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[Bonus] The Bitter Southerner: Waffle House


Hey proof listeners. Season four of proof is coming soon. We've got some awesome stories for you the season and we can't wait to share them with you but today we'll be sharing an episode from our friends at the bitter. Southerner podcast cover stories about southern life and culture and today they're bringing a story about the waffle house. It's really special but I I sat down with host. Chuck Reid's to talk about the better southerner I bridget. Hey Bridget Chuck Mr Reese how are you but I'm Lancaster? I'm fine I'm fine. How are you today all right so chuck we're talking a little bit about the better southerner the podcast but tell me about how you were inspired to start the magazine the Bitter Southerner? And why are you so better? Why so better? Just something popped up on my facebook feed. This was two thousand and eleven. I believe that was a list of the fifty best cocktail bars in the world and it was published by this magazine out of the UK called Drinks International. And they're not only. Were there no bars in New Orleans on the list? There were no bars in the entire American south and I was just like that's crap that's wrong that's impossible. I've found myself getting bothered Because any show that was said in the sow or any magazine prototype that purported to cover the south seem to present the south in one of only two ways One of them looked like aristocrats on Verandah. Kinda like You know the the opening party scene of gone with the wind but maybe updated clothing and the other vision of the south. Was you know going from when I was a child? The beverly hillbillies and it still persisted all these years and that bothered me because there were a lot of people in the south that I grew up around who didn't fit either of those stereotypes and neither of those stereotypes included any people of color even though the south is the most ethnically diverse region in nation. And so I went over to Dave whittling. Who is a graphic designer and I said if I started a little cocktail blog about southern bartenders. Would you design it for me? You know and I. I just thought it'd be a fun little project and Davis Lecture. You know Kinda on a wing and a prayer with the idea of presenting one big beautifully photographed feature story per week and that was all we would publish and that it would show the world southern people as they really are and you know we. We resolved that you know. Unlike most publications about the south that we would not ignore the difficulties presented by our regions history but that we would acknowledge them and try to deal with them. When they intersected with our stories. I think what's so special about magazine? The publication the PODCAST is that you're calling upon southern people to tell their southern stories and it's not built in a corporate boardroom. Somewhere else With the the ideas of what quote unquote being southern is? I mean the fact that you can't say what is southern. Because it's it's huge. It's not a monolith. It's not just one thing saw these little individual stories that pepper the STU. I'm glad you said that because our culture is a Gumbo. Oh Yeah we are talking a little bit about a Waffle House. You have an entire episode that is based on some of the lesser known stories about the Waffle House. Will all of that began because a very talented photographer? Who LIVES IN CHARLOTTE? North Carolina named Mica cash came to me with an idea and he called me up late in two thousand eighteen. And he said I got this idea I wanna go visit waffle houses all over the south and I wanNA give myself rules. I want to take my camera in there. I WANNA sit down in a booth or at the counter and or something to eat and a cup of coffee and make pictures from exactly where I sit looking out the windows and what I see a round waffle how and I was like a sounds like a crazy bitter southerner kinda idea go for it you know right. It was amazing. What it told us It told us that you know these two thousand waffle houses. Most of which are in the south might very well be the only common spaces in the south that are completely free of any barrier to entry there where everyone goes you know. It's like everybody in the South has waffle house story. It sing like and I guess that's why people related to it so much and that's why we knew we had to turn it into a show but wound up being a fascinating thing for me okay. We're GONNA play this Waffle House episode for you right now and if you go find the bitter southerner wherever you listen to your podcast enjoy. It's the bitter Southerner podcast from Georgia Public Broadcasting in the magazine. I added the bitter southerner. Welcome to episode five of our second season. I'm Chuck Reese and today we take you to a place that is familiar to every southern the waffle house on. Let's go to my place to services. It's well past time. Yeah we've been saying about the waffle house when it comes to the best not began the end of an era southerner has their waffle House Memories. Mesnier from late night and they might be blurry in the brain because waffle house is after all a place where the nine ounce go before they crawl in bed and hide from the Sun. Stay many other of our waffle house memories from childhood because every southern kid will be taken to waffle house at some point. It took about five seconds for us to see this phenomenon. One more time on the day we walked into waffle house store number. One thousand in Avondale estates Georgia with a bag full of microphones to some questions about the waffle house. This is Samantha. Nyack and her daughter on well she is only four