Lindsay Jones & Katherine Terrell talk AFC


The Bill Barnwell show is presented by ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Barnwell show. Bill Barnwell ESPN. We are here on Thursday, November fifteenth two thousand eighteen a little later, we're going to talk with Catherine trail about the AFC north including the chances of Marvin Lewis, and John harbach keeping their jobs in Cincinnati and Baltimore respectively, but first we're gonna talk some AFC west and joining us do that as frequent contributor to the show. It is the athletes Lindsay Jones Lindsay. How are you? I'm good. How are you doing bell? I am good. I am very intrigued by the game. It is coming up on Monday night. And granted not just saying that because an ESPN employees and this is a good game on Monday night football, which you might say has not always been the case this season. You may have had a pretty mediocre game last week. But this week things are a lot better chiefs. And Rams it was supposed to be in Mexico City. It is going to be instead in Los Angeles, California. Which is why Lindsey you find yourself in Colorado this week your hometown or your home, I should say with the Rams. Yes, I'm done Colorado Springs. The the Rams came out here on Monday thinking that they would spend a week training altitude and then fly to Mexico City, which is at about eight thousand feet elevation and the air force academy here in Colorado Springs is about seventy five hundred feet, so even higher elevation than Denver is actually. But instead they thought their game was moving back to Los Angeles. But the Rams decided to stay here. They're just in there still so much upheaval back in may. And specifically the part of Los Angeles where the Rams train up in Thousand Oaks where they still have people from the organization or still displaced from their homes a lot they had already mid range mints players families to come out here in Colorado. So they're just bending the entire week here at in Colorado Springs practicing at the air force academy. And then they're going to go back to LA for what hopefully could be the game of the year. Very very, very excited should be awesome. I mean, the first time in footballs and back in LA since like nineteen eighty five. So yeah, the should be really fun. I mean, it's a weird going. Like the week long vacation that you were expecting or not expecting at the same time for the Rams. But I mean, this is a team that will get to the chiefs element of this in a second. But a team that you know, certainly, of course with the Cooper Cup injury is dealing with some adversity some changes on the offense of side of the football. Do you think they're going to be able to sort of weather that you think it's going to be a situation where maybe we're we're not appreciating how much coober Cup really adds to the Rams offense. Yeah. I mean, I think one of the important things about Hooper. It's not just that he's a very good receiver on third down. And I think it's just the the relationship has Jared Goff that they've built together over the last couple years. I mean almost immediately started twenty seventeen I mean Cooper became Jared Goff guy. I mean, he was that security blanket printing, they're very close friends away from the field. So he's just that guy that you know, when everything else if everything else breaks down, and that doesn't happen that often Sean McVay offense. But he was just the guy that. Gough is just so comfortable with. But I think the good news. If you're the Rams and the situation, and there's there's no good news losing Cooper cop, obviously. But this is the first time that they'll have to play without him this year. They lost him for a few weeks after he suffered the injury back in early October. So they they know what their offense will look like without him. So it's not like they're going into the game of the year. All of a sudden, you know, removing most important piece for the first time. So and I think you know, I said most important piece I think the most important pieces Todd Gurley. No, I think they have a lot of mechanisms to make up for the loss of Cooper Cup. But you know, I don't I don't want to minimize it. But I think if there's any team that is set up to lose your favorite favorite wide receiver. There's probably a team like the Rams who has Brandin cooks who has you know, cause some emerging tight ends. I think we might see them do more to tight ends now. And then obviously of tug early who is going to be able to catch a lot of passes could be you know, really good weapon in the passing game as well. And a lot of other offenses are not equipped the way the Rams are to. Up for that sort of loss. You know, I'm happy you brought that up Lindsey 'cause I was going to ask you about Todd Gurley in about this Rams game plan against the chiefs. Now, we know when teams are playing the Rams typically or they're playing the chiefs the most logical game plan, and we saw this with the Seahawks last week against the Rams was you wanna run the football. You want to chew much clock as possible wanna keep your defense and your pass rush fresh and wanna keep a possibly dominant passing attack on the sidelines. So that would be a logical thing for either of these teams to do in this game where the total in Vegas is sixty three and a half points, which I believe is the. Largest total in at least modern recorded history. There might be a line in the past that was higher, but I have not seen any line that was higher than that that anyone has any evidence of. So let's say sixty three and a half is the highest total in recent football history. Do you think either of these teams are going to change their strategy and triumph play more conservatively in trying on the ball more to try and keep the other teams offense on the sidelines? And if you do which of these two teams, do you think it's more likely to sort of go after that strategy? Yeah. Well, Fisher thing because we talk about how both of these teams are passing game. It's a quarterback. But the a of both of these teams really good running teams and. A lot of times they are they can be very much built around their running backs and cream hunt. Let the NFL rushing last year and the games when sometimes the chiefs are at their best. It's the game. So they can keep feeding Kareem hunt, and he can have those wild games. And what's so fun? I think about this matchup is that both teams can beat you so twice. They can beat running the ball. They can beat you with your running game gets eliminated and they have to pass. So you know, I think both teams are going to be very committed to running the ball. I mean, it's just so much critical piece of their identities. And these are the best pass catching running backs in the in the league as well. So I think it's it's gonna I think both teams are going to want to run the ball. Really? Well, and I think the the other interesting thing neither of these defenses are particularly good at renting the run. So. You know, both teams could be effective at doing it. And what's so crazy when you watch how teams try to defend the rounds or tied to defend the chiefs, isn't it? Do you wanna try to? I remember watching the Broncos against the Rams a couple of weeks ago month and. The Broncos defense played about the best anybody has played against the Rams, and they did so saying we're gonna shut down the passing game. And we're gonna make Todd Gurley beat us. Well, that's not a not a great gamble. I mean, it's not like you're asking, you know, Chris ivory, you know, very average mediocre running back. I'm sorry. Because I really, but I don't know why just picked him out. But look this girly. I mean, this is a guy who is legitimately an MVP candidate to beat you. And I think the the Rams offense or the Rams defense if they say, okay, we're gonna try to really, you know, focus on stopping stopping tyreek hill and Travis Kelsey. And we'll dare rain hunts at us. Well, that's not really a great proposition either. Absolutely. And I mean, it's it's really fascinating to me because I think you know, you'll get that total sixty three and a half points. I'm inclined to say it's going to go under just because it's such a huge total because it would make sense for both. These teams of trion slow down the game or trained. Slid on the game, but like the sort on the plays and not play aggressively, and and sort of use the the running game they have to give you the team's offense off the field. But like the same time and also like they could score twenty eight points in in a matter