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The shape I'm disturbed an incredible. I think we're GONNA do a weird area. You can't handle the truth. This is fifty one The truth is fine detail coming for you. Look one of them now. Well come in Stereo nation to the PODCAST. That doesn't have a sonic weapon. Just a dumb robot. Hysteria fifty one. Do you always lie to your listeners. Are you saying we have a sonic weapon. Damn right I am. I have been working on it for months. The Lord Broadcasting from the lower fourth dimension also known as Chicago. I'm your host sprint hand. And that other voice you're hearing is the helper turned alcoholic nightmare Dr conspiracy but thank you anyway like I was saying I have perfected my sonic cannon want me to fire it up guaranteed to send you running. I know I'm going to regret this but sure fire way. Let's hear what you've made you ask for it now witness the firepower this fully armed and operational sonic cannon. I'm John John Go forth and John Go for dude. What the Hell I told you it works like a charm? People run for the hills now. Should I use my newfound power for good or for evil. You know. There's something fundamentally wrong with you and I blame myself good. I'm not beholding to just you and your sonic arsenal. I have someone here today. Who actually has had hands on experience with sonic weapons? Jeff is host also podcasting. So it's not his. We're not throwing them out on a limb here and tell them to dance like a monkey. He actually hosts changing hearts and minds podcast on the pod building at work and changing hearts and minds. It's actually a military history show and that's something that he is uniquely qualified to talk about because Jeff is retired army special forces six combat tours and also so lived in Chicago both of which are equally impressive. Well actually I think living in Chicago might have been the most dangerous thing I had ever done. It's so funny. People people people look at Chicago and they're like it's so crazy like like everyone is shooting at one another and screaming and people are on fire at all times either is right if you listen to what they say. You'd think that Chicago Detroit but it's not a Detroit is still Detroit and Chicago is still not that bad. Yeah you know. We're in the twenty five top worst anymore. But it's still got that stigma. Saint Louis is now number one a little tangent there. What's going on what's up what's new what's happened? Tell us about changing hearts and minds sells about pod belly tells about everything. Oh yeah well. Well potbelly brand new podcast network just popped up a couple months ago and thank God it did because as you know I had hosted changing hearts and minds podcast on the old chain chain. Pov podcast network which is an all military podcast network that I had gotten linked up with years ago and they offered me my own show to do military history That show actually that network went not went under but that network slowdown. Oh down lost a couple of hosts and then just stopped stopped functioning and so there was about six months that I was bouncing from podcast. A podcast being a guest host to do it all drifter the podcast world you know how it is you know when you when you put food on the table because the podcast what it used to be and so then uh you know the guys from the guys from potbelly network. Who Knew Me? I was good friends with them. They reach out. That means that eight. Would you like to start your show back up again. And I had all the old episodes still that is still owned and got with a couple of the guys who were you know co host with neon changing hearts and minds and we started it back up again. And so we're about three months into into our reboot over there in the pot belly networking working man. I love it I know yeah man I love talking about military history as you guys know. I've been on your guys disclosure episode because when my time in I worked out in area fifty one and so it's I mean I just love I love everything has to do with podcasting kinds of. I think it's a great way for for for us. Nobody's to get out there and take part in India so as we're sitting here are podcasting tables covered with stickers from people in my hand is sitting on a changing hearts and minds sticker right now like we're connected like we're connected through through watching movies on the Internet right so you got anything big coming up. Nope not not particular now. No I just I just keep going on. We got Christmas coming up and stuff the holidays. Actually there was a few years ago. I did the Band of brothers companion piece where I actually had some of the actors and some of the people that were on the show Plus a bunch of podcasters come on as co host. When we went through each episode kind of like a follow along episodes through it and this year I am working on putting together a follow up season to that and it's going to be on the Pacific which was the HBO's Second Second Perennial? Yeah I'm looking at doing that because I know that. HBO will be coming out there. Come out soon with a Another ten part series. It's GonNa be on the the airman and the air of robotics which the B fifty two bombers were massively dangerous job and yes I'm GONNA definitely probably jump on that to also offer aside side piece to it and get ready. Get Dale Dye back on. I had the first time in and see if we can get get that one because that was a good time and people really seem to enjoy absolutely and it's just such a you know that's a time especially with that episode World War. Two there are few and far between that are still alive and it's not something that we want to go away. You're let people forget. Get about a terrible thing. Recently in you know. Take everything with a grain of salt the read on on a line but this was on a new source where people were complaining that teaching about wars like World War Two is bad for younger people. I I didn't I couldn't even I can even wrap my head around. That thought I mean the problem. The problem is with military history is a lot of times. It's not pleasant. I mean as a as a former soldier I am completely aware of that but if we completely ignored what Hitler and mouth tongue. And all those really upstanding citizens of the world hadn't done then we're just it's going to have it happen again because you literally that old statement that our history teachers in high school and college all told us you know. Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it. Maybe the most accurate older person talking to younger person statement. That's ever been made. It is important and it's also we don't want to forget the people that made the sacrifices that they graze it is those people really do lay down and put put put some damage into their bodies. Well exactly like the people they love war. Unfortunately at this moment in time is not going away in the way that we we your wage wars. Oh is changing from the time of World War Two the time you were in and now and that's kind of what we're talking about this we're talking about something that's got so so many names depending on what you're looking up. Sonic Weapons Audio Weapons Acoustic weapons ultrasonic weapons. US WS did you guys. When you're in the military leterrier did you or any other names that they use for these things? Oh God Some of the ones that like active denial system you know long range of Kucic devices aces hyper acoustic. Psychosomatic weapon systems. I mean you. It's like a WHO's who of it's almost like the bill. nye The science guy and Mister Wizard got together and had who can make a longer science word competition and then they just apply to a weapon system. So they're out there. There's all kinds of difference I tell you before you got on scene about was sharing with me. He's been working on his own. I'm John Go forth in John Go for only about. I mean. Remember the days when we would linkup in those dark alleys badmin- shut up about that. I'll never mind. I'm sorry I'm not supposed to talk about time. See by easily in the dark alleys. They were just a toaster. Doesn't doesn't like to talk about that to me so I understand my bad but you know what are these things Larry is what they are. Stop it they. Hey Are they are weapons too as they define them injuring capacity tate or killed opponent. They're using sound or sound. Waves are bursts. And and that's nothing new there but the kicker the difference is that they're using sound do so instead of concussion bullets things like that and You look at it right online. I found some awesome like proper names that they use for some of these sonic bullets. Sonic grenades sonic minds. Sonic cannons. I I mean they sound like x men characters or powers and shit like that. Yeah right right straight out straight out straight out of the pages of marvel. It's here we come with a thermobaric grenade thrown by insert whatever. We're name a fourteen year old named himself right it. Just wrap them in a bunch of red and with a big star on him and say that their enemies and Soviets and then we're good. Yeah I wanted to be a superhero but I just don't look good and Spandex so I'm going to have a superheroes superheroes almost always show them from the hip up exactly. There are different kinds of these weapons that kind of broken down into different things. infrasonic hypersonic take all tra- Sonic and I know those are things we've talked about differently on the show but everyone needs a refresh. Infra sound is the an audible frequency. Arrange below the human bandwith of hearing which is around Twenty Hertz and most of the things that actually create that are natural like volcanoes huge huge earthquakes and things that causes rumblings that you feel but you don't really hear I think is the best way and human hearings humans writer them. We don't have a good example of that is is when you hear that the animals start moving away from the ocean or you know evacuating an area because there's certain animals much like dogs and a lot of the canine nine and Feline Gina species they have access to these down to about fifteen fifteen hurts. I think so they can hear this stuff and you can see them always like X.. Filling out the area ricky take and they always tell you when the animals leave follow them and that's because they hit near the they can hear this stuff long before weekend an unnerving thing or in movies when like the flag of birds the flies or some something. Common ultrasound is the inaudible frequency range above the human bandwidth It goes on up from from twenty kilohertz up to several Gigahertz or GIGAHERTZ. If you're MC flies buddy Scott Yeah and that is something that ultra sound. We've heard about people use ultrasound for imaging You ever had a baby. You get older sound imaging when I had a really bad hand injury and I went through several different rounds of had five surgeries on it and they use ultrasound for healing for it because it breaks up a scar tissue. That gripes it from like sticking onto there because the scar tissue keeps you from being able to move it and things like that so they use alterra sound and you really don't even feel anything when they're doing it now for those you have the grandfathers who can't pee. Because they want to pass the stone they also use it to break up gallstones all stones and in kidney stones also very go hit me with a hit me with some of that. Sonic juice I gotta take a Piss out