Lets Move Retire to Charleston, South Carolina


It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life. If you want to live cd medic target your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and that c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease yeah <music> hello and welcome to move improve with debbie on debbie miller and i am enjoying my show and today a you know that if you listen to my show <hes> every month i have a different city that i focus on to retire to and so we've done lots lots of you can look on previous podcast but today <hes> since i'm such a history buff i chose charleston south carolina and i'm very fortunate to <hes> have <hes> bill olsen who lives in charleston now. He's a second generation realtor. He was born in ohio but he went to charleston with his family family and <hes> he has been featured on. H._d._t._v.'s island lies three different times so he really knows the charleston area and so i'm really happy to have him into. Welcome him onto the show. We're going to talk about all the ins and outs of retiring charleston south carolina so welcome bill thank you. Thanks for having me debbie no problem. Let's get right to it yeah. What do people like best about living in charleston. I mean i've visited there here so i can have a long list but you you talk to people every day. What are their favorite things about. Charleston charleston has a little bit of something something for. Everybody like to say we were. We've been voted the number one city in the united states by the readers of travel and leisure for seven years in a row so <hes> so we are huge vacation destination. I'm an that's what i find. A lot of people really love. Is i live where where people vacation you lucky so we could just pack up <hes> this past saturday. We decided let's go to the beach in the morning so we just packed act up twenty minutes later. We were at the beach with the kids. That's fabulous and you know and you know with with tourism comes your world class restaurants and you know you're museums in your sites in all of that good stuff so it kinda all bundles into one well. That's great will so what about the weather. I know there's probably a lot of humidity. 'cause you're so close to the water but many days of sun and what's the average temperature because people looking to charleston are looking for warmer tame pitchers in especially in the winter yeah so <hes> we are a sub tropical climate so we do get hot and humid <hes> by hot and humid. I mean today for example. It's august. They're saying we're gonna have a heat index of probably about one hundred five five two hundred and ten <hes> but our average temperatures you know during peak summer months we are upper eighties to mid nineties and but that is rounded out we do have very mild winters that rarely see snow out with peak winter temperatures. Were gonna see highs. You know forties fifties. It'll drop below freezing for a few days. <hes> two years ago we saw snow well. I accumulation in eight years so i'm sure everyone freaked out when they saw what five snowflakes or oh it was great it. It was like having a snow day as an adult. Everything was closed because they don't have snow plows to get you out. There is probably an eighth of an inch and everyone freaked out. We actually got about six inches. Oh my god in places and about four days later it was gone and people were golfing but they all stayed inside and had had a good time so that's it is but yeah it is right there on the water so it's kinda nice but we do get that breeze that comes in and kind of keeps it a little cooler but in the winter you know instead of the snow. We do get that breeze. We'll so we do get that that kind of biting biting wind but we don't get the the six months of snow plows and all of that so gladly trade. Yes some wind for six months. Yeah don't rub it in okay so a message taxes down there. If somebody's moving from high tax ax state down to south carolina they hire lower what are they property taxes sales tax and that sort of thing <hes> south carolina's very tax friendly for retirees for us <hes> our property taxes are essentially about half a percent of your value. Give or take <hes>. We're in the top six six. I believe last time i saw of the most budget friendly property taxes the states <hes> sales tax <hes> little bit higher here in charleston county. It's about nine percent <hes> than if you're eating out there's another two percent added to that and then another five percent liger drinks which but it evens out with the with the property taxes and then i think people live in their house more than they go out to eat right so it probably they can choose when they're going to how much drinking ranking it does encourage teetotalling. I suppose yes yes craig. Yeah it adds up. If you go out a lot but i personally i come from the restaurant industry three and it <hes> it doesn't really hurt restaurants or anything with other taxes. You know social security income isn't taxed here. That's good just very nice and there's also a fifteen thousand dollar deductions for seniors receiving any other type of income. I will not talk about that for a minute. What does that involve <hes>. That would be something to contact your tax professional about. You know i've been a