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This is Ron Burgundy and I hope everyone is having a great morning enjoying the great weather with a Little Cup of Joe. Actually I can't fake it today. I don't know what to say. I all right well just just received some news before walking into the studio. Today I wish I could say was good news but no it's pretty dark to be honest and not funny dark like Lenny Bruce Sir or when a kid falls down. It's just it's just dark and full of despair. What's going on okay? I'll just say it. I got some results back back from Dr. Oh my God wait run have an announcement. I have a cavity Abadi. What is wrong with you yes? Of course I'm scared. I mean why me if it if it had to happen to anyone why not Carolina because I brush my teeth excuse me I brush my teeth. I'm not an animal well. You have to brush twice a day so do do you brush choice today. Okay Carolina Chair lays nice. Try It wasn't born. Do you mean you weren't born yesterday. Let's listen. I'm not trying to trick you. If you have to brush twice a day brush your teeth would do. I brush my teeth yeah. When everyone else does on holidays you only brush your teeth on holiday? Not all holidays I mean presidents day isn't really a holiday is so so during Christmas or New Year's I I put on some Nice slacks. I brush the mustache with my ivory comb and I brushed my jumpers. It's the holiday so you WanNa do it up and sometimes I forget. I'm not perfect. This is the smell of your breath bother you being the smell of rare steak aged whiskey no Carolina that doesn't doesn't bother me just like the smell of top ramen and cold brew Coffee Must Not Bother you take it easy done. Your teeth hurt. They felt fine ain't like normal teeth with the texture of wool and then out of nowhere. I felt a pain as sharp as the thunderbolt. So I went to the doctor. You went to your doctor. Yes then he referred me to a specialist. You mean a dentist. Who Care Are you? Are you a cavity survivor as well. I wouldn't call myself a survivor but yeah Kevin wicked webs we weave. I think we should move on all right. What are we doing today if anything well we're definitely doing something today and that's that's why we're here in the studio where you're actually interviewing Clayton Kershaw? Oh right okay today. We have Clayton mm Kershaw the famous Croatian circus clown no no wait. I didn't how many Clayton Kershaw are there. I'm talking about the dodgers Pitcher Carolina Carolina. I specifically asked you. I think I asked you upwards of fifty thousand times to get Clayton Kershaw the Croatian circus clown he travels through Croatia sure in a wagon led by mules. That's what he wanted to interview for. The millions time yes I mean does a baseball pitcher even know anything about Croatia. I'm not sure I mean maybe we just. Let's stay off the topic of Croatia and might not make sense to ask about it. I Yeah I know but I when I think of Clayton Kershaw. I'm going to think of CRATIA. Just keep thinking about baseball baseball questions so he's a baseball player for the Los Angeles dodgers. Oh yes Clayton Kershaw that clinkers Oh he's outstanding. You're very familiar. Very familiar can't wait to talk to him. Pat In fact we will talk to him right right after these messages I'm called Ron Burgundy and I wanna tell you about something. That's truly changed my life but I i WanNa tell you about coors light. It was born in the rocky mountains established in nineteen seventy eight the rockies as they are known by the locals are America's greatest mountain range. These mountains can take a weeks to traverse by stagecoach of course most of travel by automobile. Oh Bill now on the stage. Coach of your has faded from time like proper grooming and good manners we may never know the tranquility of a stagecoach ride through the rocky mountains but thanks to modern times now wherever you are you can kick back snap open a coors light marvel at those the Big Blue Mountains on the can and chill. It's probably as close as we can get to stagecoach life celebrate responsibly twenty-nine Nineteen Coors Brewing company Golden Colorado and welcome back to the Ron Burgundy podcast podcast. We are very excited to have here in the studio with us from the Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Clayton welcome to the podcast. Thanks are appreciate it Carolina. Yes they're excited Clayton Kershaw so excited I just learned about baseball right and and Ron walked me through a game clean your lefty. I'm a lefty. Were you always a lefty. Yes whole time the whole time whole time never ever thought about switching to right. I thought about