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stop that provide the complete betty experience find us online via our citing up on pools and at a flagship betting shop in london's maple eighteen years and older the gambler web dot into this week another place for matt ziama but the big story is the go the cap the tiger is back in the winner's enclosure he is back yeah he was friendless died on the line from stall sports glenn anywhere knauss now just a few days now you open sixty four sixty four glenn and offer those thirty six hours there was an air of sort of the only one outcome yet as either assisted in that wanna new bed was ordered very holiday swim stepping in the racing post now palmer evolve joe champ law very able that joe champion the studio with me and back from his holidays glenn the craig scales houses what s i think three wins from his last fourteen starts he's up to two world number when he gets his conditions and he's feeling good i mean obviously this week grad no idea how he was going to be feeling but when he gets his conditions tigers still one of the guys to beat there's good way helps the enjoyed it knocks on an excellent good stuff as you know by my announcers as is isn't what it used to be i suppose as well with this woman going on in the middle of the night there wouldn't have been that much in play interest is that is that right to ashamed bowl as can apply a joel a saint very as night week in the market i'm sure glenconner shed some more light on on that went off a fait free to one and colored you'll really well despite opening up with free bogies as well and i haven't seen for a while many ways has all-wise has money it'd be all it and spending lanta griffin winnings i'm sure the salad say just get to jump on every time they will start to combat he just doesn't know when he's in front of forty phrase now he's he's footsie three glenn does surely IT three beckons at some stage where where we think that's going to be augusta there are set as you say the win over thirty five where do you would you write him now as a component layer glenn is tough plaza process up l. e. i. n. play when you get that at augusta east like when he won the tour championship low saw tracksuit down to the ground these days and yeah we saw at the opening was not feeling whatsoever augusta was brilliant and he needs his tracks these days i think you get him on a track way his still got these great of course hasn't gone the majors records and maybe that would prove just have reached but you know i think the key to tiger these first of all he's got to be feeding our k. we actually not matt to thirty five did sit penny yeah the author ended i lost weight not so good but had much yami way while i was gonna poke it the the big money but unfortunately just a place return on that one yeah feeling good of the night the record IT two wins now which is just phenomenal farley deserved as well as glenn said he is the greatest golfer of all time so it's not have that record is most requisite well i in japan and that really was a perfect result for them to get a tiger the legend of the game winning unbelievable crowds woods that performance in winning any other types from that gave up a couple of weeks ago on or matt ziama raza punto glenn but he's a place again injuries puts narrow again as a pros that when he's all he's trying still as good as is around and the headlines charlie major's when the potter is working he's an he's a massive threat because he's such a good ball striker reason absolutely colossus and yeah there could be more when you look at some of these tournaments on the europeans for the saudi and things like that what is no one there and you get big players being paid hefty fees eh dawson fan did you see it could be thawed installation fee i did say insane signing up and i'm sure that was the case here but it was fully justified with the japanese crowds as he's saying big crowds big money big stage absolutely shocking trophy i just looked bumper if any tiger as the as the greatest for this guy as yeah okay let's move on to portugal then glenn did you manage to catch match that stephen brown with these i went on the european saw yes or no yeah eight based on any hope as far as i saw the pattern is always better terrible just wanted to mention gary woodland showed up well again easy ready to win again do we think yeah the phrase lost weight old vijay's twelve two jobs they oversee he's gonna talk he would have drifted to an even bigger price in play and i'm sure he's a big loser imply glimpse outright free possibly he had a few issues shortly after he won the u on the US hyphen i'm starting to play well again he'll be enough one who should contend the lot next the bigger tight money will absol he's never gonna get any fits there's always shops we've his fellow south african brand stein they both need a good finishes and then they got them and yeah mortars clearly emotional lost his father brennan steinfeldt he had the tournament at his mercy but just to pull back nine really from him controls that we've brown who went let's come from in this week of course but i think next season we'll