think Ohio's they wins pretty big I think they win by double digits here and always I gotta I gotTa say some Nice things about you is that what I gotta just be honest just you know what it's it's really good and relationships to be honest and to tell you a lot of time Jason Safety that this physical number two that comes down the box and plays well I think I think Jim Leonard will have a plan in have a plan to slow down Ohio state and they lose your yeah your lips are moving but I'm just ready to here we had a bad I mean I'm I'm ready for you to own up to WHO's here's your host Kevin the Gandhi Friday means one thing to Pala can be here all the podcasts makes picks only two games separated US last by the way you're a Ronnie bell completion away from going overtime and losing the game outright rose your Ronnie Bell catches that and I think Michigan wins can they stay in good situations I don't I don't think they can I think we're gonNA see Ohio state pull away and win this game pretty big yeah I'm with you after all concerns in the in the Michigan game and I told you I'd concerns going into it with their with their secondary and their ability to cover in the back end consistently so I think there are notch below those top tier teams but listen they don't have to apologize for that and if they keep getting the ball to K. J. Hamblur and they keep playing great defense they'll be in every game but this week they've had they've not been six and a half points but they're on the road and I wouldn't touch that game not at all and Tony I gotTa tell you I I kinda what Penn state to win just for one reason I want the show takes us to the next game in the big ten and that's Penn State of Michigan State and it's going to be just it always is I it's just a you know behind the shed fight back and to November ninth but we're both going Penn state here we'll be back in a minute as we continue to roll through the week nine slate of first a word from at and T. and we'll be nuts. I like Morgan as a quarterback efficiency wise he's pretty good sixteen touchdowns and three picks what we'll talk about that as we get closer the other and so I think there's separation I think Penn State's defense is really good in the front seven they can call anybody issues but you saw the secondary have five states a really good defense I can't put them in that category because if again let's look at the top teams in the country Kevin and when Alabama's healthy they got on Saturday is that gap closer to the highway when we think I don't think offensively I don't think they're in the same stratosphere as Ohio State and Estate Yeah College football is great unless of course it's just okay like when students decide to paint their chests with different letters to spell some word and then they stand together to get them. AM on Saturdays in the fall is inevitable mayhem happens on the field off the field and in the polls mayhem lives on the wind in the rain mytton Sean Clifford handling a Minnesota team we're both teams coming undefeated whether whether PJ FLEX team's going to be ready I who knows I just think that that environment for something just okay is not okay whether it's college football fans or your wireless network you WanNa Watch the Best College football just like you want doing the but come on people you should know how to spell wildcats or bulldogs the purpose is to have a word jumble in the student section to keep your mind sharp down against Minnesota on on November knife I want those teams be undefeated at Minnesota because I want to learn a little bit more about Penn State here in that environment he's still he's still developing he still growing as a passer and I think you saw that in the ball game where they had two hundred eighty three yards Kevin at home against Michigan Michigan's a good defensive etc.. Get better protected for mayhem with allstate contact your local allstate agent today now back to the show Texas at Tcu now the potential for mayhem during the playoff race is rampant underdogs trap games unexpected weather etc etc plot and outside it at home and away. You can't stop mayhem from happening but you can get better protected from it with allstate on the foot of an Eric kick and during a trap game you'll find mayhem in the parking lot during tailgates charcoal that's not totally out and and Michigan state defense they're susceptible I think more on the back end in the front seven and you can can penn state take advantage I think it's a close game yeah. They're favored against Michigan State Homey they've struggled it's Michigan state I think they lost four the last five I think yeah silver for the in again go with at and T. America's best network don't settle for Typos on people's chests and don't settle for anything less than the best wireless earn football through a window a flat tire a loss side view mirror etc you get the point allstate protects you for mayhem in the parking ATV but their spelling the word wrong or they lined up in the wrong order sure not everybody's an English major and I get it we can all win the national spelling out of it has to do with injury they're banged up like creole yes and that's absolutely that's that's a big part of it but Texas I don't feel good about going into any game if I'm article this game because I cannot believe at Allston the fight that the less miles was giving four Texas defense because they put a forty good and yes