Fallout from the US killing of Qasem Soleimani


The fallout from the targeted. Killing of Ron Geno awesome Sulejmani. Iran is vowing retaliation allegation and president trump warns he'll strike fifty two of Iran's cultural sites an action that many say would be a war crime. We see loss that can't be replaced that is loss of our history loss of the things that make us who we are. Also this member of Iraq's parliament supports US troops in Iraq. But he's at his his wits end. We did not understand Inet states. These days also recused surveys brings a cringe-worthy international twist with laughs to last night's Golden Globes his message for the winners. Don't lecture the rest of us. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spend less time in school than Greg. Berg I'm Marco Werman. The stories are more today. You're on the world today. They mourned learned in Tehran. Massive crowds of people flooded the streets of the Iranian capital. The funeral of General Qassem Soleimani. He was killed last Friday in a US drone strike in Baghdad in Iraq it was ordered by President trump. The reverberations from souleyman early Monday killing could potentially be enormous for the Middle East. The United States and the world Iran now says it's pulling back from the two thousand fifteen nuclear agreement in in Iraq. The government is taking steps toward demanding that American troops leave the country. We're GONNA start our coverage today with the Wilshire Jafari. Sharon tell us more about what you've been seeing. Mm from Tehran today. Like you said Mark. The crowd in Tehran was huge today. From what I've seen on social media as well as Iranian state media some people have compared impaired the number of people out on the street today to the size of crowd that we saw back in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine when the previous Supreme Leader I Follow Khameini Khomeini passed away and today people were chanting slogans. Were carrying pictures of Awesome Soleil money and a lot of them said they wanted answers from the US so today the general's remains were paraded through Tehran. What do we know about what happens next today? His body was taken to Tehran University. Where the supreme need? They prayed over the coffin. The footage from the funeral shows the supreme neither weeping and what happens next is that solely money's remains will be taken to the the city of on. That's a holy city about two hours drive from Tehran. And tomorrow his coffin will take into his hometown of Cayman and that's where he will be laid to rest. What have you been hearing about why the US carried out this attack? Well we have heard several explanations so far one which was announced pretty quickly on Friday was that the US officials had credible intelligence that awesome so they money was planning attacks against American can diplomats and armed forces in Iraq and other countries in the region. And that this drone attack was about self defense. Are they still offering some kind of information. Information or explanation though the explanation shifted and it turned into will awesome so they money was a bad actor in the region and that over the years he she had ordered or planned many attacks against the US and its partners so so far there are various explanations. And what has Iran been saying about. Its it's response in Iran. One Ward has been repeated in the past few days and that's revenge. Iranian officials have said that Iran plans to respond for sure and maybe even militarily but they haven't given any more details today at the funeral procession Theron simply money's daughter gave a fiery every speech and she said her father's blood was not spilled in vain Ameri Kaba sped on Shahad that's more oh Jeb Guardia beach on Michael. She also said that her father Skilling will bring Iran Iraq closer together and what about Iran's government how they responded they run in government says it will no longer comply with some of the terms of the nuclear deal that it signed with world powers in in two thousand fifteen president trump walked away from the deal last year but to be clear. Iran is still going to let inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency to come in and inspect its nuclear facilities because it continues to be a member of their empty right around still in the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. So talk of revenge in Tehran and the US is sending more troops. It sounds like the. US is sending about twenty five hundred Marines to to the Middle East. The Pentagon won't say when or rare these forces are GONNA be deployed at the same time. US says it will pause its operations against as long state in Iraq and in Syria. That's out of caution. For the safety of American personnel NATO has also said it will suspend its mission against Isis Isis. Here's what Jens Stoltenberg NATO's secretary general said today. The safety of our personnel is paramount. A search for the time being suspended our training on the ground who are taking all precautions necessary to protect take our people so both the US a NATO have now paused their operations against Isis. And it's not clear how long that will last. The the Wilshire and Jafari thanks very much for the update problem Markelle next door in Iraq. Tensions are also rising in the aftermath. Sola Monday's assassination. Several rockets landed ended in Baghdad. Last night one in the Green Zone near the US embassy. Those missiles were likely launched by Iraqi militia groups who revered Sulejmani that's according to raise razer. He teaches international