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If you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash welcoming to outside the lines on jason fitz. Today did a front office without a g._m. Mortgaged org is the texans future and which n._f._l. Teams are better in love with but first a developing story out of dallas where another day closer to the cowboys starting their season against the the giants but the big contract news out of dallas. This morning wasn't what most people expected right tackle. Leo collins signed to a megadeal that ensures. He's going to stay with the cowboys for the the next six years and it's been reported the deal will make him a top five paid right tackle in the n._f._l. Now we all know we can't talk cowboys and contracts without saying the words zeke elliott i'm. I'm pretty sure that's a law now so it's being reported zeke has left kabo and is headed to dallas to give us the latest in the zeke saga were joined by e._s._p._n.'s ed werder cowboys headquartered in frisco texas so ed. What's the latest with ezekiel. Elliott will jason. I got a text a short time time ago from a source who told me quote this is not done. They're serious work still remaining now. Jason garrett and his coaching staff are involved in their game planning meetings for sunday's home home opener against the giants. If elliot is signed before tomorrow's practice that means he could be a full participant in all three workout specific to playing the giants and on his weekly radio. Oh show owner jerry jones said of those game planning meetings. We are working with the people that we have out here now and the ones that we know are going to be on the field. That's how we're we're preparing. It'll be great will be and would be great. He said if before a short period of time passes that zeke would be in that group but again a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations actions between the cowboys and elliott did tell me today that the sides are now working well together but again said there is serious work remaining and another source believes jason that agreement is imminent that person characterized negotiations by saying. I think this happens today or tomorrow virtually no chance in my mind. It doesn't get done this week. Well we heard that conversations intensified saturday than sort of broke down on sunday. Why is this such a teeter totter in these talks. Well you know in in the n._f._l. Deals of this magnitude jason. It's it's not usually the overall contract value that the issue it's in all the fine details and and in the case like this it would be about you know the guaranteed money not only the amount but how it's vested what guarantees that money and by what date going forward the cowboys would be maintained some flexibility and quite honestly another issue given the fact that ezekiel elliott has been suspended before and that as recently as this off off season he was up in new york meeting with commissioner roger goodell about another potential disciplinary matter is the forfeiture language as pertains to guaranteed money. Should there be another issue. Issue regarding misconduct off the field obviously last week jalen smith linebacker gets a megadeal today as we said earlier collins gets a megadeal. There's only so much money to go around around so how do these contracts affect dak prescott with his well talking to jerry and stephen throughout the process beginning thing in training camp. They made a point of saying you know we've got a salary cap management plan in place and so they've made certain allocations wins expectations are all projections at this point as to what they're going to be paying certain players jerry jones after he signed jalen smith said look it's more important than it's ever been given the talent that we have and the young players who are coming up on contracts that we wanna keep that we do our best job ever of negotiating these contracts and managing this cap so while they might say that there's less money now you know for ezekiel elliott dak prescott amari cooper the three players that they really wanted signed before the season season began. The fact of the matter is they've already made allocations and signing. One player is not going to impede their ability to sign their quarterback their best receiver starting running back. Eh what's the significance of the fact that so many of these negotiations with jalen smith collins dak. All of these negotiations have been so quiet compared to the negotiations with z well the cowboys have done a magnificent job of you know creating a lot of attention on one player and we've all been distracted by that that player being zeke elliott because he's the only one is not here and he's the only one that had assigned to get on the field on sunday. Everybody else was ready to play and dak prescott. I expect he's going to be paid a a significant sum of money as it relates to quarterbacks. They said they're willing to pay him in the top five <hes> and so whether that deal gets done i think remains to be seen there is the the possibility that dak prescott is gonna play out the season on his rookie contract now that there's a gamble he's taking there to make just two million dollars this year when he could get you know forty fifty fifty sixty million dollars guaranteed i mean if he doesn't play well if the team doesn't perform if he gets injured all of that could affect negotiations going forward so there would be a significant get risk that he would be accepting but i'm telling you make so much money off the field that the two million dollars he makes on his cowboy salary is something he's easily able to balance out with with his opportunities as cowboy's quarterback off the field in regards to zeke and being able to come in and contribute. I