Patrick Laird Who? It's Zach Zenner Week


I know I don't know how to answer necklace. I mean if it wasn't Patrick Leahy Art Season it would be Rashad pennies. I'm GONNA pull for his act senator this week. Ask consider such a hater team. Dolphins signed him. I didn't even know that. Yeah baby so you guys are saying layered because enter the choice. Everyone's one's not taken so India fast. Let's go zetter. Let's go. I'm locking them in Zach. Four point point seven point with unlimited data. You are now locked to the clock dodgers podcast along more than dodgers podcast. I'm your host. Neal Whitney is Mr at a twenty two and fascinating. Still a winner was up Adam. Adam best ball best same shit. Same Shit Man. What can you do shit anyways daily? It seems like the the best this ball championships series was brutal for a lot of people But Luckily I was able to have James White. Just shocked the world and keep me in a my only share of the mega best all championships. So at least one of those two Has has decent money on the lines to and that's why that's why you put James Wedding your team man just for moments like these. I Know Australian him year after year. Say say he's he's true and true man. Now you know you wouldn't do a show without the man of many job roles who isn't on the payroll resahd pennies wikipedia page editor under Pennies twitter mascot. Mr I'll find a way to mention Rashad Pinon every football conversation. What's up Josh? You're really taken the fun out of its. It's you know if you put right there for me. I feel like it's just. It's too easy. Listen I change your twitter handle to reshot something about acts me about Rashaad shot penny. I'm like what is this guy doing it. Can I believe you were that guy. Man is like is this judge. I just WanNa talk about shop any. It's all it's all he wants to do Adam that's all he wants to do. That's what we'll talk about. Reshot many we'll give you your your moment to shine Josh. Don't worry it'll come it's playoff time. Only the skilled in the lucky have survived. I guess you could say if you've been listening to us all season I know you have a bunch of playoff teams. All right guys. Many of course they must not saying of course. So let's let's get them. You know some success now in the playoffs adult almost get them to the championship. Let's get to the big dance. Some people don't have bi weeks as they're not me So we have to help them win this week and Let's do that. Let's start with headlines like we always do. We have injuries. We have some players that were signed. We have a little mixture of everything with it being the playoffs. Obviously you have to. You know we're we're going to mention some guys here and obviously. I don't know what we'll do. We'll discuss more about. How much risk you WanNa take in the playoffs? But let's talk about some guys. Anyway they have signed got hurt. And all this other stuff chiefs signs spencer. where I think where it's been out for a bunch of teams? This year finally found himself a spot back on his old team. Because of the injuries are dealing with. Do you guys care about spends aware I mean at this point at all. Yeah Yeah I think you'd have to because Andy Reid Hate Star Win Thompson and this. It's pretty evident at this point that he wants someone who's bet in that system before this week. I mean you're going to be without both the Williams boys so I don't see the Shawn McCoy getting a full workload. So where's GonNa get touches. I mean how many touches I duNno. I'd probably say like five to ten. But would I be shocked. Spencer aware came in and they give him fifteen touches. I wouldn't be I mean. It's the Andy Reid system. They're going to keep cycling running backs they're gonNA have potential oh for for big performances. So yeah it's it's weird but just him signing off the streets makes him fantasy relevant Donovan. Right he's a little different because he is like you said familiar with the team. He's been on the team. He knows the system Josh is playing the Patriots though that give you any concern well yeah it all gives me concerned because I just don't think that anybody knows anything about the Kansas City backfield anymore like it's just over. All of those bags are just completely. I mean it's crap shoot yet has saved volume. Yes one of those things like you feel like any of them can score a touchdown any of them could be flex worthy if they just got a couple in a couple of plays to go their way and a touchdown so it's like but again it's the Patriots is the play offs. I personally feel like I don't I'm not trust in any of these guys I don't know if in particular you got These running-backs in a bad spot flags are you guys has run into it at all. I'm not but I mean like where feels like one of those weird guys who I mean. He he's an ad but against against someone like you know hatrick layered who's probably out there on rivers like. Are you really GonNa pick up Spencer wherein play him when you just you know idea what to expect so so I think going into the fantasy playoffs. I'm much more willing to take a risk on something we know something we don't. Yeah and hopefully you're in one of those redraft leagues where they don't want those Pesky people who got eliminated big waivers. You know you have to worry about them. Then you can get your where you know you know what I'm just. I'm just glad to drowsiness. thinness now's would be a foul or no foul. Don't worry but that's all right. I'm done playing redraft after this year. Anyway I don't believe I will be playing A ton of best ball on a ton of the FX so much fun and I'll keep my dynasty leagues but yeah the whole fastballs just turned into a rules debate. It's so silly happens. Animals what happens we also have here on the headlines that lock. It was an offer last last week he was to be making fair. He was sick he was sick guys. He did against the Vikings defensive backs but he got no appoints. Do you guys have any issue trust in lucky in the playoffs. You have any concern at all or are you just chopping it up. As he was sick they took the secondary targeted him minimum focus. And I'm not worried about it at all I. I don't I have trust issues within and having the flu or whatever it was that he had is. That's a real thing but I just I don't think that he's back from his leg issue. I think that's still bothering him. And so I. I'm just going to be a week late at this point on Penn Tower. Lock it back into my lineup. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I'm a little shocked. You said that Adam are you with him on that. I mean it's so funny to me that you're on the side of this because this reminds me so much David Johnson like. It's the same type of situation. The guy gets an injury guy. Misses time guy comes back. Guy Has absolutely no production. And you guys are flip-flopping roles like Ooh you know to me. It's the same situation and I feel the same way about David. Johnson there is something more going on now. Does that mean. He's going to be injured This week or was it the flu. I don't know I'm not close enough to a team. The no I'm not close enough to lock to no. I don't think probably even even other players on the team I know for sure. Would we're going to know is if it prolongs itself so yeah. I'd be concerned if I have of him definitely but I think at the same time. I'm not going to be surprised at all if he comes on. Just has the normal game and it was the flu last week. He's over the injury so I just think that there's there's too much unknown deal competent but at the same time like I still think he has potential for upside. What what percentage of like playoff rosters offers do you think lock? David Johnson are GONNA mess up one way or the other this week like really I think. Yeah I'm sorry admin interrupt but yeah I think people are Johnson as well okay so you don't think no one's worried about him so lock it. I mean do you think do you think there's a percent of people who are actually going to be affected in a the big way one way or the other or do you think majority people are just going to start on like what do you think. The consensus is A majority since I think the majority of people. We're going to play lock it because of how he's produced so far this season because of how reliable Russell Wilson is bad and it's a good match up so like there's a lot of factors that are going on. That direction was hilarious to me is. This is a guy who since week nine hasn't done anything so I mean we're all remembering his giant game game against Tampa Bay but there there hasn't been anything sense. It's so similar to David Johnson and I think with both these situations against there's either. There's something more going on when guys more injured than we're getting information on there still playing for whatever reason or this is just like some crazy sense so I don't know personally I think it's similar to Dj in the sense. That I think he's hurt so I don't think I'd feel confident. Starting him at all and that's fair. Agai that Hasn't really done much. Fantasy