here. I lived through Guadacanal. It that stone in my bladder kill me has peed this bad since I was in Guam forty nine shot out of penicillin. Work this time did you. When you were in the military or even afterwards in your your travels? Did you ever have any experience. France within the East Sonic Weapons. Oh yeah for sure so First of all there is used audible in sonic systems and purposes. They span the beyond just secret weapons that actually right and we're going to break that down a little bit. There's going to be a lot of cases where we use stuff that sound on. That isn't some super secret. James Bond type stuff right and that's one of the experience. One of the two that I have. Is that one where we would. We would utilize on on playing loud music for twenty four hours on for detainees who were in their their first twenty four hours of detainment before we would actually interrogate them in special operations guys is we don't have to turn them over to the MP's for interrogation we have our own so basically one of the big ones that I did was when Sebok came out and played the Botchy Song for twenty four hours hours and then we interrogated someone. But it really wasn't the botch use. It did it. It was the Bochu. said he was feeding them which probably made them very very cooperative afterwards award which is weird because he said that you found one in seven liked it which was really weird. I mean every single one of them every single one of them that really got hooked on the botch watches. Were the original founding members of Isis Story. So one of the things that I think of. When you're when you're talking about that was there was an episode of the walking dead where Daryl role is captured and they play the Song Easy Street over and over and over? Did you ever see that. Yes yes and that comes directly that comes directly from sears schools. A matter of fact those idea yeah. That's something they did to us. Sincere school where they would play. These repetitions. Sounds or repetition music. There is a rudyard kipling poem called boots across across Africa. That this is not something I don't think is secret. But when you go to sear school what they do is they play that being read by this really high Falutin British voice and he's reading this poem over and over again in the background. There's this continuous beating a drum. And after about twelve hours a hit listening to this non stop. You really start to lose a little bit of control in your thinking and what's going on. That's the intent so man that's one of the things where you know. A repetition breaks more people than a lot of things just like when they when they bring people in to be questioned by the police right. You would be surprised how many people will confess doing things they haven't done just because they gotta get out of that situation right. Yeah that's the whole intent on it is is to just drive. You just wear you down to where anything but this happening again is worth me saying what they want to hear. And I'm happy to say for her but are worse. I don't know what that's like an and that makes me happy because I've never been a situation like that and I don't think you'd want to be not pleasant at all go. Well the other experience I've had was the actual. We did training with when they first brought out the elrod which we'll talk about a little later Would they put us out there. To show us is what this was weapon system did so there was two of them out there. There was one called the elrod and there was another one called the The eighty s which is the an anti denial use. Microwaves which actually hits you and I can tell you that these systems when they are turned up and they hit you they. I don't care how to if you're those things are going to make you comply so I can imagine imagine what at the highest level all these things do because we found out afterwards they had it turned up to like the first third of its power base guys you giant Green Berets and Rangers. Who Just Uber? Like no no more. Thank you very much man. Yeah and that's like and that was unsettling one. Let's let's go to Jeff and when we come back we're talk about some of the uses that they've used that that musical torture and things like that with and other types that's coming up on hysteria fifty one I took torture sounds dumb. And dumber when he's like. Do you want to hear the worst sound in the world and thank you or I should say you're welcome to everyone listening at home for that. Just like incredibly fast. You're already starting to annoy me. Everyone has heard of what we were talking about before. Probably which is the music to to break people spirit to flush them out of hiding or they've barricaded himself into a place and the we've used that to to varying degrees of success. One of the ones that was a true success in Panama back in eighty nine they actually blasted heavy metal music. Until Manuel Noriega surrendered ended. It was it was actually beyond. Just Manuel Noriega. If those you know the story he had he had ridden and locked himself. Opening Catholic monastery requested the the Catholic Church. Give him give him somewhere to hide asylum. It was actually the priests and nuns. Who had said if I had to hear Eddie van Halen one more time? Yeah exactly what it was it was I think they said they went back. And forth between between the opening of big long opening opening an Indian in front of pretty woman the the eruption that and then metallica's black album so often that they just couldn't do it anymore and they actually came came out and said you know you can either come in and get will leave or we'll go in there and tell him he's gotTa leave and what's what's crazy is there's fucking dudes