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NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa Joins the Show


If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm Channel One fifty six welcome to the busted open podcast. This is day of La Graca on today's episode. The innovator of violence the landlord of the House of Hardcore Tommy Dreamer and I talk all about February twenty eight and the return of John. Cena you know on smackdown also gets on his take on what took place on Monday night raw in the bite of the neck. Becky Lynch from Shane Obeys. And how about this. We talked to. NWEA women champion Thunder Rosa. All that right now on the busted. Open my favorite show. Is You know Tommy. NWEA setting up a big championship match for next week. And that is against the Molina going up against against the NWEA champion Thunder Rosa and to talk about that at eleven am. We are going to have thunder Rosa on our air. Nice good to hear from Thunder Ozo- an impact we have a new Knockouts champion. That's I that's right that tie after four hundred in one days. She was the longest reigning champion. The entire wrestling industry finally lost to Jordan. Grace had a hell of a match very good match last night. I was not surprised I felt like Jordan. Grace had the momentum going in has gotten a little bit too cocky for a champion and obviously you know when you get too cocky. You know things like this are going to happen FAA had. I thought a very good match last night as well on impact wrestling in a very very good edition of the Nwea as we get closer and closer to the Crockett Cup. Where we're going to see Mardi skirl going up against Nikau? This and a lot can happen before we get to the Crockett Rocket Cup as well. And also we're GONNA see Super Card of honor Wrestlemainia weekend but I did mention. WWe backstage and announced install WWe backstage. Last night is that Sinoe will be returning to Friday night. smackdown February twenty eight John seen returning around the road to Wrestlemainia. Don't know if he's going to be having a match. I understand he's going to be there per his tweet promoting motive movie that I did not even know he was in the invisible man woman which he totally should be the invisible man can't see him exactly and I can't believe I didn't think of that. Yeah it's it's it's it's genius. Now he did tweet out thank you. WWe For giving me the opportunity to promote my movie visible man February twenty eighth now. This could be legit. He might be just making an appearance. But I'm sure it's going to be more than that. Maybe not necessarily a match at Wrestlemania but maybe Johnson. Ob setting up a match for someone at Wrestlemainia. Good be could always have a kind of what they did with Corbin and the Rock Since Corbin's the you prototypical he'll then him and seen have such history you never can. No I look forward to it. I've been liking both raw and smackdown I disagree with you. I have not been a big fan of smackdown though. Really yes of not been a big fan of smacks. Some of the matches have been so so good I it really just not buying into any two storylines going on Raw completely different story. There's some bumps in the road. We're going to get into it but I think overall Monday nights the shows have been very good. I think both shows have been very very good. Hey wrestling has been very very good as of Late you know you talk about with Monday night raw impact. NWEA par- Wednesday eighty w view dino might annex t and smackdown things. They're all been really really solid shows. Now this has been a really good time for pro wrestling like you said across the the board on all platforms on all shows and and listen one of the shows that is getting overlooked that we try to talk about here on busted open is is impact wrestling because Nwea within the style. And because it's new a lot of people been talking about obviously wwe steers to ship and with everything with a w ring. Ring of honor is kind of going through a transitional period. And we're going to see what's going on with Marty. Skirl at the helm but impact wrestling. Every single Tuesday has been giving you good show after show and it hasn't really been talked a lot but now that Jordan grace who I think is a bit of a darling when it comes to the fans I'm looking forward to a Jordan. Grades can do as knockouts champion. So and I'm wondering with Jordan's somebody like Jordan grace as your knockouts champion. What they can do it? Your impact champion Tessa Blanchard. That could be very interesting as well. So I'm looking forward to impact wrestling each and every Tuesday night. Well let me tell you from Just getting back from Vegas. We had three jam packed. crowds Saturday Saturday which we were worried about because wwe announced annex t a the same day we had turned people away. And when you start turning people away and and Vegas sometimes a weird crowd especially at that Sam's town which I love and thank you for all your combination Sam's town they have Dunkin donuts and a subway in there. I never need to leave so When you work in front of an audience that is so receptive? Captive of how the F- The fans were in Vegas for three straight nights man it makes a world of difference and also tell you something else that I noticed and and the fact that I really really enjoyed where in the same hotel. Same people furth basically four nights nights and the first day after a I go to the gym impact also hooked us up with a Jim. Thank you twenty. Four hour fitness and a lot of the boys are working out together and then they're wrestling together and then at night they're either hanging out or doing things together The next morning again the at the gym wrestling And then Rob Van dam had his CBD launch party eighty and all. The boys went out to support Rob Van dam and you know his CD launch. I also think probably because there was a lot of legal marijuana and supplements there but That's a team mentality and like even rob who I've been friends with fears man. I can't believe how many of the boys