Kaelin Balaj had a leg injury. He's done I'm not GonNa talk about the guys replacing Youtube talk about since you guys care way more than I do So go go ahead and take the MIC fellas. Patrick layered very exciting. But I really feel like miles. Gaskin might quietly quietly have the best chance to completely completely consolidate workload if someone is going to because Patrick layered has been like completely completely where assault on the ground and I know that that you know catches targets are a lot more valuable but he has like no hope hope of of having that role he is very much limited to the pass catching role from what we've seen so lasts for me riddick. The ground like you could try ready. Give credit point five yards per carry his not bad different. If if he's going to get six seventy targets you know that maybe you have something but otherwise I think one of those guys can be overlooked a little bit here. Exact Center Season Boys Zach Jenner season. been telling you name he's GonNa get the touchdown I just. Yeah I mean honestly though. I'm pretty much Josh. It's Theo riddick I mean that's what we're looking at here more. It's the already doesn't even get targeted every game. So you can't be that confident in Take over I mean if anything. He's just going to be somebody who sees a good amount of targets has a high. PBR floor because of that. That that's the most you're hoping from for him on on his best day. He is James White on his worst day. So like for me if you're in the fantasy playoffs You cannot be too happy with that. But he. He does have the potential for high Florida's because of his targets. If you're one of those people who get wrapped up in the fantasy community on twitter your fantasy community on podcast you may be one of the people who are susceptible to start in this guy right. I mean there's a height machine it's very strong and there are the people who fall victim to this right. I mean I don't care what you guys say. People are GONNA fall victim to this hype that is being built up. I don't know if it's jokingly or for real or what it is but they're Argonne people who fall into that. I mean some people are just going to be susceptible to it and I'm not a fan of it so you trying to accuse lowered of being a false prophet office. Of course not I would never do such a thing. I don't even think he's Allie. He's the one. Context of a prophet is a bunch of I mean he went on the podcast of people who are so like a pretty gloves. It's always interested me. But he's like all the fancy stuff is like. Oh what's going on here and it's like as possible. How is it possible your plan and you can say something like that so I don't know it's weird to me you're gonNA start? Patrick Layer or Matt Brita. This week rarely back where he mazar right. Yes Rita doing this spring the zags honor. Trust me folks. You have to do something dangerous. He goes enter saw. Somebody that's also. Well someone has returned. This week is John. Ross has been activated from IRR. He's more worthy of start art than Patrick. It's just the facts is what actually matters a fantasy. In my opinion this does matter. I think it does the atom over those pesky dwellers aren't in the league's anymore but they still get the pig off waivers. You add John. Ross you ruin someone season nounce skin. You do add. Hi John. Ross if you don't have if he's on it so when you add them I think he's I think he's legit a factor. They went with me on this. Yeah I mean. I don't see how you can start him this week. But he's a nice speculative add because I mean when he was playing with Andy Dalton at the beginning of the year he had some explosive games. Now how do I think he's just going to automatically have that occur again by no means but if the potentials there and this late in the season I mean he's as the top player that you want to have on your bench. There's so much junk that you probably have on your bench if you're on. The fantasy playoffs stuck the players. That you know you're never gonNA don't feel confident play. I feel like John. Ross goes out and has a twenty point week this week. You feel pretty confident to play him if Andy Johns GonNa continue being quarterback so I think that there's definitely definitely a potential for upside and if you're if you're a consistent listener to the podcast you knew how good Andy Dalton is random. So that's important I mean. Did you guys see last week. He's got the job done I know and it's almost like on a podcast. Someone said Have Josh. I mean do you think Adam said that or he kind of backtracked goal is to take. He's been higher on Dalton than we have in some of the Franken's W is an enormous sign. We Nice about it. Speaking of quarterbacks Josh made sure we got this on the show Russell Wilson is not good on. miked up. Josh please your case on why this is the case. Is that no one. None of the other teammates paid paid him any mind like they just act like well. It's probably true that he's just doing this all the time like he's just constantly making making noise and they they don't even react to him like he's fine. What he's doing is totally fine but nobody seems to care he white white noise? He kinda sounded like a motivational speaker from the nineteen fifties of right man. Come on guys. Let's go a hundred percent yet. He he he. Is that guy though. I mean this is the same guy a couple years back at magic water. Like we forget about this level of Russell Wilson. But then he he gets. Mike's up again and people were like you had a little is a little weird is a little quirky. But he's also like He. He reminds me of those. I mean he's like that. That's sort of like personal development mindset of like you just you have to keep your mind completely positive the whole time and honestly it's getting a lot of flack but it makes me curious like being in an environment like that if that is helping that team Gel if that sort of mindset. That sort of positivity is is helping the team Gel and I think some of its editing because when I first saw like some of the clips online Elon and stuff. I thought that he didn't know his players names and be like you could cut three two three two two four two four two during good. The Guy you're the guy to four and it's just like this corny stuff where all he knows like the numbers but then you I've seen other clips now where he's calling Chris Carson. Chris were saying you know cajal penny after. He scored two touchdowns. Yeah I mean. He's a little corny. But I think that's who Russell Wilson is like. I mean I never think he was anything else. I mean it may be why we're shopping as good a football so that's not too hard. It's I mean it could be a a huge the Jews it could be. Where pens businessman positive reinforcement? Yeah I mean come on. It's not Reagan. Russell Wilson. Too Bad guys. He's a good football. I played great football player. He's got a beautiful why he's got happy families. Doing great man maybe talked about around the house like that to come on. Let's go let's go all right guys up he was. Ah guys this drive we started. Why not this drive right here? I'm like all right. Maybe yeah that'd be fun. Yeah I don't know. They sound like him up every week. Let's make it a thing. The jars have to deal with it every week. How do they choose that? By the way. Is there any reason why they choose who they make up like. Every quarterback Iraq is buying to release probably or something. Yeah Gotcha all right. The last thing I wanted to get to here because it may greatly affect my teams. I haven't heard any updates. Dates Davin Cook was hurt in his last game. My fantasy championships definitely depend on this guy. It's a big deal. If he's really hurt I duNno. has anyone heard any updates on the seriousness of the injury is he's it not very. Did you not practicing listens interesting. He okay so Galvin could came out after the game and this is post game press conference and essentially said that he could have returned to the game and sat out of precaution. Caution I was not aware fumes practice today so we should verify that he was limited so I say he didn't practice. Yeah but limited on a Monday to as well. I'm sorry not Monday but a day after a team plays kind of our. I'm sorry today's Wednesday Wednesday is another other day. We're players get limited a lot so I don't know update on listen. PROFOOTBALLTALK has an article up says Whatever it is cook says he'll be back in action on Sunday against the Lions I feel good? Cook said Wednesday via Vikings Dot Com. Actually better than I expected. I'll be out there Sunday. Ready to get it w so I feel much better now that we've gone now through this. The other guys I e worked through that with my favorite my friends around. Give me through this dark moment. I didn't want to have another David Johnson. Moment on my hands here so Because an amazing match up this week against Detroit too so yeah that's phenomenal is beautiful all right so Donald Cook every one big deep breath were okay all right. Let's move over a to trust issues. We're going to start with a