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Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate us in labor review brand new news. Dark live right now holes apart. President trump is taken the maga- show down to georgia for the senate runoff election. That could shift the balance of power in the senate but will his own campaign to overturn the presidential election results and pro-trump attorneys rallying voters to boycott the runoffs be the recipe for disaster that conservatives are warning against. Y'all almost don't deserve to win. If you're that stupid frankly sorry and chain. He's the star. Who went were no celebrity is gone before on. Who wants to be millionaire. No one's ever gone for. If all off the star chef. David chang talks about becoming the first one million dollar winning celeb- in the show's history. And what he did with the money. Plus feel good friday on your deal here come hot topics with whoopie sarah joy behar sunny hostile in megan mccain and ana navarro. Now let's get things started. Hello and welcome to the view. Happy friday to everybody so just went. Republicans thought they were safe in georgia. Along comes trump. he's heading down there for senate election runoff. That could shift the power of the senate but there are pro trump rallies telling voters to boycott the runoff and trump is still insists he still insists that he won the presidential election. So here's my question. Is he there to campaign for leffler and purdue or for himself. What do you say sunny. I think there's no question that he is a narcissist and he's campaigning for himself. He wants to get those big crowds. I think he wants to see that. He still has that. He's still loved by his supporters. But i do think it's such a bad move. Because i really think a lot of the turnout especially in georgia was because people wanted him out of office. And so his allegiance with leffler. And purdue i think can only hurt them. I mean you have the wnba players now coming out against leffler. Who is one of the wnba owners and supporting warnock so this. Mii opinion can only go bad for those candidates. But i guess they're going to embrace it. I guess they're going to embrace it. Where do you think. Sarah thrilled to have uncle. Donald down there or not like the crazy uncles coming times thrilled about this. I think he's really excited for a rally. We haven't seen him in front of his people in a while and we all know that feeds his soul in his ego. So i don't. I don't think that's going to help anyone. And the other thing is we've seen the damage this is done when ronna mcdaniel said her name correctly was talking with the people you know earlier this week and they were saying why should we show up to vote. It's a rigged election. She's like no like let's not go there. We already see that donald. Donald trump could not control his narrative. We heard for years that at national security meetings. He'd rant about a interviewed seen the night before we saw him on most recently that facebook. That forty five minute tirade on the rigged election. You come down. Throw a rally in rage your base with how this is a rigged election. It's not gonna work out really for anyone in the republican of the gop. And i hate to go cynical on this. But i can't help but think it's a bit of karma like when you endorse a madman. Eventually you're going to be burned in right now. They're feeling the fire. I don't really. I don't i. Don't endorse any of the violence or any of the threats that are going on. I think that's awful. And it should be an denounced but right now is there squirming and saying oh my gosh. The republicans are imploding. And you know it's a civil war down there. Well welcome to the party. You know like we've been here for a while you make your bed. You lie in it again. It's true but do you feel like why. No i am enjoying this. That could you could. Tush you know what i mean. I'm kind of like digging it. How about you know you know what you know what they say when your enemies shooting themselves. Don't get in the way. Look if i were Loftier or perdue. frankly. I draw the curtains. The doors shut off the lights and somebody to wake me up when he's gone very nerve wracking because this is all about trump. This is really going there to support the candidates and it's the buckle you've got republican self appointed surrogate of trump's showing up in just saying don't vote because look at what republicans in georgia are doing. You've got trump attacking the republican governor. Brian campeau of georgia. You've got trump attacking the election officials who are receiving death threats. Who have bad for this to stop because people's lives are in danger because people could get hurt and then in the midst of all of this. You've got trump and the rnc announcing today. They have raised over two hundred million dollars since the election was over. This is a grip. This is donald trump. Doing what donald. John always does figuring out how to fleas gullible. People and line his pockets. He did it with the foundation. He did it with trump university. Yes this one. More trump fraud. Okay people are feeding his coffers. That's what this is about his eagle in his pocket. That's all the money. I think it's always about right. And as far as produce concerned. All i can say the chickens have come home to roost and then when we come back when