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Live from NPR news I'm Barbara Klein several northern Gulf coast states have declared a state of emergency as hurricane sally slowly and steadily heads to the region with eighty five mile an hour winds low lying areas are evacuated. Shelters are open and the national guard is standing ready NPR's Debbie. Elliott is in Orange Beach Alabama where there's more concern about water than wind water is the biggest issue up to nine feet of storm surge expected. That's essentially a wall of water that can move on shore with a destructive force. Also, FLASH FLOODING IS GOING TO BE. A real problem here because sally is moving so slowly. So it's just soaking the Gulf coast. It's Been Dumping Rain Florida for days now and forecasters say some areas could get up to two feet of rain. That is a very significant flood risk even well inland. The National Hurricane Center says, Sally will move near the coast of southeast Louisiana later today and make landfall in the hurricane warning area tonight or tomorrow morning and flooding could reach historic levels. Forecasters say even areas that aren't directly hit by the center of the storm will be hit by storm surge. Democratic presidential nominee. Joe. Biden heads to Florida today. NPR's Scott detro- reports. Polls are showing an increasingly tight race in the Sunshine State Florida is back in its usual presidential campaign position. It's twenty nine electoral votes could play a key role in the outcome especially if former vice president Joe Biden defeats president. Donald trump there. It's also an increasingly close race in Florida with surveys showing. Trump gaining ground on biden. That's partially because trump appears to be doing better with Latino voters than he did in two thousand sixteen in Delaware Monday. Biden said he's going to quote work like the devil to make sure I turn every Latino and Hispanic Vote Biden will campaign in Tampa and outside Orlando trump was in the state last week Scott detro- NPR news Israel is signing agreements. To establish formal ties with to Arab countries at the white. House today as NPR's Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem. The content of the agreements is being kept private until after the ceremony the United Arab Emirates is signing a peace agreement with Israel while Bahrain assigning shorter peace declaration Bahrain only announced its deal days ago a US official says, the details haven't been worked out neither of the. Statements will be published until after their signed Israeli officials told reporters. That's because the wording is sensitive. It's unclear if the text will include any commitments regarding Palestinian demands for statehood the White House says facemasks won't be required at the outdoor ceremony though the visiting Israeli delegation has been maintaining strict covid protocols because Israel is facing a renewed outbreak Daniel Estrin NPR news Jerusalem this is NPR. The mayor of Kenosha Wisconsin says, he's working with local clergy and the Justice Department to address systemic racism and improve relations between police and the community. Chuck. Hornbach of member station W. W. M. reports the collaboration comes after police shot and severely wounded black man last month in the unrest following the shooting. Of Jacob. Blake prosecutors allege a white teenager with an assault rifle killed two black lives matter protesters and wounded a third numerous businesses were burned mayor John Anti Arabian urged. Readers to help unify the city at listening sessions starting next. Sunday. If we are not listening to what the people have to say, we are doomed to fail and Iranian says a Justice Department community relations specialist is helping set up the sessions and will lead them a few black pastors stood with the mayor at his news conference but other black community activists told the mayor afterwards that he needs to reach out to them to for NPR news I'm Chuck Krumbach in Kenosha Wisconsin. Immigrant advocates say they'll seek a new ruling after a federal appeals court panel yesterday cleared the way for the trump administration to end humanitarian protections for more than four hundred, thousand immigrants. In the US the decision means some immigrants who've lived in the US for decades and have us born children could be deported next year lawyers for the immigrants say they'll ask the full court to rule. I'm. Barbara Klein NPR news.

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