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welcome to the sleeper in the bus. Podcast I'm Justin Mason joined by Jason. Jason how you doing. I'm over here hoping to become the emergency pitcher and spring training when I'm at Labor next weekend after this whole David. Air Story was watching hockey last night and I see two goalies go down within ten minutes and then here comes this dude. And they're saying forty two years old of Mike. Okay I'm in my forties. He's played junior level hockey. I'm like okay. I played some ball at that level. I'm qualified. I Q this emergency stuff but then I forgot. My right arm is still in a cast. So I can't throw lefty no emergency pitcher for me but that was a really cool story last night in sports and to see that. Dude Win Ya I ain't wit and I've become a hockey fan this year At like watching hockey over other sports. And if you WanNa talk to me even three years ago. I would've laughed at you if if if I if you said Hey. You're going to become a hockey fan like that. But I'm really getting into it this year with the hurricanes and That was really awesome last night. Yeah I love hockey. If any sport is the worst at marketing their own sport it is. It is the National Hockey League. Unfortunately I mean even worse than Major League Baseball which seems ridiculous but true black out the entire country of Canada from Blue Games. Just site one place that isn't blackout. That is the Chicago suburb area and our friend Matt. Tom's movie joining us. How you doing? I'm good man I think we I don't get anybody. And as a matter of fact. I'm not even blacked out of the cubs network. I'm one of the few. They actually have it in the area. So I'm GONNA joke on. It's similar to like the dodgers launch. Kinda where they're having problems getting it out to everybody One of the biggest cable providers around us don't have deals for it yet so like I would say probably seventy five percents can't watch cubs games. Which will certainly go over. Well so I guess I might as well make this tweet public Come over and watch cubs games. You know twenty bucks ahead and used by the food and drinks and I'll watch baseball with you feel like a pretty good deal you let people know where regional social media and then kind of talk about yourself what you do over prospects live in friends fancy benefits because he knew a lot and not. Everybody knows who you are. Yeah Tampa W. F. B. The big heavy in the prospect game started out with you with you. Fancy benefits been doing the prospect stuff by the prospect guide. I wrote up all thirty systems and ten ten guys each time. I played draft stuff. So I got you covered on that But I just love Minor League Baseball Love Scouting out the feature young from town going to minor league games the only affordable baseball. You can go through with the family nowadays especially so Baseball's worth after me and you know menu. Mike Warner are the guys over after friends benefits. Mostly you obviously but We'll we'll assist you with whatever we need. But we've been around for what five years now and a nice little run there and we're GonNa get our podcast kicked back off here soon and you know it's all baseball. The time off seasons actually busy for me same for you. I'm sure you guys got going over on prospects live right now. Yeah prospects live. We're continuing with our top thirty s for each system just pub Ralph lifts and I just did did the ray system. That came out on Friday. So if you listen to this on Sunday came out on Friday so it's still fresh. Obviously all of our top priorities are still fresh for so we got about five or six left to do. We have a top fifty redrafts fantasy lists coming out tomorrow being Monday and then we already have a top one. Hundred P came out as well and obviously top one hundred fantasy and realized. I haven't site already so we are in the thick of lists season over at prospects live never ending play dynasty leagues. And even if you just redrafts ego check out all the work. They've got over on Like met a ton of lists but also on a video just a ton of great content A lot of fantasies specific stuff and a lot of non fantasy stuff so kind of our baseball coverage huge team over here. This yellow got the prep the prep game and one of the first draft for this year. We already had video and reports on the site so make sure you go check that out. Yeah it's it's it's at least in my opinion the number one source for for my minor league coverage so I definitely a highly recommend that and if you WANNA get the benefit draft guide that Matt was talking about that he did all thirty write ups on the on the farm systems. You can get that either by emailing me. Justin Mason fantasy. Add for seven dollars. Pdf or you can go over to Amazon and just type in the fantasy benefit on. It's available in e Book and paperback there so all right Well since we have matt on I figured it was only to talk about prospects But we're going to kind of talk about rookies redraft so Jason Was Nice. Enough to take my list and add. Adp's we'll have to discuss as well I'll I'm in here and there. But a Lotta guys. I've gone into depth on already with Paul or will here In the near future. So I'm going to let Matt and Jason Do the heavy lifting especially with the first guy who's lease Robert Adp of seventy six in online championship draft since January first so Matt is Louis Robert. Worth the pick or are you staying away this year and Redress Leagues Man. It comes with a couple of caveats if I'm in like a best ball league or something. I think he might be worth to pick right. Because you have protection there But at pick seventy six as ADP fifty-one high. I understand it. Because he has the skill set the five tool talent five category contribution to where he can you know potentially be on. T. Lot of teams. That Win Leagues is here. But I guess my tastes. That's a little too rich for me. I would rather out gamble on someone like Byron. Buxton get later whose author is kind of similar skill set. It's kind of where I'm at. I think Roberts GonNA struggle a little bit with pitch recognition especially with the soft stuff as he gets acclimated to the game but most young kids remember. You had the same issue with sliders. Last year he adjusted to. It obviously had a strong finish to his year. And while I think Lewis Roberts talented and he's going to be number one prospect redraft list. This year I still think he comes to some wars and stuff but he should be plugging played for the white sox back toward the bottom of the order and potentially could come to the top of the order of a nice lineup by the end of the season. So I get it a little bit for me. I prefer him to be going about thirty picks later. I know it's obvious statement but I'll go with bucks or something like that instead right now. All Right Jason. What are your thoughts movies Roberts? Price? I'M GONNA put this blanket statement out. There goes for everybody on this list that we're gonNA talk about today. So people are like Damase Jason. Grumpy old man because I am So what are the things tear? This is where I evolved as a fantasy player as a whole. I'm always looking for the veteran with a track record over the kid with a higher ceiling. Like I would prefer to mitigate my risk by looking for somebody to the Point Matt made about pitch recognition with solid low. Jimenez struggled with early as one of the things with Robert is rapid ascension. He's had he's had you know. He went high a AA AAA last year. That didn't have any more than sixty games at any one of those leagues. It was just like okay. We're good and now he's now he's got a major league contract and he's supposed to be in the big leagues on Day. One is like he's had all of this. Just rapid ascension here. And now he's GonNa get all of the major league quality stuff's let's see where he had where he's got now toolbox thirty thirty season last year tough to overlook that the numbers were amazing But then you look back at the year before and you're like okay. This