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The Curious Case of Colby Covington, Mick Conlan


Ama Fans it's Randy tour. The New Year's Eve tradition continues with the season ending professional fighters league championship live for Madison Madison Square Garden in New York City. One epic night six world title fights six new millionaires ultimately. I want to be champion. Don't miss the biggest night in. MMA watched the twenty nineteen pf l.. Championship live on. ESPN two seven PM. Eastern the ball doesn't trump until the PF L. belts raised. Today's episode of area. Hawaii's Lemay show contains explicit language. That may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised. Talk to back in your life on this Wednesday December eleven two thousand and nineteen one Ariani. Welcome back to the program. I'm very excited going back to Las Vegas. It's been a long time since I've been to Las Vegas five months to the exact. Usually we go in October but the October pay per view went to Australia. So it's been it's been quite the stretch and Vegas to me is kind of like a second home. I've been there at this point. Maybe forty five times for all the events it it feels very comfortable. There noise feels like a big deal. And you'll see two forty five is a big deal. In fact it is the final taper view of the decade the decade the final UFC pay per view of the decade. Isn't that crazy thing. This this decade started started January first two thousand ten it started with these. UFC champions holding titles lightweight. BJ Penn.. Welterweight wait George. saint-pierre Middleweight Anderson Silva light-heavyweight Yamashita heavyweight brock listener. That's it there. Were no other champions. Isn't that crazy about how much has changed over the past ten years and we will be talking more about that in the coming weeks but I just think that's crazy to think about as we approach Saturday night. Friday's a huge for us. Second Hawaii roadshow tickets on sale ticketmaster right now type in my name to the PIN tweet on my twitter go do you. My Bio and instagram. You can still get tickets. We've got the nose world order belt on the line. The Trivia challenge if you will you WANNA NJ check Michael Kesse Derek Lewis and Dominic Reyes going head to head to head to head for the honor of winning that title. Steve they want it back in June. I can't wait for the one on Friday December thirteenth at the link. Prominent Jimmy Kimmel's comedy club to be exact that the link prominent and there's audience participation so you can help out the fighters meet-and-greet afterwards. QNA prizes all that stuff more. So I'm very excited. And of course to forty five is absolutely stacked later on in the program. We're GONNA TALK TO OUR PAL mark. Monday lundy about the title fights about the main event about some news and notes so stay tuned for that. He's already in Las Vegas by the way I'm in New York. I'm leaving very early tomorrow morning. in in the middle portion of the show wreck she can be talking to mccown L'an undefeated boxer from Northern Ireland. And he's a friend of the program. I talked him before May Mac. Here's here's a huge fight coming up this Saturday with a great back story. I'll tell you about that later in the show but I'm looking forward to that. We had Terence Crawford on Monday. Show now we get to talk to Mick Conlon who. I'm a big Fan of and I love the backstory going into this fight. So talk to him about that. It's a huge night for combat sports but Saturday is two forty five and one team in particular. It is under the spotlight if you will. They're one of the most dominant and successful teams in the history of Mixed Martial Arts American top team South Florida Don. Of course there's a million American top team's all of the world but the first one and the the H. Q.. If you will is in Coconut Creek Florida and the founder and owner. You're of Said Jim is the Great Dan Lambert who is one of the most important figures in the history of the sport. You may not know this but he is one of the most important figures in the history of the sport and he has a very big night on Saturday because a man Nunez who fights out of ATT is defending her women's one thousand five pound title against remained randomly in in the main event. It's called becoming too and tried hi to become the welterweight champion against Camara. Who so I thought? It'd be fun to check in with Dan Library and talk to him about the state of the gym and also those too tight so without further ado let us say hello to the biggest pro wrestling fan in mixed martial arts Mr. Dan Lambert Dan. How are you? I'm area how are you. I'm doing really well. Thank you for doing this. I appreciate it. I remember not that long ago Att didn't have a single UFC champion. You finally got your first one with Robbie lawler Beckett. UFC One Eighty one. I believe it was and now here you are. It's old hat. You walk walk into a show like this with you. Know One champion a double champion than another one trying to get the belt does it. Does it still feel special. When you have these nights or at this point he just Kinda used all the success? Oh no it never gets old. Never gets old. You remember those days when you guys were still striving for that. I built days. You mean you mean those years and years and years and years and years yeah I remember that well okay so let let me ask you first about Amanda. She in my opinion is the greatest female fighter fighter of all time. And I don't think a lot of people saw this coming like the beginning of the decade. She started out. You know three and three she on that fight against Julia Budd but you know entered a strike force and then the UFC and she was you know maybe kind of figuring things out she comes. At and over the past few years she has become a an unbeatable force. What has changed change for her? How did she turn into this based on what you've seen from her in the gym? I think it's a combination of things you know. Obviously a percentage of those things are physical. And you know getting giving in better shape getting better at at her craft and proven or striking or CETERA. But you know like Yogi Berra say ninety. Ninety percent senators game has happened battle and I believe a lot of it has to do with her. They'll stay once you took gift she had and you added the confidence that she did not have in the past mix you could just see her. Grow may have lost standard. We lose Dan. Yeah I'm here can you hear me. Yeah I lost you there for a second but you're talking about the mental side of things for Amanda. Is there a certain way that you guys turn things around for her mentally. Did you get her involved with coach that she go see someone or is it just a a about like Rapson just getting her better as a fighter and that breeds confidence. I I think a lot of credit goes to CONAN CONAN and Amanda Bonded right after so she got to the gym. She came to our Jim after after the loss to cats in Gano in and she was Kinda down on herself at one point she was just considering coming in as a training training partner to help Nina and not fighting anymore herself and I think anybody who had seen her fight in the past knew that she obviously had had the physical gifts and tools that that could get some pretty pretty good high sport CONAN pretty quickly realized that says she was just lacking some confidence and she be molded and the mental game is really important in in this business and he started working with her and bring her in a long slow in as she felt the extra attention to the gym. Emma started having success in the gym against you know good fighters and high high level training partners. You know she then walked next fight and one that finding more confident than wondering X.. Find out what company and a lot of the knock on abandon the pass was you know people thought she had cardio issues and more down in fights and you know a lot of people have cardio issues and they're not just physical you know a lot of cardio issues or mental and once once she started building that confidence she she just became a beast. She hasn't lost since that fighting fighting. No that story about about her just thinking about being a a training partner for unite her her longtime partner and now fiancee. That's amazing so so you have a man to doing her thing. Do you agree by the way that she's the greatest of all time. I know you're obviously biased. But is that a fair statement on my part I. I don't even think there's a debate on that. I think the only question is it's where she stands in the greatest of all time pound for pound male or female. Yep Yep and