running back. Who Adam was just talking about a moment ago Darwin Thompson and the trust issue? Who is Darwin Thompson leading the candidate Backfield touches in fourteen to trust that or do we have trust issues and says Adam felt pretty strongly about it? Let's let him start. Yeah I mean it's serious. Trust Issues I. I don't know we'll be second in touches like I think it's going to come in and he's probably GonNa get more touches than Thompson and if McCoy is healthy again he's definitely getting more touches so I think everything's moving in the wrong direction for him so I'd be. I'd be very surprised. I do not feel confident. Starting him in any fantasy format someone who bought a lot of human dynasty man. I sure hope it changes ranges course. Next year is aren't dollar bills on him and basketball and regards to touch this year. I don't know who's the Backfield I think he doesn't really matter too much because the Patriots don't feel good about any of these guys against Patriots so and to be honest. Patrick Mahomes hasn't been that amazing as of late so I'm really concerned with them against Patriots. Like all their players so I guess we'll see how that plays Josh. Do you feel good about him. Leaving the back there now now i. I'm pretty much just done with. Begins to do backfield at this point unless Spencer ware comes out and gets eighty percents touches. You know maybe then. Then he's the guy but tell me that I'm I'm I'm not starting to any of these guys. Yeah it's one of those crazy things in football could happen so we'll see the next one. James White a cancel. We spoke about who saved atoms. Best Ball career this year. James White is a playoff rb. One Trouser Trust Issues Josh. I you know it's hard for me to. I think that this is GonNa be sustained production but I'm glad that happened. I I'm going to be starting James. Why in a league this week? I think that he's going to be closer to his baseline of like fourteen points. But it's definitely encouraging aging that he got twenty five then didn't even score a touchdown. You know. Eleven targets eight receptions. Maybe maybe the exact all right game script just needs to hit for James White and may not do that again. I'm glad to see it happen. Yeah I feel like you could trust James White when the gains matter. Adam new agreement Freeman from like a football perspective. Sure but from like a fantasy perspective. I mean it's interesting like the wave. The the questions do you trust to be a top twelve back from here on out top twelve each week. You probably need team or I. I think James White's floor is just below that like what he did on. The season is so crazily consistent up until the last three weeks that like he was between eleven and thirteen points for the first eight weeks of the season and then a week nine heads sixteen points so like in week. Eleven nine points. It's all within like The smallest standard deviation possible for like any player and then he has zero in thirty seven. It's it's so ridiculous honestly to go from being consistent to just completely just disappearing in a game and dominating the next week so personally I think that yeah I mean. It should normalized formalized again based on everything we've seen and just from off perspective like he's GonNa keep getting targets and it's weird. They're not transitioning donate to running the ball because they haven't been able to have sustained leads and we haven't the other week now this week. They're playing at home which is great that they're playing against Kansas Kansas City. Who probably can keep up with them in a back to back game so I don't think it's going to be a situation where they're going to be able to run the clock down? Which means James James What's going to be on the field and James is going to be a target so like I think he's kind of one of those guys that you gotta approach on week to week basis throughout the playoffs but this week I'm starting? Yeah Yeah I would say. Even if you don't trust as of rb one in the playoffs you should just trust James White Mike to be who he is and I mean no one can put it better than Adam who said he is crazily easily consistent crazily consistent so no I'd scarf Shane's white t atom crazily consistent. Let's move onto drew lock and whether he holds a job until week one of the twenty twenty season trust or trust issues. I I trust personally second round. Pick second round pick by elway. He'll get his shot man. I mean he has decent weapons. They're gonNA you know I don't know. I just always such a such frustrating person but quarterbacks man I don't know I feel like I feel like I trust it if I had to choose. I trusted crested. I'm not crazy about it. I'm not crazy about him. Even I mean if you're like into QB dynasty the You definitely should have them if you if you don't don't like get rid of him or anything but yeah I mean I trust week one twenty twenty I do. Why shouldn't I- Josh? He does like Fitz John elway model of stand tall throw far. So there's that and they did win the game. Even though it was on a Brandon McManus kick. They won the game and if that keeps happening he he probably keeps the job. Even if it's not because I don't think he did anything special. You know you had a negative completion. Presented never expectation in his first game out but he managed manage to keep keep Portland's DIPLO I. I think I think he could do it. I don't trust it to happen. I wouldn't like trade for him as a player that will be worth the first in a year. Yeah I mean who am I to argue Cortlandt Sutton. He said he came in and he played with some confidence in some swag. It was awesome to see and put it together. What he put together he could be the future? He has the potential to be that guy for a long time here. I mean how can argue it as receiver receiver man. Yeah I think that's like the perfect statement about because he didn't say anything definitive this could happen. I mean his performance was great for rookie. Debut the question of whether or not he's going to be the starter next year coming into week one. I mean I don't I don't see Denver. Drafting somebody so real really. The question is is Denver. GonNa be in the free agent market trying to acquire quarterback and and I mean they are franchise that I could see go after somebody in free agency again but after just bringing flacco it makes me curious. I think there's real potential that a true lock is just the starter that they were out there. I mean the only issue is it doesn't really give them a failsafe if he fails 'cause I I don't see them. Drafting a quarterback early and see them or trying to acquire one at free agency but if they do that then he's not going to be the starter so I don't or not like him being the started just gives them no safety net so I think they probably bring up that if they bring innovate like Mariota than he's a backup drew lock for a week for one week of his not very confident fast. I Know Josh would love it I just I would. I would not mind MARIOTA IN DENVER. I was thinking case. Keenum Nice case keenum would turn that team undoing. Eight and eight team. That's right. John elway likes right there on the spot. Alright the next one where he mastered leads is the San Francisco Backfield in touches in week fourteen. I think he could do it I think he could do. This is out of all of these. This is the one that I would be like if I've got on my bench. I'm probably just fire him up because the upsides there and he he has he has played. Well is played well better than the other two if you look at you know his efficiency Z.. So I think it could be. I think Shanahan might be the guy to say. Okay fine. You're the guy I mean. The numbers disagree right. I mean as far as like every single week they've had like up and down different guy as a number one. Well yeah like as far as Opportunity share that's been very back and forth but as far as like just performance based as numbers are actually out out playing the other two and it wouldn't surprise me if Shanahan just rolled it would shock me Shanahan. Just with everything we've seen from Shannahan is anti roll with it and they are destroying the league that way. So I think they're going to continue to rotate backs. I think he'd have not rotating backs is always just based out of necessity and unfortunately they've had had a ton of health issues so they had to have games like this and ironically when almost anyone on that team gets a lot of touches they have a huge game fantasy so to me most of it comes completely down to is read. h-how limited. IS HE GONNA be if they have have him starting or I mean if they have him playing so you know he's actually going to be active and they don't talk about him being limited. I'm concerned for most search. Just because I don't know would that touch share is gonNA look like however if they're going to emit Brita in any capacity yeah I think you almost stood out there and feel confident so we kinda trust them. There's just depends on the situation. I guess Josh Dress them atoms. Kinda like depends Brita. Plays in is