is a guy that went from what he did. That in two thousand eighteen didn't even hit a home run and it's really a cross three leagues and Stole Fifteen bases. Anyone thirty thirty the next year. So maybe he has very quick adjustment curved things but as a whole. I'm always looking for the veteran. Who can do better? It's like I've seen this guy play up. Close US here. In Charlotte last year went to a number of games. It was a blast to watch him play He's got some tremendous power. He's at a couple of the at one homerun. Durham that I think landed Danville Virginia and then he had another one that I saw here at Charlotte that went out into the fifth. Third Bank park is built into a square a block downtown or Uptown Charlotte and he hit it at. It went somewhere out in the road. I mean just absolutely obliterated so he took full advantage of the Super Happy Fun ball last year. But it's just the the tool box is definitely there. But when you look at look at just outfield itself guys you guys going behind them. That can offer something. Similar is willing to speed that sets apart because there's plenty of power behind right now. He's outfielder twenty one and you go buy them Riyanto Gallo so lehrer McNeil Rosario Castellanos Zuma's so it's like okay. There's Oscar Mark Auto. That is forty almost fifty picks later. At least he's got the major experience so that's a not. He doesn't have the same power but the speed obviously is there. But it's easy to see why there there's plea which is going to be a nice comp like okay. Hey Two thousand thirteen bleak. Let's try to get down there because you know when when we came on the scene and thirteen. That's what he was doing but as you're looking at the bar of everyday playing time if you're just looking at a guy this is an age twenty three player right. I went back and looked does okay. She'll be the age twenty three players that at least five hundred plate appearances at the major league level last year the four ADAMAS bellinger Fr- animal and Ahmed Rosario and on the whole there's been fewer than ten every season since two thousand thirteen back when back when plead Betas date debut in fourteen. Sorry so age. Twenty three season at fourteen but in two thousand thirteen. That's when we had Freddy Freeman. Eric hosmer several Peres. Rizzo sedaris Stanton Simmons and two. I mean we allot that. You're just not that many dudes and then if you WANNA say okay. Show me how many guys can do at eight fifty P. S. N. h. One B? Three is about one or two guys per year. That's it and so this is a if this is your one guy than what other young kid are. We GonNA say can do it as well. Because there just hasn't been the track record and not to say this guy can't blow it out 'cause trial and Bryant both did it in fifteen and that we have bets Machado at sixteen seger ungallant seventeen but Andrew harding eighteen bellinger nineteen and. That's been it for the age twenty three so it's a really high bar that were setting for them and this is this is my point. Like Gimme the safer veteran Skills I get later on because there's no way I'm taking him as a top player. All right let's say let's talk about a couple of rookie hurlers Who ARE GONNA be pitching for the as this year. I'll start with you on this one. Jason a his use. Lazardo and AJ puck are going about one hundred a little over one hundred picks apart. Zardo eighteen puck to thirty three. So are you interested in one over the other or you interested in both or neither at this point Put me into neither club. I'll take Chris Basset over both of them. Chris Bassett's. Adp has three. Well here's the thing I mean. Last year lazardo pitched fifty six innings a puck I forgot. It's not much more but when we're looking at what these guys have pitched you know where I am on this young kids trying to come back both. These guys miss time last year and this is really where it sticks out to me. It's like puck. Pitched eleven is a total of thirty six thirty seven innings last year and Lazardo Fifty six. It's like okay can we? Can we look at these guys as one hundred forty inning pitchers this coming season? I'm taking the under on that. Can we look at them? One hundred thirty. I'm taking still taking the under. So maybe like one hundred twenty two one hundred thirty innings from both of these guys were. That's where I'm looking at the different so and so this gets back to my theory of. Yeah Hi kids with a high upside but facets fully back from his injury. I mean he had his Tommy John Surgery. We saw him take off last year. Any through one hundred and forty four innings. I'm expecting more from him this year. So give me the hundred and sixty five endings. One hundred sixty eight hundred sixty five over one hundred twenty to one hundred twenty five from the two kids Matt. You being a prospect guy. Have to completely disagree with US Right. I do not. I think there's a lot of yeah I I like both these guys I do i. He's the innings are spot on depends on what the depth of your league. If you're in a shadow were obviously you're more inclined to to grab one hundred and twenty five innings and these guys are likely to give you one hundred for Puck in one hundred twenty five for auto Because you know your replacement level for your league is a lot higher than but I'm in some of these fifteen twenty leagues and placement level for a lot of those arms. It's more difficult to find and and I mean look we. All saw puck pitch yesterday right in the spring training game. The Blue I better. The Game Kris Bryant fastball. Up Swinging fastball. Down the middle of the players strike and then he finished them with fish that nasty slider. I love it can do and especially those Ardo too. I mean as a potential maybe feature ace because of the way can command and Control Arsenal. And you know a little bit. Deeper than pucks is and the changeup is standing pitch But again I. You know obviously shallower league their. Adp should be also driven up so you have to pay a little bit more forum. I'm more inclined to take Lazaro if if either one of these two because I think you're GONNA get more innings out of them and I think he's ultimately safer. I think still has some issues with consistency with command control. Kind of be susceptible to blow up starts time because he is going to be started where he can't get the fastball over for a strike and really have that issue and then didn't he have like a could've swore he had like a minor shoulder thing this spring. That's completely gone away. The ZARDO didn't we have like a shoulder thing yet last year. But I don't remember anything this year. Gay We'll maybe I'm mistaken on that. But you look at. He's looked good in in In Camp I thought earlier this season he. They tried to slow down a little bit. Because I mean he's coming off of rotator cuff injury a latte strain so he's got a lot of stuff going on he's already had. Tommy John So I think they need to take the training wheels off as much as it sounds like newsletter. Throw but I don't see any scientists. I'm doing that They've been they've said all the right things about not having an innings limit on these two but I don't believe that the way baseball is nowadays There's no way they're going to let these kids come out and eat. Maybe they should but gave long story short. I'll take over puck because I think he's safer and a better better strike thrower too quickly. All right I disagree with both you. I I think I mean I want shares of both daughter and Puck. I'm the one team. Price on. Lazardo is a bit rich for me and so I'm GonNa hope that. He falls to like closer to his maximum of one forty-three Otherwise I probably wouldn't end up with too many shares. I really liked the price on puck. Now that's obviously going to go up after what he did. Yesterday I think if people were watching and saw just how good he looked in that first inning People are gonNA start pushing him up a little bit but even if it pushes up towards his kind of men. Adp of one eighty like. I don't think that that is Overly