now you like those are not real good and so it's just it's going to be a mixed bag it's going to be the old school big twelve teams harbaugh is career Michigan how do you view a game like this for horrible I mean it's a it's a big game but you know Kepala likes some hyperbole definitely likes it doesn't step up and play better but I'll take Sammy etlinger yeah he's the one thing that we know no matter what right that we can guarantee and it's not nate Stanley it Sam I saw signs of life when we talked about it on Wednesday I mean I I think I saw signs of life from Michigan that I haven't seen in a while and so I think it's a big game for Michigan but to me it's just about being work get the best college football and get at and T. best that work based on Gw one score September twenty nine thousand nine hundred because Tapei against Iowa let's get to the Michigan conversation as they host Notre Dame Paul Finebaum recently said this is the biggest game for Jimmy via outscore them a lot of times and their defense is going to have to get some proud about him and get better and hopefully you can continue to get guys back fifty five thousand guys injured last year the one thing I could depend on was defense every single week etlinger was was growing and getting better and you could see his confidence grow throughout the season but the defense you're like okay those imperative you lose close games so be it but when you get stomped out by Wisconsin you deserve to be talked about and I don't like how harbaugh blame the refs after the game it was really really bad and I listen I thought after last week I thought they lost a Penn state look bad again I'm like what what's what's the deal like what the heck are you going to do but depend on nate Stanley's versus Michigan's I was like really you can depend on nate Stanley's what have you watched that she makes you think you can offensive still finding themselves and goes through spurts where they're very very very one dimensional and that might be good enough to beat Texas if they're always do that and and I and I I get it but who else are you gonNa get it Michigan is my question like who if you went to the Brady hoke air and the rich Rod Georgia environment they will handle this Michigan Environment I'm so I'm going with the fighting Irish even though Michigan's laying the points as of right now by one which I feel just because Ian Book is the One quarterback in this game where I'm like I I'm comfortable here I think Brian Kelly we'll have some some designs and I think after handling the Hollick because I was actually before this podcast started before we talked on Wednesday I was GonNa Take Michigan but I'm GonNa pull pollick and I'm GonNa Take Notre Dame and goodyear is celebrating this honor by reminding you to look forward and make sure you're prepared for the road ahead discover more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven no it's just I don't think if I'm Texas I'm ever feeling great about the matchup Texas is lane one on the road at Tcu so you got I will take Texas and a reason to gripe you talking about Oh my Lord have mercy that's the way was unbelievable unbelievable the whole offsides whatever I digress but I think I think Michigan found itself a little bit and remember Brian Kelly aiming good on the road against ranked teams and it's a struggle if I wouldn't have broke this down for you so eloquently on Wednesday a Notre Dame I will take Michigan I think Michigan offense is more is more believable now and I know the anger that's the guaranteed poor nate I'd say it'd take a knock on nape oh boy man I thought he was he was the one thing I could I could Lee uncomfortable with because everybody's taking on the other thing I serve as always knows something when this is crazy man it's like Miami general fence is going to be good I think they're a better team at home than they are on the road I e Iowa a couple weeks ago and he picked Iowa and so she can wolverines I'm GonNa pull pinged we just move on okay we'll just sure later Michigan's Michigan Michigan's Backfield I mean they're they're front defensive line was in that backfield all drives me nuts I think I think he's off base by the way you want you want to blame the rest go talk go look it will must champ for God's Sakes Oh you WanNa talk about take Sam Etlinger I mean you showed last week that it might be Kansas whatever I know what I'm getting for Allen Gary to season and he can run any can throw he's a dual threat guy. TCU I have but it is okay I get you but they're bad there's no week that they're safe any any week with that defense I mean listen eight point so they were winning at different parts of this game Texas had to put up fifty points against that have you been watching Texas defense all year but I'm just GonNa do apologize for for our purposes here as we discuss making these bets so all right I'm going with that by the way you mentioned who would they replace harbor on the Thursday lies on there is no way in Haiti's the way Miami has looked they should be the favorite they win by thirteen just like we don't know finding you to look forward and make sure you're prepared for the road ahead discover more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven nobody in college football that is going to be able to do it I'm with you we're we're lockstep here hang on for justice second we're GONNA hit on Oregon Washington state what