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The. All right. We'll come back to I take coming to you live from the Heineken river Doug appear seventeen another potential Eastern Conference. Final preview last night in the city of brotherly love. It would certainly a playoff atmosphere in front of Billy faithful the Sixers pickup huge win over the Celtics getting that monkey off their back. Ben Simmons had only thirteen points did convert a major three point play with forty seconds left in the fourth to break eight tie game. All right. Steven we've talked about this earlier, Ben Simmons being a liability right now. But here's my question is he going to be a liability for them in the playoffs? He's going to be alive. -bility for them in the playoffs if he can't shoot perimeter shots because they're they're going to dare him to shoot understand. What has transpired with the Philadelphia? Seventy Sixers Brett Brown tells me from the moment that Jimmy Butler, rob. Then he's going to be somebody that we're gonna lean are heavily compla-. Tom initially max day started off by if you remember there was some frustration that was emanating out of Philadelphia because Jimmy Butler spoke up his mentality. I can tell you. I've known for years he gets up five thirty in the morning working on Fridays working on his game. He believes that he's elevated himself in the all star status, which he has. And he didn't come any place to just be standing in the corner and playing the role of spectator, which is what Brett Brown initially had him doing. But he just wanted to gradually bring him to this point where excuse me. You're the guy we go to the close the deal, then they acquired Tobias Harris. Jimmy, Butler Tobias Harris have a real good relationship. They need off of one another really really nicely Tobias Harris, very happy there. We noticed. Brother shoots. We gave him the shots. And we know that Jimmy Butler can hit some perimeter shots as well. Then you've got the elevations of Joel Embiid that brings his entire awesome to the game. But really needed to go into the interior more just to show be that big boy. That he is to give them space to operate on the outside. He's been doing more than that. He's still on the perimeter a little bit too much of my like still dribbling the ball a little bit too far far away from the basket, which I think Brett Brown should correct. Just for my liking. But he's Joel Embiid and JJ Rettig is a sniper a sharp shooter. We get this albeit undecided defensively. Here's where the problem lies last night. You have Boston land off a Ben Simmons and daring him to shoot the basketball. And it's not that he shooting in missing as max it earlier, he won't even tempt a shot. So if you don't attempt to shot, and you're not trying to come across as a threat, you are giving an opposing deepens, the license to cheat a little bit more whether it's on and beat one minute or Harrison Butler the next minute now in a regular season game that may not matter. But I'm here to tell you last night it Marcus smart doesn't get ojected Boston. Probably was that game. Because they might have made they might have been able to get stopped when accounted Jimmy Butler came alive in the fourth quarter. And did those things Marcus water? Somebody would have been defended in that. So you have to look at it from that perspective and understand you're not gonna have those luxuries in the postseason. Ben Simmons is a jump shot away from delivering the city of brotherly love an NBA championship. Its first since nineteen eighty three that is the has how good he is. And that's what a jump shot by him with me to this franchise. But without it. They're going to run in the Boston or Toronto. And I believe they're going to fall because he's not a perimeter threat that you're this season we asked what was the important thing for the Sixers. You mentioned be getting in the paint. I mentioned Simons jump shots. We both acknowledged that. Each is important. Embiid has been in the paint. And that is greatly helped them Simmons still doesn't have a jump shot. So it's not that he wouldn't be better with a jump shot. Of course. I bring this up all the time. It's Dave Ruth would have been a good base. Stealer. He'd have been a better baseball player. Doesn't mean. He wasn't the best ever. Great baseball player. Same thing with Ben Simmons. It's not that he wouldn't be better with a jump shot. It's not that other teams won't exploit the fact that he won't even attempt to shot from the outside. And that won't that could hurt them in the playoffs. It's the idea that he's ali- ability. He is a liability compared to what he might otherwise be. But he's not an actual liability. He doesn't make your team worse. Rondo couldn't shoot he made his teams better particularly in the playoffs. There are many players about history who couldn't shoot, but we're great playoff players