she's starting to say that she should be considered one of the greatest as far as male or female is concerned but then of course you have colby in the main event and this has been a great year for. At with you. Know the the resurgence of Resurrection. If you will for him Maswadeh I know you've been with him for so long And and let's just address the elephant in the room. They are not friends. Things are a little tense between them. How can you? Can you describe to us the the mood at the gym as Muslims. Doing his thing but Kobe's also doing his thing and it seems like the tension between these two friends and former roommates is growing as well. I mean there's certainly tension between those two guys guys but you know and and there are two obviously well known fighters who get a lot of attention but you keep it in perspective. We have one hundred pro fighters at training our Jim at any given time and and there are certainly not the only two guys in the gym that that are high level fighters or UFC athletes or athletes rising one AFC every other promotion. There is around so you know I don't. I don't ever expect that everybody in Jim is going to get along. You know. Hundred fighters is a Lotta Alpha's at a lot of Egos the gym and I'm not looking in for everybody to hold hands and sing by every day together. which I'd like it if I had my druthers that would be the case but it's it's just not realistic but you know both those guys respect Dr Jim and understand that that's a place of business and the team comes first and foremost and at their problem with each other? I don't care I mean if they would be stupid and take that problem in the street somewhere at a restaurant. STRANA gas station. You know. Somebody's GonNa win. Someone's GonNa lose the winters probably GONNA go to jail and the loser's GonNa get beat up and that doesn't really benefit anybody. But they both know that they'd both be losers if it happened inside the gym They know better. They respect the Jim. They don't want they're not going to the gym. I've sat down and talked about it and they come to the the gym and you know if they're not training together they're not saying hello to reach other but they're not running Jim and Karen into each other and looking at fighting our gym. 'cause that's just not what our gyms about when you sat them down were they receptive to the idea of you know keeping it civil or was this. Was this tense were you. Were you having to almost convince them to not do anything stupid. Stupid in the gym. Well I think George takes a lot worse more personally than than Colby does Kobe was all about business. And when I sat down with folding talked about it and he was very receptive to say yeah. I'm I'm I'm here to work. I'm here to do what I need to do. And and get better and and win and championships and make money so it was an easy pitch with Colby George was not as quite an easy pitch you know and George told me man and I'm telling you right now. Next time I see Colby Jim. This is going to happen and that's going to happen. That's just the way I am. That's the way on wired and there's nothing to stop it and says not Georgia that's not that's not what's going to happen. It's absolutely going to happy. It's like really why not sufficient respect Jim too much. He wouldn't do that to the team. And it looked and it was like fuck. And he's like you got me he's like yeah. You got me so you know I. It's not because I want something that's you know how Georgia's I asked Leon Edwards Georgia's about stuff like that but but the fact is you know th there's mortal there's more about American top team than than one fight or two fighters and And I think they both has anything happened By accident you weren't around. They were in the locker room like has anything since this essentially blew up when they they had that little altercation. If you will to forty one where they were seeing arguing at the event has anything happened at the gym between them where you got worried that it would get ugly. NO WE HAVE A. We have a large staff of of coaches at our gym and we sat down one day a week for about an hour or more of necessary Syria. We go over issues at the gym. You know deal with problems ways to get better and you know when that started brewing one of the issues that came up with. Hey We got this issue Roy. What are we going to do about it? And we got real smart about communicating and knowing went. Both guys would be Jim in the meantime and how we wanted to set it up. We have a large gym with a lot of trading partners. And it's not that difficult to keep guys apart from each other at the gym especially if you're aware of it and you know there's everybody's on alert just just just to make sure and We've had no issues. Is this the first time that you had to go to this extent to keep guys separate or has it happened in the past and we just didn't find out about it seven hundred under guys lot. He goes Lot Alpha's we've had in the past for two guys didn't like each other. It certainly did not get this much public attention and sometimes when it gets that much public attention there might even that much more pressure on somebody to do something about it. It's one thing if someone says something about you and Piss you off and nobody nobody knows about it. It's another thing if somebody says something about you and it pisses you off. And it's being re tweeted a million times and everybody's talking about it and asking what you're going to do about it. So this is certainly a heightened security level so to speak Bu- not the first time it's happened. You've put in so much time and effort to build the American top team brand and the gym at the turn it into a powerhouse in the sport and so very respected. When you see this develop when you see portray say what he says about? You know it's on site the next time I see when you see her here. You WanNa say that. She's rooting against a teammate. If you will. Does that hurt you. You take that personally. This is not what you want. on-trade you don't WanNa see teammates rooting against each other and and this type of stuff spilling into the public. How do you deal with all of that? Obviously not what I want but I mean oh come on it's human nature it just is I mean you're at ESPN right now. I doubt you love everybody that works at ESPN. Maybe you haven't been there long enough to get pissed off by some people are. I'm not I mean everybody's got issues and people like people that don't like Maybe in the fight business you know I. It's exaggerated a little bit because you know your professional fighter earn your first inclination with them a Piss you off might be something that might not be an office clerks first inclination but it's just part of life fucking deal with it and and no. Well I mean I. I don't get bent out of shape over it loosely and I don't like it but I I did I understand it. It's human nature. It happens to everybody. We're we're not special in this regard so marker Monday of ESPN has a big profile out today on Kobean it touches on a lot of this stuff in your quoted in in the articles articles. Well one thing I wanted to ask you about was. Kobe tells them in the story that he is actually a little uncomfortable at the gym. He feels I guess to look over his shoulder. Has He ever expressed that to you. Well I mean I think koby go going to be uncomfortable anywhere. He goes a fight related. I mean that's that's part of his stick you you you didn't call stays at the regular a firefighter hotel when he goes to show you you you think koby walks into a a USC arena and walks to the back and doesn't look over his shoulder and it just doesn't have to be about out somebody that he might be fighting that night or somebody these you know in a little bit of a heated exchange with I mean what better way for some fighter. Kobe doesn't even know exist to get himself over to the massive than to go up and beat up called the Covington hero to the to the masters and shut that guy up once and for all so I didn't call always going to be on guard no matter where he goes just because because of the nature of the path he chose to get himself over and I'm not criticizing that path. I mean. Look where it's gotten them and I think in large part it's due to you know the way he's promoted themselves so that that's the choice he made and that that's part of it. One of the things that goes with a choice but no. I certainly don't think I think Kobe safercar Jimmy anywhere. Where else in the world use the term you know get himself over to pro wrestling? Termini joked at the beginning that you're one of the biggest pressing fans