out in like Delaware that had been listening to that on a repeat the partying much as much as they hated all the. US soldiers were kind of sandwich shops. Best we've had the other other one On occasion is another thing. That we talked about recently was Waco back in Waco Texas at the branch Davidian Mount Carmel and that siege they tried to get crushes Russian followers to surrender by playing all sorts of stuff. One of the things that they played on repeat was these boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra. Just over and over Christmas carols on blast and Tibetan chance just over and over and over again and it didn't work it probably should've just played Russia's Russia's music back to them because then they quit. Well what's funny is. He was playing that to them out the windows to boy of this game. Turn it up to eleven. Yeah yeah he was doing that crazy. And that was one of the things that Jenner arena actually use. When she went to Clinton she's like listen? This is constant a ton of money waiting on the mound isn't working. We need to go in and you know like I said the walking dead when easier. We're on easy street and I mean it's just the most upbeat or it's funny. I when I was researching this is looking online and I was reading an interview where the person that did easy street. It's just this upbeat Kinda for almost I children's song. And she's like the producers of walking dead called in can we use your music and we're like sure and they sit around like for weeks like what the fuck are. Are they going to use our song for they had no idea and then when they saw the episode that like torture that makes total sense they they know they know where their song those people. Yeah exactly they're like that is that is exactly what are some of the sonic weapons the US government has at its disposal. You talked about the elrod Colorado the long range acoustic device. What's that about right so the long range? But then the actual term is the long range acoustic device. Many of you have seen this before. If you look at any footage of like them cleaning up or you know police local police or some of this military footage of large scale protests and in crowd control. It looks like a large giant speaker on amounted vehicle at the Wall Street protests. And things like that. They used it in Ferguson Missouri. As well they did which was which was actually one of the last jobs I had done as part of the department's Data Chicago so I remember that bring them bringing that in there and the the really odd thing is this? This system is in its uncommon. Modern Day usage is more scientific but it goes back all the way to the Vietnam War and for those of you who remember apocalypse now and when the the you know the right of you know flight the valkyries is key is being played. Those are being played off of the original Siopas elrod systems which were just these really super high powered speakers that can go up to two miles take person at two miles distance. Feel like they're listening to their to the things that they're being told right next to them so they actually said yeah like those long ranges Well here's an example said a jet engine a full throttle or when a throttling up one hundred forty decibels when you're one hundred feet away at long range. The elrod is one hundred forty nine decibels that's right right. One hundred and fifty five is its type. It's top power speed but at the at the Max capacity which like you were saying is which is two miles that hundred and fifty five decibels occurs to the targeted individual as one hundred forty eight and it is massively effective now for for those of you at home listening if you want to have a reference point that part when you go to concerts or everything you start feeling that pain in your ear. That's one hundred twenty decibels you at human body starts feeling pain from this sound at one hundred and twenty decibels and yet you can hear that one hundred forty eight decibels two miles away. So some of the X.. Yes some of the effects of this elrod system causes equilibrium balance problems. You start having moving back and forth this this this this thing called Kennedy Zia which is a loss of joint muscle control. Where where you you WanNa move your elbow or your wrist? But you can't because the actual sound waves are interfering with the nerve signals. Yeah it just it scrambles everything in your brain it does it absolutely does and it causes pain. Nerves that at shouldn't exist directional awareness. So like if you were underwater in this got hit with you would know which way's up and the big one that I always thought was weird was a thermo -ception which is the ability to to identify thermal changes so it could be ninety degrees out on a nice off Lakeshore Avenue and you get hit with this thing and it feels like it's you know October or December and lakeshore. Ninety degrees in your body will actually react in hypothermic ways ways to that to that system being hit even though it is not an hypothetically crazy literally sound sound scrambling every part of your body. Your body's Nope. I hope not. I don't want any part of this. Well you always hear people say People Naysayer People Operating on wavelengths in your our bodies very much are operating off of their their. You're like their ability to peacefully live in a wave length where there with sound in the acoustics that are happening and we all know how music makes us feel when we feel certain way putting it on and that it has to do with the notes and everything but it also has to do with the robot talk some music makes you feel better than others. Sorry about that all day long. But let's not me and the other thing is the stuff that