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Hi podcast fans. I'm maddie. Stout. And I love podcasts so much that I started my own podcast called access podcast. It's the podcast about podcast each week. I have conversations with some of the world's greatest podcasters, and I try to help you find new stuff to listen to their over seven hundred thousand podcasts in the world. My goal is to help you find your next podcast to binge season. Three of access podcast is up now. Listen to subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. This is I heart radio Pratt cast with Steph me fat, and well. Lattice. We have been waiting for this day for so long. And it is finally here. You guys don't understand how hard it has been for me to tread water on this show and just try to figure out what the heck to talk about for what seems like nine months now but finally MTV decided to put out this television show that they tease back in two thousand fifteen last night. Can wait. Well hills only when did you this podcast home 'cause we were talking about the hills and the last one, it's like nine months were absolutely torture for you. I was sold on this show of. Hey, listen. The hills are coming back. Awesome dote. We should do a podcast about it. Hell, yeah. Let's do that Gus getting the studio nine months later. We're finally here didn't care about haired, you could girls that weren't in Hong Kong. No just every woman, grave listening knows the show was suppose. To come a little earlier. Correct. And then they pushed it back a little bit which. Oh, and that was my birthday because I'm so crazy about my birthday. You guys I know f- anyways back because there's more drama. I loved the episode last night, by the way, let me so happy to hear that. I mean there's just a lot of players involved. And so it was like, okay, okay. So there then, then, then this, this person this was all the numbers I forgot. And then they're starting to add new people, and we sprinkled in the little Pam Anderson. And then all of a sudden Z J's back down, come on. I mean that was the greatest role on his cupboards. Oh, I know he had, by the way is houses pretty clean for a mom to be like irritated. Can I just say, like there's so many I feel like there's so many staged sets in there like when when Adrianna was like unpacking? There's nothing in those boxes. There's no is anything in those boxes. So when was this? Like go go put some boxes and right like bathroom stuff and throw it in there. I had a few moments where I was like this real ones. We'll get to it Brandon's cupboard. I was like, really it's like being a butter and. Cereal that seemed more realize that really okay? Okay, let's string cheese and a ton of frozen Amy's food lean cuisines, only the chicken enchiladas and pizza. Okay. So I feel that that's your house to really. I don't have any food. I've only been to the market, the re time eat vegetables. I'm just never. I'm never. We hold on. We've been waiting for this moment. Okay. Yeah. Back to pack for all our lives. I'm talking about lean cuisine. Up with Brody and Caitlyn. I'm like bef- on hold. Did you want go right? Into that. Yeah. You want to jump into that absolute. Yes. Dumpster fire a relationship even talking about it all night. I, I just feel bad for both of them. And then I started watching their press, they did yesterday to see what their body language was, and I'm like, okay, what's happening net press they were on KTLA. Oh my favorite. Oh my God. It doesn't even look like they like each other on the show, it really doesn't. I mean he's leading his car by the way, which is also go to a couch or something. I don't understand why you go to your car, does he have like a nice big car to Sipe it up. I thought that's why they showed the gratuitous shot of the giant truck. Are that makes sense? What did I miss? Did you watch the show? Brodie went out with Spencer, is what I assumed and Frankie and went out late and came home. And Caitlyn was like real mad at him. So he slept in his truck. No, no, no, no, no, no. What happened was? Did you see? And the chart is what happened was. She was mad because he came home white pass curfew or whatever. And I guess she like went off on about that he slept in the bed, and Vale. What's that? I know he slept, he slept in the bed, and then in the morning, he went and slept in his car to get some extra sleep because she was angry. I didn't gather that. And then he was hung over so he went and got some champagne, which was epic. Got some respect on that really hard. I laughed. Okay. So the reason why phasing physial not because I was live Instagram storing. She made that beautiful egg toast, and then they just Becker wait. I laughed so hard. When Brody said that he doesn't drink, or drink hard liquor, I was cackling like on the floor rolling around trying. I am bull. We are taking shots all the time. Yeah. That checks out. I mean hilarious sidebar. He is smoking hot. And so is Justin Bobby, like they are Justin Bobby wearing off make after show guideline on the after show we were talking about before the show, God, definitely a guy liner, and you know what? Here's a thing about Justin, Bobby so works if he still looks good amazed, you know, just and Bobby did this would Justin, Justin. Bobby went and looked at all of Johnny Denny's. Like early nineties looks and was like this will we're going to do this month. We're going to do a here's what I like to say. Hey, brody. Hey, Justin, Bobby, you're aging, like a fine, y I know they're like Paul Rudd over here, how I was already attracted to them both. Yeah. I was it was totally befuddled by the fighting. What about Brandon not feeling it? But that's just my personal tape. Looks exactly like his dad love that. That's his parents. Also why? Is he in a feud with his dad so many unanswered matching really crazy on that was a physical altercation like months ago, Google okay, but it wasn't answered on the show. No. But how about the shower shot? I saw like that. You see some marrying brand Manley Roman a but but fuzzy but both row. No. Did you see that stuff? I just I don't love the risque parts. Yeah. I wish it was like classy. Oh, like Heidi in the bathtub. Oh, brandon. Like I just keep a classy, we've been jumping around on this. So I feel like there's a little fragmented, which makes sense because that's come with this podcast is. But here's the one thing that I couldn't help notice when they started going to your brother, and