good to go or not and like I said just like just looking at you know this. Season's history it. Just you know to be confident. Any one of these backs is just I. I duNNo. It's a shaky at best. I feel like you never know which one you're going to get and I really I don't really want to put that on my playoff seem mm-hmm really want to worry about that. I don't know who who is somebody that you would start over him. A you would feel more confident you when you know like you who's close close but you would feel better in the playoffs. I think I would probably still star like in Austin Laura Room but I'm not sure it really does that is I think that's a choice. I actually have James White Star James Lineup but we would start him over any of the KC AC backs. Let's put it that way. Yeah so it's kind of one of those situations it's one of those things is. Yeah we'll see how that one plays out all right. It's earning Patrick layered. Yeah I would definitely say I'm over Patrick layered we're GonNa get this show. Burn to the ground these people here this not gonNA. It'd be happy with US her. How the last what we have here for trust issues rubber woods and robber would be in the rams most targeted Wi- receiver arrested season? This is another thing that I don't know this could go either way too. It seems like these guys get juggled around but you know the numbers of of late saying that we should trust. No I think it's the same thing as last one like the same situation as Moscow but just this is why receiver now. It does but I mean these last three weeks from Robert Woodson saying nine to eleven targets that nine targets targets than frigging nineteen targets last week like the there is using him in just in insane capacity. And it's so weird and I just wonder I wonder if Jared Goff just getting to the point where is uncomfortable. He's just locking in on Sunday. 'cause I mean that that's that seems like in Arizona the easiest passing matchup potentially in the League and he's given one guy nineteen. It's like it just seems like it's just log in so oh this week against Seattle. I don't see it being as friendly of the game scripts. I mean as far as if woods is going to get the most targets moving forward. I'd say I'd say probably I'd probably trust him to do that. Honestly but the quality of those targets is what would be kinda nervous about Because I think if you know if they're negative game script which the probably going to be Seattle. We've seen with Jared Goff unfortunately it can sly really negative and if he has one of those games Robert Woods is you know he's GonNa Crush your fantasy team. I must say this for Old Jared Garf- Dr They played Sierra leak. Five and zero hurries bird recovered rewarded for that game. So maybe maybe maybe he gets another. I feel like that's what it is. If you can pressure Jared Goff. He will part but I don't know that Seattle is GonNa they do that. He's Derek Carr like I honestly like seventy five percent quarterbacks in the NFL are are basically. I put a little pressure on them in the whole thing. Shit everybody's trash under pressure except for like five guys exactly. Oh Man. Those five guys are so good they really are. It's one of those things where you're a fan of any other team. Besides one of those guys teams. You're like mass sucks like US watching. Those guys are way better than our quarterback and we know it. Oh Man all right. That's it for trust issues. Let's move over to rankled Wrangham. Wrangham Wrangham rank them for the first category. We have not quite trustworthy running backs Wrangham. As if you've got to stardom for week fourteen somehow Rishaad penny is found his way onto this list as well as David Montgomery and Mile Sanders so he got shy. Penny in. There was some rookies heavy rank. Madam will don't think Reshad Penny should be included on this but in foregoing to he's last so let's just get out. I mean realistically like they're going to continue to split carries there. It's it's a situation where I mean. He's GonNa continue to work but it's going to be limited capacity and he's going to have better game scripts so like I mean there's definitely past past the successor and what he's done. The last two weeks cannot be ignored so so like to me honestly all through. These guys are super close by as much as I want to hate on penny like the situations great. He's on the best team of the three. So he's going to be in the most positive game script like there's a lot of factors that point positive direction for Him Mile Sanders. I mean. He's getting the most work that he's gotten in penny still producing them. So like I as much as I WANNA be confident model centers other incompetent mile sanders all year. He's not done anything so to feel confident in him. What he's finally being productive feels exciting? Xining but if you look at what. We're shy pennies done over the last two weeks with the potential of Jordan Howard coming back like I feel like I put penney ahead of Sanders and then you have the question of David. Montgomery I find myself wanting to put Rashad Penny at the top of this list and it it it almost hurts me. It really does too because you know Josh might have been right and they might continue to give him work and with all three of these guys seeing limited roles and really mile sanders getting work in the passing game which alike. But I feel like he's most likely to have his touches regrets this week. If Jordan Howard comes back did Montgomery's situation where I I don't think I can be confident him at all because unless the bears a really positive game script. He's pretty much useless. So I think for me it's Rashad any any and then miles. Sanders lended Montgomery Man. This is an interesting group because you know Yeah Mile Sanders Penny who are both really explosive and can make plays into nowhere. I mean Mal Sanders. Had I think one hundred yards last week overall. Yeah Rolling and then Montgomery had had a decent week like one of his better weeks and he's playing Average run defense. It's a cold cold weather game right so I mean I feel like which he could you kind of leaned on but for some reason I don't know Montgomery is like my last one here. I just I don't know why I put him last but I feel less confident and like a big play happening from him and so I would man you put sanders last. No I put Montgomery okay. Yeah I feel he penny and in Sanders could be switched on and off your whoever you know you just want to roll the dice on But man I kind of like the Eagles are at home against has the giants standard senators phrase. It's tough I mean for me really comes down to Jordan. Howard if Jordan Howard plays I feel like you gotta go penny if Jordan? I'm Howard is out again. I think I think I'd go. Sanders says well and exactly how I see it. If Howard is out sanders it becomes the number number one guy because he offers everything. I think a penny offers as far as like being active in the passing game being explosive but his workload safer is now the worst part is guys we're not gonNA know began. Sanders plays the night game. Oh yeah that's GonNa be that's annoying you take your shot Yemi unless they get in early announcement on Jordan Howard status. That said. It's GONNA be tough. I guess you know is important. Mentioned Jordan Howard has been cleared for contact yet He hasn't played since week nine. But like you said. They don't play until Monday night. So you know it's possibility. I guess you know it. I feel like you. You know it's one of those things either banking on our being out or not. You know whether you want to that risk. I guess but I think I would take the risk. I mean if he hasn't been cleared for contact it's going to be pretty evident. Didn't within a day or two and then we're recording this on Wednesday so if you listen to this on Friday you probably already know by now. Jordan Howard is going to be bland or not practicing. Addison he very well could be playing if he's still sitting out them. There's just no way. Sanders Penney Montgomery unless Howard plays and we flat penguins anders all right Hot In coli receivers rank him again as if you gotta start a week. Fourteen we have Amari Cooper Tyler Lockett who we do not sound very confident about earlier in the episode and Dj Charq an interest in aim in this group US We go this woman. I ah I I'm sitting. I'm GONNA sit Tyler Lockett until I see him do something because I think he's hurt. And we've said that already With with Mitsubishi back in charge Kennedy is very interesting. Amari Cooper had a big game so oh between the two of those. I Trust address tomorrow more than I do. Dj Charge I. Would I would play a play Amari. I bet plant Chicago. And that's not a great matchup Jacksonville as an has also has not a great match up against the chargers. I I'M GONNA GO Amari Shark. Lock it twice. Yeah I I agree with that order. I think it has to be that way unless Adam has a reason is a not too. But I just think Amari Cooper gets so much love in Dallas. We know he's GonNa get targets and charge. We don't know if he's GonNa