Earning Fast Cash in a Crisis while building Digital Assets You Control w/Darren Monroe


aride ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls. Feast your eyes in tune your ears, it's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority field and how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience, and attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host Brian S Arnold. We are live until the boys and girls we are here. got. You took difficulties unfortunately with the y five mind in and areas during this year Dan Monroe. Magoo back with me go way back if we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA, talk about that in this show quite a bit here what we WanNa make sure that you understand that not the only my talk about we want to He's coming in here to show us how to earn fast cash in a crisis in the crisis. While building digital assets that you control on your own I'm just GonNa put those little words in the experts there for you but. I'm glad to hear how you doing. First of all, how you doing today fantastic I am blessed and highly favorites glad to be here. Absolutely. So let's go right into it. I saw tell us who you are personally and professionally. Okay personally, and professionally will personally my mother and father were born in a manger and. Jesus never met never met I was on the planet giral and no no no. That Superman. Okay. Doesn't I'm a native New Yorker raised in Chicago and they say shot city and basically are all my life within a band played and then got kicked out of bands because I kept asking all the marketing questions and next thing you know we're back to school. Ended up working in marketing and through you know through school and a job at universal turned into a whole lot of opportunities where I was working for Universal, DreamWorks MCA, Lionsgate Def Jam Motown, as well as basically a lot of film companies, lot of music companies, and later on during that time, a lot of celebrities from jail Scott to Jay z Eric. limpest get Nelly Furtado you know a whole. Bunch of rockers, jazz people, hip hoppers as well as. A. Last you there. Can you hear me? He, now. About that basically I work with a lot of people in the rap rock. Jazz. Hip Hop. Era and basically I was working at I heart media. which is largest radio station owner in the world doing marketing for everything from the NBA, NFL, Mardi Gras, a lot of big stuff right and all of a sudden Hurricane Katrina showed up at actually Brian to this very bumped. It's been fifteen years and you know they showed up and I'm allergic to dine. So I left in time. And I ended up in. The in town suites in town suites in San Antonio Texas yeah running away launching websites from there and you know from there from there on I started doing courses thanks about proxy about ten years ago he was like, what are you doing? What are you doing Darren? Should be training people and. And basically, that's where that turned into saying. Okay. Well, I, guess social other people, web stuff and marketing and stuff instead of just running my own lease based sites and the rest was history, and then you know I think maybe like two years maybe two years after that less than a year. Two at the most, that's what we ended up meeting at an abandoned I love Vegas because I started getting active in the marketing circles before then I've been doing market folly celebrities in big companies billion dollar whatever's and building our brands radio and Yada Yada. and I ended up. Doing that. Over the time sold over a hundred thousand products program services across one hundred plus countries made a lot of money loft, a Lotta money by the. Money. But it wasn't the typical stuff he would take. It wasn't due to that. You know sniffing on white stuffing and and and strippers in Lamborghinis staff was just regular stuff in vast in. Not knowing what to do because it was new money you know you make new money and they they got experienced people told me like, oh, man, that's nothing I did this that and the other I mean you're supposed to lose several forces over and over but. God I can't believe I lost that much money. How much money but it's like crazy. I made mistakes through but I'm more of stronger Ford. So here, I am helping people in all sorts of ways You know really trying to deal with a combination of crisis, an positioning themselves Brian that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I love it. Love it. So you took US pretty much everywhere. We don't have to go back to your journey is already there. So yeah. twined. But let's go. Let's dig dive into. We don't want to go to. Work Journey started. This the students let's do this. Because to me, there are different from me. There are different online universes. I I conduct, categorize them in this way. Is. The marketing. World. I, call them. The car is a digital marketing world for me. Is the start of world. Does the influence the world to me? Where do you identify right now within those two groups if at all right now Here's the thing I I didn't tell you that but I I had written I was a contributing writer for Forbes. And In that opened up the door for me a lot of people in the startup world and in Wall Street. So for Wall Street to to start a world to main street Yeah, I was doing the marketing thing the first time I got the first time I did digital marquis was limp biscuit in ninety eight. So