showed up because it was like a thirty five minute ride. A Lotta guys don't have cars and they decided you know to go and we had an awesome awesome time. It was at the guy from tanked his home he opened up his home to everybody. But just that camaraderie three of everybody being together and wanting to be together is what makes a company like teamwork. You know I know you you've you've been in part of the NFL with actually. We'll do retreats with teams to get that unity a man It's really really come together with with all the talent. There's no issues news. There's you're going to have your but it's really like that. It reminds me from the EC W days where we also do stuff like that or even at different times with in wwe. It changed like when I first got there. It wasn't like that because there was a big divide between the WCW guys and the WWe guys with the the crazy w guys. But I'm always wanting to Kinda got along with everybody and then at one point would all like do the same like workout together. Hang out me and Matt Hardy with the last two guys to be like. Hey after the show we got it out back open for us we gotta Fridays recall edges. I've just hang out before your flights. Do whatever or for you know go to clubs so I like the fact that I see that with the the men and women because of impact. Because you know you also gotta gotTa enjoy your time outside of wrestling. But the fact that you're choosing to do with people that you work with is really really cool. See and that's good to hear because for a long time time going back to the Times of TNA. We always heard the rumors that there was a lot of tension backstage. There was a lot of people that maybe you've been talking to dirt sheets. It's backstage it's good to hear now with impact wrestling in this new regime that it is a bit of a team effort. Not Everybody wants this product to succeed. Yeah and so you know it's funny when you know the With marijuana being legal you know. Everyone's smoking Marijuana and it's legal so you're allowed to do whatever the hell you WanNa do but even like It it would always be like an wrestling the office versus the boys. It doesn't even get like that. You know I mean I'm not really. I always have road the fence between office and the boys since my days as VC. W When I'm in my twenties so it's kind of the norm for me but it's It's so different. When like you see management there and you know if they got a drink in their hand and they're just hanging out and they don't care that you're smoking pot again 'cause it's legal but it's that type of camaraderie that it then and make your company better? The guys want to work harder. And then there's you know you have something called pride in you know your brand and and it's then you WanNa take it to the next level and like I always said you know I think with impact wrestling. They finally have found their niche as well L. as Menu guys had him Oliver Luck. you had them in studio and a lot of pe- he set straight up. Said I know a lot of talent are GONNA come here ear to try to use this as a showcase to go somewhere else and we're fine with that and we're going to keep a handful of our guys in the rest cool. Were happy to do that. And like I kind of have been even telling the people behind the scenes Impact you should try to take that type of manage style because you can't compete with with the box of the wwe or eighty w let them and you'll get people more into your brand and guess what they're also be wrestlers that wanted to come back and work for for your company and that's kind of like That's really what he's he w was if you really think about it and I liked that the fact that if you had that mantra you're GonNa get wrestlers that are gonna it'd be extremely hungry because if they're looking at impact wrestling as a bit of a launching pad for them. Well they're going to give you a one hundred and ten percent each and every time that they're out there even if their goal it's to go someplace else that means they're never going to be complacent and if they do succeed somewhere else on another level that's just gonNa help impact wrestling at the end of the day anyway or just making get your home for however long you ought to be there because a big part of it too is creative creative control of your character Creative control control of your matches and that really really does help and see how you evolve really really has been I and I've been a part of many many different regimes and this has been really really cool Situation to be you know dealing with and like the researchers have a female world champion and not one person. I'm not gonNA Russell her. I'm not going to put her over at the doesn't happen like that. which I ha I know people because people have gone on social media but I can't believe they done that you know I can't believe they put a world title on a woman? I wouldn't wrestle wrestle her ignorant Sirius. XM FIGHT NATION CELEBRATES BLACK history month every weekday at two PM Eastern on the Aachen Barack show alm of law. The show reflects reflects on the life and legacy of different influential African American athletes such icons as Muhammad Ali. Toby Bryant always beating my heart. I love you guys Jackie Robinson Robinson Robinson Dash and more will be recognized with the impact. They made both in and out of sports. The Barack show weekdays noon till three eastern only wholly-owned Siriusxm fire nation people who are longtime listeners of busted open especially on Wednesdays. Tommy know that I have a very huge collection of pro wrestling magazines that I have been collecting my almost my entire life since the age of ten so I have pro wrestling magazines going back tonight. One thousand nine hundred eighty and these are two examples of it and I always bring in new magazines for Tommy to peruse while we're doing the show together well he should be paying attention to what he's doing but I like to look at pictures and apartment wrestling. Oh Yeah so horrible. Even as a kid didn't like apartment apartment rest like apartment wrestling