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Live from san francisco sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening tube wrestling observer vibe with your hosts bryan alvarez and mike semper v. bright elber is here on wrestling observer live. We are here everyday monday. Through friday noon. Pacific eastern sunday's re pacific six eastern. We got a lot to get into here on this show today. It is wednesday and as usual on wednesday. We'll talk about smackdown. Sometimes there's a lot of stuff to talk about. Sometimes there is not but i thought last night smackdown was the best smackdown in forever now obviously the first question everybody's wayne ask ask i say that is oh my god his eric bischoff well so far to the best of my knowledge from talking to people they're all our bishop has done so far is show up to work so this is not an eric bischoff. Show it right this show. I don't think he had anything to do with this. Show this is is a bruce prichard and kapoor putting these shows together and obviously vince mcmahon is the top guy but whoever is responsible. This was a very very good show joe. It also included. Maybe somebody in w e ask me about this was this the best match of roman reigns career. The match with buddy murphy last night on the smackdown show that match was great at other people asking me was that the best w._w._e. Match of the weekend well i would say that between that that and the ken slurry shrine match those were the two best matches of the weekend had a great match. They followed up the story line who attacked actor. Roman reigns there allegedly going to have the reveal next week. I thought it was a very very good shells of you've not seen smackdown. This is one of those weeks where i say. Go watch smackdown mic down. It was very very good so we could talk about that. We can talk about broadcast details for the new japan royal quest show it is not airing being live on nj dot com. It will be available on delay but you will be able to see it on fight t._v. We'll give you the card for that. Show we got the ratings for raw on monday night. Two point seven three million viewers coming up smackdown good numbers and so much more to talk about today. Mike simple v. joyce on the show and we will kick it off after the break wrestling observer life right now at t. mobile get an awesome iphone ten hour on us when you bring your family over and trade in your old device. Ask whether you have mom dad or friend on your mind. It's a gift so bold and brilliant you wanna keep it for yourself. Most importantly it's on us in six in college plus with unlimited everything from t mobile he possum iphone ten are we'll have everyone's snapping streaming cherry to their hearts content all year ear law but don't wait. It's only for a limited time so visit a store or call one eight hundred t mobile to get iphone ten are on us if congested lasted customers using more than fifty gigs per month. Notice reduce speeds deprioritization video at forty p. b. At twenty four monthly bill credits for well qualified customers plus tax qualified traded horton service and finance agreement require contact us before cancelling our credit stopping remaining balance do sixty four zero down with thirty one twenty five per month for twenty four months pre-credit price seventy nine ninety nine zero percent a._p._r. One offer per account doc you're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and like similar vivey on the sports sports byline broadcasting network come back in the show brain alvarez here wrestling observer live makes him for v._d._i. Also wrestling observer dot com. I'm going to give us a call here today. Eight four four four eleven five four eleven is the phone number is toll free eight four four four eleven. Five eleven just just got texture by the way this has nothing to do with anything so we talked about it yesterday. The greatest wig reveals in this regard wrestling spur says you forgot ronnie garvin wearing a wig to trick nick ric flair. That was awesome. That was awesome. It was better than sasha and our other wig which i still understand by the way so. She had the purple hair now. She has blue hair. I guess maybe the sasha maniacs can explain why this is a earth changing switch to me. It's just new hair color and she screwed me a yelm who had the blue hair but anyway some talk about smackdown yesterday. Smackdown was is a very very good show will review the whole thing info today with filthy. Tom lawlor later on today filthy four daily only for subscribers at wrestling observer dot com but the the main thing i want to talk about today is roman reigns versus buddy murphy which was interesting for like a thousand reasons number. One may have have been the best roman reigns match. I've ever seen number two buddy. Murphy is great. Those either watch to five live already know that but this was his first match this this was his first match on smackdown since he was drafted to smackdown in april may june july august. It's been four months and you wanna know the funniest thing about this whole scenario here so the reason that we had this match for those of you. That recall is that buddy murphy was accused by roman reigns of either being responsible for a bunch of crap falling on him or for knowing who did it now. Why of all people did he accuse buddy murphy of this able to remember because when they film the angel you could see buddy murphy in the background and so- roman apparently watched the footage he saw buddy murphy in