it's like, I don't you know identify a one hundred percent with the people who come in and say they're gonNA, make a product and go out and they're going to do that like okay. Cool. You know welcome to our world but. I don't necessarily identify. With, that I have my own space in the sense that you might think is helping people get their own digital assets, the performing free. So my foot is in each one of those spaces from different perspectives, influencer in the sense that I, just from my journey for fifteen years in my own business in twenty five years marketing and branding for billion dollar businesses some of which went on became my clients and then the. Flip side of that is going into digital space. I basically have seen it all the good the bad and the ugly man you feds horror stories here. Then pass and began do that and talk about it, and then when you talk about the startup world, I think we'll all in starter but I know what you're talking about the people talk about the heavy you know the the Unicorn startups in the startup companies and being. On crazy that having this. and. What happened is a bunch of the digital people ran over everybody into the SAS World Thinking, Oh, I'm GonNa get free and it worked out well for some and others is like. Any. For you you should be anywhere near that. So yeah, right. So I'm considering be all three worlds and then a couple more thrown in. Okay. Got It. Okay So so let's disappointment why we're here. So, we're in a crisis not with lots of brought to work. A lot of people electing out of business work as well. I talked to my my my friend the other day he's like his his businesses is shot right now because a lot of it is. Events. Where he made money. the people are trying to pit as best as they can. If you're entrepreneur I think people. Are. Your your entrepreneur at heart. Knowing or knowing that it's got to be some of the ways to to to make money. So. How can we bring in cash? We're all about here to ease our minds. In going forward while we go through this, go to these moments of prices. Floor. Okay well, let's let's talk about your friend for men, and that's a great example. When you think back to the Napoleon Hill book, he told this story about a guy was a grocer and he was trying to keep his job but you know depression he lost his job. So he took correspondence courses to become an account of a county, a bookie, a bookkeeper and he could still couldn't get a job. So we figured he do. Is You know just do bookkeeping but not just for anybody he did he pivoted and their bookkeeping for little small grocery stores that were barely survived or trying to survive who needed they not these to watch the numbers for them. But they you know they were willing to pay that and the way was able to deliver that he didn't have a company but he ended up doing is he put the company he ended up putting the company. In his truck. Now, this is the nineteen thirties man, which is really cutting edge 'cause back. Then they didn't have Bobo. Services Yada Yada so they ended up doing that. And in and it was really great because now he was able to grow his business for a very small group of people in pivot bringing back to events. Even though the guy is is having trouble doing a person alive events. Virtual events have soared through the roof because people are still looking for that value in the services that they provide though it could be a variety of things depending on what kind of defense he has. What people have to begin to think about is, what is it the senior talent skills, knowledge experience, and what can you put in there and turn that into money? So your talent so you things that you never thought you know that. People, say you were good at strangers say you are good at they always gave you compliments over the years friends and family skill. The things that you might not even think about because you develop them over time, it could be computer skills it could be skills in a certain software could be something that you've been through that. You could share with people and then you talk about knowledge is stuff that you know you don't have to be certified know everything but you can teach people. There are people right now who aren't certified teachers in their teaching teaching. You know you've got Saudi Robert, half a billion dollars and sure enough he has zero of certification in anything A. Psychologist crazy because they're. Certified to do that. But the reality is, is that the guy is is killing me he's doing great band he's not certified, but he has a passion forty does any noses stuff now? It's. Is something you've been through I have clients who are helping women get through mental abuse and working out groups that she. Created a group where we have models where they teach them that I'll talk about those models in a minute but the idea Bryan is in everybody watching is Hello to the people said low to us the the the deal is is being able to do it in a way where you can package these things whether be a talent skills, knowledge experience and being able to present them in three key method so I mean you. Look at it like this bill will right now is the pandemic it's not the beginning of the end is the end of the beginning we're still in the middle of this financially October everybody. We're still going to hit hard times in the in in in the stock market in the marketplace. Because right