you hear people working on one of the things this term. That's been thrown around this phaser paine field generator stuff that China's supposedly working on the. Yeah this stuff this. This stuff is actually kind of scary because first of all not only. Can you get a phaser paine field generator from the Chinese but you can probably also an probably you can go online. Look that word it up and by household products that that thing out for you so yet yes so if you want a good example of what a phaser paine field generator is when your neighbor's house starts going when their alarm system starts going off and and if you're standing like inside the house and you're getting hit with that high frequent united high loud whiny pulsating sound that feeling that makes you want to leave. The home is the effect of the pain generator. So those things exists but the Chinese who what they have done is taken this thing a step forward so there is a guy named Xijiang. Who is the lead researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and he is confirmed to the press? The Chinese have developed a what they call a sonnet gun which which operates off of this this technology and it was developed as a crowd control and that causes focus ways of sound too. 'cause the targets eardrums eyeballs and brains brains vibrate painfully. But the problem is it is signed this thing is the size of a hand held weapon system so it is is not some giant mounted system that you have to put up with all these protests and things. They've been using stuff like this and they're on their people a- AD nauseam yeah well that's a more jazzy. But but yeah you know. That's that's crazy to think and think you can make it with household utensils and my shit asses over here still trying to perfect. My weather weather dominator at home working on this right now because all you need is a tube shaped vessel containing inert gas when you hit the gas up it actually pumps out this monotonous deep sound. That causes all kinds of national things that happened to me. And wouldn't you know all my tube shaped vessels. I have gases in them. None of them are nerd. Man You can eat a decent trading I have lots of inert gases. What do you need me on? That is scary. And it's it's like you said so we're talking about the elrod it's on the top. It's like a turret on the top of the vehicle and yet this phaser paine field generator is the size of of a gun. Say probably about the size of like a car beam or a rifle. I assume at this point that must be what it's but the problem is also with this thing is no no one's actually seen it on. There are reports of people who are reporting having being Sims of it. Yes but there is. There's been no visual identification of this however the US government does believe believe that these are the Chinese research development guys have created this system. That is a hell of a thing to think about. And we're in the early stages of stuff like like that and they're going to be well as soon as they have. I'm sure we'll have some over here. Then we'll increase in other people increase it and then every cop on the blocks gonNA Have you know that's crazy to think about. Let's let's go to break again and we are GONNA come back. We're talking about you. Were talking about you know affects. Let's break that down a little bit more and were these really do. And then also some of the cases that we've talked about that May or may not have used some of these. That's coming up on hysteria fifty one all right. I've got my shopping based Acoustic Walmart is where I need to go. Get it like Jaffa I if you want if you want to get one. That's just going to really be like four for mass quantity of pain. You WanNa go to Walmart because it's also the place you can buy it and like what are you buying this for miracle weapon there you go there at like midnight you can get on the actual footage of people of Walmart Dot Com while you're buying your system sending into some person who's wearing nothing more than a light coat of baby oil nine the furry that holding the baby oil bottle man so the effects of this have have we were talking about what they you know what they look like things like that. There's different ways that they affect people and one of the things you're talking about. It throws people off. They don't know if it's hot. It's Kohl things that sounds actually heat up cells in the body causing damage. That's something crazy. These waves will actually heat your body and can hurt you. An ultrasound can cause Cava tation all sound. Waves are longitudinal including a like the way they move of the polling motion of molecules in the wave. Travels this happens in the air as well as it travels through an object like your body Cava tation is when the pressure difference between between a strong push in a poll in a very loud sound causes bubbles to form inside your body so in other words it can give you the fucking bins almost most but not just in your blood. It Causes Cavities inside your body by sound. Yeah it's really. It's really scary stuff. So those who watch it's the Like people firing a ballistic gelatin. And you see that large bubble that follows the bullet That's that's what what Burns talking about that. That cavitational creates and ended when that cabinet there. If it's if it's a high enough in a fast enough frequency that's going through that cavity can actually cause the pulling up things like nights nitrogen out of the bloodstream. which which yeah could yet end up giving you nitrogen sickness which is the Benz and you wouldn't even know you would have no idea Other than this feeling of just got hit with something thing you know. Some kind of like sound pressure wave in the next. You