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Rich Eisen on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. This holiday season give the gift of music, visit guitar center for great deals, including select two thousand nineteen Gibson les. Paul tars ten percent of Porgy select selector any ball coup strings by to get one for complete SPO drum set with symbols and hardware, just to forty nine ninety nine chip that weekly for Newport BUSTER deals, plus new an exclusive gear you can't get anywhere else. Check out her lessons program the perfect gift the new musician give the gift of music from guitar Senate. Okay, folks. Welcome to our neighborhood. First day of November cannot believe is only two months left in the two thousand eighteen calendar year, we have a kickoff of the second half of the NFL season tonight. It's week nine kickoff on the NFL network FOX Amazon prompt triple cast of a game at on behalf of the NFL meeting. Hold on a second baby. Hold on a second this one. You've got two teams with records. Okay. You've got to teams with human beings. Yes. That play football for them that deserve your attention. If you have them on your fantasy teams, and if you're a lover of sport, by the way, how about that. By the way, how about that. You know, you know, when you say, a lover of sport sport. That's now I'm trying to high class. Housing. The one win writers against the one win Niners tonight. Check it out. Right. Throw the records out when these two teams play. We ask you to please do that. Hey, look tonight. Greg Jennings is gonna join us here in the show, and I can't wait to chat with him. As the twelve go out on Sunday night football, some great games on the week nine marquee. So Greg Jennings will be to you will get a full on conversation of the NFL going down. Now, I went all in on Maryland yesterday. And I thought it was completely merited the whole country was virtually outraged. Anybody who didn't have an any financial stake in what what it would cost to send DJ Durkan on his way or anybody who didn't have a certain sense of loyalty towards DJ Durkan for whatever their personal reasons are and parents and players parents of the players many many of them apparently still supported the coach in his return to Maryland. I didn't see it that way. I think most. Clear. Full hearted individuals sought of the way that eventually the president of Maryland sought over. I guess the would you call twenty four hour period between right announcing that the board of regents were was correct. Or at least the findings of the board of regions Wallace, low the president of of Maryland said he suggested he accepted their findings which was a screwed up athletic department caused DJ Durkin to not be able to manage his job to the best of his ability. And thus deserved a second chance and should be the coach of a program that was trying to heal from the death of a player based on all sorts of mismanagement by the athlete staff and also a toxic program in which. Player who could be seen struggling with heatstroke would be viewed as someone who is weak and needed to be ignored or hounded. Or however, you wanna put it that he was the guy to fix all that I didn't get it didn't understand it and Maryland clearly came back around, and maybe this was a Jedi mind trick by Wallace low the president who appeared to have a problem in front of him with the board of regents essentially telling him from what it seemed, and we had Barry is ver- Luga the Washington Post columnist have been covering this on the show yesterday. And he seemed to confirm that the board of regents didn't wanna pay the five million bucks. DJ Durkin that it would cost to send him packing, and thus decided to come up with some construct that they felt was passable to bring him back and Wallace low was told as a president who back in August said. That he as the head of the university, accepted, moral, and legal responsibility for the death of Jordan McNair, the nineteen year old player who died of heatstroke, and that guy then suddenly turned around and said, I'm retiring in coaches back. Maybe he said arm retiring let it simmer. And then decided to fire the coach now, it's the board of regents saying trimbe fire me now and before I retire. I don't know what happened. But I it's clear that the folks on the board of regents or Wallace low or together, they decided that the decision they made was clearly untenable and DJ Durkan's. Now gone. You could say why I mean, it's not as if he became more culpable in the last twenty four hours. And they paid them off they paid them off. So we'll see if if Durcan is going to do or what have you? But what I'm thinking about mostly or these players? You know, we had our buddy John McGinley here yesterday. Right. And he was talking about how for a lot of these college players when we talk college football. I kinda dig what he had to say. He's like for these guys who are playing college football right now for most of them. It's never gonna get any better than this is this is it, right? So few of these players get to play football professionally and make a living of it. And those who do get to play professional football on average their career will last four years. And I always thought that when we covered the NFL rookie symposium at the NFL network for all those years when there was one, and it was something to cover. I would always be in there and see all the drafted players only only the drafted players. Got to go to the rookie symposium, the undrafted free agent signing