relations at Shaheed Beheshti University in Iran and those Iraqi militia is easy says may have bigger plans for retaliation. I think we should expect kind of twofold revenge to come on. That's Irani's talking ability to come in a kind of calculated and not necessarily quick manner but the teams that we are witnessing now in Iraq in terms of for example. There's rocket attacks. Listen these things. This is the second aspect of revenge which is coming from. Goals are group's which considered money as on commander. There's now been a vote in Iraq parliament to expel. US troops. It's nonbinding still. President trump responded with threats for Iraq sanctions and a hefty bill billions means of dollars to repay the US if it has to withdraw. It's troops. So I called. Shams is a member of Iraq's parliament. I reached out to him in the city of Sulaimaniya Iraqi Kurdistan. Can I ask James if he cast a ballot to pull out. US troops no. I didn't participate day boycotted a rejected the whole bill and the whole notion of the take steps toward destroying relationship with United States. So that's something that we do not want that and we want to have a peaceful relationship with birth United States and Iraq. Mrs James I'm in your in the Iraqi parliament. How seriously is the parliament taking trump's threats of sanctions and this giant bill for for? US troops that have served in Iraq that he's talking about publicly threatening Iraq while you are considering Iraq as a partner while you have your soldiers in Iraq fighting Isis alongside Iraqi soldiers and you do not find a diplomatic channel or at least calling the Iraqi prime minister to better understand that bill under steps that the Iraqi government is going to who think just on twitter dispassionate Iraq is getting to be even worse for that relationship with full damage relationship even fed well. US troops are are still in Iraq the prospect though of US troops leaving. Are you worried about your country breaking down further into Shiite Sunni and Kurdish enclaves. Absolutely this is the fear that we are trying to avoid and the this is the consequences of a forceful expulsion of the US forces if it's peaceful it's based off that Marshall Andrew Standing based on request and then we negotiate their represents again through diplomatic channels and by talking to our leaders to do the White House. This is something else but this would the way that is being handled and it looks like the militias at continued to threatening the US embassy and other embassies at the Green Zone that we have most of their for nemeses. There have been bonded every night like last night. We had rockets targeted at the US embassy. This is going to really make Iraq. A war zone and other Syria will really gave rise to radical groups to exploit exploited so with presidents Bush and Obama there was a kind of consistency to their policies. Even if some say those policies were misguided does donald trump confused the Iraqi parliament. Exactly we do not understand Inet states these days. It's very hard to understand United States. We hear something from their diplomats. How much they deal with Iraqi institutions with respect even some of these militia leaders? They had some meetings with the US diplomats but it was expecting Iraq and and ignoring Iraq by the president and Era Iraqi leaders. Not having them in the White House so far not invited to the White House and just Seeing Iraq through the lenses of their anonymity with Iran is really something that we we do not see that the US seem to value of partnership with Iraq. They owned he co about Iraq when there is a crisis with Iran while we have over on interest and we have happened to the West and the north which occurs under Sunnis. They want to have a peaceful relationship with the US and also the moderate southern employees the sheer empties. They also want peaceful relationship with the United States but without accusing Iraq against Iran. This is something we cannot accept and Iraq cannot really taught rate that meanwhile I'm wondering what all of this will mean for the grass us route protesters in Baghdad who've been demonstrating since October. They were very upset as you know with corruption in Iraq. What are their feelings about Iranian influence in Iraq they will they are already starting campaign saying the parliament does not represent me which means that decision yesterday by forceful expulsion of the? US forces does is not representative. Will they know that you an. US is withdrawing when US Iraqi guy scutts out will means more delicious and that means it's all of the gains they had. The reforms is going to be over and there will be no space for peaceful assembly. That's really very sad. And I am in communication with them on daily basis. They are arrogant to take action to do something to save the relationship. Would they night stage for the sake of Iraq but that's really very helpless because just a very few. MP's indirect bottom. They have the courage to publicly. Say That publicly say that we need to save the relationship with the United States but we also need need to start doing a successful negotiation with the United States how to avoid confronting Iran on the Iraqi cycle chums a member of Iraq's parliament. But he's been speaking with us from Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan. Thank you very much thank you. It's red carpet season last night. The Golden Globes leading off a parade rate of upcoming entertainment awards the Globes sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. So maybe it's not too surprising