occasionally to see the guys get it on teaches out one on one like two men should magnum. Ta Promo by the way. What am I magazine? I saw magnum. Ta Did Some photographs with Suzanne somers back in the summer of the hearthrob. Yeah so yeah to heartthrobs in that picture. Suzanne somers and Magnum Ta now speaking of heartthrobs. Tommy virtually attention for a few moments while you're looking at the magazine's John Sina. We'll be back February twenty eighth now on. WWE DOT COM. They said this they said Johnson will return to smackdown on Friday February. Twenty twenty eighth as team. Blue continues down the road to Wrestlemainia now also mentioned about how it was first reported by. WWe backstage on F S One. That scene is going to be making his return smackdown and it says whatever this unparalleled superstar has planned. You won't want to miss so I don't think seen as going there just to say. Hey I'm in the invisible man go see it. I think there's more Johnson his return. Am I wrong. Am I off. What are your thoughts? I think it's professional wrestling John. Sina specially coming back to smackdown especially being on Fox John Cena has to do something some sort of physicality Or you know and you you think about all all the people he can help. I don't know if we're going to announce a match or we're going to try to set something up. I don't know you know we can't do him versus the fiend because the the fiend is preoccupied. 'CAUSE HE's next with Bill Goldberg so You may have you know alike glitch if you wanted to go that route but I don't think they would do you John Cena verses Bray Wyatt the fiend You could do anything I would. I would set up something probably with like a Sammy Zane and Braun strowman and all that stuff. I think that could work very very well. Get a nice little segue for Johnson to have a little bit of physicality Calisi Braun Strowman. Show his dominance. I like him being our eyes. See Champion and just kind of set up something like that or go the other out and put him in there with Maybe one of the ladies but I don't know who would be that top lady to get it over on the smackdown brand rand I accident GonNa Disagree with you again on this. I wouldn't mind seeing Johnson and go up against the Fini White. Here's what because I think the fiend Bray Wyatt it will be Goldberg in Saudi. And that's another legend. Another picture and other a little eight by ten at the fiend can put up or bray. Why can put up in a firefight funhouse on his wall and have the XS in the eyes and then you have John Cena? What a Johnson? The due to Bray Wyatt Wrestlemainia thirty beat him and that kind of started the decline of Bray Wyatt. So I think you actually have a story there and I think that could set up a match between John Cena and the fiend Bray Wyatt at wrestlemainia mania in Tampa I. I didn't say I don't didn't WanNa see it happen. I don't think it fits with John. CENA's return if he's going going after Goldberg and Bray wide is the main theme. I don't know how they could enter splice. One John Cena and Bray Wyatt unless jaundice goes out there hits his movie and then Bray Wyatt comes from the ring and beat them up and then we see see later if we see seeing that wrestlemainia and that's a big if It would be just a one off correct. I mean I don't see scene sticking around. He's obviously doing a lot in Hollywood making a lot of movie Uvi so I don't think Johnson sticking around though you mentioned Fox. I'm sure Fox would love to have seen a for at least a couple of months on this road road to Wrestlemania a couple of shots On their you know what Brock Glasner is to raw John Cena could be to the whole Fox brand. Yeah but you know well again. I don't know if it would be too confusing for the fans are where is Do you know where smackdown as often Boston in Boston his hometown. Yeah Goldberg's not coming to Boston. Oh he wouldn't even see on last week US via satellite and it was in California. I think he lives there. Well I guess it must have been traffic when you don't have to leave your house. It's all good. God bless those guys well we will see seeing. It won't be via satellite satellite. We will actually see Johnson in Boston. February twenty eighth. Where is this leading to what we WANNA see from Johnston and do you even want to see John John Cena wrestlemainia eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three eight seven seven fight? Ninety three I mean this guy is an icon. This guy is a legend if you look at the Mount Rushmore of the wwe. Johnson is head would be on their absolutely so respect where respect deserves in Johnston. It definitely deserves our respect if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't you you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars. Just go to Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe you. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new series exemption subscribers Siriusxm. No car required pretty similar to what I said on the show yesterday in regards to. Shane obeys learn the fact that unnecessary on so many levels and again again. We're talking about the bite from. Shane obeys or the back of the neck of your raw women's champion. Becky Lynch mouth full of blood and again it's pretty cool visual pretty shocking visual but you know then you see Becky Lynch in our leader in the ring calling out Chenab as ler first of all you should never ever get to the point to make an impact like a bite like that. That should be in a long feud where just out of anger and frustration. She's taking a bite. You know Kinda like what we saw with Mike Tyson and Holyfield then of to have that byte take place in Chaki moment and to see becky lynch an hour later and then NBC. Becky Lynch yesterday at all the press conferences and the scrums of media talking about wrestlemainia being in Hollywood Hollywood. I mean I know. She had the bandage on the back of the neck. But dear God and I know also Andrea the audio from Becky Lynch at the the scrum yesterday at the press conference. So has your neck feeling. Becky