aggressive so. I think I'm GonNa have both guys. I would probably project them for about one. Thirty one forty in in probably lean towards the conservative one thirty side. But I mean you get to factor in replacement value too so I mean if these guys go down if these guys You know get shut down. You'RE GONNA be able to replace them in your lineup. So it's not like you're you're taking Zeros for for those so I mean you just gotta be able to kind of burn turn those reserves spots To you know. Find a guy to pick your to replace them when that comes. I mean I would say this we were looking at the Oakland Staff Lazardo Montassir Mugniyah and Puck have gone. All forty eight online drafts in two thousand twenty Bassett's gone and thirty five of those forty eight. It's like if you need to give pick one pitcher off that list that can give me a one hundred fifty innings and again. The quality of stuff is different. I'm not saying stuff is better than everybody's there but I'm just saying at twenty five plus workload difference. That's that's five. Six starts at a warning if we get up to one hundred sixty endings. Everybody else you're thinking like one twenty the one thirty. That's really what I'm trying to get at here. It's like stuff wise. I agree all those other guys. The stuff could be better but you look at some of the stats on Nyah. You're like he got away with some stuff last year. Obviously montage missing half the season. Due to suspension Lazardo is age twenty two. They really going to allow them to go out there and take workload from You can say workload restrictions but are they really going to let him go from fifty six And more than double his workload This coming season so that's where I have my concerns whereas again I I've talked about. The grow saw Bassett last year as he got to that two year. Mark Post Tommy. John Surgery and again I take at the end of the day. He's going to have the most ending on the staff. Yeah I just have not even projected to be in the rotation at this point I think he becomes the kind of the replacement value for the as so when they do. Shut down one or send down one. He's the guy that kind of comes up into that rotation and takes their spot I'm sure they'll be creative times and I do like bass but I mean he's nail only guy from he's not a mixed league Let's let's go ahead and move on and talk about Gavin Lux I don't know that many people really consider more prospects but still has the prospect tag. I believe so. He's seems like he's going to start off as the everyday second baseman for the dodgers however is projected. Tit eighth right now so matt. What are your thoughts on Gavin? Lux's two thousand twenty value. This is the guy I willing to buy. I think what he did last year was enough coming up from Aa to the major leagues and not only coming up destroying double as essentially and following up with happy. Fun Ball in. Triple eight really had fun with that Slug seven nineteen in forty. Nine Games But I think with the way. The dodgers have already kind of shown their handwrite with the Peterson trade. That didn't go through and like doesn't seem to be related at the start. I mean with Peterson. Potentially out of the picture he moved Bellenger to the outfield and Gavin plays second with money more at first base. And I think that's hard that could still happen. And They Could Still Trade Jack Petersen this spring and I think with what looks could do is to five category kid. You know from the from Wisconsin so he lacked little little Polish. Everyone thought he when he was coming up but he proved to prove to disprove that pretty quickly with US production but I mean the one thing i. I'm not sure you're going to get as many as people think are still in basis. I don't think he's going to be a true five category guy and Specht. You probably gonNA handful maybe eight to ten but I think the rest of the numbers are going to be our stellar for the skills. Or they're so I'll take chat on Gavin. Looks there where he's going Jason Upside for price? Jason what are your thoughts on? Looks I see right now? He's the fifteen second baseman off the board and he looked kind him Hamson big band a favorite lottery tickets from last year. That you got brandon lowered to ten going on with sixty six after him. It's like to me. This gets back to my point. Where high upside rookie? But I've got a guy that's already done at the major league level. Go back as a better path to hire in the lineup playing time but I think one thing that's really nice for for locks is if you're hitting eight. The National League. Your job is to accept. Be accepting of your walks. And that's something. He's done throughout his minor career so it to To Matt's point if they do move Peterson that could create some upward surge in the lineup opposite within hitting eight. That's GonNa that that tempers expectations a little bit. But he's got the skills to hit eight except as walks. Let the Pitcher to the stupid. Move them over to second yawn But that's where that he'll off-base leagues. It could be a really dicing for an ob because this kid is. Does that really well accepts as walks if you make a mistake if you try to if you're trying to pitch around and make a mistake he's also got the tools to to hurt you in that capacity so he can do run production there at the bond lineup. But I'm just curious to see how they're going to pitch them all right. Let's let's go ahead and move over to a raise corner for a minute and we'll get back to another race corner a little bit later but first let's talk about Brendan McKay Two way player obviously for fantasy purposes. At least we're we're mostly worrying about him. As a pitcher. The question becomes. Do WE TRUST TAMPA Bay to not kind of Dick him around In Dick Fantasy owners around so jason. What are your thoughts on Brennan? Mckay will slow start to the spring already. He had a some shoulder soreness and they pushed back his first bullpen. I think he's going tomorrow So there's been a little bit of battery if you recall last year. They used him on a six day program so he's pitching six day. They've already said he's going to start the year and he's GonNa Pitch every five days because they want to get him They WanNa have him in a better place for this year. So there's a spot where they're going to work his do pushes workload robot so he's not so not paper to that capacity as it was last year so but again he's starting the ear AAA and that you try to look and say okay. What's his path to coming up to the major leagues? And you've got Morton Snell glass Cereno says Yarbrough and teams can't be as liberal with moving guys up and down this year but the Eighteen Day role instead of the ten rule ten-day role on that. So I expect McKay to stay down awhile this year to get stuff built but if somebody does get hurt out of the gate. He's one of the first guys up in that capacity but I don't he is a if you're an equality starts lead. I'm concerned because I don't see him going six innings. He's not typically that type of pitcher. He's really that two times through guy and bring the next guy in so Wins Quality Starts? I'm concerned about him doing that this year. Because we're talking about reset leaks. What do you think what do you think of Mckay? Yes some of the same concerns Obviously Tampa Tampa Bay has depth on the mound gives anybody run for their money might be the most depth of the League as far as Major League ready arms. That can take innings. And you know that's GonNa Push McKay As we've seen already kind of off the opening day roster and if he's not performing well which I don't no reason to think he won't but there's a lot of mouths to feed and then there's some guys like you know the other guys like Brennan Honeywell or complete wildcards in this whole thing. They could wrenching lead. If you proves to come back and be healthy but with McKay. I know the strikeout numbers solid in the big leagues last year and obviously the miners but he has a little issue. Putting haters away to ask something