real estate agent. I know the the basics of the taxes. I'm not fluent in all the tax laws i but i do know having many clients that have retired here that you know it is very tax friendly for them. Let sounds good. So is the cost of living higher or lower than other parts of the country. How does that compare <hes> we are slightly above average for the united states as a whole so so it would depend on where you're coming from myself. I came from youngstown ohio where you can imagine the cost of living is extremely low compared to here her but we see a lot of people moving from bigger cities <hes> new york chicago boston d._c. Compared to their we are lower. <hes> you know the last on the scale where one hundred was average ridge. We were like a one zero five. We're just just above average. It all works itself out and that's the main thing well. When people who are retiring wanna mu oh they also look into like hospitals and medical facilities doctors and things like that so how what is that scene like down there in charleston <hes> <hes> so our main hospital downtown is called 'em u._s._c. which stands for the medical university of south carolina as a teaching hospital will and it is the number one hospital in south carolina <hes> that's according to u. S. news and world report <hes> you know in addition to that there are there's the v._a. Hospital and then the two other major area are three actually three other major hospitals east cooper medical center rubber saint francis in so we do have a large medical presence here in charleston and that's not just downtown on they do have branches that go out all the way up to somerville which is about forty five minutes away a little suburb of charleston and there's plenty of medical facilities here sure great well now. What about the walkability. I remember one time when i visited charleston <unk> rickshaws to take you places but i'm sure not. Everybody wants go to someplace in a rickshaw but i'm sure they probably dot h in. I thought it was fun because we let someone drive you around. It was fun <hes> so is it a walkable city or do you have to drive everywhere and their public transportation. There is public transportation on not the greatest right now. They're working on that. <hes> as as we're growing we've been growing fairly fast over the past few years <hes> as for walkability that would depend on where you are. <hes> people say charleston you think of just the peninsula which could be walkable but i would suggest having a car <hes> most things aren't just like walk down the store. Get loaf of bread and come back but as a whole you know the whole area does cover three counties when i when i say charleston i kinda talk about that. Whole area <hes> and you know each has its little pockets. Some neighborhoods are little more walkable than others. <hes> you know if you're active a bike lake. <hes> i take my bike down all the time and ride around and you see a lot of people doing that great so i i would say bike. Ability downtown is probably a little better than walkability depending on where you would live. If you're downtown everywhere else would be a definite definite a drive to most places. I remember when i was there. The restaurants were just awesome and i know from reading other reports that more and more restaurants are opening like you said it's a it's a place for restaurants and and shopping to and i know there's probably a lot of museums the nightlife scene you talk about that so that people understand a little bit more about what they're gonna do when they moved there so my previous life i was a a bartender so this is one of my specialties so yeah like i said because of the tourism we've got these world class restaurants with james beard winning chefs. <hes> trip advisor puts out there travelers choice awards every year. We had three restaurants in the top ten and wow and it's not just goes restaurants that are you know. Let's get all dressed up in fancy. You're in the south. If there's one thing people love to do in the south it's just grab some fried oysters in a cold beer and and that's dinner wow you know they might not be winning awards but they've won awards now my god yet try twisters. I'd be there in a heartbeat yet so fried oysters thor's southern barbecue just that good old southern cooking lots cornbread and collard greens but like i said conversely. We've got these three top ten restaurants in the country so you could do that or you could go to say halls chop house which is a nationally known steakhouse and have one of the best you've ever had great. So what is this thing about as i've heard it's called second sunday on king st tell me about that because it sounds interesting yeah so king. Street is the main main street downtown. Where most of the shopping thing is when people picture shopping in charleston king street is what they picture every second sunday of the month as it is named and they closed down about half mile street and no vehicle traffic is allowed and about five hours people just wander the streets rates in the restaurants will pool tables out onto the sidewalk. They'll be street performers playing music sidewalk sales and you know people we'll set up booths to sell stuff and it's just a just a fun time to kind of experienced like what old