including point guards. Or he's really a point forward because of his size and versatility. He doesn't need to just play the point guard of vision go he can guard the physician, so Ben Simmons clearly Steven A. We agree if Simmons could shoot they get out of the east win the whole he was a great shooter shore. He's. This is what he is Ken is Eli ability certainly not defensively offensively. No, not a liability. You can't say, you know, who's a liability JJ Rettig is a liability because he can't defend in transition. Right. Like, there's a liability he can shoot. But when his shot is off what's his value? Simmons can't shoot. His gain is so diverse that even if one thing isn't working he can go to another. He's a great passer. He's a great slashing as great handle four vision. He can play defense on multiple positions. Switch actually take is one on one. He can get to the rack. He can set up for his teammates like he can do a lot of stuff. And when they put them in the dunker position in the dunker spot because of the spacing with the other guys it can work. I think calling him ally ability is going too far even in the playoffs. Well, first of all, I think you're wrong on a couple of fronts. Let's get this point number one. You brought up Babe Ruth and running. Basis or stealing basis. Excuse me. That's still didn't prevent him from being recognized as being absolutely positively phenomenal. This is stalling. Ben, Ben Simmons stature to some degree because we know how phenomenal. He would be. I mean exponentially. So if in the event, he got a jump shot so the affect that not non base running hat. Obey ruth. Is it the same as the effect of a non junk shot having on Benson's number one? Number two, Rondo was a better score in the postseason then he was in the regular season. So let's remember that. Okay. Because when postseason when oppose these Rondo, here's some jumpers point. Was he did it without a shot? Excuse me. He found a shot in the postseason. It was shocking. But it happened. Okay. Oh my goodness. I'm deserting go back to watching them in a postseason against Miami. When LeBron we're in Miami. And Boston was going to get at least. Forty. I mean, that's what happened. Okay. So that's point number two point number three. Let me say this to you. That's blasphemous. What you said about my man JJ Graddick, you say, well, he's off was skews me. JJ Radic is a career forty one percent shooter from three JJ Rettig Israeli off. That's the point about JJ ready. We understand the transition point that you brought up. But what I'm trying to say to you is when you say, well, if he's off, you know, he becomes a liability this year. I haven't I specially earlier in the limits. I sound right now JJ Rettig is one of the great shooters in this game. The if JJ ready, and obviously, I'm no, you're not. I know you're not denying this. I'm not trying to say that you're wrong about it. But if JJ reading head three more inches on him. Do you know put the front the Whitney JT puppy dates? Who's do we look let me put it another way? Who's the weakness on the team? You're going to tell me Ben Simmons. I'm going to. JJ? Let me say this. Let me say this to you. I think that how about this. I think that Ben Simmons is a weekly offensively JJ Rettig is a weak link. Defensively you think JJ Rettig has better offense than Ben Simmons. No, excuse me got school to win. You got to win. And what you're saying Benson. It's can't score. I'm saying that you in the postseason without a jump shot winning really really counts all matching setting yourself. He won't even shoe shoe, but implicitly you are acknowledging that Simmons is a great player to say he's a jump shot away from being so complete that his team will win the whole thing. The Russell, he's not a liability. All you're saying is he can get better. And he can't any Willy's very young. But but max, we're not talking about just as a player we're talking about post-season. And what I'm saying to us in the postseason considering the fact that when we look at the east we're looking at Toronto Milwaukee and Boston I'm simply saying gets those respective teams. Just what you said is being what he is does not going to be enough. Let me be clear Ben Simmons it would adults. He's LeBron pulled up to he's great. Yeah. Yeah. But he's, but he's got to get a junk shot in order for Philadelphia to be able to beat Toronto. A Boston got to be a threat often. What I'm saying? I think even without a jump shot. They got a good shot to beat Boston. Now in terms of him. I'm not going to have a good shot. I'm just saying I wouldn't pick them to be Boston in Thomas in terms of his developing a shot. I believe he will. He's very young. I think there's a very good chance. He does it. It's talk about the max in terms of his ability to help you win right now. He's not taking up some giant number on your cap. He's on his I d. Pacman next next. Hold