needs to happen can't slow them down who the heck can I mean it's just if if Auburn can't make it hard on Lsu and Joe Borough enforce more stops than than I don't know that there's further with goodyear discovered tires made to rise above the rest learn more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven. I WANNA pick a game st when the Goodyear Blimp rises above a stadium it inspires players to reach higher and rise to the challenge of the game's biggest moments now it's your turn for the PAC twelve to get back into the College Football playoff conversation but first let's hear from our sponsor goodyear sometimes for inspiration you just have to look up but bob stoops at USC okay I'll be listening to that I I'd love to see how that plays out all right let's continue our picks Auburn at Lsu for more than sixty years the goodyear blimp has fueled greatness on the Gridiron by providing aerial coverage of some of the most legendary moments in college football his right hire matt rule now goes to Penn state he goes to his without question yes that makes that makes the connection to me a little I wanna see now this Auburn defense because when you look at this Auburn defense it's so good it's so good at every level can they slow now because if task for Lsu and man I feel like they've been the most battle-tested team in college football though and they they've passed every test so far defensively I still WanNa see more I would really like is Matt rule from Baylor yes that's the one guy that I think that if you still want to have your roots because he's a big ten guy let's not forget it depends state he understands the physicality but I also think it's fresh juice he will be a really good recruiter but I don't know if Matt rule is going to be in the college game in the next two years it's a night game PAC twelve after dark on ESPN organs favored by two touchdowns but the reason why I want to bring this up is I was really impressed here and I know you're going to be like wow we picked his game I I WANNA pick the game here because of conversation all right and that is Oregon hosting Washington State Am and pass rush has to continue to grow and get better but I I really the biggest thing I want to see what this matchup Todd Grantham had his swing at this offense and failed all right take it if you go USC and the US jobs opens I think James Franklin is locked for that I think I think the ducks and what they did in the second half against Washington and when you look at the way things are being played out in the PAC twelve north and it looks like it's all secure for for Oregon here if you want because here's what you could see happening and I'm going to go ahead and lay this out because my small brain you know thinks about stupid things like this when I'm at home at eight o'clock on Monday night but a little bit different I think you'll see they would do themselves well to hire James Franklin I wouldn't touch urban Meyer just because of the past and they've already had a past and about the freshman after going to the swamp a few weeks ago who you got I got the same as you I mean it's just hard to it's hard to bet against Lsu and this is another huge I think that guy's GonNa go in the nfl he has aspirations about the NFL and that that's never been a hidden secret here so okay Domino Games that environment death valley over bringing that defense I'm kind of curious to see how bone knicks responds in the environment that seems to be a theme here we're talking PAC twelve with Oregon's chances as well as UTA the messy question did you think when you watch that game did you feel that Oregon was was the better team potentially in to the conversation if we have one loss teams multiple one loss teams in the playoff how do you view the you can make a case and I know you've you've you doug that graven you bury them a long time ago you could make a case here with Oregon getting a chance and stuff like when you left Florida that stuff and then Ohio state their stuff in USC's already had their stuff recently that I don't know that's something you WanNa you WanNa do I think Bob stoops the another name you'd here at USC tube that is actually a fantastic name You got me intrigued here because I'm with you I think Franklin would be perfect there at USC good the plays where sometimes I'm like Oh my goodness this guy's the next version of Blaine Gabbert he does nothing to inspire me he looks like an NFL quarterback but he you know and listen urban Meyer I know he's a winner and he's a great coach but he every job is always comes with something you know what I'm saying like great I'm not knocking the guy but I'm just saying that there's always been time Oregon was Auburn and they came back and won I felt like Washington was I felt like they were dominating the game I felt like they were in complete control and doesn't make those plays where you're like we need a guy who's a franchise guy to make a play and then the second half he made a couple of throws and I'm like all right Herbert Uh what I felt in the second half was this is the Justice Herbert I've been waiting for this is the Oregon defense that I knew we could count on does that make sense if it felt like that for the majority of the game and again you say you can depend on Oregon's defense they gave up thirty one to Washington hadn't been that great offensively let's not forget is the Oregon defense is the one thing we know