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I'm talking about the great one of the one and only Dan Rayfield his own allowance, yours, truly what's going on. And how are you buddy? How's everything going? Everything's great sitting introduction. I appreciate it. Well, it's well deserved. No question about it. We know what's going on. We know what's at stake this Saturday night at the T mobile arena laws Vegas, Nevada. Dan Jacobs are the International Boxing Federation IBM world, middleweight title will be on the line of super the WBA superman world middleweight title is on the line. The WBZ title is online as well. They're fi-. He's fighting against Kamilo Alvarez talked to me coming into this fight. Who do you believe should be the favorite in? Why are they without question that can Illo Alvarez should be the favorite? He is the favor. He has a long track record of big wins against a lot of quality. Opponents. He's faced many many top fighters is only laws entire career when he was twenty three years old got out. Doc by Mayweather junior. No shame. If you lose to a fire lifebuoy Mayweather at a time when he was still, you know, somewhat inexperienced at the top level. And ending of Jacobs has been a good fighter atop biter for a long time. Does not have the caliber victories or track record that that that can elaborate avarice has, you know, a lot of people look to the fact that can L O has two big fights against skin draw that most people thought he lost. But still got the draw the win that was last September. Whereas Danny Jacobson two thousand seventeen suffered a decision loss to go off can close by really good fight. But a loss, so people know Cannella better. He's got the better track record. He's got higher accomplishment and deservedly the favourite. But by no means at least to my mind into people that you talked to cover this for a living. Do they think this is any kind of blow out fight whatsoever? This highly competitive, at least on paper fight that that shakes up like a very entertaining fight and a fight that you know, is even if you think in Illinois was gonna win the fight. It's going to be probably a little. Bit tough getting there. What makes it competitive when you look at Daniel Jacobs. What is it about Daniel Jacobs other than a decision loss to triple g that makes us or should make us believe that this is going to be a competitive fight? Well, Jacobs has been a top fighter for a number of years. I mean, this is the guy that's got other wins on his record. But you know, when you won his vacant title this past October. He did so against undefeated fighter named Sergei. Devon chanko. Who did not have a lot of professional experience. He's only like thirteen or fourteen in all, but at a monstrous massive amateur career, no akin to but not as good as this. Loma chanko type thing, you know, three hundred plus amateur wins at the top level biting all the top fighters out of the former Soviet Union countries. I mean, a real real stud in the amateur and has proven himself to be a quality guy in the pro ranks, and Danny Jacobs defeated him in a in a good close fight in October to get that title. He has other wins of consequence. He did have a fight with Gluskin where a lot of people left the arena that night thinking that Danny Jacobs should add Andrey's that that that would obviously change the perception by a lot of people had he actually gotten the victory that a lot of people thought that he deserved. I mean, you spend five minutes watching Danny Jacobs fight and the style. Fights in the attributes that he brings he's physically larger than can allow duress. He can he can fight going backwards, which is not something a lot of guys especially at big can do he has excellent punching power. He was also a top amateur. You know, coming up through the USA ranks, you know, he didn't he was not an Olympian, but he was at the top level. Multiple New York, golden gloves championships, which is one of the toughest, you know, amateur routes to go. If you're in the amateur ranks, and he's just a really good fighter. Dan, Rafer righty? It was Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news. I let the Kamilo Alvarez. And I was of the mindset before before the triple gene counters that. This was the swallow fighter. He's moving up in weight. He's not truly a middleweight. I don't know how why it is for him to find himself in that particular situation. I know he's a counterpunch. I know he can box. I certainly certainly proven to me that he can take a punch, but that's second fight watching his body. And look at him throw those body shots to Kamilo Alvarez. I'm trying to triple. Gee, I don't know many boxes that could take the body shots that triple g took in that second encounter. Does that? Have you looking at Kamilo Alvarez in a different light than you looked at him when he was a junior middleweight or even a welterweight? Well, number one. He's always been a tremendous body puncher. I mean, traditionally Mexican fighters that's one of the things are taught from the crib is how to throw the left hook to the body. And can however does it, you know, as well as just about