in the sport of MMA Fans may know or they may recall and we spoke a couple of years ago about your extensive Progressing Belt Collection. It's unbelievable I'm very envious of it and so I'm wondering because of your love of pro wrestling slink. Did you actually help Koby craft this persona. Were you were you at all involved in him for the longest time. He was just sort of a vanilla wrestler from Oregon. That you you know was good but didn't really have much edgier Gimmick And now he is who he is we all know who he is. I don't have to explain it. Did you play pardon. Any of that. just what's been reported elsewhere about the origins of his personality change. I mean it's not a secret you know you go back to his fight and Singapore stun-gun but it looks like a thirty twenty six one way traffic fight and did not get over with with the fans and He was trying to boot out of the building building after. Winning and Sean Shelby grabbed me in the locker room and said he's got one fight left on his contract won't that's it. I'm not resigning people don't like these boring and he's beaten up a lot of the guy that I think I can that I can get over. You know but but he's kind of. He's not a gatekeeper. He's he's stopping these guys from succeeding. So it's not really doing me any good you know I yes sean. If his last contract would be my in Brazil told Colby shown said instead. I think you need to change between now and then and that's something obviously not going to be your fighting style because you feel improve so much between from one to another so you might WanNa change something else and I kind of the rest of it to him and he I I guess he ran with it no. I don't think I'm responsible for but I think I planted a C Bo's brilliant and it has worked out You are also very good friends with Matt Hughes and Kobe made what some would would say a very insensitive remark about Matt Hughes after his win over Robbie lawler how did you feel about that Maxine thanksgiving with me and I probably said ten things worse to him over dinner than Kobe said about him. And after that's that's Light Matt returned fire on me really quickly. So if you think you're GONNA RUB match us the wrong way or bother with words you you got another thing coming. You don't Know Matt accuse there is Bounced off him like water off a duck okay. you are also a close with Dana White. You have a long history with Dana White in fact you a you almost bought the UFC almost twenty years ago. It seems like Him Dana. Don't see eye to eye. And he has taken shots at Dana. Does that make you feel uncomfortable at all. No it doesn't I mean like I said just like I'd like all the fighters at the gym to get along but I know it's human nature and they're not all my fighters you know get along great with the UFC see brass but I mean. Dana is a strong personality himself. Date has got really thick skin. And you know Dana. It's going to have some fused with people from time to time and it's just just part of the nature of the business and You know I I see going back and forth a little bit. You know if if increased interest. I guess it's not the worst thing in the world of herself any tickets. It's not the worse than what if it ended up with Kobe getting fired. You know it'd be a really bad thing and then I then I then I'd be worried about it but I mean Kobe's a big boy Oy daynuss obviously a big boy they can. They can handle themselves. Not Not not a big concern of mine. Are you an concern if he loses this fight because of that back and forth forthwith Dana that he actually may get released that at all a thought in your mind. I don't think I've ever seen Dana. Release someone just out of not liking him. Somebody that can draw money and AH GET FANS interested in you know Koby or or hate cold yet. I think People WanNa see Colby so see. I would be absolutely stunned if if he ever got released his relationship with the year of the only way. He's ever going to get released as if he goes on. Losing streak in doesn't do the company any good anymore. Are you at all shocked. Dan that people get. It's so emotional about the things that he says like to me. He's playing pro wrestler. It feels a lot like sargent slaughter back in nineteen ninety one when he turned against the the US and sided sided with Saddam Hussein. This is completely different. But like he's playing a character and he's often said this in interviews that I'm just playing a character but yet people get so mad. Does this surprise you. I mean I. I grew up in those people that were pissed off and wanted to kill pro wrestlers. And afraid other from Russell's minute show my house at beat me up if I budo and no it doesn't surprise me my whole life in that and growing up in that world I love the entertainment side of the business. You know I know people like some people. People think you're either fight purest of you're not if you if you like any of the entertainment value or the talk of the smack. Talk that you're not. You're not a real fight Chan. I disagree I mean I liked fights as much as anybody likes fights but you know when there's a little extra intrigue involved in a fight I think adds to it. You know I was. I was actually sitting. Next is to A well known female fighter at our gym during the press conference for this show in New York and and she mentioned to me when they were bringing the fighters out for the way for the face. Offs that man. She's like man. This is a joke. Amanda should be the the main event. She's a she's a female fighter of all time if not not the greatest fighter of all time and for her to be on top. That's kind of disrespectful. I think that's bullshit and you know manage your main came off and faced off and everybody showed him the respect that she deserves the respect she deserves. And you know Vulcan op ski and Max came out and you know they got their pop and Max you know. He's one of the greatest fighters of all time in his own right both enough cities what enough income or he is and they got stuck mad when Kobe newsmen came out place went absolutely freaking bonkers. I and the heat was crazy and everybody was standing yelling and screaming and I looked at her and said you think maybe you'll see knows what they're doing. Yeah and she's like okay. I'll shut up now. I mean Peo people are people are into that and I'm not surprised I think it just adds a lot to a fight when when it's a little personal he's selling this in my in my opinion he's the challenger but he's also the a side as far as who everyone wants to see compete on Saturday and a lot of people WANNA see him lose but he doesn't really care as long as they pay by the way Has We are speaking right. This second did not plan. This dust. EMPORIA is going on like a tweet rant about Colby COMINGTON and said And I quote to Colby keep bure wrestling sharp. I'll be back to the JIM in January. You'll need it so the fun never stops at a t and I didn't plan this I promise but I just wanted to let you know. L. In full disclosure that that does not surprise me at all about. It's not a guy who likes to play around you know. There's no doubt about that. I'm going to have to sit down and never talk to Dustin before he started training. I know I've been almost fortunate that you know. The timing of it was after Dustin and had surgery. He hasn't been back yet. I'M GONNA have to sit down and talking before he gets to the gym and go over how we're GONNA handle this but We'll we'll we're big boys appreciate the time very much. And congratulations on not only only a great year but everything that you've done with the gym It's amazing to watch that the story of Hor. Hey Mazda has been the story of the year probably the fighter of the year when it's all senators knock out of the I know he's one of the the the Oh jeeze if you will have been there for so long. I'm sure that made you very proud. and has been a really great thing to watch and witness over the past few months. So congratulations I would say. Hey that scene. What Georgia's done over the last year? And they're called surgeons to see him go from where he was to where he is after all this time and all the ups and downs is probably the coolest thing I've ever experienced in my life and they related while and that's saying a lot you've seen a lot. That's amazing well. Good luck this weekend. it's it's the setting up to be perhaps another very special one for the team and I'm sure you'll be there and and nervous beforehand but for your sake. I hope it plays out the way you wanted to all the best. Thank you for doing this. Dan sure thank you. Take your all right there. He is Dan Lambert the the original owner founder of American top team They are home to some of the biggest names in the history of the sport. Of course Maswadeh I mentioned Colby Covington Amanda Nunez. Some of the biggest names. Mike Brown has emerged. As one of the top coaches in the sport. Kayla Harrison has a big event the number thirty New York City. They've had some of the biggest names. Come through time Woodley. And you WANNA NJ check junior dos Santos the list goes on and on. It's a big one this week in a UFC. Two forty five and later in the show we will talk to mark Romandie about that big card and his trip to Florida with One Colby coming before we get to our next guest. Let me quickly tell you about our good friends over at whoop you know whoop. I've been talking about them. I like them very much raw looking for ways to improve our health whether it's being smarter about how we train making a better effort to get more sleep or simply thinking more about our bodies overall wellness today sponsor. Whoop is a fitness tracker? That goes beyond counting steps and provides twenty four seven fitness sleep and recovery insights personalized to. Oh you there's nothing else like it on the market. Our lives caused different levels of stress on our body from training to work and our lives at home. 