that needs to look at. It doesn't really have a plus fish. He he'll get your to real quick and then they'll do the thing where you know you throw throw away pitch go down to one two and off all Nibble Nibble Nibble and before you know it. It's you know you're looking at a full counter to counter. Whatever and and he mitigated Izzo to pitch because he can't hitters away. He drives them more contact than he does. Swinging this And again you know I think the two way thing too especially for this year. I don't think that's going to be a factor. I wanted to throw that out there too. Because there's a Lotta mouths to feed at the corner spots. I don't see McKay gaining more than token what fifteen twenty about the and. That's kind of a rare rare situations even if he does get that looking at it just as a pitcher and again you know. The innings limit thing is huge. The one week thing is huge because they wanted to do the both hitting hitting pitching which kind of scaled back a little bit so they were doing once a week. Start anything kind of keeping him. On his College Days in Louisville I think in the minor leagues. He's pitching every Sunday as a doing kind of came up and shed that a little bit in the pros but with with the raise anyways in the big leagues but still only gone once a week and they want to get him on regular turns. And that's GonNa take an adjustment so he's going to do that. Adjustment in the minor leagues not. The majors was well. So he's a good stash not at the what's the ADP Chievo pull it up to? It's too high. Yeah he's a good ratio. Play for like I think he's a good guy to stabilize your your Widths whip which does underage fancy stat and you know Cardi start leads. Doug Jason Side. You'RE GONNA take it. Winds Leagues even. Maybe because there's only a handful of starts where heaving pitched into the fifth. I want to say last year with how he was kind of coddled stuff which not to say the razor doing it wrong because I mean they know how to do pitchers better than anybody essentially but I just don't see a lot of fantasy value here. I do see a lot of real life value especially with the twenty sixth man potentially he can be to wig. I but fancy value. I'M GONNA pass this year but the price is the price is right. But it's hard to see where one hundred and fifty innings. GonNa come from from him this year which I think he. They need to push him to that. But we'll see how many of those come and Tampa is a question. Yeah all right Let's go ahead and move on over to Justin May Guy That we thought might get shot a little bit sooner with Ross stripling Stripling leaving town with Ross stripling. Not Leaving town. There's a huge cluster. Fuck kind of going on inside of dodger stadium at least from the pitching Department is so matt. Are Your thoughts on dust in? May's two thousand twenty value free. Ginger Guard Man. Look at them some get him. Get Him some innings. He's got some of the best stuff in the minors man. Upper upper nineties thinker that can touch one hundred miles an hour as a cutter curveball. And a changeup starting to prove to be a a nasty pitch. It's kind of like a Branson a royal esque delivery with the late kick in The skinny frame. And he's he's fun to watch pitches because the stuff is nasty and everything's got so much movement I think if you know obviously the dodgers announced. He's he's not. GonNa Not GonNa pitch out of the bullpen for them this year. So he's not gonNA make the rotation so he's pretty much ticketed for Oklahoma City to start the year. He's big league ready though. One thing though. That doesn't strike outs. Don't really match the stuff. He's kind of proven to be you like a eight eight and a half or nine strike out guy as opposed to what the stuff says he should be but he thrives a lot of ground balls and we contact and I think he's got all the recipe to be a completely lights out lever. Go that route. Because the dodgers bullpen is not really that great but they've announced that he's going to start in triple a. and he just gets thrown out of the pile of depth. They have in their location. We talked about Tampa Bay staff. I think dodgers might be the only the might have more and you looking guys like Tony. Gosling Mitchell White and industrial dustin may who are going to squeeze out a rotation spots because simply only five spots to go and dodgers can't really play many games this year with the new deal for pitchers options are fifteen days for pitchers as well so they can play the Games. But it's GONNA cost you to starts instead of one for sending guys down putting guys on the deal. I think they're going to be less likely to do that. With guys like Kershaw. But they'll still with the back end guy so he's still going to kind of get some spots in there but it's hard to project anything on skills wise though. I'll take a shot. Dustin may because I do at the Arsenal in. He's one of the most talented arms and the staff. But like I would rather have Brennan McKay for this year over. May and that's not say that I like very like even vainly for twenty twenty but long-term Gimme both of. GimMe may over over McCain the hard to guy like McCain May Which are hard to say together is harder roster and fantasy unless you have minor league spots you can burn a roster spot on. You can't draft these guys in the NFC and then hold on. Don't have the strikeout upside to stash So and you just don't know how they're going to be used especially in weekly formats like nfc is for pitchers It becomes very very difficult and so even daily moves league. I mean unless you've got a really deep bench or you know minor league spots it's just going to be hard to Ross these guys consistently especially hit by any sort of injuries. Jason what are your thoughts on? Dustin man is interesting to me. It's like his his two thirty nine. Somebody's taken as high as one sixty days as low as three ten. Three sixty is like what the one sixty is rather but at a glance at Matt brought up Tony Counseling. Because that's one of the things when I look at this dodgers staff right now. Forty eight online drafts may have gone in all forty eight. Consulate has gone four of these. And you look at role because we're talking again about redraft. I'm not say God's better than May but is a guy that could work as a swing guy at the dodgers. Do one thing really well. It's moving up and down frequently. Maybe console and makes this club out out of out of the Spring and works as the multi-ethnic guy on the backside. Because again you look at the staff and Alex Woods on it. We know Alex what is going to get hurt. Because that's what his name stands for his injury and I do not believe you're riots can handle a big workload. I think the opportunity is there for God's plan to use to bounce back and forth down that rotation much like stripling originally and so I I. He's one of the guys that I'd like as of late bargain. He just sitting there at three fifty eight For Eighty again. He's only four giraffes a guy that I'm looking at reserve rounds For that purpose but for me. May it's just the the wool water? The dodgers go. And do I think it's going to take a long term injury for him to get an early opportunity in the longer we sits on your bench uses could be sitting on God call up already free Dustin May and then you might. Maybe maybe we're into late. May or early June before. Dustin may is finally freed in the meantime somebody else has got two months of production from somebody else. You made a good point with the injuries. Because if there's an early injury I think Dustin may is the best pitcher of that group listed. I think if there's an early injury for the dodgers and fresh enough out of camp. He's still he's going to be starting in the minor league so even if it's early in the year he can start reading the rotation so. I'm with you the early injury thing because I think he's more talented of that group he listed. Goslin white even even would stuff but so maybe early injury would be. I don't WanNa wish on anybody but early