we come back we'll look at what. Joe biden and kamala harris said about their plans to feed in their first joint interview. Role excuse me since. They won the election by. Oh still feel good to say that doesn't it. We'll be right back next. Doing strong women bring their views. She's new york's attorney general investigating the trump organization and biting his administration on the census. Now blit tissue. James is here. Plus cindy lauper to rashi p. Henson and emily blunt come to the number one daytime talk. Show the emmy winning hugh on. Abc still ahead superstar chef. David jiang's doing a victory lap. After becoming the first celebrity to win it all on who wants to be a millionaire and feel good friday on view your deal and welcome back so last night we saw something we haven't seen in four years a president and vice presidential candidate with a plan to lead. I mean not a candidate. There the elects i saying the the elect sat down with jake tapper for their first joint again with the joint interview since winning and promised they wouldn't repeat trump's habits like you know appointing unqualified family members to posts for example. Promise not to rage tweets and a whole lot more. Let's watch in the first day. I'm inaugurated to say i'm going to ask the public for one hundred days to mask just one hundred days to mask now forever. One hundred days on every issue that impacts the american people. I will be a full partner to the president. Elect and the president have been more than several sitting. Republican senators privately called me congratulate until the election is clearly decided in the minds where the electoral college votes they get. Put in a very tough position. So it's like we left the nut house and now we're entering disneyland. So let me ask you this. I think anna maybe did you get. Did this give you a good preview of hallo around the country. No sarah sarah's up i yes i think. Overall this interview was a lot of Feel good moments. It felt like help was on the way in fact president-elect biden even tweeted a couple of days ago my message to everyone struggling right now is help is on the way and the part that specifically jumped out was that the end of that clip was the way he spoke about republican senators. And this is always something i look for in. Any leader is the empathy. They offer that who is on the other side. And here's a man who's talked about collaborating cooperating. Working with the other side it would have been easy in this interview. He said i'll say this tactfully. This was president elect biden. And then jake tapper said you don't have to be tax when he goes no i. It matters i will. And i loved that because what he then showed was a certain empathy about the the difficult position. These republican senators are in. But it wasn't just the empathy. It was the strategy of it. This is a man that keeps talking about working across the aisle cooperating with the other side the fact that he might be dealing with the republican senate. This was such a great route to take. which is. Don't take the low hanging fruit. Don't stop on it just say. They're in a tough position. That's okay they'll come around. I just thought that was so thoughtful and deliberate and it mattered to me. I wonder i wonder if he's going to be able to do it. It's heavy lifting. Don't you think anna what do you say. I think he's gonna try very very hard. Look my takeaways from this. Were just how normal how sane how adult how productive the entire conversation felt there. Were points where there was one point where he said. This is jake. Tapper asked joe biden about prosecuting. Donald trump about the pardons and he said this is not my justice department. This is the people's justice department before trump. I would've told you. That's like a precedent saying the sky is blue but given what we're living through right now and seeing how donald trump treats william bar like his million and bill barr. Behaves like a million. And it's so refreshing. I was also heartened to see the relationship and the you know just how well the cooperation is between kamla and joe biden. And hoping that it you know it emulates what. The relationship was between joe biden. And barack obama and i loved his answer on diversity in the cabinet instead of him. Saying you know these. All these people do is wine and ask and he said that's what they should be doing. They should be pushing me and judge me when this is over because i planned to have a cabinet. That looks like america. I it was just. I mean really felt like like an you. Know new day is dawning. it's refreshing. It's a little boring though isn't it. I i wanna be born in twenty twenty one of the stuff to talk about sunday. You know it was boring normal. And i've been searching for their return to normalcy. And you know it was. It was just so refreshing for me that there are adults in the room. Now and that's what it looked like. It looked like someone who was presidential someone who's vice presidential and i loved it and i also agree with ana i loved hearing that kamla harris will be an equal partner much in the way that joe biden was an equal partner with president obama. We always knew that they had this incredible relationship. And i loved the. He said that she will be the last person in the room when he makes significant decisions that she has been in on every single