signees did not and I'm like, okay. So this is the best of the best is the cream of the crop coming into National Football League. And I'm looking across this room and half of them are going to have to find something else to do in the next four years. So for a lot of these collegiate football players. This is the best they can get and right now, this is this is what they got. This is what they got is a university in a board of regents that has no idea what they're doing. They're they're fumbling for a light switch. I think they finally found it properly DJ Durkan and all his supporters. I'm sure would be sitting there saying, hey, I got hosed got hoes. But all I know is that there's a nineteen year old that's not living anymore and. Who's responsible for that sort of thing? And if it's a finding that there is a toxic environment. And that there wasn't a proper set up to handle heat stroke in twenty nine in twenty eighteen. I mean, there's not a proper proper setup to to to handle all that who should be responsible. It's the program in the guy was in charge of the program. So I think at Maryland finally got it, right? So I just wanted to put a button on that since we spent so much time obviously on it yesterday. And it's it's it's it's a very troubling story. And it's a difficult one for everyone involved. But none so more than the McNair family who I hope will be able to get some form of peace from this after a forty eight hour period, which I'm sure they were living nightmare over that. And then they play Michigan state this week. We'll see I mean football has to be played in two days. Go figure, that's crazy. But that's that's the world of college football right there. The story in the NBA is Derrick rose scored fifty last night five points. Former MVP of this league who's gone through quite a bit with a comeback for me knee injury. And then trying to come back from that he had a civil suit that he. Got through unscathed in terms of dollars and cents reputation was left in tatters on volving former girlfriend that accused him of all sorts of nastiness never charged never never convicted of any crime. But a a civil suit that laid bare quite a lot of ugliness. He was going through that when he was a member of the Knicks who he had some sort of bizarre. Situation where you just left the team team accused him of leaving it. But then they then he wasn't. Then he winds up on the Cavs. Would LeBron nothing happened there. Then he goes the timber wolves. Now, scoring fifty unbelievable. All you need to know about how he's viewed in the league is how his his teammates and the members of the league feel about Derrick rose. I mean, they were throwing rose petals at his feet fifty. So he and Blake Griffin have now scored fifty this year. It kinda to unlikely guys to throw in the half century timber. I mean, no Jimmy don't didn't play last night. He's in this bizarre situation that six week program to try and get himself team says he's resting and then I went on the jump yesterday and said that he's he's tanking to get traded while in the same way that Levy on bell thinks he's making a point. And James Connor is filling the void in a certain way where you don't miss the other guy, obviously, the timber wolves had a rousing victory. A rally around the team and player victory last night against a pretty damn good team in the western. Conference in Utah and Timberwolves are now five hundred they're split their first eight games and the jazz fell to foreign three. The reason why I'm mentioning all of these records. With the pelicans now foreign and three getting set to take on the five two trailblazers tonight. And the pelicans lost the warriors who you know, I've already handed the Larry f O'Brien trophy to have Stanford Francis. Correct. Kay francis. Reason why mentioning all this is the timber wolves four four Utah Jazz three only mere half game or game better than your Los Angeles. Lakers who squeaked one out last night blowing a near? It's almost like two dozen point lead. It was a very dallied average quarter. But you are what you are is Bill Parcells once said what the Lakers are three and five the Western Conference muddling along getting through a crazy ass first week plus of the season where they didn't have Rondo Brandon Ingram. Lonzo ball perfect from three shooting. Forty one percent from beyond the arc this year. And here come to Lakers, baby. But there must watch every night. It's really absolutely must watch basketball. It is part beauty. It's a beautiful thing. Sometimes their transition game is really fast part dumpster, fire train wreck whatever you wanna call it. They'd sometimes just stop playing defense. They average one hundred twenty game. They give up one hundred twenty three. It's unbelievable. It's great. It's just not. And it's just gonna be a lot of fun biding their time until they throw a half of the bus fortune at Klay Thompson and the other Coa Leonard and say, let's put former super team. And let's go for it except the raptors are undefeated. I know well, they're hoping to pull the the Oklahoma City thunder plan with Paul George. Big game tonight between the Celtics and Milwaukee, which is the lone remaining undefeated team in the association at this point in time. We'll talk about Howard Beck Bleacher report coming up. What's our poll question today? Chris. So I think we're finally getting to NFL midseason awards today. You're going to hand some out you're gonna have some hardware. We're gonna do that the Jamaa makes tickets whatever