the background and in storyline he presumed he was either guilty or he knew his guilty so he threatens him and buddy. Murphy is a jerk about it says even if i knew i wouldn't tell you roman chokes him but he murphy reveals it was ruin so we go on on from there and this of course all leads to this match here on smackdown buddy murphy's debut on smackdown gets roman reigns buddy murphy bus out like half the moves from the g one in this match got v triggers. We had come goya's and the whole nine yards they've this great match and roman win looks great buddy. Murphy looks great anyway. The point of all of this is when they shot that angle where all of the stuff fell on roman reigns guess suic- accidentally in the video buddy murphy he wasn't even supposed to be there they filmed everything and and it was an accident that he happened to be in the shot and they saw it and they decided well may as well go with it and that's how buddy audie murphy ended up having one of the best matches in smackdown in forever with roman reigns and getting this opportunity. It was purely by accident. Do you know oh how many times over the past couple of years like the best things have happened in w._w._e. Completely by accident ni- jack's accidentally busting up becky lynch and taking her out of that survivor series match that's what led to the man becky lynch and the wrestlemainia three way and becky being the champion ever since then all because of that like you could go through history and rattle off one thing after another that was a total accident that led led to greetings kofi kingston becoming the champion right now. I don't know what that says about w e that like the things that they try to don't get over but the things that happened on accident. You didn't actually lead to great stuff. All i know is it happened and it happened again with buddy murphy. That's my favorite story of the week. It's an amazing story and <hes> <hes> well. It's real and you can't plan for real real just happens and then you have to react to it and sometimes when you don't have a chance to acute over i think things and you just roll with it happens in it was a very obviously it was a mistake you know there was a production faux pas there was one of of several that night <hes> if i recall correctly but a faux pas what caused it and they took advantage of it and there you go and i don't know i hope this is good longterm for buddy murphy. I see him on twitter today. Everybody knows my name. We do know that and he did have a great match with roman reigns. Here's what we also know. <hes> he is a he's a snitch who who is now been beat up twice and under pressure has now cracked both times to to people that are higher than him so. I don't know if we're going to get a great match between he and daniel bryan out of this now. I really hope we do because i figure it can be awesome but i'm still not one hundred percent sold on his future. I'm hopeful though because i was a big fan of his is onto oh five live both <unk> alexander in the same boat to me and obviously we still have cedric kind of going on with with drew mcintyre and that's not a completed story sorry so that's still up in the air to but you got something with buddy murphy. You can keep playing him as a fool. You can keep putting them down or you can do what you're doing really well which is completely forget about history and just take this as a brand new clean slate and a brand new blank page for buddy murphy and hook them up with somebody and get them in there because you know the matches are going to be good. He's got a good slimy quality about him <hes> if you wanna continue to to maintain them as a heel so i just there's a lot of advantages here they he come out of this. We'll just see if they they grab hold of it and take advantage. I says sent this last week didn't hear nancy figured i'd try it again. What are your thoughts than she continuing to use unprotected headbutts and almost all of his big matches especially with shibata possibly coming back now seems concerning. It's already back to being so commonly used well a few things here number. One chabad is not coming back and number two. He's not doing unprotected headbutts. It's fake. It's like the jet gallaher head but you head but to the upper part of the chest and i know that like jack allah hits both of his his thighs. He does it and she if you talk to the people who work as she i mean he's gonna pound you in safe places <hes>. He's like the safest easiest worker that there is. I mean that's issues reputation station. He's not doing unprotected. Bone headbutts like we saw the shibata match which led to bleeding on the brain and the end of chabad his career. I haven't seen one of those. I remember the last time i saw one of those like we had one and i can't remember what it was but i know we we've had at least one since then in a high profile mashing maven oh man. I can't even remember who the hell it was made. It's happened but <hes> be it. Has people have gotten a wakeup call at least they. They seem to all right more from smackdown last night's <hes> the other show the big angle is that roman reigns confronted daniel bryan ruin and brian ryan demanded an apology and roman really don't wanna give an apology and brian said we have conducted our own investigation and we found out who did it and next week we will bring you the culprit and so they are promising and god forbid. I mean how many times they promised brock was going to cash in and he didn't but they're