get targets. It's one of those things where it could be targets could be eight. You know you never know what talks yet. So it's like or perceptions as So it was like you never know you. You Know Cooper is a pretty sure Sherbet as far as like he's GonNa get attention and the offense so I feel like Cooper for sure then shark than lock you because as of our concerns. I'd be curious. Adam has at any differently. I mean you guys should be right but D J truck. I mean Menchu's coming back like I feel like things are lining up for him in a good position and for me. There's there's always this weird feeling with players who who play on Thursday night. And I always err on the side of caution with them and I just I mean I think with Amari Cooper like I. I don't think anyone be shocked if he disappointed so for me. I I don't know I. I honestly think I put shark at the top if I had to make the starting decision between Kuperberg Burn. Dj Chart Like Kat. It'd be tough but I think I'd WanNa go DJ dark. I love it. I Hate Amari Cooper as a person as a human being I hate. AM says lead and silver glasses. Be Honest Right. Let's just be honest over here. That's what we do log dodgers so right so you charcoal room I love it. I hope you're right but you know what I'm giving this advice atom. I just got a pay cooper but and I hope you're right. I hope you're right. It's fucked up but I hope you're right all right The next one last one we have for Wrangham next season stud most likely to be next. Next season's Stud devante Parker Tyler Boyd. Aj Brown how do we put these in order. I'm jumping out here and I'm GonNa go with Parker First Baby devante Parker number one on this list. I know everyone is booming. Right now I know Adams is guys fucking crazy off his rocker. And a you WanNa Taylor Boyd. I know Josh wants a brown. I guarantee I'm right about that. I let's see I Parker Boyd Brown. Let's see what you guys guys got and this is why this questions fun right. I mean we got one guy one horse in the race I mean yeah. I think we're all gonna stick with our horses. I think Tyler Boyd is my favorite of this group. I mean I love all three of these guys next year I really do. I honestly think all three could be the lead wide receiver other team I think devante Parker breakout. Is Israel a main in that is crazy after five years and every year every year every single year people are touting him and fantasy and people were doing it this year here too. I mean I remember early. Best Ball drafts. That people talk about him. I think todd todd from P. A.. Talking about him and it was just like I felt felt like I was being in my head against the wall. I don't understand how people keep going after him year after year. He's finally done it. And my only concern for him for next year is no Ryan Fitzpatrick. And I think that. That's a real concern. Because Ryan Fitzpatrick does crazy things too wide receivers and he has them produced in ways that they don't produce otherwise so unless Miami figures out the quarterback position which. I'm not confident. I don't think I can put him at the top of this list and AJ Brown. I'm in with him. Growing and with Prion Tanna hill looking like just so confident I honestly I. I think we might see a brown start to blossom here in this playoff. Run Ron and I don't know I mean I think that next year him and Parker are going to be really close for me I think I'd probably still stick with Parker. Just because he's he's he's been. No actually no. You know what I'm Gonna I'm GONNA go aging. Yeah I know I. It's one of those things where like there's too much for Parker that just makes it seem potentially fluky and Related Ryan Fitzpatrick like I love for me wrong because it's a cool story but a AJ Brown. I just feel more confident with this sort of performance as a rookie. In what I think better franchise at our scheme and with a quarterback who to me seems like somebody. I feel competent and next year whereas with Miami ed I just don't see any confidence. And it's so funny. Is that quarterback. You're talking about was Devante Parker quarterback quarterback for years. And it's crazy right. It's crazy this works and I I even had in exile. I had Parker and Albert Wilson our Robert Wilson. He kept Parker. So I feel about that because I will. Wilson has another in. Parker is gone off as a haven. There were so many people on Albert will shoots Zip and that's why I moved him because nobody wants Parker. I still believe a little bit sound. Like I'll move Wilson and keep order like whatever I'll key one of the two and hopefully not I I even I'm going to cement this even more because devante parker breakout has been directly linked to pressing Williams getting injured like he was doing stuff before then but not anything like the breakout that he's had sense. And I think that man it very well could be related Ryan Fitzpatrick Slash Preston and Williams and and just you know consolidation or other. They're going to be a dynamic. Duo Miami with Marcus Mariota throwing some next year after Ryan Tannehill China. Who took his team? He's going back to his teammates. Kill it I basically put Marietta on every team at this point. It's like as as if he's only quarterback against this. I got like as someone who is still holding on to much Marietta. uh-huh Josh you put. Aj Brown here on your list. As I thought yeah yeah number one. I think the upside is there. I mean as a rookie. He is number twelve in the league. In annecy points ever expectation per day. I mean that's that's fantastic. That's exactly what you WANNA see. And then I would put tyler boyd sack because I think that is very good wide receiver but I think that we learned something about in the season. I think he is not a number. One is a is a audience number two and you know maybe he can keep this gallon. Maybe John Roskam back onto the field. Helps Tyler Boyd. A little bit but I just feel like we learn something about his ceiling this year. Sure and I afraid the devante Parker has many good seasons as Jimmy world add albums deigned. Monday Parker. They still don't believe in you bro. You shocked the world and it's still don't believe in your man and they still don't WanNa believe in you crazy Wendy Ryan Tannehill. Takeover tightened what we no like ten. I'M GONNA guess I'm kind of curious now because I'm looking at. Aj browns game log. I'm just curious where ten ehealth started there. Yeah I'm sure that it has something to do with that. He started which guards game which which game earlier than I he had twenty nine attempts in week seven sixteen in week six probably like took the reins in weeks week six. They named him the starter the next week so the chargers would have been there his first full game probably from that point forward. Ad Brown had six receptions for sixty four yards no touchdowns Two receptions for eleven yards and a touchdown four receptions for eighty one yards no touchdown one reception seventeen seventeen yards no touchdowns four for one thirty five and a touchdown and then three for forty five yards and no touchdowns so if McConnell like up and down but uh-huh Mariota was there. He had one hundred yard game. He had a two touchdown game. So I mean he can't flash guys. That's a good thing right. I mean it's not quarterback depending on I yes at least. I don't expect to consistency for a rookie. Artsy anything. Yeah yeah all right. That's fair like we all stuck talk to our guys. Now whole season couldn't change. His whole season couldn't change his all right cool. Let's move over two lakhs of the week last week. Josh One. Unfortunately with WHO Josh Rishaad right name this is one of those moments that not happy about it but you pulled it Offman and because you want is this. You're GONNA row now. Adam had signed candidate. Damn no one's had back to back weeks yet. I I know what Neil has done in back to back to back back to back to back to back weeks pick guy one week early and once again again pick somebody who scored less than five fantasy points. You know what this the week you might week early stops. 