anybody shy of you know, the great Julio, Cesar Chavez senior. So, you know, throwing body punches. It would not surprise anybody. That washes the fight canal. Oh has you know for for while before he Fogle up can the first time. There was a lot of discussion from his team about, you know, why they were maybe in at least a perception of some people was that they were delaying that fight with the with the talking point he's growing into a become a middleweight. Well, he was growing into becoming a middleweight a full-fledged legit adult middleweight. He's now that he is a bonafide midway his last fight matter of fact and December when he fought above the weight Yvonne in the super middleweight division of. But now he's back in the division where he is most comfortable where he belongs. He is a bonafide strong powerful in his prime middleweight champion of the world can Alvarez also at least to my. Is and I've covered him ever since he came to this country many years ago, he is one of the few fighters who I watched even in his prime seems to get better and better and better as the fights go on he is he always adds something to his game even with little wrinkle. Whether it's you know, using his other hand better whether it's pleasing body shots in different parts of the body. You know, his ability to counter to stand in the pocket and actually use defense. One of the reasons why you know, people just think, oh, he just as prototypical Mexican brawler. That's absolutely not correct. You mentioned good counterpuncher. But also, you know, very defensively responsible. You know, he gets hit with punches. But he's he has a an ability to roll with some of those shots to take the sting out of them. Not take the full force of those punches. And that's why you still going strong without having lost stuff whatsoever. After you know, more than fifty professional fights real quickly real quickly on this particular answer. Why did he move up to super middleweight to fight? Rocky fielding was that just all quiet or capture another title at a diff-. A different weight class. What was the reason? I mean rocky field and you looked at him. He was tall. He was skinny he looked tailor made for and obviously committal made quick work of him. Why haven't take that fight? Well, he wanted to get a second last year remembered p was suspended because of a positive drug tests. And so the first fight for the rematch with Gloucestershire was postponed from may to September still want to be the second fight end. So they were coming back on very short notice from September December. So they weren't gonna go with a big mega fight. He was changing broadcasters because HBO was getting out of the box and businesses own was coming in. And he did that deal with them. He made like fifteen million dollars. So that's a nice, you know, easy pay day to fight rocky fielding, but more to the point. I think besides all those particular things we just mentioned he felt like this was an opportunity to do two things have as I ever find in New York City where he's wanted to fight in Madison Square Garden, and they were able to do that and make the schedule work and also because rocky fielding was available in Kenosha felt even though feeling had a second tier title in the super middleweight division for him. He felt like it was. Featherless kathy. By the go up a few pounds against the perfect kind of opponent form and grab another belt to put on that on that resume checklist on the to do list, so to speak, but knowing that is really big fights in the bigger money and the more fan friendly fights and things that people wanted to see we're still in the middleweight division where you could make that way with no problem. So they just took that as a one step, you know, one shot, the I if you go back in the day there was a time when Purnell Whitaker welterweight champion dominating fighter. You know, took them. Once one fight move up to capture a fight world title as a junior middleweight. And then immediately came back that away. Same kind of situation with canal saw the opportunity took it. And now he's back where he belongs. Dan rae. Phil boxing, right extraordinary ESPN radio receiving ESPN radio. ESPN news those two wars that can win against triple g with when we talk about boxing. And obviously, you want to the people that I listen to you know, very very much. So when it comes to the sport of boxing when you consider the wars that he had been in. Usually in some instances, we see wars haven't taken away from somebody. Whether it's Riddick Bowe and Vanda Holyfield or something along those lines dating back alley Frazier and a trilogy that they had against one, another, etc. Etc. When you see this. I don't see any signs that anything was taken away from Kamilo Alvarez after the two fights against triple. Gee, what about you? I remember the only thing we made see since that fight the second side. Anyway, you end up playing against rocky fielding, which was you know, a fight even diminish canola Alvarez probably would've been able to handle was relative us the first real test. Frankly is going to be what we see on Saturday against any Jacob. But