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If you're looking to be smart about how you train sleep or recover whoop is offering our audience fifteen percent off with my code Ariel Ariel GOOP DOT com. That's W. H.. Dot Com and use code aerial at checkout and optimize your performance with Wu. Now let's move along to our next guest. Let's go back before we say hello to him. Real Olympic Games August two thousand sixteen. Perhaps the a defining moment of those Games Michael Colin speaking to the Irish me after his controversial loss in the Olympic Games. Everyone I heard it but in case you have not heard it. This is what he said. Michael even get off your chest after that there were some. That's under a box for a began in Boston Japan. Everybody and you don't give up on TV and that's your big old uh-huh Saturday. What career ahead of me and he's always? Bt's boxing stinks from the core rate data. Top that audio courtesy of RT sport back on August sixteenth. Two Thousand and sixteen. I'm sure that you have heard that before. Seen before again it was one of the defining moments of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. That was Mikan Lynn after his very controversial controversial laws to Vladimir Nicotine and in fact that was actually his second loss to him the Olympics. He lost two rounds to one he also lost an amateur fight to him around six years ago so he gets a third crack at the Russian on Saturday. Madison Square Garden top-ranked Card on his. Pin spoke to Terence Crawford about this card on Monday. And it's a great one that's going on at the same time as the two forty five card but honestly you should be watching this one as well. You Got Terence Crawford. You've got conlon on the card in this fascinating rematch. You've got te'o FEMA Lopez. There's lots of like there but I'm especially interested in this common fight and the back Story Korea you'll recall back in two thousand seventeen We actually had common on the program prior to Mayweather McGregor he of course is the pride of Northern Ireland and had Conor McGregor walk them out to the ring prior to his pro debut in March of two thousand seventeen. So I thought it'd be fun to talk to him prior to this fight on on this year program make. How are you my friend? How are you? I'm doing really well. Thank you very much for joining us. I appreciate it you know in the build up to this fight. So you have had to relive that moment in your life that very frustrating and controversial moment has that been a nuisance. Has that been something that you have dreaded throughout this process because I'm sure every interview that you're doing is talking about what happened in that flight in the reaction afterwards been repetitive I've heard of Niane are now with the Saturday Navy just three days away. It's quit because it can and get rid of the conversation Yeah it's it's it's been quite annoying here and it all the time and how mechanical back through and talk about it because they know what happened then I know the real result but no it's nine everything else is a part of you looking at this fight as a way to close that wound closed. That chapter great. You could get by him as has a pro and hopefully never have to answer these questions ever again is. Is that the great appeal. Because you're a lot further along in your career. Your your twelve knows a pro. He's three now as a pro. So I I mean you've done a lot better than he has been more active but do almost need to do this in order to to get by that chapter in your life. Yeah I I I would say so. Yeah it's good every everytime learn anybody wanted me to WanNa flip the bird and no get a picture of the fingers up so you know it's it'll it'll be given a topic continue even offers but it'll be good for the meaning of that to be kind of the bed I I'm fit the rest. You can't move all of my career. I don't know I believe offered as I'm ranked number one and some of the sanctioning body. I probably for for in in the Knicks twelve month so so the fact that I can get this creek debate I move on. They'll beat a real reach start. There were always been already in a very interesting that Arctic from yourself when you signed top rank around three years ago. Do you tell them that at some point you want them to make this fight that this was very important to you. Yeah yeah this is not the reason it's going to go. And make sure they get loving indicating you know. We wanted to make sure to save some. I WANNA I wanna put the nails Nicole. The and you know showed what I did in real wasn't the split would say if it's if it was what it was destroyed them and they'll do it again on Saturday and one one of the things that stands before even jammed with your skin a happens and I thought he probably would have been about further. Are there on this career. Because being injured he stop start with with injuries author faiths cuts and stuff And any injured for our which which was scheduled in always but I knew. ESPN wanted. They can't do it. How long does it did and I actually put it to bed? You know that there was no point. It'd then I can't oposite as to what it was neat piece of it But when they they could do ESPN COPPER Games. Eh could do it in a standard one hundred and ultra. If you could get you afterwards ever investigate what happened there. Like how truly corrupt those. The judges were. Did you ever look into that or actually appeal the decision. Yeah well listen. There's been an awful lot hopping on an awful lot of information which is being given since On this you know you know. Neither the thirty six judges referees and judges he worked in in real happy bound for the UH twentieth next year until We also we also were told the team were told before my better I was in the capital drifting away from me or the whole team my family. Everybody knew that we're going to get the decision before they told by Russian coach Did Yours in coaching Jordan brand the Russian coach and he told them get help. You're not GonNa win and so the decision was already made before in. Okay Okay and do you feel as though things are better as far as the amateur scene is concerned are you even concern with. I know you spoke. You're one of the very few people who was courageous enough to speak out about this literally seconds after the fight a lot of people. Don't do that You feel like it's gotten better and are you keeping tabs on whether or not. It's getting better my father is. It is one of the name coaches in the Olympic. So obviously I keep an eye on And Yeah I think it's an awful lot a better place. It the governor bobby run Olympic boxing. Nine you know the the ambition and the Olympics themselves will go their own foxx. No that's that's that's a good thing for for. Its come up three. I think I think my the facts on. We'll we'll we're going into this hopefully more happy that's one obedient. Mediafax of no call made the corruption I think you'll see them more cleaner games. More Games teams were a lot of people are going to get the right decisions on the CNN. News is a Russian. There's a lot of Russian in the Russians. The may be even more for without happening. Yeah how big of a deal is this fight back home in Ireland and Northern Ireland. How much attention is receiving? Yeah she's for back home You know every Irish person has resonated with know what happened there in the game to me especially the fact that no that was their only hope in the box again circle for metal. 