adds a little tender. Thanks for asking. I mean you got a big bandage on. I couldn't help but notice noticed the vampire slayer what's going on. I mean shit man like you have that kind of moment you have back in the ring an hour later Nici then you have read all the press conferences the next day Kinda doesn't do a lot for Shane. Obeys Ler. Well hang on. Talk me off the Ledge Mr opposite you got it When Mike Tyson I agree with it should have been saved agree with what? Let's see him bunk. Said I agree with you said I had a big disconnect with it I didn't understand I'm going to the hospital. Then I'm gonNA drive myself to the hospital like and then I'm GonNa come back in the ambulance thing like I didn't understand any of that. That was stupid. I I understand. We're trying to go. Steve Austin esque. It was just a big disconnect and yes I mean I still have to. I have to go to the hospital. I just don't Oh need your help going so I'm going to beat the Shit at all the people that are trying to help get the hospital. I'll drive myself because I don't need job but I still have to go to the hospital. It was weird. Yeah it was weird creative and I do feel you could go to the bite as her versus Becky. She's she's put in this submission hold. She knows she's going to tap. And then all of a sudden chief biter to a bloody mess and caused a disqualification nation when evanger Holyfield had a piece of his ear ripped off a real. He was in a press conference the next day and he was like talking and it was gigantic news but Yeah I hope they don't make Shayna a vampire because that would be kinda bad for her because she she is so great at what she does and Yeah I think he could have saved it especially because it really wasn't sold after that and I don't think you're gonNA get like the vampire character from Shane. Obeys are especially when you hear from Becky Lynn. Yesterday that she's Becky to vampire slayer so I don't think they're going that route because if they did you already we killed off the angle. Because she bit she bit becky. Becky seems fine and the other thing too with that back in the neck that bite it was more like Tabacchi not that it was more of an annoyance than anything else. You know wasn't like anything that's like you know we've seen you know. We grew up in an era with you know the Spike Spike industies. I and you know like you know Rick flair taken. You know Ricky steamboat. Face Dragon it against the concrete on the ground he listens. It's more of like I was an annoyance. You know what I'm going to drive myself. That is we'll get bandage up a little bit and I'm coming right back to the show it's done it's over. The angle was killed the same same night that we saw the bite take place so as shocking of of a moment that was. It didn't really even have time to breathe like if you had that that moment she got so frustrated and pissed off again. Like I said like punk said should've been saved for another time but you know a lot of times unfortunately the wwe doesn't like the leave it in the condom they wanted sprayed all over the place so they gotta do a right at the right at the moment so they do the by last Monday night but could you let it breathe at least to the next week. Have the bite have that visual of the blood all over his face and that's the last we see of it and then we're wondering wondering is becky okay. What's going on with Becky? She going to be able to come back from this. Are we going to get an apology. What is what is up with China? But then we see becky on. I'm the same show. And then the next night or the next day. We see our impress conferences for Wrestlemainia. Even Superman has kryptonite tonight. Every single superhero has a weakness that gets fans behind them. You can't always be the ask. Kicker Steve Austin has gotten laid out the rock has gotten laid out Hulk Hogan got laid out a million times Randy Sat Randy savage ultimate warrior. He was afraid of Voodoo From Papa Chango there was so many different You you have to have a weakness if you're a good guy and or girl but yet no it was It was weird. It was a real weird disconnect. And if you think about where you could have gone. I remember when that happened. And if you think about it. It was like Mike Tyson. His press conference was insane but then they talked about banning him from his having his fighter's license then he had to go like be suspended. All this stuff and controversy a you could have gone from where if hey where knocking allow her to fight on raw for these horrible action. She did and that it could be becky say hey this girl. The next week bit me gave me a bunch of stitches in the back of my neck game scar. That you know only seth rollins is going going to be able to see And now GONNA so. If she lifted up her or something that you could have gone a whole lot of ways they kind of blew it off real quick. And let me tell you from a person who's drank human blood ALLOTT and It's or as well as I've gotten cut from teeth One time I gave just incredible most spine buster and his teeth went right into my head and they ended the match on heat because he was just unconscious and Teeth Teeth Mark Bite hurt and anything with your your teeth in your mind to get like a special shot in my head because of dirty frigging and infectious for your teeth but also man swallowing human blood. Don't recommend it. I've done it all way too much. I used to do like one to the or vice exam. Eight nine suck in Ravens Blood blowed out like the Great Moody and then punch him for ten or have had like I've had a lotta like sketchy people bleed in my mouth to. It's never good. I feel nauseous. It's bad it's bad when you're bleeding and you take your blood. It's worse when you're bleeding and someone else's bleeding and and you can taste their blood. who had the worst tasting blood? I I know Bubba Bubba could tell you. Stories to bow. Never Forget John John Krona said the eliminators. I wasn't bleeding. And he snapped married me and he kicked me in my back and he was gushing and I was like Oh with my