my perception is in seeing him and talking to them, and and watching those fights back, you know, he didn't take you finish -ment in those fights in my opinion. Any sounds good? And you looks good. You know, you can just sort of feel that he is in a good spot. You know, he seems very strong. I detect absolutely zero difference in the meaner in his in the way, he carries. And the people around him whatsoever. From what happened the first couple of triple g fights to where you are now. Well, listen to that, Dan if you've seen nothing that was taken away from him in the two fights against triple. Gee, why should we want to see a third because truly triple g has signed with the zone as well. And he definitely wants to fight can that'll Alvarez again without question because of the money just as much as anything else. But I don't know what else did it take from canot Alvarez going up against triple g with the exception of this fight against Daniel Jacobs. What else is there for him Cannella in the middleweight division? If Daniel Jacobs a works out with relative, ease and triple g is not something that we should be clamoring the see, but so much what else is difficult elaborates to do. Well, I, you know, they don't fight a third time. I can live with that. I think a lot of people do want to see it, though, frankly, because they were so close, you know, a lot of people think that that walked away with his hand raised two times and not instead of being a one and a draw. So that's one factor. But as far as Canellas perspective, you know, he's been asked about a third triple g fight, you know, since the moment that the fight with Danny Jacobs was signed and what he has said consistently is, you know, he's open to it. If the fans wanted I'll do it, but he's been making a little more of a caveat the last of several weeks month or so saying, you know, I'll fight triple g if he has a title because this is year. I want to sweep them in a way division win all the titles. Now, he knows that when it comes time to fight the second time this year in September. When Kahlo has his next date. Everything goes okay on Saturday at Aachen is not going to have another title because his next fight is on June eighth. He's fighting a slightly above the one hundred sixty pound weight limit against a tune-up tie opponents roles at Madison Square Garden, and that's not a world. I don't think. So if he's serious about wanting to be the guy that has the undisputed title. Middleweight and he beats Danny Jacobs. You'll have three of the major belts. The fourth is owned by the providence. Rhode Island undefeated Olympian two time world champion Dimitrius is Google Andre who was gonna be hearing side on Saturday wanna lineup. The winner of that right now. He's good buddies with Danny Jacobs. But he would fight him because there's money and glory there. But he really wants to play with Cannella Alvarez Alvarez. If you really is true serious about wanting the four title to become undisputed. There's never been a Mexican undisputed champion of the four belt era that would be a huge feather in his cap sort of the way he went up to try to grab that super middleweight belt Dmitri's Andrea, and I wrote this yesterday he's gonna fight June twenty ninth at home in providence for the first time in his career against quality contender name Celeski from Poland whose only loss was a very close decision against any Jacobs a couple of years ago. And so there's a possibility that can ELO because he has no love for triple j they have a bad blood these days after all this stuff that went down with the bad drug test. He made, you know, kind of you know, give you the finger soda speaking. Maybe go by Dmitri's Andre for the opportunity. The undisputed champion. So I think that is a possibility with where would that leave triple g of canola doesn't wanna fight him that won't be triple gene, you know, looking for the next best available guy. You know, it's not out of the realm of possibility. Again, if triple g and canola don't fight the third time, but Danny Jacobson him have a good fight on Saturday. And it's a close competitive fight. I don't know if there's a reason why we wouldn't necessarily see a rematch between Golovkin and Jacobsz. They put on a great fight in two thousand seventeen and wouldn't be necessarily for that stakes that there were the first time around, you know, with world titles at stake etcetera. But it's still a very attractive matchup is gonna come down to see the folks that zone who signed all these guys Dmitri's Andre does with them. Also, they're gonna have some input in one fights get me. And you know, the promoters are gonna sit down and talk about it. But you know, triple Jeep on his own as a star in. This sport is going to have the ability to lure other guys into the ring. Because only one guy can fight yellow at a time. And the guy that doesn't get to kill a lottery ticket can maybe get the consolation prize and fight Golovin race. So right. He was ESPN radio ES. ESPN is let's get into a broader discussion about boxing before. I let you get on outta here, Dan because nobody's more. No more qualified to discuss the subject