Heidi a lot. Why do they have the one glasses that can fit an entire bottle of wine in them? They have to hold them like their T torches, and they're going down to the catacombs. They're so big. Why do you guys has a giant wine glasses? They drink every day, though. I fully noticed that and thought she had a harder time holding what he did, and then, like governor started crying, and she put down the wine. And, and he is like, I'm gonna drink your wine. She's like me really mad. And I'm like, how much what is in this how, how who what appeared to be fulltime assistance? Make your hair. They had one set. Assistant, one said gunners sums instant and one hundred a nanny and her makeup artists. Okay. Look like they had of. Lauda always there. Yeah. It's their friends. Glenn crazy rally is their godfather. So got a cool crew? I think also Perez Hilton is the gun is God found out during the series and that says everything about these two regional by the way, in the tease the next episode where pres- Hilton and me shook it into it res- Hilton, literally does what he does on his website in real life, where he somehow spins it to be an attack on him and not on me. And he's the godfather. I mean, it's just life sake. It's crazy. But whatever. Also you. You asked you asked earlier like in early episodes, if I would be able to tell you who the star of the show is. So I'm gonna tell you because I thought about it. Governor no, the star or the stars of the show is adrenal Justin Bobby God, I kind of agree. Oh for sure. One hundred per se, shedding out that your rounded, like adrenal is going to narrate the show. Really well at the beginning of the series, it's her talking, and I feel like maybe she had been doing it and they changed the format. The I, I think she was set to be the narrator. She definitely the star. She gets the open seen, right? And then you get the second scene, which is great. I have never looked at it like this. Yeah, I liked your kind of like here I am. Oh, I watch TV. I watch reality TV, like that, too, because you can tell who is important by how how they're lining everything up. You think for sure? I mean it's like it's like a cake you layer it in the way that you want people to before people, check out. You know, leave the show they wanna make sure they get you in the important thing. So, like, I think Drina like I don't know what's going like, but they're going to get married then this thing, everyone is shipping this Sohar right now agree. You know, I cried I actually shed tears, not once but twice once when she was by the pool, talking about the divorce. And then again when she broke down with you human tears falling down. My eyeballs is wrong with me that I'm that when she's trying to me, that's later on. And it's a different context. It's not about when in the episode last night. Yeah. When she says, I have to protect myself, and she's going to be no no, no. When she's at poolside with high now, I'm talks about how hard, the divorce is that you just said, she caused me. Oh, maybe it was in one of those confessionals at at some point I, she talked about the divorce again. And I cried again, what was she talking to you about that? I have. Now forgotten. I think it was like it shows her crying and. The lunch. Yep. You too weren't having lunch. No. We're standing up as wearing a leper jacket. I thought you were at a table outside. See, I'm gonna have to watch this episode a couple of times in the Incheon. You continue anyways. That's on different context. But anyways if these two, you know, this is this is Ross n Rachel, and Rachel, this is this is Jim and panel. Pam Wright, butter and jelly. Yeah. Exactly. Jake Jake Ryan and Molly ringwald. Wow. Older listeners. Hat John Hughes reference, right there. He's so smoldering, are you not finding him to be so sexy and hot? No, I've never ever thought. Oh, am a completely straight, man. But even I will admit I get it. He was like, totally get it. And I even like pretty boys. But I mean he's not at all. I don't like he's a like a dirty deal cuts, like not like that. But like he's Johnny Depp in the nineties, like that's what he is. I totally agree. I could looking at them in being like do I know you the surfing Brody and Justin? Bobby surveyors sick at surfing and they're such bay, it's like just only about and maybe maliciously Mark the older ladies out there. Tune in like nothing is happening. I know. No, I could never date anyone. The bachelor. I'm not gonna lie. I love it. So he's closer. Always falling off, like look and pay attention. He wears the tightest jeans the his but is always like ripped off. And he's got like safety pins as like style. He's whenever he's not my house. He's asking me for like Bobby pin Justin, Bobby and safety pins. None of prizes me, I know, but how are you going to date, someone who's got like ragged clothes on a eyeliner on Oprah's when Bobby pins and he's always sucking on. He lost his teeth. He's always sucking on a toothpick or he's floating his teeth in public. No joke. He even had it when we do the after show with Michael Strahan. And he even said he was like, are you floss seeing rush breath might be Maurie? Oh, gum disease. Oh my God. Youtube is a serious ginge of the fight against ginger Vitus is real. I like. I like that. They're a little bit older. That's what I was gonna say. There are a little older than the guys on the bachelor. So like, yeah, just in Bob. Alright. So here's what I think's going to happen. Okay. Okay. I think that Brody and Caitlyn or going to split up. I'm sorry. But I think this is just from the first episode, I think they're going to split up, and there's going to be some new love interest with Brody. I think that Adriana and just in are going to be off, and on for like, at least the the entirety of the first season and then the TS will be for season two that maybe they get together. That's what I'm that's what I think's going to happen. That's my dream, but I don't think it's going to happen. No, I don't I don't think Audrey and then just and Bobby are going to end up together, but I would love if they did they're gonna have to go there and he's in a burner. No. You think they're going to get together and then he's gonna dump her. He's a tour vision. This is this is a story as old as time goes a hairdresser. He's a he's a touring musician on the on the after show. I know he's always string. He's in a band. It hasn't really been Strahan's box strands like will you