so she's been coming for four years and I've been coming for as long as I have memories. Sam Lives around the corner from the very first waffle house. It's now museum and it's just down the block from the store that we're in today. She says coming here brings back memories from when she was a kid our waitress was always. Trina and one time she let me go behind the counter and work the brittle and make my own egg and cheese sandwich and one time a manager was there and he was so entertained by us he gave us like a full set of dishes to take home and I still have them and I used to collect menus from waffle houses around the country on road trips like our anything came out with a new menu. Ask if I could take it home. And she's now passing those special waffle house moments onto her own children blue on IKA chief kind of busy right now. What's your favorite thing to eat here? Clo- I need her brother both. Have it memorized? They've always share the all-star special with Napkins. Will somebody please get this girl some Napkins so she can senator meal? Honestly you can't live without hashbrowns blackout. What your hand in front of your mouth. I love without a doubt. It is indeed hard to live without Hash browns and you know there's so many waffle houses spread across the South. That government officials us whether their opener not as an indicator of how severe any natural disaster down here does the Federal Emergency Management Agency actually has a thing called the waffle house index. It was created by former FEMA administrator. Craig fugate listen him. Explain it from a two thousand sixteen episode of the NPR game. Show wait wait. Don't tell me they are open. Most of the time and that was the index. Wolpe houses closed because of his Astra's bad. We call it red if they're open but have a limited menu. Yellow the index isn't just funny. It works because most southerners will tell you that. They depend on their neighborhood waffle house when mother nature throws life sideways which raises a bigger question. The Khanna question the bitter southerner just loves to dig into how is possible for a two thousand store restaurant chain to become in the eyes of almost all southerners something more than just another place to eat. Southern families believe it actually matters that they take their kids to a waffle house. I mean nobody down here. Thinks that way about the neighborhood applebee's and man you will mean in a moment. Put the question this way. How can a cookie cutter restaurant chain win over the hearts of millions of people? Well like most things in our region. It's complicated but we think we have some answers for you. So today on the other podcast the ways of the waffle house. The man I just mentioned is named Mica cash and we would not be having this conversation at all. Had he not called me with an idea back in twenty? Eighteen Mica is a photographer based in Charlotte North Carolina and way back when when the bidder southerner was just a baby he was among the first shooters to contribute a big photo essay visual journalism as they say to the bitter Southerner Mike Is Economy Journalists that any magazine editor loves because he picks a big topic and he gets fascinated. Maybe even obsessed with it for a long time folks like that always tell great stories and Mica began telling such stories with his photographs for the Bitter Southerner. Four years ago and in two thousand eighteen like a cash called me with a grand idea. He wanted to visit waffle houses all over the south with his camera. Living by a strict set of rules at every single waffle house he would sit down and order a meal and then shoot photographs only from where. He sat and focused only on what he could see through the big plate glass windows. He said this exercise would teach us something important about the daily life of Southerners sixty-odd waffle houses and several months later. He came back with the goods which we published under the headline Waffle House vistas on March Twelfth. Twenty nineteen I win Throughout the deep South so Lou Louisiana Mississippi Alabama South Carolina North Carolina. Virginia Tennessee Kentucky. Arkansas Florida and what did Mike a fine waffle houses? All over the south in many respects waffle house is not remarkable right. I don't think it's meant to be. I mean eggs are eggs. Bacon is Bacon. It's meant to come out quick. It's meant to come out and taste good. It's meant to be consistent every time. Meant to give you what you came there for. Michael's own rules were equally consistent. I wanted the viewer to know. Immediately of what you see the boot the screens the coffee mugs I was in a waffle house. When I'm Feelin Cana- Hungry. It'd be it morning noon. That is pulling to the waffle house. They always treat me right. Find my favorite table. The mood is nice and wide. Always Order hashbrowns. 