than you. I'd like to know with HBO stepping out of the boxing business with Bob Arum for top ranked calling out out aiming after Terence Crawford, you know, won his fight against Amir, Khan, etc. When Amir Khan quit as far as I'm concerned. I would ask you this question. How are you feeling about the state of boxing now compared to how you felt about five years ago ten years ago? I think it's a better spot now because there's a there's more attention on it. There's more. Platforms that are investing large amounts of money. Whether it's the amount of money that he has pianist paying and writes, these top rank over the course of what was originally got four year deal that was torn up after one year and turned into like seven or eight year deal, plus all the massive investment. They've made the bring events from four boxing both hovering fights as well as overseas fights, the top rank, you know, buys rights to to put on ESPN. Plus, so that's that's huge for the sport. You have the investment from FOX in the PBC platform. They're showing fights on free national television. You know, Saturday nights at eight o'clock, roughly once a month, not to mention their cable by center of a high quality. So they're investing tremendous amount of money Showtime. It's still in the game. Ben investing their money doing significant fights with big names. You know? So to me is that that aspect of it is good. There's money flowing there in front of a lot of people. It's on free national televisions on basic cable. It's on streaming services. I mean, you can find that pretty much over you want. It's obviously good for the fighters because there there's more money flowing, then there's been in a long long time. Maybe ever in the history of the sports, the only downside negativity. Is that you're basically operating a business? That's within the I call the three universes. You have the ESPN top rank universe, which they do their fights. And do a hell of a job doing them. You have the Showtime, FOX PVC fights. They put on a lot of good fights. But they're not fighting the other companies guys. And then you take the the design side of the street which is involved it's zone. It's golden boy fighters like Cannella when some of their other fighters as well as Eddie Hearn's spiders for mattress box, including Danny Jacobson, you know, number other quality guys that they have under their contract, y'all. Joe Anthony, Joshua, for example, that one of the heavyweight champions. So they do Feis in there, you know. And there's there's not that much overlap occasionally, they'll be might to gets me between the two for different reasons. Maybe a mandatory what we could really make a blocking bloom in blossomed, even greater than it is is if they could figure out a way to come together and to allow those fighters in each of those silos to fight each other in the biggest sites fans, Dan, Dan, Dan Rafer right here with Steven A ESPN radio. ESPN news one. The other things I'm interested in ask you about. And I get this from my man, Michael Thompson, if you notice he works for ESPN LA, the father Klay Thompson three-time champion with the Golden State Warriors. He does Michael Thomson does work for us. All right here on ESPN LA, and he had been asking me to ask you this question for for weeks now, and he just reminded me a few minutes ago. Remember how Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns both moved up from well to wait to the middleweight division to Alta fight Marvin Hagler if Bob Arum is right. And our it is in the way, you can answer that question. Whether or not out Heyman is in a way as well of an aerospace junior Terence qualify because I think that's the number one fight everybody about s- wants to see maybe Deontay wilder versus Anthony Joshua's. Well, but I would ask you this Dan Rae. Phil what about the possibility of aerospace junior moving up to fight Cannella? Well, listen, I have said for a long time as a matter of fact that in my mind the biggest fight in boxing of few years from now would be another outrages against spin junior. And I have visions of that, you know, obviously, they can bring a fine like that to the T mobile arena in Las Vegas, and, you know, generate huge amounts of money. And why? Thank you, Dan. Why would that be? You that fighting you put it in in eighteen stadium in outside of Dallas where Cannella has drawn fifty thousand plus people and Earls fence just bought a month and a half ago against Mike Garcia and jewelry, forty thousand people and bring in the Dallas folks who would be there because EROs a hometown guy and Canova Alvarez is a bonafide draw and a huge star within the Hispanic community, which is obviously very large and Texas you make a massive fight. I think it's absolutely conceivable that down the road that spans will ultimately become a middleweight or take a chance to fight middleweight for that kind of a fight and Keno adverse still gonna be around that as a gargantuan massive fight that again, a lot of things have to happen. A lot of things to fall into place. But that could be a spectacle beyond spectacles. I Thomson huge huge mega fight. I hope that happens