can jump on a plane or like going in the in the vans tough, and she's like, yeah. Well, I've dated musicians. You've got a fly to where they are. Right. Remember, she dated Ryan Cabrera? Yeah. She's got weird. Taste man is all over the board, right? What's happening here. And now is the funniest last night. I also died. I can't remember who said it. I was just like even all mainstream soy was like worse advise ever. Someone's like it's always best to go back to necks agree blacks was back in the Welsh. Back in new global on people. The quote was the best rebound is with an X. Oh, because, you know what you're getting at least you know, you know, if they know how to work everything, which I, I don't disagree with wholeheartedly also. If you're ex is Johnny Depp circa, nineteen ninety three only on jump back in there with Edward Scissorhands. Let's do his band, is called my God. And he's air her adverts that his band should've been called Edward Suzanne. Bobby Roddy, vox? Come on, is such a good Ned all to good. Here's the thing I think I love to hate him. Now you're turning into hey, I know they can obsession. No, he just, he's that guy that you're just like he does this to every girl, you know, you're gonna love him. Really? He is. He really is his own character. And he's not on the show as Adriana on and off. He is like fully independent from her, and he's deep, he talks about his family, like he opens up so much like the whole cast, including me were like this is like incredible. Like you're in cool. Yeah. So you guys are gonna fall in love with him. He might my favorite thing about him right now. He has the I want to speak to the manager haircut and I still like him. This guy can pull off, literally anything Bobby pins, in the but okay band name named Bobby rocks. All right. Even worse. But what? Whatever any lives in the bungalow blues in a treehouse bungalow, Gino, he is. He is the dean of MTV berry. Well is the dean of MTV teeny bags Dini babies, they need DC. He's the guy that, you know, you shouldn't date because he's going to be off traveling the world doing this thing. But everyone wants that guy. And you wonder how often do shower. But I'm okay with. Yeah. Wait avenue idea. Let's take a break. I have an idea of an ideal. Are you following your passion? I'm Carla Murray, the host of side, Hustler's I talked to people following their passion outside of their regular job. Everyone either has a side hustle, or wants to create a side hustle. Get inspired to start your own business, or just hear the story and hustle of every side hustler. Get motivated with side Hustler's. Listen and subscribe on the iheartradio app at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts a goal days ago. There was the, the MTV hills premier in Los Angeles. And I don't know if we told you this, but we sent out Tori to go interview all the cast and why did you? Did you didn't you didn't like like blower cover though, right? Yeah. It was like broccoli. Do you introduce interviewed spider, yet told me everything? So we've got some clips from the red carpet. And I wanted to play some of you and then we'll talk about it. Let's start out with Brandon Lee. I feel like this'll be a good one. Do you think started the most drama? I this upset this one hundred times Spencer Pratt. Oh not Stephanie, Pratt know Spencer from one hundred percent. We'll both of them. They're both you said Spencer, Pat, I though Spencer. Yeah. They're both out of their minds. Teams have love it. I love that. Tori was defending you in cognitive oh. That was well done. Tori him Prouty seriously. So he says that Spencer is the most dramatic and then you're a close second. You're both crazy. How do you feel about that? Are you close to that, dude? I'm not really. Yeah. I mean I like joke Arana interviews always going like he's so hot and same with my Instagram story, 'cause I know he loves that. But like I don't even have his phone number. Do you think it's so weird because I read an article and he said that the first time he met me. I was. Yeah. But it's so weird. Because the first time I met him he weighs like talking to producer about to like, you know, film, I think for the first time I don't know. I don't know if it was. And so I didn't go over like introduce myself, right, then because it looks like you know, very serious and the rest of the night, he was just chatting up girls, and yet all these girls and like he looked like, you know, an era. Logan, mini Brody. And I was just like okay. Well, I'm not going to be one of those girls. It's like hype Renton because he is like ten years younger than me as well. So, yeah, I was not going to be a groupie, but I was never a bit like, once we did by actually meet, you know, this is a little bit of a, I know where you're going with this. Yeah. Like a repetitive thing that we keep hearing, like when we had chat on a couple episodes, go he was like the first time, we met you remain to me because he was, like, literally that arrogant guy like I'm chat. Look, I don't like arrogant guys, obviously, I think I think girls have really spoiled men these days. All right. Let's, let's do Frankie Delgado. We got a clip from hill on a here. This one for Stephanie Pratt. Specifically. I, I honestly want her and Spencer to men whatever they they're going through. I love them both dearly. He seems like the nicest guy in the world really is like he's just one big tidy bear like with a heart exploding. He's so sweet. Yeah. L. I like I like frame love Frankie. He's the only person I stayed in contact with really. And we had, he's about thirtieth birthday party know which by the way, MTV for cliff-hanging us on that we are building up to that one moment. And then we don't get to see it to my welcome home party is Brechin. Banana, I love you like the first five that this is how here's mice things. I think that Adrina and just and Bobby are the stars. And I think you might be one a because you like, hey did a one eight say three okay. Yeah. The free, then three because Adrina opens the show, then it's your thing. And then the entire show basically is a leading up to your birthday party. And then we clip, I'm home party. A welcome home party, whatever. And then to now we know that probably acts one through three in next episode is going to be your birthday party. Welcome home party. Welcome home. Party Stott aging freak. Sorry. We just talk about Michel Bardin real quick shy. She seems so confused to be there. And I think also America is very confused as well. I think everyone is confused about Meizhou Barton just in general. I'm sorry, not trying to be mean she seems lovely but she just seems like a fish out of water. Now here's my question. Are you is actually because like she comes to, like hang out with you in the beach and in be like? I don't believe this and she called. Stephanie was the dead giveaway was like either really though each other. Who even known each other like early twenties in passing? Maybe not. We would ask we really. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Can I tell you really quickly something so funny? Yes. Okay. So during the press tour when everyone was asking me, she'll like you know why did you decide to to this? How'd you like what would you say? Definitely to do it all, I'm she lives like, you know, we'll MTV was stalking me. Like I you know, I didn't know what I was going to do. But then, like they started showing up like everywhere, like they came to my hair salon, like when I was getting my hair done. They came to the salon, and there were like you have to sign up. So like, because they stalked me for three months, like I did it. And I don't know how the experience was all of a sudden, Brandon Lee cut said and he goes, Michel, bul-, bul- bul-. You are superfan you used to find out where the hills filming and go and go. Find them real she. Oh my God speechless I was dying Brody night, like we're all dying. And she goes, well, y'all like we would find out when it was filming. And you're a you're by the way, your impersonation of her is spot off, really. Makes her interview she did with Tori weirder. Okay. Oh my God. Ready for this? She goes. Well, you know, we'd find like the soundtrack and we'd be like can we listen like we want to hear drama? Can we like wear the headphones? It was Nicole Richie who was like, really the super fans. She kinda just like dragged me there. Okay. Do you die? So hang MTV is chasing her. I'm sorry Ray. So we caught up with her on the red carpet. I gotta hear what means you add this. Oh my God. Did you watch the hills originally? I actually didn't because I was busy doing. Oh, see. Aware that they were doing and I was fans of theirs. I thought they were fun. How are you fans? If you didn't watch the show. Literally see this is why confusing and easing just straight up. She in general is just confusing her being on the show. Confusing her not being a fan of being a fan of using stories. Confusing. Everything is up needs to stay one story. Yeah, so let's just say you watch the show lot and you stocked us. Yeah, no one stuck you at your hair salon. You stocked us. What did you think about her on the like I'm just competitive out there trailer with her and press juicy cannot wait next week something my party. It's ring at really, I here's my thing. I really hope she's able to stand her ground. But I don't think she's going to be able to I think that he not say that she's not smart, but he has been having to put out fires and argue his for so long he knows how to do it's impossible to go against them. Yeah. And my brother is worth because it's two against one. And so no one ever believes me because they've already got the majority and what do sheep do. They sheep it. They fought they, they all stick together. It does seem like there's also a Huseynov show up against them, and it same with pres- because he's so manipulating. I mean it's just him and Spencer the exact same. You just don't win there seems to be a Brody Spencer fight coming. I saw some clips of that. Yeah. Okay. So we went on your Instagram, and we asked people call for questions. We've got one. From leaving. I've never done this before this is cool. This is Nick thirty five years old. Let's hear what he's got to say. Nikki there. Hey, so Caen. Oh my God. Hi. So I thought this show with all right last night, but I'm just worried Heidi and we're going to pull the show back again. Like they did the first time around. What do you mean by that? Hold of back. I just feel like you know, in high expensive, they act when they kinda like actual, please e they just her set the tone, lower that the bar for the town, lower that should've been, I feel like we could have gotten more would've express more, so a first time around with it wasn't for like, by just being jerks. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I just wanna see Stephanie on the show, get you having her own storyline isn't about Heidi and Spencer at this point. That is like, so sweet, because when I saw the trailer poster like honestly, like I was appalled like I've given mine tire life. I've sacrificed my parents in this, like my whole life has changed forever. So you've been here at your right? Like in the trailer. Like I can already tell they're trying to make me Spencer sister in it. I honestly like not being in it and, like how I it just feels like they're taking my done anyway. I hope is that the one where through is it the postal Ramiz like way out in front. Yeah, it looks like she was photo shopped in there, by the way. No wanted to say that, like I don't think she was there for that is me. And then I got Photoshop maybe so. To offer outside of just, you know, whatever fighting is doing, and it's just there's so one dimensional at this point. And I don't care nothing. They do intrigues me at this point like you. All you're always surprises and you always take chances, and that's what I really kinda won't have one, see on the hill or anywhere at this point. So. All right. That's so nice. Thank you for the support Vic, thanks for calling into the Pratt cast, buddy. Have a good on man. Nick learning view your current by. All right. We got another call from from Arielle is an Arielle or aerial aerial. All right. All right. I'll look stuff, isn't it? Neat. Do you have a question for us? Every time I love it. So I guess my main question would be what it like we, we living, some of the stuff you know, from filming prior, and then now kind of do it again. Is it weird at all? Or, you know, do you kind of is it like just 'cause I was watching her Instagram stories, and it's kind of irritating, a little shocked that and some of the stuff you where we living in is that weird for you or the kind of just, you know, you've been in reality TV a little bit. So now to kind of, you know, you're used to it. You know, the sounds like really bad. But it is like I was born yesterday every day, I think that is part