Cardinals Spring Training with Zach Silver: The Chris Hrabe Show Ep. 99


girl owned. Welcome into the chris. Rayvey show on scoops. With danny mac dot com. It's it's march march. First twenty twenty one. We have baseball in florida. And we're excited talk. Some cardinals baseball today to kick off the week. Going to be chatting in just a bit heading down to jupiter florida actually and talking with zach silver. Who is the cardinals beat writer for mlb dot com zach taking over for anti rogers who heads over to kansas city looking forward to having zach join us to get his. Take on what it's been like to be in florida and be around the cardinals but maybe not really around the cardinals to this point but we had baseball yesterday was great to hear. Danny mac back on the call and just see baseball being played more on that in just a moment because they've got a couple of reminders for everybody as we do get baseball underweight. Forget to subscribe to the scoops with danny mac. Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts. Just search scoops danny mac. Hit subscribe lever review and. Send me a screenshot. you can tweet me at c. h. r. abc h. r. a. b. e. and check out scoops data amac dot com for all of the latest from yours truly from dan from bernie from charlie and martin. It's scoops with danny. Mac dot com. I've call them up today. And i've got just a couple of reminders for folks as we get baseball underway. You can head over to scoops. With danny mac dot com and check out what i wrote. But it's kind of some words from your captain as we get set for takeoff and more than anything. I think we all need to just breathe it in just soak it in just enjoy it. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the fact that there is a month of spring training games helpfully before hopefully baseball starts enjoy the fact that it's day after day after day. Enjoy the repetition. Enjoy the frustrations enjoy the excitement. Enjoy the arguments about where guys will play or who should be closing or any of the decisions that we can micromanage after each and every game. That's what makes baseball beautiful rhythm of the rhythm every single day. And i think i appreciate that least. I hope i appreciate that more than ever after it was taken away last year. But i will tell you that i will not take it for granted anymore. I will not and hope you will not complain about a rain. Delay or a guy going over four or five game losing streak. It's not the end of the world and baseball is back. It's back and we are off in running so really looking forward to diving more and more into it. Look great to see nolan. Our nato in cardinal uniform was great to see jack flaherty on the mound even if he didn't necessarily have the results that that he wanted but listen. This is not about being results oriented. At this point. This is about having results. This is about having games to pour over and position battles to argue about and you know traits like the nolan arnaldo trade to discuss. This is an exciting time For karnal fans obviously. But but but i think it's an exciting time and hopefully a pivotal time For the industry because amidst uncertainty amidst maybe some i will say not. Necessarily i t i back and forth between the players and the owners the throw all that out the window there on the field there on the field right now and we're moving towards the started the season and i know easier said than done but i'm going to try to appreciate that. Zachary silver mlb dot com joins us. Next it's a chris rabi show talking cardinals as records are often running in florida. Grapefruit league play began yesterday. We're back in a moment scoops today. Amac dot com. brian kelly. 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Goodish nooks dot com and check out more about the app that gets you. Chinooks rewards the chinooks rewards app. Download it on the app store or google play the chinooks rewards app rewards you for shopping. Chinooks let's head to jupiter florida and say hello to zak silver. Who is the cardinals beat writer. Mlb dot com. You can read them and be dot com. Follow him on twitter at zak. Silver and zak. Yeah my sources. Which are you telling me that you've been a leftover twice already. That's that's a good start for spring. You are You know us media. We gotta keep up with the players. Were in the best shape of our and we gotta make sure that we're taking care of the important stuff like The special the date leftovers. Well done i mean. I haven't talked about the rookie. Who impresses the their first estrin training. And i like to think you know. All things considered a media rookie. I'm i'm doing my own looking to make the big league club. Yeah your stuff. The stuff looks great stuff. Looks great coming out of the hand. Let's talk about About some of those cliches some of the things that you know. I think sometimes Maybe we take for granted a little bit as fans. Maybe the spring seems to drag on a bit Is there a different. Feel at all this year. And i'm not asking you to read anyone's minds or get too philosophical but does it feel like fans players media just people around jupiter even appreciate the fact that that there is for at least right now. Baseball getting going. Yeah totally i mean. Yesterday was the first game of grapefruit league action. We had a fans in the stand for the first time in almost a year among cardinals game julius fans towards the end of the postseason but I mean definitely descends. A palpable sort of innovative. Things are maybe starring. Get back to normal club just kind of with how offseason progressed started out. Pretty quiet but in that last week getting nolan backing or getting nolan signing yati bax azimbek. I think that kind of really elevated the interest in this team not to say that would have been a lack of interest without the nolan. Move but it just was another bone phone to the fan base. That is always you now. I haven't been around the cardinals for too long. I didn't grow up in saint louis and i'm familiar with the clogged from a natural there. The status of the kernels on the national scene but I sort of become inundated with plenty of Of feedback just because my day on the job was a day that nolan got traded. And so for all for all intents and purposes. I've had nothing but positive interaction with cardinals fan and i assume