'cause They Jones ain't doing shit next week this week. I'm all out on the raiders. If anyone has been aware yet. Unless you're Josh Jacobs go fuck yourself Oh and Darren. Waller's will otherwise Hawaii funky raiders for another season for me My Flex Lot. Well let's go. Justice looks like in the week since he won. So did you just get the honor of stealing stealing our guy I all right. I like that I like that. I'm going with Zach Pascal. So the colts are out of players era. Gabriel you've heard everyone heard otherwise. Eric Brown t y Hilton Devon Fudges. You know all of their guys and in in their wake that Pascal Tin Tin targets last week it ever roughly for that with only one but seven six six targets. We know it has ceiling. He has these blow up Games next week. If I'm not mistaken there blanda bucks and that'll work work so jack. Pascal lucky meant as an underdog in a playoff matchup. Your six seed in. You've got Zack. Pascal MOCCA men Adam GonNa give you the honor stealing guy in case you have them so go ahead I doubt it must sheer piggyback Beckenham. My favorite team for one set A. You're you're good old raiders but Yeah I'm I'm going with little home cooking here and I really like what Anthony Militia doing lately for the bears in. He's someone who you know. After being injured last year I just I I I really felt like if he could put it all together. The heat yet potential to be something special and over the last three weeks I mean they've been targeted heavily heavily. Eleven targets nine targets thirteen targets in last week. I mean it was on Thanksgiving. Everybody's watching and he just had a gigantic performance and I honestly think that they're going to continue to target him heavily and with them playing on Thursday night. There's definitely risk involved because you never know. Hud teams are GONNA show up on Thursday is trubisky and I don't know how trubisky's ever GonNa show up especially in a tough match-up against Dallas but all that being said like I just think that the targets are there the volumes there he. He's a fantastic player. So I'm interested to see what he's able to deal. And Yeah I feel confident. In this week array array all right. I Know Josh likes him too. So Josh secretly rooting for you as well. Yes and actually in a pickle guy that Josh likes also so and we just got done talking about my flex log Luik is AJ round. He's really matters. You wait with Jay Brown. He's he's playing the raiders. And if I didn't say it yet. Fuck the raiders. He's playing the raiders. He's GonNa Crush fairweather fan. America's very frustrated. I know it's okay dude. We all do. This is going to happen except for you. There are cars like oh two weeks ago we were one of the stories in the League now. Two weeks later we suck. We'll be right AM I. Yeah sure okay yeah. I'm sure we will so yeah. Aj Brown is in town. And and I feel like they're playing this story. The League sorry didn't want to steal your thunder. Go Tennessee so yeah. Aj Brown. I think is do well against the raiders. I I see no reason why he shouldn't do. Well there's nobody there to stop him He has all the tools and we talked about it even with the up and down weeks even with you know targets being low sometimes or receptions however you WanNa look at it. I still think he'll have a good week. Does Not GonNa take a lot to have a good week on. The raiders are susceptible to the big plays. And I just think I think he's is GonNa do well man so. Ag Brown pick so a brown Pasco Miller Pretty Good Group there. I'm excited I think I actually have a chance to actually my first week with a chance. Maybe I might have another. DFS week where play. All three of our picks do silence edit big Did terrible because nails pick up to know wasn't either deals pick stinking inquiry Davis indeedy. Wessberg got me like zero points. I'll funds though y'all played in defense and a quarterly I gotcha Gotcha. That's that's where trash. That's where I trust your please all right so I feel good about it. Let's go let's move over to fowler no foul. CNN recently ranked ranked cookies for National Cookie Day. So oreos are the best cookies you could buy in a grocery store foul or no foul. I'll in a grocery store has to be. That guys can understand things but like the Saab did the chocolate chip soft ones chips of leg in the red package. Yup legit might be a hot sake but I think all store bought cookies bad. That's definitely a bad. I take hot it is yeah I I honestly I was just trying to find out. I'm I'm about to Google. I'm going to start looking at packages and I'll find something I I would actually eat but Yeah now if it's not homemade Almost no interest. I also like those cookies girl Scout. Once Kinda goes to those count store Bruce we could not not not the girl scout ones but they say other brands so those okay okay. Yeah that that I'd say it's it's legit like I. I've had off brand thin mints before the. Yeah they're pretty good and josh the chew ones they got some of their flavor retaliates. Moore's and stuff man you got some good ones know some good ones. You gotta give them shot but orioles right up there Oreo said like it on CNN. The like it was hands down like are you surprised to see this here you know people like to Duncan with milk and lick off the frosting. And isn't that but orioles are in bad. I mean yeah. They're good. I can only get eight three four or front of me. I'm looking at all these cookies. And none of them seem appetizing. But I do WanNa drop have either. Have you guys had around a brutal. I haven't Check it out. It's in the same aisle. It's essentially. They're like Brownie crisps and and They have one. That's salted caramel. And I think it's the most amazing thing that's more my jam as far as Cookies go. I'm looking at a ton of brands ear and and I am not interested in any of that. So yeah hot take I took you as a Nilo Wafer Guy. I don't I honestly don't know if I've ever had don't do. It doesn't sound like baby teeth having grown in. I'll eat those two men I know you. Yeah of course you would. What won't Josh Eat? Honestly besides meet healthy good style you know what shoutout famous Amos cookies. I you see those when I was younger and they remind me of being a kid. So I'll if I if I had to buy something I think that was the store bought cookie. That would probably stalled you there for you. I respect it all right. This week will be. Eli Manning's last football start start ever in the NFL Fowler. No foul no file. I think that could that could happen. Pretty easily yeah. Yeah I'M GONNA go with while you guys yeah. I think he probably retires after this year. Do you really think goes anywhere else now. I mean I don't think he wants to. I mean maybe he does. Maybe maybe he doesn't like how it ended and he wants to you know who's giving him a shot dot. Let's be honest. I put Marietta on every single team so far so either has no spot in the league but I mean how. Do you think Slayton GonNa do Mary Whitman in this week. Is that a good or a bad thing. I I'm I'm guessing at this point Manning's career he probably also doesn't work cheap so that's probably gonNA limit who is interested in master. All Right Saraj tried to give you a last Hurrah but these guys WANNA give. They don't even like to Parker anymore. So what do you expect you. I'm sorry alright vis got started by a user on twitter named at. I WANNA say Yana Burt why a in a RT pronounce it but Asking it here. They they said or she said you should acts for consent via text prior to Sharon unpleasant news with your friends fowler no foul. It's so interesting I read this and my immediate reaction was Oh. That's a really nice thaw and then I thought about getting that taxed it would freak freak me the fuck out hell. Yeah like I think if you have a rapport with a friend where you already have like this. This idea of you know consent built in you have like a very. I don't know like personal development. Ask relationship with someone where you both like whole each other accountable and stuff if you have one of those relationships and this doesn't seem weird maybe but I think for your average friendship your average relationship. All all this is going to do is inducing anxiety and if you have to tell someone something like we live in a culture now where everyone is like so afraid of upsetting or triggering someone else but like life is triggering. Everything out there is triggering existence is triggering like we can't protect ourselves from the reality that is life and I think sometimes if you have something hard to tell someone it's a lot easier to like alike. Trion not tell them any way possible. I don't necessarily think that was the intent behind that at all But for me personally I think yeah I'd rather have someone told me and I'll just deal with the repercussions of the news. Yeah I kind of feel like if anyone I mean most guys can relate to get in that text from a girlfriend or wife that says we need to talk. And that's it that's all it says you're like Oh shit what the fuck is about to go down and it's kind of like one of those like if you got. Hey can I have your consent to talk about something like what the fuck it about to happen here. Maybe I don't WanNa give you my concern now. You're scaring me. Yeah me it's one of those kinds of things. So that is kind of weird man. Josh what is your fatherly husband. Feel on this one. I feel like nobody ever asks me if I want consent it just hit new. It'd don't scare me I. It is scary. There is something about that. Fear that that that fair warning fears real. Oh man well because nothing's worse than the unknown so like that's the worst thing you can say no like if so unfiltered they have something unpleasant that you feel you're obligated to say yeah otherwise you're the guy and shut down. That only works in a relationship. We've already built up that rapport yet yet. Hurston knows like Oh okay. That's just means I tell them in a little bit. We're like the let me know when to tell them but like the average person just hasn't built that report so that would