promising the next week they will reveal who tipped over that crap on roman reigns and tried to kill him in the car and quite frankly there's a pay per view coming up so like we should get an answer here pretty soon so they can continue to build it up but that's the cliff cliff-hanger for next week so add a strong solid cliffhanger to everything else on the smackdown show and overall. This was the best smackdown i've seen and i don't even know how long i don't know if it was a strong solid cliffhanger but the people involved <hes> d._a. She had some goodwill built up because it's daniel bryan ryan and nothing against rohan but roman reigns. I mean the angle itself. I mean the faster we can get this out of the way and in the matches or something like that the happier i'm going to be and by the way even the stuff that i hate. They did right on the show. They had the he'll ref gimmick with elias and i've been watching can heal rifts in mcmahon matches for like a thousand years and like the ref. The ref is obviously on the take. The ref is obviously a he'll but he's still stops counting when the guy kicks out lies at the ring during that kevin islands batch trying to sneeze and i failed but anyway allies hits the ring during that match and he gave the fastest three count in the entire history of pro wrestling he just got in there and he was done it was over over. I was like great. If you're gonna do a he'll ref. That's what you do so even that they did right last night so man. That was a really good show coming off a good rating for raw. We'll get into the row rating when we come back from the break and as noted if you wanna give us a call here today whatever's on your mind the phone number is eight four four four eleven seven five four eleven that is toll free eight four four four seven five four eleven and you can send your text messages to four to five seven eight zero seven seven five six six. I'm waiting to go on twitter during the break and read that i am allergic to saying anything good about me hence all of the sneezing. When is the break coming. It's coming right now. Everybody head to a break. We're back in just a moment with more wrestling observer breath. You're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and mike zimmer v on the sports byline broadcasting network back in the show right alvarez here wrestling observer live maximum v also wrestling observer dot com and i says brian i got a question how will social media impact the next wrestling war with a w._w._e. It's new factor that wasn't there in the monday night war and with mint vince mindset beck in nineteen ninety nine. I wonder how much social media will benefit a w well. I mean social media has benefited added a w. Two degree already. I mean they have no television and so they have used social media to whip a small all but very rabid fan base into a frenzy and they have they've gotten them to travel all over the country going to big events now. All the social media in the world is not enough to sell out weekly television. What's going to sell out weekly television or help. Attendance for weekly television is in fact the weekly television the social media is a part of that. I mean all you have to. I do is watch last week's raw and you will discover what the power of social media is because dave save an eye on friday the friday prior to last monday's raw. Maybe it was friday. Remember the day but it was it was prior to the weekend we did did a show and we talked about how ziglar was going to be facing goldberg and not the ms at the pay per view and this went it. All over social media at everybody on social media was talking about it all weekend and if you watch raw on monday there were goldberg goldberg chance but it was a small portion of the building there were a lot of fans that bought tickets that show that absolutely no idea the goldberg who is going to be the mystery guy. There were people that knew about it. You could hear the goldberg chance but it wasn't like everybody knew because the power of social media there is there is a power in social media but it's still not what a lot of people think it is so this war is not going to be won or lost on social media. This war is going to be won or lost on two things how many people watch the television of each company and the quality of the television and that's it everything else is secondary to that so a._w._s. used their social media very well. I think a lot of ways they use it better than w._w._e. Us us but it's not going to be the be all end. All know game changer is used it incredibly well beyond is used it incredibly well <hes> a._w._s. used it incredibly well in some ways w._w._e. Has as far as content high quality content creation. They've been a lot of good stuff. It's just unfortunately we don't see it on the shows. <hes> the we've already seen the blessing and the curse of of social media for a._w._s. And that's the avalanche avalanche effect like what you said as far as being able to whip you know what is a relatively small fan base being able to get them to spend on you being able to get them. I'm involved to make them feel as though they are a part of something to make them feel as though it's there's and they've got a stake in it and the whole nine yards the the thing is when things go bad on social media and you have that avalanche effect going the other direction and it's going to happen at some point they're going to do something or or or somebody's going to say something or put them in a light where