that the festivities nodded to the world beyond Beverly Hills right out of the gate in fact with hose. Ricky's your vase pointing a finger in his opening monologue at one big company funneling money into the movie business apple rode into the eighteen game with a morning. Show a superb drama. Yeah a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China. But just in case anyone in the crowd was laughing too hard surveys put them in their place to companies. You you work for. I mean unbelievable Apple Amazon Disney if isis style streaming service. You'd call your agent. Wouldn't you so if you do win an award tonight tonight. Please don't use the platform to make a political speech right. You're in no position to lecture the public about anything you know nothing about the real world most of you. It spent less time in school than Greta. Thornburgh the rest well it had to be believed by NBC. One big winner the night with South Korean filmmaker Bong Jun Ho. He directed the disturbing family drama parasite which won. Best Foreign Language. Film Chum Up Self titled John Gilbert with a translator by side said audiences miss out on amazing films homes because of those words at the bottom of the screen. Once you overcome the one inch tall barrier of subtitles you will be introduced to so many more amazing films sounds really expand. Your world read subtitles. The devastating bushfires in Australia are exacting a heavy human toll. At least twenty four people have died since September wild animals have fared much much worse. Some five five hundred million have been injured or killed in the fires. That estimate comes from Chris. Dickman professor of Ecology at the University of Sydney when we reached him today he had this this update. The four hundred eighty million estimate was made a couple of weeks ago and the fires of now burned over a large area of the country that means over hundred million mammals reptiles have been affected by the fires truly a wide It's probably over. A Billion Hidden Dickman has forty years of experience working across Australia. He told the world's Patrick win. Conditions at animals. There are now facing. This really is his unprecedented. I think there's nothing quite compared with the with the devastation. That's that's going on such a large area so quickly it. It's monstrous in terms of job and numbers of individual animals. Affected gives us a better idea not to be morbid but how these creatures are dying are we talking about about actually being burned to death smoke inhalation or starvation. What are the different scenarios here? Despite flames is the is the most obvious and some of the images of Koalas all is bring home. What that's like most vividly at the fire front five thousand talked about the shrieks and Koalas just screams of pain as they as they die? It's his horrendous brothers. Have size in tree hollows Hep stars minute ago. Too deeply underground. Smoking elation will be a real problem for the others it's probably a slow demise species that gal underground and then reemerge after the fires have gone through this really nothing except dash on the surface. So it's very difficult to find resources. Australia is known for. It's just amazing. Wildlife Diversity so are we looking at the extinction certain creatures being hastened by this is I think we are. We know that Australian biodiversity has been going down over the last several decades AK DHS. And it's probably fairly well known that Australia's got the world's highest rate of extinction for mammals. and Vince like this that may well hasten the extinction in process for a range of other species so it's it's a very sad time. What creatures are you really feeling for right now? This is something called the greater glider. It's it's the world's largest gliding mammal. It looks a little bit like camping gizmo from the one of movies some years ago. It's restricted victims the eucalypt forests. It's got a diet. That's even more restrictive than the Koala They'll be cooked in the in these. Fires the yellow bellied gliders will. It's enough stunningly beautiful marsupial. Very well known there again restricted to the U. Clip Florists and they're going to be very susceptible to these to these fires. How have of human beings helped create the conditions for this crisis? What we're seeing is? The effects of climate change sometimes said to that Australia's the collide the canary in the online with the effects of climate. Change being seen here most severely and earliest as well so a would probably looking at climate change my look for many of the parts of the world stages in Australia at the moment professor Dickman. Your demeanor demeanor. Seems very calm but do think it's time for people to freak out and if so what should they be doing in response to this. I think there's a feeling among environmental scientists wanted an ecologist in Australia. We've been frozen out of the the bite certainly out of policy making and think it's now time to bring the scientists back into the tent to look at what is likely to be happening over the next few decades and to think how this week and maintain both the M mm community in in good health and is not bottom. -versities can be retained to this evolving situation. That's Chris Dickman ecologist at the University of Sydney in Australia Australia. He was speaking with the world's Patrick win. Now back to our main story today Iran and the targeted killing of Iranian General Hossam Soleimani. President trump has vowed vowed to target Iranian cultural sites that is if Iran retaliates trump tweeted