know six seven hours later Manziel bleed now the news who knows how. Yeah Gary Stuff. A crazy thing is that when things happen a lot of times we WANNA blame weapons or the unknown and it's not always that way sometimes. It's just dumb luck. Almost Anna case of that is the Cuban Embassy back in twenty six and twenty seventeen at least twenty four people at the. US Embassy in Cuba heard what they described. Scribes high pitched sounds and they suffered injuries that everyone attributed to these noises and they started blaming what they thought. Were Sonic Mike Weapons. They thought Cuban people someone the Russian someone was using a weapon against them. Well as times went by since understand people have studied the case and it turns out they actually believe it was just bad engineering and rather than sonic weapon to actual. Oh pieces of equipment there were letting out. Ultrasonic sounds and the interfered with each other and it caused this audible side effect. That made people sick. Sounds something crazy that that you hear when they build bridges they gotta make sure that they don't hit the wrong sound they'll dance and shake apart right right. Yeah Yeah. That's the same kind of thing you could blame it on a weapon system but it's not a weapon system however the thing that's happening to these people is the same effect that a weapon system would Had Gen that's why it. It makes sense at their mind. Went there this one just happened to be dumb luck instead of being but you're exactly right all the symptoms were there that it makes sense. It's now there was a US embassy Moscow microwave device event. Oh yeah absolutely so bad back in one thousand nine hundred fifty three to one thousand nine hundred seventy six and this. This is kind of the birth of the Modern Day What they call? Non Lethal or non kinetic weapons program so the US finds out through just like regular reports from their embassy personnel. That they're guys get sick there and they go over there and find out that there is a directed microwave signal which you know. Microwaves much like sandwich on wage. Operate in that same kind of science. They're getting hit with this microwave from this building across the street. In this specific floor they actually defined and obviously it was the kgb the or some kind of the one of the Soviet intelligence services but from fifty three to seventy six this sound had assaulted and just been blasted onto the embassy and instead of than in the great us us way of doing things instead of protecting their embassy people the US sent Dr out there and just investigated it so they could study the affects wchs justice like this man right. They studied the effects on the diplomats. I'll letting multiple. US diplomats get cancer at a higher rate of anyone Nelson the funny part the funniest part about this story. I tell people all the time is that signal was being sent at two point. Five to four GIGAHERTZ. I I worked right now in the IT industry and we all know that your Internet signal runs off of two point four and five gigahertz. So what kind of long range inch. Long range damage. Might we be doing ourselves with our Wi fi signals. That are running at the scene gigahertz frequency that this microwave damaged admit or that the Soviets used on us was is being used but we got we got hit with that and it led to one of the two sonic weapons at the. US still has now. which is the microwave version of that of that L. rank system? That the bad news for you. If you're thinking why don't have wi fi at home. Guess what you do because it's everywhere and you're walking through it right like a fucking puddle swimming through it everywhere man. They're not the only ones the the red states over there. China was doing some of that. Too right yeah. So that that device we were talking about earlier sonic gun That was being developed. The reason why they went public with the fact that they had it was they were trying to offset the reports in two thousand eighteen of the same type of diplomatic attacks that we're being being done that they thought were being done to. The People in Cuba had been getting done to a couple of Chinese diplomats or American diplomats in China China. Unfortunately the the now the now commonly commonly Assumed situation there was. This is the confirmed attack. The these these people in China these two diplomats were in fact affected by some kind of Acoustic Kristich. Were Sonic weapon system and I think the Chinese coming out Alza. Old Z. Whatever his name was from this from he was coming out with that to try to say? Hey Look we've developed a weapon but that weapons intent is not what these people are having a happen to them so the Chinese are very much trying to separate themselves from this attack that even they have to admit really did happen to these these this group of US diplomats in China. oops we got caught. Well let's try to play off as well as we can at least at Argonne and we knew it was happening so we decided to study it see old. US well you know never. We don't ever let anything go to waste. Well you know what speaking to not letting anything go to waste a good story a good. TV Show like ancient aliens. We've got to bring that in because this is near fifty one. We got a clip from our good friend. Mr David David Children's David Hatcher childress. If you're nasty see that clip for us the idea that some kind of sonic weapon was used to destroy these huge thick ancient walls to allow the Israelites. Who basically take over? That city is a fascinating one. So so what kind of technology where they're using. It sounds utterly fantastic to us that they could have had some kind of advanced Alien Technology Eh. Clearly what they're