probably see a much better much more consistent matsuyama shout to the zone championship this week is i know totally of i've always been a huge fan of matsuyama and i think you know alongside so of john robin zander shuffler he's probably the next guy off the rank when it comes to win a rookie this season is secured his called with a really gutsy pot on eighteen so i'm more to come next year when he's playing it cool sees where he's been there before war thing he's a player to watch out for season okay good stuff right let's move on to this week thanks to a couple of decent tournaments to get stuck into particularly eh this year so a couple of nights stores this week but obviously for every i story there's someone out there who said no good weak and has lost that called say when we're off to shanghai and the WGC HSBC champions jog tell us about the course as a say shanghai so early kickoff off to a forty five AM on thursday fee bets what do we know about the try lots of previous winners in the field yeah shannon's national is i'd say he's gonna be cow dies tightly chris and say they catch nicholas reluctant language move away from it and they start planning in two thousand and five didn't become WDC until two thousand nine i played there every year paul from twenty twelve twenty and porto on a mission hills yeah quite impressive he needed to finish third to keep his cards i am scum win the tournament that was real gutsy display for him same justin waters as well finish tied second you know this is this is pretty much a power play track coming you look for the list of former winners and you've got you've got phil mickelson's one that's why such garcia martin the ones i'll be focusing on this week glenn the field not as strong as it could have been now steinar brooks no tiger woods not just complete bullet securities cog narain up shortly will win the must have been a good result was the king of the result is well number five hundred uggla for the last two rounds and fully deserves to win really any other tixx anything anyone catch the on the field monto take out of it was jiaxing draw who's klima dustin johnson bubba watson matsuyama justin rose and on this show flavors defending this week steve tiptop at sixty six to one it crowds i mean not helped by the waiver to to get tiger woods being matsuyama i think they could evolves for a better result really yeah it really was walk in malaysia on the right an fini's demand you'd go not to say young man wayne seven thousand two hundred sixty one yard paul seventy two and they've been playing for a while now i in european van co-sanctioned we've australia air in the asian fifty and one hundred fiftieth on the rice that abaya rankin so surely skin stars folks yeah these are the anomaly it was shorter than he is now on russell knox was a winner there have to be announced that power play but the certainly they've played well there in the boston that'd be the cole had sold out on the grains and chose you've mentioned to the given up on that ceo megan price yes well you'd be at that is five with is each vestiges as of things he wants to buy into banners a senior via wherever in some snow john raum nrp patrick i know process into shambaugh but certain mister mcelroy lawrence is he hitting the bachelor star sports okay roy just macro heads the best in jersey apply the we should be trying to keep on side this week i mean another guy up because corey applied well again he's been with the big boys network gateway cat oh shut up of anything to give brad unpleasantly not gonna side with him this week but he will have his backers i six to one shot and as good as he isn't as good as his years been if he starts the findings on the riots now he's thinking seven nine years ahead by your record is still there astros loss to the applied over the roads i'm parasite yeah the busy quality employees oh prices on mcelroy when there is such quality around him that has been his achilles heel it was an awfully obviously there's no cut here saw it could might be a folder early as he did in japan last week then suddenly it brings a lot of people in supply and there's so many good players in this field you know not necessarily some of the lied sunjay fleetwood twenty eight hundred since the rain salts i'll cut just quick clement of rudolph the greatest of form but they continue on from a on a week a random week and i wouldn't be like i wouldn't be too keen on taking the big guns are not lining up still going with an eight they glenn so you obviously respect in this one i think he sold amount ooh been reading about this course is long quality drive in and that is michael roy to say yeah it's down to the ground and there's no denying that on slot sluggish thought but wouldn't want him to be too far adrift because of such a crossfield no definitely not and yeah a thing as i say he's had such a good he's he seems like he's gonna crumble winning contention and he's just right the wrongs of the last couple of seasons you know he's won the vowel spots weiss and on the european open jabe you can pretty much bank in having a charge at some point in this to him he'll get four rounds and