we can see them we didn't see them in the first half and then the second half they were they were awesome that second half and Herbert was really his for Oregon's running back if you got that one down pat yet to me the difference was the second half was that Oregon just physically dominated and physically ran the football we're going to pound away at you and we're going to be extremely tough and extremely physical when they play good defense I just I'm not I'm not going to sit there and tell you like that's what stood out to me and listened Oregon Oregon is going to be tested in two weeks at USC and I actually believe twenty eight of them came in the first half so the reports of the second half and listen to me the biggest difference in by the way got another name for you if you want to start getting ready for it is that I'm buying into Oregon and I think they're the best one loss team in the country I think they're they're really good I think Herbert had some good moments and I think playcalling wise they were they were phenomenal they were football and it was thirty three you want you wanna you WanNa give me the pronunciation for that by the way whenever he gets to it but it was me to me it was like all right we're going to run the Dagger Ah Arizona State and of course the civil war to end the season so they're still going to be tested but I'm just saying if this team makes it out the way they do won't win Utah that's a that's a grown man drive right there and that's that second half to me it felt like Auburn Auburn Oregon game over again except for this can you set it up perfectly I remember watching that play they rented a couple years ago to that success so I think they doubt up some great plays in played exceptionally well I just the at team at the end of the year that you went that's a really good football team by the way playing a true freshman week one that scores twenty seven points on you and takes the lead late lost auburn their best their best performance of the year like that that Washington Games their biggest win just because the you win in Seattle and how they did in the second half for that spot because again you're going to need a lot of help I mean we already talked about this only who you're gonNA put them in over now because Oklahoma looking like a lock up in either because honestly I've I've talked about this conversation with Oregon a couple of times and previously we we've expanded about eight seconds because you're like no there unpack twelve at least we didn't extending conversation where we could see some things down the road and it's still see by the way clemson looking like they're going to be there Alabama or LS Alabama LSU looking like they're gonNA be there Ohio state looking like they're going to be there there's a lot of ground to make up I we'll see him against Utah in the in the championship game there's there's not a lot left to be desired but Washington's a three loss team is that is that is that their best window is closed you know I mean I think Auburn is going to be a lot better at the end of the year than they were at the beginning of the year this certainly is not the season where you can afford to to stumble here because help and they would eat auburn to to be some of that held by the way they need to Auburn to to beat Alabama they need Auburn beat Georgia they need they need a lot of help from Auburn to be successful completely different team in the coliseum than when they are on the road and we've seen that you could take a look at the numbers where they just perform better but they still got Arizona the three and a half points and you're like Whoa what is this what is going on and who knows what to expect from UCLA. I I have no idea from chips team because the minute Alan up some great downplay the screen on fourth down was absolutely amazing especially against main coverage when you send the guy in motion in orbit motion and the guy runs across the formation good stuff here and you know we're going to wrap it up because I think the I had Arizona State of the UCLA and the reason why I brought that up is because the line is I'm not I'm not all in yet okay I'm not drinking the green powerade yet all right I'm not I'm not there yet with you you know they'll we're making progress and I'm not a victim of the and then Utah so I mean you got a couple of teams that you can you can you can look better and continue to grow and and and be a team that that is inconsideration for that element like I don't look at the Oregon Washington game and all of a sudden start changing my I watched the Oregon cow game like I saw that against a good I saw that the way the way it's so top heavy with at least five teams that you can make a case hey they're gonNA go undefeated they're going to go into I mean like but I'm not a prisoner of the Oregon Stanford game by the way I mean that was that was ugly bro that was not it was twenty one to six I think was the score it wasn't it wasn't pretty so I don't and if Penn State Beats Ohio state is is an undefeated team or a one loss team with that on their resume they're still ranked ahead of Oregon so there's still a they would need a ton I'm not and again we talk about their defense I want to see their defense and more to but Stanford's offenses is atrocious. We know that cows office is atrocious we know that I want to continue to see

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