of three or four minutes. What's interesting to me? Is that for the season? We were looking at the chiefs. I think we would have said, hey, this defense is not going to be very good bye told you that Barry was not going to be playing come. We ten headed play the snap all year because of heel injury. You'd be like, oh that she's defense is going to be a mess. We kind of figured the Rams defense was going to be good this defense that last year. It was good. It was I think in the top six if I'm not mistaken on the field up now in Devia way. At by the end of the year, there were sixty s in DVD way this year, and that's category. They are twentieth. In DVD. This defense has not been very effective. And so, of course, you covered Wade Phillips for your around we pump certainly in the Denver days. And I'm are you, sir? Surprised that he hasn't figured out how to make this defense work, or is it just a thing where because they made so many changes, you kind of have to hope it just you know, coalesce incomes together during the second half of the season. Yeah. Anything part of it is personnel. I think they miss a key. But to leave a lot. I mean, we I think the markets peers edition got a lot more headlines back when it happened in the in the spring, just because I'm honestly, I'm not even sure why because maybe his age or the number pick sixties had recently. But in kind of the baggage that came with him in terms of his interactions with the coaching stuff that he played for dating back in time college, but keep Toledo was really the the more important piece there in terms of on a play to play basis. I mean, the thing about Marcus Peters is that he will he will make some spectacular stops. And he will but he doing so he gambled a lot and he can be beaten a lot more easily than to leave does to lead as like a true shutdown corner on every single play. And they really really missed. That presence and Marcus Peters play has suffered because of it and recently and he's coming off really rough couple really restrictive games. And so they're going to need more from him. But I think one of the things we've seen this from Wade Phillips defensive before where you know, the the most amazing thing about over. The course of his career is defensive coordinator is that his track record with the first year that he comes into place is really impressive the way he's able to turn around and defense in a single season is really really incredible. But then the second season there tends to be a drop off. It's certainly happened in Denver. They they won the Super Bowl his first years of quarterback and that and then the defense kind of a step back, then I'm here. I don't know if that means that, you know, posing offenses are kind of catching up to it. But his greatest impact tends to happen into his first year. He comes in and gets to kind of install his defensive rush. And you know, I honestly wish I knew exactly why that was so there was kind of a step back. But yeah, I mean, I it's been surprised. That they haven't been as good. But like, I I think the Peter's Peter's playing without Leib has been a really big part of that. And then the fact that they have not had consistent edge pressure. And those are really the two most important pieces to await Philip's defense is the outside pressure. And then a pair of quarterbacks that can really play on coverage. And we just haven't seen that consistently enough from them. So I think that's really really where it comes down to because Aaron Donald is gonna wreck just about every game. He plays then. But if you're not getting the help on the edges and then on the back end. That's there's only there's kind of a limit house after that can be absolutely when you think about the chiefs respective in this game if you were like like I'm thinking of independence day, and like the the weak spot in the what the ship I guess the ship that Randy Quaid flew into if there's a weak spot in this chiefs offense, unfortunately for them happens to be directly across from where. Aaron Donald the dumb consume lineup which is defensive tackle. You look at this chiefs offense Austin reader is playing center, and you widely is playing right guard. Their information Morris who's been out with a cousin and Lawrence divinatory. The doctor who is on injured reserve, Cowan Irving has played very well. They're left guard former Browns cast off, but the interior of this offensive line. You would have to figure is sort of the the part that way has to be salivating over attacking in this game plan come Monday night now. Oh, I'm -solutely. And you know, I think we've seen from around. He's he's very mobile. He doesn't give himself enough credit. You know, I don't I don't think anybody's gonna compare his like forty time to you know, my Jackson's this point. But he if we actually had a forty time for the more Jackson, totally different story. Sorry for handed, then but he is remarkably mobile and very adept to getting out of the pocket throwing on the run, but he has not faced interior. Line like this. And I think we have seen a little bit. But he can't get flustered. If you're chasing him a lot and hitting him a lot especially early in games. You know? He hasn't handled the pressure. Look what this has twelve start gonna make. I mean, so that's that's to be expected for quarterback of his kind of age and experience. So yeah, I mean, I think they're going to get to him and disrupt that offensive game plan that Andy Reid is creating right now. Yeah, really really starts with you know, Aaron Donald and hitting him. And you know, what he's shown what Patrick Mahomes a show, and you know, a little bit about Russell where he's able to get out. He's able to continue making plays even while he's under pressure. But he might have to do that a lot given what the Rams are going to present on that defensive line. Even if it's not coming necessarily from the edges, right? The tangent unit hoop houses for tencent's here on the show. I will say that much. So I'm going to ask you about a totally different tangent. Patrick Mahomes today. Stories have come out number one Patrick Mahomes enjoys catch up on his stake. And then perhaps even worse, Patrick Mahomes enjoys ketchup. On his MAC and cheese. Now, you are you are the mother of a small child. So I'm assuming you've seen some you've seen some food some food combinations. That may adults may not find quite as thrilling. But this is change the way you view, Patrick Mahomes. I mean entirely I mean, he's. No. Doesn't make me wanna go out to dinner with them necessarily tend to pick the restaurants. But I wouldn't like slam by you know, my knocking down in storm out of the restaurant. I was having dinner with them any ordered. He or put that catch on his MAC and cheese. I would probably ask him what the heck was going on. But, you know, look, she's very young. I think a lot of us. You know, when we were in college, probably eight didn't have the eight some weird stuff didn't have specific aided a pallet. So, you know, look, he's gonna have already has a lot of money. He's going to have a lot of money pretty soon. Hopefully can be exposed to some better dining biz. I mean, hopefully, he's not like dousing has, you know, Jack, stack are Oklahoma. Joe's barbecue and catch up there in the city. Hopefully, there's some people who are showing him the right way to you know, to eat his barbecue in Kansas City. I'm sure Andy Reid could give him give him some pointers but questionable. But I love shown from other magazine. He unearth those type of. Cool. Details all the time and the whole steak on catch up on his stake. Thing was just one of those crazy details that it seems like Seth is only able to find you to be clear here when you say you would not run out of the restaurant. Have you had an experience in your life where someone has made a condom choice, and you have run out of restaurants. I know I I haven't. Although I will say I mean, my husband, and I have completely different tastes in like condiments, and you know, like frozen yogurt toppings and flavors. So I'm used to like having you know, the person who I'm dining with I have opposing views to their choices. But you know, it is odd. But I look he's he can make choices, and you know, hopefully, he'll grow to appreciate, you know, just a great like medium, rare steak that doesn't need anything else on it. There was one time. I was living in Boston in college. And seeking college pilots. We got like a like a pizza. Men you on our door. We'd never heard of before. And had like a frozen yogurt section with a list of a hundred toppings and one of the toppings listed was Meatball. It was like twits tricks knickers Meatball. Milky way. And it was like what meet like, and so he calls, and we were like, hey, can we get like a pizza and one Meatball frozen yogurt and the gas? Sure when people frozen yogurt, no problem. And so we were fascinated we had no idea it was going to come and then showed up, and it was like one hundred grand frozen yogurt. Like really like there was like some kind of miscommunication. But I it was so confusing and so distressing to me the Meatball frozen yogurt. So it just came on this. I it was like frozen yogurt and then like maple and a Cup. No. There was no people to be found. It was like I never it. And no Meatball to be spoken of it was very confusing in very very very distressing. But I think we need to get on the case if we could get them to investigate that would be great. I think bathroom should be allowed to eat whatever he likes someone who's been bullied for his dementia or lack thereof online. All right. We'll get back to the rest of the AFC west with Lindsay here in a moment. 