now for my sources speaking of startups and other people Hello how you doing guys the the from my experience. Is that we're in a scenario? where the real numbers have not come out, you know we have fifty million who've fifty million applied for unemployment just to days opening backup doesn't mean people have a job we still have almost fifty percent unemployment, but they're scared of putting the numbers out there not because politics but because of panic economic panic in the lowest vacancy. Rates of major I'm talking about luxury places not let alone regular places they see rate in apartments. It's been the highest amount of evictions in the history of the United. States. People are dealing with some rough times and the question becomes what is the quickest path to cash short term cash flow short-term belong term how do you turn that into something that you can grow in sustained and get long-term with so I? Mean that's that's really that's where we're at the ideas this implode from your intellectual properties and all of you can everybody can you can turn that into money? This. Okay All right now as. Met McWilliams coming in here I appreciate you matt saying. What is it that people tell you? What's really interesting about you is is a suggestion as well. So well, now he says, ask yourself what is. What is it that people tell you is really interesting about yeah and that's usually a talent many times. You don't realize that you get paid for that. You're like, okay. Yeah. Whatever that's not a big deal and what I ended up doing Brian is working with clients in an talking to them initially like okay do you realize that talent and do you realized passion for it? If you have passion for in talent the question becomes Will People Bhairab they already buying this out about what you think about what they're already buying I. if they're already buying just don't have a copy of your copy your version of it yet right? Right. Okay. So what is let's get to a point where? What is a digital asset portfolio says you? That's a good question. That's a good question man Brian you smarter than I thought. Okay I'm. Yes. Joy Forgive me. Go ahead go ahead I'm sorry no. You won't even. Matt put another thing of his favorite said, what did you struggle with? But now enjoy success that is another way to look at it as well. So. Yeah, yeah, that is that is I mean again it's what you naturally do have passion for. That's the real thing. You don't have to work hard working hard work hard working smart. Here's the thing I wanNA put out there is that a digital asset portfolio looks like this. You're having a combination what I would call multiple tiers of income multiple tiers of cash flow and use multiple tiers are coming in three different core methods started from the bottom up started from the bottom. Now, we're here we go to start from the bottom line. Is a little bitty secret that I teach that nobody else teaches in the information world and the it comes down to this. Small micro payments less than the cost of net flicks. The whole idea is this everybody's doing membership. It's what I'm teaching people to do man is how to do micro memberships in a way this automated to saves you money. So I have clients right now who have seven hundred members in any given Nick Niche for instance, the person I'm taking up right now it's crazy crazy conspiracy bill. WHO's one of these survivalists prepar people who basically you know Brian we knew a lot of those people meeting them at the event pepper people. You've got to prepare yourself. Guy Has seven hundred people paying nine dollars ninety five cents a month this month alone. He's been clear over seven grand and he works forty hours. I've taught him how to work forty hours. A year. Not a week not a month a year anything. He said for forty hours a year on ammonia. Okay Yeah. Okay. Alright any hardly has a website. You don't even need a big website or anything it really comes down to this and Brian I've talked to you about this and you've seen be talking videos and stuff about the. The idea is that you created this small micro at the grows over time happens is you get four or five, ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty, thirty, fifty members but here's the secret one you've automated the delivery via an email is like a newsletter but. It's even more clever because you have audio, you have video and here's the incredible part. You can do the Oprah model where you turn that into an opportunity to take other people's resources that you've done the resource on you've done the research on and do and I used to teach people in this call list of nominees. But you know the problem was they needed coach because pretty much one hundred percent everybody will mess it up even if I told him because it's A. Nuance that's very specific but the idea's this everybody you get nine, ninety, five, build every month you automate email every once a week that goes out to them. They're getting a very specific thing that's where everybody messes up very specific me and the great thing is they're pre making the emails go out. So every time somebody is signing up there started with email one in work they way back. But the way that works is if you do three to five emails, are you know? A A week you like fifteen, twenty, a year you're done in a year. Let's say you do it three emails Saturday ten ten weeks, Saturday twelve