seem very odd. Yeah Nygren all right Not a Fowler Alba. Just questions for you guys. Anyone seeing the Irishman yet. Why why would anyone waste their time? I don't understand this. That's why I WANNA get into it. Josh have you seen it. I saw it on the Netflix Menu. I probably will watch it soon. Okay well I will say this from my perspective. I'm not going to spoil anything. It's not a great movie in my opinion and I have to. I say that because I feel like everyone is trumpeted up as a great movie So it's not a great movie. The stories cool on my enjoy the story. Obviously the actors are all actors and stuff. I like a little too long for it to be a slow as it is in my opinion and I'm not and I couldn't get what I the there's like. CGI in in it to make all these old actors young at certain moments in the movie. I can't deal with it like let's say there's a scene where Deniro is he's fighting a guy and he looks like eighty year old Deniro fighting a guy makes but he's not supposed to be eighty year old Deniro Neuro- fighting a guy. It looks ridiculous. It looks absolutely ridiculous and I'm like how did this get. How like this is bad as starbucks? Cup Game of thrones like it shouldn't can happen like someone had to have seen this before like why this does not look right so Yes some things kind of bothered me but the story itself was cooled in. Obviously I've read up. I would do this thing where I after I watched it. I read when and if it's a movie at about a story at sort of real I try to see what's real about it and some of it sounds like it's a lot of fake stuff for not real or not confirmed I guess you would say But Yeah it's a good movie a good story great actors which is the CI Thursday off. And I feel like it's a little too slow pace. I just feel like the you know the director. You know this big time direct. Everyone loves his movies. All the actors are great so like everyone's like giving him more credit than it deserves. But that's just in my opinion. I'm curious when when Josh at either wanted to watch it. What you're taking so definitely let us know when you come back if you ever see if you ever finish watching it? I'm just curious that's all I'll let you know. Also I had a popeye's chicken sandwich guys and it was great just for the record if since we're talking about trendy things right now but I will say I'm not a fan of thick me pause. Not other thing me so what I did was actually. I'm so weird I feel like I'm definitely a weird dude dude but I actually sliced a chicken sandwich in half like not made a sandwich half a sandwich I literally cut it the other way. Like what would you call that. uh-huh than the base. Yeah I slice it open by butterfly and then put it still put on the sandwich but like not on top of each other. Nothing so as I still flat all way across and it was good it was good not gonna live and I couldn't really idea because that's my biggest problem with like the chick-fil-a sandwich me at to have the Papa Sandwich. But they're basically the same sandwich but I've heard from a lot of people that the Popeye's ones better so I'll I'll get around to it. I thought it was better. My wife didn't care for it as much ally butterflied at managed changed the game for it. So you got to do that. You definitely gotta go that route. All right Show Intel. Oh did he didn't want to bring anything to the class today. To show Intel for the group. I just saw this and this is the most mess up. Bang that I've seen all day and that is the wide receiver who was catching passes from Colin Kaepernick gotTA NFL job. As seen the headline. I didn't click on at At the hands of watching the troll issue here how evil Adams Laugh. It's so evil it it is. I mean my laugh was evil because what they're doing is evil. It's just oh my God. I didn't know that was happening. Thank God but he is on Washington's team now s crazy. Do you know his name. No of course Visi okay well sheltered Jordan visa and I Dunno you think he called Cabernet governing before he took the job with a gay man says cooler I I would imagine. They talked probably end. I read also imagined that Colin Colin Kaepernick is not in the NFL partially because of his own terms and conditions. So I don't think it's so horrible. Yeah that's fair shows hopefully as a hopefully has some success. Talk you say Adam Guy Anyway you know. The only thing thing was thinking about was a over the weekend I had tweeted something out after a string of conversations happened on twitter regarding like music again like music timeframes and I tweeted out if you could remove or if you had to remove one of the following decades and never listen to that music Agai- which decade would you pick of the sixties seventies eighties nineties and and it was wild. How even the responses were and then for at the end of it the sixties is to be the one that was voted on the most people would get rid of it? It just seem flabbergasted at me like I honestly thought going into it when I posted that at the sixties would be the one with the least because I think a lot of people like define music starting like the music we listen to today started in the sixties sixties it started with people like Jimi Hendrix revolutionizing what is rock and roll. And you know there was so many things that were birthed out of the sixties that it seems seems so weird. I don't know I mean to me like personally I I would throw with eighties in a heartbeat like when I posted that that was for me. Just such an obvious answer but it's been so fascinating to see like everyone's different takes on what they would get rid of why I Dunno like it's weird. The music the people sincere and leading ticket attached to and also the old people hot takes in the comments with like like other rid of the music today. You probably hear that more than anything react. When I first saw that I thought was just because it's the furthest just away and I felt like they're practically on a new ways that then the more I thought about like the actual music from that era in the eighties slurs allowance quality? All I thought about was keep the ninety s in English nothing else. That's what from you in. The nineties jumped doubt to be like. Yeah that that I need to keep all like all of us. All that had a standout was total. Request live trl. That's wrong. Aw Man Alright Transition Mad as a kid. I used to every single day when I got home from school watched two it was so good. Ed Carson data shot out the Carson Daley man shot out lose social part of our child for. Oh Yeah. Did you come away with any reason why you picked the most. As far as the least wanted was just because he was the oldest like that what you think honestly I mean the pull four hundred and fifty votes so like my first thought when I saw it was all right will maybe just the majority of people that are voting are younger and the younger you are the more connected you are to more recent music but like take. I don't know it just. It still seems so odd to me. Like when I was growing up the sixties were thought of is like the the golden birth. Yeah so for that like to not be the case in just twenty years years later like it seems so weird seems so weird. But I don't know I mean that that's the only thing that makes sense to me to meet like it's just such a good question. It's so interesting because I felt like it had such an obvious answer and not only was that not the most popular answer but literally seventy five percent of people said something outs so like. I don't know it's it's interesting. I think like different genres to really play into that. Like if you really a huge fan of hip hop op like the nineteen nineties. Probably all you really care about maybe the eighties but like part of that. You're GONNA have like you know deep influences but nothing. That sounds like any music today so I get it from that perspective But Yeah I don't know definitely didn't expect the results. The happened the nineties definitely that like right age. You know where the nineties music will is. Probably the most important to me can like Michael Jordan will. Who is the best basketball player ever? But I also think it's the the decade where you get so many different genres of of music had really good music. That's yeah and a lot of people in the comments. Were like talking about music today. Being awful and I think it's so silly because I feel like that's such a It's like an old person mentality because when you think of the music today if you think awful it's because you're only consuming coming awful music because you're probably just mostly listening to whatever they're playing on the radio and it's like music now changed because the Internet to be this all Expansive thing and like there's more music now than ever before probably because there's more access and they're more people who are able to create so to say that music today is awful is hilarious because it just means that you're not trying to find music that you like or you're just so stuck in your ways that like you're just automatically assuming before you even try