mouth wide open I put my head up and he reached down to say something to me and it was like a perfect funnel. Oh of his blood going into my mouth and I was like all law and I was like John I hate you. Why brother and I was just he he sears? It look like he just bled like straight into my mouth and my throat it was disgusting EC DUB but hey I'm still here no no. Aides no hepatitis. Yeah thank goodness. You didn't go up against Abdul the butcher though. Yeah well we. That's never have been confirmed now. I have wrestled Abdul the butcher by the way but he didn't taste his blood. No need informed me thank God wrestling and all Japan monkey flipped and body slammed him and SUPLEX. And Wow Yup pet a wonderful career you really have like I bring these magazines and and you're with the WH- when you started your career and a lot of the legends that we watch ended their career. Kind of interwoven. Right at the beginning and end so all these pictures that you're looking on in these magazines a lot of these guys you were had the privilege of getting into the ring with and working with. That's pretty awesome. Yeah I agree I love. I'm very blessed. was there one wrestler in particular. Then we'll get back to this. was there one wrestler in particular that you're like Oh shit I like you know. Wow I. Early Stages Kevin Sullivan because I was was terrified of him and Rustling him because I saw the wars of Dusty Rhodes my first ever meeting dusty. Rhodes I was just. It's like a like nervous and had to hide my nervous to be cool Tommy Dreamer. I'm even you know like one man gang. I've told the story before one man gang and big boss man challenging me to a real fight when I saw them on Valentine's Day In front of my girlfriend when I wanted to be a wrestler her and then like punking me out me sitting down And then I've wrestled both those guys you know just I've I've had a very blessed career resolution not just me everybody's like that. Wrestling is the only sport and I say this all the time like think of I know he's because he's a jerk m j f like he got to be in the ring with GDP and gold dust. You Know Dustin Rhodes and I don't know of people appreciate stuff like that you know I've tagged with dusty I I've tagged with Terry Funk I've tagged with so many you know doc and Terry Gordy and wrestling is the only sport or show that you can do stuff like that you know think of We say in Jasper like MVP returning to due RAV four to face Ramos Stereo which was an excellent match and then him coming back and doing something withdrew and yeah they wrestled before but you know Oh. MVP was gone for a long long time. Now in between that mix he has a son and his son's a big wrestling fan or if and when edge you ever comes back you know think of all the Dream Act as you can get with edges return for guys that he you know when he was in that ring. Edge Roman reigns Roman reigns talked about on backstage. Like you're able to get those matches with a lot of people. Beth Phoenix coming back. There's generations of people who grew up like that you know and you think of when Kobe Bryant died all these players like I grew up watching this person and like what if Kobe was able. What a comeback? But in basketball you can't Because but wrestling's kind of ageless and you get to have moments like that or hey bray Wyatt posted. He got a tattoo on on his arm because of Bill Goldberg and now he's going to wrestle Goldberg in Saudi Arabia. That's that's stuff. Yeah it is cool stuff and and again I love when you share those stories timing Mike. What you're hearing catch busted open live Monday through Saturday from nine? AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel. One fifty six or uh on-demand with the Sirius. XM APP is stunned the Rosa. They're giving all right. Let's bring her in now. You're after coming off of NWEA power from last night eight and a big challenger for next week you're NWEA women's champion the one and only thunder Rosa. How are you today is she? There Thunder Rosa. Oh my God what is going on not only marketing out on twitter that I was going to be here. I mean it's a pleasure I mean. Come on. I'm your new champion. How it's great to have you on? Were excited Aguilar. Thank you so much. How do you like the calendar? I love the calendar Allender. I you know what if you watch. And here's the thing everybody who's listening to this show should download Sirius. XM APP breath and watch our video clips because if you look at our video clips behind me thunder. Rosa is the thunder Rosa counter. So wow and now why. You didn't get the calendar. Why is it Tommy and get the calendar? Tommy is now taking the calendar off the Studio Ledge and is looking at it right. Hello Ooh NWEA champion our you. I'm good looking at arm and that pitcher. Oh my God that is a jacked up arm. Anything I'm I'm I'm doing a photo book like deputy style style for a book. Remember those this and everybody's freaking out because if pictures are phenomenal we'll January. You're looking smoking that that was a good month for January February my birthday month whoa. She's Sassy she's thinking. She's got a hand on her chin. Chian no makeup either exposing the Gimmick March. Oh Marsh Mu Month. She's like in fighter fighter mode not a big fan of the march pitches saying and you're barefoot. He can get Weirdo. People looking at you see if something for everybody man. uh-huh you're asking me to review your calendar. I'm reviewing just like when we asked me to review your match is April who I like April Nice latte spread your show show and little mysterious. You have no makeup on. But you're hiding your side of your face with your hair. Well about may what may look like Tommy May looks like it's a little Christmassy. She's in pajamas. At Cinco de Mayo I would have gone with that route. She's a very nice picture though. She's wearing a chipmunk thing very sexy little frumpy Ish but still hot doc outdoors. Oh now June wait a minute well thank starting up. The weather's get. She's leaning against the wall. She doesn't know what she