know you said earlier. They expect to be quick and easy for him but kelly moore is a new offensive coordinator. What's the impact of a new offense on a player. That hasn't been around for training camp. He was here for all of the off season workout program in the minicamps. My understanding based on conversations with members of the coaching staff is they've provided elliott film anna playbook so he's been able to keep mentally aware of what's going on obviously been in kabul. He's been apparently working out with marshall faulk. A hall of fame running back and their expectation is based on the fact that he returned after a six game suspension in two thousand seventeen and was instantly successful unable to play right away is that this will be very short transition and if if he comes in sometime in the next forty eight hours they'll be able to get something out of him in the game on sunday. That's the latest directly from dallas as always we appreciate your insight. Thanks for joining us my friend. You bet the cowboys don't get to have all of the phone when it comes through dramatic n._f._l. Storylines the texans who fired general manager brian gained back in june made some major trades this weekend that have some people scratching their heads remembered today. Cloudy went to the seahawks after a contentious summer of franchise tag negotiations and then when the team traded two first round picks and a second rounder to the dolphins for star left tackle army tunsil and wide receiver kenny stills texas head coach bill o'brien and defended the move. These moves were part of a plan something that was well thought out. It's been a lot of time on it and tried to execute the plan to help us break it all down. We're joined by aaron wilson houston chronicle aaron. Thanks for the time. Bill brian just said there's a plan. What was your reaction when you first heard about these trades right when i first learned the trades. I thought that this was something that bill o'brien had one too aggressively they accomplish and it carried out his plan when you look at it today and cloudy whatever reason bill o'brien did not want him here. There were problems at the beginning of his career career with work ethic durability. I thought he erased those concerns but not to the bill ryan and not to the point where they would value them enough to pay him the way he wanted to be. You paid in that khalil mack aaron donald demarcus lawrence frank clark kind of elite category so they had this major disconnect on a contract extension in the talks hawks went nowhere and then they decided to just basically unload him. I thought they gave up a lotta draft capital. I think it's a win right now. Approach and it's is kind of what you would expect when you have a coach. That's trying to win right now versus. When you have a general manager they take more of a pragmatic big picture planning signing two three four years down the road in terms of cap management future draft picks what those draft class for like yes. They did analysis no. He doesn't do it all by himself. If he has a team he has jack. Easterby has chris olsen. He has james lipford and he has met bazargan to help him with these things. It's not like that's all he does is work doc trades but he's heavily involved and he has all the authority has as much authorities anyone the n._f._l. Short of bill check and this is kind of you know the move what they've done and this has been going on for months where they have been aggressive and are trying to make changes you know a lot of people say they gave up too much coach for the laremy tunsil kenny stills trade and then get enough back for jadeveon clowney. I'd say it's a fair assessment but if it works on the field and learn console finally you have that elite left tackle to protect the shawn watson to them. It will be worth it and their opinion is what matters in this they're not concerned earn about outside perception or anything like that there essentially just looking inward and staying focused and trying to get ready for the saints game but they have a lot of moving parts and they've got. You know these guys ready for that game. Well air new said he's got several people bill o'brien head coach to help him but who's who's supposed to hold them accountable like a typical g._m. Would to make sure he's not leveraging the future of the organization right. I mean he talks the owner kalmyk near a callous signs off and all of these things but in terms of the usual checks and balances is when you have that push pull no you don't have that. You have obviously people that are like it's a dictatorship. I mean people can disagree with him but ultimately he has the final final say so it's just like any other place where one person has final say one person doesn't he has that authority so but yeah if there's something major of course she asked run it by cal mcnair the son of the late bob mcnair and their chairman and chief operating officer when you look at the way it works yeah bill o'brien they're giving him all the trust and they're saying bill you run. It and we trust you to do it. Obviously all work out or the pressure on him. Intensifies defies. We've been through two general managers ric smith brian gain now. Essentially you operate as a facto general manager without that title aaron. Thank you so much from the inside from houston. We appreciate your time next. Rejoin us. Thanks for having me. It's an interesting situation for the texans to be in because frankly the texans not only signed laremy tunsil not only tracfone but they had not yet signed him coming up next. I'll bet you can't guess through. The gamblers are hot on going into the n._f._l.'s opening weekend. You're going to be surprised what you might find find out. We'll tell you about it