on ridiculous. When you're talking about this season. Right. And what's the future together to call him, a liability? Because one thing is incorrect. It's different now. All right. You disagree with the point? But stated his season don't bring up next year and five he's a good. He's got a bright future. Nobody is a question that we're talking about this because the playoffs are month away less than a month away. Let's stick to this season who is more of a liability the guy making five million or fifteen million they five million dollar player. Who's who's an all star the fifteen million dollar players one dimensional like if you want to say, there's a liability on on a very good team. The Sixers then you point to read in the starting five Ben Simmons, you're going to need you're gonna need. Ben Simmons to have more offense. You're expecting JJ Rennick to be there because this is a sniper and you need that to. This is sports center right now month on the Collins former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins better get his suitcase packed the expected. First round draft. Pick has a lot of NFL teams to me the twenty one year old worked out yesterday for scouts and coaches at Ohio state's pro day and afterwards he told Louis Riddick and Todd mcshay. He gave us performance in a and with the draft five weeks away. The jersey native will be bracket up so frequent flyer miles. This is hope once team meetings a whole bunch of flight. So I definitely need a good delta package, but I definitely excited for the future. Man, we keep getting shape can getting very throwing with the guys got a couple of private workouts coming up, according to our NFL insider, Adam Schefter Haskins is scheduled to work off the raiders and dolphins in Columbus. And then he's also scheduled to visit the Redskins Broncos and giants Hurley sources for more or less get you back to I takes. And Haskins scheduled to work out for the raiders dolphins. Redskins Broncos who cares? And the giants on that note. We welcome in former NFL quarterback did or Levski to the show. Dan, good to have you with us. What's going on? Max you which team should draft Haskins? Let's thank. The team that plans on drafting them. I mean, the New York football giants, I believe that they are going to draft him. I think Gettleman is using smokescreens with the press. He's putting it out there that there's really no quarterback in this draft that they like get them is a guy who's been on. Like, I understand that. He he knows what he's looking at. He can evaluate talent. But being an executive is a different thing. I've seen them at the podium answers of question and innocent question by saying, okay. You got me like he got caught in a lie and don't even realize that he was it wasn't even the point of the question of the powder themselves. And I think he thinks that he's doing this off shucks thing when really he thinks he's the cleverest guy in the room. So when you start to hear reports and Diana Rossini's, a great reporter. But if that's what you're hearing from people in your port it. Okay. I think he's putting it out there that I it's it's my conclusion that the giants don't want any of these quarterback. So that they don't have to use. Extra draft capital to move up and they can use the seventeenth pick out fro del for another impact player. But I cannot imagine a scenario you keep allies to be a mentor for a young quarterback young mobile quarterback Noah young pocket passing quarterback. I don't know. How about a guy from jersey? Who's worn a giants jersey to tell people he wants to play for the team and seems to say all the right things and just worked in a classical kind of pro system throwing the ball down the field. Of course, it's Haskins to the giants. Well, that was very very entertaining soliloquy on your part, max Kellerman. But once again, you're making very very little sense. Here is why because before we get to your New York Giants we have to get to all the things you said about James Winston in Tampa who picks two slots ahead of the New York Giants or at least one start at the fourth or fifth. I think the rate is a fourth Tampa's fit. So in other words, if I'm the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I don't let the Wayne Haskins get to the New York, John. It's all because of the things that you said max, this is one of those arguments where I can literally get a tape of you talking about James Winston. And then I could come back to you and say, are you sure it's the giants because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a giant. And according to you, they desperately need a quarterback because you have no faith in James Winston Ryan Fitzpatrick is no longer there. This was a number one passing attack last year in yard. Okay. Now, we know that falls goat because they will one team early in the season first regains when they were racking up