it's always going to be like this. Absolutely yeah until You know he'd better not go over to next game out. But i kid but you know it's funny it seems mandalite like there are a handful of teams in almost concentrated in the national league. Who decided one way or another even if the road map was a bit different to take advantage of this offseason and maybe some soft spots in the market obviously the national league west dodgers and padres especially the cardinals You know there were a handful of teams. It seemed like who Who took advantage and made the biggest alterations to their clubs. Yeah i mean you had you now have the. Nfl west covina reacted with the divers getting. Trevor bauer the padres. Making huge moves for snell and darvish. But i mean up until the last week of january. There was not really young. Note or shattering moves in the al central outside of the Getting rid of their stars so there was kind of how to market inefficiency. Because it's not like they're exactly enacted but the cardinals kind of took advantage of the fact that the rest of the division didn't really get on their horse doing much. This offseason i mean is there's colton burs other than that. I can't talk to the cloud rather there's not really a huge splashy edition that another central team made So i think in that sense i wouldn't. I wouldn't say that they made the nolan move just solely because there was that opportunity and there was a lack of moves from other teams but it certainly helps here outward facing persona the fact that basically any other teams in the nfl. Al central made a move in you made arguably the biggest move of this offseason silvers with the cardinals beat writer for mlb dot com. Yeah so in the small Sliver of a a sample size that we had so far. Not even you know on the field but just in terms of kind of the vibe around the group and i know that again. It's different in the way that the media goes about interacting and goes about you know doing reporting in having conversations but give us an idea give the fan who's not down there and ideas that kind of of of the vibe around this club and kind of the feel of the clubs. So far yeah. I've got nothing but loose. fives yet. Focused I mean just bringing a guy like a guy like nolan. Who has such a high work ethic in a huge dedication to the game yet kind of is just something that bleeds into the rest of the rest of the team of the club or so the roster But you know he while he is very serious and very dedicated to his work. He also you know. Seems like a guy who the jokes are like. You said we're not able to really get to up close and personal but his batting group with goldie and Carbon yati they pretty much are laughing. The entire time down there and So in that sense. I think the cards are pretty happy with where they are Purposes having a pretty good camp Healthwise rather than any flare ups too soon decides you know miles. Michael has had a little bit of a setback but the concerns in baotou. Hi there And you know. I think they're just really excited in just a sensitive actor baseball especially after their season last year where they had the outbreak in the middle of the year. That really through things after loop. You could argue that. The cards sort had three different individual ramp-up last year. They had the regularly scheduled spring training ramp up in they had to get toned down when using that postponed in summer camp ramp up and then they have third ramp up in a way when to get ready back for their return to action. So i think they're just really just very blissful you back in this in this atmosphere when things are of seemingly. They're gonna go over well as far as getting spring training done in time at least for now. it seems like it's going well and Yeah i think they're just really happy to be back in this kind of environment without too much of some of these problems had last year at least for the moment. Yeah i want to go back to something you said about are not his professionalism in the way he goes about it. I think sometimes as fans may be You don't i dunno fully digest what that means and like for example i was talking to tommy edmund the other day on friday and he said that like he stopped and was like watching are not go about like his work in the cage and like how he actually goes through you know his his routine and batting practice which is something you know. Fans don't see and aren't privy to and you think major leaguers. They'll kind of know what they're doing but that's pretty high praise when a big leaguer is talking about just wanting to watch and observe the way another big leaguer goes about the routine. Don't you think. Yeah yeah i mean. It's not like nolan is the most Senior player on the team. Obviously tons of veterans on In ueno in inter miller and even goldie who have been around the game a longer. But i think that does finally speak volumes to his his specific work ethic in his specific attitude towards the game. He's got a student at the game. He you know when we were talking to john zarrella when the trade i went through He telling us all about al nolan guy. Athletes will go ball for fun. And that's just something that they see in who they kinda wanna bring into the club in nolan even before he became cardinal is talking about how much he admired the in way. We came to a saint louis on a road trip with troy lewinsky. He was kind of told. You should watch how this club operates should watch how they warm up and go about their business. But i mean also goes both ways. I mean nolan's learning a lot from the club while he's doing he's doing things that maybe wasn't doing so much in colorado specifically he was talking about how he's starting to get lineup in positional cards. Laminated cards to look at before and at-bat and whereas colorado's given free rein to do what he thought was best in that suburban adjustment. He's making it sound like he's turned off by that additional information But it's just different ways of going about stuff and nasr much is a car is a learning from him in from his attitude he's also learning from different organization in only his second home. So there's still plenty zack. From from samir early returns or whatever you can make out of them whether it's hearing from mike schultz every day or maybe some of the positional or pitching groupings. That are