injury would work out better for. May So he can sign. Kinda and 'cause I think he's a guy that they could just like. Oh because he's pitched in the minor leagues so you're not going to necessarily about that right. So yeah that's a good point brought up the other thing just may is also had side discomfort this weekend and so they had to push back a schedule a little bit. There's there's one thing already early camp so something else to consider as well but that's just my thoughts. This again gets back to grumpy. Old Man all right well. Let's see if you're a grumpy old man on this next Guy Michael Kopach who obviously coming off of Tommy John Surgery But has looked to report. He looked good so far this spring. Any chance that Michael Kopech ends on an ends up on any teams Jason. No no I mean I. I've harped on this all winter. Just because we want anybody coming back off. Tommy John Surgery. Get back to me. When it's twenty four months post-surgery otherwise. No thanks and they've already said they. WanNa put him on a workload. I think the number I saw was one twenty five and so no no. No no thanks and he's going to. He's gone in every draft so far and you could just kind of look down behind it and some other things stripling going behind him. Stephen Matt's looking a starting pitcher somehow Michael Pineda. Even though he's going to miss time is still up there Dylan sees Reynaldo Lopez past Josh James always intriguing reworking delivery this winter but yeah I mean that's what we're getting down to pitching. That's where he is but no it. One hundred twenty five innings. You're going to have to find somebody else if I could get them. Impair find somebody on my reserves. I know's going to work a lot if I have that capacity yet but I tell you right now in labor if he ended up while my roster and Labor which is a week from say. So it's a week Six days from now if Kopech on my roster I MISS SOMEBODY MISTOOK BE SNEEZING for raising my hand on a bid. Because I don't want what are your thoughts on the back. I like OPEC when we all three of us were known for the League on he was actually throwing an instrument games and looking good. I guess even then. What was that October? That would have been a full year from Tommy John. Already there now you can add another what six months onto that and so we're talking. He's already at about eighteen months from Tommy John which is interesting enough to to track on that kind of he's got more time off typically than most arms get with that and not a surprise that it looks good but he's also probably been tom consistently all winter as he tries to build up arm strength and stuff so he's should be ahead of guys at this point and truthfully even healthy arms because he's been consistently throwing longer that being said. I think with the price. I think I'll probably share two of Quebec. It's pretty much down to him. And the rest of the way the white socks daffy set up. I mean Jelena's going to have a spot kyko Gio Gonzalez are going to have spots run. All the Lopez is probably guaranteed a spot on although I don't know if he should be and then it's going to. It's going to be like Dylan season. And Michael Kopech kind of competing for that five spot and like we said kopecks going to be limited. Probably one twenty five. I think that's the number Jason throughout their Dylan. Season's going to be limited innings wise as well just because of how young he is and I think those kind of play off each other pretty well for that fits spot the both have their wards to both prone to blow ups well. We saw often Kopech when he was healthy though. Intrigued me a little bit. Now we know the fastball velocity when we know the slider but it's changed man. It was surprisingly better than I thought. It was even the brief sample of majors only through a handful of times but he got on it so I think seeing any growth from there and there was some rumors in Arizona that he sought help from outside the Organization for pitching wise. Because what G leader did last year before before the season started so? I'm intrigued on that as well. Also and the prices he's going to after puck and after Luzardo and guys. We've already mentioned earlier. So I think I'll have a share to Kopech investing heavily. Obviously and you have to come into an understanding that you're probably GonNa get one hundred twenty five hundred hundred innings but take a shot. Their Ale central still be weak. You can pick your spots with Kolpak too when you're using them if you didn't want to get that far with you have the luxury of doing that so I'll take a shot in Kopech and from right on this year. Kopech I am. I just updated my ranks last night. I'll re post them on a Rota graphs Tomorrow morning so if you're listening to us on Monday it should be already up I have him as my sixty first pitcher and that's thirteen spots ranked so we'll be around if you don't mind me asking Dylan sees e scare Richard McKenzie Gore so takeover. Kopech bed with. You know the Gores are hard. Yeah he is better than the White Sox as much as we love the potential this offense which could be really special clear pitching staff. I mean yeah the spotlight G Lido. I think Heiko could bounce back to two hundred innings being in the American league and the way he pitches with efficiency. I I've never been to fan GIO. Gonzalez are hoping to soaks up so many things but then you know back to the spot with season Kopech. It's not like this organization has pitching depth. You look at triple a day dunning but that's GonNa be a rush so the Charlotte pitching staff that I'll get to enjoy is going to be an and the bullpen not analysis column. Fan at all. It just signed Aaron Bummer to a an extension yesterday and I I like the addition Steve to that bullpen which will give them some This is the Achilles eager to law game. Seven to five because you want to. It's almost the warn spotted and more than say Johnny Sain and pray for rain is where we're at With the rest of this pitching staff. That's my thoughts on it. All right yeah no. She's many that I'm in Chicago. I'm looking forward to of course of all years. This is the cancelled then. Cheap TICKET PLAN ACTUALLY. Had the what the head is awesome deal? You could get for the month. You could pay fifty bucks and you can get a standing room only tickets to any to every game with a whole month. O- on the braves had it for thirty a couple of years ago. I've only stadium remotely and a hotdog and no ticket but obviously in the white sox nobody there so you obviously have the seat but like they cancelled that. Deal this of course. Of course they did. You're not GonNa put that in your good like when you come into the stadium. Because they're cited about a team like the deal is to get people to the stadium that'll be that'll be the deal. Giants have this year is worth worth at de price alone. Isn't I've never been there? Totally is if it wasn't an hour and a half from my house I would be probably be there every day. So the White Sox's minutes from me so I can make that. Let's let's go ahead and move on in in Since we mentioned Mackenzie Gore We might as well just kind of move him up the list and talk about him next Going off the board at a pig to seventy three. I just mentioned I have him sixty fourth in my ranks of. I starting pitcher. This year's Samat tell me why I'm low on Gore. Yeah I I've been screaming all season and all winter. I think breaking campus padres. Man I really do. They did the same thing with paddock. Last year and Paddock was coming off. Tommy John Gore was relatively healthy except for. He's had some finger issues. They had an all the way back in two thousand eighteen. So I don't think there's any health issues to worry about with Gore knocking on wood. But but you look at it you know everything else with Mackenzie with lettuce and stuff he is. He's he's probably the second best pitcher in organization right now as president behind Chris Patten I think he's got potential to be better than panic. But pros seed is