in my long view of the sport. We wanna see guys like Spence and Crawford now or Josh Lewin wild or not, but I'm thinking like two years from now. Three years from now Cannella Spence gargantuan mega fight. Well, let me ask you. This if Spence what's the fight crow Crawford right now who would you favor. Well as welterweight that's hard to pay. They're both super talented guys. I mean, you know, I am Spence rated number one in the welterweight division. But that's based largely on the fact that he's been fighting in that way classes longer has maybe a little bit more accomplishment in the weight division. But Terence Crawford has got seem kind of talent votes. Super fast won't good counterpunchers. Both good boundaries defensive, you know, responsible defensively but good amateur occurs was Olympian. But Crawford was just a a heroin from being in that level. I mean, that's a coin flip. I I gotta be you know, that's the kind of fire where you don't really make pick till I sort of the end reassort, maybe wanna look and see how the guy looks how you hear him talk. And how he may be, you know, his body language. It's a hard fifty fifth. Mom ritter. I it's cut short because I got a couple of more questions. I want to ask why gotta get you out of here right by that guy's a genius to think about that. This Michael Thompson, dead it. No question about it. That's Klay Thompson. Daddy, Michael Thompson. But here's the deal. Is there anybody else in the welterweight division that you think could be aerospace junior outside of Terence girlfriend? At the moment. I mean, look any anybody can can lose on a given night. But obviously that's the fight where you look at the way class, and you think ok who can beat the other guy and the only one I can think of that's the the most competitive most hard fight to pick. Is that fight? It's sort of like, I think about what the lightweight division. You know? I don't think there's a lightweight or below in the world that can hang with the vessel Ulama chango except for Mikey Garcia. And likewise. I don't think there's a single lightweight or below. They can hang with migraines e except for Loma chanko, they're not fighting. But that's the fight. You wanna see it's a fifty fifty kind of fights same kind of deal with? Crawford spent and same kind of deal in the heavyweight division with Josh wilder. How did you feel about Mikey Garcia stepping up to wake classes to challenge aerospace junior as opposed to demanding that low Machiko vitamin the lightweight division? Listen, Stephen, I live in the real world. And I understand the business issues in the policy politics issues in the in the nature of the platforms that they find I and I have a lot of respect for Mikey daring to be great. That's what I call it. He wanted to go up. He wanted to to make history by winning by trying to win a world title and a fifth way division. And it'll Spence was available to him aerospace, the guy that he's been calling out since even before he fought Robert eastern last summer so unified the lightweight titles. The obviously made, you know, north of eight or nine million dollars for that fight. So it was by far and away the biggest paydays ever had. So I don't have any quarrel with him trying to make that match and and and try to achieve greatness that would've come if he had been able to win the fight. Okay. He lost the fight that doesn't mean we still can't try to see the low angle fight. It's a hard difficult fight to make for a thousand reasons. But I'm hopeful that maybe someday we'll happen Dan with the right here with Steven A ESPN radio ESPN news of before. I let you get on outta here. Your prediction for this fight Jacobs could Nello Alvarez Saturday night. Close fight tough site. Good fights. But I think in the end can know Alvarez a little bit more. Well, rounded do a little bit more a little bit better of a puncher limit better of a boxer, and, you know, the judges love them, and it's shown and I think he gets a decision to close. Well, you don't think so you don't think it ends in a knockout. I mean, anything is possible. But I don't I don't see any reason why would think that Cannella show themselves to have a great chin over the course of his career Danny Jacobs is you know, in in his first loss many years ago, which I was here in Las Vegas four. He did get knocked out by fighter named Dmitri. Perot was a very talented middleweight was crew was cut short by a back injury. They bought her vacant title. He got stopped by the referee, basically jumped on him. And wouldn't let them try to get up. That's the first thing. The second thing is have. I'm not big on excuses. But I'm gonna give Danny Jacobs a passing that bite because everybody who followed him at that time knows he should never have gotten in the ring that night number one. It was a bad match because they'd pushed him into that fight too quickly. My opinion per was much more talented guy and more experienced and seasoned at that moment. Well, more importantly, Danny Jacobs. His grandmother the woman who raised him. It was like his mother to him guide like four days or five days before that fight, and you should never