everybody, my mom is not as you know, we're we're celebrating our fourth aniversary the week to week player of the week award. Which is kind of the first thing if you will in quotes that we came up with the show about four years ago. She used to make those certificates. She doesn't do that anymore that award doesn't exist anymore. I think I think she she probably would like to make. So maybe former teacher wants to teach teacher, of course to she's out there. She watches on direct TV now every day. Right. So we can we can ask right? We can ask we can if you will from trading places, turn those machines bags that guy. And can do that. Okay. So we're going to focus the poll today on mid-season, quite my mom to Duke brothers. Just do that. I think so. Okay. Let's hope it's the dukes. What's Donna Meech, Duke? Not the dukes though. He's the one who scream turn the machines back to America. True, NFL MVP. Dion was here on Monday pounding the table for Jubran. He's he's on the list. Midseason MVP Tom Brady drew Brees Todd Gurley. Patrick mahomes. It sees an MVP halfway through. You got it. All you got got last year's MVP on. Now. You've got a guy who is setting every all time record right now never won ever won MVP. And you got some kid who hasn't even started. I guess what? He started one last year. And now eight this year nine career game. That's it who everybody thinks is the runaway MVP the league and Mahomes who's on the show next week, by the way. After taking on the Browns and Greg Williams who has options galore, I can't wait to get later on. And then of course, you've got a Todd Gurley who nobody thinks the MVP because he's just running back, by the way that isn't over simply over simplification and complete mischaracterization of what a lot of people think, but I just figured I'd throw that out there. He was offense a player of the year last year. So I'm gonna make this choice later on are you making choice to I can't if you don't I'm just asking you. You don't do is. I will give mine, and you can give your two cents, and I'll just chime in and tell you why you're and then we'll we'll send them up the coast and see him make rich Eisen show midseason award certificate that we will then send to these folks. Great. We'll turn machines back on. I can't wait. The idea of Andy Reid hanging. This up in his office. Well, you're Suming Andy Reid just because he won the courter season. Rich Eisen show and fell award that he's gonna win the half season. Andrew doing anything hilar-, very, that's the way we're rolling here on the richeisenshow when we come back. Howard Beck of Bleacher reports gonna join us to discuss the crazy first half month of the NBA season. And where we put Derrick Rose's fifty point performance on the scale of that when we come back here on this edition of the rich Eisen show. Let's talk underarm when you're working out, you want workout gear that works as hard as you do whether you're competing training recovering. 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I mean, the guy drops fifty and then he draw and then he he blocks the potential game tying three with two seconds to go from Dante Exum what a night what a night by Derrick rose, and it brings up an old hit please Mike del tufo. Chance starts. And all gen stats is brought to you by our friends at truecar terms like dealer price list, price, invoice car shopping gets so confusing, but not with truecar 'cause you find out what other people paid for the car that you want in your area can recognize that good price where you're ready to buy new or used visit truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience at thirty days and twenty seven years of age, the former MVP the two thousand eleven MVP of the association became the oldest former MVP at the time of his first career fifty point game in NBA history. Breaking the previous record held by twenty six year old Oscar Robertson in nineteen sixty four that's your old gen step. Only chance. The also became the first guard to score fifty or more in his first start of season since Jordan did it with fifty four in November third of nine on November. Third nineteen eighty nine. I'll give you one guess who he did it against it. It's such a simple simple answer who Jordan do it against the Cavs. Cavaliers all this knick fans. We used to think that Jordan saved his special brand of spite for us, not man. Poor Cavs Derrick rose played forty one minutes in his first start of the season. Howard Beck of the national NBA. Commas depletes report back you're on the program to discuss it. How are you Howard rituals going on where do you what do you think of the Derrick rose? What do you think of when you when you hear the her that Derrick rose drop fifty last night because I did not have that game on? So was one of those things where I had Twitter was giving the constant updates that, you know, just expressing the surprise elation everything else that you saw just kind of coming out of the the ether as people saw this. I think my first thought is is simply that, you know, it's a lesson that we can't guys off too soon. And then listen, this is not soon. Right. Like there were many many years. Were Derrick rose did not look like Derrick rose, knee more. And I think if you concluded as many teams did by the way that the best of Derrick rose was already behind him. There was ample evidence to back that up until the throwback performance. Like that. I mean, I think you have to have the reality check in mind, which is that if he was still capable of doing