that the US would hit fifty two sites one for each hostage. Taken in nineteen seventy seventy nine in Tehran and the president said the strikes would be very fast and very hard. There was an instant backlash worldwide because bombing cultural sites could constitute sued award crime. ONA hathaway's professor of international law. Yale would striking cultural sites in fact the illegal yes. It's very clearly illegal under a number number of international laws. The Nineteen O. Seven Hague Convention prohibits hitting cultural sites as does and I think Fifty Four Hague Convention attention on Cultural Property which the US has also ratified and in. Your opinion was an important to protect cultural sites. Well it's the heritage of all mankind and these are not just the possession of the countries that they happen to be in but they're important to all of us these important cultural sites and matter in terms of our defining finding our own humanity so president trump over the weekend said Iran is quote allowed to kill our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites. I mean he was essentially essentially questioning the very premise of this protection. I'm wondering though. Is there a point to be made That humans are more precious than buildings. There's no doubt that humans are more a precious than buildings but this is not a case of are making a choice between the two. What he's suggesting is that if they break the rules and we can break the rules as well but that's not how international humanitarian law works? These rules are in place to ensure the safety of civilians and of our cultural heritage heritage and the mere fact that Iran may have acted in violation of international. Law doesn't mean that we can or should go bombing a set of important important cultural sites in Iran if the US were to follow through on this threat what would be the ramifications. Could trump be tried the Hague or somewhere else. It does appear that if he were to carry this out not only he. But those who participate in the operation would almost certainly be guilty guilty of a war crime under US law In fact it would be possible to prosecute him and anyone who participates in US US court there could potentially be international or crimes prosecution as well although where that would take place a little more difficult because the US is not party to the International Criminal Court. Would that in your view realistically ever happened. I think that it's not unbelievable to imagine that there could be prosecutions of those in the. US Government Mint if they knowingly participate in intentionally participate in intentional violations of The Hague convention whether that prosecution would happen president at hard to say but there's no reason that he should be above the law. If trump ordered the strike. Could the military refuse to carry out the order Knowing that maybe they'd be guilty of war crimes that they follow through puts them in a terrible position. There are two things to be said here on the one hand if someone is prosecuted for war our crime. It's not a defense to say I was ordered to do it on the other hand to refuse an order also put someone in a position of potentially being court court-martialed and so puts individual members of the military and a really terrible position so I hope we don't get there but if we do many are are sending the message to members the US military in those who would play a role in carrying out this attack that if they do so they are potentially subject to war crimes prosecution and that Dave should refuse the order even though that might bring with it some consequences ONA hathaway professor of international law at Yale University. Thanks very much thank thank you so much. It's a tense time for undocumented immigrants in the US even more tense for parents. There's often no way for them to appoint a guardian for their children. If they're detained other states children have been taken inch custody of the stage and then they will be placed in foster care and foster homes so Rhode Island came up with a solution that still head. You're on the world I'm Marco Werman this is the world where a CO production of the BBC World Service W. Gbh Boston NPR rx. The events in Iraq and Iran have overshadowed another major military incident this weekend. Extremists attacked a US military installation on the Kenya. Somalia Malia border and killed three Americans. The world's Lima Conde is following the incident so extremist forces attacking US military base. It sounds a lot like what happened in Iraq last week but this is Kenya. What's going on so Iran does not have anything to do with this attack? The attack was by L. Shebab which is an extremist group in Somalia only a- and the group itself as well as the US military has acknowledged that al-shabaab was behind this attack. al-shabaab has a long history of attacking targets in the area area where the Kenya Defence Force based is located Even last January. They attacked an hotel and I ruby killing more than twenty people so they have a long history of waging attacks in Kenya and Somalia. I spoke with Matt bearden. Who is with the think tank Sahan that focuses on the Horn of Africa? He says Iran is not behind in dead. I think it's highly unlikely. There was any link between the killing of Caribbean Major General and the Shibata attack in Kenya primarily early because an attack of the kind that al-shabaab carried out on Mandalay Bay would have required significant planning preparation. Even just moving the forces into position would have predated the American air