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And that is of course, the Denver Broncos playing the Los Angeles chargers and two teams, obviously. Heading that seems like in different directions. The chargers are seven and to look to be really prime for a playoff spot in the AFC. The Broncos clearly not the case for them. Both these teams sort of need to win this game for different reasons is there who do you think would be more upset about a loss here in this game. I think the chargers because I think they're starting to figure out who they really are. I mean, they went on this epic road trip in terms of you know, they went to Ohio, and then they went to London. And then they went to what Seattle and they went to Oakland. I mean, they have been gone for so long that LA probably forgot that they actually had a second team. If they even remember that they had a second team in the first place they've been gone so long that you know. If they come back and lose to Broncos team that they have really dominated over the last three years. I think I think that would just be a real, you know, a big setback towards the team that they're really becoming. And you know, I it's hard to imagine them touching the chief in that division. Although they are they do get to play one more time. I mean, let's if the row at the chiefs somehow lose this week and the chargers win I mean, they're gonna game. And that makes that December thirteen game. It's thirteen game at our hood, even more important, right? I mean, but they're really playing for, you know, certainly, certainly wildcard spot him, and you look around the rest of the AFC, and you know, they're not just like leading kind of that wild card race. I mean, they are like in control of that first mile carts about right now. So you know, I just I think it would be a setback for the chargers if they were to lose to this Broncos team. And I know I've been reading this stuff that's coming out of Denver this week. They had their Byerly classic. And they're talking about how you know. They can. You know show that they're improving and that they need to see a lot of stuff out of their young players, and you know, advance Josephus Thirdly coaching for his job. But. You know, at this point at already feels kind of like, it's a loss. It's a loss season in Denver. And, you know, getting to what you think it's seven and nine or something what does that what does that really do that actually force them to keep Joseph longer? I don't know. I just think I think we're gonna learn a lot more about the chargers and much more excited about the charges at this point on the Broncos actually skipped ahead to my next question. I was gonna ask you from the Broncos perspective thinking about they're three and six record. I mean is there you think a a level of play or a final record or some evidence of something showing over the final seven games that you think would lead them to keep Vance Joseph. I just no matter. What happens they are pretty much going to make a move this off season the matter. What? Yeah. I mean, I guess they, you know, if they pulled together, and they you know, they can go on some sort of Ryan, and, you know, get to get the eight or get into the wild card positioned somehow. I mean, the biggest problem I think that you know, I say from how the Broncos. That they keep making the same mistakes mauve and over and over. They don't look like they're low coach team. They're one of the more penalized teams in the NFL. They have the things that were issues last year that they thought they were gonna fix by you know, out in case keenum into the mix or, you know, making smart changes on the offensive line hasn't really been any better. I mean, they still commit a lot of turnovers. They're they're defense is still regrets. So make bad decisions over and over again. So, you know, I think that's what should be most troubling. If you're John Elway and Joe Ellis. And all the folks that are running the Broncos right now, it's kind of the repeated ineptitude that we're staying out of the Broncos, you luck. If they can if they can make a run, and they show that they fixed everything here after the bye week, and they were kind of talking about that this week. But oh, we got to really, you know, sell scout. And they've got to spend a lotta time focusing on ourselves and refresh and we're healthy. They're getting a rice Raymond supposed to be back. I think they're Stewart or starting safety should be back. They're going to be getting some pieces, but. This isn't a team that over the last couple of years, and certainly not under Vance Joseph that his are actually played well coming out of one of these by week type situations, they certainly have been last year. They were hot going into their by week and twenty seventeen and then came out the next week and just got their butts completely kicked by the giants who are bad team here, and they came out of their mini by earlier this year after that they went against the cardinals on Thursday night and played really poorly the next week. So yeah, I mean, maybe I'm more pessimistic than most people about the Broncos right now. But I just think that they think they really need to be kind of in full on. Let's focus on next year. See what we can get other young guys. Let's learn a lot about all of these guys. And you know, there's a risk they. Yeah. I mean, if they get two seven and nine I mean, that's going to be probably bad enough that it gets Joseph fired but her but not not enough to actually get themselves position for a really high drastic. Yeah. Which at this point, isn't that what you really want? You know? You know, what do you think is the best possible outcome for the the Broncos? Would it be if they just go three and thirteen and lose out and fiery one and just start, you know, realize okay, we have to start a fresher. Like, would it be better if they showed signs of life, and when you know five and five and two over the final seven games and went I mean is it like what's the most appealing outcome for this team? Yeah. And it's tough because you know, you always talk about painting, and, you know, players ever wanna take and their their careers are way too short time, really take, but organizationally you can kind of pink. So, you know, I think maybe best case for the long term, the long term view of the Broncos is that they are there. They end up being bad enough that they decide okay? We have to kind of start over finding new coaching finding new head coach new coaching staff possibly new quarterback. If your draft pick is high enough that you can actually find one that you like in the draft. Although it's not like John LA has shown a lot of giving anybody a lot of confidence that he's gonna drop the right one even raise the chance. Again. But I think we don't think maybe the best case long-term scenarios that they finish. Yeah. I mean six and ten maybe five and eleven again. But that you're also getting a lot of play out of your young guys. I think they finally have a rookie class with actually producing, and, you know, like get Portland Sutton and day, Sean Hamilton a lot of reps. Now that now that Maria's Thomas has gone let those guys kind of really grow into their roles that are going to be their future their number one. And number two receivers, you know, see what you can do with Bradley Chubb, you know, experiment with all sorts of different packages and ways