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Sometimes, our food is more than just food. It's part of our community. So this year discover is giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like Rodney. Scott Barbecue post office pies and hundreds more learn how you can show your support at discover dot com. Everybody, has a PODCAST, right? Every celebrity everyone knew at college. There are literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there and yeah, it's a bit of a mess. I'm nick cloth and my new show servants apart, we'll give you the most interesting and important stories in podcasting and I'll tell you why you should care. Listen to serve in a pod on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. All right. So listen guys, this is big news. You know I heard media's new black information network, be I N. it is the first and only twenty four, seven national audio service dedicated to providing news coverage with a black voice and a black perspective especially needed during these times. This is what I, really. Love, Bank of America recently signed on as one of the founding partners of the Black Information Network, and this is big. This is so big. It's a part of Bank of America's ongoing commitment to advance racial equality and economic opportunity now as. As. A FOUNDING PARTNER BANK OF AMERICA IS COMMITTED I say committed to help effect and sustains the Knicks significant change in racial equality they're going to be working with be I end to provide reliable news for the black community to learn more about America's one billion, dollar one, billion with a B. I said one billion dollar four year commitment to help drive economic opportunity health care initiatives and racial equality particularly for people and communities of Color. All you have to do is visit Bank of America Dot. com slash about. Thank you. Thank of America. This is some great information right here on the real. It is. I. Couldn't agree with you more I'm loving this. Thank you bank of America I. Love It. When the company step up like this, you know this is how you affect change. Thank you so much bank of America. We'll have more of the Steve Harvey Morning Show coming up at thirty three minutes after the hour. After this, you're listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show. Are you. Zoomed out. Netflix. Wants to many welcome to the Carlos. Watson show a brand new. TV. Show for Mazi. We did deep deepen real with Andrea. What would you done differently to actually have won the whole thing? Well, hung out with you a little bit more Sean, Spicer Saint, black lives, matter doesn't anyone's life better? They leave the bull, the doors, we bring you the conversations you need to hear to make sense of this crazy here. Join Me Carlos Watson on the Ozzy Youtube Channel, or listened to the podcast version on the iheartradio APP, Apple. PODCASTS or wherever. Wherever else. You listen pay 'em Carlos, Watson, I'm hosting a primetime talk show. Guess what? I'm not a white guy named Jimmy Hey with a global pandemic historic recession racial justice protests. Twenty twenty is not a joke. We need something more than late night comedians helped make sense of this craziness. Welcome to the Carlos Watson. Show look. It's going to be brand new deep conversations with everyone from now complied Walt Paris Hilton back again, join me Carlos Watson on the Ozzy Youtube. Channel or listen to the podcast version on the iheartradio. APP Apple podcasts or wherever else you listen.

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