wants. She's she's wearing high heels for your freaky fish with people like even look at the gallon out Joe Ally Holy July. I so far my favorite pitcher. Oh My oh my I like July now into August log. If she's got the makeup on on she's feeling that she's in the desert she's not sweating or makeup out national shirt anyway. He's not as lean. Can I finish September September. Oh she's laying in bed she just finished doing a little something something and She's just got a cloth over who October. That's sexy accede thunder and she's got to make the makeup artist where a nice little teddy she's intrigues. Hey Tommy what's up over. Thinks Halloween UPI November. Oh that's us more tire. Yes that's a nice and December is very very nice not Christmas the theme. That's a nice little quaint pitcher. She's so nice we could spend the holidays together. That's awesome calendar. I love it and for those soon would love to get get the calendar because obviously rave reviews from Tommy Dreamer go to thunder Rosa Dot big cartel dot com for all the merchandise of Thunder Rosa. And especially especially that calendar and again thank you so much for that calendar. It's wonderful I know. One of our big nation members was able to see you and made sure we got the counter. So I appreciate that as far as calendars does. I will go nine Singapore Canes. Thank you thunder. Rosa may have another one in two thousand and twenty one good count. Well Forget about two thousand and twenty one. What a hell of a two thousand and twenty so far for Thunder Rosa because a lot has change since the last time we spoke to you because now you're the NWEA women's champion? Yes and it's been like I feel like it's been like six months already and it's only February an absolutely insane now in watching. NWEA power last night. It seems like somebody who's been a a bit of a mentor for you the last couple of months now challenging you for that. NWEA women's champion. Melina yes I I call her mother. You know just like mother like Mari and I and You know I should have known better coming from her her like he was going to have to come to me. You know but they I'm ready. She's she calls herself that living legend and all this stuff and she makes her own rules. So you know I make my own rules to in the rand. So let's see what happens when you get in the ring with me. We were just talking about in our sport. Not that it's the only sport like it where you can wrestle somebody that used to Kinda watch wrestling not saying that is old but you you know. Molina was During the diva era and she could still go out and do what she he does in the ring at a very very top level. But it's the only place where you can face. You know women that you watched on television said. Hey maybe I want to do something like that. Is there anyone else you think you'd WanNa be facing not only in the end debris but outside the US defend your title anywhere But something really good question You Know I. I like the Knicks. Like she's one of those people are really caught my attention insure my watch. WWe At that time. 'cause he's really strong and And Kirksey Brussels I mean somebody that I I definitely like the Russell Russell Sarah Talk I know. She's not wrestling anymore. But she's been a great influence on my wrestling and stuff so those would be like to the people that are like yeah totally like realm any time any moment big fan. Both I hired. Beth tried hiring Sarah many many times. It's She carved away different. I always found that funny kind of ironic that I can never get. It is to bring talked to Sarah all the time and I was such a big fan of hers and she would call me like literally like one week from Mexico next week in Winnipeg like all these different places trying to Get an opportunity in. W W wasn't giving you the opportunity and then years later here. She is training everybody and then from there. She's now being producer. It's funny how life Turns Orange Take you. Yeah I mean I totally I. I really with our so much because I feel like she was from Canada but you went in Mexico goal and then she did this great career. You know the same thing. Independent like a champion and everything and they was like he always struggled so I find that niche and she was so great idea ed everything she was doing she was tall shoes. All of the worker and I was really happy when she got signed even as a trainer will give her the opportunity to each so much stuff off the she knows from all over the world and I feel like there's very few women that can have that opportunity like she did like actually teach. Then you didn't reasons like different south correct you know thunder Rosa watching. NWEA power and obviously you know you presented yourself as a heel but there's no mistaking the fact that the fans absolutely absolutely love you especially on the show yesterday. The fans are chanting. You know you don't need them and as far as Mardi Bell and and Molina How do you feel about like all all the fans loving you right now in the NWEA? It's like it's hard because I mean I go and do my job right going to be some people. That's what I'm there for to make any friends but people like when I people need I. Can't you know that can do nothing about and and and another thing is like outside of Nwea in life you know in my social media very interactive but the fans and when people people and I'm just like a real person so people can see that through the TV and they can seize through through the ring. And I think that's why people for Sola like drawn to Santa Rosa no way and And then I mean it's very humbling to me. It just reminds me when I was a fan and I was like watching wrestling and in outside of ring live like never starting people. I really caught my attention. And there's some people that yeah they were the face and stuff but I still not interested in because they were not like an emotional connection with them and I feel like I'm able to bring in the ring and like through the through the TV Now Okay doing this job. I've I'm lucky to have this job hosting busted open on