five hundred plus yards offense. They Ryan Fitzpatrick. Look like the second coming the Dan Marino for two for three and a half games. The Tony ran into Pittsburgh in the first half that Monday night football game. Even though he almost made come back in the second half. But outside of that with a Mike Evans with an OJ how it would freeze with this guy would God. When in these boys these brothers? They've got weapons of showing Jackson. God bless didn't wanna beat anymore hadn't on personal against anybody. Jameis Winston there's listen he's made some. Mistakes in the past years ago. The bottom line is he seems to be moving into four direction. We wish him nothing but luck with just talking football here as a quarterback we look at him. And we see bright spots. But at times, nineteen touchdowns fourteen inception doesn't seem to be that level of consistency. There the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with those weapons that you have particularly Mike Evans. Why would you let why would you let Haskins fall to the New York Giants when you gotta pick a headed up. Why would you do that? All right. Well, both of you guys are wrong. And I love love love before that man's the giants. The giants are not taking Dwayne Haskins at six although I love him as a player if the giants take a quarterback at six it's going to be drew lock you hear Pat Shurmur talk about how important the athleticism is quarterback needs to move around. That's drew locks game out of Missouri way more than it is Dwayne Haskins. And I really think twain Hoskings is nice player for Tampa Bay. No shot. They're taking a quarterback. Stephen Bruce Arians has loved Jamie. Winston since he was in high school. It's one of the big reasons why he decided to go and sign down in Tampa Bay. They do have some pieces Humphries is moved onto the titans. They have some peaches. Then let let me tell you to teams. I get to pick two teams because I'm a guest of the show today. They gave me inside information. I could pick to Cincinnati Bengals Miami Dolphins Cincinnati. So you're restarting essentially with zek Taylor is your your head coach. Andy Dalton is a good quarterback. But you kind of have an idea what Andy Dalton is who he is. If he goes has twenty five touchdowns in ten deceptions. Is here got another good year. But why not reinvigorate your organization with a young quarterback that played at Ohio State, which is in your state in kinda re- gather some momentum for your football team. So I look at the Bengals. And then the dolphins everyone talks about rebuild and whatnot. That sounds great until next year comes in you have the fourth pick and all that capital that you've tried to gain draft picks you have to get rid of it to go move up and get one of the quarterbacks that you may like an two words from. But you've brought the New England. Patriots wide receiver coach Chatto shade down. It's going to bring an offense. You gotta think Dwayne Haskins is very intelligent. Those are two teams that I look at twenty two. Who? Bengal, Stephen A. Here's your problem about the Jameis Winston point three. They if I were running the box. I would take Haskins and get rid of win Winston in a second. But clearly the books have double down on making Winston for some strange reason the face of the franchise, I think it's a bad idea. But that's the way they're going. Now look at draft daughter when you talk about the brand goals and the dolphins make the most sense to me. However cardinals drafting, I they're taking Cuyler Murray. The Niners have their quarterback. The jets have their quarterback. The raiders are finding out about Derek Carr. Now, I don't think they're gonna use that pick on a quarterback the bucks have doubled down on. Jamie's Winston the first team that comes up who's looking for a quarterback is the New York football giants. The dolphins are the Bengals headed orchestrated deal to jump ahead of them. But what I'm trying to say to you. Listen, you got people thinking this is James Whitson potentially his last year in Tampa. They could go all in for from financial perspective this last year in Tampa, whatever. You got did you draft this future? So as far as I'm concerned, you're looking at Tampa just weeks ago, we were talking about Derrick talk, and we will question whether Jon Gruden. Yeah. He came across this having faith in Derek Hough. But he almost had to because some of the things that he was saying wasn't indicative of a club or coach that have faith in his quarterback. I know Humphries the bottom is still got you still got all these. I'm looking at the weapons that they haven't Tampa. I'm looking at the fact that Sean Jackson wanted it out. Remember, he was supposed to get ten million dollars. But it wasn't fully guaranteed. They were at three they were willing to come up to six that's as high as they were willing to go. He wanted more money got thirteen million