decision that has been made and that she will really he said also that whatever. The most urgent needs are that he is not able to attend to. He has confidence in turning to her. So i'm really looking forward to seeing what she will be responsible for because we know that biden was instrumental in getting the affordable. Care act passed. We know that he was instrumental in the h one n one pandemic and so i will not pandemic but but the h one n one issue so i'm really thrilled for carmela and to see a woman of color being represented in terms of that level of leadership. It shows. You know. I think my daughter what is capable of. She's capable did anybody. Did anybody hear or see what romney said. I just wanted to throw that out before we go to break. Because i loved it. He said that trump's pandemic response is a human tragedy. I mean you know considering the party of silence on amid pandemic amidst the tragedy. He really stands out. I tip my hat to to romney. So i don't have time for that right now because we have to take a break up next if you if you're having trouble finding ways to set the mood with your partner these days save some quarantine date night tips. Do it for you when we come back atta an and how are like colo- come back. I heard stuff and welcome back. So since no one's going out on the town anytime soon a lifestyle blog gave tips on spicing date night at home like getting dressed in different rooms. I don't know until setting the mood by this. Is a good one laying scarves over lampshades cards. That's that's a fire high now. I liked to main. We like to maintain some distance. You know to keep things excitingly. He watches espn and moreover i watched saying that in the other. And that's how we every this fresh. So i'll start with you because i heard that you an like to play. Hide the you log or something. What's listen we had a really tough brokers knee out how covert we are in miami which is covert central. So yeah we we try to liven it up every now and then you know. I have a full bar and my house. I took starting room and decided something much more useful with the thing and you know so. I'll have theme nights okay. Today as disco night and i'll put donna summer the occasion high heels. He'll he'll dress up off the bar and we'll pick each other up in our home. I'll i love actors. They're making payers up. Can you please videotape. that really. Just set the camera on you so that we can submit alter egos who anna should be this week. Oh i'm i'm on a couple of i mean sarah sarah. I know you have three kids at home so well what's going on. Is there any chance of any kind of like romance. my go to is. I'd like to wear like a loose clothes. I always have sweatpants. Sweatshirts my husband. Max turned to me a few weeks news. Like who used. Just where something that's fitted. So i can see what's under there. I think totally put on a pair of jeans and a cute little shirt. But i mean times are tough putting on jeans was about as as dressed up as i could get for him but it did the job He seemed to be thrilled. I know what you should do. You know what you need to wear your sweats and just x ray yourself and send him the extra so sunny. Not the bones kurtz going on at the manse sunny now. We don't have too many problems with romance in the hostile household. I mean not here. Maybe doctor and nurse. He's a doctor. You can't come up with No that's not these times. i'm sorry. I said that but like he's an mba nurse and give the facilities tire so fine. You were happy what he's not being your tech your video. What are you guys do as the naughty cameraman up we do nothing. We do nothing with us. We're just an old couple that it's true. We know what happens with a couple of martinis. It's still. I didn't mention alcohol. Alcohol is a whole other. all right. We'll be right back celebrity chef. David chang talks about making history on who wants to be a millionaire and how he's spreading that cheddar around next so everyone knows that celebrity chef david. Chang is a virtuoso in the kitchen but as we saw on sunday nights who wants to be a millionaire. His genius doesn't end there. Wow take a look. Although he and his wife never cut the lights which for fear of being shocked who was the first president to have electricity in the white house. Probably harrison be benjamin harrison. Finally ob- snow. David chang metallic testicles just want a million dollars oh i love have they drag that out. Who that's amazing. I can't tell you. Because i was on that show. It's so hard to do so please. Welcome the author of eat a peach each and the host of ugly delicious david. Chang david beer great to have you here. You're so smart and you won the big prize. Sunday night on. Who wants to be a millionaire which we just saw the first celebrity to ever do it your fault your phone of friends. Espn's meena cimes. Help joe right. you couldn't now. You could've walked away with about five hundred thousand. You decided to risk at all. i mean what. How did you make that decision in your head. I'm going to give up a half a million. I'm gonna lose it. But i'm gonna go for. Did you really know. Benjamin harrison was the first one for sure truthfully. I didn't even know he was president. I really didn't know. And that was one of the towels. Maybe he might be the answer And obviously meantime is so smart. And she said probably benjamin