it but it just didn't work didn't work not work now. Does that give you an upper hand. you know there's less of us so it's a little bit more. Unorthodox definitely helps a little a bit sure. The left-hander is very valuable in major league baseball. Yes yes but there are no left added third baseman now or catchers. Are you a lefty wrong yeah right lefty so you didn't play third base I did you did that's why we lost every game that I could make the throw across the diamond muscle read while you're on third base I did I would read. I'd have a paperback novel base. I mean you have to. It's kind of a boring game if you're if if you're not paying attention to her sure absolutely the action. Is You know intermittent at best yeah you're right. I WANNA write that. I'm glad I fit that word. In intermit- It was a day try to fit in to my language and you were saying ardently ally says ardently like Thirty Times yesterday pretty weathered whether it fit or not it was very intermittent. Did you play last night. We did yeah we played in. Who did you guys we play the mets? It's New York met okay and we one was eight to five and were you at home or were you in New York we were in. La Okay yes we are home it. How would the mets this year honestly? I don't know what the records I think they're okay because you don't care right you. Just play your game. Just play the go down there yeah. They're good team. I think they'll be all right right. Yeah what How many innings did you throw six? I didn't throw very well Ron. I had a rough game. Oh really yeah I wasn't super great. Thanks for asking yeah no good. We did did well main point. When you don't have a game that you feel great about? How how were you able to just forget about it right yeah? It's tough you know but as a starting pitcher sure play once every five days so you got like four days to think about it and get back at the fifth day so what's your advice to players whatever age in highschool medal medal squads will have a rough day exactly well it's going to happen. I think you know everybody's going to have their bad days in baseball right but I think more than anything it's just about how you go about out and then it'll baseball's a lot about how you handle failure failure in baseball so it's really important to be able to compartmentalize that and go from there and you you have a son so in your son gets older super hard on him good. I told him the pressure on turn up the heat. Let them know got a lot to live up to. That's good yeah. I like that no I just I just wanted to have fun. You know I just as long as he's loving baseball. He can play once but what if he's like dad sorry I like badminton. I like leather bound books. He enjoys that'd be great. In fact. I have some leather bound books around here somewhere also have a loaf of bread it is that's my lucky loaf of sour there that says listeners. There's a there's a giant loaf of sourdough bread when Aladdin would bite into a soured on the cartoon. I don't remember that scratched that you don't care make it count okay. We've got Clayton. Kershaw here ain't brought a future hall of Famer and and you bring up Aladdin and the bite into the bread and he's about to leave. You're not gonNA leave right okay. We'll get back to Let me ask you this because what's the worst the city to play baseball in. What's the place you hate the most? I don't know if I can answer that. sure go ahead. Let let me I'll throw some names out all right. You can just either either all Nodar Cleveland. It's it's not my favorite yeah. It's okay rock and Roll Hall of fame. Yeah Yeah you guys don't play in Cleveland ever do very rarely okay yeah Milwaukee. I like Milwaukee. Oh yeah sleeper city. I'm in sleeper yeah. MM Albany is their professional team in Albany can never been oh the Miami. It's it's a fun city pretty bright. The team's not great right now so the fan atmosphere lacks a little bit like there's no one there not a lot now. What would you say like a thousand people understands? It feels like that. It really does can you. You guys can hear individual fan. It is way worse when there's less people because you can hear the the use sucks way more like that's what I've heard. I heard I heard someone was saying that professional ballplayers. You can never acknowledge anything that the fans say to you. You're right but if you do they'll know you can hear them. Yes sometimes you can't help it. Some of it's so funny around with well. Some of them do their research. They know your wife's name. Your kids names yeah. I mean they know where you're born. You know they know anything that wikipedia a has they'll find it