describing. What ancient aliens is saying? Is that the Israelites. Back in the day had giant. Sonic weapons that they use to destroy walls to get into cities. Another thing that they've said is they've used these weapons to cut stones to build walls things. He's like that. I thought I thought that Indiana Jones and the Ark did that right right well. Just don't don't look at it when they open it and you're fine. The those walls looked at the other thing and this is something that we've dabbled with. I know scientists have tried and acoustic levitation. Something that they can do on a small-scale a lot of people say that's what they did with the Pyramids say just had acoustic levitation and some dude. You know I'm floating around. That was actually actually the the rumbling of all the bellies of the people who weren't getting the grain that was being stored in the permits. They did get had poisoning and they all died any the US or ships. I wouldn't worry about it but al but seriously though that's something that is a a running line in a lot of these ancient aliens. I picked one quote quote because there were so many to go through but like this whole running thing in the show is that obviously obviously they had this technology Azizi and my whole thing with that is if we did. Let's say that I don't even know that alien. Sit It if we did why. Where did it go where where does this shit go? And why are we just now getting back into it. Well you know the aluminum. He's not GonNa let us have that weapon. So the Damn Reptilians. I told them to make it that way. I the thing is they want to. They want to utilize some technology that they don't have to necessarily. And this is the people who are way out there these wackos they. They want us this. This as an example of system warning or a technology that can be used and the reason why is because they say how it's incorrectly used they don't use the right words words literally there's only four people in the world to understand how the technology works anyway and they're not watching ancient aliens so everyone else can just believe whatever's being put out there and that's a funny is a Science ignorance is something that you know. I it's very prevalent always is but things like win. Einstein was coming up with relativity relativity. And he put it out there. There's is really only like two or three minds could actually understand what he was getting at now. We have people that that breakdown and and try to make it. So Layman's can lease understand and grasp the fundamental concepts concepts of it. You know and you've had people like Stephen Hawking the put out their books that break it down and and brief history of time and a briefer history time and things like that and to where we just go. Oh yeah and you got neil. DEGRASSE is to go. There makes it understandable for everyone by really breaking it down and then he hits on movies by saying that the stars weren't correct they just let us have it. You know I'll man. So what do we have to look forward to in the future like. What do you see with where we're at and you of having the unique you've had been in the situations where you could see weapons systems and the way that they progress? Where do you see it going? So military weapons in systems. Have this this tendency to go. The way of what I like to say is regular media. US giant televisions back in the fifties and sixties. Now we we can watch it all on our phones because it's so small so I think the the miniaturization of these weapons systems is where I see this going in the future. We're not going to be able to change affects that these weapon in systems have but having a giant vehicle mounted one then now we have a rifle sized type of sonic device. Next thing you know it's going to go down to a compact case is one that woman can carry inside of her her and then then we've got problems and we have. We have kids going into schools with sonic weapons. That are not just run. DMC played on a loop Some real problems right now. It's crazy to and the things you know. Think about with these things is like with the elrod and it's putting out those massive decibels all going forward and there's a guy standing right behind hearing nothing right right. Well there's the people operating the system that are literally right underneath underneath it or right behind it looking at it so much but I tell you what the government they do their best to try to make it safe with the ads which is the microwaved amid the active. Denial System That thing is throwing ninety five Gigahertz at an individual person and they claim that it only penetrates one sixty fourth of an inch person's skin and I feel like they're boiling from the inside. I I don't I don't know if if the technology or the science behind it can support the fact that we know what long-term effects so these are going to have on people. I don't really want one sixty four. Th of any part of my body. Boil rule that. I've I've come to love and embrace. I've I literally had sunburns that. That are less than that and I'm miserable for weeks so I mean right. Oh my God. Yeah and you're right the thing you're talking about there too. That is something that well unfortunately they. We don't know what the long term effects are. But I'm sure they'll keep using the MON people and testing it and seeing think just in in Darpa and we'll figure it out right man. You're forgetting about my favorite acoustic weapon. I don't even know if I want to hear what this one is. The Brown note the perfect that one. You will be the first to know when I do. I Bet I bet that is what we need. Just hit the button. Everyone takes Shit Shit actually surprise you can't focus at people's stomach rumble. Their