harrison so. I thought that that was like a good chance. And i honestly it was not responsible for me to go and answer it. But i made a quick calculation that even if i got it wrong that would put a spotlight on the industry. Yes it'd be eternal embarrassment for myself. The rest of my life but at least people would be talking about the hospitality industry and i trust the intelligence of medications myself and thank god. We got it right then because big or go home jackley. Such a gambler. You are now you david. I dunno if you know this but you're not the only one around here who's won money on. Millionaire a couple years ago in november two thousand joy was on it to big. Seize the dilemma. As you can imagine you. Fifty five percent forty five percent of the guest right so we're really dealing with ten percent. I can't do and i'm gonna lose ninety three thousand dollars for this no way jose. Give me the money jack. Our own joy in her risk assessment but joy. Did you ask the level of anxiety that david did. What is that was twenty years ago. That's the level of anxiety experiencing my goodness years ago and how thin i was but yes i did. Because you're working for art. Gave the money to a catholic school in my old neighborhood and they really needed it. So one hundred and twenty five thousand. Which is what i want. Not nothing like do david. What went a long way. You know so. I was happy to do it for charity. Yeah but there's been inflation since then joy so we've got we've got put put that in there david you for charity and the million new one is going to the southern smoke which supports people in the food service industry. What are they doing to help. Well it's one of the few national charities that provide financial assistance to any restaurant worker in distress especially now because of the pandemic. So my good friend. Chris sheppard operates charity. And i thought it was a many charities that worthwhile this was the one that was easy for me to support and by the way joy. You made the responsible answer. I made the crazy answer. So i'm glad that it worked out. Yeah but i guess. I'm i'm actually a gambler but for other people. I can't gamble for me care to watch too much money to give up. I happen to save. Now go ahead. I have to say david. I'm filled with jealousy resentment over your win because every single time on jeopardy or chopped so congratulations on your win and as we all know restaurants and specifically restaurant workers have been hit incredibly hard since the pandemic started. I myself am a restaurant. Owner people have had to lay off their staff and in many cases. Close the doors for good all this while the government could help with a plan like the restaurants act which would create a hundred and twenty billion dollar restaurant revitalization fund. What do you say to the people controlling the purse strings here to get them to understand how dire the situation really is. Well sunny as a fellow restaurant tour. You understand that. It's almost less about the restaurants right now. And more about the people that work in restaurants that they need a safety net and they would need a safety net if we had an appropriate response to this pandemic and it's incredibly terrible and sad that that hasn't been the case. Hopefully there is a compromise reached in congress today. But i think the best thing that we can do in in in lieu whatever happens in between now and biden coming into offices supporting the georgia senate runoff. Because we're gonna need a long-term approach to help the hospitality industry and many hourly workers. Yeah that's right. We're on your team. So you've created an extremely successful restaurant empire but this pandemic has had an effect on all aspects of the industry. How will you making it work. Specifically in your case tell joint know. We have an amazing team Margaret scholar ceo entire team. Food goo a really pivoted and done everything we can. And all of the staff at momofuku. We've tried a little bit of everything but one of the things we relied upon is selling consumer product goods. We chilly krahn. We have season salts. We're developing soy sauce and sesame oils but we have that luxury because we've had a lab and we've had this plan in place to do this to increase our sales outside of the four walls of a restaurant but a lot of other restaurant tours and in chefs. Don't have that opportunity. But we are certainly fortunate in that regard but we still trying to make it the spring just like everybody else david before we go you and your wife have a twenty one month old son hugo who is absolutely adorable. Now you post videos of him eating food for anyone out there looking for some joy in twenty twenty. Let us help you by showing you. This see him best now. How do you get him to eat some finicky with food. What i mean he. He weirdly only likes delicious things. He doesn't like vegetables not a surprise but he likes things that just tastes good and it brings me all the joined the world to to feed him and it's really probably full circle as to. Why cook in the first place to nurture somebody to feed somebody with love and care and this pandemic actually has had a silver lining has taught me. That work isn't so important as being a dad being a husband and father so it's just been amazing feeding him and my family. Since i've been at home well you you do good works