President Trumps Comments On Jewish Voters Spark Controversy; American Institutes Of Education Are Going Off The Deep End


Swap them to the no spin news wednesday august twenty first two thousand nineteen. Take your country big story. Today is donald trump <hes> <hes> basically criticizing a liberal jewish americans who don't support him <hes> trump's thesis is fairly clear clear. He says he's done more than any other president and he has he's a big supporter of israel and he can't figure out why every jewish-american doesn't say okay. I'm gonna vote for you and so he said that in no uncertain terms for the tape. I can't believe we're even having this conversation. Where's the democratic party gun. Where have they gone where they're defending these people over the state of israel and i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat <hes> i think it shows either total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty okay now disloyalty. I guess is to israel see this is what the president does all time he's not as precise in his language language as he might be so some people could say that would be disloyalty united states no because you you're entitled to vote for who you want to vote at four but disloyalty to israel you can have that debate because donald trump is very pro israel move the capital jerusalem he protects them <hes> <hes> and all that so the liberal jewish groups and that's most of jewish americans are liberals so the groups the organized groups immediately mmediately attack donald trump. This is from the jewish democratic council of america. Put it on the screen read it. <hes> this is yet another example donald trump continuing to weapon is and politicize anti semitism the time when anti semitic incidents have increased due to the president's and bowling of white nationalism awesome trump is repeating antisemitic trope. That's just foolish in dishonest <hes> for that person to say that nothing about white nationalism that has anything to do with israel and the allegation is false and defamatory so we know aware that organization the jewish democratic council america's coming from just counted all right. Here's another one this is from the american jewish committee. Now the very liberal group quote up president american jews like all americans have arranged political views your assessment of their knowledge or loyalty based on party preferences divisive disrespectful and a wo- comple- stop okay so that's not quite as crazy as the other one but again i think the president was talking about when he said great disloyalty not it looks like he's talking about israel but i don't know and this is the problem and i'll lay this out in the united states trump upcoming book the donald trump yes shoots from the lip but he's not as precise in his language as he needs to be to forestall all this kind of stuff not that he would ever forestall it now the issue itself. I've talked to many enormous enormous donors to liberal causes and the democratic party who are jewish. I'm not gonna tell you their names that wouldn't be right of me to they do but they all say the same thing that my legions to america so we have a pro israel president but i think he's hurting america erica. I'm a vote against got a good meal segment of final thoughts on education in america versus announcement. You have been hearing about gold old all over the news prices. Keep going up. Experts are warning. A recession is here. It's time to prepare recent analysts. This week says he sees all all going up hundreds of dollars per house to hit seventeen hundred. That's why i recommend you check out the hartford gold group to learn more to get that you started the hartford. Goal group will give you a free silver coin. If you're watching the news you can get the free coin from the hartford cold group no purchase purchase necessary all you have to call eight seven seven four four four g._o. L. d. gold eight seven seven four four four goal. Please call call today. 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I am simple man as you know that's what i do <hes> <music> casey and other concierge memory in a lot of concierge members than i hear the attacks on president trump day in day out just imagine how he has his family feel with your book cover this yes we do the united states have trump how the president really sees america will deal with the attacks ax on him in a very methodical fact-based way out september twenty four th you can pre-order it on bill o'reilly dot com tom amazon barnes and noble preorder. You get it i. I'm gonna. I'm gonna break some rules and i'm gonna get you. The united states trump before four <unk>. They hate this. The publisher hates this. I'm gonna get you a few days before he's gonna do it. What can they do to me anyway. <hes> so preorder trump arthur for many will burrow new hampshire. We saw you in connecticut and boston awesome. Few years ago heard you were coming to boston october. Will you be giving out information on tickets. Yes arthur. 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Insurance roadside assistance discounts on hotels and travel cell. Oh phone plans discount dental plans and on and on and on and on so please join more than one million fellow americans right now now at amac dot u._s. amac dot u._s. and yes. I am a member visit amac dot u._s. Amac dot u._s. All right here's the final vote of the day <hes> so we went over to columbia university thing where dean is basically saying trump is no good and the university of posted on its website if you were <hes> a dean teaching colombian said brazil bomb is no good and you you wrote an article that tried to get a website. They never put it on a website. You'd be fired. They'd find a way to get rid of you. That's fashion. That's against freedom of of expression against. I spend all day long. You know what's going on. You know the fascism you know the violation of freedom of expression you know you as the parents and grandparents if you have kids on their way to college all right. You have to know what's happening on their campus. I would never send my children. I don't have grandchildren if i ever get him to columbia university okay. They're not going there now. Coney tony l. nicole brown not going to u._c. Berkeley than i call on. I'm not paying even student schools villanova and georgetown. I've taken a far-left. You are left. Term is all about the school president if the president. Let's loons run wild everybody's infected. I want my kids to get a good education not indoctrination. This is a very serious problem in america and he could only be solved by parents and grandparents ain't enough. We're not going to send our kids to these places. University missouri got hurt a few years ago. When the wild far left professor her attacked a photographer and the university into any bat that hurt so we have to band together and say enough no more indoctrination. That's fine thought we'll see more.

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