Sirius. XM Monday through Friday from nine to noon live. Now you talked about uh all your social media activity one thing that you also have. Is You YouTube channel and the latest of video that you have. Is You interviewing question. Mark and I love when wrestlers get the opportunity to interview because they find out that it's not the easiest job in the world. Tell us about about your interview with question mark. Well for starters like there's always a thing that they swear to God uh him and I we have a thing at one time he like. I looked at him and he looked at me and ever since then they're like. Oh you guys. I dated holidays. Yeah right so I if for me. It's really hard to be around question. Mark is like he gives me. He gives me a creepy feeling and I. I'm like laughing all the time because like the way that he speaks but I mean I learned a lot about roll via I learned. I learned that he has. I know for a fact and I can tell you this for a fact. He has a crush on me. He has a crush on me so it was. It was hard for him. I'm feeling questions because he really wants to spend time he always tells me up but Both seven minutes that we have an interview with a refund and I couldn't hold the laughter. Sometimes he's still funny. I'm sure he's purchase your calendar. That's why he has such a crush on you. You know what I hi actually give it to him for Free Digital Visit Okapi digital copy. And you know what I'm saying fabulous what's what's it like. What's it like being on wwl power? You know a lot of question marks about the show before it started I've I we've been a big supporter here. I'm busted open but there is a lot. The people questioning the success of the show How are you enjoying working with the NWEA and are you surprised by its success? I I love it. I never felt so welcome and so accepted for who I am as the performer and an individual in general You know billy and my grandma had been nothing but grey to me. They helped their help me. So much to global Trevor Murdoch has been one of the guys that Like in guiding sending me to like the whole of three seasons and They're very through their very honest. Very there that they don't you know they don't put down and they're always like Open for feedback for our characters and stuff and I I feel so so good working there like I can't wait to go back in and tape like I really enjoy being around all the people that I am on the locker room. I don't feel like there is like that When I used to work in other places I felt like some liberals were not bring me like like me and sometimes when you work when you work in you Kinda like walking on eggshells and if I say something wrong something like it but I don't feel that at all like we're like all united we are like I like to work with each other and and I think it's so in Mattis and it shows an and the interactions inside and outside of the ring And I'm really happy that again. That is trickling down to the success over having into the show. Because everybody's so best at in the product we all watching the show where oh sharing the videos were all promoting the show with We WanNA get more subscribers. We WanNA get more sponsors. The we one made this successful because again again is in doormat for quite a while. And I know there'd be doing stuff away little to to make sure that we're a point where we are right now but I know there's a lot more more to do and I'm a lot more to do for us to get where we want to get and I am. I think we we all believe in the vision that Billy and on our showing to us because I am from all the questions that everybody had I think we have the liver even more than they have view Has Your schedule increased like being from the NWEA to you. Know in the champion to getting more independent bookings and showcasing your ability. You know what. That's a very weird thing not not really Because now I know my work and I'm asking for one I'm worth and some people don't we rethink that. I'm worth that you know so You can't do job brother can't dropped back sleep. That's that's the point. 'cause I mean otherwise man everybody working looking for you know because that's what I was doing for so long but it's just like one of the last six years you know I have shown that I'm I'm a great athlete. Fleet in and you know what I'm when I'm asking for you know whatever that is but I mean the bookings that have gotten in there like it was very collective you know they they do what I request and the birds and the owners are really happy with my work and they want me to come back so I mean. I'm going back to Canada like no problem. They love my work. I'm going back to Japan. I'm going back to seven places here in in Texas there again. There's elected because they know my work and they know my worth and they have no problems so I'm hoping within the next couple of months like things are getting out but if they don't I mean again I'm I'm putting all my efforts and building. The brand continued to promote NWEA. W which is the most important thing regardless. If I'm in the rain were not I think I'm still like I mean I'm traveling all the time and and like I say as as as you know Sometimes I feel like a little ridiculous my always carrying like always carrying my belt and taking pictures with everybody though. 