have gotten in the ring them like he was extremely distraught about that all situation. Understandably had no business being in the boxing ring, his mind was on everything other than the boxing match, and he paid the price sports. So I. Give them a pass on that loss other than that knocked down and knock out in that fight where he was getting up to his feet. I think he'd only been down one other time. It was a flash knockdown against Sergio more at a fight that he came back and won by knockout show down against as. Well. Oh, yeah. Exactly. And the triple you. So so those two again, but triple g's like one of the best punters, maybe in boxing restaurant to be honest with you in the middle way division anyway. And so again, he showing a good chin over the course of his Grammy. And I saw can I'll Alvarez one of his first fights that were, you know, significant fights in the United States on a big undercard and almost got knocked out in the first round by Miguel Koto older brother and everybody thought. Oh my goodness. This guy is all hype. He's never going to be able to hang you've got no chin, blah, blah, blah. He's gone on since then you don't ever see him get Iraq. They're wilder down or anything like that. And he's become one of the best fighters, you know, in the world, and you know, he's going to be in the hall of fame someday. So these guys the reason I don't think innocuous because both guys have shown themselves have good chance. Now Cannella can get that body shot in against that. You know, we all rangy dang hiccups. You never know when I last question for you. I got one last qu. You spence? We know he has an opportunity to make over at least at least over twenty million dollars. If he fights Terence Crawford. One would ask why is he allowing out in the stop deaf from happening? What's the educator response to that? Dan rae. Could you would know? You know, aerospace is an adult. He's a grown, man. He has will his own if he wants to make the fight with Terence Crawford. He needs to go and speak with Al Hayman, and his his people and say L go call Bob, or you know, let's figure out a way to get the fight done. It's just not that easy. You know, if you're Al Hayman and Bob Arum goes down to the press row after the the Crawford conflict and talks about how I wanna make this fight. He's been saying all along and I'll take Bob and his word. I think he does wanna make devices. He doesn't really have a lot of other options for big Pfeiffer Crawford. The problem is even if that's the case, you can't then spend the next fifteen minutes calling him terrible names and saying things making like some kind of racial issue etcetera and not expect him to have some pushback, and you know, take your call on Monday morning. So you know, everybody's got to take a deep breath. And you know, you don't have to be best friends with people you make boxing deals with their business deal for that matter, you got to try to get in a room and do it and see what's best not only for your fighter for your company for your broadcast partner. And and try to get a deal done. But there's been no it takes two to Tango. So Bob concern. I wanna make the fight and he can be full and well-meaning and want to do that. Maybe just got caught up in the emotion by saying the things he said about Al. But no, the Hamish I'd hasn't really shown any desire to make the fight. Once they won't even bring it up. I mean did a graphic on one of the Heyman shows that PBC operates where they put up a graphic of show Texas of all the best welter rates in the world. And they didn't put a photo of errands Crawford on the on the on the ground. You kidding me? That's ridiculous. No. Does it that is ridiculous day? Rayfield? Appreciate a great work as always mad look forward to see stuff from Vegas this week. Thanks a lot. All right, Steven, I appreciate it. Enjoyed the five. All right buddy, the one and only Dan rate Rayfield boxing, ride extraordinaire for ESPN does great great work for us. Make no mistake about it. Looking forward to listening and watching him over the weekend and reading his stuff. Of course, it an eight say ESPN as edited seven to nine three seven seven six you. Listen live, Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news. 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Let's go back to the phones at eight say ESPN, it's eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Thanks again to the great, Dan, Rayfield boxing. Rod extraordinary for ESPN for taking time out of his busy schedule to come on the show. And thanks also to Michael Thompson, my colleague at ESPN LA father of Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors for texting me to ask me to ask a couple of those questions because dammit, I might have missed it. If it wasn't for my man, Mike, Michael Thompson. So thank you very very much for reminding me a couple of things that I needed to ask them Rayfield about appreciate the help. No doubt. Let's go back to the phones. Let's go to Don you lie. Stephen. They talked to me done. Stephen a happy Friday. Great show. Great topic. Thank you. Go ahead, buddy. Man, man. I I think we all really need