this. We're was it during that weird season with the Knicks? We're wasn't during his brief stay with the Cavs. You know, what did the Utah Jazz not see that they decided to cut him when they traded for him last was January. February didn't even want him. They did it for, you know, Pat purposes and waved and that's when he ended up going to Minnesota. There wasn't a ton of interest in him and he signed for a minimum deal. And it's a it's a a culmination of a lot of things, but not least of which is Derrick rose. Didn't look like he was going to be that guy again. So to see it last night, if you're Eric rose fan if you loved him with the bulls, and it's nice to see. That a lot has happened since then both on and off the court that we don't necessarily need to get into in this discussion, but I understand people being happy to see that version of rose appear. Again, we'll see if that's the stable, or if that was just, you know, a one night throwback. What do you think was going through his mind when he was crying at the end of that performed last night? I have to believe that that that was more than anything. Just the the the joy of being that player again when you're the youngest MVP an NBA history, which he was back in twenty eleven you think that the world is is you know, is that your fingertips at that point that this is this is just the beginning. You know, they they went toe to toe the the bulls with LeBron's heat. And it looked like they were going to be the biggest rivals to to the Miami Heat during that era, and it didn't happen and part of it was the gross falling apart and other guys physically falling apart. And that that bulls team just crumbled and Derrick rose was just kind of you know, a lost in the wilderness at that point. You know, he was never able to quite get it back. Jimmy Butler emerged as the bigger star for Chicago. And you know, I the athlete never believes. They're always the last one to believe that they're done, right. Or that their best days about hind them that they can't be the superstar any more and everybody else had. I think understandably decided Derrick rose wasn't that guy anymore. You gotta think Derrick rose in his mind. Still believed it believe that he could get back to that level. And I think to do it last night that the cheers at the end is probably just that you know, that belief had a, you know, a payoff that that it's still there. Well, apt and after the performance leaked out here to Los Angeles. Howard Howard Beck of Bleacher report here on the rich as Joe LeBron called him a superhero, we saw the reaction from his teammates. And we saw on NBA Twitter. The must follow on Twitter that what the players think of him has this been brewing for a long time. And just we we we didn't hear about the way the players felt about Derrick rose because of I guess his journey that you've just mentioned. No, I think the players have always been pretty supportive of and in just generally felts, you know, empathy for grows because of everything that's physically because of the knee surgeries because listen stores. Appreciate the other stars. Then the players always appreciate the talents. See a guy who was still still young in his career have taken from him because of the new problems. I you know, it look a lot of guys in this league too. Sort of came up on him. Right. Like he's been around long enough than a lot of the players in the league. We're watching him as junior high or high school kids. So there's a Reverend there and respect for him and what he had accomplished. And so I think that's where a lot of that outpouring of support stems from if this was the NFL, and we would be completely knee-jerk overreacting after a big performance like this. We would say that Derrick rose is the guy who's gonna glue this team together as Jimmy Butler was ripping it apart. What do you say about that? As we're learning about Jimmy Butler apparently coming up with a six week plan to get out of Minnesota. Yeah. Which was immediately disputed there's conflicting reports as we call it on on that subject that interpretation of Jimmy Butler night off. Look, I mean, I don't think anybody disagrees. Tom does. But I think most people believe that eventually Jimmy Butler is going to be somewhere else sooner than later. He's going to get traded because he's not going to resign. And they can't take the chance of keeping him having him walk for nothing next summer. So that's the other part of that, you know, who leads the team in his absence. Karl Anthony towns is Derrick rose is somebody that they get back in the Jimmy Butler trait. You know, that's the interesting part. But I don't think that, you know, anybody in the NBA would look at Derrick rose, did I say, well, there you go. Replacement? Go ahead and trade him. You'll be fine. You know, one game as it does not erase all the, you know, many strange turns that have gone on with Derek Rosa the last few years again both on and off the court. So I don't think if your franchise you're relying on the idea that he has somehow regained his his star powers at this stage of his career after so many years of struggling it's possible to someone that once in a while doing night in night out is what actually separates the really good players from the superstars. And so the question is what can he continue to do with an expanded role? And I don't think we know Howard Beck bleach report here on the rich Eisen show. Some of what you think the first couple of weeks of LeBron Lakers basketball means man, it's just we're 