very intentional. Can you give us an idea of a guy that you think you might be writing a bunch about. Do you think fans will be hearing a bunch about whether or not they've you know been been at the big league level. Is there Someone that you think will We'll get plenty of opportunities early that we should be aware of. Yeah i mean the early candidate clubhouse leader for that at the start i would have said you know He was getting pretty much. You know unprompted. Praise from every teammate. Now it's been you know just just when you're asking like losing prester you're just even asking general like bullpen sessions. Going like andrew miller Other players were just point to him as someone who's having lady in a sense the liz coming off his ball just from watching it or standing near him Unfortunately we haven't gotten a chance yet to see him in a game And it's still tvd when that's going to happen The first hand perspective. It's hard to to give him that much Shine when we haven't actually got much of a chance to see him myself. And it's unbelievable. Dudes built like rob gronkowski. First like a linebacker any coming down sixty six inches away from you barreling towards you with all that momentum. I don't know how. I want to face him on on fox. It's it's crazy. Zach like the guys and you know he got a taste of big league last year and i'm really eager from a storyline perspective to see how the minor leagues and you know to see how the infrastructure of of minor league baseball and the infrastructure of rosters Either give teams the opportunity and or force teams hands in terms of the handling of of some of their prospects in younger players. Right well that it was kind of interesting last season. You know there was no myleene season. So guy wasn't on the major league. Roster he was pretty much you know getting practice reps in and and you talked to matthew laboratory. He said he did like that. At the alternate site where he got to just kind of talk to john who's on rehab assignment Images getting ramped up back at the the alternate site but so in some ways they did. They did appreciate that time. Where in a triple a game at a double a game. You can't really go up to the guy who just struck out of the guy who just got hit off you and said what did you see that at at. Maybe i should be stuff like that. So in some ways that was the benefit of the alternate site granted. It is a bit of a different environment. Just not in the game you know. You're not mentally Pumping as much So i do think that player that they are obvious Everyone's excited have miley season. Back at that is gonna make for an interesting case with liberty or were they even andrew disney. I mean probably prime to be the backup for split time with the audience but if the cards for some reason decide they don't want him to just sit on a backup role in lose those reps than he's probably gonna start the year in aaa The early to make that decision making predictions in that way. But that's just kind of what the return of a mile season does where you can. You know it's not like they're stopping the clock or anything but if you don't want him to get yet lost reps in las development Now you have that option in my in a triple a. And double ada to get him some concern. Reps aren't on the flip side of the question They came up with oviedo. Is there a guy on the big league club that you feel like for whatever. Reason is maybe getting a bit overlooked or is More squarely in the mix than than people would think obviously an off offseason with this much uncertainty. But then you know the fireworks of our nato And you know sandwiched by by wainwright and and molina's return. Is there Someone that you think is is maybe Yeah just just being overlooked. Perhaps but i'm not sure if i take is being overlooked but i think people kind of forget about alex races ceiling And there's obviously the question of if he's going to be able to take on a starring role so far he's given being given the chance to compete for that final rotation spot. But i mean. We saw him yesterday. Pitch one inning. Nine pitches wasn't immaculately within strike out all the side but still the equivalent of immaculate inning and stuff was good enough for it felt like he could he could have come that dialing up to ninety seven his her was down to seventy nine and that kind of just twenty miles per hour in. Your frances is almost untenable for batter to be able to catch up with slow down for I think even though the cards are giving him that look at the rotation. I think it would be hard not to just fall in love with that talent in one inning. Double in a vacuum. Seen how it's able to be so condensed and so violent but so hard to get catch up to as a hitter. So i think he's and he has his pedigree his track record. He was a top prospects. I wouldn't say he's being looked. But i think he could be kind of wild card in the sense of how the cards use them. And then to that end in the fifth rotation spot. I also think carlos martinez that's going to be another really interesting storyline to follow his where he fits in. He wants to start as he said he wants to do. Everything all spring training. And if i if. I had to make an early prediction. He's by the front runner for that. Fits rotation spot as he can't rates are probably the top candidates at the moment with ponds movies Shortly but yeah. I mean it'll be interesting to see how he's able to put together his spring He struggled last season. Obviously dealt with kobe last season but Yeah i mean he's he's going to be wild wildcard especially if nicholas isn't michael isn't as healthy as the card. Topi is our. Kim is kinda got quote unquote figured out in a second go. Round in maters erased. One of those guys like no matter where you are in the park you can just hear the ball coming out of his hand. There's a video that the cards tweeted the other day and it says listen to just sit back and listen to this and if you shut your is it. Sounds like a missile going right by ear. It's absolutely s sex. Silver appreciated brother again read zach. Mlb dot com and follow along with all the great reporting from zack. And the rest of the folks that are in jupiter Joined the chapman. Thank you for the time and go and find something great for dinner. thanks so much s just.

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