for Philadelphia. But that wasn't the only reason he left the Philly. He left wasn't because they went guarantee the ten billion or they're not taking a quarterback that early. Jason light is not taking a quarterback and going Jamie's you're gonna win. John tomlinson. The question was which team should I leave it to you about what they will do but operative word is should. And I'm saying in terms of should I would look at Tampere that's being that one because Derrick Carl he's had in the Kalemba season a couple of years ago before he got hurt you can make the case for the majority of the teams picking top ten top twelve for a reason that they should the likeliest the teams that it's actually going to make sense to those are two different stories should the cardinals you can make. They should've won the raiders should it for the giants should at six the Jags. Don't forget the bears a couple years ago signed Mike Glennon to a phrase in deal, then went and moved up and got Trubisky. You can make the case that they should do it. I just don't see it likely for those teams dolphins Bengals seat happening. Trill. Lock dan. I would like to have a foul. Say that. Bombs on us, and we have to go because speaking of Arizona. Thank you, Dan, Patrick here to tell you about the Dan Patrick school. The sportscasting teamed up with full sail university to create a sports casting bachelor's degree you work both on and behind the cameras and you build skills for the future of sports. So you can connect with audiences. No matter where they are or how they're winning in learn more about full sail. Universities Dan, Patrick school to sportscasting by going to full sail dot EDU slash, Dan. Patrick school. We just saw some trail sex highlights as an old pro with the ravens when you think ravens you think t- sizzle. But he's taking his towns back to Aaron where he played his college ball after signing with the cardinals as a free agent on that. No. We welcome him in throw. Thanks so much for being with us. Thank you. Thank you, all bad. All right back in Arizona. Obviously, you're synonymous with Baltimore spent sixteen seasons they're becoming the franchise's all time sack leader that's incredible in the NFL. But tell me why did you choose to leave sixth? Right. Incredible. Why did you decide to choose to leave? The ravens in join the cardinals. Well, you know, I think I've been asking acts this question, you know, numerous times since it came out that I was leaving. But I think it would just time. It would just time. I felt like they had guys that we believe in the defense kinda in great hands. And it's time for them guys there to kind of take over the reins and has something L. I gotta listen. Let me be more directed to the point is good seeing your, bro. But I gotta ask you. Arizona Arizona after the year last year, he head coach you not Arezzo wanna why Zona. Well, you know, I looked at the the personnel and the roster. You know, just it just seemed like it was a good place. I could fit and I live here on from here. Okay. Mom lives on Zach same street on the cardinals facility. So it just seemed to make sense. You know, me and my agent you'll see that we was talking. It was like says you're not a good chance, you're not playing Baltimore. So if you're not playing in Baltimore where would you wanna play was like, well, if I'm not going to be in the black and purple then I'm gonna go home and play. So it was a motion no decision a comfort decision. More soda and a football decision. It was a love. This is most definitely I love not the ravens organization. You know what I'm saying? I love that team. I love that locked room. My love that building. I love everything about it. And you know ahead. I come back and wasn't says, oh, I want. We didn't want to be forced to put them in a situation. We'll do we keep sill. Do we cut them? So I think it was just a a a great part in ways, and it was outta love, man. And you know, like I said I had to kind of remove myself. So does guys kind of shy. Plus, it's not like they're not giving you seven million dollars to play for them. Congratulations on that too. But by the way, that's a good motivator. Yeah. That's not a bad idea. Are you going to part with any of that to get your number fifty five on that team because Chandler Jones? Now has that number. Have you guys linked up without that? All pro channel Jones has that number. So kind of his team him and Patrick Peterson. You know what I'm saying? I think it's only right that we leave fifty five in black and purple. So definitely will be a number change. And we just don't find something that fits. But that being said what are your expectations for rather? Better question since you're now, a member to Arizona car knows. And clearly, you ain't shy about letting people know how you feel what direction. Do you think the Arizona Cardinals you go in in terms of how to utilize the