getting pretty warm out in San Diego. They spent some money haven't been winning games. He essentially committed while we're all for it with tattoos and paddock. If you're not going to continue to do that you probably shouldn't have done it right. Because then he started the clock on guys on non-competitive teams. You kind of have your pot committed at this point you gotTa push it in go with Gore. He's going to be limited to probably a hundred and fifty innings at the Max. But that's fine because I think you're going to get above average production silently throughout the the these these up. I've got some pushback on my Gore opening day assessment copied willing to and willing to take that but I mean if he doesn't make the restaurant opening day but it was up the first time they need a fifth starter. Isn't that kind of the same thing like he's going to he's going to? I think ultimately that's probably what they'll do they'll make sure they get that extra year service and they'll probably send them down around. The All star break allow paddock. And whenever they get a chance to skip starters they'll probably send him down but Mackenzie Gore is is a supreme town. He's GonNa being a guy that we're going to be clamoring forward within the top hundred picks and fantasy pretty soon consistently in a chance to get him right now and it really nice discount and I could not be more on Gore. I love everything I've seen about. Yeah no I'm right there with you. I stole your a bold prediction of Mackenzie Gore. Making I have no shame about Zang. Went and stealing it so harbors right. Can you can steal my opinions taken heat for it because like you said worst case scenario he's up in like two or three weeks right when they need a starter so you know opening day at extra off days in case you know the rain out stuff so they might be able to play with the first star for the first couple of weeks. But what's the difference and I mean here's the thing like they start Let's see they only have one day off in the first two weeks of the season so maybe not so I mean the the they open the the season with eight straight games and then six more so they mean yes so they can play with the service time it season. They did with paddock last year. And you know. Try to try to finagle things so I do. I think he's up unless he is abysmal during spring training. I I don't either And so I think he's up as well Jason what are your thoughts on? Mackenzie grumpy again right. I ask this question. Tell me the last twenty year old pitcher who threw as many as fifty innings into Major League baseball season. My pushback question to that is how many twenty year old pitchers have been as good as Mackenzie Gordon. Ready to go. It's GonNa answer it. It's going to answer the question. Zero probably know. We had one two thousand thirteen last time Through as many fifty innings Major League Baseball Fernandes asked. That's that's where we're looking. But before that Jordan miles. Before that Madison bumgarner before cello horizontally. Then Clayton Kershaw. So it's like Great Felix Kershaw Bumgarner Fernandez that. That's the kind of grinky. That's the kind of label. Then we got Bonderman. I was just talking to somebody about that the other. It's like it's like why. Why did the Tigers Caller Bonderman in two thousand three and ruined his ruined by Bennie? Against Roma hundred sixty two innings as a twenty year old right. But that's the that's the classic Pitcher we're talking about it and that that's the point. I'm trying to get to I. I'm against you guys here because I don't think San Diego needs to do this Maybe it's because I'm still a believer in Joey Lucchessi and maybe I don't like Richard Much for the same reasons for Kopech and for mccullers whatnot but still Adilson lament fan. I Take Gore will make the major leagues this year. I just don't see a path for him throwing more than I don't see him throwing more than maybe sixty innings only because that bullpens outrageously good and they can just they roll up other guys. Let cointreau let Perdomo let these guys come up and so some of those other innings and then just audible Penn. So that's where I see that they don't need to make the rush with Gore like Miami did with Jose Fernandez or like the giants did with Bumgarner or the dodgers would kershaw or the mariners with with Renita. So I'm I'm on the other side of this. When did Brian Dosier sign with the frigging padres? I decided to was Larry that happened. Today Right Yeah. Non-roster invite to spring training so interesting entitled ours right after they did the Manny Mar Gotree. Maybe it was after. I don't know I'll take it really have those and Kipnis now. Let's talk about a guy that deserves some hot takes In that's my boy. A Joe Adele whose price had been going up quite a bit and then the trade. That never happened happened and I think it kind of put the brakes on a lot of people's thoughts on what these the angels think of Joe Adele for two thousand twenty so jason. Where are you taking joy del I'm not quite sure yet. You know when you look at we look at everything that's going on with them again overall. I don't try to go. Get these rookies That's really been where my problem is. But then again Brian. Goodwin certain stand in anybody's way With this but I'VE NOT GONNA pay market price on just because it's my nature not to just very curious to see where he's going to go in this Labor this weekend right now. He's outfield fifty three. I mean I'll go an old man. I'll take mccutchen all day long over him. But we're talking one spot difference in. Adp Avondale Garcia in. Milwaukee intrigues me. Given his athleticism in that ballpark see I was powerplays up What does that Verdoux go before? The whole Stress Fracture in his back because him an infant ways very intriguing. Brian Nader's hitting in the middle of Atlanta. These are all guys going after the upside of Adel and so I always tend to fall back to those guys Matt. Where are you taking dal? Not The price is going. I think you're you're right on the fact that there's no world. They're obviously looking for an upgrade their. But here's a name David Fletcher. He's probably going to get into a lot of things because I think he's been played right field. What with the way the team setup. They like the Joe. Man LOVES STELLA LOVED THEM IN CHICAGO. You'RE GONNA love him in La he's GonNa play second base on. The spot is going to be blocked up by auto tiny not a double D H. But that's the spot in the lineup. Those guys are going to plug that hole. Look this delicate essentially play. I got some other guys. Will Walsh anti second set in first base? Whatever so I'm kind of an N. L. needs time the minor leagues is. Well he's making North assistant contact. He's got the power he's got plus plus raw power pole side. He's he's an explosive athlete. Underway he's a good glove and the outfield the arm. The arm isn't great but I mean you can make it work. The thing with Adele those again and he's more consistent contact I he had sixty sixty something percent contact sixty four percent contractor in AAA last year. Not Great in the seventy four percent in AA so he's obviously still needs to work on it there too and David Fleischer is a guy that Joe man is GonNa love. He's GonNa probably play every day whether Kinda be third base second base wherever he's GonNa fill in shortstop right field. Seems like the obvious spot form right with the way the teams setup. So I'm all for Dell for this year but GimMe All the feature shares. But just not not for twenty twenty. I think both wrong and stupid. There's such thing get to me. And the Peterson Trade. That happened like obviously looking for something and go there. I can see David Fletcher into his Ben Zobrist. Yeah that's M- mad needs a guy like that. I think it always gone like just like oxygen. He needs a Benz oversteps to line up and wine ends zany quotes. I hate that guy. I love that dude. He honestly but what I was doing. Radio work in Tampa Bay going into the clubhouse like he would actually take my question. I was there like two days a month but he was all. We always treated me cool and so I always appreciated that. I will forever hold a because I would ask the I would ask the always wait till the end. 