chances are he'll go low in one of them on of course does places who has been solid i think he's a great t to grain player and night this is a cool that's going to suit imperfectly finish the US tool did you ask press office yesterday yeah yeah the one that i get out there a long way covers millonarios one there when he was he's just flake is he wants wolves maybe a couple of years ago he's a player who's won me over slightly in the loss of eighteen months or so and he's been playing really well this season we've fifth of the tour championship and then as i mentioned won the european open before finishing eleventh and that was obviously probably one of the best went with field and a two thousand nine we draw offsides arrives aaron pretty good form as well when the pullman pook AC and the positive been in yes what we did say okay and every morning niche on the back nine who sought to an and throwing job but it was brand new safety so-called shrimps but taking six to one doesn't give you a lot of leeway really yeah it's no for me this week he's not fear who is for you who's the mine pick this we've seen for some time mika needs to leave but that's not much of a concern freshened up a bit colleagues of arrived in japan last week and played well enough finished poca superstar sports twenty marvelous and who heads your team this way in in shanghai glenn a big fight where we know thoughts on this day and branden's tons of brand name frogs atop take this week it's paul casey's in a shea shan regular over the years he's them he's turned up eleven times in east finish no worse than twenty third i want to give it to the top ten fifteen in the better name with the sheriff from sauce votes yes an six one rory mcilroy as well and i just think a bit more confidence for casey's always been a play that fries on being confident in them semi that he's knowing more flaky casey casey probably is an eye is attracted he loves he keeps coming back here for a reason i do think that he can get a win this week okay ramone is the process that's i'd say start that really will be good light brown hair tends to be at most courses where booth striking is to the fore yeah i just think that a six about five same that money for guide sometime this off the road yeah wayne's six top phrase nine salt things the two thousand eleven events that saw three wings i taught fives the open nearby army guys that united you probably attend in all other states i which is not very often you say he's lost we in august two thousand seventeen of backed him every week since then casually drew on the price you never seems to win but glenn thinks is time in seventeen closing sixty seven and ranked third in greens in regulation this week i think greens in regulation of stat lost week rahva makes just not quite go over the line i just miley doubt was that maybe last week was the one that he was so desperate to win the perhaps that's taken alvin free weeks in a row has come a lot who joins paul casey in your portfolio portfolio this week trump it's very hard to leave outmatch yama he's been britain lost the guys miss only ten million dollars up for grabs his world so he did eldest two thousand seventeen tonight i will attract is not great by the way the thousand sixteen by seven shots when he shot light the candle tiger hello and i very warm welcome to this week's in posted goethe post costs no purse it it accuracy alva to our show tonight six danes justin rose twenty two and sunny out twenty in one this last year and played really well and i warmed up nice had a nice warm up last week finishing tenth for his first start since september contending decent tournaments may be an issue and that's just the reason i was paul for radio i think he's got a great chance and wouldn't be surprised to see him win i'm sure we'll go he's my next best is the defending champions and the schoff lay who's ya es absolutely closets already mentioned a major winner in in weight europeans hole boys have played on the european school but i'm the obviously the PGA tour season finished in august and most of amman gonna turn up for the small and he's guy who's trained in the same direction racer pool take aside six they tied a and second indicates a safety joy i decide what area two thousand six hundred eighty ripe fast in boston last week championship it right number one aspect green in regulation bloomberg is just for show and again we come to that twenty free guide into that had full figures with five one so and he followed the wade with two victories again tastes great guy de been an issue he's right he's not the top twenty in grades or regulation law seventy events which is by the cop was was implying i haven't been playing that much really look free to fill it in a lot of them play more than some of the he has the good wakes in his old together and sei trained interrupt direction and i think you know it in abidjan way alcott who usually want for good yeah 'cause that's not as for biting japan when he was on the server since two thousand eleven if i v eight events this taiba it's all i'm all for the bucks out yeah finished second behind macro the torch low that was his