that you can let him go and chase the rookie sack record. You know, get see if you can get more growth out of Philip Lindsay and rice Freeman because those are the guys that you're going to be building around long. It's not, you know, as as much as I enjoyed covering some of these guys it's not dome atop Petco, and Chris Harris, and Derek the guys who kind of bring here for the super. Bowl year. Some of those guys were here for the Super Bowl years, but are now thirty an older right in going back to the chargers briefly in terms of how they perform this year, of course, seven to like you said in great shape to make the postseason. Is it fair to stop waiting for them to turn into the chargers who seem to blow every positive opportunity they get they haven't had a game. Like that this year? They're seven to their losses are to the chiefs into the Rams were maybe the two best teams to the three best teams in the league alongside the saints. If they haven't had that game where they blow it with a Utah lead or integrate opportunity and the that raiders game last week. I mean, we'll Brinson was tweeting about it. I felt the same way they looked absolutely flat in the first quarter. They were down three nothing raiders are moving the ball in kind of like it was one of those games. The chargers do lose to to a mediocre team in a situation where they should win. And they didn't they came back and won the game quite comfortably in the long run. But do you still feel that way like they're kind of like waiting to slip on the banana peel, and if you do what do you think it would take to stop worrying about the chargers in that way? Yeah. I think we always going to be waiting. So that just because that's what we've seen for. It's not it hasn't been two or three years. I mean, it's been a very long time that this is what happens with the chargers. And there's always going to be a game that, you know, Philip rivers of going to have that big clunker over game where he's gonna throw four picks, and they're trying to do that's going to happen. It's been I I suppose encouraging that even as their kicker issues persisted through September October. They didn't lose a game. Because of that they where we're last year there were they would have been playoff last year. They had had a more competent kicking situation through or the first half of the season. And that's not going to keep them out of the postseason this year. Knock on everything Bagley Bagley kid badgley. Phase all same things to be the guy that they're going to be able to stick with. They did it a game too late. I think there's you see some little things in their teen and Allen has thrown a fit here. They're they seem to have gotten at rectified. But yeah, I mean, I think the thing that I'm just holding out to see with the chargers. Is it's not this week. It's not even necessarily next week. It's what's going to happen when they play the chiefs because that's really been the the hurdle that they haven't been able to get over. And you know, it's been years. I mean, I think I mentioned that the chargers have owned the Broncos for the last three or four years, but the same exact thing has happened. The chiefs just beat the chargers over and over and over again, and it's happened in LA. It's happened in San Diego. And it certainly has happened at aero had stadium in Kansas City, which is where that that next game is going to be so until the chargers can put together a really good game against the chiefs. I'm gonna still not be not not be pencilling them in for a long playoff run. I'm certainly gonna. I would be shocked if they don't make the playoffs at this point especially looking at kind of but mediocrity of a lot of the rest of the AFC at this point. But I'm not going to get to. I'm not gonna look too far ahead. But in that they can win a big road game in January until I see them go into Arrowhead and went into Semper. Yeah. I mean, there are three road games. After even in December are Steelers chiefs and Broncos. So the breath ac- might not be is pressing it's week seven team. But Steelers and chiefs two teams that they might see in the postseason. I don't know if they have Joey Bosa back I wouldn't count on them winning. But they've been really good purpose for interceptions all season. So like he hasn't had that. I it it still I still think worried about having every single week. But I don't know. I don't know what's gonna take for me to stop being worried. And I still like every week. I'm kind of expecting through the week where they they do collapse in the could happen in this Broncos game. Who knows the Broncos have impressive performances against the Rams on defense. Could sudenly force that against the chargers, we should finish up talking about the Oakland Raiders who again are not. The specially good this year to might holiday. No, they're one eight very under reported story here. The writers are not doing well. In terms of the rest of their sees gonna pay with the guards to the Broncos is the best case scenario that they continue to be terrible. They finish one fifteen two and fourteen and they do end up just finishing with the first overall pick in the draft, or do you think it would be good? If Jon Gruden actually showed some ability to coach some of these younger players into competent performers, and they went for and twelve ended up at the fourth myth. Go for the rest of the way, just burn the whole thing down. I mean, it's so clear that Gruden is focused on twenty nineteen and then especially twenty twenty. But you know, if you if so many of your moves were all about acquiring draft capital first round picks. Make those the best picks that you can get at this point. Because they what are you gonna try to do? It's not like you're trying to you know, save some sort of business opportunity. You know, save face in your home market and get your fans excited, you know, building towards building towards Las Vegas is all about whatever your team is going to be in twenty twenty. And there is very little about this team in twenty teen that's going to be applicable to twenty twenty. So it's not like, you know, their fans sitting there in Las Vegas going over there bad right now. No if you're a Las Vegas raiders fan. It's those people exist if you are hitting me up, I would like to meet you if those people exist, they don't they don't care what the twenty eight teen raiders look like they care about. Who are Joe who are those draft picks going to be? Yeah. A lot of the number one overall pick and how many other high picks that they could possibly get. So. Yeah, I mean, it's just a mess there. So clearly moving beyond this season. And I guess it's just figure out what their cars feature is. That's the other. That's the other big question. Right. There is do you want him to play well show bore signs of life and show that he's a better fit for whatever. Jon Gruden is trying to do on offense. I guess maybe wanna see a little bit of that just to get some clarity about what their quarterback future is. But yeah, I just think this is a, you know, if you're a raider fan, I'm sorry. So rob, you're losing your. I mean, the just just don't even try to win any more games. That's what I was going to finish basking you. I mean, do you think Derek Carr is playing for his job his future with the raiders twenty nineteen over the final seven weeks of the season? Yeah. I think so I mean when you look at the how they could get out from his contract. I he asked to be when he looks around. And sees the the really the guys that he kind of came in with and grew up with that were similar dodger is he was being gone, you know, because of contract reasons or. Lack of a relationship with John or whatever the case might be. I mean, I guess the best thing going for him right now that his agent isn't Joel Siegal. Did you see that interview that Mark Davis gave no last week where he basically he talked to poems? Cheers of ESPN the raiders beat reporter. And he basically said that you know, they knew that since March super the same agent as Khalil now in right? Well, they knew what was coming. So let's just deal now, and it's just really setting up a really bad precedent for any teams that wanna play hardball. With the raiders in the future. But yeah, I mean, I think he has certainly playing for his job. And I would not for no matter how many assurances or you know. Gruden and Mark Davis or regimen Kendy gives about Jarrett car being there guy, if your air car, you cannot feel you should not feel comfortable, and you know, he might wanna