number one overall pick? Well, there's never really been one thing. Stephen, you know, I think whoever's the best player on the board. I think you know, a team should take. You know, what I'm saying whoever's going to benefit the team and the franchise right away. I don't get paid to make those kind of sesame. So, you know, I don't have a suggestion on they should take. But however, you know, what I'm saying it, whoever comes in just they just gotta make sure he's a guy that's got to be going to be willing to work, and, you know, start building this thing from the ground up. When I hear a great baseball player or a basketball player wants to keep playing even when they're not as good as they once were or something like that than getting older. I'm like may compare the uniform off your keep going keep doing what you love to do and getting paid for it. But when I hear a defensive football player keeps going I start to wonder at a certain point. You got to be thinking how many more times do I want to run through that brick wall? How many more times do you want to run that brick wall? Having played sixteen seasons in the NFL. Well, when you love the brick wall. You know, what I'm saying is kind of what you do you don't mind so much, but you know, time is undefeated, you know, I just. Wanna walk away prematurely? You know what I'm saying? I still love playing football. But you know, it just like. This like money making myth say it. I love the game. But if I can leave, but if I leave the streets still don't love me, you know, is kind of one of those things is like them football. I'm want to be done with football. I wanna be discussed it at the site of football. But right now still love you're gonna make room. I stay a love working out. You're going to make the grid iron retire you. In other words, in other words, you can still play and you're going to keep playing until you can't. Nah. You don't you? Don't wanna put in bad on tape. You know, you don't wanna put it in bad on. You wanna be one of those guys that play long Passi alone pass the time he should have. But I'm pretty sure, you know, Terrell is going to have to have a conversation with sizzle and be like our says, well, you know, it's time for me to come back and take the reins over now. But right now, I think says stale got the driver seat says I got a second job for you interested in me giving you some advice. I got a second job you wanna solve when we stopped playing out for this. Yeah, I'm ready. I love you on ballers will you show up on ball? I love your HBO. I love you on this show. As someone that's one some of the most fun. I ever had like that's like a football field in me. You know on say, I love it. But like I said, you know, I got home for Doug, some company say a team says, oh, we shoot shooting, TV pilots, and we doing a feature films this stuff. All right now football is the number one thing on my plate. So we're gonna do football. And then we're going to get to the film stuff kind of in the summers bag when everything when football taken care of. So it has definitely on on people. To keep that in your pocket draw as a great defensive, obviously when you think of the greatest of all time, and I'll be Ray Lewis's up there. I I watched LT when I was a kid. Bruce Smith and Reggie White. But right now, you've got him come guys in the league in Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack who seemed to me to be other than my guy LT. The as good as anyone I've ever seen. What is your feeling about the state of the superstars on the defensive end of the ball in the NFL right now? I think it's definitely at all time. Highs specially with the emergence of the different media. Streams and social media. A player can kind of, you know, take control over his own brand. And you know, usually that's more of an offense of thing because you know, offense a guy score touchdowns and especially in football. We wear helmets. A lot of guys if we're not throwing touchdowns scorn them like a lot of guys get those kind of notoriety. But for the simple fact that you know, deep into player are emerging like that. I think this is a sensational time for our league and not only that to be a defensive play it. No question. You mentioned a little bit a year off the field projects. But tell me about you got everything about you and boss to movies and a pilot called shade talent those projects. I have a TV pilot as you mentioned bowling TV pilot that would count is in the can we just edit in this stuff? Now about shea is basically kind of a sex in the city meets girlfriend type of TV. On TV show. And I love it. Yeah. There's a lot of energy, you know, women's relationships could be kinda crazy sometimes you'd be like all internal you open your phone. You see some of the craziest things and everything about you pretty much romantic competent comedy that we trying to get, you know, funding for so we could