they're going to have a mountain of negativity and for the most part everything has been relatively positive so far hasn't been perfect but it's been positive but at some point you know that worm is going to turn in somebody's gonna feel offended or something is going to happen and we'll see how they react to it and we'll we'll see how loyal some of that fan they said they have now truly is because that's one thing about the internet and one thing about social media as they can be very fickle as far as their feelings things and that's why you go after the people again the t._v. People some of the mainstream people some laps fans. Some of those people sometimes are far more important than some of the people that you know seem on the surface as if you're there you're most vocal in forefront supporters far ratings for monday night very good numbers for raw aw the show was up ten percent from last week coming off summer slam two point seven three million viewers ratings pattern wasn't as good as in recent weeks in the sensor was a third it our decline cepal him and got more influence extra hour three actually beat our two and three of the four previous week's show also reverted back to the usual summer pattern our to being the highest which had not been the case for much of this summer but was historically the case as far as reading pattern went seth versus a._j. Women were well. Well ahead our three from our one adult. Men were not in women eighteen to forty nine third hour was up three percent from the first many team to forty nine down eleven percent teenage girls our three at thirty one percent from our one teenage boys up two percent third for the night on cable last weeks after summer slam last years rupture summer slim three point zero nine million viewers eleven point seven percent year-to-year drop ours were two point seven seven million. I our two point eight two million third hour and two point six zero third hour so this is probably around <hes> how well they're going to do for the next few weeks until yes football season kicks off and then it's gonna be rough. It's going to intimidate let me wipe and season broadcast details for royal quest have been officially confirmed by analii new japan and fight announced today the the royal quest show will air live on fight as an i pay per view the show will later be made available on new japan world twenty four ninety nine nine copper bucks arena in london england saturday august thirty first. We'll begin at twelve thirty eastern time. So of course it is also the same day okay as a w all out an takeover in cardiff so three shows all taking place on august thirty first we got okada versus minore suzuki zack sabre junior versatile hashi she versus kenta as never open weight title. Match girls of destiny gets is the winner of the pro road to real tournament naito and sonata. J. widened chase owens and several others as well so if you wanna see the show twenty twenty four ninety nine fight t._v. Same day as all out and the ethics t- u._k. Show a witcher buddy. Doing dave meltzer on twitter. Just heard shots firing wrestling war radar gun. Just heard shots fired on my wrestling war radar gun. Yes yes i mean. Are we talking about. I don't know what's he talking about. I don't know but some asking you talk to me with stage. Talking about here. Just heard shots firing on my wrestling war radar gun. I'm runnin to cody. Rhodes is twitter right now. We'll find out soon. Let let me know all we got an e w title belt they've put that out there. Have you seen this. I am very very classic looking pleased me. There's a winged eagle on it. There's his nose not a goofy winged eagle on it. Sadly there's no dome the globe on it too which is a fine looking belt as well and unfortunately no flags of a fan of flags but if you like the all all japan silobela if you like the new japan style sweet looking belt. It is a sweet looking bunch of gold on that belt belt. It's mostly leather thereon <hes> and temple <hes>. I defense that awa championship on wednesday october sixteenth the third show from philadelphia so they are lining hiding things up for t._v. All the way out here we've got a young bucks match set up against <hes>. Was it <hes> private party from boston. We go to title defence for philadelphia so things getting underway here. They are using a social media correctly in that way. That's for sure all righty. This person years says somebody tweeted ziglar among talk about rumors about ziegler on the internet. If i don't talk about random rumors on the internet i mean for several days it was all about that stupid. Bray white lantern being pulled from sponsors and i told everybody that's not what happened still all over the internet. He's they've. They've already ringside. Collectibles roles tweeted out a picture of it. It's in production. It has not been pulled you crying about golfer. What are we. What are we doing here. I agree smackdown was a great show this person he said i have enjoyed the past few weeks more so than raw. The angled feels like it's all eric bischoff. It's not eric bischoff. There's no one listened to the show. I said this at the beginning of the show eric bischoff. This is from people there that are in the production meetings. He has showed up. That's all he has done. He is not responsible for any of this right now for the future. I'll tell you about it but right now he's not. What does he feel like. What is what isn't eric bischoff angle feel like i dunno. I guess people will lutts