'cause they make a tasty side sometimes immediately leads toward the lived experience at all of us have with waffle house and then forces the viewer with all of that lived experience to then look out the restaurant and witness the world that we actually live in. Chile fifty seven high raise. The eyebrows of the people walking by photographing the world. Outside of a waffle house was a conversation starter. You don't necessarily look at your server or look at somebody in the booth next to you. And say hey. Where are you from but when you are an artist and you're sitting in a waffle house and you pull out a camera and you start photographing the parking lot? And then people started like what what are you doing? And so you know you tell them what you do. And then they think about it and then it opens door to have those conversations about well let me tell you how long have worked a lovely house or let me tell you. I'm going to school and this is my lifelong dream to do this. And then they came up in a way that was safe over food and that was the answer. Just my name's came down. Stay maybe the one place. That's common to the entire south where you can tap into a conversation. We'd be by regardless of their race place or station that's a waffle and Mike is photos and words became a Muslim widely. Read Story of Twenty nineteen for us so popular in fact that in December we wound up turning it into a book like the real book. The Kanji can spread out on your loud now. You could stop right here and buy that book and be done with it but I think job of this. Podcast is to dive into how and why waffle house became such a place. Those are the stories that you won't find in my book but you will find him here right after this break. This is a bitter seven or podcast Georgia public broadcast. We can teach you back at the one. You're always late. Thought we want you to know when you come in each day with a big yellow sign. Stand so tall that we're going to give you the best that we've got goes we're going to give it all we welcome back to the bitter southerner podcast. We're talking on episode about Waffle House now. The first thing you need to know about waffle house is that it is run very differently than your typical big corporation and I knew know a thing or two about big corporations because in the middle part of my career I wrote stuff quite a lot of them and waffle houses management structure top to bottom is completely uncommon every executive in the management of those little diners. All the way up to executive VP. People you would expect to have grand offices headquarters. None of those people even has an office every single meeting all their business. It's done inside a waffle house. Somewhere as the customers. Eat THEIR MEALS AROUND THEM. And the company just generally looks at the world differently. I never heard these folks ever want mentioned the phrase market segment because there are no segments every body anybody is custody and treating everyone who walks into waffle house as equal comes from three men who started the thing back in nineteen fifty five way back in the long ago. There were two dreamers. Tom and they big business with hardware too. Good Tom Fortner Joe. Rogers Singer had a dream a simple restaurant for the people he said you build a restaurant and I'll show you how to run it and we built a little place called the first voice you heard was Tom's followed by Joe's Joe said the makeup of the restaurant and it's in you were not at all complicated. Plans consisted a one page. Fourteen Stu staying still bag bar my brother built and leased it to us and I think it was a hundred and fifty dollars a month. We didn't know where we could pay then on Labor Day. Nineteen fifty five. Joe and Tom opened the first waffle house restaurant. Avondale estates Georgia. You could get a waffle with two eggs for seventy five cents. Charter for forty cents a filet Mignon for bug fifty. You could buy a whole pie for a dollar twenty five and all of this was available. Twenty four hours a day because as Tom Foreigner once wisely noted working people out there twenty. Four hours a day with me I. I'd always of the opinion based once late at night the Milkman out and may stipend deliver Menendez's people go and come all twenty four hours a day in even as waffle house grew. They're focused on hospitality. Never waned Joe Rogers singer always put it above everything else. We need to kill them with kindness. We need an animal how much we appreciate. We need to wild house. Be Their home away from home now they only although Uu Joe Senior died in March of twenty seventeen and Tom Fortner follow him to the great beyond only a month later and they're very first diners now a museum and it's the only waffle house anywhere that's open by appointment only but if you're ever in Avondale estates you ought to think about scheduling visit. Somebody from waffle house will come and take you through it. It is a fine way to spend an hour back in the waffle house where avondale estates people still eat. Gabriel Garrett is cooking some Hash browns on the flat top girl when we met her Gabrielle. Had only been working waffle house for about four minds but she told us that one of her favorite dishes to make actually isn't on the menu on my favorite to make is is very simple a raising grilled cheese like a sweet and salty. Type something different basically playing if I had to choose something. That's on me you. I like making the Hash Brown. The has broncos and the ripples and everything and that is an surprise if you knew what Gabrielle used to order from waffle house when she was a kid she talked with our producer. Sean Power I will normally order has brown with some grits. Because I don't eat eggs so yeah. What do you make you right now? Who Megan this berm laying Clayton a John Wayne? Commodore Grill Grill Gabrielle. Garrett has been awful house for less than a year but she's got big dreams she wants to rise from Grill Cook to executive he say what? Well the weird thing is that dreams like hers actually do come true at waffle house and often because if you get in their management training program. The first thing you're going to do is start in a restaurant you're GonNa Cook you're going to serve. You'RE GONNA clean. The bathrooms in Vegas. Miller went into that program three decades ago and now he's an executive vice president Waffle House. Which means that he's responsible for more than two hundred stores more or less ten percent of all the waffle houses. He has no office of course but he's