weeks you got more than half a year's worth of content and everybody comes in they start with email number one and it grows and there's a specific way that you market in open it up. So that's one thing that's just one thing that's at the smaller levels what I call the Bo-bo level. Okay. Twenty thousand, dollar Car Volvo. Chime in here real quick because. People are automatically think about okay great. But. Are. You saying, are you saying with the with the automated? Automated System that you get you building on on top of what what you're trying to try to show that person throughout the entire year is that correct? You're basically giving them. The resources things that they can use right now, tips, hacks, resources, they can use but what you're saving them as a lot of time and you're talking about a very specific subject that otherwise they would not have had. So go into specifics and you go into specific niche or Micronesia sub niche. Then all of a sudden you're break, there is something I teach called small in scope a right deepen content online format inconsistent. Delivery that's one asset that you could build. But the great part about it is that you can bill that over and over again and here's the big secret most people don't know those people since it's under ten dollars will stay there forever average person stays anywhere from a year and a half to three years versus a membership that'll get six eight months maybe a years worth of content and is automated. So I'M NOT A. Short is my next question about Richard Retention so that Dago let me say okay because I'm a mind reader and I know these things. You adjust thinking about the number twelve I'm telling you that only happened. You might not have even thought that, but I'm telling you in the future right now. Okay. Here's the second asset. Tops. That's a no brainer. So you've taken a workshop, they need the record live like this or you end up prerecording it and you can teach them on something. For instance, I grabbed all my former people who were former clients and people I worked with at DreamWorks Lionsgate at Universal and Sony, and I taught them how to become the only authority for three day session and the idea was I brought him in and crowd funded at twenty five dollars didn't use the website just crowdfunding it and you can sell. These virtual workshops in a variety of ways anywhere from twenty, five dollars to five hundred dollars a pop, and you open that workshop every other month or maybe once a month if you want an opening up in enclosed and you end up charging that money and you can deploy it, but it's not like launch Ya'll this way then you die down you just do a little small many launch. I've got people across the world doing small many launches where they open up, they make their money, they close it up in. The third asset you going to create is a premium model premium model means that you're charging over three granny. You're charging three brand from doing the following things you're delivering a tran. A At what what, what, what we call is a information but transformation as my friends brush says I totally Stola he don't know what you're talking about the one stolen. It's bad. It's bad. But anyway, it's like information is transformation and the idea about transformation comes down to this listen if you saw something on a specific mission specific area and you'll give them tips. That's great. But the transformational people need that stuff. Now, let's give you an example relationships. Toxic relationships got a client who started a micro subscription for toxic relationships, but he could do workshops is well on specific. Subjects like what is your escape plan from crazy or how do you begin to attract better people into your life and get surrounded with positive people so that you're not being open to that toxicity. A premium example of that is working one on one with somebody a weekly or within a group coaching and helping them out weekly. Listen you guys are GonNa get through this. You can make it through this focus on the plan keep for you're going to be okay having that group focus is something that people will absolutely pay a premium for yes I know before you ask Brian, they will pay in a crisis. Remember this this fight despite there being a forty percent drop in the united. States. Along in GDP, we're talking about roughly a lot of money. We're talking about eight trillion loss that means they're still quote trillion in the marketplace in the majority of people are buying online. By the way they're buying in the thousands and tens of thousands and so on. When you have a combination of several of these were they beat micro subscription, the virtual workshops were in basically showing people how to set those up as well as the premiums being. Able to have the premiums, those combinations are GonNa always have you with one. You're not depending on what source to you having multiple sources in assets. You can feel without taking a lot of your time or needing a big staff in three. The idea that you could pull five, thousand, fifteen, thousand dollars or sixty thousand or her name thousand insider twelve months is not a crazy thought and the idea that you can expect that three five, ten, x Israel because you have multiple assets, you get one hundred percent of the money you control it none of those MLM's or corporations. Yeah Yes Oh. So there you