nitro about. I mean what what exactly what because i mean. There are some some hallmarks to help. Paul heyman does some things and so what are what would the eric bischoff hallmarks be well invasion angles and attacking the competition. I mean these are things that eric diet coke cogan being involved. I mean i don't know that's i don't know this person. Year says owens headline headbutting vince was the last major headbutts yeah. This is the vince mcmahon who went on the conference call. It said this was a sophisticated product. We don't do blood and guts a new the last guy w._b._z. Blood and guts was vince. You pre bladed for heads. It's preposterous but it's so vince mcmahon and do something like that and finally this process the wwl it looks like if the u._f._c. and new japan bell had a baby gets kinda. Does you have to look at the new bells. Not the old ones back in a moment observer alive. You're listening go to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and mike beebe on the sports byline broadcasting network. The show brain alvarez year ear wrestling observer live makes him for wrestling observer. Dot com says the a._w._o._l. Resembles mid south north american bells with helbig. The middle plate is well. Well okay. I see what you're saying. As far as size of it goes but that <hes> that'll north american title belt was certainly some mm special person is so furious at you for making fun of the wing and evil as are any true wrestling fan way to say. It's not that i make fun of winging. It sucks now. I make fun of you because you saw our devotion for that belt and your your will do you think of the winged eagle then forget schwartz every other bill. I mean it's okay what i mean. It's big gold is far better than that. As far better than that though the national television asian title was better than the national your skull being the flags say somebody took a gold nugget just flattened it out and throw it on a piece of leather beautiful. Oh bell forty thousand dollars and what's not fake was percents. I understand that roman is so patient to find out who's trying to kill him. Several people have texted that. What do you want the guy to do. Daniel brian and roman claim they know so. They said he's got to wait a week what he wanted to attack them the attacks. They may not tell him anything. He has no choice. Just gotta sit there and wait in that universe to i mean what what else would you expect other than roman ranger shakes this open ranges gimmick me the other day and then plot roman ranger roman ranger ross it could be a new hybrid gimmick but no but i mean as far as you know his character and how he has been portrayed in the universe i mean he has suffered through the hitler homicides so him not even getting hit by vehicle. Of course he can just shake that off with a look. I mean he is look. He is a here's a ridiculous louis character and he always kind of has been the always kind of has been portrayed as one because of the reaction that he's gotten in the fact of how vince views him and this is just perfect perfect with how right in the line without vince views him. Oh i almost died to shake off and keep it moving the i just doesn't surprise me at all person says best belt ever fire. Mike for this take stock vitriol coming here. Bring it you geeks with the winged eagle. Hoke all kid what happened in the marine braun strowman roman relationship that was forming a couple of weeks ago. It is if a student everything is as if it never happened you kidding me. They're zero nudie on the shell none. I shouldn't say zero. There's there's been more lately but if you're if you're expecting ironic if you're expecting continuity for some of these shows did i don't know what to tell you. You're going to rarely get it. That's been a and look. That's been a hallmark of w._w._e. W._w._f. In some form now for thirty five years or whatever it's been so accepted the w._f. Wing an eagle belts is one of the best wrestling belts ever bryant. Please help mike aka the roman ranger come to his senses geeks. I can't help him dude dude. I can't help it. Why would ruin wait a week to find out who murdered him again. What do you want to do attack. These guys guys i mean it worked great every time that somebody's attacked somebody what you could you could coerce them roman himself. Hey think about this. Everybody may find his twitter here so this will answer your question for you. Roman reigns on twitter said let's see here was it and it's a man's got confident eight tweets. It's more than i thought okay. I'll looks like it a beat a confession eddie murphy. I guess it's different than what you said earlier. Thanks boss the other thing about how you know. I don't think this would stand up in court if you hold up a guy against a wall and push forum into their throat well. I mean yeah exactly you get a good lawyer. You're you're gonna say yeah. If he'd my my client wanted to live this happened to him again back there buddy murphy really you know roman. E shook off his chance to get some security buddy buddy. Murphy has got a real claim about unfair working conditions so i if i'm the revival and i'm fast now. Union cards needs the first one. I'm going to cannot get defined this tweet that he made like it's. It looks like he's actually done two different tweets that are totally different was a tweet or was it one of those news articles as a tweet. It was like one of them was how you know no. I don't think that <hes> choke somebody with your form against the locker