best mr chang. Good work all around. Thanks so much for coming on the show and make sure to check out his podcast. David david chiang show and recipe club on spotify. Who wants to be a millionaire air sundays at nine central note. Nine central's nine. Eight hundred eight signees eight sets. It was drinking which on. Abc god's unfortunate strong women the hottest toppings sharing their views. Right here. i want to say something about that. That's kind of where we are. And that's why the number one daytime talk show is the emmy winning view on abc Welcome back so not. As of people are on edge. Everyone's mirrors have been rubbed raw. So of course. What a good time for the united states transportation department to advise airlines to stop tweeting. Emotional animal supports Support animals as service animals. When obama was president. You could bring an ostrich on on the plane and everybody was gone now that we're in the middle of this crisis and we have pandemonium in washington. They decide they're going to change the rule so so you can't bring your chickens on the plane just saying how do you feel. I think it's it's tragic. It's tragic. I mean there were people that brought peacocks and stuff on the hundred plane and may have ruined it for chicken owners like myself but the bottom line is i guess. People shouldn't really be traveling by plane right now. Anyway during this pandemic but support animals are real thing. They really do help people with anxiety depression and he's sort of traveling disorder and i think it's just shameful. You know you can't bring your cat on. People have different relationships with their animal. I myself had wonderful relationships with my chickens. They can recognize up to thirty faces and making nice my face every morning. Okay that's so nice sarah. We'll add mother and other support animal. I don't know if you do white house. Always had dogs remember us to talk about them. But i so as a mother of three. I think we should ban the babies from the flights not the animals. I'm joking mckay's. Anyone isn't on with that but i think the mood little baby. Wait a second that little baby david. Chang's baby that baby cute but for those moments and then they cross over there like a lot. Kids are a lot. And i'm flights it's just not a good mix but one you keep having them. Hey i told you i stopped. We're waiting for this to be official like we need to stop but i. The motion will support animals just to clarify for sunny. The different things that we've seen on these flights duck a rooster a turkey a pig. A monkey peacock pony snake kangaroo. Where does it end. This is not a farm visit. The rooster recognize up to thirty faces. Well buffalo i. 'cause i don't think there's a place for this. I would not want to be the flight. Attendants separating anna from cha-cha on that plane. She she'll go out woman or man. I would not and right now. You'll go crazy if they take cha-cha listen chacha has more frequent flyer miles and i think most and cha-cha ah. I'm not sure charges my emotional support animal. I do know. I am her emotional support adult and the flight attendants her. I do think the size thing as always as always you know what they say size matters i people you know. Show up my best friend. Lee shows up sometimes with this two dogs that are shetland ponies and puts them on the plane. I it makes a little uncomfortable and people are allergic to cats. To being said as long as there's an exception for five pound miniature poodles. I'm good if not testing protesting. I tell you are right. I'll tell you one thing though. My verney has forty thousand followers on instagram. That should count for something. I'm just saying we'll be right back. Feel-good friday is in the house. You partnered with benders for at least half off cool kitchen and home products just in time for spending a lot more time indoors next since we are all spending a lot more time around the house these days we partner with vendors for half off kitchen and home products. You'll use everyday but it's only while supplies last so let's get shopping with our good friend. Gretta monahan you're going to love these so if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen sarah. 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Thank you so much demand the clocks taking you have twenty four hours to get lease. Amazing deals at deal dot com. Don't go anywhere and we'll be right back monday. Democratic senator joe manchin is live to talk about why he says the seventy four million americans who voted for trump should be a wakeup call for his party and the latest on the tension between him and congresswoman out andrea cossio. Cortez less oprah's upgrading. Your monday with her latest batch of favorite things on view your deal okay. Welcome back a few seconds that we have left and you want to say something to the american people yes The there is no more important election than they georgia runoff. Which is january fifth. But you have got until monday december seventh to register to vote. So if you are a georgia voter make sure you are registered. You can go to vote dot org. You can go online and look it up until monday doing now do it this week and do not let the opportunity to say go by listen to listen to the science. Have a great day. Take a little time to enjoy the view.

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