go. Great. Stuff. Great stuff. Great stuff. Is there how. So MLM's therefore, I started having problems. I'm allergic to work, and for other people's money instead of my own, my brother, there you go. There you go. I love it, and I'm not I to be a big proponent of you there. Doesn't. Love it are addicted to it almost to a fault. But that's the. Money's right right. So. That's another another show somebody back come on his show in in debunk that know but So the thing right now. Click. It. All sounds great. It sounds great thing. I think what happens right now is that people are still in Oh, so much that was MLM. Multi level marketing or or network more leaving. Yes. So. There you go. Jeremy. multilevel marketing network marketing. Amway in every other company in that inadvertently von yet and they're great products those guys are selling I'm not one. that. I'm simply saying they they're real but the problem is you get a small. Commission. So the problem is why you work in one hundred percent five percent of the money. Bigger. They'll go ahead. No problem we have to get that in there somebody as a question we get deliver so yeah, right now the point right now I want to get into this belief right now because. There's a thing where. Is a struggle because people are I sing? are a place where. They don't like generating money. They see like the only way really just to go back and get that job find something. Because they don't really believe in. You know maybe maybe they don't believe they have. Enough in themselves to sell and that kind of thing. Don't believe that this can happen for them. This is go get the job be safe. Be Comfortable. And then maybe one day side hustle goal. In Life. So So. Tell us what you think about that. All. Right Y'all ready for this you already this. Lay down some deep deep stuff on you right. About that in, here's the thing belief. First of all, let me point out the truth somebody who sold across one hundred plus countries of last fifteen years every country not just in America. Every country has taught us to be poor why? Because they want us to control they want to control our GDP their GDP countries, GDP jam, they're trying to group they're trying to have US compete in the truth is we got a contrast we gotta think different we have to get to critical thinking and critical thinking is this in a world full of abundance we should not be just working one source of money. It's insane. It's easy to go back to your safe place because what you're fighting right now psychologically is over a hundred years of psychological conditioning brainwash. She told us that we have the work jobs that we have to just do one source of money that we have the vote to our safest place and the people who are telling us that many times people who love us nothing kills a drink quicker than a well-meaning family member a friend they love you but they mean, well, the irony to this, the contracts to this is that they don't come in and tell you what to do if you were. In the army and you were trying to deal with deal drill sergeant who listened to the drill sergeant or your Mama you. Love Your Mama Indefinitely. Your. Mama loves most that Anita giving you the best advice for the situation in hand. So hear me out this I'm just saying to you that it's possible not just possible but more than probable for you to turn cash turn opportunities. There legally from your mindset, the people around you have not been trying for that because society surroundings and even yourself are battling. The reason that is is because companies make more money countries make more money by not getting you to critically think about your situation. That's why you're giving up all your money to the banks to the 401K's to social security here in the United States of. Well as abroad engines, you're giving a ball your money because if you critically thought about things the way you would address not only you're finance would be a politics would be way more death and will cause them to be in control. You would think twice about what you're doing financial in financial independence is scary a state number one thing every country in America abroad every any other. Country in the world has no-one asset they have is ignorance. The next next asset that they have is stupidity stupidity is not better but doing it again, we're all guilty of that but the reality is this. If all of these people you see who are successes, who made it majority of them started from nothing forms did a study of the top four hundred billionaires people who are. Sixty five, seventy percent of them were people would be came to mind contributing writer former contributing writer for. Sticks you look up yourself, sixty, five, seventy percent of those people started with nothing. So you might say run to your safe place and hey, that's your call. But the is I think spiritually the God is calling on you to live your life just like I think that's call it on me to say this through this medium through Brian to let you know that it's time to get free don't be free. You know whether you're black white green purple whatever your background is it's a wake up town and this. Is Opportunity. You know another word of Chinese for crisis as opportunity opportunity is always wrapped in crisis. If this is happening to you, I'm not saying, don't go and get some emergency money absolutely gets an emergency money, but there's a