and say it and you gotTa give them a little credit. They've done the research. I just appreciate a good old. You know you suck. I mean that's just arts yeah. That's good. You can't fight that. Say Thank you and move on you. Appreciate the fact that there is tough fans as you would want it dodger stadium exactly right I. I hope we give it. Give it right yeah. Give it back. You've you've won three Cy. Young awards is that correct not as correct who is cy young does is anyone know gives a pitcher okay and then in my research shows me into in two thousand eleven you one baseball's pitching triple crown. What what is is that exactly wins wins versus losses? Yes E. R. A. and strike outs strike outs so you were the league leader in all all three of those and then that next year in twenty twelve did you just did you bragged everyone. All the other opposing players like triple crown on winter last year everybody I saw I just kind of wrote it on my forehead. I mean you've been described throughout your career as the best pitcher in baseball. Do you ever just just scream that. If people like if you can't get into you know chillies Friday night sorry Mr Khuda scream at the hostess. I'm the Best S. Pitcher in baseball absolutely great borrow that for Chile's by the way it's Clayton. You can't just yell that well I'm now going to. I say I know the best pitcher in baseball. You can say that. Give me a booth yeah. You know what I like about Chile's though is they. They don't play favorites so you say well yeah and you GONNA wait. The fifteen minutes like everybody else can not fault Chili's for that. That's right. They don't play they. Only democracy laughed in Chile's. I agree yes. Yes let me ask you this. What's it like to be a dodger with all that baseball history? It's awesome. It's gotta be it's Great. I love it one of the story franchises in based not on baseball but all sports so cool when you put that uniform on do you do you sometimes wet your pants. I do yeah okay yeah. I mean it's so many cool people that have been part of the dodgers. That's really special. I take of all of them burt Hooton who else mostly Burt Hooton yes all of them Doug Rau. I haven't heard Doug Doug Rau burt hooton. who Benk Boom Wrong Ron name signed. Here's here's something that always drives me crazy. I don't think Sandy Colfax gets enough credit four. No hitters a perfect game all this well being the first and last Jewish woman ever to pitch in the big leagues wise is that overlooked it should not be I mean no one brings that up. Nobody there's there hasn't been a female pitcher in baseball before or cents and and and this lady have you ever seen a picture of I can't say that have you might wanna just google that. Check that out okay yeah anyway. I just don't know why why people don't make a bigger deal. I agree about the fact that Sandra Colfax amazing player one of my favorites even though I don't know I couldn't pick her out of a lineup if I had to if they said to me Sandy Koufax is down the building. I'd be really nervous and I say where's she what sort of sandy raise your hand now. Is it true that your your great uncle discovered the planet Pluto very true. Yes Clyde Tombaugh Clyde really was he really pissed when they said poodle isn't a planet he the family was sure. We've got a lot of you know we. We haven't for those listeners. Clayton's great uncle was assuming an astronomer or astrophysicists or something yeah he discovered Pluto and be great if he's just an insurance and he's just going to call it Pluto there you go he discovered Pluto he did and then when they said it was not a planet devastating to the all my mom's Masoum Tombaugh family devastated went crazy this yes. I think it's mean to take back. I think it is too yeah who who gets the authority on planet maiming or finding you know what's the governing body that can take that away so they think that Pluto's just a ball of inert gas. Ask Don't laugh Ron Ron dinner guest after after ate at Chili's okay I was waiting for that. One good okay got that joke in that was good. I mean when you retire. Do you feel like you need to discover for a planet I would love to. I don't know I feel like everything's I mean when you're out of baseball. What is Clayton Kershaw? I think he's GonNa do can I can. I maybe help you out with the PODCAST I ron. Oh my God I would love it. I think I'll positions are both our final think I can be an intern. non-paid work your way up from the bottom right great. I'll pay my dues learn. The craft of podcasting round constantly threatens to replace me so I'm just I really won't take the job that I gotta ask you this