next. When it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot dot com post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsored jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash outside. That's indeed dot com slash outside terms conditions and quality standards apply outside. The lines is brought to you by john no order online in track. Your order gets caught up on some stuff. That matters team u._s._a. Survived a major scare earlier today. It's feeble world championship game against turkey. Chris middleton hit a pair of free throws with two point one seconds remaining overtime to secure the forty fifth consecutive win for the u._s. In world cup and olympic play turkey had a chance to ice the game but missed four free throws with nine seconds left in the extra period. Jason tatum sent the game into overtime hitting two or three free throws after getting fouled on a three point attempt with one tenth of a second left in regulation. He sprained his left ankle at the very end of the game had to be helped off the court next up for the u._s. Japan on thursday remember better to be lucky than good. Jamaica's famed reggae girls are on strike three months after becoming the first caribbean team to participate anticipate in the women's world cup. The jamaicans women's national soccer team is on strike claiming they have not been paid. Midfielder codija shaw said via instagram. The strike is not about the money. It's quote about change in the way. Women's football is viewed. Also purdue will open its new tyler gate at ross ade stadium prior to this saturday's game against vanderbilt tyler. You may remember the beloved produce superfan who gained national final attention for his devotion to the team during his battle with a rare form of bone cancer. He was even named a team captain for the ohio state game. Last season trent died in january from the aziz the one hundred n._f._l. Season finally gets underway thursday night with the divisional match up between the packers and bears its it's soldier field the failings ear favorite team or a distant memory now and all of the realism you had back in january about how good your team really is has been washed away by the hope created needed from free agency draft and even training camp. Luckily for us the gambling experts. Don't see the league or your favorite team through fan glasses. So are the browns for real real. Are the dolphins going to take. Who is the a._f._c. favorite. Let's get a breakdown from a professional david purdham writer for e._s._p._n. Chalk joined in his david. Thanks for the time with week one upon us for the n._f._l. And given how little preseason action starters actually got how how actual professionals handle week one. It's difficult everybody is trying to figure out the market. <hes> the sports books overall when september have done tremendously it is their most profitable month of the regular football season as everybody just tries to figure out exactly how good or bad these teams are so. How do you evaluate new new coaches like matt leflore and green bay that we have no proof of concept with again. It's tough. It's not easy. The odds makers are looking got it <hes> trying to do their best to ave look at aaron. Rodgers still have him in the fold. The packers are probably a second tier third-tier favorite to win the super bowl <hes>. Everybody's just try and kind of playing a guessing game right now. Usually the boot makers have had the advantage in september so early early. Betting action typically comes from fans that are just casual. We'll better as we get closer to the season. It becomes more professionally based. So when do those scales tend to tip the pub- budding public always overwhelms the amount of money wagered by the professional bettors they make up probably five ten percent at max of the total <unk> handle about in <hes> but when the odds start took to tighten up later in the season and that happens in november december <hes> you start seeing the sports books winning percentage they just go down <hes> you start seeing more sharp money in the markets at that time and less public and that may be because <hes> the public right out of money in the first two months so oh. I think it's interesting <hes> on the article you have on e._s._p._n. Dot com you mentioned the bears the most bets place to win the super bowl but the chiefs had the most money but what does that mean well it means the larger bets are on the chiefs. Larger bets are on the chiefs and the patriots at most books. Those are the two top favorites you throw the saints in that top tier as well whenever you have teams with low odds six two one five to one like the chiefs and the patriots you're going to attract your larger bets and a larger bets at this zayn get into the five figure range a ten thousand dollar bed or so some of the longer odds teams <hes>. You usually get smaller pets now. The browns owns <hes> on the other hand have really seen overflow of money interest on there. They had ten beds but thousand dollars or more at m._g._m. Sports books in nevada including an eight thousand dollar bet bet their odds dropped from twenty two one two eight two one to win the super bowl so if you have a public darling or a public bathing favorite that may be the browns right now and the article states bookmakers will get killed. If the browns win the super bowl explain why well they have a lot of liability again when a team starts off off it's twenty two to one and you start taking several vets that size that adds up pretty quickly now the books are going to have a whole season to mitigate that liability in work their odd so they can attract on other teams <hes> but right now there is a serious liability in fact the new jersey sports book points bet so this is the largest liability