last PJ star and he's ready to take that next kyla is what we're gonna guy with with an all the top lies with jay eight friends guy wade's awake event host championship savvy as to track the best players in the accident a time with the shuttle's the wide i all i get upstate by as betty waking on the stay ahead the trump yes the goal is just put up the WJC vote yep i think this season this is a big year for him he needs to go from contender to actually being a major major player and he's got this great fulham without getting out of the line in the biggest tournaments but he does play well when the precious only in high profile events i mentioned the torch is one that of course before in japan last week was not brand but he shot sixty seven and sixty nine in the last two rounds and should arrive in shanghai plenty of confidence i think he tournament when it was co-sanctioned european event in two thousand and eight years before it became a WDC yeah he's he's KLM on the european tour yes the field was weak but he still went out and did it and seven finnish national open as well behind jon rahm three of his four visits to shave shannon produces best finish when he was sick bonds schoff last year former has been largely forgettable sense but they finished second one is a player who i i'm not gonna put too much faith in him but he's got a great record terry not sergio garcia who hasn't played the and five nine and he won the BMW in the fight at the playoffs last year so keegan bradley i think a bit of a sleeper is in the running you can kind of grimsson berries ridiculous for short routine because i is oversee runner if he's still involves what processes still smokes it's the fifth day that trump bows are fifty roy who else do we like this week glenn in shanghai the decent price considering he's such a class act when he's playing well loves a meltdown as well he does love meltdown hopefully the sins you HSBC since two thousand sixteen but he finished ninth that year and four hundred twenty thirteen i never wanted WDC which is a bit of a surprise for player he's won titles around the world be did little pipe pipe now he's prime to defend his title he hasn't defended the title yet but i've not doubt that he can do it anyone else that you you back in this week i had two more the travelers in james but aside from that he's played that well and as such we getting a decent price on him and lost week suddenly came to life finished thirteenth for disease and the last one is a guy who is an infrequent winner but when he does win titles even wins big tide was nuts keegan bradley he's finished sixteenth for hiring offing fries at tracks where he's comfortable as well he clearly likes to hear a bit like i vowed rauma he's always a play their opening by nick avery he's an excellent ball striker and as i say i mentioned he's he wins big tournaments he's ES PJ champion he wanted w say a bridge stein in twenty twelve eddie's race moore and you mentioned you got one other on the right on your the automated AJ too young for his son full seven stops and allow he's not longest tae published by day definitely a good driver to go the three younger in with the coast and have another good wake okay good stops a whole show oh hundreds every reason to play apply while i'm what process say we got him in the automotive i mean us sir chimes that he can still get it done to drive next and he's lost four events assistant gained seventy dasa grains erector irregular a right now but wanted paul five foments which went outside assist on applying world is wake racing vegas to forty nine that one inch after and in the you mentioned that you were on the verge of trimming mcelroy sixes into eleven to two glenn is there anyone near the head of the betting that you're going to be looking to get after maybe go regulation erect full siri birdie average six instructs outing average on the care if obeyed yankees debate the best way to describe what party you selection garcia gos- bipolar on our website and just such styles full expect on the app store google eighteen years and older action wrapped up stay with us going to brighton and we head off to bermuda on the news the latest star sports prices i say benches essays were tied folks a debate w page and taught six wake in japan the desire the study is the label by a win tournaments outside of the US weekly sharing common here began he's definitely out to the job big process week sleep on former state which is pretty short with all as apply the if you have a few could i'm sure he's a big process weekend we'll come back to the rice in gopher post costs were now off to bermuda joe champion joins me went for four major champions ever nice money-spinning event for them but none of the none of the world's top fifty s so i'm assuming none of them afraid the best wichita guinevere knowledge share off the voyeur absence charities a hand will coax a much more but you from the rice in the beauty championship port royal judge tell us a little bit about the track i'm sure you've done some digging trots who eight in that it's quite possible that maybe one or two who probably be also around this week