is going to hold up in court and then in another tweet talked about how he beat the truth out of a guy. That doesn't make sense roman. I i gotta find out now. Maybe deleted because you realize how stupid it was after they made him choke a guy up to death against the locker. I go to the phones. You're on the air. What's going on what happened. He disappeared. He probably was was ready to defend you then chicken out but that winged eagle is is that what would happen. Oh yeah here he is. I'm with mike big old all the way whatever whoa man come on. We need tails. You guys are idiots. You're goof. Eric spoke about allison porn to leave the audience with a cliffhanger lead the audience. Are you gonna try to argue. That was eric if that's what this text is i'm gonna block you yeah. He is yeah you're blocked. I told you what happened. You didn't wanna hear it. You're out of here here. Dude come on if he's zero. Tell you when he's there. He's not doing anything yet like there was no cliffhangers on raw or smackdown before eric bischoff showed up. We've seen cliff. Hangers on the shows like in the last few months before i even got hired for this job also has been kind of important the wrestling you know what i mean. Why do i deal with these people. You're on the air my friend what's going on off alone. Could it be rakhi she hey i thought about that rickie. She the one that that <hes> tried to kill the rock nineteen years later. Unfortunately makishi ken coating. He did in one thousand nine years later. He's trying trying to kill roman reigns but he's he's not clear to work so i don't think it's makishi unless he like he did it but the use those are going to get their revenge or something while i mean look at how car crash ashley could have been the us yeah one of those guys <hes> anytime and get checked out on the capital's youtube channel like as you see the thing it clearly doesn't castle in match even clearly have to pay tax team only chemistry in the there with that. It doesn't match as well. The problem is he just turned heel so they're going to be a baby face tasty meantime how much <hes> t._v. You've seen i don't care how he met his john doing the youtube videos. I don't think you're gonna buy cheer matt eight times. <hes> it is kind of funny. I mean this isn't this isn't social media but it is. It's funny like sometimes you see some of these these characters that are like they're just the worst baby faces or whatever but then you seem in real life and it's like a a great example watch ms and mrs okay ms is a baby face like to be fair. He's fine now okay. He's not great please. Lee's pretty good for years. He was the worst baby face like of all time and you could never have the guy go baby. Face 'cause always failed then. I watch ms and mrs and he's the most likable guy on the planet and i think because that's show does decent numbers like does run a million viewers or so. I think that that's one of the main reasons that this baby face turn has worked because so many people have seen him on ms and mrs now and like the raw audience the smackdown audience is not even double ms and mrs okay so that's how good miss and mrs is doing or you could say that so bad smackdown is doing but more than half for the smackdown viewers like are watching ms and mrs so anyway. I think that's what has helped him. Get over the babies and my other point is watch dolph ziegler earlier on mrs like the most likeable dude it put him on run. It's like get off my t._v. I don't ever want to see you again so that's kind of one of the weird things about the way that the way that these things work. We've never given michael is do ms shannon. Yes get outta here. You have anything else this and the winged eagle their people he's been he's been pop culture now for how long but with wrestling but when did he first appear because there are people who have a connection to ms like still back from mt he's still for some people that are random like very you know playing the corners wrestling fans who get dragged and usually becomes their spouse or their boyfriend or girlfriend but he still guy from mtv and there's a very human decide to that i know but there's still a very eastman side to that t._v. Show that that obviously comes out where you know they have misfired with him a a lot in some ways when you hear him del out name one time shows with these radio shows in these tv appearances i mean he has been this guy in those appearances appearances for a long time he is so great at them and that's why i mean his character on t._v. And i am bag is he can be sometimes. I mean it doesn't actually jive with how this guy is presented almost every other way at every other time that you see him. I says hogan eighty six eighty seven belt is better than the big gold belt. I like. That bell is all right. I like that too small to small. You just complain about the w._w._e. Belt being too big and that's the other the thing about the winger deal. It looks so ridiculous hogan's stomach. Let's say it looks like the twenty four seven stomach is so distended belts fault. You are the same people that like the twenty four seven dollars. Don't you like the poker chip. If you like poker wretched title the tag team title say a wretched the cop. I don't hate the current debbie title but it's like. It doesn't look like a championship ring at eagle. I don't want to dinner plate. I want to win a meller shipley round like that say world title. The earth should be only the eagles should be on it. Sorry mike