so Carolina. You may not know this but the dodgers are in the National League. Yes and the pitchers in the National League have to hit where the sad sack American league. They don't have to hit. What's called a designated hitter? What do you enjoy hitting as a pitcher? I love taking batting practice okay so that's fun because you get to hit. Maybe a home run in batting practice and it's really fun but then when it comes to the game yeah that's more difficult. It takes you out of your rhythm mm-hmm well. It's just it's hard. Yeah hittings like really hard like the hardest thing to do in sports in my opinion and I don't practice a lot it and it's facing guys that throw really hard. It's just hard. It's hard to do bad practices fun. They throw right there for you right down Broadway and as I say beautiful all stadiums you get to be a kid again no pressure. It's awesome. Do you ever yelled at the opposing pitcher like hey just come on. Throw it throw easy and also easy on you no because then I have to throw easy to them and that's no fun. I gave up a hit to a pitcher yesterday. Oh Jeez you get you get rid in the clubhouse for that. Do I do I. I told you I had a rough game yesterday. Note for our listeners. The game referenced by Clayton Kershaw took place in May not in the fall when this this podcast is Eric therefore if there's any confusion that's what happened. The game happened earlier in the season. Thank you for your patients. It's fake you back Jacob degrom didn't he used a beautiful flowing locks of hair he did he. He cut it off. I don't know why I trust me if you've got a luscious mane of hair don't don't get rid of it because once it's gone. There's a good chance it's never coming back could enough sometimes it grows. I never cut my hair never grows. It's the same links all the time. Let's just say genetic imperfection. Oh my God I was born with this. Yes as a baby baby yes had selling saying the doctor was like this one good just kid. How many dodger dogs have you had in one sitting? I wanted to join the hotdog eating contest. I think I would do well but I think two is probably the most I've had one sitting. Did you ever want to meet Kobayashi Ashi. Yes the the professional doug eater I do. That's amazing. He's it. What did he eat sixty years later? Yes Amazing Carolina Hot Doug View Eaten today in general. I've eaten three or four hotdogs. There's nothing I don't know what it is about a dodger dog you eat it fast enough. Your body can't tell you your fall and that's their slogan you really do. I sometimes I'll oh go to an all you can eat Sushi and just sit there for six hours can kick you out. I put a do not disturb sign at my table and they get pissed. Took me. It's pretty crazy yeah and I'll just point to their sign. All says all you can eat not at a time limit. Don't call yourself all you can eat they've taken you out and you've been literally punching in the air just dragged out by LAPD but gosh darn it if I didn't eat two thousand dollars worth of Sushi Yeah Great Great Sushi no but you Kansas the city of a lot of times I'll go to the places with the health code rating yeah I because they're happy to have me. They'll let me stay as long as one so bad the minor leagues. How many years were you in the Minor Leagues Clayton to just two three years yeah? That's pretty quick yeah just a little quick yeah but it was it. It was a good experience. I had fun with the Minor League seven. It's it's you know you're riding buses. Your it's not glamorous not glamorous. No not good but you get to see some places you'd never see like. Have you ever been to Burlington Iowa. I love it okay well yeah. Most people say that I've got a summer place. They're right right on the Lake Wellington. Lake doesn't I well. Maybe it's a reservoir okay. The man Made Lake. Maybe it's somewhere completely different could be could be but it's it's a good the time you get to hang out in Burlington Iowa. What were some of the other cities Clinton? I love places in Iowa Shockingly Clinton Appleton Wisconsin this this is the Midwest League and would this have been single a double. This was single a man and the other league was called the Southern League and so I went to places like Jackson Mississippi Zevulon North Carolina Yeah just and just your state and motels yeah you get what Ruth Roommate you share room forty bucks a day for meal money for meal. Money Twenty is twenty twenty they might it might have pushed up but it was. It's twenty two subway sandwiches subway. Actually yes all the time well anytime during that stint. We're like this blows yeah for sure for sure alive and that's why I