shoot it. You know, independent. Of course, I up there with the spill Burs yet. But I'm going to get there. Please believe and I got another one, you know, is based on a kid based on my cousin actually that was murdered back in nineteen ninety eight. It's called brothers struggle. Be OS. It's a sad in Chicago about a modernizing it. So it's like, a modern modern Chicago film urban film. So looking to get that to you all to is what like that? A lot of range there too at with those projects. Right. They all right. Quarterbacks. Wait, you welcome to come on. And soap operas to you. Welcome to come on soap op, you never know to say, Stephen A ain't gonna take too much Blache gets you against king. James? I we all know chances. Not checking don't be. We'd be watching you. Play in the world. Now, we go there. I listen. I said he's one of the greatest ever. Will you want me to do what you want me to get get you give them give them a massage to? Three top three. Jay play all too. Yeah. Tony assassin in there. You got though Koby there. You guys though, top three was wasn't assassin over who. I'm sorr- m j and LeBron both. Coby over Kareem. Yeah. Oh, the I mean, I wasn't blowing in the savvy. I didn't get to see you avoid again this time I say that's fair. That's fair. Come on the show. Nice to love raw Diculeng. Maybe they went to pull up all you scanner you, right? They'll be respecting the. That. Winning at all again. They're going to be tough. They're going to be tough. But you know to west it's still deep Denver's plan. Phenomenal. Portland like the team that emerges. There's going to be tough. Locker room. You got to be difficult. We really gelling they locker room and the play offs is different beasts, and we all know the playoffs. Anything can happen. It's a different beast. About personalities Gielen. He's a three time champions. What are you talking about? Wait who they look for the cameras, man. Oh my gosh. Come back. Come back. Tuck little NBA with us. That was a lot of. With all the projects and everything in Arizona can come back for basketball segment. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event a chest of drawers, there's a storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch Aram com. Five minutes into the flick, a tree branch slams through the window. Where are you hurt? I just got a scratch on my chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the guy go insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Co gyco to see how a -able homeowners insurance can be what do you think all the player moving all the guys come together? You played your whole career in Los Angeles through the good years in the bag years guy, like Dirk almost feels like this is the end of that time. When does it does it diminish it in any way when these guys go from one place to another team up to try and win? I don't think it diminishes it because everybody's doing it. So you wind up have having a collection of teams that are competing against each other. You have all these super teams compete against each other. So it makes it makes for good competition. Certainly compelling as a fair. But yeah, you're right. I mean, it's different. I remember calling dirt. Back when he was a free agent in I called him. I said, listen, I know, you know. Leaving dallas. I get it. But I gotta make the call. What do you think says? Yeah, you're right, bro. I'm I'm a lifer. Like human. We don't we don't leave. So it's just a different philosophy about it. Calvi with gifts. Mike Greenberg saying super teams make good competition, but he had a different philosophy about during his playing days. He sure did max I are super Tayo when will Kane how did those very rude. It'd be not true introduced, hey. Well. Warning Steven did. It's about time. Max it's like afternoon. Giving us the good morning. It's about noon. All right. Well, good to have you with us. Max, I'm going back to super teams. Are they a good thing for the NBA? Yes. Super teams have always been good for the NBA. The problem is the super duper teams. You know, I had no problem with the warriors versus the Cavs. But when the warriors added Kevin Durant to a seventy three win team. You had an MVP caliber player to a to a t already has three all stars in one of them's MVP caliber. Then it gets like, oh my God come on. You know when the bulls added Dennis Rodman when Jordan came back. It's like all right. So the rest of the league doesn't have a chance, and they didn't and those eras the warriors in the bulls were not as interesting as say when the heat were playing against the Spurs or something like that were especially when the Lakers were playing against the Celtics Lakers and Celtics go head and take a look at those rosters. They were so loaded. It was ridiculous, but they were evenly loaded when there's an imbalance and one team is not just a super team. But one is a super duper team. And