'cause there's a lot greater the fact that it it was Kenneth Stole from his. There's a lot of People feeding injustice. So the fact that I'm able to go there and right around the country If it's it's very important A lot of salary and of course I'd be remiss if I don't ask you about Conor McGregor can i. Can I ask what you make of. What's become home of him and is it accurate that the Irish people have turned on him that he's not as well liked as he once was You can say that just because of the a lot of media going around but you don't know how much of a tree are much much of a steak and and you know a lot of gossip going around to Yeah he's made some by the stations. Obviously you know the things to which just happened and and they've been in the media but no that's been the make of a monotone that's how it comes back from those things and how was your themselves and you know someone they kinda McGregor is not channel for No reach the has peyton sports and entertainment and and the fact that he just had about Al all awesome Greece. Not over the last week that can see rebuilding themselves and getting back to the topic back into the hearts a command of Irish people. Because you know he is he he. He was considered a national treasure until those mobs can't help but I think he c- he he'll come back from from his personal issues. Whatever it is it safe to get back to the top of course to a degree you'll always be linked to swim because he walked you out prior to your pro debut in March of two thousand seventeen and had that great moment with the media when he was yelling? Everyone's saying that he was going to beat Floyd Mayweather. That's kind of how the whole thing really kicked off. I'm wondering do you still have a relationship with him. Do you still talk to him that he started to face. Yeah but No there's no we don't really. I really chop him. But I'm probably job millet. Matthews feel a team You know late get away back in with my career. Kinda got his his drinking so I wouldn't. I wouldn't be in contact much but you know the payment trouble message and by the way I have to ask you about this. I noticed on your instagram. You're a big fan of Chris. eubank I love Chris. eubank could listen to that man. Speak Twenty four hours a dental. But what what. You love so much about Chris Issue Bank in have you ever had the opportunity to actually express your appreciation for him in person. Have you ever met him. No I'm actually here. Part of my team is is his nephew. Ask My train of many over here. Defend has been Chris eubank fascinating character. Everything does anything. Yeah I I I I just think he's Eric. Peters a mainly before anybody even got a Christmas jumper for my crystal made Ah with Chris you got up so I love the Guy I love him to. That voice is unbelievable and the way he spoke about Mayweather McGregor. Gregory didn't really work out the way he was kind of painting the picture but it was just so I mean it was an outer body experience meeting him and listening to speak for the first time in person back back in Vegas two years ago make this has been a pleasure and I wish you the best buy man. What a great story and? I'm happy that you're getting the opportunity to right that wrong on Saturday on. ESPN at the world's most famous arena. it's an amazing story. I can't wait to watch and I appreciate you doing this for a few minutes here today. Male always speak in my friends. I hope hope this you've seen the occur absolutely. There is the pride of Northern Ireland Belfast. To be exact McCowan competing on the card this Saturday Saturday Madison Square Garden. It's going down at the same time as UFC two forty five. Like I said if you're at home. I hope that you have to televisions or at least your phone computer MTV because this card is great. I Love Boxing. I've said this before and I don't talk about it as much as maybe pro wrestling and of course MMA wrestling much to the Chagrin of TST. Who told me to cool it on the prosecutor but I will never cool it on the progressing talk ever when appropriate but boxing is doing great these days and I get so mad when people say oh did or their new stores or it's not as interesting as it once was or MS killed? Boxing false false false and false. Boxing is having a great year. Boxing's very healthy. Last weekend was great. I loved the fight. Joshua res to amazing Great Theater Wilder a couple of weeks ago. Fury doing great. And we're just talking about the heavyweight's Terence Crawford. Hopefully aerospace comes back healthy Loma Chanko Canelo Elo ridiculous decision to delay the card for that flight because the two forty four triple G. Let's goes on is a great great time for boxing. This car is great on Saturday. No tell me to say there's no Tony and promote this but I hope that you're watching the combat sports fan. WATCH TERRANCE CRAWFORD fight. He's kind of their version of Dmitry's Johnson top pound for pound fighter doesn't get the love doesn't get the shine doesn't get the buzz doesn't talk smack and there's politics politics it's a different structure. We won't get into all that but like you can't get the fights with that promoters guy and that Guy Blah Blah Blah but he's a tremendous fighter top two pound for pound in my opinion. Whatever that means Loma Chango probably number one Crawford number two? He's fighting Mick Collins fighting in the rematch trilogy fight really. But he's all over to and then of course there's Teofisto Lopez who I mentioned earlier. WHO's a great up and comer as well so? I'm looking forward to that. That's great card Saturday Madison Square Garden going on at the same time as to forty five and by the way. It's right after the heisman trophy presentation. So they're gonNA and get a huge huge rating. UC prelims are going to be on ESPN. Two they'll be on. ESPN so hopefully you have a way of watching. Both my radio show by the way is is going to be on in the midst of all that five to seven a little bit before five to seven eastern on. ESPN radio whilst have a pre show with shale before the card is well and the road show on Friday. I got a lock on. I'm a very busy man in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to getting there like I said it's been five months and the Vegas cards are a little special little more special one man who knows a lot of things about Vegas. They call him Mr Vegas actually long before he was an MA reporter he was. It's really the King Vegas. I mean he ran a town he would go. I actually think as my voice reaches a very high pitch. I actually think he had an apartment in Vegas. I just sort of getaway revealing too much mark. Monday is that is that is that accurate or inaccurate. That's like half accurate. Okay it's a half truth aerial you WANNA expand or just leave it at that now all right. Maybe I reveal too much in any event you are in Las Vegas Right now. For U of C two forty forty five. And you're causing all kinds of drama. In fact yes because I was just talking on this program to Dan Lambert the vote under of ATV the owner of the man who started all and in the midst of this conversation dust emporia is going on like a tweet a thon about coby Covington and all this stuff you were in Florida Florida with Colby Covington your stories out right now and ESPN DOT com. It's a great look at how he reinvented his career and of course the dramas well at eighteen days with porcelain and Mazda L. in particular. I want to ask you about this experience because this is something a lot of people don't get to To actually see an inexperienced for themselves what was it like actually being with colby away from the cameras away from the spotlight all the shine in Florida in his element for those couple of days. It's it's interesting. He's he's certainly a different guy when they just get him one on one and and you know this to Areola. He's he's actually very polite and he's actually very he's very I mean he's opened with his time and he's and he's he's very willing to accommodate. He's he's very accommodating and I went to get him at a nearby whole foods. This and the guy that that made our Our sandwiches and wraps I guess Kobe's been going there for eight years and the guy behind the counter was like Koby's a great guy. You know I watch him on. TV But when he's in here he's like he's very polite and nice so it was an interesting contrast to the you know the Maga hat wearing trash-talking colby in front of the microphone. Did he change your stance on him at all. I mean Look Look I. I've always