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New Music Friday: May 17


Happy Friday, everyone from NPR music, and all songs considered. I'm Robyn Hilton I'm here is Stephen Thompson. Hello Robin, and Sydney Madden. Hey, it's new music Friday, and we're looking at the best albums out on may seventeenth starting with the nationals. I m easy to find. Try to get some sun. Every. Ryland break your mother's heart. Everytime shots play. Is it easy? Loves the cries shine. Three. Come with. Take a quick way. Widen. Coach. This is the national their album is I am easy to find and the song. We're listening to his Ryland Stephen, this is the band's eighth full length in honestly. I think it's one of their most ambitious in visionary, works, yet, this is a curveball and a really to mix my baseball metaphors. It is a curveball and a big big swing. The album is more than an hour long burner. Shares vocals with a large cast of guest vocalists including Sharon, Vinet, and Gail Dorsey who worked with David Bowie, Lisa Hannigan, Kate stables of this is the kit. They're all these women coursing in and out of this mix as the instrumentation around them throws in a similar array of twists and turns. If you're a national fan, this thing is an absolute feast. Yeah. I think the decision to add all these women's voices two really, it's one of the things that takes us record to the next level. They also worked with the Brooklyn. Youth course, let's hear a song called her father in the pool that showcases their work. You get a little bit of a sense of sweep of this record which extends beyond the hour. Plus length of the audio product. There's also a twenty four minute short film, directed by Mike mills, not the guy from Arianna. But the guy who directed twentieth century women among others. The movie is the story of one woman's entire life, and that feeds into the sense of the themes of this record as just very empathetic as, as a whole. I think the centerpiece of this whole album is the seven minute long track called not in Kansas. It's a song part about leaving home coming back in not recognizing your home anymore. But it's also I think about our sort of our collective identity, and what it means to be American in our search for meaning in, in this upside down world somebody's in there because. It is wonder Lear Lii in a piece. Let's hear a little bit of, let's hear little bit of not in Kansas. Kansas. I don't know. And blame this water. Of the spin. He's. Of man, they use. You. Snow. Calls. The little snippet of that little chorus that little coral part you here. There's a snippet of a song called noble experiment by thinking, fellers union, local, two, eighty to a name I have not heard in a long time. A song, I actually I heard on an elf power record twenty years ago and for twenty years have thought that's enough power song. I only recently discovered that it's by the thinking, fellers union local eighty two when I heard it on this record anyway, the album is I am easy defined by the national. Let's go now to the rapper Duckworth in his latest release the falling man. Be you'll favorite shown the mood and term me on the and I said, alco days is short nicest long season season. Favorite Sam to watch it right into bed. I stood you should take that off. Taking makes it easy. She said, they'll go fuck me sleazy out that niceness cheesy. She don't get less. She can't wintertime, but MRIs cups, since he's. Don't know. This is Duckworth has major label debut is called the falling man in the song. We're listening to his called nobody falls. So many changeups in this one, it's like it's a half a dozen different songs in one track that Compaq three minutes. And the reason for that is because Duckworth he's pulling from a lot of juxtaposing positions in juxtaposing elements to create this story for you. He's a LA rapper whose been making noise for a few years, he's dropped a few EP's, but this is his debut under Republic records, and it's really chronicling. His life between two worlds he grew up in a really religious household growing up in the late eighties early nineties of LA. He was always enamored or intrigued by west coast. Hip hop, like the g funk and the gangs are out that was really marinating and permeating from the streets of his neighborhood. So I think pulling from all those different elements to create one story, and then also sewing in the narrative that masculinity and hip. Hop is really changing and the role of what a rapper can and cannot be changing. He along with some of his contemporaries, and maybe they're not all, you know, wrapping at the same level or talking about specifically the same things. There's this aura of redefining black masculinity in hip hop that I think, is really refreshing. It's Duckworth it's Kevin abstract even lose ver-, like they're changing the conversation about what a rapper is allowed to feel, what a rapper is allowed to break down and be honest about. And I think that is a sign of a changing of the guard, and it's a sign of an awakening, there's such a great overcast vibe. I think to this whole record and I was struck by how vulnerable allows himself to be on some of these cuts. I wanted to play a little bit of one called love is like just going to say, like privy example, that is low like mosh pit. Among the nettle, waking from the tree and Komen at a field. Anything pushing up and Chevron we feel something, you'll be coming up and down back and forth in between done. He just want to leave, and you say that shoot don't even fucking women's Sepah statement. I ended Dow hit me with the trip of big. She's pussy puppy love. It's like a mosh pit right? There's all that since a community and there, but you're just slamming DVD on each other every once in a while you get a boot to the bridgier. No. You talking to the