world charleston probably w was like before there was all the traffic and sounds wonderful. I i also fights for that absolutely so tell me some reasons that somebody would want to a retired at charleston a lot of my clients <hes> when i counsel them. They're trying to decide where north carolina south carolina florida wherever they wanna go. What what why would they want to pick. <hes> retirement in charleston talk about that. You know what you said at the beginning that you're a history buff you know american history as we know it kind of started here with the civil war so everywhere you turn there's remnants of the civil war whether you know you're taking the boat out to fort sumter where the first shots were fired or just the other day i was walking around downtown down and there was an old cemetery and lo and behold there was someone who signed the declaration of independence was buried there. Wow so you know if you're a history three buff. There's a ton of history here. That will keep you occupied for a long time a book you know then we also have the museums they they kind of play into that history. We have an american art museum then there's about a dozen old of the antebellum style homes that have been turned into into museums so whenever people come visit. We always go do those <hes> because of more weather. We've got a ton of golf. <hes> there's about twenty championship courses here in charleston. That's not including private clubs as well. I'm so if you liked to golf. This is definitely definitely a place for you and just how no there's just so much to do. There's jessop all the time <hes> going on by festival. They don't mean like big loud music festivals art art festivals the spoleto festival seventeen days of opera theater at jazz and classical music for sure and and with that held in the late spring in the late spring okay ask for the trip just on that yeah and a lot of locals go to it because that brings in all these national and international acts. You know there's over one hundred fifty performances in seventeen days. Wow okay you know. That's something that i love about. Living here. Is all of this stuff kind of comes to me yeah. I really don't have to go anywhere as an. I live by the beach so my family family comes to me and i don't have to go back to ohio to see that i do go back out. Don't mum if you're listening bob. You and i'll be back soon. I hope air score so what about the real estate taxes or income tax. I think you said <hes> that south carolina's tax friendly towards awards retirees that social security isn't taxed but <hes> and then a fifteen thousand dollar deduction but those sound like good reasons to retire together that are hiring near as well so yeah you know not just the activities but you know the financial reasons for sure you know there's israeli natural benefits benefits for yeah word to c._p._a. Here account <hes> so if somebody's thinking about retiring there talk a little bit about the types of housing since if you're a realtor <hes> talk to them about what they can expect to find. Some people think oh everything has to be an active adult community but maybe i wanna condo. Maybe i don't want an active adult community. Talk a little bit about what types of housing are available looking at you know as i said the the area as a whole the three counties all easily accessible to downtown and to each other brings such a wide variety of have types of housing and prices of housing so you know when you think of the peninsula in these million dollar homes. You don't think that that's to live in charleston. That's what you need. You can be twenty minutes outside and be a fraction of that <hes> you know with the fifty five plus communities. Most of them are a little further north of the city in like a goose creek somerville area both wonderful areas yeah yeah i have friends who live in north charleston in goose creek area. I'm familiar with that name but yeah there is sounds like depends on how far away from the city you wanna be in the the hub of everything but there's plenty of choices <hes> condos versus townhomes with an elevator or a single family home right. You know you've got everything from you know. If you wanna live by the beach you can <hes> find a condo. You can walk around your bike to the beach. If you want you know we we have a lot of charleston style homes here to which people absolutely love the big league portrait's and they don't have to be the million dollars downtown. You can be a little further away but you know we see a lot of the new communities that are going in our. They're favoring that style. Willpower your when you think to south you don't want something mid century modern third per se you want that southern charm feeling yeah right right when we definitely have a lot of that in the neighborhoods and in all different price points. It's the older homes we do see a lot of ranch style from like the fifties when that was popular but also because of the weather they kept the homes a little lower so ho- oakland hurricanes went over them so i'm assuming because you have hurricane threats. You have to have floated insurance yet in some areas. <hes> you know that's a more likely the closer to the coast you get <hes> you know the nickname floor this whole area of south