been. I've always been objective when it comes to colby. I kind of understood what he's doing because and in part because I am a big wrestling fan and I have been my whole life and I followed that that art closely and I've cover it now for. Espn a little bit. And I. I've understood from the jump. What he was trying to do? And you know. I sat down with Dan Lambert in his home in Fort Lauderdale in a room with with one of the most extensive pro wrestling championship belts collections. In the world and we had a nice. You know forty forty fifty minute long chat about Colby about you. Know what what he has done to to really. He felt safe his job initially and then now to try to make as much money as possible. He's tried to monetize this character now is is he that guy in real life and I'll tell you what Dan Lambert told me that. Yeah there are parts Tim that are like that. They're parts of him. That are also very nice and very polite and and a good guy to to the people who are close to them but but But yeah so I guess a little bit of a little bit of a mixed bag but it was. It was very interesting and I do appreciate that access and I thought I tried to tell the most fair balanced oriented as I could about what was going on down there. Kobes relationship with Dana. White is in great. These days to put a mildly the negotiations to make this his fight remember they were supposed to do at Madison Square Garden. That fell through and it led to the bigger fight Maserati as but considering all that he has said about Dana. We were calling the video. Oh he recorded him in his private time in the stuff that he's saying about like slapping him with the belts Is there a chance in your mind that if he loses this fight that they cut him. Oh you know what I hadn't I hadn't even considered that I still say no. I don't think so but yeah I mean I get I get what you're saying. I still feel like he's he's valuable I'm into the AFC. I really do. I mean I'm sure you could make the argument that he he can be more trouble than he is worth at times but I also think that he's the guy they can headline pay per views. And he's doing it on Saturday on a car with three title fights so I I while I'll never I'll never say never and I'll never say that I'm completely surprised by a certain decisions made by the sea that would somewhat be be be strange to me if if if they did that because again. I mean Dana White has had issues with fighters in the past with Tito Ortiz of the world's the rampage Jackson's of the world's I mean. Is this different. I I don't know I really don't know I guess I guess we'll find out what happens but yet cutting him. That's that that seems like it might be a bit extreme. I see him never gained another title. Shot you know and getting extremely tough flights from here on. I don't know about cutting. Yeah I mean he is a dry I think he's he's the biggest drawn this card and we're about to find out. Just how bad withdraw he is because he's headlining is his first pay per view But I think of all the fighters involved in those three title fights. He's the one that has gone people. The most sort of emotionally charged. Good or bad. You saw that scene in your city. Last month it was saying it was like a pro wrestling wrestling event. Like people chanting the book. All that stuff. I mean. It's fun to watch him perform whether you like it or not and I'm curious to see how the rest of the week goes because I'm told that he he is cooperating but isn't happy about a few things and so I'm curious if he has any more tricks up his sleeve as far as the promotion for this particular fight is concerned turn One last thing on the mic Wednesday afternoon. A one less thing on this or are you surprised that nothing has happened at the gym with him and Mazda with him in any of the other fighters and maybe how did you hear that something. We're not being told about it. Nothing physical will there have been there have been verbal altercations. There have there have been. I mean Cole said that there are there are several fighters who have streamed at him from across the gym or or. Maybe not even across Jim Kim from close up one of those people was Mas Vidal. I think that both of them kind of spoke about that on your show back in October or September Janecek also apparently has some words for Kobe Covington during her camp for the Michelle waterson fight that was in. USC UC TAMPA BACK in October. So Yeah I mean there have been. There haven't happened but nothing physical and Dan Lambert and the coaches their a spoken to a lot of people. They're they're pretty confident that nothing physical will happen and I spoke to horry Muslim and he said that he will not fight Colby Covington in the gym out of respect for American top team. Mazda has been that Jim for fifteen years. He has nothing but respect for for Dan. Lambert for the coaches there for the team mm-hmm and as much as he disliked Colby Covington. He he's not going to cross that line he he's mad with the code you know. And he's Kinda guided Emporia Korea him for the story. Didn't seem to be too keen on talking to me. Had some expletives that I can't say here on a family show for Kobe Covington when I reached after Dustin and he's tweeting about an hour I saw. I saw one of them before I got on with you but I can't speak for doesn't I don't know what he what he has planned for for Covington with him but it seems like so far there. There hasn't been any kind of goals occasions. I don't think they're leads according to the coaches there and the people there. I don't think there will be okay. Let's put to forty-five on ice for just a second. I WANNA ask you about three other big stories going on right now in the sport the first one the release of Lescar Moosh the timing the release itself in the fact that they did it while she was doing promotional work the fact that they did it four months after her last flight which happened to be for the UFC belt on the fact that they're saying thing that it's just because there is a precedent with releasing someone who's just kind of getting in the way who's really good but is no longer promote -able. Jon Fitch Jake Shields you shall commie comes to mind but but the fact that it happened four months after last fight and she was willing and able to fight the fact that it happened while she's out doing promotional work in DC meeting with veterans children. Children who are at the Children's hospital there the way this was all handled. What did you make of it? It was it was curious it was. It was really interesting to see. See what happened in. I don't I don't really know why I wish the AFC was more responsive questions about stuff like this. Because I think it would be in their best interest to kind of explain. Exactly what happens because I mean they have. They go through periods of the year where they do release fighters. Here's and sometimes they're veteran fighters. Maybe you're making a little bit higher of a of a purse then than some of the younger fighters on the roster and maybe that was the case year and it was just that you know that time to cut some. Let's salaries and and they did that but it is A. It is a curious time before the holidays. She was in Washington Washington. DC USC had no problem putting her on social media meeting with military. She's obviously a you know a a former marine. She's meeting with troops down there and going to two hospitals in meeting with children and you know people struggling with cancer so they had no problem kind of you know. I don't want to say using her but they had no problem. You know putting are out there doing Shari Work and promotional work and then posting photos of her and social media. And then I mean in that same amount of time You know she's in actuality she's getting the promotion I mean it's clear that the company and and the the left hand is not always talking to the right hand which is Kinda understandable on the big companies. That happens but it was. It did seem like odd timing especially like you said so far after her last fight when you know if they were going to cut it there could cutter later in September or October right and let's be honest. She's not the biggest draw she's not selling tickets. She's not a television draw. I get all of that but to do four months later when she says that she was turning down grappling opportunities to do it I'll she's out doing. Pr and Promotional Work Community Work for the company is just I mean that's a PR disaster. That's the left hand not talking to the right hand. In my opinion the matchmakers the people who make those decisions are not talking into