'cause we're talking about I as, you know, you're the first guest, I believe of my wife's podcast, she hosts on podcast when the official Lakers podcast Howard. So there's there's so many different outlets. About it. And I'm watching every last second of it. And it is just a bunch of fun. On how fun is sometimes the Lakers, go through it. What do you what do you think about the what the first two weeks means here? I think we should not draw any meaning from it rich. I think we should if you're unless you're a Laker fan and you're heavily invested in the idea. They're going to be great again immediately. I think for the most of us who were just innocent bystanders who just love the game love spectacle. And good basketball. I think you should just enjoy this. It's been fun. They're fun to watch like the they the ball moves their paces. Incredible. I don't know if they can sustain it all year, but they're fun to watch javale McGee. Looks like a whole new player. Does Lance is doing good things. Brandon Ingram deep fight and suspension side is looking pretty good. He had some nice moments last night. Lebron looks great. I mean, you know, if you just watched them for five minutes, you think this is a really good team standing. Stand. Quite as as mean-spirited. Oh, no. I know. I know what you're saying. I totally know you're saying 'cause land as you said doing some good things, and then he'll lead a fast break and try no look behind the back alley. Yeah. Right. If basketball is entertainment as well as competition. It is they're entertaining. They are fun to watch their fun. So to read about to just observe the personalities, but I think like seriously the play offense. They have the potentially really really good. They've gotta figure it out defensively if they're going to become a viable playoff team. But in the meantime, I just think they're incredibly entertaining. They're playing a nice brand basketball kouzmines had some nice moments of looking good. And then the rest of it is is what I would always say it's two weeks in give them time. It's a brand new team. And you know, I it takes awhile, and they do have some holes, by the way. I mean, look they don't have enough rim protection outside of Jovana McGee. They need more bigs. They need more three point shooting. These are things that we knew in July, and those things haven't changed. So they're gonna have their ups and downs. But it's early. Well, I mean in and I saw tweet today. Discussing the Houston Rockets conundrum at one and five and how harden in Paul haven't really played together yet and Daryl Morey responded to it saying we have no alibi. And we hear about that moral MAURICE been offering an absurd number first round selections for Butler, how how panic do you think the rocket should be again knowing the caveat of it's just two weeks quickly. I wanna point out how incredibly corny Darryl was actually being with that tweet. Because what happened was that low tweeted that they were you G L Y? And so Darrell came back with no alibi that got it now. Okay. There's something better at stake than what they're with him. Thought. But I guess they probably don't have an I'll give them an alibi alibi. That harden has been hurt missed a couple of games and Chris Paul suspended a couple of games, and they also lost a couple of key role guys in the offseason with with a reason and embalm moody. And so they're just not the same team that they were last year, and it is early and they've had some little bumps in the road. I'm not sure if reason to panic yet again, I tend to this point in the season to not overreact to anybody's performances, but it's concerning. You know when you were sixty five win team and the team that had the best shot seemingly knocking off the warriors last spring. And now, you're you know, you're in this kind of early rut, I think they'll be much better than this. I still don't think they're going to be as good as they were last season. And look struggles are no struggles del Maury would be throwing everything he could at the timber wolves to try to get Jimmy Butler and pry loose because that's what does that always been his MO. He wants the stars. He's going to go all out to get him. If he thinks he can do it without. Mortgaging too much of the future those picks if they're all rockets picks are going to be pretty low. Anyway, at least the first couple of them, the being the low twenties the back end could hurt them because you have to space those picks out every other year. And by the end of it, the rockets might not be very good in those could be very good picks. But look, they're they're all in. They've got Chris Paul and James harden, Chris Pultz, thirty three thirty four in the spring the window for him, isn't that long? If you can get one more started to join those guys and continue nice one four you Howard. I I gave the Larry f O'Brien trophy to the warriors two days ago. I it's it's not a real trophy. But I gave it to him. Anyway, because you know, I think Adam silver has the real one in his possession. Tommy, Tommy how I'm wrong, man. You got two guys who threw have stone down two different guys thrown down fifty. They've dunked they've had the time to dunk on forgiven. Josh do Mel, you know, on social media, they're Dunkin on everybody. They're shooting over everybody. Tell me despite. How what might be brewing in the east with the raptors in bucks to combat the Celtics? You never know what the Sixers. Gimme gimme something to hold onto here that I might be wrong. I I'm not sure I