experience. You check part of it. Right of passage. You talk about him, bringing a lot of different worlds together this, the court progression on the piano. And this is so Beata lied to me. It's like right out of while Mike ATar gently weeps really love this record of from Duckworth called the falling man. Let's do one more before we take a short break. This comes from the artists known as Christone Kingfisher Ingram, his new album is king fish. Same. Van go down. Outside of this time. This is Chris, Don King fish Ingram has album is called king fish, and I honestly, I love the blues. I've spent a lot of time listening to the blues, but I get people who say that all the songs sound the same. You know, the same court progressions in arrangements, tropes, and how they never really changed from song to song. But this guy is just an insanely good guitarist. And I think breathing a lot of new life into this form yet, Christo Ingraham is twenty years old. He has been on TV for years. He was a very, very, very, very young blues prodigy when he started out as you said, Robin. It's resuscitate a lot of very familiar blue sounds. But there's just this propulsion to these songs where they're just constantly elevating. What a lot of people think of when they think of the blues, these songs are, are lively and fun, and extremely technically proficient, while still capturing a lot of the gutty emotion at the. Core of the blues, this kid is from clarksdale Mississippi near where muddy waters grew up. He grew up near the crossroads of highway forty nine and highway sixty one where Robert Johnson made his deal with the devil. I mean so he's got all that locational cred at the history. In his voice, you can feel he's got the history and the voice, and, and I just kept coming back. Listen to this record to the quality of the production, which just gives the sound such breath such life. All the notes just have such a fantastic bite to them in there. It's like he just lands every note. So perfectly it was so much conviction and confidence really incredible record from king. Fish is album is self titled king fish. We still have a few more albums that we wanna play for this week's new music Friday. But first, let's take a short break, and we'll be right back support for this podcast and the following message come from blue creators of the yeti microphone. Blue helps musicians podcasters and YouTubers tell their stories and build their. Audience's, raise your voice, and get special pricing at blue designs dot com slash NPR. If you need to be reminded that we're all more connected than we realize, get the story core podcast and restore your faith in humanity. Uninterrupted conversations between real people about the things that matter most and this season in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the stonewall uprising, we're highlighting voices of LGBTQ, people across America stories from those who lived before stonewall to today, episodes are available every Tuesday, it's new music Friday from all songs, considered. I'm rubbing Hilton I'm here was Sidney Madden and Stephen Thompson, and we're doing a quick run through the best albums out on may seventeenth. We start the second half of our show off with the singer, Carly Rae jepsen, and her new album, dedicated. Love. Fin tux K. So. And. Carly Rae jepsen is the singer who knew album is called dedicated and the song is no drug like me. Stephen, I was thinking it's been seven years since she had that massive hit. Call me maybe which really was a pretty light. Low stakes pop song. How do we hear sound devolving on this one? Well, it's fascinating. I remember sitting maybe even in this exact studio and debating the merits of Carly Rae jepsen song. Call me maybe to a skeptical. Robin Hilton Bob oil, and then I think when we were talking about it, I think, even my mindset was, this is kind of her signature song. This is the song everybody's going to know Carly Rae jepsen for. But then over time like she has developed this incredibly formidable pop catalog that reaches so far beyond the kind of bubble gum joys of that particular song, you get this record dedicated, which is fifteen songs, and it just feels stuffed to the gills with hits Richie. She wrote two hundred songs for. This, this record, which tells me she obviously down. That's someone who has a lot on her mind. And I think one of the recurring things that really struck me on this record is kindness and reconciliation just the importance of finding ways to be good to one another even after something like a break-up, which I thought was a really beautiful sentiment throughout this whole record arc of the record in general. I it it's really about falling back in love with yourself after so much, there's so much lingering questions or animosity or maybe just confusion when you're in the midst of that break-up, right. But then, once you take the time to reevaluate, who you are as a person. It's kind of a, an epiphany in and I feel like we are experiencing that with her in real time through these songs. Carly Rae jepsen is the singer who knew album is called dedicated. Let's go next to the rapper. Megan, the stallion her latest project is called. Fever. What does he say? They should. My. Debbie. On the one with your. Hand. Hey. Yes. Joe helium. Open like a free lift right live. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Booking me did he? No. He gonna pay the licking good. We'll pay like play a when you really the paint them holes in his how going through your he your knees base. But the Bank. Five supersedes pussy Buddha. Like see. Nikko pranks, money-making piece know how does put you already Buddha. He still can. Argue with you how we do. Mad. Feel. Free. Johanne. Open like a free. This is Megan. V. Stallion. Be. Her latest project is called fever. The song assignment says and man, like the Duckworth, it's like just in the first ten seconds, fifteen seconds of the song, you think it's going to be three different things Sydney tells who Megan the stallion is, and then we can get into what's going on, on this record. Absolutely meghan. Stallion is one of the most exciting talented energizing rappers out right now as you can hear from that song. She's deeply rooted in her southern lineage. She's from Houston, Houston haughty as she's as she's called, and she called herself, Meghan stallion, because she's not only beautiful of lump shows woman, she stands at, like five foot ten so, you know when she walks in a room, and which is meter besides that amazing delivery is she's exuding so much sex appeal, but she's coming off in a relatable way. She's twenty four years old. She's the first female rapper signed to three hundred entertainment. She's the daughter of a Houston rapper Hollywood. But she is in rural college student, she is. Is a anime nerds? She is extremely funny online. She has all these great one liners, so her personality is signs through and makes I think a lot of people wanna connect with her. She's also a really damn good rapper. Oh, yeah. And yes, there's a lot of very, very sexually explicit lyrics. But they're also just these songs that are just really hard hitting notes of defiance, there's so much defiance in her persona that's really infectious and powerful but also joyful. She is going to be huge absolately as and it's not just the explicitness of the language. There's a subversive element to it because she's obviously not the only female rapper out, she's not the only rappers hugging about sex, but she is owning her sex appeal in a way that is very much for herself and not for the male gaze, and a lot of her lyrics, they are about owning her body. They're about overcoming. What a man is thinking. That he's gonna get out of her because of the way she looks the way she acts, her breath, control is impeccable, her flow makes you stop in your tracks and the content of it is, like subverts in such a alluring way, which is, it's a really nice tight rope that she walks in that sense. And I don't think she's one of the best female rappers out. I think she's one of the best rappers out. Meghan v. Stallion is the artist in her latest record is called fever. We still have one more album that we wanna play for this week's new music Friday. But first, let's do a quick lightning round with some of the other notable releases out on may seventeenth. Obviously, one of the biggest ones is eager the new record from Tyler the creator, which nobody on the planet was able to hear before we were able to record this show, secretive. Yeah, they've been very stealthy so far, Tyler's, only released, I think forty five or fifty second MiFID and it's a busy week for hip hop. Yeah. It's a very busy week in the hip hop world other than Tyler, you've got slow tie. UK rapper whose dropping nothing. Great about Britain. The trio injury reserve they're dropping their self titled album, DJ Calland is dropping his latest. Call father of Assad and Wu Tang gland. They're dropping EP of Mike and men in conjunction with docu series. They've got coming out on Showtime. An Australian songwriter named Alex Lahey with Adam the best of Luck Club. She gets compared to Courtney Barnett a lot. There's also Josephine Wiggs best known as the bassist for the breeders. She has a new solo album called we fall and the roots reggae legends in steel pulse have their first album in fourteen years called mass manipulation. And when more Abba metal mention comes from olden, yoke, olden yoke like egg yolk, olden yoke, there, psych, folk rock duo from New York and their latest releases called living theatre. All right. All those albums out now on may seventeenth along with this last one that we wanna feature from the head and the heart, it's called living Mirage. Let's see trees Stanton. Human nature in the night through C wouldn't, you know, Lasca funny way is. Is. See you standing. Me trying to show me just do this. Until you learn to love. Act two. Basis with you. D'arthur is. But. So if you could see. So if you could see. I'm so. This is the head and heart. Their new album is living Mirage, the song, we're hearing is see through my eyes and Steven. This is something that I feel like we've been hearing, a lot this year as well, which are these big and thick sing alongs that treat grief like a celebration. This had the heart record is full of swelling uplift. That rousing folk pop music with multiple vocalists. They've got just Johnson Jonathan Russell and charity, rose Phelan, who adds that this, this kind of little undercurrent of sweetness to that big swell of sound. It's hard to deny, you know, just how just how buoyant these songs are it reminds me most recently, we had Judah and the lion shovels and rope is another band with the sound similar to the songs on this one. And this also has a recurring thing that we just talked about with the Carly Rae jepsen, which is the idea of a learning to love and care for yourself on that on that cut. We just played. They sing until you learn to love yourself the doors. Yeah. Exact-. Exactly. Yeah. Paul would be proud the head and the heart is the ban. The new album is living Mirage. Thank Sydney, for this you and Steven, thank you. If you want to go back and revisit these songs in here other new tracks out this week. Search for NPR's new music Friday, playlist, and either apple music or Spotify. You can also listen and see a list of everything we talked about by going to our website. That's NPR dot org slash all songs and for NPR music. I'm Robyn Hilton be well have a great weekend and treat yourself to lots of great music.

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