of the reason, I'm on reality TV because I get so shocked and I am gullible and I just always think. That it's gonna be good. And then I'm just always shocked by people's behavior because I really do keep it real one hundred percent. Unlike what we're talking about earlier with Michel like these stories don't add up. You know throughout the show and. Honestly, like when one of the stories I did last night, where Heidi comes from me shy is just like she is the girl that is mean always, unlike that is showing because before that, she says, I feel really sick to my stomach or something about seeing Stephanie will. Yup. Because you can have been a to me for ten years. You know, like they're just already turning it on me. It's just so frustrating, I mean you're to my problem with this series. And with coming back to allay is all the rumors that these people start about me the entire series. There's probably four rumors about me that just aren't true. But again, you know, the majority sticks together and it's sheep and it's not tell the end that everyone's going to be like got it. She never lied. So here's my thing. This is my question. When I watched back like bachelorette, or, or paradise the shows that I'm on. I'm always like, oh, I didn't know that. Happened. But that all happened like I never like not didn't happen or like they edited that weird. You ever feel that way? We're like that didn't happen or. No. Let's completely real. Right. I think that's a good thing for people to like here, though, is because that's the one question I always guys like it's not really read scripted. And I'm like, no. That's just what happened. Everyone just wackadoo. Yeah. Ariana. Did you like that? Perservered. I'm glad I did. I love it. I want you're more of a focal point, especially because, you know, sometimes it can be so center on people. But, you know, I like because I watched in Laguna beach, and I watch the hill or you know original. And it's just kind of often Issey to grow up with you guys. And then seeing, you know, they come new parts of your life and aspects that, you know, in, I think it's cool that you there'd be so open and very brave just to kind of kind of a dress them this stuff. So publicly. Yeah. I, I love that showed definitely think it's exciting to have shot and Brandon on and caption of main paratrooper, the basis it. But Jason Nash who had. Yeah. Go like you said. Like I said, I love I love. I love that. But though, and really, they see how the seasonable, oh my I think you're going to be really happy on so happy loved it on a scale of one to ten last question. How hot is Justin, Bobby to you. You know. I didn't wasn't very Jim like in the first, you know the original health, but now I think he's like definitely as always, like nine or ten. Oh my I think, again, this is like. I mean this is wild while he's so hyped up right now. I think everyone is like on the Justin trade for him. So thanks so much for calling in, dude. Gosh, thank you so much. Of course, have a great wrec severe weeknights. U2.. I all right. One more from Christina who's in Canada. How boot on my favorite. Oh my gosh. I've been talking to e- Canada on carpets lately. And every time I say you guys my favorite Canada is my favorite win. The whole world is at war. I'm moving to Canada. Okay. Also, when I first went to Europe when I moved to Paris, I literally told everyone I was Canadian never so nice to meet you smart move. Yeah. I love hockey players only got Canada rules Christina. How are you, Christina brought? How are you guys great? You got any questions for Steph. Bigger question would be what is the biggest difference? I think during the hill. Second time because I think before, like I was thinking, producer earlier. I found you're still eatable the first time you're on the show because you were so normal, and, and I don't mean that in an like an offensive way. But never been called normal thing. He. You. Hyun like you kinda seem like okay you didn't you weren't sure what you want to see what your life quite yet? Like you have these ideas, and he really at bulls. But you weren't sure like what you wanted to do. And I just signed up to relatable because ever Oklahoma show, would I be this is going to be that? So I guess that's the biggest difference going back on the show a second time, because it kind of seems like now you really have a much more. I guess level head with everything, and you're really confident you are, you know, and I. The only reason that I've grown like that is because right when the hills ended, I moved to London and I did a show over there for five years. A clothing line jewelry, line, Trish supplement line Ida bestselling memoir. I'm not bragging. But all I did was work myself to the bone. And I wanted to do it to make my parents proud, and I just became independent I wasn't Spence's little sister anymore. I was confident because I get all my confidence and self esteem from working. That's why love to work and I put work before dating and everything this time around. I just really really thought that things would change, you know, like with, with my family, I didn't think that this was going to be the broken record. I really thought I honored the goodness taught it was going to change to, like, Islas Huber, again your brother and his wife, like in the I, I guess. Sega of the hill. And then I started falling on social media, I'll pay maybe the hell, maybe the show was really edited, maybe it was very fake, because they seemed really down to earth, and then all of the sudden, once they started getting, you know, that inkling of fame, again like they held is coming back. I feel like they really switched who were get. They just never changed. I mean they're like an incredible couple. They feed hummingbirds and love each other so much on her soccer, great so media, great parents to gun are they're unbelievable as a team the three of them like they're beautiful family. But with me. It's I don't think it's ever going to end and I kind of thought that at the end of the episode last night. So I just I'm foolish for thinking things would change this around after eight years crop color, fair. I think people do feature it and I hope that, that they do for sure know a lot of people like I said before you that I know. So, yeah. I mean I do want to warn you. It's going to be like super up and down. So I'm sure like your feelings about them, we'll, you know, change and baby be good. So it's just a roller