'cause I knew my place in the in the in the Meru Man I would always ask a strategy questions. You don't talk to me about like you can't stay in our talk me through. It's just like okay. This is what the number is like. You know Y- Y you decided not to sack bond and not that. He did much of that strategy questions about not sending runner when he's when this particular patriots got a slow time to home. This is slow pop time. It's like the conditions. Were perfect for it yet. That guy stayed put. Y You know those types of questions questions like that questions on my awesome holidays. All right we're going to We've got a few more guys to cover so we're going to move through these ones a little bit faster Starting with Wander Franco. Who's been talked about quite a bit Ear recently as a guy that could potentially make an impact in two thousand twenty Matt One or you go ahead and start with this one and tell me that that's crazy. Impact probably is crazy. I the race to make all the comments. They expect them to be in their plans in Twenty Tony. They just have so much depth on the infield the one thing they are kind of spot in the infield maybe third base which I think is probably settles in because the glove at short but the kind of experiment. Nate low there. Nothing that should block anything we wanted to Broncos doing but they're looking for third base so maybe it becomes up in the second half for or whatever prior to the playoffs to kind of get on that platform if they need them and play a little bit of days then but as far as fantasy. I'm drafted him this year. Because I don't think he's GonNa make enough of an impact but I mean this guy is unreal play skills and contact rates and plus runner. Plus I mean really really good Glove Swissair that can double plus hit tool from both sides. It's insane stuff but now I'm GonNa Pass on Twenty Twenty and pike for Mr Franco Jason. Are you passing on the Future Rail Star I am? I want as the baseball fan. I wanted to give a hundred million dollar contract like right now and today should be done with it. I mean there's I. I've always called shortstop Jesus because I I've never been been able to see him play in the minor leagues because when I drove three and a half hours gained readout as like. Oh my God. This is so crappy Johnson City Tennessee. All the way up there. It was torrential flooding by the time. I got there so mad. But he is. I mean for me. It's the only way he makes Imperfect and even the other part about about September being twenty eight man roster like if it was forty. Just throw them up and let him. He was in September. I'm very excited about the season. And the potential Tampa Bay has but there's plenty of depth all over the roster a me a lot of things will have had to go wrong for the opportunity for them to say for them to go against their nature because again they never ever done this even though they gave. Even when people are clamoring for Desmond Jennings and they were giving at adds to stiffs. Out and the outfield Desmond Jennings Rotted Durham. But you know the back in the day before the before Free Ben and neander and the tree is grown around the major leagues now but you know when they called the Upton at nineteen that was fun And as shortstop mind you that was fun and then Crawford But that was back in the day. It's like they never done this and they got plenty of third baser. Yanni has worked on his flexibility. Instead of weight training this winter eight low has dropped. Twenty pounds legitimately Thursday Brandon. Another but he looks like when at the plate. He looks like Brandon. Lower right now I I had a double take either. Nate lost twenty pounds of Brandon. Low Brennan Lob grew four or five inches But that's just so he's really slimmed-down strike again all right. Let's let's move on talk about Sean Murphy Who is considered I think a top twelve catcher right now In Vanity Circles Jason. What are your thoughts on Murphy? I hope the knee holds up. I mean it's it's an intriguing position between Sean Murphy. And in Austin Allen the guy they acquired in the the jury profile trade. It was the last bit of race. Quarter is like that morning. I had interacted with somebody I know in the. That's involved with the club but I was like did with love if the team could acquire Austin Allen and then boom within that day like three hours later Austin now goes to the strict goes to the Oakland. You know that was a shot. Murphy's niece can hold up. That would be great because I like the Like the offensive potential of both these guys but I almost feel like by draft. Murphy gotTa Take Alan as well and especially if you're an only league and just say okay. I Have Oakland's catchers And try to do something like that because could be some upside there and if one if Murphy's knee is not because he's had two couples are just over the last couple of years. If something goes wrong again you have is backup Matt what he thought. Someone Murphy agree with a lot of what Jason I think. You've taken me up. Alex Allen's going to play more than the traditional backup. So I think you know that I'm not GonNa Take Murphy and has nothing to do with Murphy. I got burned by Danny Johnson last year. I'm still feeling the sting of rookie catcher. So I probably will go that route again this year. Tax from that rule for rookie catches band there so hard but then the price on Jansa was so nice last year I mean. It took to the very end of the season for him to squeeze out value. Yeah he wasn't mit within the last part of the year. So all right Matt you. You're a cardinals homer you don't you? Don't hide the fact that you love your the cardinals in your rational about so. What are you get irrational? Now Dylan Carlson. I like don't cost a lot as you're not surprised. I'm sure but like he's kind of guy that you always y y kills are so important when you look at prospects right because he always had as I aren't pedigree. Is Dad is coaching California? An Elk Grove. School is one of the leak leak programs in the nation. So it's pro. Factory and calcium was nine ten years old practicing with high school kids running around and he's been on the field for years over there stuff like that plays up. Karl's aggressively pushed their prospects throughout the minor leagues. He's twenty one years old banging on the door of the major leagues. Now he's ready to go you only thing that's GonNa stop them. As Dexter Fowler contract. They love Harrison Baiter. And Ted. O.`Neil is the kind of guy that needs regular playing time to be with his with the way his plate approaches last week. You miss kind of aggressive. But he walks enough but those pretty much swinging fastball on his own aggressive hitters. That strike out a lot need regular playing time so four tyler. O.`Neil Sake I kinda hope leave. Carlson reminded us a little bit. Because I think there's some talent there but Carlson has a chance to make the club opening day. They have said he's only GonNa make the club if you started. He's not going to be a bench player so based on that. I think he's going to be sent to the minor leagues but we will see him in. May and I think he's going to be everyday job. You're not going to blow the doors off numbers wise but he can do little bit of everything really play in leagues. So I am intrigued by Carlson and I liked the price. But there's a lot of bodies in the way in Saint Louis contracts and bodies so yeah a little bit cold water on on the Carlson hype a little bit. But I'm still intrigued enough at the price all right. I was going to delete reading Rogers off of these notes. We're going let him show but I want to mention the fact that he's got an EP of three sixty with a high pick in a low pick of two ninety five each even with the threat of a non change. Isn't he worse? Grab anyways. 