try to fast get out of there. Did you ever set a timetable in other words. If if it's five years and I'm still a double A. Forget hang it up well so I don't go be a substitute schoolteacher sure yeah why for that. which would have been a problem because I didn't I didn't you went straight out of high school? I didn't go to college so that was Kinda my hey I've got four years. I would have been in college so I got four four years and then I would have had to think about some things probably but thank God it worked out. It did work out. How old were you when you started getting scouted high school? Yeah Yeah like a senior junior senior. Yeah Yeah and you get a choice. You probably were were were being offered college scholarships. I could have gone to college. I was actually going to go to Texas. A. And M. decided luscious. Go for it well. I decided yeah why not I WANNA play baseball. I DIDN'T WANNA go to school. Yeah just did did it the whole time though you're still going to night school right yes so doing that but to become a dermatologist college for that. I don't think so no I think it's the one medical field you don't buy dermatologist never went to school. I know he in fact he played AA baseball. Yeah he was a catcher a huge mall yeah. I've I've a mole on the back of my neck. Yeah you referred to it as a home run yeah in a good way. I also have a cavity. We have to let that one go. It's not as bad as you and my dentist was also a former minor league ballplayer so yeah life is funny that way. Do you have a good dermatologist. No I'd love to see my guy. Okay sounds good oddly enough. You know what his name is Sandy. He's a guy though he's a guy okay which is a weird name for a guy. Do you ever get jock itch. I'm just going to cut to the chase. I've learned I've learned my lesson. Okay Yeah Yeah you have to baby. Powder is a must is a must must cost. I Want Scott Jock itch right now and then I made the mistake of scratching my eyes and I had jock itch all in my eyes. Oh my God ah in my eyeballs never heard of that. I went to eat all you can eat Sushi. It was a hell of a weekend in fact that was one of the places that had an a rating and they're like thanks to you Mr Bergen. We've gotta be rating. We've got Jock itch all in our Sushi so that's might be one. You've heard that phrase. I got Jock itch all up my Sushi. I don't think I think that's sad situation feel like a hurt in a hip hop song. That's something that's new in baseball. Everyone has a play on like so when you you go to play a walk-ups walk yes. What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts? I'm more of a purist. I like a little organ music. Maybe maybe a little Oregon Casey in the Suntan Dan. That's the way I I I like it. take me out to the ball game and that's about it but now there's all the everyone's got a song to big deal. It's it's it's a bit of a thing. It is a thing. The guys changed their song if they're in the slump. Oh it's it's a whole ordeal yeah wow yeah. It's good luck ritual. It's a very ritual listed game. Yes you probably have a whole. You don't have to talk about okay. I've worn the same glove for a long time yeah. That's no big deal like ten years. It's not a big deal like do I wear like my same underwear like all that stuff. Oh you do I do. I wash them but I've won the same ones for a while. When I pitch so around us that I would save underwear washed washed only have three underwear? I know we guy rotate them for your birthday and they're not lucky now. What's it's the craziest superstition you've heard of any of your teammates? You ought to say oh. Let me think here well. Actually you know the craziest Guy I can say the name here because they're okay with it. Yes he's retired. Okay Nomar Garciaparra Mar yeah I played with no more and he the amount of stuff that he did with his batting gloves and his bad and he's taking cheese. Yeah he had a whole thing I mean how do you remember all that. It's amazing. He probably just naturally does it. Just twitched all the time I mean it was it was amazing. I don't sleep well at night partly because I get up every fifteen minutes circle three times and go back to the bed yeah yeah every fifteen minutes. That's my ritual thing. That's tough to help me have a good night sleep but it really really backfires yeah yeah. Baseball is a lot of guys do weird stuff. Yes no doubt Alan your wife ever say Okay Clayton. CUT It out. Yes she does yeah I I think since I've had kids I've probably toned down my because when I used to pitch on my start days I used to not be like a very pleasant person to be around just just kind of like super serious now