coaster threes, clear on the ride. I definitely will think so much for taking my call, and I thank you guys. Christina last question, we're asking everybody scale of one to ten how hot is Justin, Bobby. Oh. Actually, eight like he's not my sil-, but I'm I he's new and improved for sure. Like, even when people like him, he's getting eight. Right. Right. Hate this guy. I knew Brody was an eight to. Yeah. Guys, so that like it doesn't matter what he wears or what he does is Charlie. He kind of has this Jamie or I call him j b now like Justin Bieber. But he's destined Bobby ORR. Brody if you had to be stuck on an island with one of them is so funny. I don't know not only been abode fan, but I kind of after seeing him with Kate Lamont, go. Oh, we haven't. We could. I think Justin Bobby, too. I feel like he treated nice. I really do. You got. Company, liferaft and leave you behind. I know I gotta go to log for Jiro. Evening. He would wander away and leave you. I think he'd be very philosophical, he'd at least provides entertainment. Yeah. Yeah. Feel all some. You know, you'll be able to think about it while you're there by yourself. You love you code at that you're sick are. Thanks, Christina have a great day. Thanks so much Bye-bye. All right. We've got one more and then I want to talk about the after show because I feel like there was a lot there. Okay. We got Stephanie line from Chicago. Stephanie, how are you? Hey, seventy. Harry, you we're great. Thanks for calling in. What's your question? So I mean, I guess it's more of a statement than it is a question. But obviously I watched the premiere last night, and I thought it would great. I've been watching can be very ginning, but on the after so, Heidi and Spencer, you kinda of them, you did call them out, and then I go and listen to their Pat cast today in Heidi, you know, basically hypocrite. I see cats everybody else. But then she says, oh, people talk about me, but they'll never say to my face. And then when you do cholera out here. Like, shuts it down and said, oh, we're not talking about that anymore. Oh my God. Wait till the next episode. So I have I have tried. I mean we fight off camera. I mean all the time, you know, we both live in the Pacific Palisades. They so the after show I actually like teared up. I don't know. Did you watch my Instagram stories? They did. So I was I left New York just like on cloud nine I had finally won the two against one impossible fight. You know, they've been lying and saying, every time people say, like, you know, hubs relationship, and I'm like it's not good. Like I found out on my birthday that they had a baby on the Daily Mail. And, you know, my mom didn't tell me they didn't tell me they found out what the rest of the world, that's so hurtful. And they turn this in to Stephanie like it's so selfish and self centered that you can't be happy that I gave birth to this beautiful boy, like, how were you not celebrating and happy for us? You just make everything about yourself and that this deal. Attention from your birthday. I mean you're just kicking. Awful, which doesn't swear. And so I was like this isn't about my birthday. I'm not wild about turning thirty two. This is my twenty first birthday. And like I was having like one of those huge Sweet Sixteen parties like cars and stuff. Maybe I'd be upset. This was turning thirty two. I was in front of czar waiting for it to open when I saw this on the Daily Mail so throughout the entire series. So they don't look like they have been lying, and saying they told me in advance. They're always saying Stephanie, we told you days in advance, we told you days in advance because gunner was already like a week or two weeks old. No, no, no, no. So I when they're on Skype. I said that is a blatant lie admitted admit it. And they're like looking at each other smiling. This is all cut out like this kills me that this was cut out, and they're like smiling at each other. And they finally admit it like in front of the whole cost, Michael Strahan. Live audience. This why. No, I can say because a whole live audience saw, this do they both looked at me and they're like fine. We never told you because we had a magazine cover in the works. And I had thank you on. I was like everyone like I have not been lying this entire time like they, they make up and because it's against one and they're just so. Spencer is just really commands of room. I never have one, and I finally one and that's like the whole thing, why I don't talk to my mom is like she never believes me like she believes Spencer through that, like she never believes me. So I mean this season has really changed my life, but the after show is just like the satisfaction that I really deserved a needed after all these rumors about me throughout the series that you'll see. Well, look, it don't stop sending up to them because I feel like their responses are very vague. Like they never elaborate on anything. They always just say okay he's lying. She's making up. We'll elaborate and show receipts, or whatever it is to prove that, she is like, if you wanna like, right. Just gets loud and shouts at me and, you know, calls me names, he just like he can never have a conversation and say, you know what? Stephanie, we didn't tell you because we weren't on speaking terms. What's wrong with that? You know. It. Let's say you're lying to everyone. We told you days in advance. Why are you doing this? Why are you upset that this took attention away from your birthday? I mean don't make me look like this bull. Who cares about turning thirty two so much? The all seemed aware thing where he answered a question with, like we law love Stephanie, she's great and was like, wait. What's that didn't really answer the question? Now I thought he says, every that is go to press comment about me, it's, she's a great addition to the show, and that's them trying to look good in the price and not have any controversy. So it looks like I'm the one all my podcasts and always, but how else have I going to tell the truth? It's not fair, especially when stuff like that has been cut out, like I have to get my side of the story out, arouse people are going to believe these monsters. This is so fake because they talk about how everybody talks about them, but then they do the same thing. I actually just listen to their podcasts earlier and I mean center talking, and then Heidi to panic revenge. She goes, well, I you know, I hope nothing but the best Stephanie, exactly