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Good morning, it's Monday July twentieth I'm Alex Brody and here are the top stories from the Dallas Morning News it'll be generally sunny today with a high of ninety six expect a few clouds tonight with a low of seventy six. Our Top story is Dallas County Health and Human Services reported one thousand and forty four new coronavirus cases and two deaths yesterday the latest fatalities were in Irving man in his fifties, who had no underlying health problems and a grand prairie man in his seventies with underlying health conditions. The county said that both had been hospitalized in critical condition. The numbers bring the county's case counts to forty, one, thousand, two, hundred, sixty six cases, or about fifteen point seven. Seven for everyone, one thousand resonance and five hundred and twenty five deaths yesterday the State reported seven thousand three hundred cases, which is a dip after nearly a week of ten thousand plus statewide cases, the county said that since June first there has been a rising number of positive cove in nineteen cases in people between the ages of eighteen and thirty nine. The cases are being associated with large social and recreational gatherings that have taken place since early June. In political news suburban voters group that's helped. Keep Texas Republicans in power for decades. is now a core component of the Democratic Party's political resurgence since the election of president, Donald Trump suburban voters, particularly women have become one of the fastest growing segments of the Democratic Party, helping to power victories in Congressional and State House races, and potentially making Texas the biggest battleground state in the country, suburban voters are changing the face of the Democratic Party, which, in past years heavily dependent on turnout from the Party's black and Hispanic pace, the new coalition which includes an influx of democratic voters, moving here from other states, has put an emphasis on moderate politics, just as parts of the party's core have increasingly moved to the left Republicans say. Say, the loss of suburban voters is problematic, but view the notion of trump losing in Texas says fool's gold. Trump has taken notice of the suburban shifts last week he made pointed appeals to suburban voters, warning that former Vice President Biden and Democratic Party policies would cause their property values to decrease and crime to rise his comments were not unlike those made by people opposed to desegregation polls show trump losing ground with suburban voters, especially college educated women a poll by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler conducted at the end of June through early July, showed Biden opening a five point lead on trump in Texas. And in sports, NFL players publicly pleaded with the League to address several health and safety concerns on the eve of training camp. The League informed teams on Saturday. That training camps will open on time, even though discussions with the players union regarding testing for the Krona virus and other health and safety protocols are ongoing rookies for Houston and Kansas City are set to report today and rookies for other teams are due tomorrow. Players for all teams are scheduled to report by July. Twenty eighth many prominent players express their thoughts in a social media blitz. Blitz yesterday NFL Players Association Executive Director. DEMAURICE SMITH AND PRESIDENT JC shredder addressed the unions concerns in a ninety minute video conference. Call with reporters on Friday. They want players tested daily for the virus, a joint committee of doctors, trainers and strength coaches formed by the NFL and NFL PA recommended testing every other day. Other outstanding issues include the number of preseason games. The League is plans to cut the exhibition schedule from four games to two while the union wants none questions remain on protections for players who want to opt out of playing. The Dallas Morning News rewards program is proud to bring you virtual events for more information and upcoming events. Please visit rewards. Dont Dallas News Dot Com for more on these stories and for the latest breaking news visit. Dallas. News. Dot Com. Thanks and enjoy your day.

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