got a car. He puts a lot of miles on traveling from store to store to store across Georgia in Tennessee. And you know. Every waffle house employee's name tag also lists where they were born in one of the first things. I noticed when I met visas. Miller was his name tag says Bronx New York. It's a perfect icebreaker. So when I'm walking and talking to the customers in the restaurant he say I didn't know we have a waffle house in the Bronx Bronx and that's that. And then we have a conversation about the bronx how I got down there and we just start talking about. So it's it's it's usually makes pretty good conversation now visas. I moved to Georgia for the same reason that many of our nation's most talented African American men come here to attend morehouse college in Atlanta. He was an entrepreneur from the star right. After his graduation he opened a few restaurants and dry cleaners near Morehouse and the city's other historically black colleges and universities but his location had both advantages and disadvantages when the students in session business was great when students went home for vacations and in the summertime. There was no business run and my wife. She you Was like I'm tired of the money going up and down. And and so as a joke she put my resume out there and somebody from Scotland or series absolute. We'd she did without telling you she did well telling me yeah. And so I give all credit to her She's the reason for my success. Besides being a fabulous woman she is. She put my resume out. The I got a phone call and at the time. I You know entrepreneur and I'm like I really don't need to go and and and work for somebody else. I have my own business right but one thing I've always wanted to do is just kinda learn about other businesses as you entrepreneur. He's always good to learn about his sorry came to wildfowl. And and then talked to Gary Cooper was my first division manager and the things that really interests me about. Wofford house was that we all homegrown so we all start. Doesn't matter what you've done in your previous life. Everybody that comes into the management program starts as a manager training and one at restaurant x yes at one restaurant so we'll start trade you to training program. It's about three months and then after you graduate from what we call. Woo University than you are checked into a one store restaurant in your unit manager the next stage after unit managers addition manager which is only two to three restaurants that you're on so I was a unit manager for year. I was a district manager for a year and a half. The next stage after being addition is division manager. Which you have nine stores that you're responsible okay. And I was a division manager for four and a half years and then step that as a area manager which is about twenty seven story so we kind of go in threes so as one store three store nine stores twenty seven stores and then the next stage after as a senior vice president which is about seventy five stories. And now you're an executive VP. So how many is that so I have? I'm responsible for two hundred thirty restaurants and also responsible for fifty-six We have about three hundred. Roughly three hundred franchises and so- response have Found Fifty six franchises that I'm also responsible for and those are in Atlanta for roughly a hundred and fifty stores or so in Atlanta and the rest are in actually Middle Tennessee Nashville. Murphy's Borough Knoxville and Chattanooga right right so you're all over the place over the place when you reach the level and you got two hundred plus stores to look after how many those de wind up being in physically every year on our my goal is at least stepping to one of my one of my restaurants minimum one time of year and the interesting thing with people really don't understand is that we're open twenty four hours and that means that we're responsible twenty four hours so we actually shopping restaurants on second shift right now because and I talked for awhile about incidents that have happened inside waffle houses that make the news now on that some of them including racially motivated violence or allegations of police brutality. And when that happens in one of the stores visas the person who has to handle it. Because that's his job and to do that. He says you gotTA keep one thing in mind that people are People. Every one of them is different. Everyone has his or her own concern. You have good black people bad like people. You have good white people bamboo. You have good everybody everybody. So it's not a matter of race or anything like that is about treating people the way you want to be treated and respectable people and people striving towards some common goals and and that was the beautiful thing that I loved about the South. And that's one of the things. I love about waffle house. It's like we're all equal. You know I may have a title of an executive vice president but at the end of the day. Coming off sweep you know. Cook a clean the bathrooms I pick up trash outside and and I don't feel like I'm any better than any of our people that are working in a particular store. We're all one family. So now that you've learned about Dominic's part less learn about the culture part point number one. The ways of the waffle house are so universal in the south of they become part of the way we talk or lexicon. This is particularly true when it comes to Hash browns the standard waffle house. Breakfast if you don't WanNa waffle that is offers the usual choices of meat cooking methods and toast options and you can choose between grits hashbrowns now waffle house hash browns are seasoned potatoes scattered on hot flattop grill and Brown to perfection. Although