bowels until they let loose with somebody actually one of the long term effects actually being exposed to the elrod system is intestinal problems. But it's not it's long term so if you if you have the I guess maybe the drug the drug induced power to stand there much like a person on Angel Dust can get zapped with a Taser if you WANNA stand there and just absorb the elrod sound waves long enough. You're GONNA Shit Yourself. It's going to happen so I mean I remember like I said I remember the days in at the firebase when when she bought would show up and just you know blast audio waves just just to see what happens research. He had a Darpa sticker on so and it's fine no invade any attention. You guys signed your lives away anyway. Yeah it doesn't count doesn't matter awesome nation. Those are acoustic weapons. It's kind of scary thing In the fact that they're not lethal they could be used improperly or long enough but it's things things that we see used on civilians and things like that and it's just like Jeff said we don't know a lot of the long term effects this can have. I've seen in people's lives are ruined by having their equilibrium thrown off and they have vertigo for the rest of their life. I'm one of those people. One of my one of my traumatic brain. Injuries is giving me what they call a call. Inner ear inner ear balance issues. I cannot close my eyes and stand up and that's one of the side effects of the CBI. That I had so that is terrible. I can't Oh so my father had that happened to him later in life and when it happened got incredibly sick. And he had problems the rest of his life and that was one of his issues. Too and The thing that you could cause that on accident even by something like this is terrible and think if you I don't know I don't even want to think about that. So crazy crazy you're trooper man. I I'm sorry you deal with that. You know so I was talking to me of us. Don't have to so well. Hey we appreciate it. I do John's John's on here a problem because he doesn't appreciate you. That's terrible I'm sure. Yeah but he's not here to defend themselves talk she so those are our thoughts. What's what are you guys? That's what are your thoughts of where these weapons could go. Let us know and you can let us know by going to steria nation. That's on facebook. Just go to facebook and and search hysteria nation. Also you can let us know by tweeting to us. At Hysteria fifty-one pod. PATRIOTDETROIT DOT com slash hysteria. Fifty one you can find find this episode extra episodes up all nights you can get yourself. Stickers and cousy an pins and posters and shirts and all sorts of stuff host drone episode. If we still stiff John you know what I'll let y'all sniff John for the right price they'll forget you can also also heroes Mondays on K. G. R. A.. Radio let's K. G. R. A. Radio DOT COM every Monday. But they need to go to another show they need to know. Where can they find changing hearts and minds? Working they find pot belly network. What's the four one one? Appreciate that man. Yeah you can go onto tunes apple and I'm just putting changing hearts and minds. PODCAST will pop up and you'll see the The camouflage background with the shield C. H.. Eminent or you can go to pot belly dot com and search right pass 'em am culpa and right past all them other guys. Never heard of that douchebag. We're right there right there next to the The breakers podcast insignia. Right there and you can click on us and listen to me and my buddies talk about military history and and everything that has to do with war and we go. We do very deep dive. So I'm one of those real. We'll deep researchers that ended up being like two episodes that should have just been on but we enjoy rotary like that and you can also search for us on facebook pretty much all the same spots and if you go to. Any of the hysteria fifty-one media sites. And look in there. You'll you'll find there. I'm a fan of all all the history of nation quite a bit and everything so if you you guys have a question for project make sure you do it on the every week. I'll put this in the announcement on hysteria nation. And if you've got questions feel free to post them in there for him and if you forget any of these links one number one his links you can look into the show notes. They're going to be there. Or you can just go to hysteria fifty one dot com and find this that and everything you give us a voicemail also seven seven three six six nine seven two seven seven again seven seven three six six nine seven. Two who seven seven and telephone about the show telephoned about changing hearts and minds and then screamer allow meant friends ear inn in right to Darpa. Let them know because because they're always looking for research don't tell told you anything about me. I know see bots got that India that we signed. If you if you tell them that you've been working with about you might get visitation and and you don't want that you don't Jeff. Thank you so much for being on this week. Yes Sir thank you with that. Said I've been Brent. I've Been Jeff. He's been conspiracy by stay awoke. meet sex that's it for another addition of hysteria fifty. One John John and Brent will be back next week we've yet more of the unexplained the unexplored and the unheard of. Oh if it's unheard of how would they know about it anyway. If you want to suggest a topic give us your thoughts or just make fun of Conspiracy Bolt. That's my favorite join us in our facebook discussion group. The history of nation just log onto facebook and search hysteria nation. Or you can always tweet us at hysteria fifty one pot. You've been listening to four hundred shines.

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