can convince you that you're wrong. Because I you know, I myself still believed that the warriors are far and away the favorites to win it all again. And you know, the caveats have always been will they be healthy. Will they be engaged they get bored? And right now, they don't look they look like they're having a blast. Why wouldn't they? But at times at that hasn't been the case last couple of years, and it's early and they're going to go through the dog days of the season where you know, things might get, you know, either Dolor testy or whatever. So we'll see they're going to be tested head still or the warriors. And then we'll see what it looks like when they try to incorporate DeMarcus cousins that a net plus or not what does he look like when he gets back. So there's still some mystery in terms of how will evolve, but if they're healthy comes spring. Yeah. I don't see any team knocking them off. And certainly not in the west. And certainly not with the way the rockets are struggling, and I didn't think that they would. Anyway, I think that the interesting or the intrigue is in each because I think the Celtics though, they've not been dominant yet. They have the top. Talent in the kind of versatility along their lineup in terms of the defense and guys who can switch Simon's and a lot of offense of firepower. That's a team that could really press the warriors. I think a warriors Celtics finals could go the distance next spring. But obviously a lot to happen before. Then Howard pre she ate the time. Thanks again. We'll Chelsom let me know when you're in LA have here will there at stake. Will there at stake at Howard Beck on on Twitter. Follow him you should as well on Bleacher report right there. So if the Celtics do pull it together, and somehow pull off the remarkable and have the Larry f O'Brien trophy in their hands in the parade. We'll find out what's more sturdy trophy. Right. The Larry Afo Brian or with the World Series trophy during the parade. Right. It will in the world. I gotta say is the way O'Brien the World Series trophy has the individual flags that are easily doing which flag take was it. The Yankee flag that got taken out by the beer that got thrown probably it's the weakest of the all the fly twenty seven of them to. That's right. That's right. So it's it's. Likely the not. Yeah. Exactly. Even though it's not a flag for each one. Because you can't have that it'd be one hundred flags quarter, which would be Enki flex. In the last fifteen years one got. When we come back. I got a great trick or treat story. Okay. Great trick or treat story member. I promise to tell you yesterday. Yes. I'm excited for this. Great trick or treat story that may. Or may not be breaking baseball news. That right here on the rich Eisen show. I'm reading that's next. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors. And all of you. Great listeners for supporting this podcast. Certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. And I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com. Clicking on the support this podcast button. And there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course, supporting now back to the show football season is here and no one covers ball like cast one sports net. And we've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park. 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It might be someone named Nick Mullins. Is that Chris's? No. It's e NS. Okay. I am now going to twenty three years old from Hoover, Alabama. Mislaid at southern miss. Okay. Brett farve 's institution and he's wearing number four come on. He broke some Afars records by policies to over good friends down in southern miss. I look I've never I've never heard of. I'm just being look I'm on. But the NFL network fifteen years in counting. And I did not know this is the backup quarterback for the San Francisco forty Niners. And he might be start making his first career start tonight against the Oakland Raiders in two thousand sixteen. He threw four five hundred ninety one yards against rice. Why wouldn't he? That rice team. I'm telling you teams go good tight you keep on that right team. I'm telling everybody think we continue on writing on low we warm up from Michigan undrafted last year. Okay. There we go. Keep an eye on that tonight. Do you pick up the raiders defense that was minus eight in fantasy in in London? Would you do that? Would you do that raiders of forty two last week to the pardon me? Not not not in London in London. Let's see what they did in London. There was just a mere two points, minus eight against Andrea. They gave him forty eight forty two points to Angelo classic. Who is could be the winner of the rich Eisen show half NFL season award comeback player of the year. Oh. That's coming up at the top of the next hour. Top of the next hour. What what do your there's some sort of giveaway in Boston? Okay. No big on that that that does not involve the beer that we just we just showed. We just showed the video of the Boston fan throwing a beer. I guess that's part of the tradition. You said you pointed out in Boston parades of which there's now seemingly once a year. Gronk started that gronk started it so on the duck boat grunk was shirtless at the couple of years ago and got fans with throwing him beers. And he was just crushing beards still hold on the so now everyone just throws beers at the players on the duck and broke the trophy. It did break the trophy the World Series trophy that was handed to the Red Sox by Commissioner