Inc going for her. But, like, why can't you say that to her face to your, you know, it's so funny in the episode when she tells Audrey when Audrey upset about, like where she is the way beginning, she goes Drina? You're beautiful. You're smart. You have so much like that is memorized. I get that speech like at Christmas. Yeah. Like she's just so she's as fake as she looks. Stephanie, thanks for calling may not go. The question. Don't worry. We got a bit. We've got a bit. We're asking everyone skilled one to ten how hot is Justin, Bobby. His definitely attack. Maybe a twelve cancels out the eight. So that means he's just rolling on tens avenue play. Can I say, one more thing I'm an in the after show you can see like when they come on I'm pissed like the whole cast is so tense because none of us wanted them there. That's why I'm sure they Skype in. Not because she was throwing up. But like you can see my face facial expressions after thought piece where I get them to admit it. I am Mike so smug and smiling. And it just makes no sense. If you're looking at me during the after show 'cause I'm pissed off a second. I'm smiling like you can tell that thought has been cut out because I was so happy after like, honestly it looks like I'm. Like nuts, like angry happy. Yeah. So, yeah, thank you sing that symphony Kaitlan are bent over with for the new air like. Stepney something I forget what they said. They said more that she said, but ya know? Of course they cut that out. Yeah. I'm thinking about. Yeah. Like after that all happened. And they left the whole costs was just like stuff like good job, like you stood up to them, like, we love you and Strahan was like for anyone that didn't think the show was real. Everyone was like our hands are sweating like you. I mean you can tell how times everyone like none of us happy at the after show like it was very tense. But yeah, the cast, like, honestly, I love them like they all were so supportive for like kind of the first time to be honest because they were all sipping. The Kool aid was Spidey. All right. Stephanie, thanks for calling in, dude. Thanks out much later. I. Hi, this is Mark Murphy. And I'm the host of a new podcast from iheartradio called food, three sixty. Some of you may know me as a chef and a New York restaurant tour, maybe recognize my voice is one of the judges on food network's chopped, I've been cooking for over thirty years, but I'm not done learning about food yet, and you should be there. Join me as we take a three hundred sixty degree look at history science culture and more all through the lens of food. It's about sugar right and understanding Mylar affect it's chemistry. It is protein and fat and feet. I was a American ship. Opening a restaurant in New York City, which was highly unusual hair new the new animal zoo. You know, let's go see that new animals. He striped exactly. When you're writing the recipe itself, don't be flowery. Don't be purple get that information across really what's writing on your recipe someone else's dinner, be sure to subscribe to route three sixty on the iheartradio app. Apple podcast forever. You listen to your favorite shows. Quintas talk about the after show, real quick. How never one who is that woman that was with Strahan. Sarah. Yeah. Okay. Who is she I don't understand what's going on. Also, then we double check that's her name. Also, how could he do that? He works for ABC, like, how is it even possible that he's allowed to host an after show? Mtv tracks really. I'm confused and basically because why didn't they call me to do it? I emailed, someone named Chris said. Yeah. And I said, you still need hosts for the after show or any other carpet, or events or anything. And she said, we always love a name to have. Oh, god. I submitted you. All right. Well, then I think they'd already booked, Michael Strahan, and some reality, but not random. She's on gem. And they have a bone is ABC cool with MTV. I'm so confused. They have their own show, Michael and Sarah, everyone show, she's awesome. I don't know. She's pregnant to like she said it sure. Looks bomb. All right. I don't I don't think we broke it down pretty well. Is there anything that you were annoyed with the show? Yes. In the trailer. Okay. It makes it look like I am hooking up with Justin because it shows us in a scene where like, I'm sure he just maybe laughs, I'm smiling. And then it goes to like me making out with someone like long hair and a hat. Yeah. And one not making out. That's another rumor on the show, which is really fun. No, no. Some Bobby internet with this guy dot guys Mike at singer. So I was not Justin. I've been watching the trailer thinking that I would use something like that. Never would grow and I also do not kiss him. Got everyone. Just starts with me. I honestly feel like Taylor swift. Drama follows me. Yeah. Literally, everything in the series is rumor is nothing is true. I am Mike even the entire time. And hopefully, you guys will concede that. Why are you laughing really hard reference? Blink page or Blake space. Whatever that saw is true, though, like, John. The follows me, I'm so chill because my dog been you know, like I raised them. Okay. You've known me how I know. You are you being upset about that is confusing to me, because that's how that goes, like, of course they build up the drama. Oh for sharing. But it's just one story. It is mine. Entire existed going this here on the bachelor the bachelor bachelorette every season, the trailer opens with oh my God. What happened? And then there's a ambulance, and then someone writing way in the ambulance and some then you find out like you've got a splinter you know, it's like, that's how they do it. You can't be mad about that. That's just how, but I just want the fans of Pratt cast and our listener Ohka to know stick with it for you stopped listening to Pratt cast because you start believing these rumors. Yeah. All right. I'm saving as well. Listen dimsum, but is it control background control damage control damage control? Yeah. Okay. We've got we've got to Spencer, clips and one Heidi clip from the red carpet. Okay. Yes. The premier Friday after. Yeah. Okay. So let's do I one just random Spencer one. Just go for it season. Yeah. You see my mom. She we go drinking with her. Oh, yeah. It's a lot of white wine. How's your relationship with her? Is that yeah, it's great. I feel like especially since having gutter, like need her mom advice so much more, especially