hi ability. They faced on any teams and started offering last year jersey. So what do you take away from the fact that right now. There haven't been many bets placed on the rams. That was a little surprising to me. I mean those everybody is back for that team a team that made the super bowl one at the new orleans <hes> in the n._f._c. z. championship game you figure that the talent is still there and they would have attracted some money but they just haven't <hes> one bookmaker. Vata says he can't buy that on on the rams no matter what really does you've seen their odds drop back to fifteen to one a team that was in the super bowl last year is back in the back behind the browns behind the bears flew surprising listen to me so what particular prop stand out to you going into week one the b._p.'s been allowed generate a lot of interest interesting year <hes>. It's one of the first years nevada sports books have offered the second or third year <hes> and the bears quarterback mitchell trubisky actually got a lot of in early interest interest. He opened up at fifty to one at caesars sportsbook. He got all the way down to around. Fifteen twenty two watt at some places twenty also happens to be the same around. Is tom brady so hugh mitchell trubisky and tom brady the same odds that sound a little weird. That's the doubt to me david. Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate you. We all get ready for week. Run coming up one of the best college football minds of e._s._p._n. Said something. I absolutely disagree with it. You'll hear it. We're going to debut a new segment. We'll tell you what's wrong with the next. Your home is important. That's why geico helps make it easy to save on condo insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you took minimalism yeah melissa too far because there's only one chair in your entire condo in your only entertainment is one card not even a deck of cards but a single cart and all your guests have to share one plate and one fork but you're convinced winced less stuff means more freedom. The geico insurance agency could help protect the overly minimalist broom closet you call home call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on condo insurance re-taped serve you three million. We record almost every televised sporting event every day around the world. We've protects the history of the company history of sports. We got all september seventh nineteen seventy-nine. Where are the tapes of that i event. We have no idea where they are it back sportscenter following the afternoon u._s. Open quarter-finals with kevin gandhi keith olbermann kill covers from rushing in preview serena's match plus kirk herbstreit looks at the big l._s._u. Texas showdown saturday night and how can the cowboys is closed the deal with ezekiel elliott sportscenter six eastern on e._s._p._n. And e._s._p._n. App and the u._s. women's national team. Victory tour continues tonight eight on e._s._p._n. Two in the e._s._p._n. App when they take on portugal the lions field in saint paul minnesota eight eastern five for civic for all your soccer needs checkout e._s._p._n. Is p n._f._c. on e._s._p._n. Plus every day. Paul finebaum was on. I take on monday in discussing the potential for notre dame football and he said something even is a joke that is significant. I think they could be ten into but they are not going back to the plasma and frankly they should never be allowed back to the playoffs after their embarrassing loss last year the clemes and they should be given a five year probation. We talked to paul this morning on winco lingo and everyone understands what he said is largely ingests regarding notre dame but it's important to clarify this. The college football playoff committee has one job and one the job only to pick the four best teams every year to make the playoffs. I've sat in the committee's room for a mock exercise to experience what this is like and believe me. It's not easy why why because best isn't clear it's variable shirt you might think best meets conference champions but someone else might think it means body of work throughout the season while another person might might say it means the eye test and the maddening part. Maybe everybody is both right and wrong. You're sure you haven't figured out but those the person sitting next to you who sees it completely differently differently. Here's what i know at the end of the day. The toughest part of the committee's job is to live in a vacuum. They shouldn't care about the logo on the helmet the popularity of a program t._v. ratings how fans travel or anything else to be honest. I believe they genuinely don't care about those things but the notre dame conversation is a real powerful reminder that they also should not care about history ever in finance. You often hear the phrase. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Remember that phrase when we as the media fans of the college i football community are judging. The performances of this season. Best doesn't have anything to do with last year the last five years this coming year. It doesn't mean most deserving. It means teams simply this. These kids in this year have accomplished what it takes right now to be not just good but great if the committee is doing their job. The only context they should need is the context of these kids. Give them right now. That'll do it for today's. They'll tell don't forget you can check me up. I hang on every saturday morning on countdown to game maria taylor david pollack in the e._s._p._n. The app do that eight thirty eastern every saturday n._f._l. Live is up next with the latest on ezekiel elliott. Thanks for hanging out with us. We've been not yelled have a fantastic weekday.

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