have a realtor handy. Just in case. Yeah. Not really for people to lose their job. But it just seems like it's they're bringing the whole thing down. Derek Carr is not going to be in the building as Derek Carr. Play you play for your job. Maybe we're going to be the guy that they're gonna move to Las Vegas with. And they'll finally replace those billboards that we've talked about and put your face on him instead of John gruden's. But look if their car gets cut next season there are going to be four or five teams at least that are backing up attractive signed him. I mean, he's not going to be unemployed very long. There's he's definitely well respected off around the league that if if the raiders do decide to move on he will end up, I think probably a probably a better long-term situation than a complete rebuild and moving cities. So I'm gonna I'm gonna pose the same question to Catherine at the end of the next segment when it comes to the most prominent free agent from the AFC north which is living on bell. What about the what if Dr Carr does leave the Oakland Raiders in twenty? Eighteen which which team do you think their car is lining up for in week one of twenty nineteen? Ooh, that's a good. I mean, there's there's several who clearly need a quarterback in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Definitely need a new starting quarterback. I think the Denver Broncos are going to need a new starting quarterback. And that would be a really fun way to revive the Broncos raiders rivalry that has kind of gone kind of a passive over the last several years, and that would be as far the storyline. That would be incredible. And I think we all know that John woo much rather sign a free agent quarterback and actually dropping. So that would be a storyline storytelling perspective. That would be fantastic. It's not out of the question. Totally possible. Totally plausible. Well Jones, I was a pleasure to have you on the show people want to check out more of your work. Where can they go ahead and do so? Yeah. The athletic dot com and on Twitter at by Lindsey h Jones and thank you for having ladies night your podcast this week. I really appreciate it Levi's afternoon. We're not recording this in the evening. We're never night. Recording this at some random Pinero bread recording this in a studio. Well, I appreciate you reaching out to female NFL reporters and diversifying the media landscape here as well as as the whitest of white men is nice other people on the show who do not look exactly like me once in a while, I try vest, but Lizzy is a pleasure to have you on. We're gonna go break. Your back with more barn will show here in a moment. You know, what's not smart? The way hiring used to be job sites that overwhelming with tons of wrong resumes. Now, there's a smarter way at ZipRecruiter dot com slash Barnwell. And right now, you can try ZipRecruiter for free. That's right free. Just text burn. Well, the two four six eight ten that's be a R N W E L L two two four six eight ten to try ZipRecruiter for free today. Text Barnwell two four six eight ten texting privacy policy in terms and conditions are posted the WWW dot rules dot US. Message and data rates may apply. All right back here on the Bill Barnwell show. I'm Bill Barnwell, the SPN joy. Joining me now, second half of the show here. We're gonna talk some AFC north with Katherine, Terrell ESPN Katherine. How are you? I'm doing good. How are you? I'm good. Now, you are someone who covers the Cincinnati Bengals primarily for us. You cover horse racing as well. Of course, the AFC north as a whole that last time you were on the show. We were sitting here talking about Bengals team that was doing quite well we stewards game was coming up. We were talking about that game. And saying basically that they needed to win that game to be taken seriously since then things have not gone great for the Cincinnati Bengals. So what has happened to closely Bengals to lose their last four games, including that lost Steelers. I guess I wasn't wrong. I said they needed to beat the feelers. And of course, they have one eighteen left, and they blow it so typical big will feelers. It's unbelievable since then it's just been one bad thing after another. I think the defense just took a no side after that game. And they did have a lot of injuries. But injury an excuse for the atrocious defense that followed. I mean, I they I'm trying to remember the order of things I think it was dolphins and Steelers and then chiefs trying to remember who they played next chiefs next book. That's why I don't remember. 'cause it was such a bad game. So you know, they allow five hundred yards to the cheese. They almost blow a big lead to the bus. They get blowed out by the same. I mean, not only blown out us look at that box for what that's awful, you could not believe how awful was they couldn't stop the same at all. It's the same one or score seventy points. They would have so yeah, I'm trying to sum up with happened. But I think really maybe they just the message wasn't getting through from defensive coordinator often to the players. I don't know. But I do know that they've always had at least in training camp. Their weakness has been linebackers and not only earlier linebackers injured. They have forgotten high tackle. So I mean, really if you throw out of problem, they probably have it on that side of the ball right now and Terrel Austin patriots problems with his job this week in the after the fifty one fourteen loss to the saints. Like, you said it. Game or the saints took out drew Brees rest of their guys. Thirty five seven at halftime. Drew Brees forty five seven at the end of the third quarter. After the drew Brees rushing touchdown really the ultimate insult seeing. Drew Brees run a score in even on a snake? Do the Austin firing was deserved. You think it's actually going to improve things with how the Bengals are playing on the defensive side of the ball. I yes. Because the defense was so that is not only just bad. I mean there store Klay bad. I've had the pleasure of covering several historically bad defense is this is actually number three. The two thousand twelve New Orleans Saints who gave up seven thousand forty two yards and NFL record that the Bengals are on pace to break. Then of course, the two thousand fourteen saints who I think a loud a record for half a rating against them resulted. Rob Reiner getting fired every one of those instances the deepens. According coordinator, got fired. Just if if you're looking at it, and you're realizing there's no way to fix this. As we currently are did you have to make change. And I think that they just don't that. There was no way to fix the road. They were going down. I it's a shame. I really like tear often as a person I think the players liked him out the person, he's a hard guy. Now like you feel for him. But the Biggles are in a position where they can still salvage the season. And they're by no means out of it. If they beat the ravens they're doing. Okay. They haven't easy second half schedule. They can make the playoffs, but they had to stop. Leading. So I think that in that sense. It is it is warranted. But I'm wondering how it's gonna look with Marvin Lewis going place now. Well, Marvin Lewis is calling the plays, and he has a friend along the right someone that we talked about earlier this year as someone who might end up making his way to Cincinnati. And that is you Jackson who was fired by the Browns and sparkman brought in by the Bengals based on something. I don't think it's his track record in Cleveland. So why do you think Jackson ended up in Cincinnati again after coaching there? Previously in what role? Do you think? He's actually going to play over there manger of the twenty eighteen season for Cincinnati. Well, almost literally the mid he got fired all the writers and Cincinnati were asking when Hugh Jackson gonna be back. It's actually kind of funny mowing Twitter. I think three of us both the same joke as I want like get ready for Hugh Jackson. I mean, it was just obvious. He and Marvin. Louis are very close. They talk almost every week that's more than I talk to my friends, and I'm what twenty or thirty years thirty years. We're gonna Marvin Lewis age myself. So they're incredibly close they call each other. They say they're like brothers. So it's not surprising that Lewis bring back if you trust the guy more than he trusts, really anybody. And they thing is now that he's calling the defense plays. If he's addressing the deepens. He's a completely missing what's