topping over the years in july thirty six events loss as an eight five five seven buydell saifi and all these weak as obviously he's in bermuda it's gonna be coastal at wins gonna play pot so we're looking at players who have played well on the corresponding courses by the coast no we can't really look at that for any a- pointers shuman we're looking at more current form than kooks foam very much i mean port royal is is shorter than that yeah i think we're just looking for players who are going to go well coast here who indecent nick chong very inconsistent rose yeah thinks i am is i am play just doesn't seem to be what it was a couple of years ago and that's a big concern going forward chiron sold the shanghai i should rank the rabbit sanderson fogs and set designer championship he's off seven event six times in the hospital rightfielder aver danny mccarthy heading the betting a solid player but not yet to be a top notch on the PJ so of thomas get your bets in bar then glenn i want to stay with you because i want you to tell me the land so griffin's good thing again glenn first and foremost this could be a record love oregon champ what's what grade we got full here i think it's right to three acas coats foam very thin on the ground yeah there's not much in terms of course from to- they did play the grand slam of golf here from two thousand nine two thousand fourteen that was twenty eight said ride at thirty three brides steward bulk redmond and scott harrington okay one PM is key scotty chef i think to our wise twenty two slot twenty two to one russell docs twenty-five balk hubbard it's not a long 'cause it's i'm the six thousand eight hundred and forty two year old paul shenzhou very short for the PGA tour i think only pebble beach on the yeah he's talking to face him yeah he gets and he does that aw defray on the second day the seven on the paul w fray on sunday some just a rise up at the moment as ed design category at wentworth assistant grainy regulation seven hundred older shokai raising good as well it's having needs guiding site wake awake at as quite as good when he's on any all when he's off he's not familiar waking so new kirby it's seventy four of rain regulation and he saw loss to events i am ready good focus ramban no trust and he looks quality fantastic despite a few times at the use is not yet but six days lost talk back outfits snack ninety five cents up to inside if he's a distance off-season us to justify for these justin consisted ready as he grows its last seven either it is not the wells under nys justify k. down to three i'll give us the i'm sure that base in different teheran's they the oldest rookie officer years of age it's not two thousand and four all cigarette go to that abram top in south korea and gained confidence boasting wind into genesis championship always in every one of the icy the toughest hall of the colts without the watering from the dominated by a coulda done anything own into drank roxy like should i stop greenbrier right faith in driving distance a number one ingredient regulation houston i've been if any second and he would show eh people outside of the straight his what he did on i same radio having just lost delayed yet rotten in seventeen review how the power six they say and he looks they had right laid at arrived take it was saying he was behind how much stahl was the absolute man on the coon ferry tool last year one twice and recorded ten top ten finishes from twenty starts short him named player of the year eh glenn who who takes your on stolen well he's not my best bet but school harrington is one on my list as well comrades what plans at their you summed up perfectly a start really well in the PGA tour as well finished seven for the greenbrier sixteen for the sound of scientists femmes twenty eight in houston uh of course designed by the same architects so he's got four on on that sort of track he ranked fifth and greens and regulation on the cool ferry lost season which should hold also my best bet is week scottie chef lose a sixteen twelve scott star sports fitness bigger out that and this it carries full this way and in a very wait event a casino guy want better for that job for comprehensive argument and this is a robot joins costs he finished fifth behind glenn's mate lonzo griffin the trail tournament law season on he's tightened to adopt tools he's tired when he folks twenty second loss timeout invite folding rain director edged up with pity whole show AJ to win and the thirty sayings cow champion in good foam racing and i just think he's an excellent coastal play it didn't do much wrong last season as well it wasn't spectacular i think he finished one hundred and ten on the in the could stand around here and he's he's played well by the coast he played well in the bahamas at the start of last year and play well in savannah georgia last season as well so i think he should go well in this tournament and in addition to harrington of got one more for you give a man who is winning WGN allies will look skinny side okay who's your mind pick for the they stole them and then glenn biggest be one of these victims loss of that scott cutlass