the people who are actually setting these community things and on top of that after it came out and after it became a PR nightmare the fact that no one called her her an executive. You know who. I'm talking about Dana. White Hunter Campbell. Sean Shelby McMaster. The fact that none of these people reached out to her a pioneer. Someone someone who's involved in the very first female fight in. UFC history by all accounts has been a company woman has never turned down. A fight has always showed up. No one even reached out to explain considering how it all went down to me is I mean is indefensible. And you're right the fact that they don't explain why they did this. The the fact that I reached out I tried to get an explanation. Anything back the fact that they don't do it only leads to us going with her story. There's no other explanation to to talk about because they won't do it and there's no accountability there so I think it was very disappoint. Now let me ask you. `Bout Zenia Rosen strike. He what a year four no four finishes. No one's ever done that before in modern. UFC history regardless of weight class beats over him with seconds remaining and split some open and afterwards continues to call offenses and gun. Who is this the flight that you want to see for both men NEX? I look. I mean if you're telling me the next flight I'm not GonNa have any complaints about it. I I think Franson Ghana. Who is right there for tyler shop but I know that there's a real blocking his way right now in the form of that trilogy between steeping meal and Dan Cornea so in France and Ghana wants to fight before tyler shot and we know that Gina Rosen strike wants to fight him book? I one hundred percent down for that fight. I thought that was that was one of the craziest finishes in UFC history. Not only was it. In the final seconds of round fight main event fight it was. I mean as devastating of a punch that laden a fight that you could possibly imagine if the whole offerings lip exploded loaded on impacts. It literally exploded tour in half on impact in the final seconds. I mean that's the kind of power that Rosen strike has. It's it's completely mind boggling. I love that fight. I love the story of show. XENA Rosen strike. I love the footage of him coming home to turn up on Monday night and being treated like a mega star like the the Beatles just landed in New York. I mean it's just a great story and have a guy call out. Francis known calls out Francis don't actively campaigns to fight prancing. I think I know I know. He's frustrated and he deserves better and he hasn't fought since June and his two fights combined haven't lasted more than forty five seconds. But here's a guy who's actually saying. Hey I'll fight you. And if over him had one if it went the distance over via the scorecards that would have been a disaster for Francis. He already knocked out over him in a vicious vicious Kale. I I mean like there would be no interest in that rematch. He's talking about Volkov like no one wants to see that fight. Fight the guy who's four no this year on fire. There's a great story there. He's calling about I. I love the food. I'm all in. I hope we see it sooner. Rather last one. How do you feel about the Frankie Edgar move to not do the San Hagan fight at least for now? I'm going to say it's not going to happen. I know Oh. They're saying that. It is the promoting both of them but to think that he's going to return a month. Later after fighting Valedictorian Zombie. crazier things have happened. He knocks ten seconds. All right but right now. It's in jeopardy because he's taking his fight against Zombie next weekend and Ortega gets injured he says. All right. Chill on these higgins fight. I'll go back to one forty five after I decided. Go down to one thirty five so now San Hagan may not get that big opportunity. And now you don't get the story if Edgar reinventing his career one thirty five for this one last title. How do you feel about this decision? It seems like a strange move right. I really didn't I don't really see what's in it for Frankie Edgar aside from money maybe maybe a main event fight night payday. Yeah I don't know I don't know how much that is. I mean I guess out there for them but you know. He has to go during the holiday season across to the other side of the world's to South Korea and in-flight Canceling Jong One of the scariest most dangerous guys in one hundred forty five pound division on his home soil. It's it's it seems like a tough proposition position for Yoga for someone who had already decided to go down to one thirty five who already had a fight books who had out of fight book against the top comer that you know if you beats gory Stan Hagen. Then he's talking about Hager in the in the conversation for title shot right away at one thirty five East Egger. He's going to be right up there he's going to be in the conversation so I don't know what I don't even know what a win over Chan Sung Jong really does for for Edgar I if he does beat him. Of course it's a big win. Crean Zombie is is a great slider. He's a he's a top one forty five or but we've already seen Edgar against Max Holloway. We we already know what happens if I don't see him getting a reminder anytime soon does it up his stock and he he goes onto one thirty five after that may be but it just seems like odd timing. I'm almost there almost there giving frankie a bag of money. Maybe they are to bussan invite Korean Zombie. It does seem kinda strange. Okay one last one. I lied three talk on Saturday. Three title fights. All I WANNA know is is there going to be at least least one title change at least one title chain saw me who I just want to know. If there's s yes want to you you're going to. I'm going to say there's going to be one title change on Saturday night at T.. Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. I look forward to seeing you there mark. Perhaps you'll make an appearance at the Rhode show on on Friday. I'll be there okay. Well I know the area. There's there's a pro wrestling show in Las Vegas that night right. Okay and I've chosen to win again. How Wani roadshow wrestling event? What time is the wrestling? Event that things at eight o'clock you can do both both my shows at seven. Yeah but you know seven o'clock I appreciate the gesture. Hang out all right. Want to stand in a long line to shake your hand. I appreciate it. Thank thank you thank you. Well the first one was was a big success. Because you were there so I think the second one would fall a little flat. If you weren't so I appreciate you doing that anytime all right I'll see you in Vegas. There is mark Monday of ESPN checkout his article out today on Kobe Covington and all the drama at at at and all that stuff. More by the way I wanNA give a shoutout to my good pal Anthony Eurocity who actually want tickets following my parents on. ESPN radio. Eleven hundred in Las Vegas this morning When he was I think the twenty fifth caller want to tickets to the show on Friday? I said Michelle. I'll do it here. Also do it on Friday but thank you very much to him and thanks to everyone who have have purchase tickets to the event again. It's it's this Friday at the Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club in Las Vegas Link promenade right next to Caesar's seven o'clock done by eight thirty Ish Will do the The the Trivia challenge with you on Yonge check Dominic Reyes Derek Lewis US and Michael Kiiza. QNA afterwards giveaways meeting reads all that stuff and more. There's a lot and by the way. It's a huge huge weekend. I know everyone's excited about connors. Return on January eighteenth and rightfully so. It's weird that they haven't officially put out a poster her or a ticket sale day or anything like that about that fight weird right. A lot of people have been asking me about press conference right now. I heard they've changed it. It's not going to be a q one seasonal press conference just going to be a press conference for the February Eighth Card in Houston nine. Oh we're really close to January eighteenth so the idea of have connor coming to Vegas and SARONIC. Maybe it's asking a lot but it does seem like it's awfully hush-hush like there's been no official announcement spend if you will just saying just throwing it out there So yeah it's been changed just Jones and raise Shevchenko chiquet GIN. But if you're going to vegas there's a lot to do quintet on Thursday. They're not asking me to plug them. But Hey I'll be nice. Guy Plugged up its UFC WBZ strikeforce. Pride you have C.. VERSUS WC versus strike force versus pride this is the Kazushi Suck Araba