going on offense. And he said that happened to the game against the saints. He had to have his backed her and trying to talk to the defense. He didn't know what was going on the field. So basically Jackson can be down the sideline in kind of help with that. And Lewis made it clear that Jackson was not helping with the offense. Nicki wanted us to know he's not here to meddle and Bill. Lasers offense, which that's a big deal the old that current coordinators there the old ones hovering over shoulder you wanna create. Staps engine. So Lewis said he'd be doing analytics you'd be helping with the defense from an office hop into perspective, and then another voice on the sideline. But you know, really we'll see how it plays out. Because Jackson was like, of course, all the office, whatever you want. So it's kind of seems like no one really knows. What's actually going to be doing? Yeah. I mean when you tell me you Jackson is going to do analytics based on what he did with the Browns. Yeah. A tough sell for me. I don't think pump. Sure you Jackson. Learn some stuff all he was in Cleveland. Yeah. I don't think he's not a smart person. I think you have to be a smart person to get this far in the NFL, not not the first person, I would look towards in terms of analytics in terms of improving my team, but we will see certainly still plenty of the season to go in Cincinnati. The team the Bengals are playing this week in usually important game for their their chances in the playoff race in the AFC or is both ravens at Baltimore this week and their team that is also in some sort of flex with Joe flacco possibly having a hip injury after the Steelers loss and reef nine there were reports even before the game. Actually, there were reports that John Harbaugh his job could be in jeopardy. Heading into the by Ricky has not been fired. He's still there. Joe flacco may not be playing because of that hip injury. So do you think at this point John Harbaugh is coaching for his job over the second half of the season? Given what you're hearing giving the tea leaves about the reports that are leaking out into the media. I would have to think so because the ravens don't operate like that does that no one thinks Marvin Melissa's cooking for his job two different teams. I would think so because right now I see a team that's regressing. They've lost three strata. They should be more. I mean, they should be better team than their record says they are actually at one point at the beginning of the season people were saying the ravens were better than the bagels. Even though the Bengals beat them. I mean there was like a two weeks period. They looked really good. And then I I don't know what happened. But yeah, I definitely think it's kinda maker break game for both teams because the raven flus they're out. I think I mean, I think they would have to be the Bengals lose. They're not out. But it would. I mean, they'd be walking incredibly thin line. They've really need to win this game. So Harbaugh maybe coaching job. Flacco maybe on the verge of losing his job. But in Cincinnati. It doesn't really appear that way except for of course. Austin? Yeah. I mean, do you think with Joe flacco, you know, this is a guy who played through a twenty c l look like not only did he play through tornado seal that it was more. Like he had like a fly on his knee. When he got injured in that game a couple years ago. He's sort it was like, oh, it's a nuisance. But it didn't seem like he had a twenty Yellen the way that other players tear their ACO. It just seemed like he do he wasn't really aware of the injury. So I mean, you do he can play through most injuries at a hip injuries, not necessarily going to bother him in the way that other players might be bothered by hip injury. But just in terms of his performance. I mean, don't you think it's time or maybe I'm being aggressive. But do you think it's time for them to just try Lamar Jackson just out of a sense of? Hey were four and five or playing for our season. We have to try something different just to spark this offense. That hasn't been very effective for Jesus. A few years now. Yeah. Mostly that's about ACL's. There's so weird. It's so weird up players can just walk off. And look totally fine. I think they don't always. Some of them say they feel it right away. But I think some of them don't, you know, when Karkare Lawson the Bengals store, his ACL and Adam Schefter reported that and I saw him the locker room and two days later, and I look at someone I said without wrong. This is walk into the locker room like totally normal. Everything was fine. But me Lawson works out like a fiend and like take takes care of his body. So like in a nominally, but Bucko is is tough. I mean tougher than anyone gives them credit for it. Just like you said he plays through that. However, I think it's do or die for the ravens. I think they have this first round pick who is expected to succeed Block O one day. Right. So I mean, yeah. Why don't you try clearly nothing else? It's been working. I I mean, I think it you have maybe I think it's a better deal to try him then to put Griffin and if you're not going to play flacco. So I mean, you gotta see what you've got right. So yeah, I would definitely play him. And honestly the. Bagels. Haven't had a great track. Record was rookie quarterback's the lately. So I don't think it's so cut and dry. That's rookie plays and the Bengals win. I think considering they can't tackle right now. He could give them some trouble. He plays. Yeah. And I mean, you mentioned the Bengals defense starting the show Terrell Austin. Of course was just fired. This is a pretty friendly matchup for Lamar Jackson and doesn't get a lot tougher. It's the Bengals this week. It's the raiders at home next week in the raiders are, of course, a mess of a totally different enterprise. When it comes to John gruden's defense there he's at the falcons, the defense has been a message not likely to win that game necessarily, but a really ugly defense in the same thing in Kansas City. The following we great team, but a pretty mediocre defense. And then the bucks we thought it might be even worse than than the Bengals on defense so far this year. And that's how bad it's been. So I mean, it's five defenses that you would figure if you're ever going to integrate the young quarterback have you ever gonna give him the opportunity to succeed with? Eight veteran team you're gonna have to bring him in at some point. Why not this friendly stretch of games? Right. Because what I mean, people might just agree with me here. But what you have to lose. You've the last three you have to win this game. And if you don't like I said, you might be out. So throwing try everything try this young quarterback. And see if you get a shot watching live performance from him. I, yeah, I just you know, coke is probably don't think this way. But I I'm thinking this way, I'm thinking they should see what they got. And hey, if they beat the Bengals and suddenly. It's like all right. Maybe maybe this guy can lead our team. And honestly teams don't have a lot of film on him right now to have another advantage. They have by playing him. I think. Yeah. The whole by week sort of integrate some new concepts take stuff that maybe you've been using play by play basis here for maybe the series era receivers they're red zone. Snap your red zone snap there and making it a more focal point if your offense, and I think from John harbach perfect. If you mentioned having nothing to lose, I think that's true not only in the context of this season. But also in the context of his career with the ravens because this would be if they missed the plows and they're four and five right now. This would be the fourth season in a row what they have missed the playoffs. That's not happen since the first four years of the franchise from ninety six to ninety nine. Now. I would assume John harbor is coaching for his job over the remainder of the season. I mean, he let's say he. They are eight or nine and seven they just miss out on the playoffs. Like, they did a year ago where they're nine and seven and missed out in weeks teen, do you think this is the point where maybe they should consider making a change or do you think it's if he makes the playoffs he stays and he should stay. I think it would depend or what the team will look like at that point. And I think if like I said Jackson is the guy and he he beat the Bengals or whatnot. And the team looks in through even if they ultimately make I mean, don't make the playoffs or acts