but he only missed four cats from twenty two starts and he finished in the in the top seven on twenty twenty five on seven occasions yeah excellent and down in mexico fourteen fifteen for pebble beach and loss two years and secondly the heritage in two thousand sixteen hobbits why behind the caps on this topic short track now you often struggled to get going on long ago says this is a to- topic track where he will win will win big big words from often gulf are what his wife jiang was battling cancer changed now in remission of florida's as on cocoa ferrets i talked addicted to sacrifice finishes it changed his lifelong ambition and secured page is called free satellite saul so post directly on the irish ripen by lifting twenty eighteen and several of efforts on the on the case finished in the top ten at maya kobe free times the reason why my wrong anyone lost any less wrong with the way i never offend all guys parents and so now the guy's gonna come a very and can pop enough good perfomance on the planet immunize incompetently so i'll call but not quite possible saying to a failed of a is definitely were pleading on names the head of the button and it gives us a show from salt was then plays glenn foods into about any mccarthy sixteenth alex northern riffing thanks able to tied second last time out i owed reweighted sifi salvage with a hall oxide way right now auden best seychelle song ever say that she shape it rots less roy into the middle of the fairway a few years back in his not playing in there ross knox he he rocks up in this tournament he really is one of the tax field he's a lot more in the game the most of them never gonna saying he's trolling moment of the winning has a winter is nine medical breakthrough championship mumbai full of shops i've elitist second place on the whatever had the didn't get off the top ten until two thousand twelve to in writing good fo i taught i taught nine this season fantastic is heated oh better off the way he's just hasn't managed to align that so everything together yet but if he does is going to be watch out and he's gonna win serge garcia keegan bradley in bermuda scotty shefa russell knox and scott harrington and if you have to just one bit this week on the for bree shots to fix things fate unfortunately they missed the pop off a lot of bio exciting to get doubting doc if he's one fifty one hundred one hundred sawyer shrewd shrewd yvonne that okay that wraps up both on the to help tipsy garrett cole ferries as in combination twenty twenty zhang by twelve he begged tooth has the nineteen folksy transit go this week it's going to be met ziama reach why enjoying it okay pricey won't win bill applies for your now that about that right thank you joe off what would it be paul case in the HSBC paul casey same questions fiu glenn who'd be locking chang-ha betsy are the whole show aw hotbed in the us that i produced by radi well thought out in the canadian 2013 wife route it's end glen for their time and expertise many will be with you on friday for rice in postcards through stay with us on all the platforms you can listen in and watch goal finally out at trick fishman twenty seven out of time prior to tonight's saints thought that became z. candidates masters and the ryder cup from wisconsin eighteen years old every week i'm gonna wet he ranked sixth on the PGA tour impa five score and this full fives for the place to attack chase on this week so i think schlafly he turned up last week for foundation championship in utah commission found to be used to accounting outfits of utah kosovo a quick hold the view of us lectures then WGC champions john quickly run us through who you back in this week for that paul casey is under shuffler the stately joke l. ron i'm guessing what processes star suppose i'm guessing in sunjay any scott harrington benny mccarthy mock hubbard patrick fishburn and who's the one single thank you for listening the whole known tom gulf marcus twenty twenty available now on star sports don't including open the is that the digital ball justified when he won became estimates i should sixty foles awake at three of the top six finishers city was keeping it show job and we're all there live to fist-bump on the court mile as well actually yeah we'll process glenn process process fishburne joke champion of the rice and glenn host this week three wolff al katy perry show on the second one opa guy working well and like harrington upper still say here's the ice in that show a show of similar quality to that the full round out the seventy so twenty seven th of may definitely applied to keep an eye on in the comments lovely thank you two injured i bass for statement ralph tiny now foundation forty thousand dollar deny should time for now this one on the prairie two loss jedi sakai's exit thirty top teams helped you regarding these called enough i thought to sage radi well times wad dr accuracy foles ingrains recognizing china's set of the drive in exercise and eating grain recognized and lost on that and used them indefens- jerry by next summer eighty staying tight saw both off of our east they

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