with kids. They don't let that happen so it's been. It's been better but still a little bit still yeah. You let the kids know Daddy's got to work. They know I mean yeah. I try to be better but they know get your ads of my paycheck love. I'm here Father Clayton Kershaw. I haven't said that to him yet. Oh yeah well teach them to each their own before you go in to deliver the news yeah. What do you tell Walter? Were until everyone on the news team. Don't forget I'm Ron. Burgundy Burgundian year not have a great show. That's yeah it's not really wishing them well but no but it just sets the tone yeah. Do you ever say you're your. Do you ever gather up the team before and say guys. If you make an air I'm GonNa Punch you in the nut. Sack haven't tried that metal gate or I don't know if fear fear is the best thing for guys playing behind you. Do you say that to your news team like if they mess up if they mess oh they'll know I say guys. Don't mess except you know you'll be in the dog house with me and if I mess up I don't WanNa hear about it. That seems wildly unfair. Well I've got the I've got the juice. They don't so now. They don't really like me that much. They WanNa hang around with me but I think we deliver regret product. Yeah I would agree. I love it. What is behind the superstition of when a pitcher is throwing a no hitter? The team will not talk to that Pitcher Yeah Yeah and when is that determination made right around the fifth inning sixty yeah I would say fifth or sixth inning. It's probably fair at that point and then I don't know when that started like he just kind of let them have their own space in the dugout. I don't know when that starts. It's a little bit freaky yeah because you see the guy sitting there. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa mess with them on on your team I I'd be like Clayton. How're you doing do you need? Do you want like Otto hotdog old towel or anything give you a shoulder rub. You Probably Punch me. Intentions are good there but I think if you're the guy that talk to him and then he gave up a hit deer that guy it's not his whole your earful wow yeah I have to cut to. I love you and your wife have been together since you were fifteen if she fourteen fifteen yeah yeah that's. It's a beautiful thing. That's a beautiful thing. So did you go to prompt together. We went to Prom together yeah. She went to college. Though what was the hit song at Prom. Do you remember. I don't really have been backstreet. Yeah maybe yeah maybe or like a Christina Aguilera something in there yeah right. How'd you ask her out when you're fifteen passing period like after one class right so that way you only have five minutes so you don't have to like talk around small talk after hey you wanna go out cool? I got to go to class and then I was. Did you say hi Clayton Kershaw one day going to be dominant pitcher in Major League Baseball. Would you like to go on a date. I I didn't know that at the time okay yeah that would have been a very calm explain to true that's true and the rest is history. That's it it's all it took. She stuck around. Maybe I'll go back to high school. It's never too late. I mean well on that note Clayton Kershaw. We cannot thank enough for such a pleasure joining us here in the studio. We wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season and boy boy. I just can't wait to come to a dodger game in heckle you all of this information. You have sigh of so much information now to specifically ask you about. I can't wait can't wait. Thanks thanks so much for remember when you were in Burlington Iowa. Yeah that'll be one of the heckles it won't be. It'll just be questions that Louis be a lot of questions. It'd be weird if yeah yeah right it would be impolite. Okay good to know Clayton Kershaw thanks again. We really appreciate it guys right back on the Ron Burgundy podcast. I have you heard of these. Things on your phone called APPS well. I'm excited to tell you about one of these APPs in in exchange for money. The APP is called fair. That's F. A. I R. A totally new way to get a car all on your phone with the flexibility to turn it in anytime same with fair. There's no long term commitment negotiation or physical paperwork which is good for me because I hate paperwork. If you put a bunch of paperwork work in front of me I become overwhelmed and just sign it not my own name of course all sign. It is president Jimmy Carter legend Johnny Bench that way none of it holds up in court but with fair I can get a car by signing with my finger right in the APP. I just make a one time payment. Pick up the keys and then make monthly