carolina. It's called the low country right so you can imagine what that means. We're very low and we get a lotta rain. We'd get a lot of water and you know it's unavoidable to build in some flood zones <hes> but you know there are a lot of homes being built with dr under garages now lift the home the livable space above base flood elevation. You'll still be required flood insurance. If it's in a flood zone that requires it but it can be significantly less if your home is raised raised up and then you know if you build new or you know some especially down by the beaches are equipped with elevators yeah to help alleviate the stairs yeah even just to throw your groceries and send them up to the kitchen. What are some of the more interesting places. If someone wanted to come down and talk to you and have you show them. The various areas <hes> the housing. Oh it's down there the communities that they might want to look into before they came. You know the first question. I have with people. Is you know ask them why they're moving here because that's going to depend a lot on where they're gonna wanna be for example. I have a lot of military clients will. They're moving here for a completely different reason than i did. My wife and i moved here in bought a house for like we're live in near charleston and the beaches like wolf sacrifice a bigger house to be where we want right. Were on one of the barrier islands <hes> the john's island. We're about ten minutes away from downtown <hes> but then it also depends on your budget to you know you can experience. Charleston has to offer for two hundred thousand dollars. You're going to be a little bit further north but you're gonna be super close so you know because we we have such a big area. You know that it's a good conversation of wire moving. <hes> what do you expect. What do you want out of charleston austin. Do you wanna be on the wall. You wanna see water or he okay not seeing water but living in a community with the doc is we can find those go. Do you wanna be able to ride your bike to the store. Walk to the store or yoke or a golf cart with a lot of golf cart communities here. If you see a golf cart it doesn't mean lina tone golf course chances are it's not. I like the idea of going into golf cart. That just sounds like a lot of fun and easy way to get around. I just liked that idea a lot. Oh it's great you know you can take for some some of them. Seat six to eight people and when i worked in the restaurants there would be just as many golf carts our our cars in the parking lot and there was no golf course within like five miles that that idea a lot. I think that's quick and easy way as long as it doesn't rain. It's not raining on you when you get in but i guess they have inventive people figure out how to put plans downcycle siri with the fringe on top kind of thing but that's money on gas to electric so it's keep it plugged in and when you're ready you just go down the street for sure. Have your milk that the car just buying a car anyway for sure will bill you have given us so so much information but i know listeners will want to contact you and get more information about their particular situation so close does can you share a website where they could connect with you at an email address so that <hes> if they want more information or to come down and visit need to have the realtor who knows what's going on down there that they can contact you yeah <hes> it's. They're both real easy. Concerns actually the same. It's the website is bill. Olsen realtor dot com on its olsen is oh ls and there's a lot out of discrepancies in that and then my email address is the same bill olsen realtor at djamil dot com super all right and then i know you have have a youtube channel so posted a video of what it's like to retire in charleston so give your you to address information as well so people can check it out online. I just searched for a bill olsen realtor on on youtube. <hes> it'll come up. You'll see a picture of my face with a little bow tie on <hes>. I put out videos weekly about what it's like to her. Work live play invest in charleston. I'm actually getting ready to jump on my bike this week and start doing neighborhood tours on my bike. You know to show all the different areas or sure that's a great idea and that helps people see it before they have to drive down because so many clients will go down and spend bendalong weekend but they don't really get the flavor of things they just see particular location and may right. I like them to get the feel of every everything anything about a particular city so and we have out of cities to choose from <hes> as far as where to retire so this really helps that i really he really really appreciate your taking the time with us this morning to talk to us about retiring to charleston and if anybody is interested in finding out more than please as contact ill and if you are needing a a realtor to help you sell your home where you are then contact me at mover improve with debbie edgy male. Thanks again bill for joining us today. Thanks for having me debbie so pay. We'll talk to you later. See all right yeah. We'll see you soon. Okay all right. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. 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