in the first round. Then you might think. All right. Maybe we should give another year. But if they went dead or back in they just don't look like they're going anywhere. And that's when you should make a change. I think the bagels kind of felt that way. Like they felt right at the team's not getting any better. Maybe we'll make a change regarding Lewis. I don't know how much they thought that. We all know how they feel about Louis. But yeah, you just wanna see your team going forward. You don't want to be sale. I mean, and you're right. They have it. How I mean? Gosh. Do you think ravens based on you know, their history and thing they have had some success? They won the Super Bowl in two thousand twelve. But before that, I mean since two thousand eight that's their only good postseason. I mean, it's kinda crazy, right? Like, it is I realize numbers were that bad. Yeah. I mean, first half of Harbaugh's rain. He's been eleven years, and I believe in the job five playoff appearances two conference championships won a Super Bowl the last six years, including twenty team as a year here one playoff appearance. They made they wanna one playoff game. They beat the Steelers. I believe in two thousand fourteen in lost the patriots on that game where they were up in the patriots then decided to invents a new offense with the unbalanced line and came back to win that game thirty five thirty one. But I mean, this is a it's been a pretty rare pretty a pretty ugly performances for the ravens a team where again, even though they've been eight nine seven. Ten and six eight eight and four of those years only one playoff appearance info season. So I mean, it's it's it's maybe you're spoiled. Maybe if you're a ravens fan, you're just you're kind of spoiled by all the success you've had. But I mean, that's still the reality that you're into it. And it might be a situation where with John Harbaugh could kind of be like Andy Reid and Philadelphia where even though he's a good coach, it might just be time to make the change because you're listening to the same voice gear after year after year and John harbor Mico somewhere else and be a great coach over comes in might even be a someone who can sort of revitalize the franchise with a fresh foist. And I say that of course, knowing that I'm talking to you covering the Bengals with Louis. I wrote a column today about the ten most sort of exciting coaching opportunities that might come up over the next year. And I didn't include the Bengals because I don't think Marvin Lewis is going to lose his job. Do you think there is a scenario where at the end of the season Marvin Lewis does move on from that head coaching spot in Cincinnati? I don't because I they he they gave him a two year contract. And I gave all this is the two year contract. Right. And I would be very surprised if they're gonna pay all those coaches not to coach I mean, honestly that is the reality of how they operate. I just would be very surprised and honestly bagels band wart super doozy. Asks about Hugh Jackson returning because they think that if Marvin Lewis steps down Hugh Jackson could become the next coach, right? There nightmare at this point. You know, it was more of the same like, how could you? How could the fans get behind that? You know, you replace Marvin Lewis with a guy that wants three games in Cleveland, but they're actually legitimately worried about that. And it's not a crazy scenario considering he was one maybe that head coach and waiting behind Louis. Absolutely. I mean, do you think the Bengals organization is aware of that? Or cares about that in terms of the fan perception about the Jackson plausible succession plan. I don't know. I think the bangles always thought why no not thought that Mike Brown used to say even the summary said if you if you win the fans will come back. Well, dangles have been waiting in the fans haven't come back. Then Dedi them against the saints was. Really empty, and can you blame them? Nobody knew they weren't going to beat the saints. They they didn't want to go because they don't wanna see their team get blown out it. That's actually weird thing where the team has a winning record. But I think in their minds they're trying to send a message to Mike Brown that they would like to see the organization change and to give the organization credit in many ways they have before last year they've never fired coordinator in in the middle seasons ever. So you know, they are making steps forward. Ben as long as Marvin Lewis there. It's hard for fans to to really get behind. It. Just you know, they're ready to see some sort of change. I mean, it's it's a weirdly frustrating thing where where I think this is a fan base. And I could be wrong that I sort of been anticipating Marvin Lewis movie on for years now and been excited about what the future might look like after Marvin Lewis, and this kind of feels like well, we're just sort of getting more Marvin Lewis with the Jackson replacement. Is there a is there either a coach or a sort of coachwork a style of coach or a certain level of skill set? You think bingles fans would would sort of be the most excited for Sean McVeigh? Which is not available. The you wanna see the next Sean McVeigh. I think after all of these years having having some sort of offense of minded coach would just be such a release to fans because the baby was played very conservative for the most part. I think a lot of people would say sometimes they play not to lose this year. They had it looks good in the second half. Now, they're a ton of reasons for that. But playing not to lose could be one of them. And it's hard as a fan. I assume when you watch a team like the saints come in, and they don't play not to Luther actually probably too aggressive sometimes, but Payton lives and dies by that owns that in its pure football fan. It's fun to watch knowing if it's like four and four he's gonna go for it. But the bangles aren't gonna do that. Because they don't think the odds favorites, it's two different styles. So. Ten is ramble. I guess I think that the fans would love to have a young offense of minded coach come in. Even though the division is so defense oriented, I just I think that that would be the kind of thing they would want about in comeback for. Yes. So the top of the division now six two and one Pittsburgh Steelers. We were having of course, as we seem to do every year that conversation at the beginning of the season. They're in trouble. They haven't figured it out. They started one two and one honestly should've lost the Browns and the opener newly lost the Becca nearest and week. Three could have been Owen for to start the year. But they were not informed since then forty one seventeen over the falcons twenty eight twenty one over the Bengals as we talked about earlier three three teen over the Browns twenty sixteen over the ravens and then fifty two twenty one absolute will being of the Carolina Panthers last Thursday night. I mean is there any reason to think the Steelers are not going to finish? Atop this division, and as the either possibly even the number one. But my the number two or number three seed in the AFC. It would be hard to believe that would be the case. I don't think I'm looking at their second half schedule. I mean, they do have. Well, actually, I mean, they do have a couple of tough game. They still have to play the patriots saints and charge or however, they also had the Jaguars aren't playing. Well, it's the Broncos, and they have the Bengals last and by that point it could be locked up. So we know it's not a lot because those are some tough games. But the bingles hasn't been able to showers them. I don't know what's going on with the ravens. I don't. I don't know if they can come back from the downside. And you know, they're going to take care of the Browns. Actually, they're done playing the Browns. And and so yeah, I mean at this point. Yeah. You would assume the Steelers are the winners of the AFC north. There's a lot of football left to be played. I'm not trying to be like diplomatic here. I I I'm just looking at those particular three games and thinking, oh, there's actually are. Kinda tough much tougher than the big second half schedule. We talked about the Steelers or nothing ravens I should say and sort of the heightened expectations for success there in how missing the playoffs even with good records might cost John Harbaugh his job there. I don't think Mike Tomlin is going to get fired. I can't imagine a scenario where he would he would lose his job with the