side on May also order them to be smothered with onions and covered in cheese. Scattered smothered and covered. It's a phrase that every single southerner knows regardless of how they like their hashbrowns. So let's say for instance at two young southerners. Let's say they're in college. Wake up one morning with hangover. One asks the other feeling. If the other one said scattered smothered and covered. That would be a perfectly acceptable response. The ways of waffle house or now just part of how we talk now did however learn from Vegas Miller that the list of what a waffle house will do for your hashbrowns went far longer than even I knew. In addition to the standard three scattered smothered and covered. You may also were your hashbrowns peppered with helping US chunk with pieces of ham diced. That is diced tomatoes topped with Chili and country. Meaning that it's topped with cream gravy. Well one day. I'm going to try all that together. Culture point number two is the meat his raisins. All through this episode. You've been hearing song about Waffle House and that is no accident. Host there is a record label that is called waffle house records. Sure does now that song which is called their raisins in my toast. His is one of the tracks released by waffle houses. Record Label Nadine. Gillespie is the president of that label. Which currently has about fifty waffle house theme song? You and hear the songs online or you can hear them as intended on the Juke. Boxes at waffle houses all over the south and elsewhere but Nadine says they never end up on the radio and they're not advertised. It's about the waffle house experience so it's meant to kind of enhance that experience versus making a commercial venture out of the record label idea to make waffle house. Music was the brainchild of company CO founder. Joe Rogers senior in eighteen. Says there are one or two songs added to the label every single year? One of the most recent songs we wrote was. I think it's called only at the Waffle House Party Talks about the different funny things that happen. At waffle house. Like somebody giving birth that waffle house or somebody writing their horse to the waffle house peaceful. Your horse of course. We have those kinds of stories that come out in the songs or just about the experience. In general has she looks ahead. Dating wants to broaden the Genre's of music waffle house music covers batting were contracts. Maybe reaching out to more established artists. We decided we wanted to catch up with one of the earliest waffle house. Performers who back in the late nineteen eighties and early nineties. I added her voice to the Cadillac. My name is Al Freda Gerald and I'm one of the featured singers that you may hear on the waffle house. Jukebox is around the country when I walk into a waffle house. The first thing I do is look for the jukebox. I get a quarter or however much. It is now and I go and play myself on the Jukebox of Song. I usually play. Is I feel good at the waffle house. Oh yes I remember. This did watch live again. I was young then. I arranged the melody vocals on. I feel good at the house. It's inspired from the works of Mariah Carey and Janet. Jackson has those influences and missile. Never I remember this like it was yesterday now. I have not heard it in its entirety. Probably in thirty years when I was thinking about this I was just trying to come up with a melody line. That was up with the Times at that time but I liked the hook Feel good at the waffle house because very very catchy and after the song goes off everyone is always going at the waffle house and so I thought that was kitchen. Those Magara vocal sound really good. I wanted to be a hit. It was going to be on waffle house radio and they had different aspirations for this back in the day. They didn't know where it was. GonNa even maybe my blow up and become something But I really wanted to go down in history just like enhanced years. We're good. Yeah a lot of songs. Were cut bet you know hereof anymore? Didn't make it but I feel good at the Waffle House. And several of the ones that you probably will play were popular enough to withstand the test of time and that was my goal. Bill happened every every time the sides. Oh my goodness now. That really brought back memories. The next song is bare cooking up my order number one. I took them to church on Netflix. GonNa do that. You just want a big bowl of grits. After here that all right now took they. Don't really give us these songs ahead of time. You just walk in and you learn it on the spot. The music starts and that's right down my alley. I know instinctively what to do so as soon as the music started knew what to do and I love it because it really made me want to go to the House. First of all and it was down home. Southern is just as his southern Gospel. I think as you can get the son to me. When I was thinking of this song I could just see them. Cooking up my order and that it was gonna be grits country ham and biscuits and not even a waffle. I don't think waffle is a country as as a biscuit but I loved and finance these songs. Have as you already know. Have withstood the test of time way more than a lot of famous artists that we know so you know. My voice has been heard for thirty years. And we'll be here for thirty more years when a lot of people won't so in essence. I am a star and I must start the wealth. That's Georgia singer. Alfreda Gerald one of the many artists to lend her voice to the waffle house record level. And you can hear more waffle house songs on our website and so there you have. The proof. Do Awful. House is so important to southerners that we a US. It's Grill Cook Lingo in our everyday