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The. Hello and welcome to French trim. I'm Eddie French lucky number seven seven episode seven lucky number seven, the number of of Jack Daniels, and and the magnificence magnificient men that flying machines, but the other ones let samurai. At fifty. You've got yourself a Heinz number the very own how. Exciting. Well, it might be exciting. Episode seven anyway, lovely to have you along as usual. I've had a fun week of escapes dogs flat tires and bouts of disappointing. Weakness how you been? Well, it one dog escaped for bits. And then she came back, then she escaped again and came back. That's. Adorable for those of you who are playing the home game. She is the Brown and black on she escapes. She broke too much to break off leads and run around pop for a good ninety minutes while foul Koran I sat on a log and waited for her to stop paying attention to us. And then I still have and she didn't get up from the sofa full the rest of the day. She was exhausted. I could've used this opportunity to chase after her or. Do more access is. But I didn't because she's not my that now is taking around to her grandmother's. Lady dog, but it's a grandma grandma's. She managed to escape from the garden and Brown around a different bits of rain day for a bit. So that's nice. Pain in the us. Bless her gorgeous little face with the nose on it anyway. And it was only one tyre pop. It wasn't a blowout or anything. So I've been driving around for the past half a week also on a skinny tie up with fifty MP h max painted on the side of it. So. Not just living my best life. I'm living your best life for you. You're welcome. The disappointing. Weakness, however is a bit less jolly and a bit less easily solved. I suppose it should be weakness says, but we'll just talk about one of them. I. For those of you who bets something to do with food again. Of course, it is. The main reason I'm here bloody bastard food as I mentioned in a previous episode. I've been using the my fitness pal app to track my diets, I have it set to about think it's about eighteen hundred calories a day. That is quite low for some of my size. But I figured that. I'd be able to have a little bit of flexibility. But if I've is on track for eighteen hundred calories a day, and that would be a good thing. So the first month or so I was able to stick to it by adding everything to the app and counseling an accurate Recode of all of my Dinh's. But after initial month I started to started to omit some things biscuits. Here's some crisps there. Nothing massive it wasn't you know cake, but I was breaking my number by more than a couple of hundred calories, which left me with sufficient caloric deficit, which is essentially how Whitelaw's works, but miss fall from Dale and a greedy. Like may is always going to slip up on that kind of thing. Sorry about last. Then this last week something happens some swell of hunger more likely gluttony found. Its way into me. And I've been snacking a lot which is a pointless waste of money and also a huge step backwards. As far as I'm concerned as with most things, I can't do anything casualty that's probably about signed. But not had any major problems yet. It's the Disraeli screw me up. So I'm trying to beat myself up too much about it as that kind of mood. Only leads to further my consumption, which is a bit like society yet guys. So. Yeah, take that existing. I mean, my searing insights into the state of the modern world of side. This does post something of a problem for me that I don't think I'd fully realized until recently so extra effort will be needed for me to sold us out more effort than is actually needed to get myself to exercise. So oh, speaking of which is it time for exercise of the week. This week. In addition to the dog walking I was just about an hour a day, I've been using an app an appropriately named app called the seven minute workout. Did you see all the seven stuff at it earlier? Well, not make sense. Now, you thought it was a waste of time before but. No, no, no, no. Seven minute workout up is all in capitals. And so I think thinks it self very important. But it is what it says it is it's a collection of workouts that take seven minutes with pretty nice little animations to show you how to do the exercise. And then at times it for you. The animations are actually very clear that's one of the problems. I had with the yoga thing is that they would sort of get into a position, but it would be a single angle. And so if there was something behind you, you didn't know how you're supposed to position yourself. So I liked this. A like these animators though, very very good. There's the usual thing sits ups press ups in the like the I've seen on television often in a montage. So it gives you seven minutes worth of these day and all the equipment. You need is yourself occasionally a wall or chair, but it still fits very much into the low budget. No budget thing I've got going on. So all of that's really really good. So I opted for the seven day all round option, rather, I think it's thirty day. But I'm doing it for seven just to see how it was. But so did seven of the thirty all round today's rather than focusing on gluts or lots or pucks or fits or bluffs all outta Lloyd's. Or any of the other muscle groups that I've studied in depth overall. It's easy and brief. So that's fine. With me any problem. I have is with press ups, and that problem, I have is the comp do them nothing possess sufficient strength in my arms to lift my foul excess off the floor. I'm also terrified of falling flat. And breaking my nose to the point where I can actually feel a small amounts of pressure in my nose whilst trying to do a press up like a psychosomatic, numbness that acts as an early warning system. But my nose is imminent in real danger. Being smashed into the floor to quote the kinks when he pulls his freely a lawn panties right up. So I mean to quote, the kinks, I'm not the world's most physical guy. But I thought I'd be able to do a few press ups this app asks of me, but apparently not. This is the second weakness. That's