man for on the night of their championship here in Los Angeles needs to be repaired. Totally because a beer actually hit it and took out one of the flags. We're I cannot believe it it destroyed the trophy. So what are they going to do? They're gonna eat poxy. It is that going to be now part of their you're gonna wear that on your sleeve like you're proud that they had to fix the date on the patch next year. Ring avocado flags on it like a standard situation dragging the trophies behind the car. This get myself fired. Right. Okay. So the giveaway is at Taco Bell has done at the last few seasons in the World Series. If anyone steals a base, Mookie Mookie Betts stole a base in game. Why anybody seals today's anyone? Anyone anyone? So everyone in the country gets a free taco today. One of those Doritos lows, whatever Yoccoz. Okay. So I could go get a Taco Bell and get a free a free taco two to six eastern. Wow. That's unfortunate. I mean, it's during the third out of our show, a wherever you live music. Good. All right. There you go. Okay. So two to six today. Just drive around. And why got desert to go with it based on an absurd amount of candy from Halloween last night going the old trick or treating now this is going around on my my fantasy league texture texture and a lot of my friends have children. What percentage of that candy that your kids got will you end up eating I last night of walking around the trick or treating neighborhood. I asked him if there was a enough in their in their their Jack lantern that they're carrying on the price of Jack engine. We call it in my household a daddy tax. Okay. One thing that might children. Do not like is the daddy tax. Oh eighty percent because as you know, they don't have much representation in our house. To tell an old Boston story. So I grabbed the hundred thousand dollar you'll love those the best because they think it's they look at it. And it's too complicated form there's too much going on there. You know with the Krispies in the in the nougat and the nougat or new GATT as I once called it on this show much to your delight at okay, no, it's caramel. That's caramel. There's no there's no it's new get free care amount. Even know what's in my favorite bar, caramel, chocolate, Stu complicated forms. They give it to me. You who was giving out candy in the neighborhood where we're going. Okay. Now, this you talked about this yesterday. Here. Clayton Kershaw given out candy early in his driveway out there. Interesting. That's what he was doing with appeared to be family members or friends costume. No not in costume. But I was went up to him. I kids go go dodgers. They were all excited him. He could not have been nicer, but I stoled up to Clayton Kershaw who I have never met miss is Mr. incredible. His reaction to that act. I walked up to him took off my mask. Okay. And went up to him. I'm like Clayton rich Eisen. He goes. Oh like that stood up. Big tall, dude. Man. Yes. It's not have been nicer couldn't have been nicer. And also look to me they never carrying the world. Didn't have a camera. Now, you know that they pushed it at. I didn't ask him. I wanna say so did you make your decision? Wanted to know game staying in or not out. Now they've delayed it till Friday, which both which is being reported as saying both sides want to extend they wanna move. They want to redo something. But but it did not look to me like a guy. He did mention how that they live. They live out of town in the off season. And that they were getting ready for that. And I don't know if he thought like he was actually telling I was just making conversation making conversation. And I'm hoping that he wouldn't hold it against me that I was Mr. incredible kinda Halloween. You know? But maybe was telling me that they don't don't read anything into the fact that we're packing up the house boxes around. Yeah. I'm thinking about it. I didn't see that. Oh, no ring box is obviously Dow. All he could not have been by the way, I'm telling you that you know, you could tell when people are like genuine short. We I mean, he could not have been nicer Texas boy to kids in everybody. I mean, just could not have been more awesome. He was incredible those often enters. Yeah. I have no idea. He looked right at home. He really was really cool. Great. All right are rich Eisen show half season NFL awards. That's right. Coming up next. The Lakers are officially here on the official Lakers podcast on podcast. One. Sports neg. 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I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute the president's prize. The Pentagon by saying he may send as many as fifteen thousand troops to stop the caravans of Central American immigrants headed toward the border. President Trump says he's not fearmongering to mobilize midterm voters. Immigration, very important subject. The ACO ACLU Omar Jad what we will definitely be watching that deployment carefully. We are there in communities all along the border, and we will be watching Pittsburgh synagogue, shooting suspect Robert Bowers goes to court today for a hearing sign up season begins today for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Baseball hall of Famer Willie McCovey has died Willie. Mccovey was eighty years old hundreds of Google employees around the world walked off the job this morning. Those employees Google or accusing the company of being too lenient with executives accused of sexual misconduct. I'm Rita Foley.

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