no one else is good. It's not as good. That's my issue. Not what super teams go ahead. Well, well, I don't know the technical. Difference between a super team and a super duper team. But I do I Katie. Well, I don't think we have a real substance disagreement max, I mean, I don't want one team standing head and shoulders above everybody else. No fan does because it robs us of drama it robs us of uncertainty. Unpredictability we want the idea that anything could happen. So if you had I don't know four or five six super teams now we're talking about something. But I think we're close to that. Although it's not going to be a super team wants, Katie leaves, Golden State. We're going to have teams made up of two superstars not three and four and the legal be much better. Much more interesting just part with this one thing, Stephen Greenies interview with Kobe was awesome. It was really good. And Kobe is the last of a breed, and you know, what I wasn't the biggest Kobe fan in his day because he wasn't the most likeable character. You know shack was the likable one whatever it may be. But I've come to really appreciate Koby light be damned with like who cares about being liked. Kobe was singularly focused on accomplishing a goal in doing. It in the way that he did it and man as time passes last of a breed. I've come to really appreciate Kobe. Well, first of all, I've always appreciated. I've always loved Kobe for exactly that reason because he didn't give a damn about being like I can relate. I don't give a damn you might try that one day. We'll it were. Oh, please. Yeah. Ability. He's not major golden on new come on get me started. But here's the deal. Kobe wasn't necessarily telling the truth because if you recall Kobe was willing to leave LA he was so frustrated with Jim bus and the Lakers that he was willing to leave. Let's be very very clear about that. Until they pulled off day goes go, Saul heist, go, right and change things around. Here's a Congo. So bottom line is this you talk about the super teams or whether or not they're good for years for for the NBA. I happen to think that there's nothing wrong with having that does what I love about the Yankees the evil empire. Okay. I love that where you're sitting in. Everybody's gonna for you. But there has to be somebody that can compete with you that has shot at knocking you off the when Kevin Durant arrived. No one else had a shot. It was rare. Even when the Lakers were dominant. They would've Celtics liston dominant. What did back to back championships? Okay. But they wanna to get the lake is the first go round they had to go through Boston. Okay. And then they obviously wacked Portland where Michael Jordan and the bulls will making it run. Then what interesting competition in the east with the Knicks the paces and stuff like that. You win against Phoenix will Barclay Molly you win against Stutz Sonics with Jeep the. Love and Shawn Kemp before he became Sean, clump, you had all of those things going on. So all I'm saying is is that again. A team like Kevin Durant so dominant that too much, but a super team not bad that by the way, you're missing remembering I think the bulls era. No one had a shot against the bulls. They destroyed the Knicks took him seven games once and you knew they were going to lose and otherwise. I'm sorry to be so rude this whole segment we had the baseball game. We've got all screwed up started on the do. So we have to get a commercial break in. Well, we'll check you on the Wilkin show three to six eastern ESPN radio. ESPN news. Thank you so much. Thanks. March madness starts today. Sixteen games, and what money called the best day in sports. It's get your predictions for the tournament match you up. I who is in your final four, and who is winning it all Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina Villanova they hit a lot of threes. Villanova. I didn't want to go all chalk. I really wanted to go all chalk. But okay, I'll pick one I like Duke over North Carolina in the finals going Duke. Can you hate Duke and loves ion because that's me? Do whatever you wanna do. I got Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina and Tennessee volunteers. That's what I'm going with. And I got Duke and North Carolina meeting for the national championship ACC, and the tar heels will cut down the nets even eighteen enough me because he knows a winner when he sees one. I got to gins AGA Tennessee and UNC I have North Carolina beating Gonzaga Carolina blue again right here. That's why you win those colors even though it's not Carolina blue. What how he sounds like the one that will happen, right? Like rows. Now. I almost don't even want North Carolina. Because Stephen has it a kind of annoys me out of it. But I guess deal on that. Yeah. Again, like Zion hate Duke, max, spend real Stephen a good times steel tomorrow.

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