'cause I'm proud of it I mean come on it's hidden in the history of the NBA. Seventy years. I'm the first Mexican wrestler to win the Nwea Championship. I'm beyond proud of it. I have like you know show off a little bit you so you should be. You know they I was talking about earlier with Impact wrestling with the talent where her we just finished shooting three days of television. Kinda sorta like what you guys do in the NWEA and not only are the talent choosing to hang Out with each other but like they're working out in the gym together. They're they're bonding. And that's what like all great teams are made That way and you want the I remember. When last night Jordan Grace won the the knockouts title defeating tire and the entire lock room was? They're giving her a standing ovation. And they had a really good match. But and everyone's congratulating the loser and congratulating the winner and you should take pride in that because you you worked your ass off. I've known you for a long time. And you work your ass off to get there. And it's you know one of many great accomplishments that you'll be achieving in your lifetime. Yes and I'm again. This is just a it just motivates me going into the one of the top wrestlers you know in the world and and And I and just like it feels silvery when I see the title with me and I think my picture there and I am I going read my history. My wrestling history books and I feel Milton. Burke like eighty years ago wearing a similar title. You know when he wasn't sanctions. It means a lot. If this this is a huge you know another question. I want to ask you on there and thank you so much for coming out. We really appreciate the time. Because I know you've been busy and obviously with the schedule in the TV taping all the time for you David. Well you know when you ask. It'll be an e I actually. I was thinking of going to New York because I wanted to do a little trip New York and I wonder going down the show live. You know while you're GonNa make it happen all right. Well I mean this is what we'll do especially if you make it a Wednesday. Hey with Tommy. Now you got bullied got marks. You have choices here on the Roseanne Day. You come in Monday to Friday. You have choices that they're not in studio. I'm the only hobbies GONNA WANNA come mark. Mark does the show from home bully. Does this shown from. Oh but Tommy is right here in studio. So how about this Tommy. If Thunder Rosa takes a trip to New York comes in on a Wednesday how we take her after the show to like a nice Italian restaurant. 'cause there's nothing like food in New York City. What do you think would you do that I will when I have wrestlers coming? I'd take into a sushi place by my house which is next level Sushi. Take me whatever they want. I'm down but that's why your house will talking about here in New York City right. I don't live that far from the city. Keeps me you gotta hop on the subway subway. It's a pain in the subways. Saying like where we do the show is right okay. We'll I'll take her out somewhere else. We'll we'll we'll do. You're Tommy Dreamer Thunder Rosa calendar. I will get making as I'll have the individual title cover. My privates did the W title proud food we both. If we should like rubber boots you know together do that heartbeat and covered right now. Gun prepared uh-huh in I don't know but I'm like I'm not saying now. Go ahead satellite radio. No one time Tommy and I were show. And he's he's like I'm like he's like changing. You know my age. You have any like people from my from my math and I remember drying booth. I just I thought about that. You're just jealous because my boobs are bigger than yours Very and I told you that you get boop sweat. When you're sweating man it's hard? It's hard to look like. Wow so let me try to transition here for the second time also drink blood for going all full full disclosure on time dreamer. He sweats on his boobs drinks. Human blood yeah. Good Day. Happy Birthday to me on the road. It's Tommy's birthday tomorrow. Oh Happy Birthday I would like February on your calendar. I like that day I wanNA check. I'm GONNA check the February Set of pictures. And I'll send you like the best fixtures no thanks can slide them into my. DM's as the kids safe already know baby all right transition questions plan on my d and things like that asking for free pictures O- how how can stay out of the DMC. This is just the Tommy thing you have to be the innovator of violence in order to get into thunder roses the M.'s. We gotta get her in Studio Radio. Tommy I mean how freaking cool would that be slow. Jam Concert ever sit in the whole show tour. Go to Nice Italian restaurant afterwards. The tour the tour get the tortoise studios here. Okay you never know. You're going to bump into in the hallways Xm. I just ran over. What's his name from? Howard Stern show 'cause I had to go poop Shouli? Adrian was like oh I gotta go. Tasha steals Rosa. Your Real Tasha steel over. She's amazing and now part of the NWEA which thoughts on her he's very if he is super positive She's like always eager to learn Always my own her face I don't know like I live with her. I agree and I think everybody in the locker room vies with her. She's like again she's she's very open and she's like she's really hungry. He wants his spot. She ones that a that opportunity. Because he's been she's been going around a lot different companies do and and we have this conversation all the time. you should just feel like sometimes like the Bulls on on re ticket serious or don't give up -tunities she deserved. I mean she's getting there and she's working really hard to to earn that spot so I'm really happy she's working with us in. And we're all learning together so Yeah I I would like to have a championship match with her agree. Big Tasha steals fan. Yeah She's grace has has a great attitude and she has a passion and love and very good Russell. Yeah very good in the ring. Somebody who's exceptional in the ring is the one who has to strap around their waste and that stunned the Rosa your NWEA women's champion Can't wait to talk to you again. Can't wait to have you in studio and as always appreciate the time. Love the conversation about the Tommy Dreamer breath sweat that was very fulfilling as well after being in mind. Just let let's make that clear the peace at it and I'm Jeff a very envious. Wow so that's A. That's Click Bait right there. Thunder rose. is jealous of the size of Tommy Dreamers breasts. I know what it is but it's not thank you so much for the time. We'll talk to you soon appreciate it I love your guy thinks. They're having to thanks for listening catches Monday. Through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm. By if I Nation Channel One fifty six the busted open podcast.

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