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Well, Hello, a fire nation and welcome to a special announcements. This is just me JD jumping on the Mike speaking to you because there's an opportunity it's two thousand in nineteen. It's a fresh start as a fresh year. And there are what I see as three options for you going forward option. A you're going to have a disappointing year. We've all had disappointing years in the past. That's a possibility option beat you're going to have another year like two thousand eighteen was and for some people that's going to be great for some people. That's going to be governor some people that's going to be not so good or option number. See you are going to go all in. You're going to invest in yourself financially. Time wise, your heart, your soul, your guy, your intuition, and you're going to move forward in you're going to absolutely crush two thousand nineteen because you are going to learn from those around you you're going to stand up on the shoulders of giants. You're going to do all the things that you know, you need to be doing because it's a fresh start as two thousand nineteen and you got this. So very recently. I just hosted a live webinar with Amy Porterfield and went amazing. We had. Hundreds and hundreds of people on live experiencing Amy just dropping value bombs about how to make two thousand nineteen everybody's best year ever in at the end of this live training, Amy offered her digital course, academy, which is an unbelievable courses going to take you step by step through the entire process of generating revenue for you in two thousand nine nineteen through a skill through a passion through knowledge through expertise, through whatever it is that you have inside your head inside your heart that you wanna turn into a lifestyle and location, independent business. That's what we're going to do with you. And I say we because Amy's offering this incredible digital course academy. I'm offering on top of this incredible J L D bonus experience. Now, what does this bonus experience going to involve while we me, first and foremost tell you I never do this. This is very rare. This is potentially a one time offer I made it as again in the future. I may not right now, I am putting together students experience because I want to make sure that if you join Amy's digital course academy you are going to succeed. So what am I going to offer you on top? Of everything that Amy's offering. Well, you're going to get four one hour private group. Coaching calls every week for the next four weeks. We're going to jump on a group coaching cost and be very small group. Just the people that join Amy's course through my affiliate link, and we are going to absolutely crush answer. All your questions on to make sure that you get through any barriers that you have. And that you are moving forward at the speed of light literally, and truly I'm also going to be gifting you might training real revenue. This is the exact process that I've used Jerry millions of dollars from my online courses I'm going to gift that course, to you almost going to ship to your doorstep a physical copy of the mastery journal. This is my best work ever fire nation. If you want to master productivity discipline, focus in one hundred days, which is my reasons and ingredients for success, then you need to be diving into the master journals. I'm shipping it to your door to matter where you are in the world this total bonus stack is worth over twenty eight hundred dollars. I value. My four one our private group coaching at twenty five hundred dollars. That's four one hour. Private group. Coaching calls. My real revenue training is valued at three hundred and twenty. Five dollars. And then, of course, mishopin the physical copy of the Mass General to you is forty nine dollars. Sorry is thirty nine dollars in value. And plus I'm taking care of the shipping. No matter where you are Australia England, of course, the United States. So that's going to be of incredible value for you. So my call to action for you is this. It's just one simple. Call to action. Visit you'll fire dot com slash bonus. I have a pretty cool one minute in twenty nine second video. It's at my house here in Puerto Rico. I welcome you to the house of fire. It's a super cool videos. Welcome trying out this new toy that you're gonna get to see as I'm walking around my property. So it's super cool video. I explain to you exactly why I think you should join Amy Portabales digital course, academy in depth. And then I get into a little more detail about the bonus experience so head over to e o fire dot com slash bonus. Check out the video you can get more details about the bones experiences going to be a button on there where if you want to join, of course, academy you can do it right there through my affiliate links. You get this bonus experience. But there's also an unbelievable and pretty sweet offer as well. I'm going to be honest with you gate Nye had to. Talk about this for a while because we're very very protective of our time. But we said, you know, what we really believe in this. So if anybody wants to chat with myself or Kate before you make this decision, we're offering up a five minute phone calls. We are going to limit it to five minutes, but we can get a lot accomplished five minutes. Believe me so on that same page. There's a button right below the. Yes, I meant by the says click here to chat with jail or Kate. I, and I she's gonna take you to a quick form. Or you're gonna fill in your phone number in your Email, and I will be calling you or Kate will be calling you, and we will be tackling these calls one by one by one. And this is to answer a question you have a barrier. You might have this holding you back from jumping? And so if we can answer that question for you. That's what it's for the URL to visit is e o fire dot com slash bonus e o fire dot com slash bonus. It's a one minute and twenty nine second video. You can watch details about the bones experience the opportunity to join right there on the page or to sign up for a five minute chat with myself or Kate. So I hope you take action on this fire nation prepare. To ignite.

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