speech and that be some of our musicians are perfectly happy to write. Catchy little numbers about raising toaster. Hash browns but the most important thing is still what happens inside a Waffle House. Mica cash wrote about it this way. Waffle house does not care how much you're worth what you look like where you're from. What Your Political Blais? Shar or where you've been so long. As you respect the unwritten rules of waffle house be kind. Be Respectful and don't overstay when others are waiting for a table now when we decided to turn my story into book we wondered who might write a perfect forward for it began thinking of a New Orleans novelist and bitter southerner contributor named Maurice Carlos Ruffin Maurice's debut novel last year we cast a shadow is just stunningly good rating. And I do recommend that you buy it. But when I asked mores feed be interested in this waffle House Project. I was surprised that he said yes immediately. No hesitation whatsoever a couple of days before I sat down with Venus Miller at the waffle house in Avondale estates. Maurice had sent me the first draft of that forward and bless his heart. He agreed to join us from New Orleans to read the first two paragraphs of it free. The South is my home. The salespeople are my people the Salads places on my places but when I traveled to new towns from Louisiana Genu- always take care when I walk into an unfamiliar establishment especially restaurants. I'm not looking for trouble. Yeah don't expect special treatment but I do expect normal treatment. I don't always get no more treatment. Entered a restaurant only to have the white employees stare at me into another white person broke the silence. I've been seated by the bathroom. A garbage can despite the availability of open tables near bright plate. Glass Windows once while sitting with two out of town friends who kept staring over my shoulder. They brought to my attention to painting on the wall. Painting of an enslaved woman appearing food the painting was made to evoke nostalgia for a better time than ever existed. But it made me feel sick. I've never felt sick and waffle house. I've eaten in waffle houses all over the south of Eden Wolpe houses at Sunrise and in the heat of the night when I was a writing conference in Alabama a few years ago. A friend suggested we go find a late breakfast in town my friend. She was Jewish and we laughed at a black man in Jewish woman walking into a diner in the deep south side and like a great setup for a joke but there was no joke we went. We regretted seated served. I had a crispy waffles. Swimming in Syrup would aside of Ham. I left with a full belly in a smile on my face. Just like anybody. That's the experience I've had every time I've gone to a waffle house in that's as it should be or thanks to Maurice Rough and for sharing his perspective on Waffle House and you know when I went to CVs Miller that day took Maurice's essay with me. I found myself wanting to read it to Vegas because I felt like it got to the heart of what he himself had been telling me what he believed about the company he'd worked for. Cross three decades and I just wanted to see what he would say when he heard those words makes me feel good that the company. I work for that person can feel like that. Right it. Just it just goes to the things that we actually believe in that people get and they see it and they feel it you know and that's that's the beauty of this company. So I I you know you can't buy bitter words. You know what he wrote you know. That's that's perfect. You know when you look at why we don't advertise. You know that's our advertisement. We treat people right when they come in. We treat every single customer the same way in and people recognize them. They keep coming back and so I mean that's beautiful. That's it for us today. All our producer Sean Powers Juggles orders. It's flat top. Our editor Josephine Bennett. Make sure our customers here are stories that they should be heard just like you ordered them in on. This show's episode page at bitter southern Dot Com. We posted links to where he can read. Mica caches original photo essay and linked to where you can buy your very own copy of Waffle House vistas the book published by BS. Publishing our sincerest. Thanks go out to Mike a cash for starting this whole adventure to Maurice Rough. In North Carolina Rider Laura Bullard a member of the LUMBER NATION FOR CONTRIBUTING. Their words to this book and huge. Thank you to Pat Warner of waffle house who so graciously introduced us to get people like Vegas. Miller gave us permission to use all this waffle house. Music gave us access to recorded interviews with companies. Co-founder show Roger Senior and Tom Foreigner and finally forgiving us a sweet personal tour of the Waffle House Museum in downtown Avondale estates Georgia. I am blessed to have many talented friends and I always thank one of them. Patterson Hood for allowing us to use his ever. South is our theme song and its performance by his truly bad ass ban. Drive by truckers. If you like the bitter southerner podcasts. Y'All need to review and rate it on apple podcasts. Even if you listen to it somewhere else please please. Pretty please do that because those reviews help us so much. Our show is a CO production of Georgia public broadcasting in the bitter Southerner magazine you can access more from each episode at GP be Dot Org Slash podcast. I'm chuck race and my three. Instructions remained constant hug more NEX by no hatred. And spend your time doing what you love with who you love and you can twenty four seven do that at a waffle house so y'all in two weeks.

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