strike. So I really don't think these two issues can be linked late today the US Department of Defense released a statement agreeing that Iran is probably not involved in this attack however they did caution that Iran has been trying to increase its influence in the Horn of Africa region. Do we know why al-shabaab attack this base Marco that US military installation here is called camp. Simba it's partnered with a Kenyan military base here in Monterey Bay and the US has had this military presence there since about two thousand four according to AFRICOM which is the US's African command force for US military Terry in the region. US forces provide training and counter-terrorism to support Kenyan troops from this base the US also has an air force squadron based there. This makes Camp Simba a a prime target for Al Shabaab and we knew that this type of surprise attack on established military installations like forward operating basis was a routine tactic of theirs. So I think it's just a choice of Manda Bay being a joint Kenya. US Installation Zhang presumably a hard target. This is the surprise the. US has dramatically increased the number of drone attacks on Shebab militants in Somalia while the drone the strikes have diminished the group's ability to hold wide areas of land and certain parts of Somalia. It clearly hasn't stopped Al Shabaab from waging these deadly attacks both in and outside of Somalia So Halima House a US countering this well. That's what's interesting margot the. US currently has more than six thousand personnel serving on the entire continent but the US. I has signalled in the past two years that it will reduce US troops on the ground despite growing terrorism and both western Africa and the Sahara region even if the US does decrease the number of troops there is actually no sign that the other infrastructure is winding down in two thousand nineteen the US opened a new air force base in Nizhny air. I spoke with Adam more. WHO's a professor presser at Ucla who researches military contracting in Africa? Yeah so what you kind of tend to see is is the military having two different types of bases outside of Kampelman yeah They have grown facilities and then they have these facilities. That are more for special operations forces. both counterterrorism training with local partner And also then for operations the immediate response to the weekend strike that killed three Americans africom which is the US African Command. The region has sent a response force to Mandalay Bay to help. Secure that Airfield Halima Conde. Thanks very much thank you. Let's return to our top story today. The aftermath of the US US assassination of Iranian general. Hocine Silla money the mood between the. US and Iran has not been this tense in more than thirty years and we're seeing some ripple effects on our own boarders dozens of Iranian Americans have been questioned at ports of entry across the US. Iranian American. John Ghazvin was among them. He directs the Middle EA- center enter at the University of Pennsylvania. Thanks for being with US John So i WanNa talk with you about us. Iran relations. Because that's kind of your specialty at U. Penn but you had this run in at JFK airport yesterday yesterday. New York. You tweeted got taken to the special side room and got asked among other things how I feel about the situation with Iran. Can you describe what happened sure. I was coming back from Cairo and I was just asked to go to secondary questioning which was the first time that's happened actually mostly routine questions. It was very friendly very courteous. It was fairly quick Dustin a few minutes while I was asked How I feel about the situation which was a surprising question? I simply told him that. I didn't think that question was very relevant. Felt like a bit of political question. I didn't think it was a big deal so I just sent it. What I thought was very lighthearted tweet off woods about that and Twenty four hours later. I'm up to sort of thirteen thousand father. It's a bizarre. Yeah I mean. I hadn't anticipated that kind of response. To be honest. I feel it at the end of the day. I'm a US citizen. I don't feel like I'm under any kind of particular threat but I know that there are plenty of people out there who are having much more difficult goal situations. I mean your experience was pretty different from some of the other Iranian running Americans who were detained up to ten hours in southern border crossings. You responded to one concern sern person on twitter that again. There's nothing aggressive about the agents questioning so while I appreciate the concern really. I'm fine. No reason why I wouldn't be you wrote and yet I see the kinds of some people who were trying to cross from candidate into Washington state. One man voted saying that the experience conjured up images of Japanese interment camps. And he said it doesn't seem that farfetched fetched. How concerned are you by what these detentions across the country this weekend could lead to? Yes having heard about some of that I it is a little bit concerning. Yeah if I'm not mistaken. Some of those people are citizens as well so these things do help away of sometimes getting worse and of course. That's in the back of every person's mind who's Iranian Romanian or Iranian origin. In the United States. For sure is it in the back of your mind yes I think this is the thing that I think people forget. This isn't new for us. Hi this is always in the back of our heads for a number of years. Now it's been difficult to be around him in the United States or even running