short term plan as a long term plan. I got a client right now who's working uber lifts doing what he's doing he's building his own micro subscription model and this is a good one to eve working on Bryant. He's working on doing a micro subscription model for baby daddies in how Would, be father's. Deliver Fatherhood. Erica it like whoa and he's targeting some specific. But the point is this. There are people you can earn extra money and you can turn that into something you grow in the fulltime money. Yeah. You gotTa Hustle. Right. Now. Yeah you're discourage. Yeah. You upset yet that happened. Yeah. Also crisis has hit a bunch of people all of us but the reality is this is that it is possible for you to step your game up the first thing you gotta do. Stop Listening, to society this training to be poor to stop listening to your family unless they're talking like me, they don't need to be listened to a you love downing. You don't love them any less stop listening to people who basically enisa situation. Don't matter like I say if you in a war and you got drill instructor, you've got your Mama you listened to your Mama or you get killed or you going Into the instructor and get that done. So you need to suspend your trust in people who are not qualified. To give that conversation saying to you is that yeah, you frustrated angry but here's the thing I want you to do is get out of your feelings get into your focus. So here's the fate address the fact of what you're feeling the okay with the fear be okay being uncomfortable but I swear to God on behalf anything everything I love as well as got itself that absolutely the Air is an opportunity. To, come from the large amount, the largest amount of wealth transfer is happening right now in it's not between people already have money people already wealthy is between people who don't have and people who have the largest mountain before this time was two, thousand, eight, the ideas this people are listening. If you know your stuff if you have your experience, you can get out there is so k. that you step out I. Don't mean you don't do uber lift like I said gotTa Find Do Uber. Left but he's working he's got the short plant but the long term plan is going to be out of that bad about ninety days working with them yet on the situation veteran. So if you've got to do a media stuff that's fine but you know what it does start with belief and I'm telling you it's possible I'm telling. You on behalf of God, it is possible for you to get out of situations. The question becomes what are you willing to address believe yourself yeah. Share what strategies which yeah talked about different methods, multiple tiers but the reality is is that you deal with those multiple tiers of those multiple fears. Are you let go and move forward and get empowered in what you're doing? That's what you do. That's ripe pastor. Paula. We. Pray the we know what's going on the whole idea is all of you out there you could this the reality you. Is this you're GONNA be uncomfortable. You're uncomfortable. Now why not me uncomfortable working toward Joe Dreams instead of being uncomfortable working in somebody else's working. Then you say well, Darren I need money now. Okay. Cool. You gotTA. Do Short term out. So you gotTa Work here you got do remote. Understood be building opportunities in there because we're in the virtual world, nobody's hold you back because whatever your background is what country you live in what color you are gender sexual orientation. None of that matters all people want is a solution to a specific group of people who have a specific problem and all you gotta do is speak with emotion impassioned. Great just believe if you believe believe what intention I'm not just talking about manufacturers to listen I can manifest myself being hundred pounds less again or at least. Less but manifest ain't gonNA mean if I'm CG's Burgos still not walking out drinking my water that manifestation doesn't happen. You gotTA manifest intention and remember don't procrastinate prognosticate one delays a dream one four tells it. You've got to this. Love so I'll see that fashion see see every. So often there come in just flow. I gotta get you on a stage for real. Motivational. So last question to you. Last question I, asked this all of my guests. In simply this they see you the love what you're saying, love your ideas they. They see what your your your background you've come from. And they want to. They want to do the same thing that they're doing it once they wanna they, WANNA THEY WANNA go in and be at your level the at your mentality you know in in, do the things that you're doing to generate, generate the the cash they want the lifestyle. So tell them. Just in your own words now. How they can do this. And be in authority or I. How do you say the the only Alleles? In your marketplace, you you that tell them, what do you want me to tell them again, just tell them in your own words how to get this done. And Not really expedient but just. How how to get it done? Get it done for real and being the only authority in their space. simply put up, put it down to you like this. First of all, I go back to that again on the leaf and of course, being able to have something to lead them to us you are glorified hobby. So you gotTa have something thou show always have an offer and at it's totally fine. You said earlier about selling stuff it's