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#B65 (battle dress uniform to baulk)


Hello words you're great thank you. Let's go I is battle dress uniform. Three words Noun from nineteen eighty to a military uniform uniform for field service next is battle fatigue. Two words Noun from Nineteen Forty. Four synonym is combat fatigue and battle fatigued with an E D. A hyphen is an adjective. Next is battlefield one word noun from seventeen sixty nine one a place where a battle is fought number to an area of conflict. Next is battle front. All One word Noun from eighteen twenty four the military sector in which actual combat takes place next is one word now from fifteen seventy. Three synonym is battlefield. Next is battle line two words Noun from eighteen. Fourteen one a line along which a battle is fought number two a line defining the positions of opposing groups in conflict or controversy usually used in plural as in battle lines were drawn over economic policies. Now we have battle mint It is a noun from the fourteenth century. I think somebody should make a mint called a battle mint and it would be in the shape of maybe a castle or a What's that thing called? Jesus Christ a tank. I don't know horses and soldiers anyway. a parapet with open spaces that. Sir Mounts a wall and is used for defense or decoration. Battle minted is an adjective. This is from Middle English. Battlement from anglo-french bottom meant from Bala. What by which means to fortify with battlements and there's more at the word battle So we have a picture. We have a picture of a battlement. So this is I mean you've seen this. You know what they are. It's like a tower and then The Tower in this picture at least has the sort of cut out parts. They goes up and goes down. Goes up and goes down and then below that are like windows. Vertical Windows Basically. So we have three three words here. number one is called the Crenelated wins criminal. Elation goes over to the second line crenelated NHS C. R. E. N. E. L. L. A. T. I O. N. S. That is the part. Remember when I said at the top part of perk goes up and then it goes down then up then down. It goes around like that so the part that goes down that is the Kremlin. The part that goes up is number two. And that's the Merlins are Merlin's M E R L O N S. I wonder if the name Merlin the wizard named Merlin is related to this at all probably not Merlin's Merlins and then number three is the windows and that is called the Magic. Ovation's that how you say it magical relations. I Dunno Oh great my nose is getting a little runny okay. Next is battle royal. I WANNA say Battle Royale but there's no e. at the end So it's just maybe battle royal. Nah This is a noun from sixteen. Seventy one one eight. A fight participated in by more than two combatants. That would did. I read that right. A part of a Fart. A fight participated in by more than two combatants especially one in which the last man in the ring or on his feet is declared the winner What is that movie? The series of books and then movies the hunger games. That's a battle Royale That was I think there was a like a Japanese or Korean movie called. Was it just called Battle Royale I it might have been. That was fun Let's see now. We have one beep a violent struggle and then number two a heated dispute now. We have battleship. It is a noun from seventeen ninety four. It should say a game played by children. But it's not a worship of the largest and most heavily armed and armored class. It is short for line of battle ship. I didn't know that Line OF BATTLE IS HYPHENATED. And then ship is tagged. They're tagged on there at the end line of battle ship. They said that's too long. We can't say line of battleship. Every time we're just going to battleship. I think it's better now. We have battlewagon one word. Noun from nineteen eighteen and that's a synonym for battleship or battleship is a synonym for battlewagon. Whichever way you WanNa say it now we have but two or Basu or something similar This is an adjective from nineteen forty seven. It is of a ballet okay. Third Word in an in a third episode in a row that has a ballet term Actually IT SAYS OTHER BELLY MOVEMENT. The definition is performed with a striking together of the legs. But you and Yeah now we have Batu or Batu again but Well I didn't tell you. The last one is spelled B. At t you. This one just has an e at the end. I'm assuming it's related. It is a noun from eighteen. Sixteen the beating of woods and Bushes to flush game. Also a hunt in which this procedure is used Batu it's so interesting that these two words that have nothing to do with it with each other Except from etymologically. They're both from the the French word. Batra which means to beat They have nothing to do with each other yet. They are still related their cousins. They're very very distant cousins. All these words are just one giant family Just like just like we are just like all humans are all life really We're just distant cousins. So what is the first word? What was the first word that all this stemmed from? Was it a grunt probably? That's interesting I mean not that. We haven't thought about that before All Right now. We have batty. It is an adjective from fifteen ninety one of relating to or resembling a bat number. Two mentally unstable. Synonym is crazy and batting. This is a noun. Ah Now we have I'm GONNA say bobble or Babbel B. A. U. B. L. E. It is a noun from the fourteenth century number one. We have the number one definition for the word. Trinket number two. A fool's sceptre number three something of trifling appeal now. We have boasts. I think that's how it's pronounced or bosses capital B. A. U. C. I S. It is a noun from fifteen sixty seven. The wife of Philemon Filmon is P. H. I L. E. M. O. N. So Philemon and bosses are married next we have bod or Bah bad bod bowed. All those are options. I think B. A. U. D. It is a noun from Nineteen thirty one a variable unit of data transmission speed as one bit per second. So this is Let's he bought his telegraphic Transmission Speed Unit and that is from J. M. E. Bado or bodysuit bod dot B. A. U. DOT. Who died in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and he was He I assume but maybe she was a French. Inventor okay. Now we have Bauhaus Capital B. A. U. H. O. No H. A. U. S. It is an adjective from Nineteen twenty-three of relating to or influenced by school of design noted especially for a program that synthesized technology craftsmanship and design aesthetics. I've heard of this but I didn't really know what it was This is German. The word bow house literally means Architecture House Which is a school founded by George Gropius? Now we have Bohemia Bo Wynia B. A. U. H. I. N. I A. It looks like it's pronounced. Bow Haniya but it is Boania. Well you could say Bohemia and you could say well. I don't know how that letter is pronounced but close enough. Okay now from seventeen twenty five any of a genus of leguminous vines shrubs and trees of the Legume family that grow in tropical and subtropical regions and include some that are grown especially for their fragrant orchid like flowers. This is from Jean or Jan Bohen Who died in sixteen thirteen and Gaspard? Bohen who died in sixteen twenty four. They were Swiss botanists. And I'm assuming that they were either brothers or sisters or married or something. Okay now we have the last word of the episode. It is balk chiefly British variation of the word bulk. This one is spelled B. A. U. L. K. Let's see we think. Well there was a few good options for the word of the episode I want to say that. I'm going to pick battlement as the of the episode because I learned some new words although I'll probably forget them right away That is the tower in the castle with the crenelated the Marlins and the magical nations and that was great With yeah I think that's it as a relatively short episode. Let's go With the time that we have saved. Let's go go help somebody. This has been spencer dispensing information. Thank you and goodbye.

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