American during the hostage crisis in seventy nine eighty one new things were very very difficult for Iran. In the United States. I could easily see that happening again. I hope that doesn't try to remain optimistic. Well John Let me shift gears. Here's here because you. You are an expert on the history of you as Ron Relations At the Middle East Center there at the University of Pennsylvania so I can put the events of the last week into context force. What we've seen the last four or five days as a figure into the last forty years of fraught relations between the US and Iran? Yes I mean. Obviously since the revolution in nineteen seventy nine on the ensuing assuming hostage crisis Relations with Iran never been friendly. I mean broken off formerly in April one thousand nine hundred and never been restored. There's been a lengthy and I think a lot of people like to refer to the shadow war for forty years now but there have been moments. The United States actually made strenuous efforts to try to improve ties with Iran. Ronald Reagan came on the air in nineteen eighty-six and televised is the dress the nation and one of the things he said it's always stuck with me. As between Iranian and American basic national interests than need be no permanent conflict. We seek no territory territory or a special position in Iran. The Iranian revolution is a fact of history but between American and Iranian basic national interest. There need be no permanent conflict. We haven't heard a lot of American presidents since then Talking in those terms of terms what do you think. Many American listeners are just missing as they think about the current state of the relationship between the US and Iran to me one of the things that always stands out. Is I think people really miss understand about Iran is that the Islamic Islamic republic has a very very long history of calculated measured on strategic decision. Making though they are certainly ideological heavily so they are Not Wild eyed crazy radicals of the type. Who Don't make decisions in their own interests? They have a very very strong Survival you don't get to stay in power forty years yes with the world's great superpowers against you. If you're just kind of crazy hawk headed ayatollah. The deeply rational actors even though in a lot of times that Russian decision making it made an attempt to advance a certain ideological agenda John. Ghazvin Ian Directs the Center at the University of Pennsylvania. John Glad to hear your brief. The detention at the airport was not terribly eventful. And thanks for the interview. Thank you very much. The Department of Homeland Security has been busy following other directors including keeping tabs undocumented immigrants for those living in the US without proper documents the threat of deportation has always been real but has become even more intense under the trump administration restauration for parents. There's an additional anxiety fears about what could happen to their children if mom or dad or both are detained by immigration and customs enforcement as as the world's Rupa Shenoy reports people across the nation are scrambling for answers. Anything they look like any other family apply apply Maria showing me photos. There's her son at the beach that has versus she. Her husband and their two kids on vacation in Hampshire Thia then we will need to riding bikes pass out and of course baby pictures. They'RE GONNA be die you aw. When president trump took office Marie his daughter was six and her son was seven? People began to talk about trump's immigration policies. Maria heard about them on the news. The local prison started holding detainees for Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ice during the area began to avoid that whole side side of town. We're not using her last name because she and her husband are undocumented. Maria came to the US twenty years ago from El Salvador her husband's from Guatemala Allah. They worried about what would happen to their children. If they were caught by ice more you know the the suspect you can see who does not. Maria says she felt desperate even thinking about the possibility of being separated from her children. And not knowing what would happen to them. Usually when appearance detained or deported by ice their kids go into state custody state it welfare officials may place them with other family members or the kids may go into the foster care system then then we'll give him sputter games economical Maria. You wanted to make sure her children would be with someone they knew and trusted. So how does a parent do that. Turns out a lot of people have been asking that question question. It'd be honest. We did not have an answer at Lisa Ortiz. The appleseed network a nonprofit group that works on Social Justice issues they started looking into this in two thousand seventeen. We've thought at the time that it would be easy. We thought well you know what we'll do is we'll just gathered the forms. There must be forms right. We'll pull them together. We'll put them in a folder. We'll make them all and and we quickly figured out within a couple months was pretty much impossible. That's because chip. Laws can vary from state to state Ortiz says during the AIDS crisis crisis of the nineteen eighties and nineties. Some states set policies allowing parents to appoint a guardian for their child but only in the event of their death. A lot of things only only allow you to do if you're terminally ill and haven't diagnosis that you're going to die within a certain amount of time Ortiz. Says Moose States don't