grappling event. If you will which my good pal at Devon's Kinda created These are the rosters. It's pretty amazing team. You have see Anthony Smith Rumble. Johnson Sean o'malley Gilbert Burns Klay Guido team. WC Chad Mendez Cub Swanson. Gloucestershire Mark Munoz. James Krause Team Pride Kazushi Kazushi Soccer Raba Takanori Ghomi Gregor Gracie Hector Lombard. You've Edwards team strikeforce Gilbert Melendez. Jake Jake Shields King Mo Jay Z.. Kante and Bob Lucero. These are big names. These are really big names. So that's on Thursday if you're if you're in town on suggests checking that out quintet tra- Friday you've got the winds you've got that press conference mention and my show at some PM and Saturday you have to forty five. You're GonNa Vegas you've got a lot to do and by the way on my radio show if you're in your car at home to Chillan Five to seven eastern on on. ESPN radio the two forty five pre show. So there's a lot going on. I'm excited to get out there and Most excited because my good friend the brains behind signed this operation producer extraordinaire. TST will be making his Vegas debut. Is that righty. St Vegas debut. Wow Mark we're GONNA a headed up run a tear the town up you introduce him as the Vegas man so I can't wait to rack his brain. Are you nervous. Are you excited. Are you anxious. No I'm not I mean listen. I don't get anxious like you. You're the first one I've ever met. I'm very excited. I can't wait for the fights. Press conferences for the roadshow. It'll be blessed. Coby coby my guy. Yes unbeliev leave. Are you ready. Are you pack to meet him. But the way a minimalist does he pack anything when he goes on a trip like a minimalist just brings a backpack brings Are you serious close. And that's it. Yeah it's bring a backpack that's it that's it. Wow so you're just gonNA wear the same thing the whole time all have two outfits some then maybe some sleeping close in some work clothes and that'll be look at you. Unbelievable well that That's a good segue for everyone's favourite segment of the week st minimalist okay aerial so over the past few weeks do a quick review so they talked about asking asking yourself more questions about the ninety ninety rule for rendered determined to get rid of things about getting rid of stuff people no longer serve a purpose. So if you've been following along long and you have taken my advice and if you've eliminated distractions as well you might find yourself with some free time. Now that you've got some free time you need to start trying to find out you know what are my values. What do I stand for? What kind of person am I we? We really don't do. These kinds of inward crosses sees all the time where we a have to try to find out who we are. Do that deep digging. Because we're always so busy always on the go. We've got so much stuff so many distractions all the time. So when I decided to to truly convert to minimalism I was like you know who am I like what do I stand. What do I like to do and so I kind of narrowed down my values and I turned that I really just love in my time doing the things that I like to do? And that's being outside being active. That is listening to podcasts. That it's being with my friends that's calling my friends friends family on the phone writing letters. I love sending mail and doing things like that and I do things like that. I love exploring and traveling. That's why I'm pumped. I'M TO VEGAS TO GO check out some new spots and I'm always going somewhere. I'm always doing something fun. I'm always down for an adventure and those are the things that I determined that I love to do when I finally got the free time my life has been so much better my quality of life outside of work and all those things ever since I became a minimalist. Wow and by the way have we ever established win. When in fact you became a minimalist and and and y you became one like what was the turning point in your life so I became? I started considering minimalism. In late twenty sixteen eighteen. I had both a a friend in an ex girlfriend will recommend a documentary to me about minimalism and I take recommendations. I'm very seriously from people that I trust and I watched that film and it has been the single most impactful work of art literature theater that is ever impacted my well. Do you mind telling us then. Yeah it's it's on Netflix. It just call. It's called minimalism meaningful life okay. Change your now minimalism. A documentary about the important things. Okay this is back in two thousand sixteen so we're approaching four years. Yes since I since I made the move and you were how old at that time. When I became a minimalist I think I was? I was twenty twenty. Look at you now down almost twenty four area. We're GonNa wish me a happy birthday on December thirty first. I did not know no party New Year's Eve birthday. Wow this explains so much very go while love it. I'm looking forward to seeing you there and Troy Oy or I should say tse. I broke down the wall. I just broke K.. FEHB TST will be in attendance at the roadshows well including NEAR CREEK SO WE'RE GONNA have New York Rick N. T. S. T. in attendance if only corporate jake were there all my lovers would be in the same spot. Okay Yeah Great Me Mark York Rick and Colby all hanging out amazing all right so we've got some reviews here people giving you some love. Great Listen Five Stars. I love me some area who wanna this comes from a person who didn't give us a name emojis. I love me some area Hawaii. I'm no mark. I've been a fan for quite some time. I work outside all day. So I listen to podcasts and music all day both of aerial shows are great. Listen I recommend it to any old school fan new school fan love her or hate her yard guaranteed and getting the best guess and Ma News. I enjoyed tea as well even when I think I'm going to be disappointed often far from it. Keep up the great work. It's appreciate it. Wow very nice. We're not disappointing. You Yeah I'd like to Thank this individual. But he didn't give us a name or she next review comes from team discharge and this one is titled. TST It has five stars and this is a a great follow up to what I was just talking about recommendations so address to me. Hey Bud I remember hearing about you checking out places and trying different beers. One of my passions nations is craft beer. We have a place in Las Vegas called Parkway Tavern they have over two hundred and fifty beers. It's off the Strip so you also get a little taste of the local population Asian as opposed to our tourist atmosphere. You guys are doing an amazing job. Happy Holidays Wow that air you wanna go grab a beer parkway tavern absolutely cut. I don't drink beer but I'm wondering if you'RE GONNA go. Oh I'm definitely going to go. I was going to invite you. I was maybe you know. Buy You a beer. No no not my the thing. Also I got a lot of work to do time to dilly dally with your your your bar hop. I'm going to start fun but let me know how it goes gives her view next week. I will do that all right well. I think we've reached the end. This particular episode has flown by if I do say so myself and there's a lot to be excited about my friends maybe that's why it's flying by USC. To forty five the final you have see pay per view of the decade Camara Roseman. Koby Covington welterweight title. Max Holloway Alexander Volkov Sqi. We spoke to Alexander on on. Monday's show check that out. It's on the feet. Check US out apple podcast. spotify the APP all those places are more. Amanda Nunez spoke to her to Germain randomly. I'll be immediately tomorrow so we'll hopefully talk to more people shows Aldo fighting at one. Thirty five have you seen the photos does have you seen the photos against Marlon Moore is what about your favorite gets Putera Yang little mini one thirty five tournament one about Mike. Mike Perry Gets Jeff Neal Mike Berry four months ago. had his nose rearranged. He's back already crazy Matt Brown Ben Saunders. That should be fun. Kaikoura France looking forward to that one PUNA Soriano of contender series fame. Jessica I returning. There's a lot to like it. Kicks off six fifteen on on. ESPN plus that's eastern and it's in the midst of my radio show so you can watch and listen at the same time and then prelims on ESPN two at eight eastern. Of course I pay per view on ESPN close at ten PM. Eastern off to Las Vegas. Thanks as always for listening subscribing downloading rating. All those things and more. I love you all. We'll talk to you out. There enjoy the fights and of course next week we'll be back same time and place

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