the hold of Canales feet to the fire. I mean to for not to duck it a third fight with triple. Gee, that's a fight. This gotta be made. And I really am intrigued to see a third fight. Wondering who triple jeez? New trainer is going to be let me let me stop right there. I'm not in agreement with you there. I'd like to see the fight. I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't be against it. But can Nello doesn't have to. I mean, he fought two fights. And that second I would say I would put you on a spot about this dawn, are you ready for this you listening carefully because I want you to hear this? I want you to hear this question. Triple g Kalkin Nilo out and said, I thought you were Mexican you busy running. You know, the first fight, you know, I'm he I got a stock. You gotta chase you, and he talked a lot of trash. This is triple j and fight number two could know Alvarez walked right to him and stood right in front of him the entire fight. Now, you can't deny that. So to me if you triple g you're the bigger on natural middleweight you call him out. And then when he showed up triple j was backing up half to find, and you know, that's true down. So I can't I can't sit up there and say to Kamilo excuse me, you all him a trilogy. No, he does it. I'd like to see it. But of us today LA Hoya has different plans for canola. Alvarez Kamilo Alvarez's fog would not fight it. Triple g I kiss it up there and throw shea on Kamilo. He showed up in the second fight, which by the way, I thought that he actually lost by the station closest issue. But nevertheless, but he showed up for the second fight and stood right in front of triple g Don and was throwing vicious body shots, still, right? Federal let's give him credit with creditors. Do. Oh, yeah. But you see those two arguments kind of contradict each other just got done saying that that you actually thought. G one by close to Susan. I think is arguable. But then you try to sound like Cannella beat them all over the reading, no. That's not what I'm saying. I'm only making that point to say Kamilo doesn't own him a third fight. We can debate about who won fighting of a two and stuff like that. Don out saying that Kamilo doesn't oh you third fight when you call them out and try to embarrass him after fight one, and he showed up right in your face for fight to how many times did he go. Stephen. Okay. But but that's all number one. That's all the more reason we want to see a third five, and they'll take all my goodness my talking to Mexico element here. Are you not listening to me? I did not say we shouldn't get it. Third fight. I'm saying don't treat canal. Oh, like he owes it to him. He does not you call a man out, and you embarrassed him and brought up the PD's, you know, that the spike food and all of that other stuff you call them out. You embarrassed him you take them off. And he showed up for the rematch and stood right in front of your face. You don't own that man, another fight. If that's not what you wanna do. That's my only point. No, I hear what you're saying. Except I don't care what canal. I care about us. I wanna see that fight. Boxing, fans deserve it. You know, people people journalists broadcasters. Everybody used to stand up for the fan and for the sports not for the individual fighter. I wanna see the dang fight. And. What else saying you might wanna see the fight? I don't mind seeing it. But I'm I without it. I'm alright without it because they fought I think it's goes to decision again. And I don't like to I tell you this. I'm not being completely forthcoming. The third reason that I really have a problem with I don't like the fact that Trump will Jia so considerably older that can Nilo and has been through these two wars. And then you go in for a third against the guy. I don't like if triple g was younger, I wouldn't mind at all. But the fact that he's older I think puts Kamilo at a considerable advantage in a trilogy. But you know, the one thing real quick where the one thing I want to say I am in. I don't know. But I wanna see who triple jeez. Next trainer is going to be because one reason I think is old trainer. God let go is glove can meet zero adjustments. The second looked like he's still trying to land one punch. You gotta go to the body. You gotta break canal down in and I want, you know, look at the second fight between Ray Robinson and Randy Turpin. Just look at that. Oh, my love. Rob. You're going to sixties now, bro. The dont have a nice day. I gotta go done. I gave you enough time. I listened to you. But now you lost me when you brought up fighters that existed before we were born I was born in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven I mean, come on man, come on. Now, I got time for that eight say ESPN editing seven to nine three seven seven six back with your calls to close out the show the minute you listen live with Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news, by the way, if you missed any of the day show, go check it out on demand. And the Steven Naismith podcast brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking or for an accounts with no fees minimums that can be opened