have laws in place that allow parents to appoint guardians in the event of their detention or deportation. She says there's no way to know the impact that's had how many children have ended ended up in the foster care system. We have been able to figure it out because a lot of places don't track it. Activists Lawyers and emigrants across the country have been trying to find solutions in Washington D. D. C.. They successfully pushed for emergency legislation to allow immigrant parents to appoint guardians for their children Maryland. New York pass bills to do the same came in Rhode Island. We knew basically what the scenario was. And we knew we had to invent it because it didn't easily fit within any of the existing guardianship substructures in Rhode Island Law. So we invented it attorney. Jennifer would of the Center for Justice in Providence. Got Together with other lawyers to create a six page packet kit of legal documents. That's been translated into Spanish and other languages parents can fill it out. Sign it and give it to the person they've appointed Guardian so they can claim the tile wood says. The parents can have the forms notarized but it isn't required. We're a very small state so we have those relationships so I just picked up the phone. That's that's a beautiful thing and that's not always able to occur elsewhere in larger states or even large metro areas. Would what speaks at gatherings like this one in the providence suburb but central falls. It's a tiny city. That's gone from majority White Majority Latino in one generation the learning community charter school has become an unofficial resource and community center. Unfortunately known as a person in other states it's children have been taken into custody stage and then they will be placed in foster care and foster volunteer translates in Spanish parents balanced babies on their laps and take notes would tell them. If they complete the guardianship forms state welfare officials will honor them. They don't want to pay for your kids. That's a good thing as long as someone has the documents they're going to leave. The school keeps copies of all. Its students documents. co-director Sarah Friedman says Moster from immigrant. Regret families kind of standoffish like well. Good luck with that horrible situation. You're going through. You wouldn't be nearly fifty attorneys here to help. Parents appoint went guardians. Friedman says some parents stay away from these sessions out of fear. It'll somehow tip off. Is the school's Administrative Manager Maria duquet Says they've done drills to prepare in case they do see ice officers around but the drills make her uneasy doesn't feel good doing that because it could be me wasn't documented for many years so I had to walk the same path that they are working right now and he's he's not easy easy Maria. The mother at the the beginning of the story lives here in Central Falls Rhode Island and her two children are students at learning community school. She came to one of the information sessions and she's appointed. Did her brother as her kids guardian if she and her husband or detained she knows they can be a handful though so she's also pointed a backup guardian a neighbor whose family when Maria told her son and daughter about her preparations. They weren't happy you are music caring. They begged her to never go. Go Away Maria says she tried to tell them that. Sometimes things happen that you can't control. They still don't understand but Maria says she feels better amid everything happening. She feels lucky to be in a place where she has helped to control. At least one thing the most important thing the safety of her children for the world. I'm Rupa she knew. In Central Falls Rhode Island. There's still lots going on outside of Washington in the Middle East. For example there was dramatic news out out of Venezuela this weekend for the past year president. Nicolas Maduro has been in a political standoff with one Guido the speaker of parliament there Guido. Also last last year declared himself the legitimate president of Venezuela but yesterday the Armed Forces surrounded the National Assembly building the parliament and blocked by dough from entering. It was a stunning scene. That is the actual moment when Guido attempted to scale a fence around the National Assembly yesterday a while wearing a well-cut blue suit they got to the top of the tall pointed iron gate but then security men pulled him down as a result a medusa supporter order was elected speaker inside parliament while Guido was later reelected by members of parliament outside really dramatic. Yefimov Zubiaga is head of the Venezuela Zoa Working Group at the American Society Council of the Americas. That's a nonprofit aimed at a better understanding of Latin America. I asked him if one Guido was still speaker of the Venezuelan wayland National Assembly or not. I believe so Michael. I think that he's position was so relevant because he was deemed as the only legitimate democratically chronically elected represent that leader of the institution which was a National Assembly and yesterday we have seen a lot of statements from the international community. Munity saying that. What occur yesterday was you know a sham election that it was impossible for the majority members of the opposition to get into parliament so so far I think Russia has been the only international actor that has accepted the results? I haven't seen what China has said. But you know the European Union. The United States of course also notably other countries in the region like