'cause he's probably the benefit benefactor if if Garrett Hanson is on my issue with Rogers and he's coming back off Labor surgery that he had in July they just GonNa know on this morning that said he just started throwing from one hundred twenty feet and swing the bat getting full swings on the bat. So it's like for me. I think he's a half season contributor at best fair that that's my that's my issue with it now. Keeping I have a an L. Keeper League and ease my mind are absolutely keeping them in that But that's my concern is. I'm not going to get anything out of him until June all right. Let's finish out with a knee. Peter Zarni Pearson top pitching prospect for the Blue Jays. Matt What Are you thoughts Pearson for this year Big Time stuff. Maybe the best stuff in the minor leagues many arm. He's just hasn't been able to string together a heavy workload and that's not really his fault. The Blue Jays alternated appearances with them. Last year they would go one start. He'd go five innings next. The parents would be one or two and then he'd go five one or two that. Nfl whole first half of the year in an effort to keep them. Healthy stuff is ridiculous. I don't see him making an impact this year because I don't think Toronto is going to be competitive if you're different story and they're competitive. I think you've seen impact much like Detroit. Competitive I think you see is manning school impossibly this year but with I'm not thinking of I think Pearson falls into the same bucket. You're not really going to see him but you know and if you're in quality start leagues you don't even need to really worry about them for this year at all. So yeah that's where I know Pearson Jason. Anything to add to that. Yeah they've already got him. They said they want to keep them on a workload restriction. This year they're talking one hundred twenty ish endings From something you can put the Lincoln the notes if you WanNa put it on in the show notes but already talked about that workload. Matt talked about last year the five innings to winning the five inning. The two winning For him so that's my concern but this should be opportunity for him to pitch at the big league level. You look at this roster which. I'm very intrigued by how Toronto is going to pitch this year. Because in a in a time when everybody's going after velocity pitchers they got a bunch of junk ballers I mean review Anderson. Roark shoemaker Thornton is their projected rotation You can look at Roark is a guy that's probably gonNA lead the staff and innings pitched but this is a lot of guys pitch with other stuff than they're fast ball they use The other pitches to set up their fast lawn. Surprise you so. I'm very interested to see how this approach works Bullpen is quite messy beers. Should be first guy up out of the bullpen. 'cause Araki's already complaining about injuries and they got a whole bunch of guys who's GonNa throw in there That capacity but I in in recently I would take the under on Pearson pitching more than seventy five innings at the league level. All right that is going to wrap this up for this episode Matt. Thank you for joining us. Yeah no problem thinking ahead of me and I know you deleted no matter. Goes the guy buying for this year? Oh Yeah Yeah do you. About him real quick. We can go real quick. I just think he's GonNa give someone basis at a low price and I think the batting average is relatively safe for a young kid like that. So I I'm kind of intrigued with no second basement on the roster right now I think medical is the guy there. It'd be real quick and I would say because only because listener Craig has been talking about this all winter today. He's a white sox homer but I mean literally once a week. I'm getting a direct message about Nick Madrigal And I've even when I talked about S- we look at some of the other guys because of that Absurd contact rate. This guy. Has I mean there should be a low floor for for batting average. I think the power may be non existent And I I saw him play your Charlotte a little bit But he may not get the five home runs. Maybe he doesn't and surprises us. But the absurd contact rate lowering him to hit ninth down. The lineup should be nice. Soft landing spot for him but it's going to be batting average and stolen base driven. The other stuff is really going to be low. I think I think the hates gone too far medical a little bit and I think he can provide value similar to what like a cult dozen different way to cite batting average set of ob. All right Well Matt when people where you can reach on social media and Employees Work Yeah Mba. Tom prospects live. We are ramping up all the list. Coming Out Reject List List. Top one hundred fantasy top one hundred real-life top thirty for every working on that now high school prep coverage underway and also shameless plug by the F. W. F. B. Draft Guide and joined the pro prospects discord for baseball. Talk all the time. All Right Jason. What do you got going on? I am heading to Florida on Tuesday. I've got some real jobs stuff to do when Orlando Tuesday into Friday that hadn over to Tampa for first pitch Florida and the Labor auction on Saturday night so obviously looking very forward to that. So I got a speaking part Friday night on a panel with the Steep Gardner Murphy Steve and Rick Rick Glenn and since then I've got Sunday morning to recap is going to be a disastrous auction and I'm sure I'm gonNA SUCK AND BE PROJECTED. Finish twelve probably finished twelfth and It's it's bad such time not looking forward to going to an auction with E-E-E-E-NO and Ian and like everybody I talked to on a daily basis It says like great. It's like we all share the same minds where all premiums could be. It's GonNa come down the strategy. 'cause it's like these are guys like echo chamber almost but the the people that it's such a tough for him. I mean I've done tout since two thousand seven but this I have done Al Labor. I've done a single league labor sense thirteen or fourteen. I think our guys last time I did that. So I'm excited for it to be on the East Coast So I can. I can do this. Because it's been really tough to get the Arizona this time of year just for a weekend and But it's tough for him so we'll see how it goes and then sets the stage for for touted the OBT format in two weeks after that Can't wait for tell wars this year. I'm so excited. Obviously able to record next weekend because I'll be at Labor so You and a guest hosts are you Gonna. Guest. We'll be driving it because I will not be on this show next weekend bite. I could possibly do something to do. Labor recap with you Monday Tuesday night or something during the week if you. Why don't we get together Monday or Tuesday book? We'll talk. We'll figure something out to do Labor Cap. Maybe Monday night. Yeah let's see. What do I have going on? Intel works coming up in two weeks. Oh Tgi is starting tomorrow. So you're right if you're on twitter you're going to be seeing a ton of content on. Tgi I will have the live drought. Or I will have links to draft boards links to projections that smarter and my guys have friends. Fancy benefits will be updating kind of live Over on T. J. F. B. I. DOT COM We're going to do a podcast tomorrow. Essentially livestream so you can see the video of it For about three hours between I think. Eight and eleven. Pm Eastern That Michael Alexander from from friends with anyb- fantasy benefits and fantasy alarm He's GonNa host on bunch of gas coming on so a lot of cool things coming up. just released my outfield ranks today. And we'll do a pitcher ranks tomorrow or an update for those tomorrow so And I'm sure there's other things going on a French. Fancy BENEFITS GO GET. It emailed me Just MASON PHOENIX DOT COM. Click the link that hopefully Paul. Let's put into the show notes. So if he sees that I put it there. So that's going to wrap up this episode for Jason Matt Myself. Think for listening of antastic baseball season

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