because my mom's in Colorado. So it's really nice to have family around. I just love it. You do. I love it because it's just like lying over face. Really, do you think my mom is around Gunnar? Yes, I do you see air in Instagram stories ever? I don't follow them. But not she's not her. I'm sure my mom would love to be more involved but yeah, no no. No. It's just like how Heidi lied about having a nanny for a year. I do. All myself. Noguchi had an anti. Yes. All right. And then people started finding out so she was like it's an assistant, which was like funny. No, no, no. Just admit. It's an anti. Are you excited to have your mom the show? I'm. I'm excited to see what my mom and Spencer and Heidi look like when they're together three of them is I've never seen that, obviously. So really, you know, I don't talk to my mom because of how they are. So it'll be I'm really actually excited to see for myself, what that relationship looks like. All right. Tori. Caught up with Heidi on the carpet. What's that clip sound like? So when we actually renewed our vows it was more meaningful than the first time. And I definitely cried, because it really just set everything in, like, when you're saying the vows and the beginning, they're just words than when you live them. It's like, wow, we really have done this and live this, and this is true to who we are. And so it was great to, like, refresh in Greek is governor part of it at all. Of course, gunners part of everything. I love them. I didn't really think about the words I was saying the first time around. I didn't really think that they were that important Zaka time around really hit home. You know what it was? I was like crying. It was so beautiful thing about them is they make love feel tangible when you are around them. Wow. Like, I think everyone watching it like the way Heidi looks at my brother. I mean there is just so much love. It's like almost desperation like it's just like I love you so much. And you really feel it, I think, everyone was tearing up and same with Spencer. I mean they're love really what they've been through their love is so beautiful. We'll say that, you know it's not beautiful. What Spencer's haircut right now? I'm just I'm not I'm not sold on your for is like he thinks fashion is just wearing Gucci and rude, literally. Yeah. And the haircut just here's the thing. I know you and your brother or. Yeah. Odds. Right now I've got no real beef with their brother. But it's I'm just saying this Spencer, if you're listening, it's a bit, too high and tight, you know, it's a little too high and tight, you gotta bring down the sides, just a little bit because it makes the top of his head look very pointy. So I'm just Broda bro. Too high and tight. Quick question. What did you think? What like watching them if you didn't know me? You only watch the hills, you didn't like ever read price about them or anything. What was your take on them or on one of them? When you excited. Yeah. It was. It was good to see them. I, I liked that. They're both like pumping the the crystals. You know, they're both doing it. You know it's a family affair now. You know, I liked seeing the little boy like when he was getting his haircut, which, by the way, was, too high and tight like the governor was like hiding underneath the, the smock. I thought that was cute. Like they seem like they seem like a pretty and also like even in my family. It's similar like my family's close, but I could see like a sibling being like we got to go to this. We gotta go the birthday party. Like I wanna get I don't wanna get a frigging babysitter. But we gotta go if we don't go it's going to be so into our so much as go, like five minutes, and then we'll get out of there. I can totally see like that's normal. That's not that's not a meat. I don't know if that was so mean like no one wants to go this pretty party. You know, like we only have. Been home party whatever I don't know how to do. Whatever. Okay. Last clip. This is Spencer talking about you. I wish you well, she's great on the show. We know there's stuff going on with your sister, and ought staff in her reality. I'm great with everyone in my family and feel like that's a one way story or two street. So one way story. Yeah. She can tell any story she like has that been hard on. You guys at all the care when that came out. No, because we've been hearing stuff, all our whole time in reality television, people always like to comment. We think. I mean, different it's just so funny that you just sounds like he's lying out of his teeth. You know, do you think it's hard for him to have to do this new narrative of not coming back with even I mean like his old thing was, like fire and vitriol. Like I'm coming back at you. You know, you say I feel like it was, like, you know, like I'm gonna burn bridge, the ground like type of thing. And now he's doing the what you're talking about the first one or like this past year, leading up to this talking about, like old hill. Yeah. For sure. And now he's like turning the other cheek Spencer, which is just confusing to me. You know. So my question is unique. It's hard for him to do this, because I think is natural reactions to be like F her. That's not true. This is why x y and z yada, yada, yada, and like defend himself now, he's having to do the that's just her reality. If he could defend himself, he would be not that I had already called him out at the after show. So I think getting well knows to not with me anymore. All right. Well, I'm just so happy that the show is back did me too, and I'm so happy, I'm going to London this weekend. Are you? Yeah. All right. So we'll be sky being next time a shell. All right. Well, guess what heels you shows over follow Pratt casts on iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts. Throughout history. People have been denounced for dissenting from the majority, but that didn't stop them from speaking up. Unpopular is about resistors rebels and revolutionaries people like sitting bull fool, Eliah Ransome-Kuti and Galileo took a chance on what they believed in an inspired real retain. Every week on unpopular. We'll tell the story of someone who challenged the status quo. Connecting the dots between their history and the history, we're making today. Unpopular drops every Tuesday, you can listen and subscribe at apple podcasts, or on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcast.

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