Argentina and Mexico have denounced the procedures that happened yesterday. asked for a free and fair election in parliament. Where do you think the real power lies right? Now because Venezuela has two men claiming to be President Nicholas Nicholas Maduro and Juan Guido and also two men claiming to be speaker of the assembly and one of those is also one Guido. So where's the power. Well I mean and there's two two aspects of power one of course is the de facto power so that lies of Audie in the executive branch in the military. I mean we saw the military yesterday physically. Basically impeding the members of parliament from growing inside the parliament. So that's our right there. However there's the other side of power which is legitimacy international legitimacy and also seems to be increasing on Widodo size? So I know it's it's kind of like a mixed answer. But I think that way Dole has not been Terminally defeated and he may be weakening the fact that he does not have the actual building to preside over but I think that he's you know his recognition as the head of ourselves simply stays intact any fact he gained so more support than he had. There are a couple of surprising things for those of US outside Venezuela for one one. Guido don't has not yet been arrested. Now surprising is that to you. I think that's surprising. I mean I think he is still by far the most popular politician in Venezuela I think that he represents a big hope think he also represents as I said before the. He's the person that is recognized by the broader international community. So I think that's what stops the regime from going after him in a way that could further escalated this crisis and also I think that they are concerned the regime. They're concerned about what what could be the reaction of part of the military if way door Where to be arrested? The other surprising thing again is how Maduro has survived five for a year with the opposition with a respected leader by clamoring for him to leave. Yeah I mean I mean. They've used you know some of the most repressive impressive forms that we are seeing the world today. For example they are members of parliament who are disappear in hands of the state. They are members of parliament that have seen in jail torture. We've out a a trial there. Many many members of parliament who are in exile on. That's not to say about the other offenses. So I think I I mean we've seen a a very full-on open repression. Like the one we saw yesterday where there's actually military people stopping the head of Congress from entering the building. I think that you know. That's a new low for government that was already seen as a dictatorship so there's that and then the other parties of course you know the role of the international international backers that the regime has predominantly Russia and of course Cuba and to a lesser degree China. So it seems to me that Russia's not backing down their support for Originally when dad has been instrumental for him to stay in power Zubiaga head of the Venezuela working group at the American Society Council. All of the Americas thank you. Thank you mark appreciate it. That could be the sound of a courtroom door shutting over the latest case of music plagiarism. Every we so often these fights happen George Harrison and it's tuned my sweet Lord which was found to a subconsciously plagiarized from the Edwin Hawkins singers. And that's what emerged court or or Katy Perry's hit darkhorse which jury found to be a rip off of a Christian rap tune. Perry had to pay nearly three million dollars. In damages. Friday miley Cyrus and and Jamaican dancehall star floor. Gone were in court over this in that line right there in my lease we can't stop. We run things things. Don't run we. Okay here's floor guns track. We we run things. That line is composed of almost exactly the same words floor gone sayings things. No runway Miley. Highly Cyrus sings things. Don't runway otherwise the American and Jamaican songs are different it happens. There are all kinds of songs in the musical universe at share snippets of identical identify lyrics and it never becomes a legal problem. Express yourself one by Madonna and other different song by Charles Wright and the Watts one hundred third street rhythm band same same titles even coming back to the same words express yourself never went to court. The in the miley Cyrus Floor Gun case Jamaican artist. Whose real name is Michael may felt slighted and sued Cyrus Andrew Company Sony for three hundred hundred million dollars for copyright infringement? The parties aren't commenting but I'm guessing. A cultural line got cross. When Cyrus used the Pronoun we? Instead of us that's a common construction in Jamaican patois aware us or our get substituted by we as in come over to we house anyway. On Friday the lawsuit ended with an undisclosed payout. There is one other difference between Majlis and flag on songs slogans. We run things. Went to number one in Jamaica. We can't stop made it the number two in the states and you have to think it could have gone on to number one but was stopped by. Wait for it. Robin fix blurred lines later to show up in court for too closely resembling Marvin gays got to give it up. Thank you the world comes from the non and Bill Harris Studio at WBZ in Boston. Listen I'm Marco Werman and because we don't stop we'll be right back here tomorrow tell me things committing winter. We Will Win Beckel. The world is a CO production of W. G. B. H. Boston the BBC World Service and Pierre Ex

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