payments that are designed signed to fit my budget. which if I'm being honest is probably larger than years look? I'm doing great financially. In fact I like to flash BIG WADS OF CASH around show show how big and important I am people but even if you don't have the big bucks you can still find a great car on fair. That's F. A. I R. They probably have some sort of tagline but I've forgotten it and we are back here on the Ron Burgundy podcast against what a light Clayton kershaw turned out to be dare. I say a Wonka Wonka and again herber herber. Okay Save Save Gaga Goo Goo handsome baby. That's a little much I mean gave me a sweet tooth. You know what I mean kind of right. Yeah I mean Carolina. He's handsome. He's a he's a yeah. He's a handsome human. We gotta take it easy. No I'm saying for you yeah. I I mean he's very happily married. His wife is lovely on still right. You've got to lay off. I'm just saying it was hard for me to not get lost in. Those dreaming is is you had dried up. Draw on the corner of your mouth. Did I yeah that's Baresi you. GotTa give me a signal next time I kept on refreshing. Did I get those little white spit corners that Donald trump develops after he snorted too much adderall yeah exactly okay well okay. What's it's wrong? What do you think you know? I'm just starting to think about my cavity okay. Should I tell my friends I mean I don't want people to worry now. I promise you nobody will worry. I'll need you to pick me up from the surgery of course and bring crutches. It's not like that. I don't know what information you have. It's not like I need the crutches necessary to walk. I just need people to no he's had surgery. Stay away from me. Yeah greats like a force field around. You'll be completely fine. Hello my sight after the procedure it will be easier chance I will lose my sight now you will have the same exact John John. That's a relief in fact in some instances. I wonder if when you get cavity surgery does your does your vision get better. I've never heard of this like when you hit your head and you've all of a sudden learned a foreign language again never heard of that happening. I might get twenty ten vision. Perhaps well Oh ron before I forget yes. We spoke multiple times but Clinton's game last night with the mets right. This podcast will be by airing in the fall so maybe we get so stupid. Not that's unnecessary. Maybe we just you can seamlessly. She'll struve on the stupidest man on planet Earth Heat. Would I do that so I'll fix it. The you know exactly what to do show. Shea don't want me to do a seamless way to fix it. Okay well no offense to the dodgers pitcher but next week in the studio we will have Croatian clown own Clayton. Kershaw is GonNa scare all the little children into brushing my teeth. You're going to have a little army of children. Brush your teeth yes. Will you said I need to brush my teeth more. Is that easier than brushing your teeth. It's just something I won't have to Child Labor child labor just some children coming over your house morning and at night a regular cycle to brush my teeth okay because they want to do it because they know the ramifications as of the Croatian clown showing up in their closet while they sleep if they don't perform their task terrible terrible myth to spread to children is more terrible to have a mouth riding with the gay now your honor. I rest my case thank you. Did you know that was law and order. We'll see next hour on the Ron. Burgundy puck the Ron. Burgundy podcasts is a production of iheartradio funnier death. I'm Ron Burgundy host writer and Executive Producer Carolina Barlow is my co host writer and producer our producers Jack O'Brien Knicks down smiles gray vhoed our executive producer is Mike Fair. Consulting producer is Andrew Steel of coordinating producer has gone mcnew. You are associate producers are Anna Sophie Victim. A writer is Jake Fogelman production coordinator. Is Hannah Jacobson this this episode was engineered mixed and edited by Nick Style until next time. This is Ron Burgundy. What would you rather have an APP on your phone that plays beautiful music or a bunch of old scratched up baas skaggs CDs that have been sitting in your glove compartment chances? Are you want the APP and the APP you want when you're looking for. A car is fair. That's F. A. I R. Why should you get locked into a long term lease for a car off a lot like some kind of boring person when you can get get a cool set of wheels from the comfort of your own phone no long term commitment negotiation or even physical paperwork limited warranty

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