I've found out about this week an actual, physical weakness. I'm not sure I've even tried to do a press up up until now, I don't really see the points in them. Now. I know I can't do the mice even less points. Because I'm one of those contrary people who account do that straightaway. So is probably inferior. It's a stupid way to live your life. But I'm still alive and plenty of people who embraced difference and change a debt now. So I think I win. I mean, I suppose I should do them in the spirit of the thing. But very very difficult. I couldn't do it. I'm also skeptical about the sort of press up and ups and stuff like that. Because they're always really connected to the people. Body sculpting and people chasing the perfect body. And I've never really understood the notion of perfect body because I largely thing the idea of perfection is ironically, deeply flawed, and is actually the antecedents of beauty something perfect is very seldom beautiful there. I mean, if it's mathematically perfect, for example, that can be beauty to it. That's something. I mean perfection doesn't exist. And if you strive perfection, you can ignore beautiful things, you can acknowledge great things, you can ignore wonderful magical things because you go isn't perfect. It never will be. So why bother I'll take music as an example as it's an area. I know about rather than health and fitness assign wave is one of the most basic sounds that there is it's a pure notes a consistent precise sound wave. It is what it is. And it is nothing else. It is by old definitions perfect. However, it's boring and all the amazing things in music all the imperfections timing the pitches and all the rest of it striving for perfection as pointless striving for beauty is what it should be at bounce. Of course, there we get caught up in the fact that beauty, of course, exists in the eye of the beholder. So to some perfection might be beauty. But to me perfection is a cold and soulless thing with no appeal or intrigue or indeed end. It will never end because perfection is stupid. It doesn't exist. It's it's a complete wealth gave chase a perfect wild goose chase. Anyway, I think I'll try this one. Again, this seven minutes at I'll try again because I've not been able to give a fair shake house going to have not given us a fast, shake, I've not been able to give a defense shake because there's a big bits of it that I can't do perhaps once there's less of me to push up. I've done some strengthening in my arms or something. I'll give it another go. So. As far as of use. I'd say the is very very good. It doesn't leave you any questions as to what it means. It's very very laid out. Very clearly, but it doesn't it doesn't talk speak down. So it just reminds you because on the same thing where it says, do however many ups on the same page, it's got that little animation. So people who know all about pushups and whatnot. They just they won't even notice, but people who show where to place your hands on show where to you know, these kind of things how down you go at cetera. Very very useful. And I'm sure that seven minutes, you can find seven minutes most of the time. Most of the can find seven minutes, I'm saying this is a childless man can find seven you can find you can find four hours easy. And if you know, the you just a bad parent. That's it. I mean, I should know thing to I've met parents before I have parents, and they're perfectly nice people. So yeah. Bounce the exercise of the week on able to provide any great insights on accounts of my own feebleness. Is it fun yet? Well, the ongoing dog walking is fun fun. I mean, fine February is felt like may so far. So it's been a chore. It's been sunny. It's been pleasant. It's been very little in the way of rain. It's been very nice to walk around park. So walk around lanes near my parents house and take the dogs over get the seven minutes, fitness out, wasn't fun. But it didn't last long enough to become truly dreadful. I'm skeptical only seven minutes a day can make much of a difference. But I know nothing of the science of exercise, and it has millions of downloads and great reviews and seems to be very well received. So. Apparently, I don't think I'm so clever and insightful as to. Found the whole, oh, this is the one minute day workouts? You can't workouts in one minute. He's foiled us not my but. This is the closest I've ever been to working out in the commonly accepted. These days the close up into working out. And I'm not impressed. It does seem to be largely about Vanisi. But that being said I have a pud cast. So who's the vein man now of net? I've I've made lots of claims in this show or ready in its short seven episode life. But not once I claim to not be a hypocrite. To lay. Oy, probably perhaps a bit less. So having dogs is nice, but nice isn't an exercise so of not been cheered up necessarily by the exercise. But by having dogs, especially when adore is on the lead. She is brilliant. However, the MO the modest binging. I've been doing suggests the I'm not. Any better rarely, but these things come and go not hopefully, I'll be better this week. But I'm certainly not in trouble or anything just don't worry about that. That's fine. But I tend to do very low level self-harm, which is mainly just eighteen Fawzi much. It will get me in fifteen years. I've got fifteen years the ten around. So don't worry about me, sadly, ju to outside issues and the things that I've had to do not been able to put together any quotation for this week. Very very sorry about that might put some up on Instagram and stuff throughout the week. Just for. Just a little bonus. So I will be back next week though. And I'll be dropping hints as well. As quotations on social media. You can follow me at French trim podcast on his Graham. The French trim podcast Facebook page, and you can get directly in touch with me through French trim podcast gmaiLcom. Well, I'm Eddie French for. That's my problem. Not yours. Bye. Bye. Bye. Fringe, trim podcast was devised by French. And he did everything that you just headed.

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