to five minutes Capital One. Hey, hey, what's in your wallet capital? One in eight member FDIC brought to you by capital on capitol. One wants to build a better Bank one that feels and acts nothing like a typical Bank. It's why they're reimagining banking by offering accounts with no fees or minimums and one of the best savings rates in America. You can open a Capital One account from anywhere in five minutes. That's banking reimagined capital. One. What's in your wallet capital? One in a slam jam bad. Maybe dick. What are you doing warming up for the game? Like, we'll all the games. I watch people when I can't get tickets. It helps bring the stadium atmosphere to wherever watch it. The paternity. Those again, come on Vick. Save it for the air. We've got a game and check out vivid seats. It's the easiest way to get all the tickets to the games, you want to go to vivid seats for the women baby. Guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen Smith show podcast debit. It's been radio's presented by progressive insurance, quote, but and save on home insurance with progressive new homequote explorer only progressive dot com before I get to the calls. So I get on outta here for the day. I wanted to extend a heartfelt, congratulations. According to reports Monty Williams, Phil Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers assistant coach for my head coach for the New Orleans, pelicans and Hornets. He is going to be the new head coach for the Phoenix Suns for those of you may not remember tragically. He lost his wife in a car accident. I believe it was in twenty sixteen. Married to his lovely wife over twenty years. They had five children together. She was killed in a car accident. Some head on collision somebody across the divide and hit ahead. Head on she lost her life and anybody that knows Monty Williams knows that no matter how good of a coach you think. He is it pales in comparison to the man of the person the father the teammate of the coach that he is. I mean, this guy is a sensational sensational person. And this opportunity could not have come to a better, man. So we wish him nothing, but the best moving forward and Phoenix Niger's gotta get Devon Booker point gone. And I think everything will be fun. Anyway, let's go back to the phones. Let's go to allow you live Stephen a real quick allow go ahead. Hey, how you doing? Had me on the show. Thank you. Go ahead. Real quick, buddy. All live, man. I I'm just having a hard time about these GM's and the NBA hit hit today. I'm gonna give you three coaches that I felt that didn't get a fair chance, and I know life isn't fair. But I just I just told him I told you I'm running out of time because near the end of the show man, I need those name give you much gas. And it gives you the wing Casey. And I'm also going to get you Jason Kidd now in my office, which job you're talking about while I'm talking about the head coaching jobs. I'll house, you know, they got fired and everything and is he's the coach of Detroit. Yes. But I'm talking about his his his running with Toronto. I then I think the EM's kinda put the coaches and a Russia's away Shen because I'm gonna give you some credit. You know, you as the nose and basketball and things in that Nathan by plant to. To fall and the things that needs to. So is like, you know, when you look at that situation, you gotta put certain players around these rang all play as I got your. I'm running out of time, bro. I got your point though. It's valid. I hear what you come from appreciable call Monday when I got more top, and I'll put you on. Thanks again. My man, let's go to album real quick you lava Stephen go ahead Albert. The growing, Stephen. By the way, tyrod Tyron loom is in all likelihood is about to be your next head coach for the Los Angeles, Lakers ain't etched in stone. But it's looking like it's going to be that way by the end of the week. If not sooner go ahead, real quick. You got thirty two cooler. I mean, we're about to be Stephen lead nation right now. I was wondering about rob polenta yet is on agency. Right. He did. Okay. I'm tired of people calling Lakers, mom and pop shop. So did rob Pelinka run his agency as a mom and pop shop because he's obviously running the Lakers now and kenley kids to talking about you can't as obviously running the Lakers now for all. We know is Linda Rambus. Who's very very tight with janey. We don't know that we don't know the answer to that question. It'll be to see if Tyler is going be, and it'd be interesting to see if Tyler is going to be the next head coach because we know that's LeBron wants we'll see what happens though. Yeah. We need some shooters to. Oh, well, we know that take it easy, man. Tell me why don't you tell me? This guy's blue and weather's warm LA next. Tell me something. I don't know who the hell is a no to Lakers neat Judas. My God Boston better win tonight. And the rockets better win the more night in order to survive. I'll talk to you all Monday until MP's. That's just a simple of what you hear on the Stephanie swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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