students. This is a team that it's fair to say their their fan base is expectations are to win the Super Bowl every single season. And he looked back since they lost in the Super Bowl for the Packers twenty ten so eight years ago at this point twenty eleven they lose to the Broncos in the Tim Tibo game, which seems like it was a lifetime ago, but seven really does feel like that band. It's a ways away twenty twelve twenty thirteen they missed the playoffs. Twenty fourteen. They lose to the ravens at home twenty fifteen. They beat the Bengals in one of the craziest playoff games have ever seen. And then lose to the Broncos without Antonio Brown. Twenty sixteen they get to the AFC championship game in lose to the patriots. Handley 2017 lose at home to the Jaguars. This is a team that I mean, they have not been to Super Bowl aviators. They have not been really close in eight years of one game against the patriots where they got blown out by by nineteen points. I mean, do you think it's fair for St Francis. Look at that, and sort of have that expectation of okay, if we don't make it to the Super Bowl, it's a bummer season that we need to think about making changes or I mean, is it just sort of the reality of fans at this point. I think considering all the talent they've had on the team the last few years it's fair to ask why they didn't do more. And it's there's two ways to look at it that team has big personality. Yes, you can either say common does a great job rating them in or you can say common. Let them go too far because as someone who covered them in the playoffs last year. I felt like it was all about remastered the patriots when we play the patriots just all that nonsense. And it's like, hey, you're playing the Jaguars, and they already beat you. So then they go out and just lay it egg. And you start to think. All right. What did they prepare for this game? What what happened? Why do they look so bad and this band? I would be pretty frustrated considering all the talent dot team had. However, it's kind of a built in excuse to say we lost our. Linebacker, and he's not really he's not easily replaceable. Right. And that's still kind of continues to this day. And you also don't have one of your best off into players. So I think you can make excuses. I just know last year was probably pretty frustrating that it just didn't appear to take seriously a team that had already beaten them and the way they lost is probably frustrating. But yeah, I mean, it's it's like clockwork every regular season. They look fantastic, or at least towards the end of it. And then lose at some point in the playoffs and with this team in particular. I'm not sure how far they'll go kinda kinda hard to say. I mean, I don't know. Do you think that defense to to take them there? That's the tough part is is that it's hard to believe that their defense is going to hold up, you know against the chiefs for a game night. Granted they beat the chiefs pretty much in every meaningful game. They've had. But we saw what happened earlier this year. The chiefs blew them out. It was the final score being closed. But the the the chiefs were way ahead for a good chunk of the contest. And this was only got close within the final two minutes of the contest. I I'm I'm certainly skeptical that their defense can hold up for three. I don't know if anyone's defenses though, at this point, I think it might just be the best possible offense. And we saw what happened with no the students against the Panthers on Thursday. Like, they were absolutely terrifying. For for that game finish appear in terms of the Levy on bell situation, obviously has been talked about ad nauseam. I feel about it. I wanna know how you feel about it. Are you surprised it ended up the way ended up? I mean, I guess for me like I always kind of figured we'll figure it out like he'll come back. Even if it doesn't come back for the beginning of the season. We'll come back and like week to week three. And if not then I'll come back and return Rica Levin like he'll just he'll be on the roster. Come the December income the postseason and he's not he's not coming back. It's not happening. I mean, are you are you shocked eating something that other players are. To do in their situations in the future. I am surprised. I even drafted him. Overall. What am I? Well, actually as soon as I heard the news. I think I picked up Connor. But I did that. Because in my mind, I was thinking hold outs never last. They always come joking collusion covered NFL's two thousand two which isn't that long? But long enough that you've seen the threat of hold out and it just never happened. So I mean, you can Meyer him for sticking to his gun. But personally to me it just feels like he's getting bad advice. I just don't know how this is a spy nationally good solution to what he wants to accomplish. I understand not wanting to get hurt. Totally get that part. I mean, I understand feeling like maybe the team used too much, and I he has a chance of getting hurt. And then having nothing that's fourteen and a half million dollars not getting backs. You have get some megadeal from another team. I mean, maybe maybe he will maybe they're under the table talks. And they Artie have a place in mine. Mind. And that's why this all happened. The wait did. But I still just keep thinking you're never gonna get the fourteen and a half million back, and how much could you get guaranteed after a year off football make up for that. I mean, I don't know what you think I might be totally wrong. It just doesn't seem like the most financially savvy decision to me. But you know, it will play out in a few months, and I'm actually like really intrigued to see what the market is like and what happens. Okay. So finish appear trill week one of the twenty nineteen and I fell season Levy, I'm bell is about to get his first carry of the campaign which teams uniform is he wearing. Montana the most likely contenders. I'm assuming that yet. I I was gonna I think we can rule out the Cincinnati Bengals Deirdre. Yeah. You can rule that out. I don't think they would pay him what he wants. But the Jin position I think that's been tossed around as a contender. I don't know exactly. How much cap space? They have I can tire. It's a lot of camps. They can certainly afford to bring him in. And they would I think they've made slashes before. I I was ruled out the dangle before you they already have Joe mixing, and I don't think mixing bell like each other very much anyway. So I think you're happy with what have there, but? Yeah. I mean, the same already had their guy the same type of type of team that would definitely do that. But they don't need to who needs a running back really badly. I mean, there's not that many teams the raiders you would figure takes one takes one. Yeah. They're raiders. That's intriguing possibility. I mean, no there in total we build now. But are you going to invest if you're in rebuild note or get invest all that money in a running back doesn't seem? He doesn't seem them lies to raise haven't done much. Why this year? That's anyway. Thanks. I wouldn't count on them doing the smart thing the Niners. Maybe if they cut your McCain and could be in the discussion, the bucks, we'll have a lot of cap space and could certainly use a running back with paid-in Barbara struggling there. Ronald Jones sort of not launching so far in his pro career. It'll be really fascinating dolphins doesn't have necessarily. But they do a lot of things like this. I could see them going after a star player. It's gonna be really interesting. I think it's going really fast any market. And like you said it's only gonna take one team to sort of think he is the guy that's going to really help them. Get over the top make the postseason or help take some of the pressure off their young quarterback. Somebody is doing to talk themselves into Levy on bell. We just don't think it's going to be Cincinnati Bengals Catherine please tell people they can check out more of the stuff you do for us. You can follow me on Twitter at cat underscore, Terrel or. On ESPN dot com. Mendes, catherine. Oh is a pleasure. I'm sorry that we sent the Bengals into a tailspin last time, we talked hopefully say spur them into a winning streak this time around. Thanks much coming on the show. Thanks as always having me. All right. Thanks much to my guest today. Lindsay tunes of the. Katherine Tyrrell ESPN audio coming next week here on the Bill. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. 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