not really about selling. It's about making offers I mean was the last time the ice cream you've heard me talk about the Ice Cream truck man showed up as I want to sell you give your presentation little kid like take money. Give me ice skate will kill you you. Making the offers that sell themselves as far as being the only authority, it comes down to three key things you WANNA stand out from everybody you know like I. Say countries talks to be. One of the things they taught us to do is to compete and I'm a very competitive person. But the reality is this. You don't have to compete all you gotTa do is contrast. You GotTa do not dominate defense. You you got apple. You know apple is everybody loves you at me no argument the apple is a passionate bran trillion dollar brand, right? So Excuse me the idea with Apple. Is. That just like anything else that stands out they only have ten percent fifty percent of the laptop in the end, the and the. And the APP in the. Computer market. So what I'm saying to you is that it's not about competing about contrasting but countries they've talked that competing so they can get a greater gt gross domestic product goes masto product they want everybody competed. So it braves up all that stuff but the reality is are we gotta do is contrast. So what ways you gonNA contrast in the next seven days simply put their three metres to do that. The first thing is you have to talk about the. Miss do the mythbusters. What is this in your industry? One of the things I'm telling people about fast cash crisis is the ability to charge premiums as there. But Hey, the ability to charge small money is there to there's this great battle between charge charge less I'm like charged both you got Vogel, which is a twenty thousand dollar car belly two, hundred, thousand dollars and you got a two million dollar car what are they all in common owned by the same company? You can definitely market on different levels in that. It's like a luxury mall you can do that. So what I'm saying is talent, that's me challenging that myth we also challenging the myth of the network multi level marketing or the list of people not owning your own digital assets. Now, what's the next thing you gotTa do you gotTa do the Taboo Elephants you got to address? What do I mean by that? Talking about the tough conversations I'm having some really direct. Conversations with African Americans about promoting other people's businesses except for your own and having your own narratives and being able to do that and tell you that you need to own your own starring. In fact I've been basically tell listen you digital share cropper mainly you're working somebody else's often you don't own it and you building their platforming. Bro It's very taboo compensation. It's a very touchy conversation even the look on your face when I talked about the I love like oh Yes, a touchy compensation. Old It. You knew you in your niche you gotta be willing to have taboo conversations in speak about guess what it's GonNa make you stand out when you speak intelligently about it and you speak from the passion and you you're willing not only to endorse what you believe but enforce which you believe believe in defendant. So that's the two things you have the busing. You got the elephant taboos room talk about the stuff that's already been talked about nobody was talking about the third thing. Final thing is develop your own tried language. Hey, of the averted seth Godin tribes, the things you've got to understand about the tribe languages, seth bones, other book. We're all weird which is a great book my one of my favorites because he's talking. About how we became these big industries, and now we're these little biddy tiny industries the more you go Super Micronesia better and you stand out that's let flicks. starbucks is biggest problem those little biddy cafes coming from those little bitty micro knee subscription services coming forward. That's where it Netflix's biggest challenges in starbucks. Biggest challenges will in your case you're coming out with your. Approach and and and you gotta understand what this really means. This means that you are coming out with your approach to communicating to your audience, your language. What do I mean by that I'm GonNa show you something especially if you anything if you twenty years or older, you know what I'm talking about when I say this okay. Now new not new made the force. Live long and prosper depend on a e I've said, some key things every tribe knows does you watch the television shows as you know about the different television shells so from infinity beyond the whole idea is that the tribe language that you speak in mine try always telling people we're not everyone business and that's okay. You know I'm telling people that you know mostly losing money. You know that's why that's the language I'm using for that. I'm saying, listen you need multiple Tiers Castle these mind language words what are your catchphrase words if you have a language did you don't sound like anybody else GonNa attract people I'm probably the only person who's talked to. You about multiple sources of cash flow or both people sources of income or multiple multiple sources, multiple tiers of cash flow, ultra tiers of income. Nobody's talked about that. The other thing is talking about the the lies that you think that don't really exist in your community. If