lobe. Mike and i <music> have is sorry mike. I can't understand what this guy's trying to say. I think he's trying to say that he's on your side but he's not speaking english. He's can barely early. Type person says roman should get a troupe of mystery solving kids together to figure this out called romans rangers. That's what his his family should. It'd be called. The roman reigns scooby doo tell mike did the winged eagle is the classiest and most sophisticated belt far more than that awful stamped plate plate of gold. I can guarantee you that the person that wrote that probably is not is not classy and sophisticated and has got a poor take when it comes to this wing deal if that was even a real tweet or text all real. What would you say this person says is if they if i were only reading fake ones. I read any of these putting over the big gold belt. Tell you that much right now. What would you say is the best looking title currently today regardless of company actually i w g._p._a. Title at pelt is fantastic really related fantastic tastic. That's what the w i really that w._w._e. The black <hes> universal championship belt wherever was the undisputed title that brock had and that eddie and j._b._l. That for a little while. I always liked that. I thought that was a that was a good looking hybrid belt. You know kind of more uptake knew that was around the time new japan change their belt over and and gave him more of the looked at it has now in all japan is kind of follow that everything. I thought that was really a nice belton. I guess i'm the only one because that one disappear and they've never i thought about bringing it back. Honestly the nicest looking belt and all of w._b. Right now i think is the w._b._z. u._k. Title twenty four seven title is atrocious. Yes the tag team. Titles are wretched dimes pennies. I mean like all got pinky. Pinky ring women's in universal titles either. I mean they just that's. That's what that reminds me of. The idea. Is you're the champion. It's gold medal. It's like actual real legitimate golden storyline like you're rich rich now like you're going to be the main event. You're gonna get more money than everybody and the tag team. Titles are silver and bronze like yes. I want lebron's belt. Wow whoop de do oh horrible for the only one who actually likes the current w._b._z. Championship. I think it's fine. It's not the worst title they've had. It's not the worst title they've got. I mean the other titles are so bad. It may be the best one intercontinental titles pretty nice because this little throwback the original yeah because it's all goal that's the points a big old thing gold that actually it looks like gold unlike the big gold belt which isn't shiny at all it's lumpy and the end of you knew eta do silver and i can't remember who made africa back and see exactly who made those belts but like a lot of those silver belts because you had the world champion that was the goal belts have silver over belts for some of the other championships. It's how they were again designs and how they were done for a lot lot more aesthetically pleasing what they got now. Let's see here in north america. Title is not bad but the strap is way too big giant thick strap. Yes it kind of sucks and yet yeah w._v._u. Title it's beautiful back in a moment. It was ever live <music>. You're listening to wrestling observer live with bryan alvarez and mike simple vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network and the show very quickly here. This person says thing with belts is we have certain connections ends with our favorite bells associated when we first started watching w._b._z. There's no right answer to which belt is the best of course star ratings but here's my point all of this. I loved the belts were in me when i was growing up for two reasons first off. I still to this day think that the most beautiful belt i've ever seen is the winged eagle. It's just such an awesome championship belt now the intercontinental and the tag titles from when i was growing up in w._f. I love those because when you are the champion campione when you're number one you got these big very shiny gold belts like you hold those under the ring lights and they're shining and they're so nicely polished and that's a big beautiful gold belt like the rick flair belt like it's a gold belt because because it's like all lumpy and everything like that you never saw the light reflecting off of it and never looked like a big shiny gold belt the silver bell. It's like silver. That's like second place ace. Some of these belts were were. I don't know the hogan belt <hes> the mid eighties belt that he had i mean it was it was a gold bell the same thing it was like that shiny shiny smooth clean golden belt and like i loved the intercontinental imitate team titles but they're not my second and third favourite titles of all time i mean my favorite title is the winged eagle. My second favorite belt is the current new japan i g- heavyweight title and on top of that impact at a world title belt a few years ago that was awesome built that natural and i hated impact but man they had a cool belt so part of it is yes when when you grew up in what you watch growing up but there's more to the net there's there's objective aesthetic beauty such as we see in the wing and even anyway thanks. Mike is always callers listeners. Everybody the studio bell lovers everywhere kentucky next time wrestling observer live.

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