to listen to things that it's going to be bad because there's so much music out there too like even have a perspective tip good or bad on the music today. Seems crazy and it's so much easier to listen to like all these streaming services in other ways to just listen to do whatever you want you know you used to have to either deal with the radio or go buy a CD or record the tape on your radio like Recording Korea. Do you gotta hit that. Like reported play at the same kind of maneuver. That was good stuff I remember that and then when CD's became popular you would know the day they dropped. You'll be at the mall or a CD store. Every single time that week to buy new album I used to have like a book. I used to be a pride factor. You have a book full of CDs leave the city books. I got man you get in your car which will pick me. I look at all these CDs. I got Bro or burning all head and burden CDs. gave a hit. These are are selling them. Things want my mix might make the best Yeah Man Music has really evolved man. What a change? That was just all playlists playlist Silas and it's funny too because You know it happened so quick My younger siblings are three and a half in six years younger than me. Both of them have like no affinity for albums and I am such an album kid. It's very interesting. The difference like I feel like no one one. WHO's you know? Twenty five or younger cares about albums. Basically I mean obviously there are some exceptions but the majority of people they just got raised in this culture like on demand listening. I'M GONNA listen to that one song that I know that I like that. They don't listen to an entire body of work when like that's to me. The the most interesting thing about an artist is when I can put on an album and not have to skip us all right. I can listen to an album it. I like every single song. You're doing something really well. Yeah Yeah and the music industry has changed because of the because of the damn streaming Now now artists artists put out like forty songs at a time just because I was trying to get their stream numbers up say figuring album forty songs and there's all GonNa get played like crazy gang gang gang of money like that. The industry is finally evened out leveled out Kinda like so streaming. It actually pay an awful lot for now. So yeah they're trying to find ways to Kinda you know make it work for them. The best they can so even just the way we consume. You change like you said maybe albums are less important. Now is all about singles. I mean so. Yeah it's it's a different just different game and but still good good stuff man My show Intel Intel not gonNA WANNA get dark here anything but it's actually the passing of former Raider and browns running back George Akerson third Son of former writer George Akerson. His mother dealt with paranoid schizophrenia and drug use pass in October of eighteen. From Crohn's disease. His twin brother committed suicide on Christmas of that ear and now less than a year later he's also taking his own life apparently so Hill he wrote an open letter in October published by the unsealed discussing like all the trauma the the tough times I was two year old daughters. Help him carry on even though his mother just passed away and his brother twin brother killed himself As all this kind of you know remind people bowl that you know you never know checking on your family. Your friends just makes everyone is good. Do Your best uplift people around you and if you do feel like you're one of those places just remember Renar loan. We all struggle your loved greatly. And if you ever need it don't hesitate to reach out to somebody or call the suicide prevention lifeline. At one eight hundred two seven three eight five pretty shitty news if you guys seen it or not kind of seemed like he got overlooked a little bit but Definitely interesting the unsealed DOT COM. And Rita's his his. His is open letter that he wrote when his brother passed and his mother. Pasqua this kind of inciteful To see where he was at mentally at that point Yeah sort of tragic but I just wanted to kind of put out there who think it's an important message and are you guys feel strongly about that as well so I wanted to share that. That's how I really half of the show I just didn't want it to get overlooked at all So let's go ahead and close this out. Gaz wanted to be silence. Okay you guys can talk. You said it is a graphic import. He's a fake is important if they kinda got overloaded people talking about it so I just wanted to kind of bring light to it. 'cause definitely sucks All right the closest batboy out Adam. You did mention your twitter earlier. What's your last week? Buddy it wouldn't be it. Wouldn't what happened to be one where you tried to slander me what it could be. We're talking about like back and forth tweets suture. Last week was my last. Tweet was example. A that was emmy was odd represented you but my last actual tweet out is around on same topic which was a reaction so jeff raff cliff on twitter just yesterday tweeted out something that just set twitter on fire with crazy hot takes He tweeted if you don't make the playoffs. Don't be a Dick Pic. Players off of waivers or season is over. But but there's still plenty of death fastened sports betting left and that's even true for consolation brackets teams. Who Don't have a shot at the title? Shouldn't impact teams. Who Do and my tweets was the comments to this simple reminder that most people miss the playoffs losing players and just WANNA watch the World Burn Emil's included in that I will I mean there. There are certain topics that I don't care so much about but I do want to try to go back and forth Amazon on instant on twitter so I do the same thing to Josh. It's pretty fun. 'CAUSE I did follow up your comments to these are simple reminders. I also follow that up with common site. These are simple reminders. That at some fancy players who make the playoffs think they are privileged and expect a soft playoff Ron. And that's Adam see guys. This is the the hot fire that you're missing missing. If you're not falling fucking argue it as stir these guys up a little more Jackson even jumping because he was scared probably promote in some article. That just came out all right Josh. Yeah that's definitely what I was doing. And what article do we have this. We Josh I've got my waiver. Artie Goldman old. Mike is on the Front Sacchi lying. He likes them so much. You wanted to talk about him last week and this week and the same question. He's breaking out man. Go get you some breaking out. Hope you're right man. I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick. It's Patrick is a magician and everyone around him becomes better but wants to believe that when Ryan Fitzpatrick. Isn't there next year that it is doom and gloom for these guys. I mean I'm concerned especially oppressive Williams going back to me. He's still the best on that team. Doc Barker baby all right well you can follow Adam at the other F F guy just how it sows you could follow Josh at JC Crocker. Just like it sounds. You can follow me. Clock dodgers just like a sounds of course if we provide any value to you or entertainment or even if you're just kind of white annoying for people to kind of pass a timer fall asleep. We appreciate that still so subscribe to the podcast APP. If you're feeling extra given this holiday season and slot on over gay. It was a five-star reviews. Shares would a friend do something we appreciate it. Do you guys have your Christmas trees yet. By the way I do Adam got a little tiny one like one of those sixers. No no Christmas. Do the sweet ones I fight twenty bucks you know. I don't know how big the Josh you know as I say. And now they got the real ones to man twenty bucks. I wanted him. I tried to tell me that was a stupid suggestion. I told my kids we can either get a Christmas tree like a regular size Christmas mistry or you both can get small Christmas trees and decorated. However you on I think that's kind of cool idea? Score they fucking pass it on it. We decorate the tree now. Now I don't know where you're playing mine exactly. I thought it was like you know having your own. Pumpkin you decorate decorate pumpkins or something like that like Kinda cool you know. That's actually a really neat idea. But that's kids for you man just there to ruin all your good ideas. Of course they were like well we we can get the big one. Angela Lake Nona. Now you're choosing one or the other. That's why we're playing this game and I Kinda WanNa give my own Christmas Small one just to Kinda show me this. Would you missed out on which you missed out on buddies. So yeah that's it so you guys need to get your shit up. You said I'm Josh. You said You'd get yours up. Yeah okay fantastic. She put it up good job. Then you better start chipping in over there man. You can't teach Lafayette Man. I got lights this weekend. Good stuff up all right guys. Well that's for today as always be kind. Be Great. Keep that John.

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