you're willing to go to that in address that that's going to be big and the third final thing again, the elephant taboos if you're willing to have the uncomfortable conversations and I just had this with a client who's talking to the black community we were talking about the uncomfortable compensations they should have, for instance, an uncomfortable conversation in the black community would be homosexuality. Pedophilia. Or things like that. If you're willing to have those conversations and they are you know that we're conversations, you're GonNa go far. Go too far. Yeah. That's what it really comes down to. If you're willing to have the tribe language, people feel closer to you on develop some of that Brian really loving. Able to mythbusters stuff is out there saying, listen to all that stuff is wrong I'm different on different. It's not that I'm liked them on the number one I'm the one different. You know even me saying in my tried language I'm the only authority I teach people become the only authority in the marketplace mandatory not number one but the only hey, this is not causing rolls. Royce, and then being able to come and say, Hey, man. I'm GONNA MISS US I'm GonNa Talk About Difficult Taboo Compensations, and then finally I'm GonNa come out have a tribe language that's GonNa have you standing out in seven days or less because people will be like man? I never heard that they don't sound like everybody else don't talk like everybody else and at the same time that it will have those really deep deep deep deep deep difficult conversations without always blasting people but really talking about the solution just as much as the conversation the converse you know the the the. Controversial conversation. Yeah. That's what knows love you did all. You will stand out Gary Tyler. Love it I, love it. That's my do Darren. Appreciate your during the mad talker was when we get the flu. took him with a while this last two questions it got into a flow on newest coming. Seven. I was trying not be over. The next thing you know I got my care rest wanting. Is Immoral go with the Maga the value of what you're saying is just incredible so I really really appreciate you. Coming in on a pinch to he has new laptop. We got all types of my wife I'm going on a different camera today. It's all jacked up today but. One of my phrases is the content will carry you does it matter what it? What it is I. Mean if you're calling from a phone booth, if you're given good continent away or or sharing something of great value desk going to carry regardless. So I appreciate you thank you for coming through here. Thank you bubble. Before we get out of here make sure you guys get into the authority letter dot Com or you can text we are alive at four four to to to see that. To get to get on that list. Get on and get on that for the eight week we're in the middle of AB product weren't weeks six. We got three more weeks. Thank goodness for me so. Remote weeks. Of promoting my my podcasts aligned with the video stream that you say here. So take advantage of that. I think this were giving away Think it's another microphone. I forgot to get in their lap dances I thought you. Know. None of that. But it is a product get on there and and and go to that go to that A DOT com or Texas we are live at. Four four to two to. Believe all right so and get that going on for you. On that and we have one less guardia. People are just. Ll? So. That's your. That's your comment there. So A really. Okay. Yeah. So I know. I know we do this but you got to do this quake my brother. Last words. A WITHIN THIRTY SECONDS THAT Okay Everything I said replay it over and over if you got questions each me down road dot com, he reach me on facebook roll my name's all over the place that would mean any of you. You know you need some clarity on that at least be able to talk to I don't have anything to sell you have everything to help you get creativity in clarity and be able to to generally put good vibes out there but the be willing to believe and understand everything I said he asset from God from the heart you got this Money's waiting on you absolutely valid for his teaching. Trust me. He's going to show you some stuff real real talk training really good training in-depth in. He has a heart to really. Really, help you on your journey. Okay. That's from the heart. Trust me on that so I appreciate you man thank you so much and. juicer Yes sir. So that is it for this episode that's different episode. We will see on the next one just remember bill that share it in they will come. trust me on that guy building Gusta building something. All right. So take that to heart in going. We got what? Former former months of this year. The twenty twenty is a rough year people I know through year. but you can do it. You can do it listen to this like I said Jerry this is the free play. Listen to this replay in. You know you'll know that you have what it takes to get it done and it's like episodes already project. Take here. Be. Bliss. was. A HOUSTON And that's a rapper, this episode of the Authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review share until your friends. So they can hear too, and for even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today broadcast just remember it's your authorities, build it here it and they will come until next time.

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